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RE: Trailer Brakes

Resurrecting this thread. As I have been tied up looking after my grand-daughter, have been unable to work on the trailer until today. With old 7 pin cable and new one which I replaced today, the lights etc work, but none of the brakes operate (tandem axle). I hooked up a brand new battery and pulled the breakaway switch. The brakes did not activate at any wheel. I have checked the wiring at the front of the trailer and was only able to go under the trailer and do a visual on the brake wiring to all wheels, and everything looked OK (I know this is not definitive). So, if the brakes are wired in parallel, which it appears they are, and if all brakes are inoperative, does this mean the issue is in the main cable somewhere prior to the first wheel connection? Just trying to get some advice on exactly where I should concentrate on looking. Unfortunately, I am still doing babysitting duties so my time is limited to work on this. And the best part,I only have until this next weekend to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any help, Marv
marpel 06/07/22 07:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer Brakes

Grit dog, Yes, the brakes worked fine previously, although with another truck. Due to circumstance, the trailer has sat for a number of months (bit over one year). And I have been able to confirm the current truck's trailer brake system does work (with another trailer). Marv
marpel 05/30/22 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer Brakes

Thanks very much for the continued replies and advice. I just went through jacking the trailer and inspecting/regreasing etc, each wheel. I am comfortable with that stuff, but didn't consider checking the electricals. It was only when I hooked up the trailer to the truck (brand new '22), that I discovered no brakes. And as electricals is not my strong suit, I sought advice from the forum. And I am learning a lot, so thanks for that. I think next step will be, as others have advised, activate the breakaway system. Then go from there. Having said that, My grand-daughter is about to arrive for a couple week visit and she demands my full attention, so the brakes will have to wait a bit. As we are driving her back home (BC to Denver) with the trailer, I will have to figure this stuff out prior to heading out. Thanks again for all your help, Marv
marpel 05/29/22 05:01pm Tech Issues
RE: 7 pin cable

Thanks for the continued replies/advice. The question about the 7 pin cable came up prior to discovering an issue with the brakes (other thread), so Grit dog is right, I suppose I need to figure out the brake issue (which may be related to the cable, I guess). Marv
marpel 05/29/22 04:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer Brakes

Thanks for the replies. And I should have been more clear. I actually hooked up the trailer to the truck and pulled it down a few streets, fully applying the brake controller, then applying the foot brake. Both a few times. Absolutely no resistance at all, either method. Marv
marpel 05/28/22 08:49pm Tech Issues
Trailer Brakes

As per another thread, I have yet to change out the 7 pin cable. Prior to doing so, I decided to confirm whether the old cable is still usable. I hooked up the 7 pin to the truck (which recognized the trailer), and ran through the lights/turn signal/brake lights process (can't recall what that process is called) and all lights worked and message indicated no issues. However, the manual brake controller does not activate the trailer brakes, nor does applying the truck brake pedal. So, a couple questions: - Don't really understand the a/m check process. Does it only show the wiring to the various lights is working? In other words, this does not test the full brake circuit? - if that is correct, no brakes then suggests there is an issue somewhere after the 7 pin cable? - And if there is an issue at one of the brakes (ie loose wire), will that affect all brakes? Thanks in advance, Marv
marpel 05/28/22 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: 7 pin cable

Thanks for all the replies: Just to clarify though, the new cable was not too short as the new box was placed right beside the old box, so the, loosely strung, replacement cable appeared able to reach the old box quite easily. And BB_TX, your description was exactly what I was planning on doing. Take photos or label current box layout and just repeat with new cable. Logically seemed pretty straightforward. Just figured, because no-one seemed to want to tackle the junction box connection in any of the vids/tutes, that I was missing something that made it difficult. Marv
marpel 05/25/22 09:27pm Tech Issues
7 pin cable

Due to a bit of age/corrosion, I have decided to replace the 7 pin plug/cable on the trailer. As I usually do when I am about to tackle something I haven't previously dealt with, I searched the net and YouTube for tutorials/instructions just to make sure I don't miss anything. The funny thing was, out of all the vids/articles I reviewed, only one could be found that touched on replacing the entire cable (ie wiring directly into the junction box). Every other one described how to either replace the plug (by cutting the old plug off) or cutting/splicing the cable farther up. In fact, in one video, the fellow showed the old cable, and existing junction box, then proceeded to cut the old cable halfway, and splice in a few feet of the new cable and plug using another junction box to connect the new and old cables, then fastening the new junction box right next to the existing junction box (with the old cable running from one box to the other). To me it seems simpler to remove the entire old cable, get a new cable and run it right to the existing junction box. Or am I missing something?? Marv
marpel 05/25/22 04:55pm Tech Issues

Thanks for the replies. Marv
marpel 05/25/22 04:32pm Towing

Have had three trailers and multiple tow vehicles over the years. Have always required a WDH. New truck (Sierra 2500) and hooked up the, fairly small, trailer for the first time to this truck. Pre and post measurements at the front and rear wheel wells. Difference at the front is 7/16th inch higher and rear is 3/4 inch lower. Have not done any weigh scale, but presumably the difference in height(s) has some correlation to the effect of the weight on the truck. So, is the difference in heights minimal enough that a WDH is unnecessary or should the set-up be weighed? And, does a WDH provide any other benefit, other than distributing the weight? As I am so used to having a WDH hooked up, it would seem strange not to have one. Marv
marpel 05/23/22 07:58pm Towing
RE: Trailer Camera

Thanks for the responses, and sorry, guess I should have been more explicit in my first post. The camera is not an aftermarket (obtained from a non GM location) product. It is sold by GM and is generically listed on their site as "Auxiliary Trailer Camera". It comes with the camera and cable, which runs to the rear of the truck and is plugged in to a connector which also is required (replaces the 4 pin). The camera view can then be seen in the Infotainment screen. There are no RPO codes in the glovebox, the only thing there is a sticker related to camper requirements. I did take a photo of the QR code on the door pillar, but when I queried it, it would only show 32 (I think that was the amount) codes and am not sure how many more are available. I have the SLE with the SLE Convenience Package and Preferred Package, and as previously noted, do have the reverse camera. When I was ordering, I was (repeatedly) told the auxiliary camera would be compatible with my set-up. However, when I later checked the website for the camera, I found the codes I listed previously, many of which I could not find in my QR codes query. If the camera is not compatible, and had been told that up front, I would have changed the options to ensure I could use that one. So just trying to clarify if I can use it or not with my set-up. Marv
marpel 05/17/22 05:29pm Tech Issues
Trailer Camera

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30336295
marpel 05/16/22 08:05pm Towing
Trailer Camera

'22 Sierra HD SLE. Was informed, during ordering process, that the accessory rear trailer camera (one with a 30-ish foot cable that connects to the rear of the truck and view is visible in-dash) was compatible with the truck. In further research, I found a description on the GM site that states codes MBC, UVI, TRG, UVS, MBB, MAH are required. I think I have one of these codes. But the site does not describe whether these codes are related to all the capabilities of the full camera system (ie invisible trailer etc), and I can't find a, full, list of RPO codes to determine what these codes reference. All I have, currently, is a back-up camera on the truck and all I want to add is the camera on the rear of the trailer. I prefer not to ask the dealer as I have received incomplete/inaccurate info from them in the recent past and would prefer not to spend $600 for an item that won't work and which has to be returned. So far, the only info they have provided is I would require a different connection (which would replace the 4 pin) at another $130. Does anyone know if this camera will be compatible with this truck? Thanks, Marv
marpel 05/16/22 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Going to Canada in a Camper?

Just after I posted, I noticed you are connected to Mexico, so unsure of your vehicle insurance status. Will the vehicle you intend to drive into Canada already have U.S., or other, insurance which allows you to take it into Canada (that is between you and your insurer)? If so, no further insurance is required. Regardless, you have to have proper insurance on your vehicle to enter Canada. The only temporary (Canadian) insurance for foreigners who wish to drive in Canada, that I know of, is related to visitors who, after arrival, wish to drive a Canadian registered/insured vehicle and wish to have temporary insurance to do so. This type of insurance can be obtained from a Canadian based insurance company (depending on province, some are private, while other are government). But I know of no Canadian-based insurer who will insure a foreigner who wishes to enter the country with their own vehicle for a holiday. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do, Marv
marpel 05/05/22 10:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Going to Canada in a Camper?

Unless things have markedly changed since I was a cop (in BC, can't speak to other provinces), you don't need temporary insurance, unless you have no insurance on your vehicle from it's home district. Uninsured vehicles can't be driven up here. As to other documentation, a passport and proof of vaccination (and completion of ArriveCan - filled out on-line). This presumes current vaccination conditions perpetuate, but as this trip is planned later in the year, things may change so best to monitor as your travel date arrives. Marv
marpel 05/05/22 10:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip with a 9 year old.

Thanks all, for the replies. Marv
marpel 04/29/22 07:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Trip with a 9 year old.

This year we are having a visit from our 9 year old grand-daughter (we live in SW British Columbia, she lives in Denver Co). She will be escorted up here the beginning of June by her father who will leave her with us while he returns home. She will stay with us until mid June when we will transport her back in our Travel Trailer. We plan on stopping along the way. We only have two weeks for the trailer trip, including return travel. Pre-Covid we took her to an RV park in Colorado Springs and she was fascinated by the caverns. It is my intention to hit some caves enroute to Denver and I am thinking Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. She also has been collecting Ranger badges, so Yellowstone is also likely. So the, preliminary, route will be I-5 to I-90 then east to the Whitehall Montana area, then south through Yellowstone and onward. Keeping the above in mind, I am asking for input on the following: - Is Lewis and Clark State Park campgrounds a good place to RV a couple days, or is there a preferred place within easy distance of the caverns? We usually stay in private RV parks that are above average, clean and well maintained (even though we have a small-ish shower, we usually use the shower facilities within the park). - any suggestions for other interesting places to stay and/or visit along this general route? Due to the distance between our respective homes, we only get to be together a few, or less, times a year, so I am wanting this trip to be the best we can make it. All info/advice is much appreciated, Marv
marpel 04/26/22 08:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Antelope Canyon

From memory (also been awhile): Upper canyon is way more popular than lower (be prepared for crowds)- but it is deeper and is famous for the light beams you have likely seen in photos, although they are only present during certain times of the day, generally April to October-ish. Tours are getting pricey, and require a pre-booking. Horseshoe Bend, depending on time of year and weather, be prepared for in-your-face bugs, like a lot. Walk to viewpoint from parking is reasonably short, but seems longer if you have to fight the bugs along the way. Camping, we stayed at Wahweap, which is around the lake, clockwise, from Page. Nice, clean place, with good view of lake. Also close to boat rentals. Haven't been there in awhile, but apparently the lake has dropped considerably. Others may advise current status. Some great photo spots around the lake which show the color striations along the shoreline. Marv
marpel 04/14/22 05:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Vehicle "rise" while towing.

Have towed for years with various vehicles. And have always followed the general rule of levelling the tow vehicle front, back to pre-tow hookup. In fact, I just read through most of the Sticky at the top of this sub-forum, where it states "GMC specifies that 100% of the rise should be eliminated". Keep in mind that this sticky is quite old (although some new to towing may still refer to it). Have been reading through the manual for a new Sierra 2500/3500, and in the towing section it describes measuring the pre hookup front height (H1), then the post hookup height (H2). Then set the WDH so the new height is 1/4 of the difference between H1 and H2, below H2. So if H1 is 30 and H2 is 32, then 32-30 =2 and 1/4 of 2 is .5, which is subtracted from H2, so front height while towing and with WDH would be 31.5. I have never owned a 2500, so wonder if this is HD specific or if this is now the recommended method for towing with all GMC trucks (don't know about the other makes)? Marv
marpel 04/13/22 07:51pm Towing
RE: Protection/Maintenance Packages

Just to clarify, to a question a couple posts back, I never received the package, as I turned it down. The finance guy then tried to offer a replacement "oil/filter" package (which he said was worth $4100), but after he hummed and hawed in response to some of my questions, he finally admitted the customer could only obtain a maximum two oil/filter changes per year (for five years), so about $2000-ish, way less than the $2600 the previous package was "worth". I turned that down as well. However, the saga continues, as he is now delaying giving me a cheque for the $2600 (I spoke with him last Monday, he assured me it would be ready later that day or the next morning and he would notify me for pick up. I haven't heard from him since). This whole truck buying thing has been a bizarre experience (there's a loooong story, rife with incompetence and screw-ups all the way along, by two dealerships, three managers and about six employees). No wonder car salesmen get a bad reputation. Marv
marpel 04/11/22 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
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