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RE: Suspicions confirmed: the Lance 650 is a hit

I wouldn't call a camper that's pushing 1700lbs DRY "lightweight" exactly... Especially when it exceeds the rated payload capacity of most every 15-series truck on the market, and even when it doesn't, doesn't leave you much wiggle room for anything else, let alone passengers. Get the dry weight down to 1200lbs so I'm only exceeding my 1/2 ton truck's payload capacity by 500lbs when I'm loaded and ready to camp, instead of 1000lbs+. Then we'll talk.
mkirsch 12/09/16 07:59am Truck Campers
RE: Honda Yamaha vs Kipor Generators Reliability

Have you? I see no db listed on the specs. Good indication they are not quieter. I'll try to stop you two kids bickering with these test results. Looks like the Generac is about 1 db quieter, barely perceptible to the human ear. Both are pretty darn quiet. Unlike 2oldman, I had no problems finding db numbers listed in the specs. Like you say, the Generac is slightly quieter than the Honda... ON PAPER What I was looking for was a real world experience from someone who has heard a Generac and can compare it to a Honda. Not looking for biased advertising, or biased skepticism. I've watched a few youtube videos and it's really hard to tell because that kind of sound does not translate well to the computer.
mkirsch 12/09/16 07:40am Tech Issues
RE: O/D on or off when driving down the highway

If I may ask a question... What does the designer and builder of the transmission say? There is no discussion about this in the owner's manual? You know real men don't read the instructions.
mkirsch 12/09/16 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: Bumper Pull versus Gooseneck for me

While some TC can be cramped, the larger ones are quite roomy, but with roomy comes HEAVY. The top end ones can exceed your truck's rated payload capacity by 1000-1500lbs, which in and of itself is not a huge issue. The issue comes when you go to throw ANOTHER 1200lbs of tongue weight from the horse trailer, on a 4' extension. That's an awful lot for your truck to handle. You'll need airbags and helper springs of some sort. Forget offroad because you'll sink like a stone dragging an anchor, being so heavy. If you consider smaller campers in the 8'-9.5' floor range, you knock off a (literal) ton of weight or more, and you can tow your existing 3-horse trailer with a much shorter extension, or no extension at all! Much more practical.
mkirsch 12/08/16 12:44pm Towing
RE: Honda Yamaha vs Kipor Generators Reliability

How about the Generac IQ2000?For a couple hundred less than the Honda, and supposedly quieter,...Heavy on the supposedly. Have you heard one run?
mkirsch 12/08/16 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter generator hack? Two blue wires.

You're right: http://www.ebay.com/itm/IN3500I-4-5HP-sine-waves125cc-4-Stoke-Gas-Portable-Inverter-Generator-3500-Watt-/361381330333?hash=item5424017d9d:g:6AIAAOSw9NdXrRD2 Except, the price is $300 less than I paid for mine.
mkirsch 12/08/16 12:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking to see if a sway bar exists for 5th wheels.

The width isn't the problem, it's the center of gravity. Did you haul a heavy toy around in the old toy hauler? A big weight situated low down in the trailer will cause it to be more stable due to the lower center of gravity. Your new trailer probably has a lot of overhead cabinets and storage. You don't need a sway bar, you need stiffer springs.
mkirsch 12/08/16 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: Honda Yamaha vs Kipor Generators Reliability

How about the Generac IQ2000? For a couple hundred less than the Honda, and supposedly quieter, with load and fuel meters, I've been curious.
mkirsch 12/08/16 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter generator hack? Two blue wires.

The generator has been put back together and works better than ever. This pigtail was definitely sitting loose in the bottom of the generator case. All connections from the inverter to the panel are through pigtails with locking connectors. This connector has provisions for a lock, but no corresponding pigtail on the panel, or anywhere else in the case. I did find this. The case is different but it looks like the internals are the same as mine. The outer case looks like one of those Boily units that used to be so popular. http://www.buffalotools.com/manuals/gen3500imanual.pdf It appears from the schematic that the pair of blue wires may come from the DC winding. I don't think my generator has a 12V DC output, so that may be it.
mkirsch 12/08/16 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: Equalizer hitch

Agree, it's perfectly fine to have more than you need. The price is the same, as I recall. The ratings are "up to," meaning you can use them for up to 1000lbs, or 1200lbs, whatever the bar is rated for. It does not mean the tongue has to weigh that much or that you need to transfer that much weight. You simply adjust the bars so that the front ride height on your tow vehicle is where your owner's manual says it should be (typically either at original ride height, or 1/2 way back to original).
mkirsch 12/08/16 07:32am Towing
RE: registration woes with new truck

Don't you need to be operating a farm in order to get agricultural plates?
mkirsch 12/08/16 07:21am Truck Campers
RE: Combining battery sizes in parallel.

Well, if you didn't want to start a debate you shouldn't have posted, because this subject inevitably starts a debate. Ideally, you should not mix battery sizes, at least on a long term basis. Electrically it will work fine but over a period of time the differences between the batteries could cause problems. Weak batteries will kill good batteries for sure. I've been using different battery banks in parallel for years. One bank in my truck and another in the trailer. When I'm drawing power for the camper they are connected. When I get home I disconnect from the trailer and park the camper in the barn, so they are never connected long-term.
mkirsch 12/08/16 07:15am Truck Campers
Inverter generator hack? Two blue wires.

This is a long shot, but I have a Chinese 3500W inverter generator that was sold as a "PowerEase" among other brands. It looks like an oversized Honda 2000. Recently I had to pull the case off to replace the fuel pump, and I discovered a loose connector containing two blue wires coming from the inverter. The connector has two female slots arranged in a T. I know that Chinese manufacturers often use commonly available parts in their products so I suspect that this inverter is used on other generators, and that these two blue wires serve a purpose. Any guesses, or outright knowledge, as to what these two wires might be for?
mkirsch 12/07/16 01:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Transmission woes

In a lot of cases the only thing you can do is keep driving until it gets bad enough that they can figure out the problem. They're not going to rebuild the transmission for a second time for free on your say-so, and they are not going to pay another shop to rebuild the transmission for a second time on your say-so. You don't realize how many kooks come into these repair shops with imagined problems, demanding free this or free that. If they gave in on every one they would be broke in no time. It's understandable when a shop won't fix your problem because they can't recreate the symptoms or find something obviously wrong. I've just learned to drive it until the noise is so bad they can't deny it's there.
mkirsch 12/07/16 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Water only warm, not hot, after summer lay up

If the anode rod is bad, your water heater will leak. Check what the others have suggested so far. After that it's either the element or the thermostat. Both are an easy fix on a residential water heater, and you may as well change both if they are not terribly expensive.
mkirsch 12/07/16 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: 2006 Dodge 3500 with GPS and Sirius.Need help

My XM radio automatically finds "new" stations if they're included with my subscription level. I don't get premium channels like Howard Stern, for example. Actually the "new" stations are not new at all. They are existing stations that are repurposed because they were not popular, or ran their course.
mkirsch 12/07/16 11:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Taijgate won't open

Weight dynamics become a factor beyond 3-4" of extension. Extended WD shanks are commonly available that will give you around 2" additional length, without changing the dynamics appreciably.
mkirsch 12/07/16 11:27am Towing
RE: Taijgate won't open

Without knowing exactly what you have, and how much distance you need, it will be difficult to make a recommendation. Going by the fact that you have a powered jack on your trailer, you must have a weight distributing hitch. Extended shanks are available for weight distributing hitches. The hitch extensions used by most truck campers are overkill as far as distance. You only need a couple of inches, where most truck camper extensions add 18"-48" to the length. Most of the hitch extensions sold by etrailer.com are limited to 3500lbs of trailer capacity so they will not work for your application.
mkirsch 12/05/16 11:05am Towing
RE: considering 3/4-1 ton conversion vans

Do they even make conversion vans anymore? I thought those went out with the 1980's. Even back then I don't recall seeing any 8-lug conversion vans. They were all 5-lug models, and VERY overweight. The 8-lug vans were service vans, school buses, medical transports, hotel shuttles.
mkirsch 12/01/16 09:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bigfoot sewer hose storage

It would be the perfect location to store your money and jewelry. Who's going to go into the sewer hose compartment looking for anything valuable?
mkirsch 12/01/16 08:13am Truck Campers
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