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RE: Hauling a heavy camper and towing

That's all well and good, but if he wanted to build a truck, he would build a truck. I can only conclude that he wants to work from a stock truck. There's no doubt that the F350 or F450 can handle the weight no problem. Might need airbags or something to level it out a bit. Axle ratings will take it. You will, however, exceed 14,000lbs putting you in DOT Class 4. In states that sell truck registrations based on weight, unless you LIE, you will have to opt for the more expensive weight class. Weight-based registration is based on how much wear and tear you are putting on the road. Heavier trucks cause more wear and tear on the roads, hence people who drive them should pay more to help maintain the roads.
mkirsch 02/26/20 07:10am Truck Campers
RE: Conduct a safety drill, have your passenger yell out SWAY!!

I don't see the point of making rules about doing it only when stopped. Why bother at all? You'll be subconsciously prepared to reach for the lever at every stop, because you know that these are the conditions under which someone is liable to initiate one of your "sway drills." The load on the driver is greatly diminished at a stop as well. In a real sway situation, you'll be busy trying to keep control of the tow vehicle, mindful of any nearby obstacles and/or traffic. There's a lot more to do while moving. Plus as grit dog stated earlier, sway events aren't sudden, unless you are not paying any attention at all. I also agree that applying the trailer brakes when the trailer broke loose around that corner would have been detrimental.
mkirsch 02/25/20 11:54am Towing
RE: Over weight? Does it bother you?

It only concerns me when other people do it. I don't know them, or their capabilities, or how they maintain their vehicles. Lots of people out there who think they're God's gift to driving and hauling, but have no business being behind the wheel of anything bigger than a Nissan Versa.
mkirsch 02/25/20 11:19am Truck Campers
RE: New 7.3 vs old V-10

I guess define struggle. If you mean slows down on grades, you probably are going to do the same with the 7.3 so I wouldn’t necessarily blow $30-40 large on a new truck just to get the 7.3. It's been a while since you've shopped for a new truck, I take it? You're not getting any sort of Super Duty for $30-40,000 cash layout unless you've got about a $20,000 trade in.
mkirsch 02/20/20 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually valve

Anybody running the valve stems from Dually valve.com? Judging by the responses thus far, the answer is, "No."
mkirsch 02/20/20 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1996 Chevy K2500 + Lance LC980 + 6,000lb trailer?

Which 2500 is it? GM made a 7200lb GVWR and an 8600lb GVWR model. The 7200 GVWR model was a 6-lug semi-floating axle setup. Dad had a 1989 8600lb GVWR model and it was seriously overbuilt. 4000lbs in the bed was where it started to ride nice. Of course after 11 years of road salt there was not much left, so you need to keep that in mind with your now 21 year old truck.
mkirsch 02/19/20 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: Help. Will This Work?

It will fit but you won't like the way it handles especially in a wind. The center of gravity will be too far aft making the steering too light. Baloney. The effect of the center of gravity being a few inches further back will be no worse than hitching up a trailer with a 500lb tongue weight. No pickup truck, compact, "half ton," "three-quarter ton," "one ton" or otherwise, requires weight distribution with a 500lb tongue weight. They handle just fine. So will this combination. That calculation is for a 5000lb camper, by the way. Anything lighter than that will have less of an effect.
mkirsch 02/18/20 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: 1999 Lance Squire Lite 186 in a short bed

The COG thing is not nearly as critical as people say/think it is. When you really sit down and take the time to read and understand the COG range specifications in the camper loading information for your truck, you'll see that most of them specify a range from the front of the bed to the rear of the bed. As long as the weight of the camper doesn't exceed what's on the glove box sticker, AND it's somewhere in the bed, you're fine. Even as a long bed model, the Squire Lite 186 will not have an appreciable effect on the handling and balance of the truck! It will be no worse than having a trailer with a 500lb tongue weight hooked to the truck. You may, however want to consider weight distribution for the trailers you will be towing, even if it's not necessary, because you are basically adding 500lbs to any tongue weight you connect to the truck, with the rearward weight of the camper. Trailer or camper will be fine on their own, but together, you might want weight distribution.
mkirsch 02/17/20 11:39am Truck Campers
RE: Used truck camper

Unless there are a lot of those models around for sale all the time, don't limit yourself. Look at what's for sale, what's in the best condition. When you find an older camper on really nice shape, any question of "good or bad" is already answered for you. So is "How do they hold up?" Also "any problems/weak points?"
mkirsch 02/17/20 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: Towing with Superchips tuner ?

I've never seen a tuner that made any usable power. It's all at the top of the RPM range. You don't tow at 4500-5400RPMs.
mkirsch 02/13/20 12:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2013 chevy 1 ton dually

I had new tires installed onmy dually, and they insisted on only putting 60lbs in the rear 4 tires and 78 in the front. i see on the placard it calls for 60 in the rear, they are 80psi tires. i always ran at 80 psi when towing. why 60psi 60PSI gives the tires the load carrying capacity to carry the factory rating of the truck. It's the pressure of the air in the tire that gives them their weight-carrying ability. 80PSI on a Load Range E tire gives you its maximum capacity. Maximum capacity on the tire is not needed to reach maximum capacity on the axle, so 60PSI. For liability reasons, the installer will not exceed the door sticker. You can do whatever you want after you've driven off their lot, but they are not going to exceed manufacturer's specifications, even if you say it's okay.
mkirsch 02/12/20 08:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM wants to improve trailer brakes

For every one of you who say "I would gladly pay..." there are 999 others who would cry bloody murder if the price of their trailer jumped by $1000, let alone $1500. They'd expect the dealer to eat the cost, and the dealer is not going to eat the cost. The manufacturer is sure not going to eat the cost. So it doesn't happen. Same goes with steel brake lines on vehicles. They should come with something that does not rust out and blow, but they don't, because the manufacturer won't eat the cost, the dealer won't eat the cost, and the customer isn't willing to pay the cost.
mkirsch 02/12/20 06:48am Towing
RE: No! I’m not top heavy.

Something ironic about RVers pointing at others and saying "that's top heavy!" LOL You misspelled "hypocritical."
mkirsch 02/12/20 06:40am Towing
RE: My Folding Porch

For some reason the pictures in the original post are very blurry for me... don't know if it is my laptop or something else. Can they be reposted somehow? That's caused by Photobucket. You need to pay to see the images clearly.
mkirsch 02/12/20 06:38am Truck Campers
RE: My Folding Porch

I have a similar setup, only narrow to fit between the lights. The purpose of mine is to bridge out over my trailer tongue and turn the steps 90 degrees for a side exit. If anything a porch is SAFER because it allows you a wide stable place to step out and get your bearings before negotiating the scissor steps to the ground. For anyone of any age. Plus you may not want to stand on the ground, such as in the case of wet muddy conditions. Sit on the porch under the awning and enjoy the rain, high and dry.
mkirsch 02/10/20 01:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Trailer hitch

I think you are all misunderstanding the OP's question. What he wants, is to hold the trailer straight behind the truck ONLY when he's backing up. Answer's the same, though: It's not going to work. Why? Because it will never be perfectly straight. If there's any sort of inconsistency in the driving surface, or even a gust of wind, the trailer will start to turn all on its own. You can't "hold" that with a rigid link. The forces will just increase until something breaks. Short of trading up to one of those Fords with the trailer backing assistant, your only solution here is to learn how to back a trailer. There's nothing wrong with your tow vehicle or the trailers. The fact that the RV park owner had problems means nothing. They own the campground, they don't camp. You just need to figure out what works for you. The biggest mistake I see people making is oversteering. To back up straight you only need SMALL corrections. Yet, they're sawing at the wheel like a lumberjack, flinging it from stop to stop.
mkirsch 02/07/20 07:39am Towing
RE: Camper Renovation and Capabilities of a 2007 Tundra Double

Modifying a camper to save weight by things like "taking out the bathroom" is not a good idea. You will ruin the value of your unit by modifying it. Better to buy a bigger truck. If you're starting with a $1500-$2000 camper, how much value are you going to "ruin" really??? OP, one thing you'll find is that it's going to be nigh on impossible to do a truck camper on any sort of 15-series, aka "half ton", without exceeding the payload capacity, GVWR, perhaps even the axle ratings. That 15XXlb capacity disappears quick. There's a TON of debate on this. Truck camper manufacturers regularly advertise campers that weigh in at 2500+ loaded for "half ton". A national camper rental service has/had a fleet of F150's with fully self-contained (i.e bathroom) hard sided campers that they rent out.
mkirsch 02/06/20 08:20am Truck Campers
RE: truck campers require registration like a trailer camper?

alabama and sometimes Florida What's important is the state where the truck is registered. All other states have a reciprocal agreement with that state regarding most vehicle registration laws, as in if it's legal in that state, it's legal in any other state.
mkirsch 02/06/20 08:00am Truck Campers
RE: Can’t afford new air bags right now

If you only dropped 1.5” I’d think you’d have the truck leveled out nicely. If the truck is handling fine I wouldn’t worry about it. My sentiments exactly, unless you mean 1-1/2" BELOW level. If it's only 1-1/2" total, the overloads are barely engaging. Raise it up much/any and you'll be slapping off the overloads every time you hit a bump, which let me tell you makes for a VERY harsh ride.
mkirsch 02/06/20 07:50am Truck Campers
RE: Regular cab under Outfitter Apex 9.5?

First thing, GM still makes an extended cab truck. It's called the Double Cab and even though the doors open forward, it's no longer than the old extended cab model. The truck that's a foot longer is the full Crew Cab. They look similar but if you look more closely you will see that a full Crew Cab truck's rear doors are much larger. Second thing, how do you see the traffic lights with the extended cabover on a regular cab truck? Sure you can sit back a ways, but you would have to be so far back that you will not be tripping the sensor for the light. You could be sitting at an intersection for HOURS waiting for the light to turn green.
mkirsch 02/04/20 01:57pm Truck Campers
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