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RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

I must admit I know little about 5G except it means 5th generation. Up until now, every generation meant an improvement over the old generation. If it's not better, what's it all about?
mikestock 01/13/20 05:31pm Technology Corner
watching Green Bay from Bart Star's old beach house

Kind of eerie sitting here in Bart Starr's old beach house at Rosemary Beach, Florida watching Green Bay and Seattle in the playoff game. Just thinking that the recently deceased man, himself probably sat in the same seat many times, after his retirement watching the Packers. Great man. Great character. Like few other NFL greats.
mikestock 01/12/20 07:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Changing Atwood water heater plug to brass

Yeah, probably shoulda read the other responses. That's what I said. Copied and posted to the wrong thread, accidentally.
mikestock 01/12/20 06:49pm Tech Issues
Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

I don't yet have 5g available in my home area yet. If anyone has 5g already and uses their phone as a hotspot, I'm interested to know what is being offered as far as monthly hotspot data limits and is the cost up or down, compared to the 4g. I'm looking forward to a way to take my mobile hotspot home and divorcing myself from Spectrum and AT&T. I would like to just use my hotspot exclusively, at some point. May never happen in my lifetime. Spectrum has increased monthly charge by 50% in the last 3 months.
mikestock 01/12/20 05:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

Just to update: I went with a new Badger 1/3 Hp disposer and bought the conversion kit on eBay. I'm sure I could have done it all a little cheaper if I considered my time and travel to be worth $0. Assembly took about 45 minutes. Most of the time spent trying to fish out one of the power wires from inside the bottom of the disposer. I tested it out in the shower just to be sure it ran. Ordered a remote RF power switch. Already have a 35'X3/4" "dirty use" hose. Should be good to go. Looking forward to trying it out.
mikestock 01/08/20 02:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Changing Atwood water heater plug to brass

I apologize that I have not read all the responses so if I duplicate others it is not on purpose. I have winterized my various RV's for 30 years but not until 3 years ago did I do so by compressed air. I bought a $100 butterbean compressor, which has held up well. I just attach it to the water inlet, empty the water heater by removing the plug, bypass the water heater and set the compressor on 65 psi. I run the compressor as I turn on each water outlet on, one at a time and let it stay open until there is no water present. This includes the washing machine. Only pour the pink stuff into each drain trap and a small amount in the washing machine to run it through the drain pump. I have a domestic refrigerator and have to disconnect and drain the ice maker line. This is easier, cheaper and quicker than the old method with the pink stuff.
mikestock 01/05/20 12:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

You do have to keep them clean, and since your going to be pumping shower water through them, they will get hair in them that will have to be cleaned out. Unfortunately, I don't have much hair left to shed. My wife sheds very little and only washes her hair every few days. Hair is not the problem it once was. I'll address that issue as I come to it. you need to get the full cooperation of any females in your group. Their products will kill a poop grinder pretty quick. I doubt a garbage disposer would like them either. She has already learned that lesson, living on a septic tank system. Everything that says "Septic Tank Safe" is probably lying.
mikestock 01/03/20 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

I appreciate all the input. After reading all the posts it, as usual, comes down to who is speaking from logic and experience and who is just speaking. I may try making one on-the-cheap with a used disposer and see if it works. I'm in no rush and if it doesn't work well I won't have too much invested. I guess I'm just a born tinkerer and this kind of non-traditional project that is up my alley. If for some reason I don't like it I'll go with an over-the-counter, traditional model. As said, I don't want to have to wire the 12 vdc from the opposite side of the coach when I have a 120 vac GFCI outlet next to the wet bay.
mikestock 01/02/20 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

Must be, because with rv2go’s post I could now point to four individuals who claim that they do. They all are lying? There’s rv2go’s post, there was one on some RV brand forum site that I couldn’t view the pictures cuz I’m not a member, and there were at least two on the steampunk workshop site I linked to. There were also a couple of adamant deniers on the linked site, and I liked the site owners response to one of them: “This is clearly not the website for you.” He was probably making that Jedi hand wave motion in the air, too. :):) Lots of people claim lots of things, that does not mean squat. Of coarse it will work with the disposal sitting on the ground lower than the tank, and the discharge hose level with the tank supplying it at a higher elevation. But I'm calling BS on the disposal overcoming 4' of downstream head. And that's with a 10' discharge hose let alone 100' that is claimed in your link. Centrifugal force my rear end. A garbage disposal can't do that, even on Dagobah with Yoda putting it all together. I am not nieve enough to expect the inlet to suck any negative pressure. My outlet is well above ground level and I don't expect the dump to ever be above the disposer outlet. In any near level situation, the inlet will be, 6 " to 10" directly below the dump outlet of the motorhome. I have personally watched a fellow camper use the garbage disposer idea and didn't see any problems and he said he had none. At the time I was just a casual observer and not planning to purchase any macerator, myself. He was not trying to pump uphill and I can't see any situation where I would, either. From the responses I have seen here, it looks like all the objections to the homemade thing are based on speculation. I was hoping to hear from someone who has tried both and had some real experience. I have been using a homemade garbage disposal setup for over 15 years while parked for months at my daughters house. I pump 75 feet thru a 3/4" hose. I am hooked up to city water so it's no problem to rinse the Black tank. Also, what I like about my setup is that the gray water will drain as used. Appologies to rv2go. I didn't read this post earlier.
mikestock 01/02/20 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

A friend has a macerator on an Airstream. It is at ground level and the inlet is large diameter. I think their Airstreams has shower and bathroom sink plumbed through the black tank to provide plenty a liquids. Not sure if that is a common practice. Yes. That's Airstream. Most have 100 gal. capacity. Partly a good idea and partly bad.
mikestock 01/02/20 08:57am Tech Issues
Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

I am looking to get a macerator and looking for recommendations. One reason I am looking at a homemade is that it, to me, would be handier to have a 120 vac model than to have one wired to my batteries, located on the other side of my coach. I also expect to get a little more power from a 1/3 hp ac motor than from the 12 vdc motor. The actual total cost of the homemade would be a little cheaper, but not significantly. Storage space required would not be a factor for me. I am leaning toward the homemade model, at this point. It is claimed that it would pump waste 100 feet with about a 7-foot lift in elevation through a 3/4" hose. That is much more than I ever expect to need. Primarily, the reason for the macerator is to allow me park my motorhome backward at one of my favorite spots, with the windshield facing a river. I need to pump about 35 feet to accomplish this.
mikestock 01/01/20 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Protect 50A power cord?

Not meaning to hijack the thread; any suggestions of a simple way to protect an extension cord joint. One place we camp we like to set up backward to allow the best view from the windshield but it requires an extension to reach the power source.
mikestock 12/31/19 10:50am Tech Issues
RE: Cut off date for Direct TV service

This is just great. My Kingdome is in a landfill, somewhere. I installed the Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAVELER.
mikestock 12/20/19 07:25am Technology Corner
RE: Honda 2000i gen. Disassembling

My two have screws in the center of the knobs. They are, however, more than 12 years old.
mikestock 12/19/19 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Modified/pure sine wave

I would not go to the expense of replacing the MSW inverter with a PSW unless you can see some future need for PSW. I go along with a small PSW just to handle your current needs. You could probably do a free standing, independent, source for the ASV and save quite a lot. I installed a Whirlpool, residential refrigerator and the installer said he has installed several in motorhomes with Xantrax, MSW without problems. After burning up an electronic board and almost a second I installed a 2.5kw PSW Xantrax. No more problems. I wouldn't have spent the $1500 if I only needed 150 watts, or so, of PSW. The installer, who I saw recently, says he now advises people, after my fiasko, not to use the Whirlpool with a MSW inverter. I learned the hard way but the installer stood behind his install and replaced the fridge without cost to me.
mikestock 12/17/19 05:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Mr Moderator: Please remove. This was all about nothing

Forget the whole thing. I called to add another Gizmo to my account. I got an apology that this was stated as a feature for the Gizmo. It is not actually capable of acting as a hotspot. The agent promised to get this misinformation fixed.
mikestock 12/09/19 03:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Mr Moderator: Please remove. This was all about nothing

Whether at the pool, in the car or out on a hike, you can count on the GizmoWatch’s tough and waterproof design.³ And because it’s compatible with any standard 20 mm watch strap, you can pick out materials, colors and strap types to fit any occasion.5 Sounds like you copied professional add. I haven't actually seen the thing yet. She doesn't get to open it until Christmas, when the big guy comes calling. I was just attracted by the 15 Gb of hotspot data it gives you for $5/month + tax, of course. I'm thinking about buying another one and lowering the plans on my other two phones. After swallowing the upfront cost I can save about $15/month.
mikestock 12/09/19 02:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Mr Moderator: Please remove. This was all about nothing

Is it waterproof? I don't know. I would think it would be waterproof since it's a watch made for kids. I won't even see what's the box until Christmas when she opens it. I would think you could investigate it if you're really interested. Edit: After checking the website it says waterproof up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
mikestock 12/08/19 07:25am Technology Corner
Mr Moderator: Please remove. This was all about nothing

This information is wrong and was mistakenly published on Verizon Wireless website This little watch is made for smaller children and to help parents know where they are at all times. It has games and you can program it to call a few specific numbers. Other than that I don't know much more about it. I just ordered one for my 8-year-old granddaughter and set it up. The thing costs me $129 plus $40 setup fee and an additional $5/mo plus tax. If you're a good talker you may get the $40 waived. The thing comes with 15 Gb of hotspot data, which I didn't expect. If you are already a Verizon customer and looking to add hotspot capacity I don't think I've seen anything cheaper for 15 Gb of hotspot data per month, after you've swallowed the $169 to get it going.
mikestock 12/07/19 05:39pm Technology Corner
RE: jack pads

I have used the same blocks for years. They are made up of 2 4x4's sandwiched between 3/4" plywood squares. Remember that plywood is stronger with the grain turned 90 degrees from the 4x4's. I have been in situations where the ground is unstable and the blocks press into the soil, to a certain degree. The jacks may have to be adjusted to compensate after a day or two.
mikestock 12/07/19 08:35am General RVing Issues
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