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RE: Stability control

I would start with an alignment. Replacing or adding parts before having the alignment checked could be a waste of money. If it needs new ball joints, they find that out during the alignment. -Michael
mgirardo 10/26/21 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing a tire yourself

When we owned our Class C, it came with a fully mounted spare and a lug nut wrench, but no jack. The one time I assisted someone replace a flat on a smaller Class C, the rims were partially rust welded together and was a serious pain to separate the two rims even with a long tire iron. We had AAA Plus with RV when we owned the Hybrid TT and kept it with the Class C. We had 1 blow out of an inner dual in the 7 years we owned it and I was glad to wait for AAA to find someone to take care of it for us. We waited about 2 hours for AAA to find someone, mainly because they were trying to find someone that could tow the Motorhome to a safer place if the Motorhome was not in a safe place. The company that came out within 30 minutes of getting the call could not tow the Motorhome and had the tire swapped quickly. I guess AAA finally gave up on the tow requirement. Fortunately, the rims separated without issue. For us, AAA is as much about how much money we save on discounts at Hotels, Campgrounds, restaurants, etc. and it is rare that a year goes by and the savings don't pay for the membership. -Michael
mgirardo 10/26/21 08:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winterizing Residential Fridge

Has anyone done this? After pumping the pink antifreeze thru the water lines & opening & closing all the various spigot's just leave the pump on with the hose in the gallon of pink antifreeze and turn on the fridge ice maker. I know the antifreeze will not freeze in the ice maker. Will this work & will the ice maker dump the pink antifreeze so you know it has pumped through the ice maker? Anyone have any actual advice of what I can expect? Thanks.... Or should I just head for Florida.... This is exactly how we winterized the fridge in our Bungalow. I usually let the setup sit at least 12 hours, 24 would be better. We'd get pink ice cubes until the water is all gone from the line, then just slush. When we de-winterized, we threw away the ice cubes for the first few days. Never had a problem. -Michael
mgirardo 10/19/21 02:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: My wife is gonna kill me, please help

Jerry, thanks. Yes, I have it plugged into an outlet right now, at our house, as well as having 2 brand new deep cycle batteries installed. The owner told me it was electric only, as opposed to propane. Since the previous owner says it is electric only, most likely it requires 110v. Unless you have an inverter that powers the outlet you have the fireplace plugged into, the trailer needs to be plugged into Shore Power? If you do have an inverter powering the outlet, does it offer enough watts? Electric fireplaces usually require around 1500 watts. -Michael
mgirardo 10/14/21 11:24am Tech Issues
RE: jayco small travel trailers

In the video I posted below they show a Jayco being made in seven hours. The workers are running around as fast as they can to put everything together. These workers have to be tired which means some things got missed. After seeing this video I wonder if just buying used would be better. Jayco Travel Trailer Being Made That video was posted on YouTube in July of 2013, so you'd better buy a very old TT :) When we bought our Forest River Hybrid TT (a Rockwood Roo 233), the dealer told us they were building about 17 Roo 233s a day. It certainly seemed like it after a few years. -Michael
mgirardo 09/28/21 06:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Heavy Class C Tire thoughts

I was planning on going with the Michelin LTX A/T2 tires but I see these Michelin Agilis Cross Climate tires. They are about the same price. So wondering if they are better. I believe that the Agilis Cross Climate replaced the LTX A/T2. It's basically the same tire, just a different name. If you want significantly more weight capacity, you will need to go with a higher Load Range tire. If you have Load Range D tires go with Load Range E; if you have Load Range E tires, go with Load Range G tires. -Michael
mgirardo 09/28/21 06:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Work-anywhere towing assistance?

It can be insurance, or pay-for-service - either way. I just need that I can call it 24/7 anywhere in the USA and get reliably dispatched to locals Does such a thing exist? I'm pretty sure all the major Roadside Assistance Companies offer this service. We have AAA. I call the 800 number on my card (or I can use the App on my smartphone) and they find someone to tow my vehicle, repair flat, etc.. If I am not in my AAA Region, they will connect me to the AAA Region that I am in when I make the call. The only stipulation is I have to be with the vehicle. It covers any vehicle (even ones I don't own), as long as I am there with my card. AAA will tow me anywhere I want to go. I can get 4, 100 mile tows for free per year with AAA Plus. If I need to go more than 100 miles, I pay a few bucks extra per mile. Coachnet and Good Sam offer similar services, except they will tow the vehicle to the nearest service station/dealership. We had Coachnet for 1 year (came included with RV purchase). Since they wouldn't tow us where we wanted to go, the one time we tried to use them, we used AAA instead. We did not renew Coachnet. Most Roadside Assistance companies have contracts with a lot of the same companies. The time we choose to use AAA over Coachnet, the tow truck driver told us that both contacted him to tow us. -Michael
mgirardo 09/08/21 09:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Roaches ugh!

Our experience is that Palmetto Bugs (American Coachroach) don't really infest, like other cockroaches. Usually, with Palmetto Bugs, what you see is all there is. If you are concerned, boric acid is the way to go. Both times we rented a storage unit here in GA, the unit was outlined with Boric acid to kill ants and roaches. -Michael
mgirardo 08/30/21 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Roadside assistance

We've had good experience with AAA Plus with RV for our Hybrid TT. Was disappointed with them for the Class C when we had a blow out. Twice we had breakdowns with our TV and needed both the TV and the Hybrid towed. The first time, the kids were young. Our son was still in a booster seat and needed a tow truck that could accommodate us. AAA found someone right away, but it took a little while for him to get to us, as he was towing someone else. Both times, the tow was close to 100 miles and didn't cost anything, except for a tip. When we had the blow out on the Class C, it took AAA 2 hours to find a mobile tire repair. We were on I-95 just south of Savannah, GA. Once they finally found someone, he came right out and had us back on the road in under 15 minutes. For us, AAA is the way to go. When we had our first TV breakdown with the HTT, we also called Coachnet (came free 1 year with HTT purchase). They would only cover towing our HTT to the nearest campground and our TV to the nearest dealership. We were on a way to another campground about 60 miles away from the KOA they wanted to take us to. They also called the same tow guy that AAA called. The one nice thing Coachnet did that AAA has never done, was called the local State Police barracks since we were broke down in a turn lane. The trooper came quickly and setup some flares and gave us a few extras. When we started camping seasonally, we dropped the RV coverage, but kept AAA Plus. We've only had to use them once or twice in the last few years, but well worth the piece of mind especially now that both kids are driving. With the AAA discounts offered at hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, etc. the membership usually pays for itself. -Michael
mgirardo 08/30/21 07:20am Beginning RVing
RE: A cautionary tale... Pack a "Go Bag"

We drove 90 miles down to Phoenix ... Yes, a go bag is definitely important to have. I wouldn't recommend keeping meds in any vehicle. Most meds say to store within certain temp ranges. In summer, the inside of vehicles parked outside get pretty darn hot. Fortunately, only being 90 miles away, running back home to grab meds would be an easy fix. I would have told my wife to go back home, spend the night, get what you need and come back in the morning. I hope you are feeling better now! -Michael
mgirardo 08/23/21 06:34am General RVing Issues
RE: HOW do I do this?

Also, is there a smooth/easy way to sell our old 2005 class c jayco while on to road when it is a private purchase? The price will be cheap because we just need to move it so price is not an issue...do not need to get a lot of money for it. Donna Sell it on Consignment. Our experience was very positive. We recently sold our Destination Travel Trailer out of state. We had it parked at a Campground in NJ (we live in GA) where we had spent a handful of summers in it. After the 2019 season, we knew we weren't going to be able to do the seasonal thing again in 2020 so we moved it out of the campground and left it at my parents that lived close by. A friend with a large enough truck towed it from the campground for us. When we realized we would not be going back to Seasonal camping in the near future, we found a RV Dealer near my parents that sold on Consignment. I drove up to my parents to clean out whatever we left in the Trailer and confirm everything still worked. The same friend towed the Trailer to the dealership. I filled out a quick form mostly with my contact info, but also the asking price and how low we were willing to go without the dealer contacting us for confirmation. The form also listed how the consignment would work. I left a copy of the registration and a copy of the title. We let the dealer set the price, which was a lot higher than I was expecting. After a few weeks, we got a call that a buyer had driven down from Maine to look at the Trailer and they made an offer. The salesman had been talking to the buyer the week prior to them seeing the Trailer. Later that week, we signed over the title and sent it UPS to the dealership. About 10 days later we got a check in the mail. With the market for Used RVs as it is, even after the consignment fees, we still made more money than the TT was worth last year before the Used market went off the rails. Now is a great time to sell. Good luck. -Michael
mgirardo 08/18/21 01:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wi if booster

Actually your right, I don’t understand about bandwidth. I do understand that some people had rather be condescending than answer questions. Most campgrounds that we have been to, either limit bandwidth (throttle it) or just don't have a lot of bandwidth to make streaming possible. A Wi-Fi Booster isn't going to help in that instance. Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that is transmitted in a given amount of time. You can have great signal strength (maybe the campground's antenna is right next to your camp site) and you may have good download speeds (measured with a speed test web site/app), but if the campground limits how much data you can receive, there is no way to improve that. At our seasonal campground, the owners don't throttle bandwidth, but they do monitor it. Our site was a good distance from the nearest Access Point, so I purchased a Ubiquiti NanoStation that would grab the signal and send it directly to my router. Without the NanoStation, I would get 3 - 5 Mbps download speeds. With the NanoStation, I would get about 30 Mbps download speeds. 3-5 Mbps wouldn't make for a very good streaming experience, but 30 Mbps worked pretty well. We did not stream very often, maybe just a few movies/month. I worked with the campground owners to make sure my NanoStation was connecting to a good access point that did not have a lot of bandwidth demand. It may have gotten a lot of connections because it was in a high traffic area, but it wasn't in a place where many other campers were using it for streaming or other bandwidth demanding activities, like gaming. That Access Point was about 250 yards from our site. Our family of 4, average about 70 GB of data usage/month. When we are at home, we average about 1 TB of data usage/month. As others have mentioned, for streaming, you'd be better off getting a 4G/5G hotspot device that offers lots of monthly data or if you are lucky an unlimited plan. You can also use your smartphone's hotspot feature, if your data plan offers lots of data. Some carriers will limit the amount of data you can consume through a smartphone's hotspot, so check with your carrier. Most smartphone hotspots allow multiple devices to connect to it. -Michael
mgirardo 08/06/21 07:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Onan 4000 generator cranks but won't start

Normally, you would spray the starter fluid while you starting the engine. Basically, start cranking, then spray it into the intake while it is cranking. It definitely sounds like a fuel delivery issue. Less than a month after we bought our brand new Class C, with 3 hours on the generator, the fuel pump failed. Had it replaced under warranty. I don't know how much work it is to replace, but it isn't a very expensive part. -Michael
mgirardo 07/23/21 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Input on Selling RV

We had a lot of success with both Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. The key to Craigslist is don't let your listing stay on the site for long. Our experience is not to leave the listing up more than 3 days. We rotate the cities where we list the item. We start in our local city, then switch to Jacksonville, FL and then to Savannah, GA. Rinse and repeat until it sells. If you don't get any takers, it is most likely priced too high. -Michael
mgirardo 07/21/21 06:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone have an all elec. car

I am not opposed to an EV, but not as our primary vehicle. Both my wife and I work from home. I own my own business and work out of the house while my wife works remotely. So for local travel, an EV would be fine. However, since we can work where ever as long as we have internet access, we travel to NJ multiple times through the year to visit family. The trip is right at 800 miles. Without traffic, I can usually make the trip in 11 - 12 hours. In our current "family car", we make one stop to fuel up, bathroom break and food. That same trip, according to Tesla's trip planner, would require 3 stops and would add almost 3 hours to our trip without traffic. We leave for this trip at 3 am, which gets us to the worst state to travel through, Virginia, early enough to avoid heavy traffic (although over the past few years, it seems traffic is always bad through the entire state of VA). With an EV, we'd get to VA too late and it would take 4-5 hours to get through a state that should normally take 2.5 hours to get through. Right now, my wife and I share 1 car. We have shared 1 car for the past couple years when our second car died and we decided not to replace it. If we decide to get a second vehicle, an EV might be considered. The more I read about the F-150 Lightning, the more appealing it becomes. -Michael
mgirardo 07/20/21 06:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Walmart selling LiFePo4 batteries $539

Gdetrailer, Yes, I thought it was being backed up by Walmart. GD is basically correct, they kind of operate like Amazon. But, every once in a while they have a great deal I can't pass up and I just have it shipped to the local store for free. Don't know what their return policy is but it's assume it's pretty liberal like their in store returns. Never had to return anything. I think you can do returns at the store but somebody should check me on that. That has not been our experience. The return process with third party sellers has been a headache compared to returning third party seller purchases to Amazon. We no longer purchase from Walmart.com if the seller is a third party. We have made several purchases from third party sellers on Walmart.com and have not had a good experience. One time, we got the item in the 2 day time frame, but we could NOT return the item to our local Walmart. They started the return process for us, but they told us we had to go home, print out the label, put it on the package and have it shipped back to the seller. -Michael
mgirardo 07/20/21 05:58am Tech Issues
RE: Should Be Simple But..

They have an internal water leak in the area of the furnace, exterior shower. Have they verified that this is actually where the leak is coming from or is this just why they are finding the water? Leaks can be tricky. When we bought our Destination Trailer back in 2017, we found water leaking into the kitchen from the end of the counter shortly after we took delivery. Looking under the counter, the water just appeared, in the middle of the floor. It turns out, the water was coming from the half bath's hot water connection at the sink. This was 10 feet away from where the puddle was. There was no water between the sink and where the puddle started. The water flowed along the pex from the sink to where the puddle started, which happened to be where a tee in the pex was. Over the years we have found puddles which was the result of a leaking connection at a sink or toilet. In our Class C, we found a leak while traveling, coming from the hot water heater's hot water line connection. In most cases the connection would just be a little loose, so I disconnected the line, put some thread tape on and retighten. -Michael
mgirardo 07/20/21 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: Double Chargng

His tips included NEVER using a debit card anywhere except at your bank, and especially never at a merchant of any sort. His reasoning: getting your money back should fraud occur was a long, tedious, painful process; whereas all credit cards have strong consumer protections from the feds, debit cards do not, and the banks will jerk you around. The second tip was to never let your credit card out of your sight. Not at one of those gas stations that insist you must leave the card with the clerk while you go pump gas, not in the hands of the waiter/waitress, nowhere. His reason; skimmers were then small and easily hand held. The wrong person gets hold of your card, it'll be duplicated and fraudulent charges made by the time you get back to your car. And that was then, it's even faster now. We use our Debit Card for everything except online purchases. We did have a problem a few years ago with fraudulent charges on our Debit Cards. Had both our cards effected and had them both replaced. Less than a couple weeks later, my wife's card had fraudulent charges again. So we knew it was a vendor in the area where we camp seasonally. Had her card replaced again. The stopped using the debit cards that summer. Two summers in a row we had fraudulent charges on our Debit Cards. We haven't had an issue since. With those instances, we got our money back in our account within 24 hours of returning the affidavits to bank. The first year, we had to print the affidavits, sign them and then fax them back. The next year, everything was done digitally. Years ago, on an Easter Sunday, I got a call from PayPal that they suspected a fraudulent charge on my PayPal account that was deducted from our Bank Account. This was about 12 years ago. Getting our money back then was a little more tedious and took about a week. But things have greatly improved since then. -Michael
mgirardo 07/09/21 07:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Kings Bay RV Park hit by tornado...

A tornado hit Downtown St. Mary's, GA and did some damage, but no injuries. Shortly after, Kings Bay Naval Base was hit with a Tornado. I did see an article about the Base getting hit on Navy Times News, but everything else is just local reporting from Jacksonville, FL. I have not heard of anything about Crooked River State Park. It is a very popular park here and I would expect I would have heard something if it did get hit. There is nothing on their web site about the storm. -Michael
mgirardo 07/09/21 07:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Kings Bay RV Park hit by tornado...

The Kings Bay RV Park on the Kings Bay Naval Base was hit by a tornado on Wednesday during Tropical Storm Elsa. Lots of overturned RVs. I haven't heard of any casualties. This video shows the damage. Shortly after this, the Jekyll Island Campground was evacuated. Not sure if others followed suit. Stay safe. -Michael
mgirardo 07/08/21 06:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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