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RE: How many times can you torque bolts on a hitch?

Looking at the hitch owners manual - you are stuck using metric hardware due to the construction of the hitch. Stay with a class 10.9 bolt. Do not lower the bolt class to 8.8. I am not a fan of a bolt with a lock washer/flat washer stack such as how Curt has called out on the leg to main body connection. From experience -this combination won't stay torqued properly due to the movement forces in play during operation. I would consider going to flange head bolts, eliminate the washers and use high strength thread locker to avoid the periodic re-torque of the bolts. This would depend on whether or not I could get a flange bolt with proper threaded/unthreaded dimensions that mimic the original bolt. The use of washers does reduce the potential to gall the finish but will require the periodic re-torque due to the potential for movement with a minor loosening of the bolt torque. Using high strength thread locker will require heat to break the bond of the thread locker for disassembly or re-torque. Hopefully the OP has a large enough torque wrench for the required torque. Proper torque values go a long way towards having an assembly stay assembled properly.
mapguy 03/20/20 09:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GFI tripping when plugging in to charge batteries

Not a link but you can find it here: Grand Design Owners Forum / General Tech / Electrical / Shore Power Gfci Issues Page 3 (#38) dated 02/22/2020 10:43 AM https://www.mygrandrv.com/forum/showthread.php/28159-Shore-Power-Gfci-issues
mapguy 03/19/20 02:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: How many times can you torque bolts on a hitch?

Technically you can't buy a Grade 8 bolt in a metric size. I suggest you look for Class 8.8 minimum but think you would be better served with a Class 10.9 bolt. You probably will have to go to a real hardware store or a bolt supplier. Belmetric is a quality online business that has a wide range of metric bolts So what grade would you compare the CURT bolt to? Can't tell what the marking is on the bolt head in picture. IF 8.8 -this is a class 8.8 bolt. Class 10.9 would be marked "10.9".
mapguy 03/19/20 01:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

Hand powered chain saw blade cutting devices have been around for forever. Very popular with the snowmobile and off road motorcycle enthusiasts due to light weight and cutting capacity. If sharp -they cut well but suck up energy during use. Manual Chain Saw at home Depot
mapguy 03/19/20 08:04am General RVing Issues
RE: How many times can you torque bolts on a hitch?

Technically you can't buy a Grade 8 bolt in a metric size. I suggest you look for Class 8.8 minimum but think you would be better served with a Class 10.9 bolt. You probably will have to go to a real hardware store or a bolt supplier. Belmetric is a quality online business that has a wide range of metric bolts
mapguy 03/19/20 07:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Idler and Tensioner Pulleys Ram 6.7

Tensioners built by Continental, Dayco, and Gates typically have marking for proper range of travel on the tensioner. Usually a couple lines without marking. If you can see this indicator -it helps determine if the belt has stretched to much. An overstretched belt or idler pully bearing are the greatest risk for failure. Problem is that usually on modern automotive/light truck engines you can't get a clear view of the indicator on the tensioner......
mapguy 03/18/20 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: We are gonna go camping!

SidecarFlip. Can’t you hear the excitement in this post??? He and his family are no more at risk then sitting at home and going out food shopping for this large group. He’s not impacting you so be happy for them. If they follow the simple guidelines that are out then they should (like all of us) should be fine. They don’t need the EEyore input. You guys go enjoy yourself but just be aware of situations that could put you at risk and take actions early to stay safe. I agree with others that the wide open is safer than the city’s. Let us know how it goes and if you find any issues that we should be aware of. Hap HAP - THANKS FOR THE CALMING WORDS! WE ALL NEED TO BE CALM AND FOLLOW THE SIMPLE GUIDLINES. MASS HYSTERIA WILL CAUSE A SOCIATAL COLLAPSE -WHICH WILL MAKE THINGS TREMENDOUSLY WORSE THAN THEY ARE NOW...…….
mapguy 03/17/20 02:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: Some ATV rules Help

A little off topic here but I was wondering if anyone has heard that if you have your licensed ATV for public roads in your state, that they may not be honoring them in other states. Currently, I knew it to be that if you were licensed in lets say WA for public roads as well as off road, that ID would accept it as an example. It is not a simple thing. Especially the two states you picked for an example. Washington ATV/UTV street legality is a jurisdiction decision. Many jurisdictions in central and eastern Washington allow some or all roads (except state/federal highways) to be traveled by ATV/UTV's that have undergone the RCW based conversion program, including the inspection/certification to state standards. Their is not reciprocal agreements in place for this program that I know about. Idaho -just enacted a non-resident certificate program. Research herehttps://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/activities/atv-motorbike
mapguy 03/17/20 07:51am Toy Haulers
RE: Quality Question about Small Inverters

I am in the cry once crowd. Would look hard at GO Power, Morningstar and Victron in this inverter size class. Victron would probably be my choice. This company is customer focused, innovative, and not excessively expensive.
mapguy 03/13/20 08:11am Tech Issues
RE: 05 Ford Escape

Couple more things to think about that are safety related. Brake system on your escape - does it have 4 wheel disc or front disc/rear drum? Brake fade would be a great concern for me with the disc/drum set up at the gross weight rating. At gross weight of 4520 - a 2500lb. trailer is 55% of gross - in many states this weight percentage will require trailer brakes. I absolutely know that in Washington State this is the case. No trailer brakes in Washington equals a huge liability -if in an accident. Especially if the accident goes over your insurance coverage maximum values. There is no brake controller provisions on this era of Escape. Yes, one can add it but it will require tapping/running multiple circuits properly and using adequate gauge wiring that includes a power feed for trailer battery(Breakaway system) Several here have reported towing utility trailers with an Escape. Personally, I would consider towing 2500lbs around town at surface street speed. But, change conditions to highway speed towing in weekend traffic seems a bit sketchy without trailer brakes. I am not a weight police person or adverse to some risk person, but I would consider all the issues from mechanical to safety before towing with my escape which is a 2005 XLT 3.0 v6 with 4 wheel disc.
mapguy 03/13/20 07:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: 05 Ford Escape

The first gen Escape was actually on the Mondeo/Contour platform rather than the Focus platform. So besides the suspension being decently robust it also got the Mazda developed 4-speed originally in the 626, rather than the ford designed units in the Focus and Taurus. The only common issue I've seen is very neglected fluid. Like 150,000 miles on the factory fill. Remains run about $1,100 and used takeouts are under $500, and generally cheap prices suggest there's not much demand for replacements. That all said, if I were buying used and towing with it, if change the fluid first thing, and plug in a data monitor and keep an eye on temps. I have a 05 escape in my fleet. Transmissions and PTU's are consumable items if poor maintenance or infrequent maintenance was done. The auto transmission in an 05 Escape, if not well maintained with regular fluid changes, will fail quickly under severe service. Which hitch does it have 1-1/4 or 2" square? Personally, would be hesitant to tow that load on a higher mileage vehicle that lacked maintenance records. Changing a transmission on one of these cars is 8.6 flat rate hours. (perfect world)
mapguy 03/11/20 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: block heater

duramax coolant heater on this era truck has a thermostat. Thermostat enables heater operation at 0 degrees F. If you need PDF copies of your owners manual and duramax supplement -they are available at https://my.chevrolet.com You may need to register to access the duramax supplement.
mapguy 02/29/20 08:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: A Wise Laptop Buy For A High School Student?

Try Dell Refurbished. 3 year old lease return units at decent prices -especially if a coupon code applies. Search for an A grade unit... https://www.dellrefurbished.com/
mapguy 02/25/20 08:57am Technology Corner
RE: Rock Auto now carries DrawTite

Rockauto is not for a person that needs guidance on proper diagnosis, parts selection/fitment questions and mechanic techniques. I have used Rockauto for at least 15 years with decent customer service -the very few times it was needed. The only parts that they are not ultra competitive on a delivered cost basis is large items like running boards and such. I totally have given up on Amazon for auto/truck parts due to receiving many "relabeled" parts that are total wrong.
mapguy 02/07/20 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2009 Silverado 3500 HD Duramax LMM overheating

i had an 08 dmax pulling about 13k up eisenhower and other CO passes. What i found works best is to put the tranny in manual shift,and keep the rpms around 2500 or slightly higher. engine temp sometimes climbs to 3/4 mark, but fan should kick in and bring it back down. seems counter-intuitive to the diesel to run at higher rpm, but it worked for me. One the keys to keeping heat under control on the Duramax is to prevent lugging under load. This is actually true about all diesels. This usually means running in manual mode and keeping rpm in the sweet spot of the torque curve. Typically somewhere between 2100 and 2500 rpm depending on the model year. if you run in "drive" the Allison is a bit slow to kick down under load -thus the need to run manual mode. Also, if you don't hear that jet engine sound of the fan coming on as you near 200ish on the coolant temp - the fluid clutch on the fan has failed. Be aware that GM programs the coolant temp read out to be very static. It is a well documented item in the Duramax enthusiast world.
mapguy 02/07/20 05:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: double towing

Washington Resident here. I travel I-90 from/to Bellevue to/from North Bend 4/5 days a week since 2000. I have seen many RV double tow rigs pulled over by Washington State Patrol(WSP)and forced to detach the second trailer. I have also seen RV double tow rigs impounded on this stretch of highway. Lately, one of the WSP trooper's assigned from Issaquah to North Bend almost every morning has a commercial vehicle pulled over for some reason. I would be hesitant to try slipping through this road stretch with a double tow rig from what I have seen.
mapguy 02/06/20 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

I don’t know what this is or I’m not understanding what you’re referring to. Thanks. Sorry - truck rear axle leaf springs from GM has an overload leaf configuration. AS it squats the overload leaf engages. They are setup this way to give a better empty ride.
mapguy 02/01/20 04:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

Before doing an accessory buying -make sure your towing setup is correct. Trailer frame needs to be level (parallel) to ground when hitched/loaded. Don't eye ball it -measure the main frame near rear and in front before the frame step up. Proper setup has these numbers nearly identical. My personal limit is one inch maximum difference with front being higher than rear. You ask why only an inch - because additional front height compromises suspension travel which amplifies the issue you are having now. The next most important thing before investing in a cushioned pin box or hitch is Pin Weight. From my experience, which pretty much mirrors rhagfo above, is that as a percentage -Pin Weight needs to be around 20% of actual loaded trailer weight for the best ride. A third thing is concerning the factory overload engagement. IS it staying fully engaged or fully disengaged? If spring is bouncing off overloads -the ride suffers greatly I am a firm believer in having real shock absorbers on the trailer axles, too. They just calm the trailer down by getting rid of the sharp impacts. Good luck! Use Gross Axle Weight Rating when determining loads being acceptable or not. A trip to the scale is a very good idea -that way you know what the weights are exactly. You only tow "dry" one time on the trip home from buying the trailer.
mapguy 02/01/20 04:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Bleeder Valve

Be very aware of the spark danger if you don't have a brass/bronze wrench. Also, make sure you get the dip tube oriented properly or future refills will be under or over filled..... Not a difficult repair but can be problematic getting things loose if tank is old.
mapguy 01/30/20 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Not enough space for lugs on post of battery isolator

This is probably a better solution Blue Sea Power Post A GOOD CHOICE. Personally, not a fan of copper water pipe bus bars as they don't have easy peesey short out guards like the example. These are available on the shelf at Fisheries Supply down on Northlake Ave in Seattle -very near Gas Works Park.
mapguy 01/30/20 01:44pm Tech Issues
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