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Profile and signature

How do I access and edit my profile and/or signature? I used to be able to find it but kind of lost my way lately. Thanks gang.
mikemc53 10/27/21 05:48am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Class C Warranty

Thanks gang and in the past I have taken my out of warranty units to a truck garage and had pretty decent luck. In this case the warranty involves, what seems to be, a very common issue that Ford has not addressed with a needed recall. I get sporadic performance from the Advance Trac system, which goes out rather randomly. It is not a huge issue but when it goes out the cruise, ABS, and Hill Assist are also out. I have read, literally, dozens of posts from owners who have this problem. That is the main reason I want to get it to a dealer. BTW, the RV dealer we purchased from are not the most reputable when it comes to their own service and I am having difficulty getting information from them regarding truck dealers. Just like so many things involving our RV, there is frustration involved.
mikemc53 10/27/21 05:41am Class C Motorhomes
Class C Warranty

I have a Class C that is new and still under warranty. There are a couple issues with the chassis (Ford E-450) that need to be addressed but I am guessing that the RV dealer doesn't do that and that it needs to go to a Ford dealer. Am I correct in assuming that? It doesn't appear that there are too many who will take in motor homes. What does everyone else do with warranty work on motor home chassis? Thanks gang. BTW I am in north central Florida and I called Ford of Ocala. They told me they are booked up on motor homes and are not taking any appointments. Frustrating...
mikemc53 10/26/21 08:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic AC Issues

Thanks gang. Where would I find the freeze sensor and what does it look like?
mikemc53 07/19/21 06:32pm Tech Issues
Dometic AC Issues

OK, it's a new rig (3500 miles bought new) with a Dometic 15K BTU roof top unit. First trip was really hot and AC worked extremely well, though there was a time or two when it would seem to want to run forever and I looked for and couldn't find the sensor thinking it might be in a bad location. Anyway, everything worked out and we parked it for a couple of weeks. Now on our second trip with today only being in the mid to upper 70's the unit has been acting up. It worked fine until mid-afternoon and stayed off for quite a while. I had t set at 75 and the place was getting pretty stuffy so I kicked it down to 74 and then 73 and then 72...nothing. I shut it off (the breaker had not been tripped) at the thermostat, let it sit for a minute and when I turned it back on it started right up and the compressor came on. After it ran for a while I kicked it back up to 75 and heard the compressor shut off but the fan ran for a very long time and then it shut down. Again it would not come back on even after a long break and dialing it down to 71. Coach was getting warm. Shut off the thermostat and after a minute turned it back on and it fired up, again - compressor too. Any thoughts?
mikemc53 07/19/21 02:10am Tech Issues
RE: First Impressions

I know there will be questions with regard to the 9 mpg while towing but we did over 2000 miles and filled up often. Checked each fill up and went between 8.5 and 9.3 mpg. This was not using the on-board computer but doing the actual miles driven divided by gallons of gas used.
mikemc53 07/07/21 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
First Impressions

Well, this is just some first impressions, including; overall thoughts, RV performance (house), mechanical performance (chassis), manufacturer and dealer thoughts, and whatever… We picked up the new 2021 Gulf Stream Conquest 6250 (Class C) in late May from the dealer, which initially did not go as smoothly as we would have liked. Now before I go any further let me preface this by saying that we are not newcomers to the RV scene (have bought new and used) and truly believe that much of what we get out of things is shaped by our expectations. I consider myself to be fairly realistic so my commentary should be taken as such…my opinions and/or statements, only, and not an endorsement nor a knock of anything. Anyway, my initial impressions after we went to pick up the rig were not overly positive. The prep of the unit was poor and I was not happy with the presentation but I must say that the dealer really surprised me with their response as they stood by everything and made things right (at least for the sale itself). Nice to see when you read so many horror stories of dealers just leaving you high and dry. So we got the unit home and started to prep for our trip (Florida to Michigan via Missouri), making notes of anything that might need addressing under warranty, or just by myself. The RV part of this is going pretty well. Now I will say that the overall quality/workmanship is certainly nothing to write home about – and I have noticed this recently in a number of newer units that we either looked at during our search or that we have witnessed through friends and acquaintances. The workmanship in so many newer units is just poor. Not all, but many, it seems. Poor fit and finish, materials of less than stellar quality – just overall not something that I would let out the door in my manufacturing life. That said, the performance of the RV portion itself has been quite good. All appliances, structure, plumbing/heating/ac – everything works properly and well. I am keeping an eye on the slideout as it seemed to be rubbing slightly (at the mid-point) early on but not so much on the last couple of days. Mechanically I was pretty impressed (save one area that I will touch on later), especially after having read some comments about Class A vs Class C, new Ford drivetrain, etc.. This rig comes with the 7.3l V-8 and a six speed trans. Now I am coming from a 37 ft Class A with the V-10 so I have some working experience in these platforms. To me (and remember, my opinion only) there is little to no comparison in the ride and driveability of these two rigs. The Class C handled all of the aspects of my motorhome driving better that the Class A. Much better handling in wind and when being passed by big rigs – I believe the new front and rear stabilization makes a big difference (as does wheelbase, overhang, etc.). I towed the same vehicle (Ford Escape w/tow dolly) behind both and the Class C performed better here also. Hills were handled much better with the new rig and the gas mileage (though never stellar) was noticeably better. While towing with the Class A I would normally get about 6.5 to 7.0 mpg – with the Class C I stayed right around 9 mpg. Overall nether one is great but on a longer trip it makes a decent difference. The one area, mechanically, that I cannot say I am happy with is, what appears to be an all too common theme with Fords (especially on RVs)…the Advance Trac service issue. About 1/4 to 1/3 of my driving had me working with no cruise control, as this is one of the systems that goes out when the Advance Trac is not functioning (also ABS and Hill Assist). I have read countless stories on this being a problem, especially in RVs but also in trucks from Ford. It is frustrating that there hasn’t been either a recall or a determined cause/fix but we will see what shakes from this. Other than that I love the drivetrain in this rig. As I alluded to earlier, the manufacturing quality in the unit is nowhere near the best. I will say though that I have had a couple of conversations with customer service at Gulf Stream and they seem to be very responsive and caring – to this point. The dealer (Travelcamp in Ocala) has also been quite responsive and customer oriented. I qualify this by saying, “to this point” because we won’t be bringing the unit in for any warranty work until this fall so we will see how things go at that time. Well gang, thanks for your time…we will try to stay active here.
mikemc53 07/07/21 09:28am Class C Motorhomes
Roof and Slide Topper Cleaning

Well I just got to my place in Michigan (from Florida) with our new Gulf Stream Class C and pulled into the yard early this week. Now, my "yard" is really just an opening in the woods. Very heavy oak and pine area with no shelter, other than the trees. The trees are apparently in the midst of some very heavy dropping of very small seeds/pellets and they are everywhere. I can't recall this issue in previous years and I have had other RVs in my yard that didn't get anywhere near this messy but when I climbed up on the roof this morning I was stunned at the mess these seeds have made. I swept the roof off but the staining is horrible and the slide topper is even worse as the water build up, from some rain, has made a mud type mixture that will not sweep off. I have never has this type of mess on a roof and my experience with rubber roofs is extremely limited so I am stuck on the best way to clean, both the roof and the topper. Obviously one of my concerns is that I don't want to damage either surface by scrubbing but I can't see how to get these stains off without using some elbow grease. Thoughts?
mikemc53 07/03/21 05:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Fl to Mo

So is it still limited access? It appears to be a decent road and I thought it was truck and rv accessible. I am looking at stopping in Clarksville, TN and then going to Springfield, MO. Curious about the roads between there, bridge heights etc.
mikemc53 06/17/21 07:36am Roads and Routes
Hubcap issues

Anyone else have issues with hubcaps on the Ford E450 chassis? Just bought a new Gulfstream Conquest with 16" wheels. A neighbor noticed that one of my hubcaps on the front was crooked and not on all the way. He mentioned that a lot of folks he knows with this type of cap end up losing them. Mine seemed fine when I picked it up and drove it home but after I had the tires checked and aired up the two fronts seem kind of funny and don't want to stay on. Any tricks that you folks know of? Thanks in advance.
mikemc53 06/14/21 01:15pm Class C Motorhomes
Fl to Mo

Starting to get frustrated. I will be traveling from Gainesville, Fl to Springfield, Mo and most of the travel will be on the weekend of the 19th of June. I know, I know...weekends are the worst. Anyway in the past I have gone up through AL and over to Memphis (65 to 22, etc) but knowing about the bridge issue in Memphis I was looking at different routes. I started to look at going through Atlanta and then toward Nashville but camping anywhere near Nashville is out of the question for that weekend with the race going on. Now I am back to square one, kind of. I really am looking to do this with 3 nights camping and 4 days of driving so I have some flexibility but I would prefer not to get stuck in Memphis for long periods unless someone knows a decent way around or through the bridge issue. Or any other thoughts on making it to Springfield without going hundreds of miles out of my way. Thanks gang.
mikemc53 06/10/21 10:06am Roads and Routes
Old Question

I'm almost afraid to ask, as this has been a topic often discussed but...any new thoughts on traveling through Atlanta going north on I-75? Days, times, etc., what works best, if at all? Haven't done it, northbound, in a few years and last time southbound was last fall on Thanksgiving day and there was little to no traffic at around 11 AM. I used to think Sunday mornings were OK and we always took the loop around (285 E or N?), which seemed to work well. But not sure what day I will be driving through there so trying to figure times and loops, if possible. Thoughts?
mikemc53 06/08/21 05:37am Roads and Routes
RV shower

2021 Gulf Stream Conquest 6250 Class C. During the extremely abbreviated walk through I noticed that where the bottom of the tub pan meets the wall it does not appear to have been caulked at all. When I brought this up to the technician he said that it is common place because the actual pan under the tub drains directly into the tub drain so no water actually leaks anywhere. That did not sound like a feasible approach though I will say that I have noticed what looks like the same condition in multiple videos of similar units. Does anyone have experience with this? Obviously I can caulk it but I would like to know if this guy was just blowing smoke. Thoughts?
mikemc53 05/30/21 04:59am Tech Issues
Fresh Water Drain

Just purchased a 2021 Gulf Stream Class C Conquest 6250D. Does anyone know if there is a specific drain for the fresh water tank or do I need to just run it dry with the pump? My Class A has a large valve that will drain the tank itself but I have been unable to find one on this. It has low point drains but they likely will only drain what is in the lines and then I would need to run the pump anyway - wouldn't I? It was winterized at the factory and now I need to clear the tank and the lines. Thanks gang.
mikemc53 05/24/21 02:45pm Tech Issues
Suburban Water Heater

Just bought a new 2021 Gulf Stream Class C Conquest 6250 and, though I am not new to RVing my question comes about due to a couple of things: lack of familiarity with this model and inadequate resources. Short story - picked up the unit yesterday with almost no walk-through and found out later, no documentation (manuals, etc.). I have had multiple RVs with gas/electric hot water tanks but this one, has me a bit unsure. Even though I did download the manual (Suburban SW6DE) I can't quite figure out exactly what I have. My Class A has a tank that runs on propane, 12VDC or 120VAC and the control panel offers each option. When I read the manual for this one it seems to imply that it can also run on all 3 but I'm not sure how I choose my options. I have a control panel that simply has one switch and one "power-on" light, which I am assuming is the propane driven option. Inside the tank compartment there is one more on-off switch that seems to be for 12VDC but, frankly I don't see anything for 120VAC or how one would be certain which option they have chosen. For example, if I have the electric switch (I believe 12VDC) turned on and I also turn on the switch inside (which I assume is propane) does one override the other. The manual is not clear. Any help is appreciated and do expect more questions seeing as how I have very little in the way of documentation and the dealer actually did not do much of anything at the walk through. Thanks in advance.
mikemc53 05/23/21 03:14pm Tech Issues
Lithium Ion Batteries...Yikes

Well, we just had an "interesting" experience while on the road with our 37' Class A. I was driving through Alabama, near Montgomery on I-65, when my wife noticed a smell, like something burning. It took me a few seconds to pick up on it and by the time I noticed it the smoke detectors were going off and the coach had a hazy look inside of it. I pulled onto the shoulder and did a quick run through but saw nothing. We opened the door and my wife saw flames coming from underneath the coach toward the rear. I jumped out and there were flames and molten plastic, along with some wires hanging under the bay near my house battery compartment. The grass along the shoulder of the freeway was starting to catch and my wife had already called 911. I grabbed a fire extinguisher and opened the bay door. The flames seemed to be at the back of one bay and underneath the coach. I extinguished everything before the fire and police arrived. At first we thought it was something in our house charging system but upon further investigation it was apparent that a small hand held battery booster/jump starter was the culprit. Now I have carried this thing for years and seldom used it. In fact I have never used it on the motor home only on my car or garden tractor. It was not being used and only sitting in the bay next to the bay for my house batteries but it went up in flames. Everyone was OK and the damage seemed to have been contained but another few minutes and who knows what might have happened. My propane bay is just one more up from where the fire started! Anyway, a lot of mess but no human damage (except to the nerves). This is just to let everyone know that Lithium Ion batteries are extremely dangerous - I had no idea they could spontaneously combust. I'll try and follow up after a complete investigation by the repair facility and the insurance company but, be careful gang.
mikemc53 05/08/21 08:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: NC Florida to Montgomery

Good points. We will likely stay at Deer Run and then head out from there. Thanks gang!
mikemc53 04/30/21 01:25pm Roads and Routes
NC Florida to Montgomery

This may not be the easiest post to break down - I am not the best "explainer". Will be heading out of NC Florida and hope to stay the first night at Montgomery South RV Park (never been before but it seems to fit the bill for the rest of our trip). I will be heading across I-10 and I use Google Maps instead of a RV trip app so hence the following question(s). It routes me either up 231 or up 331 to get to the campground. I've been up 231 a number of times but the question I have, for either route, is that they take me on some seemingly small roads that I am unfamiliar with. I'm driving a 37 foot class A with a car and tow dolly behind and really don't want to get surprised by low bridges or hairpin turns that I don't know of. Any thoughts or anyone who has come into that campground from the same way(s) that Google is suggesting? Just hoping that someone may have already done these routes and know whether or not they are viable. I'm one who doesn't mind freeways - prefers them actually - just because they are easy to navigate but I do not want to drive all the way west on I-10 to get to 65 and then head up. The routes on Google look good but, as I said, not sure of some of the smaller roads once you get off 231 or 331. Thanks gang.
mikemc53 04/30/21 03:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Fl to Mo thoughts

These are some great ideas and a big help. Thanks gang!
mikemc53 01/20/21 03:09am Roads and Routes
Fl to Mo thoughts

We have some time - probably won't make this run until early April - but looking for some advice. We plan on going from north central Florida to Springfield, MO to visit family. We made the reverse trip a couple of years ago and had a stretch, through parts of Arkansas, that was really tough to do (up and down steep grades and very, very winding) with our V-10 coach pulling a toad. We took 60 to 63 from Missouri into Arkansas and found the hills to be much tougher than expected. Any thoughts on a route that would still get us there but not be too much for the old coach (and driver)? Once we got to the Memphis area, heading to Florida, the trip was pretty easy. It is from Memphis to Springfield that has me looking for something a little less challenging. Is there an easier way or is it pretty much you get what you get? Just wondering...thanks gang!
mikemc53 01/18/21 04:14am Roads and Routes
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