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RE: Rear View Camera - Cell Phone Hotspot as Wifi Booster?

I tried to tether the Nokia 2.1 phone to the iPad using a USB hub to connect the two cables that charge each device, and I couldn't get it to work like I can with the phone and laptop. That won't work, you can't split the tethered signal. The USB cable needs to go directly from the phone to the device. Since you have to connect directly to the camera's SSID, creating a hotspot on your phone isn't going to help you with the camera. However, you can watch this video to show you have to turn on Wi Fi hotspot on your phone. -Michael
mgirardo 01/15/21 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Rear View Camera - Cell Phone Hotspot as Wifi Booster?

Would this thing do the job? It has three modes, but I am confused whether it needs wires as a repeater. https://www.amazon.com/1200Mbps-Extender-US754-Amplifier-Extender/dp/B08NZGJFT7/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3TC69AKYAJ855&dchild=1&keywords=wifi%2Bbooster&qid=1610636461&sprefix=Wifi%2Caps%2C265&sr=8-5&th=1 This one should work just fine for you: click. It does have an ethernet port, but that's to use to wire directly to it instead of using wifi, which is a nice feature. -Michael
mgirardo 01/15/21 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Rear View Camera - Cell Phone Hotspot as Wifi Booster?

I have looked at wifi extenders (lots of those) but can't make out how they can pick the right wifi signal to extend by wireless and then relay that to the farther along device. Some(all?) have LAN from the extender back to the first wifi source box and then they wifi from there, (I think) What you are describing sounds more like an Access Point, not a Wi Fi Extender. All the Wi Fi extenders I have used get plugged into the wall. Then there is either an App or a Web Interface that you connect to the Extender with. Then you tell the Extender what SSID you want to connect to. It connects to that SSID. Generally, you would give the Extender's SSID the same SSID you normally use, however, if you have older Wi Fi devices that don't auto select the strongest signal, you can name the Extender's SSID something different so you know you are on the strongest signal. With that being said, there are Access Points that can act as Extenders/Repeaters that don't need to be wired. Just be careful as some may require being setup wired directly to the router, then used wireless. -Michael
mgirardo 01/14/21 06:37am Tech Issues
RE: I Was Stimulated Today

We ain't gitten narra one. We haveto file and maybe we'll get something back by summer. We got the first one, but the IRS' Get My Payment site claims "Status Unavailable" for second payment. I've read that means we won't get one and will have to request it when we file our 2020 return. I still haven't gotten my refund from 2019 that I mailed in on April 14th! -Michael
mgirardo 01/13/21 09:00am Around the Campfire
RE: St Augustine Campgrounds

This time of year St. Augustine is hard to get into without advanced reservations. We've stayed at North Beach Campground before. We enjoyed our stay. Good luck. -Michael
mgirardo 01/13/21 08:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Just got back fro the local bike shop

We were interested in getting Kayaks. We started looking for a pair early July. Finally found a pair at Sam's Club at the end of July and quickly ordered them. It took almost a month to get them, but they were finally delivered towards the end of August. I had been in need of a Bicycle for a little while. I found one on Amazon at the end of 2019, but was waiting for the price to come down from $500. Then the pandemic hit and it was out of stock for about 10 months. Just before Christmas, the price came down about $75 and Amazon listed it as Temporarily Out of Stock, which means it can be ordered, so I ordered it the day after Christmas. I got an email about a week later that stated expected delivery was mid to end of February. Then a few days later, I got an email stating it would be end of January, beginning of February. The bike arrived on Friday, Jan 8th. It's a Schwinn, made in China. According to the bike's box, it was 1 of 270 bikes in the shipment. After mine shipped, I noticed it was in stock on Amazon. Then a couple days later, it was out of stock again and still is. There are lots of things that are difficult to come by. We wanted to get a set of Adjustable Dumb Bells for a 17 year old son for Christmas. We found a great pair at Bowflex, but their web site stated it could take up to 4 months for delivery! Laptops and Computer components are also difficult to come by. I've built a few desktops during the pandemic and have had to use brands I'd never used before, because the brands I usually use did not have items available. It will probably be a long time before supplies return to normal levels. -Michael
mgirardo 01/11/21 08:39am Around the Campfire
RE: question about service

I had to do some work on my toilet and was surprised that everywhere that there was a threaded fitting it was only finger tight. Check connections and keep flushing the toilet until you discover where the water is coming from. This is my suggestion as well. When we bought our Bungalow, we had a long demo with water hooked up and all was fine. A few days after we took delivery, I discovered a decent sized puddle in the kitchen about 3 feet from the edge of the counter shortly after the shower was used. I found the water was coming from the hot water fitting on the sink in the half bath about 15 feet from where the puddle was (followed the plumbing from the half bath towards the puddle). I put some thread tape on both hot and cold fittings at that sink and tightened them both. Problem solved until the next summer. Puddle again, same place. This time is was the hot water fitting on the kitchen sink. Again, put thread tape on both hot and cold fittings and tightened down. No more puddle in the kitchen. Water will flow to the lowest point it can get to. Water may be near the shower, but it maybe coming from somewhere entirely different. -Michael
mgirardo 01/05/21 05:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Granddaughter is a simple country girl...

I have replaced all our timers with smart outlets. They are wirelessly connected to the home network and can be controlled from anywhere, as long as I have internet access where I am and the internet at the house is working properly. We use them mostly for lights, but also have a fan in the garage that gets turned on during the hottest part of the day to help circulate the air. Even if the internet goes out, the smart outlets remember their scheduled on and off times and will still work properly. I just can't manage them until the internet comes back on. We also have several smart switches that control whatever is connected to the switch. -Michael
mgirardo 12/31/20 08:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Boondocking Etiquette

Well I guess I don’t know what the difference is either. Can someone please explain? My definition of true boondocking is going out to the middle of nowhere and camping. There's no map to follow, there's no sign indicating where to go and there is no one else for miles. There's no established campground, no hookups of any type, no paved roads and also no neighbors other than wild animals. I do not consider dispersed camping on BLM Land Boondocking as it is on the map. If you are boondocking, there wouldn't be a need to save your spot since there is no established spot, it's just a patch of ground in the middle of nowhere. Dry Camping is camping in an established campground without hookups. Overnighting at Walmart or other parking lot/truck stop is Dry Camping. If there is an established site to save if you leave, then it isn't boondocking. Dry Camping just means you are providing your own water, electric and sewer. You can Dry Camp in a $200/night RV Resort or on Dispersed Camping site in a National Forest. Others will probably disagree, but that's my definition. -Michael
mgirardo 12/31/20 07:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

If the hotel pays so little the housekeepers do better on unemployment Then the hotel is exploiting their labor force. Although I do not believe the housekeepers are quitting to get unemployment since you can't get unemployment if you voluntarily end your employment. However, with the $600 extra per week that the federal government was supplying, that's equivalent to a $15/hour job. Add whatever the state was providing (in GA, the max unemployment is $330/week), unemployed folks could be making more than $20/hour NOT working. The latest stimulus package recently passed provides an extra $300/week unemployment benefits. Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25/hour. $300/week is $7.50/hour (and they may still get state unemployment), so still better than the Federal Minimum Wage. -Michael
mgirardo 12/30/20 07:18am Around the Campfire
RE: February trip south on the East Coast

I would recommend making a stop on Jekyll Island, GA before leaving the state (I95 exit 29). Lots of history, lots of walking/biking trails, quiet beaches and some decent restaurants. In the early years of the 1900s, 1/6th of the world's wealth wintered on Jekyll Island. February might be tough to get a site in the campground, but there is Coastal GA RV Resort and Blythe Island Regional Park and Campground both within a few miles of I-95 exit 29. -Michael
mgirardo 12/16/20 11:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: road trip in Feb or March

After leaving Savannah, stop at Jekyll Island, GA (Exit 29 on I-95). Lots of history on Jekyll Island and many miles of walking and biking paths. February can get chilly, although the last couple years it was nice. March will be very nice weather. There are a couple restaurants on the island, but a short drive (15 minutes) to St. Simons Island will offer a lot more dining choices, including some fine dining. There is also Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island. Both Jekyll and St. Simons Islands are barrier islands with beaches. Jekyll Island's beaches are nicer. -Michael
mgirardo 11/10/20 06:11am Roads and Routes
RE: On the road breakdown stories..

No issue with the RV, but twice had to have the TV and HTT on the back of a tow truck and once the TV had to be towed to replace the transmission. We were heading home from Disney World back in 2005. We had just made it to the VA/NC line when the check engine light came on. We were hoping to make it home that day and still had about 7 hours (we lived in NJ at the time). When we finally stopped to check it out, there was tranny fluid everywhere. We were able to limp to a KOA a few miles away. In the morning we had the TV towed to a nearby GM dealer where they had to replace the tranny; a day and a half and $1,600 later, we were back on the road. The first time both HTT & TV had to be towed was on our way from Ocean City, NJ to Hershey Park. We were planning to spend a few days at Hershey's High Meadow Campground and going to the Park. Going up the Commodore Barry Bridge, I lost power for a moment; pressed the gas pedal and nothing. I backed of the pedal and tried again and all was well. Came down the bridge fine and came to the first traffic light to make a left. Halfway through the turn, I lost power and could not get it back. I was able to coast to the right turning lane for a gas station and I think a Walmart, but didn't have enough momentum to get into the parking lot. Called AAA. The only tow truck they could find that could accommodate our family of 4 with a booster seat and a car seat was actually back at the Jersey Shore, dropping of a vehicle. So we waited. Since we had just bought the HTT a couple months ago, we had a free year of service from CoachNet, so we called them. They told us the same thing. So a few hours later, the tow truck driver calls to confirm what we have and let us know where he was. After he hooks us up and we get on the way, he explains that AAA and CoachNet both contacted him. Since we wanted to get to Hershey, we stuck with AAA since CoachNet wouldn't tow us the almost 80 miles to Hershey Park, but AAA would. Turns out the TV's fuel pump failed. The second time was more avoidable. I used to organize an off-roading event every year. We'd spend a few days at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, PA and wheel our Nissan Xterras. Since I wheeled with 33" Super Swamper Boggers on my X which don't have great road manners, I had a second set of wheels and tire for the street. I drive up with the street tires and swapped them at the campground. After the last day of wheeling, I took the Boggers off and put the street tires back on. The next morning, I hook up the HTT and head out. I take I-81 to I-78 and head east. I get about 25 miles down I-78 and I can't get the Xterra to accelerate. I can hear and feel the engine revving, but I can't accelerate past 50 mph. I'm a couple miles from the SR 61 exit, where the Cabela's is, so I just accept the lack of power and decide I'll get off at exit 29. It wasn't as built up back then (2008), but I knew there was an Advanced Auto I could go to. About a mile down the road, the rear driver's side tire comes off the Xterra. That corner drops a little and I see the brake drum cover rollback behind me and the tire goes bouncing past me. It bounces over the Jersey wall, avoids 2 different vehicles on the west bound side, then falls. I don't see where it fell. I pulled over and take a look. Four of the 6 lug nut bolts are sheared off and the other 2 are completely stripped. I call AAA. Fortunately the driver isn't far away, but he'll be about 45 minutes. While I wait, I check on my run-away tire. It had fallen just inside the jersey wall, so I grab it and put it in the back of the truck with the other 4 off-road tires. Since we were living in GA then, I just had the driver tow it to my parents in South Jersey. Turned out to be a 98 mile tow, completely covered by AAA Plus with RV. I never found the brake drum cover and ended up having most of the rear suspension replaced. The only things not replaced was the rear diff and axle tube and the axle shaft on the passenger side. We ended up filing a claim with our Auto Insurance. I assume I did not torque down the rear driver's side lug nuts before leaving the campground and they worked themselves loose. I guess the weight of the HTT and the Eqaul-i-zer hitch removed the wiggle from that tire so I had no idea there was an issue with the tire until it came off. I had plenty of tools with me and could have replaced the lug nut studs in Advanced Auto's parking lot if I could have just made it there. -Michael
mgirardo 10/30/20 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Tybee Island, GA. Rivers End Campground./Info Appreciated

December is usually still pretty nice, weather wise. The no-see-ums will be out in force though. -Michael
mgirardo 10/22/20 08:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

It's been a long time since I've had a hot cereal, even longer since a cold cereal. I used to eat Raisin Bran Crunch, stayed crunchy in milk longer than regular Raisin Bran. When I switched to Oatmeal, I'd mash up bananas and add frozen blueberries, no sugar added. It is very good, but I got lazy. Now I usually have a granola bar, some nuts and/or fruit. -Michael
mgirardo 10/20/20 07:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Park models

This is similar to what I've been looking for.Park model These don't have holding tanks. At least most don't. That's not a true Park Model, some manufacturers call them Destination Trailers. True Park Models are like small Mobile homes with residential A/C, a peaked roof with shingles and no holding tanks. We own a Jayco Jayflight Bungalow Destination Trailer. It is similar to the Forest River unit, except ours does have holding tanks. Five tanks total, 1 fresh, 2 gray and 2 black. Ours has a half bath in the bunkhouse. Ours has 4 slides and we leave them out all season long. We live in it the entire season, although one time we did leave for a week, but left all the slides open. Slides are meant to be extended and retracted. Keep up with the maintenance and you can open and close them to your hearts delight, like any other RV. -Michael
mgirardo 09/21/20 07:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Border closings

And its Doctors and Scientists.
mgirardo 09/15/20 06:52am Snowbirds
RE: Needs multi-platform website monitor for son's online usage

I would expect the iPad would be locked down by the school. You may not be able to install apps on it without the school admin's permission. -Michael
mgirardo 09/09/20 09:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Did I ruin my water heater, please help!

There a couple things that will drain the battery even with everything turned off. As mentioned, the carbon monoxide detector, as well as the radio. Using the battery disconnect switch would completely cut power to those things. It is possible you got an old battery from the dealer, but most likely no way to tell that. If you store the trailer at the house, just keep it plugged in or put a trickle charger on the battery to keep it charged. -Michael
mgirardo 09/06/20 06:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Question about exiting in an emergency

My question is: Why isn't the exit designed by the manufacturer to be ore user friendly for the poor victim who is confused, not prepared, incapacitated, or a minor? The exit procedure should be simple and intuitive. Since idiot proof is impossible, at least make it idiot helpful. How could it be made simpler? Turn a lever, open door. How is that any more difficult than at your house? On ours, the dead bolt lever is red and pretty big. Easy to see if flames are licking my backside. -Michael
mgirardo 08/31/20 06:37am General RVing Issues
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