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RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

Define "really high." In my experience people start having kittens when their engine RPMs exceed 2000 for some reason.
mkirsch 03/28/23 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help making a decision on truck purchase.

Find a good trans shop now if it just started the shudder. My 2016 (same truck/trans as yours) did that for the first 60k of its life before coming apart. I took the truck in with a couple thousand miles on it and told the dealer the TQ converter had an issue. Of course “cannot replicate” was the finding. Mine only did it under high load from a stop. Of course you can’t replicate that by driving an empty truck around the block…lol. I’m all but certain the “shudder “ didn’t do any damage downstream until something finally came apart. Like I said, did it since new, never got appreciably worse, truck was horse whipped pretty hard in that 60k miles. Like bumper pull trailers in the 10-14k range flat peddled up n over the Cascades with 4-5000rpm grade braking comin down the other side. Then one day it started acting up. I never read about the issue much (company truck, didn’t care) but from a practical standpoint I’m 90% sure a new tq converter before it self destructed would have saved the trans without propagating more issues. Hope this helps. And the 4wd issue is likely unrelated (fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it). Is your 02 an Alli or a 4L80? 100k miles maybe a bit more is a good/average lifespan for a 4L60/4L80. The 1500 has a shudder/shake to it sitting at a light, but only sometimes. Shifting to neutral causes it to stop. Transmission temperatures are pushing 190 just driving around, which is what's really bothering me. I never really paid attention before, but I can't remember it getting that hot, even towing. The 02 is the Allison. 52,000 miles on it. Throwing P0700, P0843 and P0875 codes... All just say something amorphous about "low pressure" which is a "WELL DUH!" from me... It won't move! Sorry to the OP for hijacking. I won't discuss further.
mkirsch 03/28/23 07:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help making a decision on truck purchase.

Keeping what you got isn't free. I'm already off to a rip roaring start this year. Went to pull my trusty 2002 Silverado 3500 out of the barn, won't barely move. Bunch of transmission codes. I think my 2015 Silverado 1500's torque converter is coming apart too. It's got the "shutter" that everyone posts about and it's right in that mileage range where the torque converters go bad. Just Saturday it started throwing a message "Service 4WD" and won't shift into 4x4.
mkirsch 03/27/23 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help making a decision on truck purchase.

Keep your truck for towing, etc and get a Toyota Corolla Hybrid to conserve fuel. Buying a new big$$$, less capable, truck to conserve fuel is pointless, you'll conserve money by not buying it. Many times over the years I ran numbers and it always worked out to be less expensive to have the one vehicle that could do it all. The only way to make it pencil out is if the fuel savings is SIGNIFICANT. The compact chitbox will have to get 40+MPG to break even, if you have any car payment at all. You either put it in the tank, or send it to the bank. There is no free lunch.
mkirsch 03/24/23 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help making a decision on truck purchase.

The "Micro Minnie 5th wheel" models listed on the Winnebago website claim to have an 1100lb dry pin weight. You can save some weight in the truck by using an Andersen Ultimate 5th wheel or another similar hitch instead of a true 5th wheel. Even so once you get the trailer loaded you're going to be pushing the payload on most 1500-series trucks. You'll probably want airbags. I have no doubt that most 1/2 tons will do it, but the question is will you be happy. I know a couple of guys who had small 5th wheels towed by 1/2 tons. They eventually upgraded to 3/4 tons or downgraded to bumper pull travel trailers.
mkirsch 03/24/23 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Happijac issue

People are ignoring that ALL THE JACKS WILL WORK AT ONCE. That means the jacks are getting power. That means the jacks are NOT stuck. That means the jacks are getting a signal. That means the lever on the side of the jacks are in the correct position. The problem is either in the remote, or in the jack controller in the camper. The problem is electronic, and for most of us the only thing we can do is replace things until it starts working again. It would be interesting if you could swap the wires from the front jacks to the rear jacks, and verify that the problem follows the wiring, not the jacks.
mkirsch 03/24/23 07:31am Truck Campers
RE: Ford F-250 Brake Controller Install

oh I think ford would love to have forscan shut down but hey haha.. I have been using if for about 5 years now... can't change anything in the engine control module so you can't tune with it but you can turn on off in almost any other controls. If it's not an official Ford thing, they should be able to get it shut down easily as they own the software. You only own a license to use it while you own the truck. This is what these "right to repair" nutjobs don't get. I'm an IT guy, and I understand software licensing.
mkirsch 03/22/23 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

"All it takes is the stroke of a pen" works both ways. Just because it's a law now doesn't mean they won't amend/repeal it and kick the can down the road when the deadline is looming.
mkirsch 03/20/23 08:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2002 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Diesel Chevy 2500

Hey everyone. Thanks for all of the amazing info. Im blown away by the responses... and even though there's some controversy, that's how life is and I like hearing both sides of every argument. My wife and I have found our perfect TT and it clocks in at 11,200 GVWR. Only thing I'm concerned a little bit about now (and I don't want to cause anymore controversy lol... but I probably will) is the TT we are interested in has a length of 38'-6". Going off of the wheel base for a 2500 3/4 ton Diesel... that's probably way over the length you should tow. With Sway Control + Weight Distribution Hitch, it should be fine? Thanks in advance everyone. I'm new to the Travel Trailer lifestyle. I want to make sure I'm being safe. Thanks again for any info/tips. I take everything into consideration. Manufacturers do not say a thing about trailer length, only weight. The whole length thing is made up and arbitrary by people who want to look smart in front of others. Why do I say this? Because according to conventional "wisdom" on length, a 1500 extended cab short bed truck is "too short" but a 2500 standard cab long bed is just fine. This assessment is based SOLELY on length, no other factor. A 1500 extended cab short bed is overall longer and has a longer wheelbase than a 2500 regular cab LONG (edit) bed. The 1500 might not be suitable to tow a particular trailer based on suspension, tires, or other factors, but not length. Make sure you keep the heavy stuff toward the front of the trailer so it has adequate tongue weight, and hit the road!
mkirsch 03/14/23 10:23am Towing
RE: part three of the broken frame saga.

Licensing doesn’t change GVWR…New Ram 4500’s are rated at either 15, 16, or 16.5k, and the 5500’s go to 19.5k, I would expect newer Ford and GM to be similar.. Licensing doesn't change GAWRs either, and that's what most TC owners go by, otherwise it would be impossible to put most campers on the trucks the manufacturer claims they are suitable for. The Dana S110 axle that is commonly used in these is rated for 14,706lbs.
mkirsch 03/14/23 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck

My solution for most parking: I don't park in the area of the parking lot where other vehicles are... I park in the back 40 so other people don't park near me. So do I, but when I come out of the store, more often than not, there's a car parked tight on either side and one behind. They see my truck and decided that's the cool place to park and box me in. As for the crew cab long bed F250, you're just going to have to come to the realization that it is a LOOOOOONG vehicle, and you're not going to be able to just park anywhere you want anymore. It's going to take more room to maneuver. It's going to take some getting used to. If you don't feel you are capable of that, take your lumps and trade it in on something shorter.
mkirsch 03/13/23 07:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2002 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Diesel Chevy 2500

OP was told by his father-in-law that truck was "rated" to tow 18,000lbs. Owners manual states what the truck is "rated" to tow. It does not differentiate between 5th wheel and travel trailer, it explicitly states the rating is the SAME for both. 12,000lbs, period, end of discussion. That's what the truck is RATED for. You can selectively turn on and off your blinders and come up with whatever number you want, but that is the official rating from GM. Want to tow 18000 with it? Knock yourself out. I don't care. I'm just quoting the manual. This is yet another one of those discussions where the SAME person who blasted "Facebook Guy with the broken RAM frame" for "being over the ratings" is ENCOURAGING exceeding the ratings by a similar margin. Either the axle is rated for 10,000lbs and none of the other ratings matter, or it isn't and they do.
mkirsch 03/13/23 07:09am Towing
RE: 2007 Tahoe Tow/Haul mode

The owner's manual describes how to use tow/haul mode. To paraphrase: Activate tow haul mode any time you are towing or hauling.
mkirsch 03/13/23 06:59am Towing
RE: 2002 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Diesel Chevy 2500

The owner's manual says 12,000lbs towing max. K-2500 Regular Cab Short Box HD (4WD)* Engine Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR 6000 V8 4.10 10,200 lbs. (4 630 kg) 16,000 lbs. (7 264 kg) 8100 V8 3.73 12,000 lbs. (5 448 kg)** 20,000 lbs. (9 080 kg) 4.10 12,000 lbs. (5 448 kg)** 22,000 lbs. (9 988 kg) 6.6L V8 Diesel 3.73 12,000 lbs. (5 448 kg)** 22,000 lbs. (9 988 kg) K-2500 Regular Cab Long Box HD (4WD)* Engine Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR 6000 V8 4.10 10,200 lbs. (4 630 kg) 16,000 lbs. (7 264 kg) 8100 V8 3.73 12,000 lbs. (5 448 kg)** 20, 000 lbs. (9 080 kg) 4.10 12,000 lbs. (5 448 kg)** 22,000 lbs. (9 988 kg) 6.6L V8 Diesel 3.73 12,000 lbs. (5 448 kg)** 22,000 lbs. (9 988 kg) * Weight-distributing hitch tongue weight 10 percent to 15 percent of hitch weight 1,200 lb. (544 kg) maximum. Fifth-wheel hitch tongue weight 15 percent to 25 percent of hitch weight 2,500 lb (1 134 kg) maximum. ** Fifth wheel hitch rating; weight distributing hitch rating is limited to 12,000 lbs. (5 443 kg).
mkirsch 03/10/23 10:02am Towing
RE: Swingout extensions?

Don't forget the clearance INSIDE the bed. 6" of clearance on the outside does you no good if you've only got 1/2" at the wheel wells. My rear tires just squeak between the blocking that's under the jacks. It made me nervous at first but then I realized nothing was going to happen. When I hear the squeak, I know I'm on target.
mkirsch 03/10/23 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: memory foam mattress freezing

Memory foam doesn’t need to be a custom order. Just cut to fit. Freezing? Ive never heard that but I suppose I believe you. However does it make a difference in your decision? There is nothing reasonable you can do to prevent that (if it’s actually a thing) that is remotely as cheap as losing, say $50 worth of “expected use” out of it. Or bring it inside in the winter and keep it cozy by the fire until the robins are gettin worms again in the front yard. Cut to fit? A memory foam topper sure. A chunk of generic memory foam sure. You're not going to cut a memory foam mattress and have anything remotely useable when you're done. I'm not even sure you would have to cut a standard mattress. A memory foam mattress should be slightly undersize to begin with, and for sure a mattress will have 2" of give. Just squash it in there. My experience with memory foam is it degrades in 8 WEEKS not 8 years. Bought a $1500 memory foam mattress you could bounce a quarter off of. Best sleep in my life. Two months in I was sinking in so deep I could not even roll out of bed in the morning. I had to climb out of the hole. It was killing my back. They show how a memory foam mattress conforms to a woman's hourglass shape keeping her back pin straight, well, for a fat guy it does the exact opposite. It lets the parts that need support sink, you end up with a spine crookeder than a politician.
mkirsch 03/10/23 07:48am Truck Campers
RE: The Ford Explorer Men only Edition

I'm waiting for the general population to totally misinterpret this, get offended, and "cancel" Ford.
mkirsch 03/09/23 06:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rv loan rates!

Anyone looked at RV loan rates lately! For 800+ credit scores 8% or more! Even through local credit union. Who is buying these over priced RVs with these rates? Most people only look at the monthly payment number, and the salespeople encourage it. When the salesman starts pulling the, "It's only $X59 a month!" (pay no attention to the fact that you're paying sticker price and I'm giving you nothing for your trade) bit, they've lost me.
mkirsch 03/09/23 06:46am Truck Campers
RE: DRW vs SRW safety, tire blowout

If you leave it people aren't going to disregard it. Depends on what you consider "way heavier." I'd have to get out a scale but I'd estimate a wheel-n-tire from my DRW truck to weigh about 75lbs. 16" steelies for the record. That's 150lbs. Couple of spring leafs... let's get wild and say the additional suspension adds 200lbs. That's 350lbs, which is maybe 12-13% of what an empty SRW weighs. Is that "way heavier?" Not to me.
mkirsch 03/02/23 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: No power getting to my Angler 8C, 2001

It might also be a bad GFI outlet or breaker. try a non GFI to see what happens before you tear into it. Or try the generator to see what happens. Says it happens with shore power or the generator.
mkirsch 03/02/23 10:12am Truck Campers
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