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RE: Changing a tire yourself

I was surprised when we bought our C, that it had no spare. Bought the wheel and then the tire, and then the Roadmaster spare tire mount. Same as you, got an impact and a bottle jack, a few other tools AND a set of 3 ORANGE CONES in case I do have to change it...safety! I hope we never have to use it. But like you, I practiced in the driveway. If nothing else, I feel better...and even if I could not change it for some reason, I have the spare for someone to help.
mleekamp 10/23/21 04:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What do tow behind your Class C?

We towed an old Jeep Wrangler, wish I never sold it but daughter needed a more reliable car for college -- so it became a toyota. Now, wife drives behind me. Only problem is when I go off by myself or with kids, I don't have a dinghy. Maybe someday another Jeep of some kind. Or a tow dolly for our car.
mleekamp 10/22/21 07:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tow Dolly Woe

For us, the key has always been to find a good independant shop that you make a long term relationship with. We have 2 that we use, and I've taken oddball stuff in like a pressure washer that stopped working vs. taking it to the high volume small engine and lawn mower shop we bought it at. I even had them do brakes / bearing repack on our TT some years ago. No, this does not help you now...but keep looking. Talk to them. Get a feel for the place. Search google maps for high reviews. You'll find the shop you need...it just may be a one man show vs. a chain. Lastly, don't overlook tire shops. We have a semi truck tire shop in town and they do RV's and TT's all the time...they even rebuilt a driveshaft for a classic truck I had.
mleekamp 10/22/21 07:09am Truck Campers
RE: Well, they're put away....

Here, here! We got 2 "big" trips in this year but they were shadows of what would have been done in normal years. And like you, it's a sad day to retire the RV for the winter...we did that last weekend. Good news is we've already booked a trip in 2022...and barely got campsites as people are booking really early (like we did...so I'm part of that!).
mleekamp 10/21/21 04:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Been a busy year

Great year! Great story...inspiring. We are currently downsizing stuff -- selling junk/collectibles on ebay and what a hassle that is! We've listed stuff for sale on craigslist too. A lot left to go, and for us, a few years. But we hope to do what you did...prep the house and sell it, and off to new adventures.
mleekamp 10/18/21 08:10am Truck Campers
RE: Avoiding Nashville -- heading North

Thanks Wadcutter. Exactly what I was looking for. Everyone -- of course we would love to hit Nashville earlier or a lot later ... but it does not seem to calc out that way for the trip. We made bookings now for June '22 as some of the places we want to stay are already at like 75% capacity for that time.
mleekamp 10/08/21 04:04am Roads and Routes
Avoiding Nashville -- heading North

Hey all. Don't get the wrong idea! We love Nashville but want to avoid Friday afternoon/5pm traffic...we are not stopping in Nashville this trip. We have booked a big Florida trip for 2022, ending with a stay in Destin near the beach. The drive home (central IL) will have us on I-65 N ... we have driven thru Nashville this way before a few years ago on a Friday afternoon, and wow, was that painful. Three hour delay (maybe a bit less) crawling thru. I think the best way to avoid is taking I-840 N to I-40 W to Route 46 N to Route 48 N to Clarksville TN, thereby bypassing Nashville. I'm asking has anyone done this or similar? Is there a better way? We are stopping for the nite in Clarksville on the way home so hoping this works.
mleekamp 10/07/21 07:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Needless kaos and carnage on the Beeline highway...

I get it. It's just another reminder, pulling / towing / driving our RV's or not, that we must be fully aware of our surroundings at all times. Nothing you could have done to prevent him from hurting himself...but I guess we can be glad he didn't seem to hurt anyone else. And I agree it's a wreck not accident....90 MPH on a dry sunny day is still asking for trouble, let alone heavy rain doing 80/90. He must have been using rain-x :W
mleekamp 10/06/21 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Charging a towed vehicle's battery

Look at eTrailer -- they have Charge Line Kits that are single wire from your RV battery thru the harness to the towed's battery. We've used one for years with no issue. Call them they can get you the right kit.
mleekamp 10/01/21 06:01am Towing
RE: Hanging pictures

MNRon has the answer in my opinion. This is what we do. Small stuff, just 3M strips. Heavier stuff, 3M and a screw or nail, depending. Watch the length of the screw/nail...don't want it poking out the other side!
mleekamp 09/23/21 04:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pensacola area... stuff to do?

Ft. Pickens --- a great Civil War fort with lots of hisotry...on Santa Rosa Island
mleekamp 09/23/21 04:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Looking into getting first TT

Something else not mentioned, if you go with a 3/4 ton truck option (4 door crew cab) to pull your TT, you can always have a chaser car with the rest of the family. Not ideal maybe, but its a better way to travel than stuffing all in one.
mleekamp 09/22/21 03:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar install so far

To provide my input on support in the middle to support the weight, I agree you will need it. Driving along these could start bouncing. I suggest a simple block of wood or two. Sand and round all edges. Cover in felt (or other material suitable for outdoors that shouldn't mold). Use velcro on the top of the block to the panel to "keep in place". Also, with a little tension (the block actually supporting middle of the panel), it will keep it in place. This is just my 2 cents worth of input -- using simple wood. It's what I would try to use/do.
mleekamp 09/17/21 05:20am Tech Issues
RE: Solar install so far

Subscribing. I've never dealt with solar and to be honest, when I look into it I get confused. The mechanical side, such as installation of the panels as you show, is the "fun" part for me. The wiring, control boxes (whatever) stump me. As an engineer by trade, you'd think it wouldn't. But I've spent 30 years doing manufacturing engineering...factory layouts, etc. Nothing electrical!!! Anyway, so far I like your install...I'll follow along.
mleekamp 09/17/21 05:14am Tech Issues
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

Dang. It's like they didn't see that coming. Class A motorhomes are TALL, and 9-9 is LOW....just surprised it happened at all. Glad they will live (and hopefully learn)
mleekamp 09/15/21 07:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kingsport (by Gulfstream) TT owners beware!

We've all seen poor workmanship in our trailers and motorhomes. I laugh at the stickers they put by the door reminding you the builders used certain quality standards. I just replied to another post about how the wiring on our brand new TT in 2012 was partially cut due to it being stretched over paneling under the sink. I think you are doing the right thing....fix it yourself. And most likely don't count on any reimbursement from the manufacturer. I do envy those that can rebuild an old TT or build a new one from scratch themselves....I could if I had the time....just too much else going on and it's easier to buy off a lot.
mleekamp 09/10/21 10:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Man, they don't make 'em like they used to

We owned several TT's for 20 years before moving to a C. Our 2012 Salem by Forest River TT, as we were loading it for the first time, I noticed a large group of wiring being STRETCHED across a thin piece of paneling, which was CUTTING THE WIRES. You could have used them as a guitar they were so tight. The dealer could not get me in for 3 or 4 weeks at the time to even look at it. After quickly dismissing "adding length" to the wires, I spent a day dissassembling part of the kitchen cabinets in order to cut a relief in the panel and make room so the wires would not be cut/stretched. Not happy about that. In our C, I noticed wires hanging underneath, with wire nuts, just dangling. A few times driving in the rain would destroy the connection...I ended up fixing those wires by soldering them and hiding them up higher. Our C is a Jayco. Quality is no longer JOB 1 (I know, that's a Ford saying). In the end, I think a lot of us modify/fix/re-design as needed. Which is part of "making it your own".
mleekamp 09/09/21 05:39am Travel Trailers
RE: 5er accidents

Wife and I been RV'ing since 2000, tenting before that. After an HD truck/slide in camper, then a TT, we took a break on RV'ing. By then, I had a Chevy Colorado, the 1st gen w/ the 5 cylinder engine, extended cab (not 4 door), and a 5k tow rating. One day, we looked at a small single axle Starcraft TT. Perfect! UVW was like 3500lbs (I forget exactly). Bought it, dealer hooked us up, and off we went. Just because my 4 month old Colorado had a 5k rating, did not mean it could tow a box TT. OMG -- our first trip, all 4 of us with a loaded TT, we could barely do 45mph, and mostly did 40. Engine screaming. Weight distribution bars working OT. The truck (not just the engine) could not handle it. We swayed with sway bars. It was uncomfortable. I worried the whole weekend about the drive back home. I swallowed my pride, opened my wallet, and bought a bigger truck. WOW what a difference to have a 1500 series truck pulling a small single axle vs. that nimble, small, fun but NOT safe to tow a TT Colorado. To this day, I see bad towing set ups, RV related or not, and try to stay away from them. Glad I was able to admit my failure and correct it, albiet at a loss (trading a 4 month old vehicle in on a new one -- you don't come out of that smelling like a rose)...but for the safety of myself, my family, and those on the road. Yes, the dealer hooked that small colorado up and never indicated it was a bad idea.
mleekamp 09/08/21 07:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rear Bumper Storage - how bad is it?

When we had a TT (several actually), I always added a spare tire and bike rack. I could tell the difference, though not a huge one, when having 4 bikes back there vs. none. Never really towed w/o the spare. I will note that in the front basement of our TT, near the hitch, I had a grill, hammock stand, all kinds of stuff...so with 4 bikes it did balance it out. So like you said, relocating items (my grill was originally stored in the back, but I moved to front) is a common fix. As far as sway, we used a standard friction sway bar, and we had no issue. I think overall, in general terms, your initial set up is critical to an enjoyable tow. I'm talking 1st time with truck and trailer, loaded. I'm sure you know that. Personally, I'd be carefull adding too much weight back there. BTW, our current Class C, I added a spare tire carrier and spare...the carrier alone was HEAVY -- solid steel -- to carry the 200lb (guestimate) spare tire. The carrier also allows me to still tow a car flat down or trailer. On the C, on a 450 chassis, I don't notice it at all. You probably experienced the same on a C...
mleekamp 09/08/21 07:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone looking for a project??

Pricing is good for what it is...you would hope to get some off but in today's pricing world...it seems decent to me. Could get it running easily, no electronics. The ad says good candidate for a 7.3 swap (I assume the godzilla ford engine, not the diesel)...and they are right...even a 5.0 Elbow grease, some polish and it could look really nice while still showing her age and patina.
mleekamp 08/31/21 06:23am Class C Motorhomes
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