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RE: How much grease in the Ez lube?

You're basing your opinion of the EZ Lube hubs on a used trailer that does appear to have been severely overgreased. My experience with my hubs is the polar opposite of yours, but then I know how mine have been treated from day one, you only know what the guy has told you about yours. If I had the same experience as you I may feel the same as you. If the EZ Lub hubs worked as designed, it is not possible for them to be "overgreased." You're supposed to pump until clean grease comes out, right? Pump more in, same amount's supposed to come out, right? Shouldn't make a bit of difference whether it's dirty old grease or clean new grease, so... How can you "overgrease?"
mkirsch 05/27/16 08:39am Tech Issues
RE: Roof top A/C not cooling properly

No refrigeration repair around here will touch the things because they don't have ports on them. You would need to find an old school refrigeration guy, but they are getting fewer and farther between every year.
mkirsch 05/27/16 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: Roof top A/C not cooling properly

There is no place to add freon because they are sealed units and not serviceable. Like a window unit in your house. You basically have to throw this unit away and buy a brand new one if it no longer works because it has lost its coolant or the compressor has failed, or anything else goes wrong.
mkirsch 05/27/16 07:49am Tech Issues
RE: Difference in honda generators Big store vs small dealer?

Op here... Thanks for all the replies. Pricing yesterday at a big box store, each unit was $200.00 less than what the Honda dealer (less then one mile up road) was asking. I wanted to make sure that big box models isn't cheaper quality or some thing missing out of more expensive models that the Honda dealer has. If the Honda dealer is asking more than $999-ish for the regular EU2000i, and $1099-ish for the Companion version, then he is a typical overpriced dealer. See if they will come down on their price though. Show them the box store ad. They will be servicing it for any warranty work regardless of who you buy it from, and it would be better to buy it from them because they are a small business.
mkirsch 05/27/16 07:36am Tech Issues
RE: No Power - Unplugged from Shore Power

Do you mean running lights, like stop/tail/turn/clearance, or your porch light? Also, you might want to start a new thread. Changing focus in the middle of an existing thread is nigh on impossible. People will read the first post and respond to that.
mkirsch 05/27/16 07:06am Truck Campers
RE: upgrading the Hitch from class 2 to 3 on my motorhome

You really should ask the manufacturer of the RV. Odds are they will say "no." My guess is they put the Class 2 hitch on it because that is all they are willing to guarantee the frame extension for.
mkirsch 05/25/16 11:38am Towing
RE: Intermittent brakes!!!!

There's really not too much mystery to trailer brakes once you take a look at them. Mostly it's just a wire running from the front of the truck to the back of the trailer. That wire is usually undersized from the factory, poorly routed, and poorly connected. 99.99 percent of trailer brake problems stem from that wire.
mkirsch 05/24/16 11:50am Towing
RE: What can I tow?

If you have 1000 lbs left over, 10 percent gives you a 10K trailer. It is likely he will have nearl 1000lbs of payload left over given the current occupants of the vehicle, but there is NO WAY he would ever be comfortable towing a 10,000lb trailer with that truck. Driving would feel heavy and sluggish, with frequent down-shifting. Not to mention, 10 percent is the absolute minimum. Most travel trailers run anywhere from 12-14 percent tongue weight. If you start with a trailer around 5000lbs empty, you will have plenty enough to tow once you've loaded up to go camping. That puts the trailer at between 6000 and 6500lbs with options, loaded and ready to camp.
mkirsch 05/23/16 12:34pm Towing
RE: Crank out, side arm-less awnings, major issues?

I'd be concerned about that weight cantilevered out from the roof of the TC. Down riggers make the structure so much stronger.
mkirsch 05/23/16 12:15pm Truck Campers
RE: ezpass

The toll booth read mine from inside the glove compartment. I was trying to prevent it from reading so as to not incur a fine for towing a trailer with my single-vehicle EZ pass. The NY Thruway Authority could count axles, but couldn't figure out how to charge you for it at the time. Funny part of the deal was I had stopped to get a ticket and the light did not indicate. The attendant looked at his screen and said, "You've got an EZ pass. Why'd you stop?" He said that the readers could sense the EZ pass no matter where it was in the vehicle, unless it was sealed in the special bag. Now they count axles and charge you based on number of axles.
mkirsch 05/23/16 12:12pm Truck Campers
RE: CWR vs Payload

On my old truck the CWR was exactly the payload rating MINUS 750lbs for five passengers. A whopping 587lbs.
mkirsch 05/23/16 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Chevy 4x4 21/2 ton tow weight?

Any 1/2 ton can SAFELY handle a 3500lb trailer. Nobody said anything about setting any land speed records with it. The tires, wheels, brakes, axles, springs, and frame are for all intents and purposes the same whether you've got the smallest V6 or the biggest V8 in the truck. Any truck in that category can keep the tongue off the ground, stop the rig, and are more than adequate to keep the tail from wagging the dog.
mkirsch 05/20/16 09:08am Towing
RE: Finding a Router bit used commonly in RV Construction

A rotozip is the whole tool. The guide that keeps the bit flush is part of the tool's base. You can't just put a rotozip bit in a router and expect it to work properly. I have also heard these bits called "flush cut." Google of "flush cut router bit" shows many that will perform the function that you describe.
mkirsch 05/20/16 08:59am Truck Campers
RE: Why do my truck batteries die?

First thing disconnect what you think is a fully-charged camper battery and let it rest for a couple hours, then check the voltage. If the voltage doesn't measure at least 12.6V, the battery is weak. Another thing you can do is put a test light in between the hot wire of the trailer plug on the truck and the plug on the camper. Might also have to connect the ground. If the light lights, there is something drawing power in the camper. The light won't light if there is no complete circuits in the camper. You could perform the same test with an ammeter to determine how many Amps are being pulled by the camper when it should be "dead."
mkirsch 05/20/16 08:56am Truck Campers
RE: Chevy 4x4 21/2 ton tow weight?

Depends on the engine and transmission. With the V6/4-speed, 3500lbs is about all you will be able to tolerate, if that. With the 5.3L/6-speed, it will tow 5000lbs like it's not even back there.
mkirsch 05/19/16 01:46pm Towing
RE: Intermittent brakes!!!!

Amazing they can get away with all this poor quality when they boast about great quality control. Quality control only ensures that the quality is consistent. Doesn't mean the quality is consistently good...
mkirsch 05/19/16 01:35pm Towing
RE: Anyone use covers over there camper?

Those who are happy with their covers... How long have you had them? From my experience there are covers that either have torn or are going to tear.
mkirsch 05/19/16 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing with Lance TC:

Bolting the extension to the camper's bumper is a silly idea, especially now that the camper is 20-some years old. It was a Lance factory feature and probably worked okay for light towing when the camper was new. Don't depend on it for anything now, though. As I recall the Lance extension had an upward offset to meet the bottom of the camper, though I'd expect that to be different for different trucks.
mkirsch 05/19/16 12:59pm Truck Campers
RE: After a hard pull on tow vehicle

"coolant almost pegged out" is something to worry about. Your temperature gauge shouldn't move no matter how hard you pull.
mkirsch 05/18/16 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: '04 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L

What are the specifications for the Tahoe? If it has the 5.3L engine and a 3.73 axle ratio (look for GT4 on the list of codes on the inside of the glove compartment lid), you will be okay as long as the truck is well maintained and has good tires. Remember that the 4100lbs number is the EMPTY trailer. You will be adding approximately 1000+lbs to the trailer by the time you hit the road so it will be in the 5200-5500lb range. Plus the five passengers will be eating into the payload capacity of your Tahoe. You're going to have around 700lbs of tongue weight from the trailer, which will leave you 500-600lbs of payload capacity for everything/everyone else in the Tahoe. It'll be right on the edge of "comfortable" but perfectly safe if, again, the truck is in good shape, well maintained, and has good tires. This all goes out the window if you're talking about a rusty old claptrap.
mkirsch 05/18/16 12:17pm Tow Vehicles
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