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RE: Finally......a good way to carry extra gas (mod)!

This is caused by people watching too many old episodes of "CHiPS" on MeTV. If you believe what you see on that show, ANY car explodes into a ball of flames from even the slightest tap. https://youtu.be/-9GGDOUDLhc Sadly, that's what many people think actually happens. "Tink.... BOOM!" If only people understood what conditions are required for a FIRE, let alone a full-on explosion, they'd realize how silly this whole conversation is. Any talk of "chemistry" makes people's heads swoon; they go glassy-eyed and slack-jawed at the slightest mention of even the basic concepts. Toooooo complicated! Gas in gas tank safe! Gas in gas can not safe! Gas make fire! Gas make boom-boom! Fire bad! Boom-boom bad! Gas bad!
mkirsch 02/21/19 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Finally......a good way to carry extra gas (mod)!

This is caused by people watching too many old episodes of "CHiPS" on MeTV. If you believe what you see on that show, ANY car explodes into a ball of flames from even the slightest tap.
mkirsch 02/20/19 07:48am Truck Campers
RE: F150 with a new Travel Trailer

Unfortunately you're really not going to get any useful information from this forum. Everybody's either going to try to convince you that you can tow anything, or you're going to die for even considering this. Neither is true, but few seem to be able to talk reasonably, and nobody listens to the ones with reasonable answers. It's all about glomming on to the person that tells you what you want to hear. So, if you're looking for an excuse to buy a new truck, listen to "suicide." If you don't want to buy a new truck, listen to "tows anything." I'm done trying to talk reason on this forum.
mkirsch 02/18/19 12:29pm Towing
RE: I can't decide between a Hensley or ProPride Hitch.

Flip a coin. Seriously. That's what your decision is down to.
mkirsch 02/18/19 12:16pm Towing
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

If you guys had Stable-Lifts, it would take you one minute to unload your campers... and yeah, no need to pull the truck out from under it for a flat, you’re only using the camper jacks to take extra weight off the suspension. If you want to write the check to put Stable Lifts on my $2000 (what I paid 8 years ago) camper, I'll gladly install it. My understanding is Stable Lift far exceeds the value of my camper, so I'm personally not interested unless someone else is buying.
mkirsch 02/18/19 12:13pm Truck Campers
RE: When is a 3/4 ton needed?

For every number someone throws out as being where you "need" a certain truck, 10 other people are going to say it's wrong. Really it's more of a "feel" thing, but very few people have the money to keep buying trucks until they find the one that they're comfortable with. For sure with the numbers you give, a 3/4 ton truck will tow it comfortably. One of the higher-rated 1/2 ton pickups (i.e. "max/HD payload package") may also work well for you, but do you really want to drop a bunch of money on a new truck only to find out that it isn't significantly better than what you have now? A 3/4 ton is GUARANTEED to be significantly better. During camping season, about once a week someone will come on this forum and post a thread after having gone and picked up their new 3/4 ton truck. You would think you were at an Evangelical church service, and hearing them TESTIFY, "Lawdy, Lawdy, I have seen THE LIGHT!"
mkirsch 02/15/19 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: If price was not a consideration, Gas or Diesel?

If price were not a consideration, I would buy the most expensive truck on the lot, which would probably have a diesel engine. Heck why would I be buying off the lot? Custom order it with EVERY option. Order TWO in fact so when one's in the shop for whatever reason, maintenance or repair, I can drive the other. Actually I would have THREE trucks, one from each of the big three manufacturers. You said price was not a consideration.
mkirsch 02/15/19 12:44pm Truck Campers
RE: If I want a pink truck - have a Lance camper, gas or diesel?

(poster probably meant, "I want to PICK a truck," not PINK truck.) Considering the poster, he meant "pink." For those slow on the uptake, it is poking fun at all the inane questions asked and all the insane comments regarding gas vs. diese.
mkirsch 02/15/19 12:40pm Truck Campers
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

It takes you 30 minutes to drop a camper? I’m getting an idea for a truck camper rodeo... :) So standard operating procedure is to abandon the camper when you have a flat? Just drop it, change the flat, and drive away? That's sarcasm for, "You still need to reload it!" People here brag about taking 15 minutes to unload, or 15 minutes to load, so that seems to be the gold standard. 15 off and 15 on makes 30 minutes total added to the tire change. Fact of the matter it does take me about 30 minutes to load the camper. So for me dropping the camper to change a flat would be an additional 45 minutes. Actually, call it an hour because I'd also have to drop the trailer...
mkirsch 02/15/19 12:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for advice

The debate of "gas vs diesel" is ages old and never really changes. Yes, the diesel will give you the best overall performance, the best overall fuel economy, and will put a smile on your face every time you press the skinny pedal, IFFFFFF you can get past the co$t aspect of it, and realize that it will NEVER pencil out financially. A diesel is going to cost more, period. More to own. More to operate. More to maintain. That is a fact. You will not come out ahead financially owning a diesel for towing a camper 5000 miles a year. You will, however, get to the campground faster. There is no reason a gas engined truck can't tow a 5th wheel. Asking such is really silly. You just have to get past the fact that the engine is going to run at more then 2000RPM, probably for long stretches. You are NOT hurting the engine. You are NOT hurting the truck. Gasoline engines need to rev to make power. There are also different levels of "5th wheel." You can get anything from a 7000lb up to a 21000lb triaxle behemoth. You probably want something more than a 3/4 ton gasoline engined truck for the larger trailers. Ride quality difference would be negligible between the trucks. I've never heard anyone even try to create a rumor to that effect. If anything the diesel should ride better due to the extra weight.
mkirsch 02/14/19 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

The one time I changed a tire, I unloaded the camper while I did it. Much easier and safer in the long run. I realize there are some situations where this wouldn't be feasible. But if you are in a place where it is possible why wouldn't you take the camper off? Off and on again is no big deal I do it all the time. How is an extra minimum 30 minutes' effort "easier" and what does it do to make the process "safer?" The one time I changed a tire, I put the jack under the axle at the flat. The jack would not lift the camper, truck, and trailer tongue so I ended up using the trailer tongue jack to lift some weight off the rear axle of the truck. Once I did that, the jack worked. At no time did I feel at all threatened or at risk. Other than wishing for an electric impact wrench, or not having the flat in the first place, I could not have asked for things to go more smoothly.
mkirsch 02/14/19 08:44am Truck Campers
RE: GVWR question

A couple of trips past White Rock and one past Hope with my setup were not a problem, but I was ignorant of those laws north of the US border and my rig did not have swerve, sag, roll or sway that attracted attention. Had I known the restrictions, BC would not have had our tourist dollars during that time. For the last four years, I drive a combination that is BC sticker compliant but have not returned with an RV - Irony. All that means is you didn't get caught, and/or they don't hassle out-of-province vehicles.
mkirsch 02/14/19 08:25am Truck Campers
RE: GVWR question

My F250 was scaling at 12,500 lbs with 4500 lbs of that up front when everything filled up and I had the trailer hitched to the rear. 9610 lbs of tire rating and 9000 lbs of rim rating per axle, but nothing matched the door sticker except the VIN. So? You're not in Canada and you've never been pulled over and weighed, so your statement is meaningless.
mkirsch 02/14/19 08:24am Truck Campers
RE: How Do You Think This TC is Laid Out?

Dangerous? Looks to me like that guy knows how to build things. It’s not really that much bigger than most 11-footers, as far as overall truck footprint goes. He extended the front bunk and added a rear porch and (probably) sleeping compartment. The truck can handle it. It’s probably still lighter than a Host Mammoth. Trucks are a lot easier to work on than motorhomes - a whole lot easier - and it is four wheel drive. Probably also a 7.3 diesel. Might even have a manual trans. It’s got five or six proper passenger seats. Campers have their distinct advantages over trailers and motorhomes. I don’t know why people here pick on it every time it shows up, just because it isn’t a factory stock store-bought rig. Pictures of it keep showing up being driven all over the place so it obviously works. Knows how to build things? It looks absolutely cobbled together and has its own built-in hill due to the sag in the front and rear. If you doubt me take a close look at the roofline (hint: frowny-face). They pick on it because it's the gaudiest, ugliest, most redneck attempt at a truck camper ever. He sure is committed to it, though. I doubt he has any issues at campgrounds where truck campers have to stay on the truck.
mkirsch 02/13/19 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: what gas engine? 2020 F350: 6.2 Gas or 7.3 L Gas?

The answer to "why pushrods?" is simple. It's a proven design that can be brought to market quickly with little risk. Also, it appeases the "I HATE CHANGE" crowd who could never accept an OHC engine in a pickup truck.
mkirsch 02/11/19 08:45am Truck Campers
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

I'm with the others. They're far more likely to just steal the whole rig, and that's easily done by a heavy wrecker with a wheel lift, a cordless impact wrench, and a short ratchet strap. Lift the front with the wrecker, and while one guy is strapping the wheels down the other slides under the truck and braap-braap-braap-braap, off comes your driveshaft. Rickety-rack-rickety-rack, your driveshaft is strapped to the frame rail, both guys are in the truck and it's GONE. That's standard operating procedure for a tow truck driver, so unless you're there screaming your fool head off, nobody will be the wiser. They'll probably have the yellow lights flashing, be wearing reflective vests and hard hats, so they look official, like they belong there. Again, unless you're standing there screaming your fool head off, everybody will assume it's a routine tow. The standard locks are enough to prevent the typical thief, who is only looking for something easily removed to sell as scrap.
mkirsch 02/11/19 08:35am Truck Campers
RE: Sell RV with or without truck?

I think just the opposite. You'll be leaving money on the table selling them as a package because you have a much smaller pool of buyers than you would for either the truck or the camper separately, AND they will want a "package discount." The odds of finding someone who wants your exact camper AND your exact truck are slim to none. You will only be able to get rid of it that way if you practically give it away.
mkirsch 02/11/19 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: Honda 2200 Generator Locking Suggestions

Some of the pictures here make me think of an old forum discussion issue with a different twist. Anyone removing their front license plate and mounting it on their generator or front rack to keep it visible? Here in NY if your back plate is NY, your front plate better be visible or you WILL get hassled by the law.
mkirsch 02/07/19 11:05am Truck Campers
RE: Honda 2200 Generator Locking Suggestions

You could encase the thing in concrete, but all a thief would have to do is bring a jackhammer and an engine driven air compressor... Can you see how quickly this gets riduculous? Look, anyone who thinks for a second that whatever they do to "secure" their generator can't be easily defeated, is delusional. The thief just has to bring enough equipment and have enough time to execute the theft. The sole purpose of "securing" your generator is to divert the attention of the would-be thief to softer targets. Most thieves are snatch-and-grab types, and their targets are the easy pickin's that they can snag as they casually walk by, so as to not attract attention. A hardened chain through the handle is going to deter 99%+ of would be thieves, because they don't want to take the time or chance making the NOISE required to grind through that chain. One of the primary requirements of successful thievery is not getting caught, and they WILL go for the chain because the generator is worthless with a cut handle.
mkirsch 02/06/19 12:35pm Truck Campers
RE: F-250 Brake Issue

Thanks for the help guys, it is definitely the hill assist. Not crazy about it but I'm not going to fool with trying to disable it. I'll just let it work like it is supposed to I guess. Try to repress the irrational "It's different, so I automatically don't like it," reaction and give it a chance.
mkirsch 02/05/19 07:55am Tow Vehicles
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