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RE: Suburban: What are my limits?

The mysterious small square radiator is your power steering cooler. In my experience 7000lbs is about the maximum you want to tow with any 1500 series vehicle. The tongue weight of the average 7000lb trailer is right around the 1000lb mark, which is about all the payload capacity the typical 1500 series vehicle has with passengers on board. It starts to get uncomfortable driving once you pass that threshold. Not unsafe necessarily, but you won't enjoy the trip as much; you'll be more tired and stressed at the end of a day of travel. Your current trailer has a GVWR of 6950, right? Odds are it doesn't weigh that much fully loaded. Trailers in that size range tend to have a bit more cargo capacity than the typical camping family will utilize. You should be able to upgrade to a marginally larger trailer and still keep the total loaded weight under 7000lbs. Look at trailers with GVWRs of 7500lbs or less and see what you like.
mkirsch 08/29/16 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Difference between 4.30 & 3.55 gears

The F450 will be able to hold 6th with the heavy load in tow, while the F350 will be in 5th gear most of the time. The F350 DRW does tend to have a better payload than the F450, when otherwise comparing apples to apples.
mkirsch 08/29/16 12:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fulcrum point

We have already had one gentleman state that his one camper will teeter so its not impossible. Uh-huh... Did it really teeter or was it his overactive imagination? There are so many people that are worried sick over this. It is probable that the camper wobbled slightly on the jacks, and his mind went straight to "Oh God, it's tipping over!"
mkirsch 08/29/16 11:01am Truck Campers
RE: Whitening yellowed plastic - an easy solution

It's not actually bleaching the plastic. There's a detailed explanation on one of the sites I was on that explained the scientific process taking place. It's not a bleaching process but something about bromine stabilization....somebody with a chemical engineering degree would probably be able to interpret and explain! :@:B Or, the scientific mumbo-jumbo is just a long way of saying that it is bleaching the plastic to make it sound like you're not bleaching the plastic. Or, it could be another load of unproveable BS.
mkirsch 08/29/16 06:48am Truck Campers
RE: Charging battery off Yamaha generator ?

You are definitely better off using the camper's converter to charge batteries. 8 Amps is better than nothing in a pinch, the converter in most campers can charge much faster than that. At 8 Amps, a 105Ah battery would take about 7 hours to charge from a half-discharged state. A good converter would to top it off in 2-3 hours.
mkirsch 08/29/16 06:45am Truck Campers
RE: Fulcrum point

This is something I worry about also, I did find this you tube vid about this camper falling over. The camper jack may have been weak, wind or some other outside force could have contributed to the camper falling over. This guy seems to think that the camper being loaded with weighted items in the bed area was the cause. The video starts pretty slow, but if you can stick with it, he finally gets to the idea of the video".Uprighting The Fallen Truck Camper" is the title of the video. I would guess there are others. Just something to check out. I don't even have to look for the video. The jack(s) collapsed, period. That is NOT NOT NOT the camper tipping over using the front jacks as the fulcrum point. The camper fell down; it did not tip over. Show me a camper that is tipped over with the rear end sticking up in the air, and the front jacks intact. You can't. It has NEVER happened. I really need to stop reading this thread.
mkirsch 08/29/16 06:30am Truck Campers
RE: Fulcrum point

I find it hard to sleep in the cabover when off the truck. I worry about this too much to get any rest. Until I get a firm foundation in facts/data I will continue to worry. I guess it's time to investigate thoroughly. With the Admiral and myself it is every bit of 400 lbs. up there, although I won't go into a further breakdown of our respective weights. The wet weight of a Wolf Creek 840 is 3004lbs per Truck Camper Magazine's buyer's guide at http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/buyers-guide/hard-side/wolf-creek-camper/ Most of that is in the full-height section behind the front jacks. Heck just the weight of the fresh water, propane, and batteries will counterbalance you, and there's a whole lot more than that back there. Your measly 400lbs is not going to tip the balance. This is one of my pet peeves. People are just being SILLY when they worry about the camper tipping over from their weight in the cabover. It just goes to show that people have no concept of weight and/or didn't listen in 7th grade physical science class.
mkirsch 08/29/16 06:26am Truck Campers
RE: Fulcrum point

There is absolutely NO WAY for the camper to tip over from someone in the cabover bed. PERIOD. Even the lightest camper weighs close to 1500lbs loaded and ready to camp. BIIIIIG box in back. Teeny-weeny box in front. Where do you think the bulk of that weight is? There's about 1200lb of camper, appliances, and stuff in the back, and about 300lb of framework, mattress, and bedding in the cabover. Add your 260lbs, and you still have over 2X the weight in the back counterbalancing you. Front jacks collapsing is something else entirely. In that case the camper did not tip over using the jacks as a fulcrum. The front jacks collapsing changed the fulcrum point to the rear jacks, and we don't live in Looney Tunes Physics world, so the camper clearly would have no choice but to fall over.
mkirsch 08/29/16 06:20am Truck Campers
Bulk trailer wire

I want to run 10ga wire to the brakes on one of my trailers. The only place I can find any sort of vehicle wire locally is at the auto parts stores, and white 10ga only comes in 10' rolls. That isn't even enough to get from the tongue to the front axle, so I'll have splices all over the place. The stuff they sell in larger rolls at the big box home improvement stores (THNN?) is real stiff with thin insulation, tough to work with and probably won't hold up to the vibration from the road. So where's a good place to get this stuff from?
mkirsch 08/29/16 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: Decent deal on a generator

Rex, do you see what you get for trying to do a good deed? Most of the noise ninnies cannot imagine camping anywhere but right next to somebody else. Those people aren't the problem. The people that ARE the problem, are the "ninnies" that cannot imagine camping anywhere but packed in like sardines at a campground, who drag out their loud contractor generator and run it all night because it's "soooooo hotttttttttttt!" By and large people do NOT think about things like this ahead of time. If you don't spell it out ahead of time they will grab one of these clankboxes and head to the local campground thinking they're set, they can sit inside in air conditioned comfort all night and day watching TV. If you're out by yourself, then have at it.
mkirsch 08/26/16 12:23pm Tech Issues
Generac iq2000 parallel kit == suicide cord?

I'm hoping beyond hope that this isn't a suicide cord, that there are electronic safeguards in that box: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41-BMBSg36L._SX355_.jpg
mkirsch 08/26/16 12:06pm Tech Issues
RE: POwer sharing with Honda EU2000i

There's a youtube video out there of someone experimenting with a Honda 1000i or 2000i and various power sources. I think he used mains power briefly (proof of concept), but for sure he used an inverter. As I recall, as long as the other power source was energized first, the Honda had absolutely no issues syncing up and sharing the load.
mkirsch 08/26/16 12:04pm Tech Issues
RE: talk to me about built-in LP gennies...

So, what happens on transit stages (LOL) - do you have to avoid tunnels and bridges? It occurred to me I could just travel empty but then I'd have to prime when I get to my destination - is that trouble? Quite frankly, I don't think anyone gives it a second thought. They fill up before they leave, and go where they want using the most convenient route to get there. I just looked at the regulations for the PA Turnpike tunnels, and it only applies to placarded vehicles (i.e. commercial trucks carrying more than Xlbs of propane). If you are hauling the legally-allowed amount of propane for a passenger vehicle (four 20lb cylinders is the limit in NY state), I don't think you count.
mkirsch 08/26/16 11:46am Truck Campers
RE: 500 miles under 50 mph

The reality here based on what's been said so far is that the odds of you having issues due to not properly breaking in the drivetrain on your new truck are slim. It is most likely that the instructions in the owners manuals are just CYA from the manufacturer to absolve them of responsibility for that odd early failure that could have been prevented with proper break-in. What YOU have to answer is, are you willing to take that chance, however small it may be?
mkirsch 08/26/16 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is it still a Dodge???

Look at your title. What does it say there?
mkirsch 08/26/16 07:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real weights of an arctic Fox 1140?

For the tiny tiny difference in purchase price of the F250 versus the F350SRW, it is far better to get the F350SRW, instead of the F250. Same goes for the GM and Dodge 2500 versus 3500SRW. Trucks these days are $50,000-$80,000 new. The extra measily $500 for the one-ton SRW versus the 3/4-ton is mere peanut crumbs, in the scheme of things. Buy the right truck from the get-go! Have you been on a dealer lot recently? A large dealer may have a dozen 2500's on the lot, and maybe ONE 3500 SRW. In "fleet truck" trim, meaning lily white, crank windows, puke-on floors, vinyl seats, regular cab... I've sat here for years and read you guys saying, "Just get a 3500 SRW," but they simply aren't out there! The only way to get one is to order one. If you want a truck *NOW* you are stuck with a 2500.
mkirsch 08/26/16 06:56am Truck Campers
RE: 500 miles under 50 mph

Besides, it's only ONCE.
mkirsch 08/25/16 12:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gasoline and clear coat

Repeated contact with gasoline over time does harm the clearcoat. On my 2003, in the thousands of fuel-ups I performed, I inevitably had a couple of spill-overs where the automatic nozzle failed to function properly, and/or where the idiot who fueled up before me "bo-ob-y-trapped" the nozzle by leaving it filled with gasoline so when I tipped the nozzle down to insert it in the filler neck, a cupful of gasoline "blurped" out on to the paint. Each time I would immediately do my best to clean it off and apply new wax, but many times it was in the dead of winter and water froze immediately. Anyway by the end of 12-1/2 years, the area under the fuel door was noticeably dulled and discolored compared to the rest of the truck.
mkirsch 08/25/16 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1956 F100 what can it pull?

The problem I have is that you can say all these things are "built," "beefy," and "heavy duty" but you're not giving us any numbers. "Heavy duty" means a lot of things to a lot of people. Anything rated for more than "stock" is considered "heavy duty." Your "heavy duty" airbags may be rated for more than the stock airbags, but are they rated for the 4500-ish pounds of weight that will likely be on this truck's rear axle? The terms "built" and "beefy" also suffer from the same problem. There's "built/beefy" as in more than stock, and "built/beefy" as in designed for the intended purpose. Those can be two different things. I have no doubt that if you use the correct components, and do quality work, what you want to do will work marvelously. You can build that truck out to tow however much you want it to tow. The onus is on you to do your homework to make sure the parts you choose are up to the task.
mkirsch 08/25/16 09:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Amazon deal of the day, Wen Generator $379.99

How is a genuine Yamaha engine a "cheap knock-off?"
mkirsch 08/25/16 07:42am Truck Campers
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