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RE: 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

Once the numbers have been satisfied it becomes a personal preference thing. One guy will take a truck and trailer out for a drive and claim they could not feel the trailer behind them. A different guy can take the same exact trailer and truck out on the same roads in the same conditions, and claim they were being pushed all over the road.
mkirsch 10/22/19 02:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why aren't Truck Campers popular in W. Pa.?

When you get into the large RV manufacturers, it most certainly *IS* an assembly line, in the traditional Ford Model T sense even.
mkirsch 10/22/19 09:35am Truck Campers
RE: Hitch Extenders

This product seems extremely dangerous to me. I have towed travel trailers for over 30 years and have learned that keeping the ball as close to the tow vehicle is very important for stability. The physics of all this is: the further you put the load behind the rear axle, the more unstable the tow vehicle becomes. 41 or 48" seems awful far to me. The trailer has all that leverage on the tow vehicle. Moving the center of gravity back too far in the tow vehicle is how you lose control and roll them over. Yes, we all know and understand the physics, but we are not towing travel trailers here in general. The extension is a necessary evil for towing behind a long slide-in truck camper, which can overhang the rear of the truck by as much as 48". This is a commercial product and apparently it is not as inherently dangerous as you claim because if it were, Reese would not offer it, as surely someone would have brought a significant claim against them over it. One million dollar settlement, and the product would be gone because they don't sell very many of them.
mkirsch 10/21/19 09:27am Truck Campers
RE: Why aren't Truck Campers popular in W. Pa.?

Manufacturers of ANYTHING typically have similar build quality across the board... So, if you weren't impressed with the 720, what makes you think you're going to be any more impressed with an 820??? Food for thought as you consider bailing on the Cirrus. The communication thing is not limited to TC dealers. There are still a LOT of "old school" dealers out there, just hole in the wall mom & pop shops with an employee or two. Either one of their kids/grandkids or a young employee said they *HAD* to have a website and email address, so they got one. Then it was like a house cat catching a chipmunk; they had no idea what to do with it! You get short on help, short on time, and the inbox is flooded with spam and stupid questions from "tire kickers" that will never result in a sale... and you absolutely *CAN* tell when you've got a time waster/tire kicker. You just get frustrated, throw up your hands, abandon it, and go back to dealing face to face with walk-in customers.
mkirsch 10/21/19 09:16am Truck Campers
RE: prevent fresh water from freezing

Not only will RV antifreeze not help if diluted, you will NOT like trying to shower with RV antifreeze in your water. Since my camper does not have a winterizing kit I have to dump a gallon of pink in my fresh tank each fall and circulate it through the lines. There's maybe a cup of antifreeze left in the tank. Anyway, one spring I thought I'd flushed the tank adequately but apparently not. Got in to take a nice hot shower and that tiny bit of RV antifreeze made my eyes sting something awful. Had to endure a 3-day trip getting my eyes burned out every morning. It was either that, or stink.
mkirsch 10/21/19 09:00am Truck Campers
RE: Solar or generator for older camper?

"I can't hear it run" is like "tows like there's nothing behind me." It's a FIGURE OF SPEECH, not literal! Means, it's very quiet. Significantly quieter than a conventional open frame generator, so much so that it would impress someone to the point that they'd make that FIGURATIVE comparison. No reasonable person would hear someone say that and expect the generator to be absolutely silent. Come on. You are capable of thinking in more than literal terms.
mkirsch 10/17/19 09:22am Truck Campers
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

Plus all the problems have been fleshed out and fixed vs. a new travel trailer, which is going to have issues for at least the first year or more as someone alluded to earlier.
mkirsch 10/16/19 08:58am Towing
RE: Fun at the CAT Scales - Kind a Surprised at the result.

Agreed with Barney. It's a matter of physics. All WD hitches perform the same function in the "pitch axis." Where they differ is in the "yaw axis." You would get the same results from any WD hitch as far as weight transfer goes. But, you are still missing the weights of the EMPTY truck. Whichever one of the three settings gets the front axle weight as close to what it was empty, is the one to use.
mkirsch 10/16/19 08:42am Towing
RE: rolled MH onto the side - and the towed

Say what you want about carfax but it is more than we had. I say better to at least have a chance at finding out a car's history than none at all.
mkirsch 10/11/19 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone towed with the new Chevy Gasser??

I found this video tonight. Guy bought a 6.0 and was not happy with it pulling 8000lb tt over a pass in CO, and traded for the 2020 gasser, and pulled the same pass. https://youtu.be/PVd7p91rBjc There was something wrong with his old truck. He even mentioned having to pull off because it was getting hot.
mkirsch 10/11/19 08:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

This whole argument will be moot sooner or later, within the next 5-7 years if you ask me. 2WD trucks will go the way of the manual transmission. 4x4 is so overwhelmingly popular, and 2WD sales are dwindling year after year. Eventually the manufacturers will drop the 2WD option, and with it all the specialized components required to make them, thereby cutting production costs.
mkirsch 10/07/19 10:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck intrest rates

For some reason it is a lot easier to come up with the payment every month than it is to come up with the same amount of money to put into a savings account. It's weird, I had no payment for 8 years and didn't manage to save a dime. Don't know where it went. I don't remember spending it and have nothing to show for it. Took on a $500/month payment on a new truck, and still have the same amount of money in my bank account at the end of the month, haven't sacrificed anything, same meager standard of living. Got 1.6% five years ago when I bought the truck. BTW, some articles suggest the bottom is about to fall out of the auto market. Might be good to wait a while, but your used one will lose value too.
mkirsch 10/02/19 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Newbie question about 3.73 locking rear axle on F250 4x2

Most "stucks" happen because of the brain (or lack thereof) connected to the foot that rests on the skinny pedal. Knee-jerk reaction is "Oh I'm getting stuck better GUN IT!" Most of the time that's the exact wrong thing to do. One, two, three, four, or five wheels spinning, all that does is dig a deeper hole. I've feathered my way out of many situations where the typical reaction is GUN IT! 4x4 buried to its axles and I cruise on by with my 2WD towing a trailer. Don't even know if the locking rear diff was helping at all because I never spun a wheel.
mkirsch 10/02/19 12:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: broke like a toothpick

That couple wouldn't just be sitting there if that was real. There are videos of this rig driving around, so yes, they would. It also explains the background changes. It's likely that they were trying to limp the rig somewhere for help. Heck it's even possible they were driving it normally like that, but still, they were driving it. Apparently this happened not once, but twice to the same owner because a different truck with the same camper and trailer is in another picture with the same bent/broken frame.
mkirsch 09/26/19 08:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel mileage 2017 gas trucks

Realistically, expect about 12MPG overall with a 2500 or 3500 series gas truck. You can squeak it to 15 with lots of highway driving.
mkirsch 09/26/19 07:11am Truck Campers
RE: This is what happens when you have too much tongue weight...

Now the facebook page got poofed. More and more mystery. It's still there for me. Kinda hard to photoshop a video of the truck driving down the road. That would take tens of thousands of dollars worth of computer animation to achieve. Why would someone go through that much time effort and money on a hoax?
mkirsch 09/26/19 06:47am Truck Campers

Hi lap527 hope all is going well, thanks to all who replied I was really wanting to know about my USA travels and because I am legal at home and registered right I guess I'm good where ever I go thanks again to all Dave There is also the concept of "reciprocity" which means for the most part, if you are legal where you came from you are legal here. Reality is, nobody cares about weight when it comes to RVs in the USA. If you try to pull in a weigh station you will be waved through at best, chewed out for wasting the DOT's time at worst. As long as you are driving like a sane person, aren't dragging anything and/or nothing's falling off, you have nothing to worry about.
mkirsch 09/10/19 07:59am Truck Campers
RE: Hammerblow hubs

Replacement Hub for Hammer Blow Hub Part HB732 on Old Trailer Maybe it's time to upgrade one axle and save the good hub as a spare to the other. If you actually read that page, they don't have a direct replacement for the hub. They just tell you how to figure out IF there might be one. Really the only practical solution is to replace the entire axle, but then the hubs won't match front to back, so I'll have to replace the other one... Too bad because these hubs seem really robust compared to the Dexter style ones we have now.
mkirsch 09/05/19 12:28pm Tech Issues
Hammerblow hubs

I know these Hammerblow hubs are ancient and long out of production, but 3 out of the 4 hubs on my trailer are in good shape. One is missing the brake "guts" and I'd rather find an old hub to cannibalize for parts than have to replace the entire axle. It's just for a short haul trailer, and I can just wire up the front axle brakes and be just fine... This is an OCD thing. So does anybody know of a trailer "graveyard" or some obscure shop that deals in these things?
mkirsch 09/05/19 08:52am Tech Issues
RE: New diesel F250 in NJ?

Did it occur to anybody that the OP may have fat-fingered the year and meant 2019? The 2019 clearance is going on right now. I hardly think any dealer has enough 2018's left to even bother mentioning, let alone have a special clearance sale for them.
mkirsch 09/03/19 11:35am Tow Vehicles
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