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Bike Rack for Trailer hitch?

I wanted to get a bike rack to bring along our 2 bikes when we go camping. My initial thought was getting a hitch rack, so we could use it on the truck or on the back of the trailer with a bumper hitch. (I did get a bumper hitch for the trailer already.) However, I'm seeing product descriptions that make me think twice. I get the concept that the rear of trailer is going to bounce, putting more strain on the bike rack and the point where it connects to the bumper. I'm looking to spend < $200, but wondering if I'd be able to get something of good quality that won't break the bank. Note: This is the receiver I bought. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZBN1IC
mkenyon2 08/01/22 09:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I get on my roof?

Brochure says fully walkabout roof. But you might take a 4x4 sheet of plywood to help distribute your weight if you're uneasy about it. Thank you, thank you! I looked again, and YES, the brochure does say fully walkable roof! I will follow all the cautions and suggestions. I try to never be careless when working high up, and I have some 2" foam left over from my basement reno, which I think I can use for this. Now, to figure out that possible leak!
mkenyon2 07/21/22 06:23am Travel Trailers
Can I get on my roof?

I have a 2012/13 Trail Runner 25BH (some info here). I'd like to know if I can get on the roof to inspect the AC and other areas. Where can I find that information out? I do have the manuals that came with the trailer, but it didn't specify one way or another. My reason is, I'd like to inspect the roof and caulking, since I think there may be a leak, but I'll post more about that in another thread.
mkenyon2 07/18/22 07:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting my trailer settled for the winter

As an aside, I don't have all the weight on the jack stands, barely any. And I have a cover on now, breathable ADCO cover. Pics will be forthcoming.
mkenyon2 11/29/21 10:48am Travel Trailers
Getting my trailer settled for the winter

First things first, get it off the ground a bit. Laid a few pavers to get it out of the dirt. https://i.imgur.com/d5NvywHl.jpg And here it's parked. Will put the other 2 stabilizers down to take some weight off the suspension. https://i.imgur.com/pO4difLl.jpg
mkenyon2 11/26/21 08:05am Travel Trailers
Do I need my WD bars just to move in the driveway?

My F150 is rated for 5,000 lbs before needing a Weight Distribution hitch, and my trailer is supposedly 4900 dry. We don't have much in there right now (not even mattresses) and it's winterized, so no water in the tank. I should be fine just moving it around in my driveway with just the ball/hitch, right? I don't think I need the WD bars attached just to move it 10-15 feet.
mkenyon2 11/19/21 06:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winter battery maintenance

Here is the page for my Power Center: https://wfcoelectronics.com/product/wf-8955-55-amp/ In the manual it says: Three-Stage Smart Charging In order to maximize battery life, it is best to charge batteries slowly, keep them topped off with a trickle-charge when the RV is not being used. The 3-Stage “smart” charger continuously measures the battery voltage output and regulates the amount of charge using three modes of operation; Absorption, Bulk and Float modes. So, it sounds like I’m good with that? It sounds like just keep the RV plugged in and it should maintain the battery?
mkenyon2 11/11/21 09:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter battery maintenance

So a few of you mentioned leaving them in place on the trailer with the trailer plugged in, to let that do the job of the maintainer. Could somebody elaborate? I haven't gotten to look into the inverter/power system much, but I do have some electrical understanding.
mkenyon2 11/11/21 07:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter battery maintenance

I'd probably pull it inside and put it on a timer. Should I do a 1-Amp or more?
mkenyon2 11/10/21 10:28am General RVing Issues
Winter battery maintenance

So, my new (to me) trailer was winterized at the dealer before we picked it up. But they did leave the battery attached. I live in central PA, and it gets cold here during the winter. I tend to bring in the rechargeable tool batteries from the shed. Should I bring in the camper battery? My bro-in-law suggested that even if doing that I hook it up to a maintainer? Thoughts?
mkenyon2 11/10/21 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Should I cover my tires?

I wish there was a like button, I'd be clicking it for some of these. Didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest. Especially liked the 'jumped the shark' reference. And I know it's all good natured discussion. Still not sure what to do. ??
mkenyon2 11/04/21 08:36pm General RVing Issues
Should I cover my tires?

Getting ready to cover the trailer for the winter, and I'm wondering if I should cover my tires. They're not in bad shape.
mkenyon2 11/03/21 11:21am General RVing Issues
RV Mattresses, where to try them?

With our new (to us) trailer we would like to get some decent mattresses. We'll need 2. The one queen that it was going to come with we didn't even take off the dealer lot, had them dispose of it. Looking for economical, but not cheap. One needs to be a Short Full. 48/50"x74" We would like to test them out before purchase. So, that may be a tall order. There were a few posts on here that recommended some online sites, but my big question is: Where can we test/try out an RV mattress?
mkenyon2 11/01/21 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Wastewater Tote & Fresh Water Containers - Do you use them?

I'll post my little story here. Last month we did a trial run 1 week camping trip, 1st time with a non-popup TT with plumbing. I bought a honey wagon cause I didn't want to have to move mid-trip. I figured I'd fill the fresh when I got to the campground (State Park here in PA). I was behind schedule and didn't see the fresh fill up where I thought it would be, so I figured I'd use my backup plan. 5 gal fresh tote w/ a funnel. ... I'll wait for y'all to stop laughing... Inlet for the fresh tank is horizontal. Did you all know that? I didn't. Funnel wouldn't work. Stubborn as I am, I still didn't want to move the trailer. (There were other issues with that.) So I hit the local Wallyworld for a pump. And picked up a little hand pump. Long story short, over the week I filled our 40gal fresh tank twice by hand pump and 5 gal tote. My arms and shoulders hurt for a week. PS. The honey wagon was used once and worked fine.
mkenyon2 11/01/21 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Bought our trailer, now come the questions!

Ah, thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, it's the switch I noticed that gets warm. And quite possibly wrong wattage bulbs. I'll check that. And the door seems to line up fine, except the strike and latch. I need to pull the handle (pulling in the latch) to get it to close smooth. I'll look a bit closer, and maybe try the lube you recommended. Thanks.
mkenyon2 10/30/21 01:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can I reuse this backup camera.

I'm guessing so to Gdetrailer. I may replace it at some point. It's not hurting anything for now.
mkenyon2 10/30/21 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

I wanted to reply and give my thanks for all the support and suggestions. We did end up going with this trailer, and are pretty happy with it now that we have it home. The dealer was selling it AS-IS, so they typically didn't do much, other than winterize it (which I'm leaving in place). But they were going to run the state inspection on it. In the end, they replaced a tire, resealed the front edges and the roof (which looked good once I finally got up to see it), and even washed it all down, all before we came to do the final walkthrough. And they didn't add any of that to the bill. When we got there, they had it parked in the garage, and had set aside 2 hours to let us go all over it with it plugged in and propane on. We got to check anything we wanted. (Which we did! :) ) They did sell us a WD hitch and sway bar and charged installation, but the fella, Gordon, who helped us took his time, showing us how he was installing it, explaining why he was doing it the way he was, and gave us pointers on how to check it once we had it home and loaded so we could adjust it as necessary. He spent 30-40 minutes with us for that! He explained that they didn't want the owners to drive away 'afraid of their hitchwork'. I like that philosophy. Even tho I had towed with a WD hitch before, I finally felt like I knew the system inside and out. Most of the folks that we dealt with at the dealership seemed like they had more important things to do, but the salesman Nick, and the hitch guy Gordon made sure we had any question answered that we asked. So, between the two of them and the help here, I think we made a good decision and got a decent deal. The only problem is... waiting till Spring to take it out!!! :E
mkenyon2 10/30/21 01:38pm Travel Trailers
Can I reuse this backup camera.

I was excited to notice this backup camera attached to the rear of the used camper we bought. Toward the front, the connector looks intact (a single Red RCA style connector) and zip-tied up under the frame. I'm wondering if it would be hard to get the hardware to view the camera. I'm also wondering if there is some attachment to let me connect it to my phone, since my truck doesn't have an in-dash screen. At this point I'm just exploring ideas and am not worried if it doesn't ever work for me. https://i.imgur.com/2efKPV6l.jpg
mkenyon2 10/30/21 01:19pm Travel Trailers
Bought our trailer, now come the questions!

We feel we did a good deal of research and are pretty happy with our trailer overall. I have a few questions about QOL (Quality of Life) with it, minor things. First, the light switch gets very warm. Is that normal? Anything to look into or worry about? (Pics below, light diffuser removed for the picture.) Also, the main door latch closes hard. Is there a good grease for that? (Another image below.) Other than that, no major questions or concerns! We're quite excited for our first trip with it. https://i.imgur.com/2uhXi2ml.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SNtoKF3l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gD7mHael.jpg
mkenyon2 10/30/21 01:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: HEY we need a sticky for our TT pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally picked one out after several months! And it just fits our parking space for it! https://i.imgur.com/pVU6FzTl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/iywv8hwl.jpg
mkenyon2 10/30/21 01:09pm Travel Trailers
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