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RE: GRRR Ford Dealer - 2022 SD

If it's on purpose your best course of action is to enforce the contract. Make them make good. It will cost them money. They have a line of people waiting for trucks who will pay thousands more than retail just to get one, and it's in THEIR interest for you to walk away.
mkirsch 06/11/21 12:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing help

Since we have now established that you have plenty of tongue weight, what, specifically, are you experiencing that leads you to believe that there is a problem?
mkirsch 06/11/21 12:16pm Towing
RE: Are you towing with a flatbed?

Do you know who manufactures that arrangement Mike? What, specifically, are you looking for here? Do you need an extension to tow heavy? Are you just looking for a receiver period?
mkirsch 06/11/21 12:07pm Truck Campers
RE: New Silverado 4500 w/ TC

The fact that you can't find pictures could be a government conspiracy... Or it could simply be that a BRAND NEW truck that JUST HIT THE MARKET has not been used to haul a truck camper yet, at least not by someone from the "hey look at me" social media generation/crowd. It's not like Kodiaks or any other MDT were a real popular choice for truck campers. The F450 and Ram 4500 are proportioned like pickup trucks, so they can be placed under campers without cabover height concerns or overall height concerns, so they are a much more popular "more than a one ton dually" choice. Especially the F450 pickup version.
mkirsch 06/10/21 10:00am Truck Campers
RE: Oil for onan 2500 lp

Its .63 quart. Your oil bottle should have measurements on the side. I just buy regular 15w40 weight quarts for the Onan generators, makes it easy to measure the pour. There are many ways to deal with this: 1. Guess. It's not that critical. The engine is not going to blow up if you put in .64, .65, or even .7 quarts. 2. Measuring cups. Your local dollar store carries cheap measuring cups marked in fluid ounces. .63 of a 32 fluid ounce quart is conveniently just slightly more than 20 ounces. Two 8oz cups and a 4oz half cup, and you're there.
mkirsch 06/10/21 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: Evaporative Coolers for Lance

You don't have to worry about whether or not the unit you choose has built in controls, because that will be specified in the description of the unit you order. If it doesn't say, ASK QUESTIONS. If you don't get a satisfactory answer, DON'T BUY. Find another seller that can answer your questions to your satisfaction, and buy from them even if they're more expensive.
mkirsch 06/09/21 07:06am Truck Campers
RE: Are you towing with a flatbed?

Receivers are available for standard frame trucks like your F550. Etrailer is one place that sells them. You can go plug in any year Ford F550 cab and chassis and get a list of recommendations. Even if you had a flatbed on a pickup truck frame, the receiver bolts to the FRAME of the truck, not the pickup bed.
mkirsch 06/09/21 06:58am Truck Campers
RE: 6 ply or 10 ply. Would I see a difference?

I walked by 5 units here at the rancho - all have "Load Range E" marked on the tires. 4 different weight capacities depending on the tire size and load index. 3640lbs down to 2680lbs. Us know-it-alls might understand what "10ply" slang means - same as "3/4 ton" vs 1 ton - but maybe we shouldn't be sending someone new to the sport looking for "10 ply tires"... Tire guy shows him "10 ply" tires. Marked on tire is "Sidwall 2 plies polyester..." - newbie customer looks confused.... It's not slang. The tires SAY "10 ply rated" right on them.
mkirsch 06/08/21 06:53am Towing
RE: GM/Chevy 2020 fitment odyssey

You act as if this is the first time a truck manufacturer changed the dimensions of the box... It isn't. The big three manufacturers have been changing box configurations on a regular basis since 1987. You're expecting a 7 year old camper that was designed for a different generation of truck boxes, to fit a brand new configuration. It always takes the camper industry a couple of years to catch up to the new truck box dimensions. If you think this was bad, go find yourself a camper made in the 1990's and try to fit it in that truck. Better yet, find a 1980's model.
mkirsch 06/08/21 06:45am Truck Campers
RE: 6 ply or 10 ply. Would I see a difference?

Not sure how you buy tires by 'ply' anymore. Okay, okay, okay... We get it... They don't make tires with "plies" anymore. A 10 ply tire does not have 10 individual layers anymore. Being nit picky for the sake of being nit picky is rarely productive. HOWEVER, if you read the sidewalls carefully, many tires still include a "ply rating" in addition to the load range letter, and the current speed and load indexes. 10 ply, load range E, load index 126 for example.
mkirsch 06/07/21 01:08pm Towing
RE: Towing help

Your trailer only/unhooked and no weight distribution numbers do not make sense. You're saying that the tongue adds ZERO weight to the truck? Only transfers 440lbs to the rear axle? That's not possible.
mkirsch 06/07/21 09:12am Towing
RE: Tuner like “5 Star Tune “

Tuners won't do anything for engine output on a normally aspirated gas engine. That's already been maximized by the manufacturer. All tuners do is give your subconscious a lead foot so you stomp on the pedal harder, say, "YEAH! I HAAAAAAVE THE POWERRRRRR!" to yourself, then find out three days later that nothing really changed and there's a hole in your wallet where several hundred dollars used to be. Not true for regular vehicles. Performance can be measured and the tunes increase HP and torque. You get marginal increases at WIDE OPEN THROTTLE. How often do you drive at WOT? Unless you're drag racing, almost never.
mkirsch 06/03/21 06:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Repo a Truck Camper???

I suppose you came on here expecting people to share in your frustration, commiserate, sympathize, but this is an online forum mostly populated by older conservative types who believe in making good on your obligations regardless of whether it's to your advantage or not. For starters. But yeah, "they" can repossess anything. Where there is a will there is a way. That, and a rollback with a strong winch. Or, enough snatch blocks.
mkirsch 06/03/21 06:34am Truck Campers
RE: ....new truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

There's probably a small yuppie group that would shell out a pile of money for that. I know I grew up during the era where the value of money vs product was pounded into me. I wouldn't care if it had gold plated taps and door handles. there's no justification for that price. This commentary pretty much sums up why the mainstream RV industry is the way that it is today. That is, poorly constructed, lacking in quality control, etc.. The reality is that quality product costs money, and people touting the whole "value" aspect are the ones that will buy the cheapest unit on the lot. I wish this new outfit all the best, but I suspect they've already priced themselves out of the market.
mkirsch 06/03/21 06:28am Truck Campers
RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

I just wanted to know if someone else had been in this position and knew of a temporary permit that I had missed. Yet, you posted to this forum. You HAD to know you were going to get all manners of commentary that weren't a direct answer to your question. I would dare to wager that you're probably the ONLY person in California to have considered this in quite a while. Nearly everyone else would choose one of two solutions: 1. Do it anyay, da*n the torpedoes. 2. Pull a trailer. I have a question though: Is it even legal to drive the truck EMPTY? The camper is supposed to be "permanently attached" in order for the registration to be valid.
mkirsch 06/03/21 06:23am Truck Campers
RE: Tuner like “5 Star Tune “

Tuners won't do anything for engine output on a normally aspirated gas engine. That's already been maximized by the manufacturer. All tuners do is give your subconscious a lead foot so you stomp on the pedal harder, say, "YEAH! I HAAAAAAVE THE POWERRRRRR!" to yourself, then find out three days later that nothing really changed and there's a hole in your wallet where several hundred dollars used to be.
mkirsch 06/02/21 07:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: love the truck hate the ride

Whenever I see a truck driver on an air ride seat they're bouncing up and down like they're trying to saddle break a wild horse. Head's bouncing off the roof of the truck, neck snaps to the side as they hit bottom. How they're not all in the hospital with concussions and whiplash is beyond me. How they can maintain control of the truck is beyond me. How that is better than just dealing with a bump here and there is... beyond me. I looked at your profile and see you're driving a 2017 Dodge 2500. The ride is too rough for you? What suspension mods have you done to the truck?
mkirsch 06/02/21 06:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Falcon shocks for towing. Any good?

I would contest that you have your WD set up properly if your front end is floating, at all, ever. Probably set up to that new "50% of unloaded height" spec they put out, right? Try putting a little more weight on the front, like 75%. Cheaper than the shocks.
mkirsch 06/02/21 06:17am Towing
RE: New license plate for my TC.

Reading this thread, I was thinking great, just leave my tag on my Truck and never again drive it without a tag (like I seem to do often). Then I read one post about toll cameras. How does it work when the camera cannot see your tag under the camper? They hunt you down, drag you out of the truck, and beat you with nightsticks? Seriously, I believe that they take pictures front and back as you go through the toll arch. They have to deal with tractor trailers, where the trailer plate does not necessarily belong to the driver, so the only way to get a plate number is the front of the vehicle. If you've got a front hitch with a bunch of junk on a carrier, I suppose they just default back to pulling you over and giving you a good beatdown...
mkirsch 06/02/21 05:56am Truck Campers
RE: 2021 Grand Cherokee?

Any experience with 2020-older Grand Cherokees is not relevant to the conversation. As stated earlier the 2021 is on a complete new platform. To that end, probably nobody here has ever towed with one. My advice is, look for the smallest lightest trailer that meets your camping needs. You may need to COMPROMISE on amenities and space if you want to keep your 2021 Grand Cherokee. Yes, the mean old c-word.
mkirsch 05/28/21 07:44am Tow Vehicles
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