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RE: Too much coolant causing low coolant alarm?

So basically you lucked out and came across a tech who had seen this relatively uncommon problem before, whereas the other techs who looked at it previous were following normal troubleshooting processes and finding no issues. I'm just saying I don't think you can blame the previous techs for not finding the problem. They're not superheroes.
mkirsch 09/08/21 05:57am Tech Issues
RE: Ram 1500 Long Tow Experience

What incident prompted you to make the statement about the oil?
mkirsch 09/07/21 01:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow capabilities

Safely, yes. Provided your Yukon is well maintained, has good tires and brakes, the trailer is well maintained, has good tires and brakes, the WD system is properly setup and rated to support the actual weight of the trailer. It will not, however, be within the weight ratings of the Yukon if that is important to you. You will exceed one or more of the ratings of the Yukon, be that axle, GVWR, GCWR or receiver hitch rating. Dry weight means empty trailer, nothing in it or on it. That means no propane or batteries, no water, nothing. Possibly not even an air conditioner or other optional equipment. Time all is said and done you will end up adding at least 1000-1500lbs to the weight of the trailer by the time you fill everything up and pack for camping. Most importantly you will probably not be happy with the performance and handling. It will be slow and sluggish compared to the tow vehicle by itself.
mkirsch 09/07/21 01:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why SRW off road?

If nobody's hit on it yet, it's real simple: SRW cuts two ruts. DRW cuts SIX ruts. The rear wheels of an SRW will follow right in the path of the front wheels, generally providing less resistance and more assistance as long as there is a bottom. The rear wheels of the DRW will have to make their own ruts, and squash the rut from the front wheel closed in the process. This takes a LOT more power and causes a LOT more drag. I had a roommate who was an EMT for a native reservation in rural Canada. Can't remember if he was from Alberta or Saskatchewan, as it's been 20 years since I've seen him. He hated the "mods," the ambulances that were modular units set on DRW van chassis, because of this. A straight SRW van ambulance would go through mud where the "mod" would get stuck. My own personal experience with this verifies his statement. I tried to forge through the snow with my DRW to bring it up front in late march. Couldn't do it. Even with 4x4. It would hit this snowbank and spin out. My 2WD SRW 1/2 ton walked right through the same snowbank without spinning a wheel.
mkirsch 09/07/21 10:57am Truck Campers
RE: Need help hanging e-track in trailer

You definitely want to attach to the framework of the trailer for anything that will be weight-bearing. I've used self-tappers, but they need to be kept as short as possible so as to not poke through to the outside of the trailer. A stud finder should be able to locate the framework, if you can't tell from the screws holding the paneling.
mkirsch 08/30/21 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

I have never paid for a navigation subscription in any of my trucks?? Neither have I. Google maps comes free on my phone, so why would I? All I know is GM wanted $9 a month or something like that for Nav, and I had to subscribe to a data plan above and beyond that. Maybe Ford is different, but I have my doubts. No corporation worth its salt gives away anything they can charge for. Most likely they incorporated the nav subscription into your monthly payment and you have no idea you're paying for it. If that's the case, says a lot about Ford and their business practices.
mkirsch 08/26/21 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford F250 7.3L

The pros and cons are the same as any other built in navigation system. Pro: It's convenient. Cons: You can't take it with you to another vehicle that doesn't have navigation. There is likely a monthly subscription fee, and likely a double-whammy there because you also need to subscribe to the data package as well. I opted out of all that on my truck when I bought it in 2015. By the time I was done with the phone service, navigation, data, and satellite radio, it was another $100+ a month to the payment! That was an additoinal 20% a month on my truck!
mkirsch 08/26/21 07:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Suggestions for a Weight Distribution Hitch

I have an enclosed car trailer that is somewhat heavier, I drop the coupler on the ball and drive away without issue. Yes but do you do that with your much lighter travel trailer, or do you run weight distribution and sway control? Enclosed car trailers and travel trailers are completely different animals. It's something that's been discussed to death over the years.
mkirsch 08/25/21 08:27am Towing
RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

And what is that guy going 48 mph supposed to do? Most of the areas out West have pullovers or shoulders for slow moving vehicles. It isn’t that hard to use them usually. Fwiw, I pull over or slow down around passing zones if I see someone trying to pass to make it safer for them to pass. They only get one shot with my help though. With a string of cars behind me, I’ll just pull over when I can. Again, I don’t want to contribute to a wreck because I didn’t want to pull over. If I’m not in a hurry, then I don’t think it makes sense to hold other people up. You're the exception to the rule. Most people who drive slow have no concept of courtesy, are oblivious to the line of cars they're holding up, or are holding up traffic on purpose.
mkirsch 08/25/21 07:41am Truck Campers
RE: Towing New Trailer

I put E tires after having D rated tires on a SW 3500. I ran the tires no higher in psi than the D's, typically 45-60 unladen vs loaded on the rear. 55-60 on the front due to the deezal engine. I noticed NO difference in handling etc with E rated tires. Marty Correct. If you look at the inflation charts for D and E rated tires, you will see that they have the SAME weight ratings at various pressures. The difference is the E rated tire can be aired up to 80PSI, allowing for more weight carrying capacity.
mkirsch 08/23/21 07:26am Towing
RE: Cracked rim on 2007 2500hd classic

I thought rim ratings didn't matter, rims never break... Naw, you seem to be confusing adding 200 lbs past a wheel rating with 1500 lbs. Naw I'm talking about all the "advice" given in this forum to put LT E-rated truck tires on half ton rims and pumping them up to 80PSI on a rim rated for 44PSI. There's no point to putting an LT tire on if you are not going to air it up. At "half ton" pressures (i.e. 44PSI and under) the tire has no more load carrying capacity than the stock P-metric tires.
mkirsch 08/23/21 07:15am Truck Campers
RE: 96 F-250 diesel, campers under 2300?

Considering a 2014 Adventurer 86FB that's for sale locally. Dry weight (brochure) is 2359. Wet that's likely 3359. If it has any awnings I'll take them off. And tempted to run with just one propane tank and just one battery. The truck is not going to disintegrate into dust if you're 1lb over. The police are not going to hunt you down, toss you in jail, lock the door, and throw away the key if you're 1lb over. Saving 1lb here and there just so you are 10lbs under the "limit" while giving up creature comforts that are the whole point of having the camper in the first place, is silly. If there was something you could drop to lose 300lbs, and not give up any convenience or comfort, then I'd say do it. Hmm... Nickle and dime yourself to death? Not worth it. Just make sure your tires are good, maybe upgrade to the next size larger for a little extra capacity. Make sure the truck is in good mechanical shape, brakes, shocks, springs... Add a heavy duty sway bar if you don't already have one. Maybe something to help the springs.
mkirsch 08/23/21 07:09am Truck Campers
RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

Drive your RV. Within short order, you will develop a feel for how fast you can drive under certain conditions. If you can't figure it out quickly, you probably shouldn't be driving an RV.
mkirsch 08/20/21 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: Cracked rim on 2007 2500hd classic

I thought rim ratings didn't matter, rims never break...
mkirsch 08/20/21 07:57am Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary driving lights

Logically, if you have the spot lights pointed down the road they do NOTHING to illuminate anything coming at you from a 90 degree angle. It would seem that floodlights would be the logical choice. However... The factory driving lights on my truck put out a wide low (flood) light directly ahead of the vehicle. They too do NOTHING to illuminate anything coming at me from the side of the road until it is too late. Flood lights would have to be so bright and obnoxious to give you any chance of seeing anything far enough ahead to stop in time, that they would be virtually unusable if there is any oncoming traffic at all. You would be constantly turning them on and off to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. I live out in the sticks and there is so much traffic that even just using the factory brights is pointless. You can not see a car for miles but the moment you click on the brights, BAM, here comes a car.
mkirsch 08/19/21 12:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

I should hope that the designers of the tanks made them compatible with the vehicle that they are being installed on. It would seem short sighted to market an aux tank that caused the customer's check engine light to constantly be on.
mkirsch 08/19/21 12:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stupid TPMS!!

Why you running the tires so low in the first place? I run about 35-37 cold, get long life out of the tires, very even wear, better fuel economy, and great traction in the winter. Also, no TPMS warning light.
mkirsch 08/19/21 11:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing New Trailer

My truck is similar. Your 3,23 read end concerns me. I’m fairly happy with my 3.42 with 5200 pounds of TT. He's got the 8 speed transmission. That's good for 2 rear end ratios so it will tow at least as well as a 3.73/4-speed, probably better. The 1st gear is so low on those transmissions that it would be useless with much more than a 3.42. The engine will redline at about 2MPH.
mkirsch 08/19/21 11:12am Towing
RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

I’m not sure where you are where their aren’t speed limits. Most people take the speed limit as a suggestion. Some drive slower, but most push the speed limit upwards of 8-9MPH on a regular basis. Very few RELIGIOUSLY drive at EXACTLY the speed limit ALL THE TIME. Don't pretend that this is something you've never heard of or have not done yourself.
mkirsch 08/19/21 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: Towing with 2004 Lincoln Aviator

Still haven't made it clear: Sluggish with the trailer or withOUT the trailer? If it's sluggish without the trailer it will only be worse with the trailer. On paper your combination is perfectly reasonable. The only safety issue you would run into is if you didn't keep your vehicle maintained. Good tires, good brakes are just the beginning.
mkirsch 08/17/21 10:24am Tow Vehicles
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