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RE: Great beach camping in FL

You don't mention what time of the year you are travelling but personally, I'd only go to the Florida pan handle in the summer. For the rest of the year, you could also do North Beach Campground (or something like that) near St Augustine or Outdoor Resorts in Melbourne Beach. There's also Red Coconut in Fort Myers Beach but it's pretty expensive / cramped so we've never stayed there.
michelb 02/25/14 10:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: wedding in the Bronx NY

We've stayed at county parks on Long Island and taken the commuter train in (to Manhattan but I'm guessing you could get to the Bronx too) which worked well.
michelb 02/25/14 10:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is there anything other than Disney to do in Orlando?

If you like airplane museum one of the best is Fantasy of Flight right off I-4 at exit 44. This is 20 west of Disney World. It won't break the bank to go there. If you like airplanes, there's also Florida Air Museum at Sun n Fun http://www.sun-n-fun.org/museum.aspx which isn't that far away (in Lakeland, FL). April 1st-6th is actually their air show dates (http://www.sun-n-fun.org/FlyIn.aspx). I've never been but it looks to be pretty huge (Blue Angels are flying Friday to Sunday). We thought of trying to go but the dates just don't really work for us.
michelb 02/25/14 10:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV site close to NYC?

Looks like there are a few on Long Island, but we have never been to any of them. Take a look at RVPark Reviews and check their NY map. We have used the KOA mentioned above. It fits your needs, other than the fact it is quite a ride to the city. We've also stayed in Long Island a few times to visit NYC although we just stayed at county campgrounds. You can drive in from LI but we just used the commuter train to get in / out and it worked great. If you do drive around NYC / LI, one thing to know is that you CANNOT go on parkways - some have bridges as low as 9 or 10'. Good luck.
michelb 02/19/14 05:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wi Fi security

I use public wifi but I'm fully aware that nothing I do over a public wifi is secure. Even with your own private wifi or cell, if someone has the right equipment and technical abiltities, they can get your information. Do you ever do online banking while your email or any other website or web browser is open on your computer? If so, you have potentially exposed all your banking information.
michelb 02/13/14 04:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snowbird cell phone plans?

Best option will depend on how long you'll be in the US and what kind of service you use. We probably make about half a dozen short trips to the US a year including maybe 4 of 1 or 2 weeks. We've had Tradfone since around 07 and it works very well as just a phone. We put about $100 on it every year and don't worry about the minutes. For the past year, we've wanted to have data as well so also used an unlocked phone with a RoamMobility or T-Mobile SIM. Both on a 'pay per day' basis. RoamMobility costs a bit more (about $4/day) but includes calls / texts back to Canada and unlimited voice / text and nearly unlimited data. T-Mobile is cheaper $2/day or $3/day (depends on data speed) and has unlimited voice / text / data but does not include calls to Canada which I believe are charged at $0.49/minute. RoamMobility is convenient for Canadians since you can get the SIM card in Canada (although it won't work until you get to the US) and you add airtime in CND$. You can only get the T-Mobile SIM in the US. Neither offers roaming in Canada so once you cross the border, you lose cell service. One thing to keep in mind with RoamMobility is that for data, it uses it's own APN (needs to be setup on your phone), by default, because they use the T-Mobile network, most phones will automatically detect it as a T-Mobile SIM but data will not work and you have to set it up manually (I think it's just changing the APN name to 'roam' - not hard but you have to do it. Another big advantage for RoamMobility vs T-Mobile (this might vary by location) is that with RoamMobility, you can tether to the phone for internet access from a laptop - at least around Orlando, FL and Fort Myers, FL, T-Mobile disables tethering. (Tethering is basically sharing the internet connection of the phone as a wifi network that you can access from other devices (iPad, notebook, etc). If you are in the US for more than a few weeks, the 'Pay-by-day' probably isn't worth it so you'll probably want to look at monthly plans.
michelb 02/10/14 07:05am Snowbirds
RE: Newbie driving across Canada needs advice

I have to agree with others that you should be able to find an older class C (or class A) for under $20k (particularly if you buy in the US). You'll probably also need a tow dolly but you should be able to get a used one for under $1k so figure $19k for your mh budget. I think finding a tow vehicle and towable is probably going to be difficult although I don't think it's impossible. I think $10k for a used full size pickup is not out of the question which leaves $10k for the trailer.
michelb 02/06/14 07:40am Beginning RVing
RE: Solar Panels

I would not even buy that for storage use only. Get 80+ watts and a decent controller for best results. ... FWIW, we have a 5W panel on the roof of our old mh and it is sufficient to keep 4 batteries charged over the from Sept to April in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (i.e. there's snow from about Nov to Mar and while the wind will blow it off and sun melt it off, the panel is most certainly covered some days not to mention very short days). You really don't need much to maintain batteries in storage if everything is off. I use something similar to what the OP listed on our DP (6 batteries) which is stored in Florida and haven't had a problem with dead batteries with that one either (without the panel, I think my house batteries are low after about 2-3 weeks). However you should be able to get a much better price than that one (I don't think I paid more than $30 or $40).
michelb 02/06/14 07:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bunks in motorhomes

While traveling with our 4 children, we approached it differently. We added a screen room under the awning. The older kid's job when we stopped for the night was to set up their room. They slept on cots that were stored in the basement compartment. They had their space, we had ours. And...it was more like camping than RVing. It was a win, win.:) The younger ones were so jealous that when they reached the magic age, they insisted on sleeping in the screen room. When they were smaller, we devised a way to put 1 on firm pillows between the captains chairs that were facing each other, put a couple on the folding sofa and 1 in the dinette. In the morning, as you can imagine, they were crawling over each other to get to the one head. One problem I can see here is that there are many 'higher end' resorts that won't let you do that. That said, I do agree that having 2 separate spaces is ideal.
michelb 02/03/14 10:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bunks in motorhomes

The Newmar King Aire floor plan 4599 has two standard bunk beds... with an optional 3rd bunk. Granted, the bunks are next to the bedroom, with a sliding door between. That's something you'll have to decide if it works for you. Go here: I'm SO glad I figured out clicketies on this forum! and scroll down to the floor plans. You get to pick your exterior color on that site, too! :B That's pretty funny - I've looked at Newmar's website many times and I've never even noticed that floorplan (probably because realistically, I'll never be able to afford a King Aire). I'm a bit surprised that it's only available as KA and not an Essex, MA or DS - don't know how much of a market there is for a $800+k bunkhouse DP.
michelb 02/03/14 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bunks in motorhomes

... Here is the link to their FB photo album showing the work: That's the one that a former forum member had done a couple of years ago. There was another member that contacted them last year and was offered a few different layout options for the rear bunks (I'll see if I can find them and I'll post them). In case anyone is curious, here's more pictures of that same Revo 42T MH: http://s882.photobucket.com/user/allencrabtree/library/?sort=3&page=1 I'd love to see a floorplan, I can't figure it out. The one above is this http://www.americancoach.com/americanrevolution/floorplans/42T with bunk beds instead of the shelf and combo W/D opening into the bathroom instead of the closet (although that was just the buyers choice, AC will do it with the standard stacked W/D and will also add 2 windows on the curbside at bunk levels. You could also do it on this plan http://www.americancoach.com/americaneagle/floorplans/45T
michelb 02/03/14 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bunks in motorhomes

... Here is the link to their FB photo album showing the work: That's the one that a former forum member had done a couple of years ago. There was another member that contacted them last year and was offered a few different layout options for the rear bunks (I'll see if I can find them and I'll post them). In case anyone is curious, here's more pictures of that same Revo 42T MH: http://s882.photobucket.com/user/allencrabtree/library/?sort=3&page=1
michelb 01/28/14 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bunks in motorhomes

Rvis2005--- Foretravel in Nacogdoches,Texas has a 2012 model IH 45 on their lot that has bunks. It is stock number 6550p. Take a look at their sight under preowned Foretravels are excellent coaches CK WOW. They did a great job on that one!!! I haven't considered Foretravel yet I know they build a great product. Thank you for your help. The Foretravel looks very nice but those bunks don't look that long (although it's pretty hard to tell from the floorplan and pictures). If I had that kind of budget, I'd do like GreenSalsa is proposing and get a modified Revo 42T or Eagle 45T. Or as others have suggested, Newmar will probably do similar (e.g. MA 4364 or DS 4364) but with those, you'll probably have to remove the linen closet and move the W/D and the wall to make enough room for the bed at the back.
michelb 01/27/14 07:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: GST Tax Question

We had our MH registered in the US for about 1 1/2 years before we imported it and were charged the GST on the purchase price (although initially they wanted to have us pay GST on 'market value' which is them looking up similar models on AutoTrader.ca which came out to significantly more than we paid for it 18 months before). If you're buying new, you could probably get it appraised after 2 years and have the appraisal notarized and then might accept you only paying on the appraised value. When I did it in Ontario, I had to pay GST but I did not have pay PST on registration because it was considered a 'transfer' (already registered in my name in the US) as opposed to a 'new registration' (which is taxed)
michelb 01/27/14 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Lake Placid, NY

I'd just put an ad in Craigslist for that area stating that you are looking for a storage spot and I'm sure you'll find something. The only issue would be if there's a lot of snow. The storage places I've seen that clear the snow, only do it between so that you can drive between the rows but often won't get that close to the end of the unit so you might have to shovel a few feet.
michelb 12/18/13 11:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Anyone rv'd at cypress campground in winterhaven florida

We stay there every time we go to Legoland (we've probably stayed there 3 or 4 times for a few nights) and my opinion is pretty much the same as the others. It's clean and it's nice enough but I don't think I'd stay the winter there. As mentioned, it's quite tight for large rigs (we're 41' plus toad) and it's tricky to get to the site) and more importantly the sewer connection is really not good for us. But because the location is convenient (it appears to be the nicest park within close proximity to Legoland) and the price is good, we keep going back. Also being next to the Wal-Mart is convenient (especially before when we didn't have a toad).
michelb 12/16/13 12:10pm Snowbirds
RE: Does Class A Diesel Motorhomes Come With Bunk Beds?

Pretty much every manufacturer makes at least one DP bunkhouse. A few of them will also do custom bunks in 'non-bunk' floorplans. Just look them up on their website.
michelb 12/10/13 12:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Florida Sun Pass

michelb - I realize this may be too late but . . . These little transponders used to come in a bag that looked like it was made out of an aluminum foil type of material. If you put the transponder in there it will not be able to communicate with the sensors at the toll booths, saving you from the double charge. Tim Thanks for the info but I have the 'mini sticker transponder' (non-removable). I just didn't peel the whole backing off so I'm able to take it off and put it back on the windshield. Also in my post above, I said that you buy them for $10 but it looks like they are $4.99 on the SunPass website.
michelb 12/02/13 11:41am Snowbirds
RE: Florida Sun Pass

I think up until last December, the Mini's were essentially free (you'd buy them for $10 but get a $10 credit) now you have to actually pay $10 for them. That said, the convenience alone makes it worth it although we pretty much only use it when driving through Orlando. We don't use ours tons so ours automatically refills to the minimum amount (I think it might add $10 whenever we get under $10) The minis are designed to only be used for one car but I've only pealed the corners off not the whole sticky backing and was able to switch it or remove it from the vehicle. We have one in our mh and one in the tow vehicle and if you don't remove it, you will be double-charged through tolls (although you just have to call them and they'll correct it) As far as the post above asking if it can be used WV, VA, PA and NY, I don't believe it can. I believe those use EZ Pass not SunPass and I don't think they are compatible.
michelb 11/27/13 10:54am Snowbirds
RE: What size solar charger to maintain batteries

I do not really know the correct answer, but I will say this don't buy the 5 or 30 watt ones from harbor freight as they will NOT do the job If you are just looking at maintaining the charge while in storage and no load, you don't need much. We have a 15 years old 5W panel on top of the front A/C unit on the roof of our old gas motor home and it was enough to keep 2 12V + 2 6V fresh over the winter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Last year I had 2x 7W panels (might be from Harbor Freight) on the roof of our DP and it was enough to keep 2 12v and 4 6V fresh for 4 months in storage in Florida and it was in an area with a lot of shade.
michelb 11/27/13 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
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