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RE: Finally Found a Cold Cereal I Like

For years, I have had a homemade breakfast "cereal". Oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (occasionally some mixed nuts), laid out on a baking tray. Sprinkled with olive oil, liquid honey and dusted with powdered cinnamon. Placed in the oven for 1/2 hr at 325. Once cooled, put in a container in the fridge. Every morning I combine a cup or two, with unsweetened, gluten free Heritage Flakes, a 1/4 cup of All Bran Buds, a 1/4 - 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries and unsweetened Oat Milk. The Heritage Flakes and All Bran Buds are optional. Can't remember the last time I had conventional cereal. Lasts for a couple/three weeks before it runs out and a new batch is made. Marv
marpel 11/30/21 05:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Drivers Door Controls

Thanks for the replies. I found a Youtube video describing how to dismantle and clean the contacts. And will take a look at the wiring as well. Both good suggestions and, hopefully, a cheap resolution to the problem. Marv
marpel 11/27/21 05:45pm Tow Vehicles
Drivers Door Controls

2012 GMC Sierra 1500. The driver's armrest controls, for front passenger window and both side mirrors, have stopped working. Initially, I was unable to raise/lower the front passenger window, although it can be operated by the passenger. I am now unable to move either side mirror. The controls can still operate all other windows as well as all door locks. Funny enough, the controls starting acting up just prior to ordering a new truck (22 GMC Sierra 2500). Part of the deal includes the current truck as a trade-in, although I have the option to sell it privately. On my previous truck, I was able to replace the passenger side front door window actuator, but that was a manually operated window, so I have some experience pulling a door apart etc. However, as this is electric components, I have no experience with this stuff. It appears the electrical component for all the driver's door operations is contained in one single device, just under the armrest. Having said that, I have yet to confirm if this component is the problem. If I sell the vehicle privately, I want to replace/fix the issue prior to sale, but as the issue was present during the trade-in inspection, I am likely to leave it as is (but I may change my mind on that). So, does anyone have any experience doing this operation and can offer some advice? It would cost about $600 (CDN) to have it done, but about $325 for the component alone. Marv
marpel 11/26/21 07:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is travelling through the states safe re: Covid?

Just returned (two days ago) from driving to/from Vancouver and Denver, Co. Supposed to show (double )vaccination proof S/B at border (we went through Pacific Crossing), but border agent only looked at our Nexus cards and waved us through. Didn't even ask about our status. The further south/east we went, the less adherence to Covid protocols were witnessed. We were used to masking/social distancing etc in BC, but by the time we reached Denver, it was almost chaos. Few restaurants/businesses had any protocol down there, including no masking by restaurant staff, although a few customers (maybe 10 percent?) were masked. At a Build a Bear, although staff were masked and they had a limit to customer count and spacing protocols, none of that was enforced and they were way over capacity with no-one wearing a mask and everyone (including many young children) shoulder to shoulder. Being curious, I asked one, unmasked, hotel desk clerk why no-one was masking. She told me it was their right not to mask. Can't comment on vaccination rates, but I believe they are far less than BC. Not sure of the states you mentioned. Coming back (this may change by time you return), we had to be tested within 72 hours of crossing border. Able to do it, for free, at one of the Walgreen Pharmacies along the way. And went through a rigorous procedure at the border (even required to mask up in car as approaching border agent), including being "randomly selected" to do a follow-up self-test (remotely witnessed by lab staff) once home (by authority of Health Canada). As it was difficult to determine who was/was not vaccinated and few wore masks, we began treating everyone as unvaxxed. Managed to keep to ourselves during trip down/back, but difficult once there as were visiting relatives. Marv
marpel 11/25/21 06:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tonneau Cover

Michelle.S - How is the RollnLock for water resistance? I have had a solid tonneau cover for the last ten or so years and it has been literally bullet-proof in regard to water penetration. I suspect a retractable would be less than so. And, does it require drilling a hole(s) in the bed for the drain tubes? Marv
marpel 10/12/21 07:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tonneau Cover

I've started looking at the aluminum retractable covers, like Roll N Lock (although some are as expensive as a canopy). I don't mind the, minimal, space they take up at the front of the bed as long as there is some space to lay a few sheets of plywood. Having said that, one of the reasons I am looking at tonneau covers is the new truck comes with a sliding rear window (electric, I think) and I figured it negates any benefit if it is blocked by the canopy. I didn't choose the slider as it came in a package which had a component I did want. So I ask, of those who have a rear sliding window, do you use them all that often and do some of you also have them blocked by a canopy? Don't have a dog and the kids are grown and I rarely have anyone in the back seats. Marv
marpel 10/10/21 09:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket Nav

Thanks for the replies. As mentioned in another post, the reason why I want/need in-vehicle GPS, is we often go to areas without cell service so using a cell phone is unreliable. Gdetrailer, you are right in that it does not actually add navigation, but more enables the "dormant" system already present. The vehicle is a "22 GMC 2500 SLE, and I ensured it has the IOS 8" Infotainment system, which is required for Navigation. Besides the programmer, the "re-boot" requires an SD card with the maps (which is apparently how the maps are upgraded from GMC). After start-up, you retain the programmer so it can be used again in the future should something happen. way2roll, I hear what you are saying, but I like to travel pretty simple and don't want extra doodads laying around. My wife even gets a miffed when I travel alone and don't even bring out my cell phone. When I bought my current truck, I put in an aftermarket head unit with nav, which gave simple, easy navigation without all the bells and whistles and all I had to do was purchase the upgraded maps (via SD card) every three/four years for $60 or so. An aftermarket GPS unit is a last resort. We used to have a Garmin, but I found it a pain to have to put it away and pull it out all the time. And I would prefer to have everything running through the in-dash screen. Marv
marpel 10/08/21 08:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Tonneau Cover

Thanks for all the replies. As initially noted, my current truck (which will be gone when the new one arrives) has a solid cover (extang? maybe, the nameplate fell off two days after I bought it, so have forgotten), which is strong enough to stand on and has never leaked, even in downpours and car washes. The only issue is inability to carry large items, like furniture etc. without completely removing. The one I posted about folds up to within 6 inches of the cab and, in a couple seconds, can be fully removed from the rails, which remain with the truck bed. For a tonneau, it's a bit pricey (over $900 USD), although the solid one cost me $1200 CDN. And it has a lock and key (although not sure how effective that is). I would prefer a hard, rather than soft, cover, but could be persuaded otherwise. Marv.
marpel 10/08/21 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
Aftermarket Nav

As per another thread, I have been researching navigation options. I just ordered a new truck, and it was my initial intention to get the in-vehicle navigation. However, to do that, I was required to get an upgraded trim level and add-ons that I neither needed nor wanted. And the cheapest difference in price was over $7000, pre-tax. I just couldn't force myself to fork out thousands for a slew of stuff I didn't want, to get one relatively inexpensive component. So I opted not to do so. A bit of research has turned up a company (OBDGenie.com), which sells an aftermarket nav (and other) product, which is literally plug and play, and which gives OEM navigation (in fact, it appears they obtain the map SD card from the truck manufacturer). Reviews seem very positive, but I'd be interested in anyone here having first-hand knowledge of this company and product. I have sent them an email, seeking some points of clarification, but to-date (about a week, now) have received no answer. Marv
marpel 10/07/21 08:05pm Technology Corner
Tonneau Cover

Looking to purchase a bed cover for a new truck. For the last ten years, my current truck has had a solid hard-top Tonneau cover, hinged at the front of the bed and assisted up/down with piston springs (if that's what they are called). Although I have been very satisfied with it, the only negative is the requirement to remove (and temporarily store) when loading with item(s) higher than about 17 inches. As a result, I am looking at folding covers, preferably hard, not soft, material. I prefer tonneau, rather than canopy. With that in mind, has anyone any experience with the Peragon (.com) product? At first blush, it looks good quality, and perhaps a relatively new company?? Marv
marpel 10/07/21 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck question(s)

So, my choices are: GMC Sierra 1500 6.2L 3.73 420/460 DFM (don't want DFM) 26gal. One of the more pricier choices. GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.6L 3.73 401/464 36 gal. Middle of the road in price. Ram 2500HD 6.4L 3.73 410/429 31 gal. Weird thing is, the model is Big Horn, but can't seem to get Big Horn package with crew cab and 6 1/5 ft bed. So, one of the more pricey, comparable to the Sierra 1500. Ford 2500HD 7.3L 3.55 430/475 36 gal. Cheapest (by about 4K pre-tax). All are about the same size, within an inch or so in every dimension, and within a couple hundred pounds in payload and towing - with Ford leading the pack but not by much. The 1500 is smaller by a bit, quite far behind by at least a thousand in payload and 2500 in tow, and does not have an HD engine, of course. Although we will be looking at getting a bigger trailer, I doubt we will get even close to 3500 territory, which is why I listed the 2500s. Regarding mpg, while I, like everybody, would like to get super decent mileage, a decent ride and tow is priority. Thanks to everyone, I have been learning a lot.....but still can't figure out why the smallest(L) engine has more hp/torque than the bigger HDs. Go figure. Marv
marpel 09/22/21 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck question(s)

Man, some great continued comments, so thanks for that. Re the AFM/DFM issue - DFM issues are starting to crop up (and I'll admit I don't know the frequency or numbers, as I think it is new enough technology that no-one really knows at this point) and I just prefer to steer clear. I am not brand loyal (have owned a Ram truck, a Ford truck and two GMCs), so will go with whichever one gives the best option for our current and anticipated needs. Re "overkill", I've actually mulled over the Ford 7.3 more lately and am starting to look more favourably at that. And, regarding travelling speeds, currently, due to the wife's work commitment, travelling (in normal times) to see our grand-daughter in Denver, means that our time is constrained, which requires as few days driving as possible so visit time is maximized. It's 24 hours driving time one way, done over three days, so no dilly dallying. In a few years when she retires, the situation will be more relaxed. So I am looking at a new vehicle which can handle that work, among other attributes. Marv
marpel 09/21/21 09:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Navigation options

Funny enough, I always have a (large-ish) country/state/province map book in the truck when we travel and also will sit in a cafe and peruse the various routes available. We would then use the in-vehicle nav to lay out and follow the route to our next destination. Just seemed so much easier than having to rely on cell phone, cell service and paying a subscription fee. Don't have traffic et al, but I don't find that much of an issue. Bit of a luddite, I suppose. Marv
marpel 09/20/21 07:22pm Technology Corner
RE: New Truck question(s)

Thanks to all for the continued responses. I have narrowed my search to either a new Sierra 1500 6.2L or Sierra HD 6.6L (I was looking at the Ford 7.3L, which, all things being equal, is quite a bit cheaper than the Sierra HD, but I figure it is overkill). I must admit, though, I am not super comfortable about the 6.2 having DFM, especially after GM's issues with AFM when it came out. Thanks again, Marv
marpel 09/20/21 06:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Navigation options

Thanks everyone for the replies and all the info. So, just so I am clear. If I use a cell phone and e.g. Waze, does downloading "the map" before I leave, mean a map of the whole U.S. or a map of the planned route (we routinely travel to/from Denver, Co and BC, Canada with unplanned deviations in routes/way-stops where no cell service is common)? If an entire country/continent can be initially downloaded, then I don't likely need a traditional navigation system. Marv
marpel 09/19/21 12:40pm Technology Corner
Navigation options

As per another post, I am beginning to look for a new truck. Have been to a couple dealerships and have done some preliminary net Price and Build queries. I have been surprised that not all/most new vehicles have in-vehicle GPS nav, outside of premium packages, and a salesman told me many get one of the packages with a monitor and no nav, but with the ability to sync with a cell phone, from which they use Waize (sp?) or other, in fact he said that's what he uses. So, my question, which I did not think to ask at the time, how does this set-up work in areas with no cell service? Marv
marpel 09/18/21 08:27pm Technology Corner
RE: New Truck question(s)

wing zealot and JIMNLIN, I guess you posted while I was replying to KD4UPL. I must really not understand trucks and towing. I often read comments about guys towing a zillion pound trailer down the highway at 65+ mph, with little effort. I just presumed the bigger HD truck/motor they describe would pull a small trailer like mine with ease, even at interstate speed. I'll have to do some more learning. Marv
marpel 09/17/21 09:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Truck question(s)

KD4UPL, Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I should have been a bit more clear in the first instance. My current truck is ten years old and is rated at 403 hp and 417 lb/ft. Which is why I was curious if the added lb/ft in the 6.6L would resolve the question I posed, or if it would benefit from a higher hp, more than the increase in torque. As mentioned, my truck pulls fine for most applications, it's just when we are out on the interstates and extremely long distances that I wish for a wee bit better performance. Marv
marpel 09/17/21 09:04pm Tow Vehicles
New Truck question(s)

Good day, As my current truck has reached it's retirement, I am beginning to look at a new vehicle. We have a relatively small trailer (22' and about 5k lbs loaded) and have been towing it with a GMC Sierra, 6.2L, 6spd, 373. On short trips it has been a fine combo. However, since the birth of a grand-daughter in Denver Co, we have spent every vacation driving back/forth from BC, Canada, via various interstates, with speed limits at 60/70/80, depending on location. And anticipate this will continue for a good number more years. Currently, pulling at 63-64-ish, I put it in 5th, as in 6th it will constantly downshift at even the slightest incline/overpass. Much (like 80%) of the route is like this. Of course, up hills/mountains is understandably different. I am considering going up in size to a 2500 or 3500 with the 6.6L gas, not diesel (may upgrade trailer in future), and am wondering if this would allow pulling in overdrive, rather than in 5th, during those long straight stretches. I am also considering the Ford 7.3 but think it may be a bit overkill for my needs, although it remains an option. Any other thoughts would also be welcome. Many thanks, Marv
marpel 09/17/21 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: white paper on SiO2 batteries

Ignoring the less than professional grammar (reminds me of an item manufactured in China with a manual translated into English by someone in China), it's a pretty interesting read.
marpel 09/03/21 05:13pm Tech Issues
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