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RE: pressure tank now bad tasting water rubber taste

Did you flush and sanitize it like the rest of the system? There could have been some residue in the bladder that takes a few fill and drain cycles to clean out. This could be difficult to fix......since draining the whole system may NOT drain the small amount of water that is captured in the pressure tank. Especially if the tank is mounted with the inlet at the TOP. The tank may have to be disconnected to be flushed good. I suggest you call the company that makes the pressure tank. I installed my tank on its side. The cold water line running to the water heater has a tee that goes to the toilet. I installed another tee in order to add the captive air tank in the line going to the toilet. I also added a valve right before the new tee. When dewinterizing and sanitizing when hooked up to city water or running the pump I can let the tank fill, then shut off the valve, then flush the toilet until the tank empties. Then open the valve to refill the tank and repeat as many times as needed. The tank and valve are under the bunk right outside the bathroom door and the toilet is right next to the door. No problem flushing the tank without removing it. Using this method, it would not matter what position the tank is installed, since the air in the tank will squeeze the bladder to empty it fully as long as the toilet flush valve is held open until the water stops flowing.
mobeewan 06/25/19 05:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Furnace

Typically a furnace with ducted outlets in an RV has a metal louvered plate mounted on the cabinet facing somewhere near the furnace. This allows the free flow of air back to the furnace intake. There is no direct air duct back to the furnace like in a house. There is no filter to change either. Being under the couch like yours there is probably enough air flow getting back to the furnace inlet. If you box it in you will need to leave an opening in the box and add a grill to the opening. The grill and opening will need to be sized to ensure enough air is getting to the furnace intake.
mobeewan 06/24/19 04:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Atwood Hot water heater drain plug

The reason Atwood uses nylon plugs is because the threads of the tank drain hole are aluminum. If you're not careful what you're doing you can easily damaged the threads when screwing in any metal fittings. Since this is something that has to be removed frequently Atwood provided plastic plugs as well as the ability to get plastic replacement plugs. As previously noted, the overpressure temperature relief valve is bronze. Also the gas control valve is non aluminum and it screws into a hole in the side of the tank. It also has a copper probe that inserts into the tank. A little bit of Teflon tape is not going to do anything to electrically isolate any of these fittings from the threads in the tank. Although galvanic corrosion can occur between different metals, it occurs to different degrees with different metals when reacting with aluminum, steel being the worst with Brass and bronze at a lower degree. If Atwood was really worried about corrosion between the bronze relief valve and aluminum tank they would have provided something different than a sacrificial inner lining.
mobeewan 06/22/19 04:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Mini queen bed problem and any custom ideas

I added a regular queen mattress on top of the existing 4 inch thick short queen foam mattress that came with the trailer. The bed was a "walk around" and I still had enough room to scoot around the foot of the bed. The front of the trailer slopes up from the bottom and down from the top so the mattress overhung the front of the four inch foam mattress slightly so I didn't lose as much room at the foot of the bed in order to get around the bed. I don't really need the queen mattress lengths but I went with a full-size because I still needed the width and didn't have to buy special sheets.
mobeewan 06/22/19 04:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Atwood Hot water heater drain plug

On the Atwood water heater on my small trailer, I removed the plastic drain plug and installed a 2 or 3 inch brass nipple and a half inch npt brass ball valve. I installed the nipple in the ball valve first. I then removed the ball valve handle which was the flat bar type so that I could screw the nipple into the drain hole. I left the handle off and kept it in the silverware drawer in the trailer so I wouldn't lose it and would be able to find it when I needed it to drain the tank. I got a piece of 5/8 id tubing and a half-inch MPT x 5/8 hose barb and connected them together. I leave them laying inside the water heater door to use to thread into the valve when I drain the water heater.
mobeewan 06/21/19 11:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Travel Trailer dolly?

I bought a Park-it 360 powered trailer dolly. It does not work on soft dirt because to trailer wheels settle in the dirt and make it harder to roll and the tires on the dolly spin because they can't get traction. There is no way the wheels will never get traction rolling over pine needles. Most of these powered trailer dollies no matter what brand are only good when rolling over concrete or hard packed gravel driveways. For what you are doing you're better off as suggested to have a front hitch mounted to use as a spotting hitch. I bought a Park-it 360 to use to move the trailer around in the back yard after pulling in from a private road that runs behind the house. After pulling in using the truck I have to unhitch to move the trailer the rest of the way to the parking spot. I was not able to get traction and had to get help from 2 neighbors and the guy that cut my grass to push the trailer while I guided it with the dolly rolling on 2 x 10s. It didn't work very well on grass or thr bare dirt where a shed used to sit. I'm going to get a steel fabricating shop to make some add on steel wheels with cleats that will dig in and not spin. I found some steel wheels on the internet that are for walk-behind cultivators and mowers used on hillsides, but they were $800 each and the seller gets them shipped from Italy. I think I can do lots better with a local welding shop.
mobeewan 06/20/19 04:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: pressure tank now bad tasting water rubber taste

Did you flush and sanitize it like the rest of the system? There could have been some residue in the bladder that takes a few fill and drain cycles to clean out.
mobeewan 06/20/19 02:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hot Water Tanks with Anode Rods

The anode rod protects the tank and fittings at their threaded connections with the tank. These connections may have dissimilar metal fittings screwed into them. Including bronze relief valve, cast metal housing for temperature control valve that screws into the tank that also includes a copper temperature probe, cold water inlet fitting & brass check valve in the hot water outlet.
mobeewan 06/16/19 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Magnetic Cam Locks???

I use Break-Free CLP. It is a Military spec Gun Cleaning Formula that is a Lubricant, Solvent and Protectant All-in-One. It works great in lubricating locks. I use it on all my outdoor locks, including my vehicles and trailer doors. Just two or three drops is all that is needed for most locks. I've also used it to deice neighbors car door locks as well as my own since it has a low freezing point. I just put a drop on the outside of the lock and let it penetrate. Then I put a couple drops on the key and insert it turning it back and forth a couple. The smaller plastic bottles come with an applicator tube that can be inserted into the tip of the bottle for precision oiling and inserting into a lock.
mobeewan 06/13/19 02:54pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dang Squirrels

Squirrels don't just damage RVs. They like to dig holes to bury nuts that they scavenge. If there are any Acorn or nut-bearing trees around the golf course I can see where they can be a huge problem to the groundskeepers when maintaining the sand traps and the greens. They can also create other problems such as chewing on their wiring or nesting in the attics of buildings at the golf course. There are usually state laws and local ordinances that forbid the relocation of Wildlife. When you relocate wildlife your problem can become somebody else's. There is new competition with the animals in the area where you are dropping them off and a new pecking order to be established. You are relocating an animal to an unfamiliar area with no established nest or shelter in the new location. I'm not condemning anyone from trapping and relocating animals. Although it is more humane then just killing them, I'm just trying to provide some things to think about if someone is going to relocate them.
mobeewan 06/13/19 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: power cord storage

Wire coils with a current running through them are used for degaussing (demagnetizing) things. An extension cord when used and left coiled creates a magnetic field making it a degaussing coil. This can increase the amount of resistance in the cord, causing it to get warm or even hot. If the amount of current you are using is low then you'll be okay. But when using larger amounts of current for a longer period of time such as a microwave running at the same time as other 120v draws or running an air conditioner, the cord can get hotter than if it was uncoiled and lying in a pile. If left coiled, you might check it periodically to make sure it's not getting too hot and becoming a fire danger.
mobeewan 06/04/19 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Michigan Attorney discussion on state RV lemon laws

Hopefully in about 3 years I'm going to become a full-time nomad. As an option to carrying a large sum of cash which could get stolen or confiscated I plan on carrying a large sum of emergency money in traveler's checks. Why traveler's checks? Because you can still get them and they're safer to carry than cash. If my credit cards are lost or stolen I will still be able to get cash if I need it. The banks won't send new ATM or credit cards to me where I'm at on the road. They will only send them to my permanent home address which means I would have to return there to get them. I don't know if cops would confiscate my traveler's checks, but if they did they couldn't cash them and I shure as heck ain't gonna sign them. All I would have to do is go where they are issued and have them canceled and replaced as stolen. They should issue me new traveler's checks. Let the cops have fun trying to cash any they take.
mobeewan 05/27/19 01:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel Trailer License Plate Necessary?

I think some one is pulling some ones leg!That may be. I googled this and could only find VA that issues a one-time plate to the owner. OP could return but I'm not holding my breath. It's not Virginia. We have to display trailer plates. If you didn't cops wouldn't have any idea looking at the back of your trailer if it's registration was expired and they could write you a ticket for the expired registration. From the Virginia DMV website: "Trailers can be registered annually, bi-annually or permanently. The trailer registration fee is based on the gross weight of the trailer and the registration period selected. Insurance coverage for trailers depends on the insurance coverage of the vehicle pulling the trailer."
mobeewan 05/27/19 12:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer License Plate Necessary?

Put the plate on the trailer. It's not worth the hassle of getting pulled over and having to explain why you don't have to have to display the plate even though you have it. If a police officer or state trooper are following behind you they have no idea what state you are from even if they know your state doesn't require the plate. Even if if you wind up getting pulled over by officer Friendly, there are enough bad cops out there looking for an excuse to pull somebody over and jam them up, why give it to them.
mobeewan 05/27/19 11:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Vultures!

Shooting them is a federal and state offense as they are protected species. However air and propane cannons are used at airports and dumps to drive birds away.
mobeewan 05/20/19 11:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

I've stopped at a local company that sells dirt, gravel and landscaping materials both retail and wholesale. When I've needed to weigh I usually stop and walk into the office and ask. I offer to pay but they have always told me to to pull up when I was ready. They've never been so busy I had to wait, but I will let a paying customer pull onto the scales first. They usually give me a print out that looks like a cash register receipt with my weights on it.
mobeewan 05/19/19 11:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Vultures!

I've heard of them ripping the rubber strips off of windshield wipers too.
mobeewan 05/19/19 03:51am General RVing Issues
RE: ? Housefly/Flying Insect Trap for Coach?

You could cut a cereal box into strips a little bit wider than the fly tape. Set the strips end to end and roll out a fly tape and lay it onto the strips. Then cut off the fly tape container using a razor blade and cut the tape to separate the strips. The strips can be taped to cabinet doors or out of the way places. You could even thumbtack some to the ceiling where they won't get in your hair.
mobeewan 05/19/19 03:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Florida fire

So... what is a "gated RV community"? Just an HOA that allows RVs, or something more? That would be my guess - where the homes have a super-big garage for the RV. (or some incorporate the RV as part of the house) It's a private community that has secure access in which people live in their RVs. It helps keep the sight seers, looky loos and stalkers out.
mobeewan 05/19/19 03:19am General RVing Issues
RE: This is just what we need

I guess some people are afraid to see the stars at night. I enjoy sitting outside at the campground and seeing the stars in a dark setting along with the occasional treat of the Northern lights. Listening to the loons and hearing wolves howl in the distance. The lake is like glass if there's a moon. I cannot understand people's fear of the dark that find it necessary to illuminate it like daylight. Hey when it's party time I don't care much about that stuff.:B
mobeewan 05/19/19 02:58am General RVing Issues
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