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RE: The world of tow vehicles would be a better place if

How exactly does fewer options make the world a better place? If you want a dually, buy a dually. If you want a SRW 1 ton, buy one. If you want a 3/4 ton, buy one. This isn't 30yrs ago when you would have to go to each individual dealer and ask for the specs on various options when it came time to purchase. It's easy to get them on the internet. Fewer options makes the world a better place by simplifying the buying decision. So many times they recommend here "Don't get a 3/4 ton, get a 1 ton SRW, it's the same thing and for a few hundred dollars more you get more payload blah blah blah..." Except in my experience 1 ton SRWs are far and few between. In normal years dealers tend to have one or two DRWs, several 3/4 tons, and a whole gaggle of 1/2 tons. Nary a 1 ton SRW to be found, leaving most people trying to follow that advice feeling confused and betrayed. It also eliminates about 50% of the arguments from this website. "Only difference between 3/4 and 1 ton SRW is a leaf in the springs" "No it's noooooot!" "Is toooooooo!" Wouldn't the world be a better place with less conflict?
mkirsch 01/14/22 01:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM outsold Ford??

GM should just drop pickup trucks from the Chevy line and make them all GMC, or just roll all truck production under the Chevy brand. Wouldn't be the first time they did "brand consolidation." Remember Saturn, Oldsmobile? Then there would be no question. Then there would be the idiot GMC owners who wouldn't buy a Chevy because they're "junk."
mkirsch 01/14/22 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM outsold Ford??

This conversation happens at least once a year... "GM outsold Ford." "No it di'n't. Chevy and GMC are separate brands!" "Di' too! They're basically the same truck so it counts!" "So what? F150 sold the most of any truck model." "Who cares? GM outsold Ford!" "Di' not!" "Di' too!" "Di' noooot!" "Di' tooooooooooo!" Anybody else notice this?
mkirsch 01/13/22 02:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

One indication that it is NOT a sign of "cooling off" is that the advertisements have NEVER slowed down throughout all of this. Even when dealers have literally NOTHING to sell, they are still buying ads.
mkirsch 01/13/22 10:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: The world of tow vehicles would be a better place if

I agree, and I've said it in the past. If the only difference between a "3/4 ton" truck and a "1 ton SRW" is rear springs, then put the rear springs on ALL SRW trucks and eliminate the concept of the "1 ton SRW." If you want to play games with the numbers for licensing purposes, play games with the numbers. Ford already does that with their 10,000lb GVW F350 SRW.
mkirsch 01/13/22 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank in front of the slide in camper

If it gets "squished" so what? Diesel fuel, right? Doesn't work like gasoline. Doesn't cause a mushroom cloud of fire with a mere spark. Nobody gives a second thought to the main fuel tank getting "squished." Why worry about this one?
mkirsch 01/13/22 08:33am Truck Campers
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

Just because they're offering incentives does not mean there is anything out there to buy. You can even send out "BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" if you have nothing to sell. Then you also have to consider all the trucks that were sitting in storage due to the chip shortage. Those have all disappeared, and reports are the chip shortage is over, so it is equally possible that there is a glut of new trucks headed to the lot that they need to move. "Must act by April 4, 2022" can also have a couple different meanings. Manufacturers have been using that tactic since forever to create a sense of urgency in you so that you'll run right out and buy. This won't be the last time they offer incentives. Another possibility is there won't be any trucks on the lot until April 5th, meaning the incentives are worthless.
mkirsch 01/11/22 01:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is support needed when storing for an extended time?

Probably depends on your camper but we have never used anything but the jacks to hold it up when off the truck for the last 13 years. Did you ever notice that the new campers in RV dealers lots or RV shows are just standing on the jacks while people are traipsing through them? Maybe the thick headed folks will believe you as a more respected member of this forum? FWIW, I agree. We spent weeks camped in both of our AF campers, family of 4, camper sitting just on the jacks, with 2 kids bouncing around in it like a jungle gym. The one issue I had, was one of the campers, one of the supports for the fresh water tank finally snapped after many days and many trips unsupported with full tank. A couple 5/4 deck boards and a couple hours and it was repaired better than new. Camper was about 15 years old at the time. I can pretty much guarantee you that if you tried that with my 2000 Palomino, you'd suddenly find yourself with an incredible amount of headroom. 1/2" OSB and fence post cross members every 24" do not inspire confidence. Also at the dealer lots around here, campers sit on carts or stacks of pallets until they're sold. You never see them at shows.
mkirsch 01/11/22 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Is support needed when storing for an extended time?

As long as you are not completely brain-dead in going about it, having extra support can't hurt. Don't use steel spikes as support for example.
mkirsch 01/10/22 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: HOST Yukon Dump Valve Location

If you have people around who might be tempted to stick their mouths over the pipe and open the valve... Maybe reconsider getting a camper at all?
mkirsch 01/06/22 07:49am Truck Campers
RE: Mr Buddy Heater Permanent Install?

If I'm not mistaken both my Buddy Heaters have keyhole slots on the back for hanging them on the wall. I would not be stripping them down for "permanent" installation. They look designed for "permanent" installation as-is. I'd just run a couple of screws into the wall, and hang it.
mkirsch 01/06/22 07:32am Truck Campers
RE: Towing capacity

Or, the OP got what he was looking for and is sitting back watching the fireworks. When it looks like a troll, walks like a troll, quacks like a troll... It's a troll. Simple answer is an F150 with a 12,500lb tow capacity, you will never be happy with towing 9900+ over much distance. On the other hand an F250 with a 12,500lb tow capacity, you will be very happy towing 9900+ anywhere and everywhere unless you have an apoplexy any time the engine exceeds 2000RPM. Then, get the diesel. The difference is duty cycle.
mkirsch 01/05/22 06:59am Towing
RE: Trailer connect

yup they do. well not power, I have it disabled for the camper and the 5th wheel. You have what "disabled?" The 12V charge? Why don't you enable it so it comes on when the truck starts? You're not going to get the truck to automatically "detect" the TC, because it does not have trailer brakes. I suppose you could put a trailer brake in an external compartment and wire it up, but that just seems silly. The 10 minutes of charging you'd gain from a remote start, though, is negligible.
mkirsch 01/04/22 07:31am Truck Campers
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

Yah. I agreed with everything you just said. But for pre-heating the Tesla doesn’t work like that. The poster mentioned he had been running the genny for 24 hours. It takes 5 or 7 minutes to pre-heat the tesla and it can do it from it’s own battery. He or she was running the genny for other reasons. Probably low charge. Makes sense, albeit really slow. Even at 24 amps 120 volts from that genny. Maybe you missed the part about "severely reduced capacity in cold temperatures?" Sure you can warm it up using its own batteries, but how much of a hit on range will there be pulling from the cold batteries? Maybe the owner ran the generator to keep the car and batteries warm for the 24 hours it sat there, rather than let the batteries get cold and having to start from scratch? That generator can't run for 24 hours at full capacity, and isn't all that quiet so I doubt it was actually charging the car. Those Hondas are really only quiet at idle.
mkirsch 01/03/22 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

Ok. But pre-heating is not the reason he has it plugged into a generator. It was mentioned that there was a charging station close by so range extension wasn’t either. Unless maybe he didn’t know it was there or maybe it was broken or who knows. But you definitely don’t need a generator or any power source for pre-heating or pre conditioning. We have a project going on in the garage right now so every night our tesla sits outside in minus 20 degrees celcius or worse and not plugged in. Pre-heating consists of pulling out the phone and selecting the pre-heat control on the App. 5 to 7 minutes later the Interior of the car has gone from minus 20 to plus 20 and the windows are defrosted and the seats are warm. Why wouldn't it be the reason? I've been flying electric radio controlled airplanes for years that use lithium batteries similar to what you find in modern EVs. In cold temperatures the battery capacity is severely reduced. Sure you can use the battery to warm itself but the capacity is still severely reduced (usually permanently at this point), so we'd put them inside our coats to warm them before going flying. An external source of heat. So you're not drawing down and damaging the already stressed battery until it is up to operating temperature. Maybe there was a charge station "nearby" but it was not THERE. Maybe the car owner didn't know there was a station there. People love to post pictures like this, point, and make fun. I fail to see anything fun or funny about it. It's very practical in locations that may not have infrastructure to support EVs yet. Wonder if the guys with horses used to point and laugh at the first car guys who brought along extra gasoline to areas where gas stations had not reached yet. Lookit this guy... What an IDIOT!!! https://www.gad.net/Blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/JerryCansTrunk-300x168.jpg
mkirsch 01/03/22 09:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Great cooling system on them there SilverAdos!

The guy who was suppose to reset the oil life monitor was probably the same guy who left the cap off the coolant reservoir. :D Same guy who doesn't reset the TPMI after rotating the tires. I wouldn't mind so much if there was a way a mere mortal such as myself could do it but you need the special tool to communicate with the truck.
mkirsch 12/23/21 07:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Great cooling system on them there SilverAdos!

Admit it, if they'd changed the oil you'd be complaining about them performing services you didn't ask for and charging you. But when they did the lifter service on mine they had to drain the oil to look for bits in the bottom end. So I got a fresh oil and filter as part of the service. You sure they didn't do that for you?
mkirsch 12/22/21 12:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Front axle

You identified and addressed the issue. The only way to know if it is truly fixed is to get another camper and try it.
mkirsch 12/20/21 09:43am Truck Campers
RE: S&S 8.5 Camper on Ram 2500: Measured weights; advice.

You should feel whether you are okay in the seat of your pants. It sounds like you are: If you are happy with the way it handles and you are not breaking any laws that are enforced against RVs (few if any weight laws are enforced against RVs in the USA), then you are fine. You should not need a DRW for a 2700lb camper, even if you pick up a few hundred pounds with supplies for camping.
mkirsch 12/20/21 09:37am Truck Campers
RE: Are chips coming available?

the auto makers are profitting from this so called chip shortage. If they weren't thay would charter a cargo plane and go get them some chips. How many chips could they load on a 747 cargo plane? It's the same with all these other shortages. If the companies weren't profitting from the shortage they would fix it. Go get them, from where, exactly? There are, well were, no chips to be "gotten."
mkirsch 12/16/21 07:24am Tow Vehicles
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