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RE: Champion 2k in storage for three years. Advice starting it?

I have a Champion 3000/3500 watt that I forgot to drain. The gas had fuel stabilizer on it. It sat in storage for almost 2 years. I checked the oil level, turned the fuel valve on, flipped the switch to on and set the choke. It started on the second pull. Ran like a Champ-ion. If you're stunting start you might want to start by draining the gas and putting in fresh. Check the oil as usual.
mobeewan 09/20/19 11:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning out a DIY septic tank

.... We have an RV dump setup. Years ago i was told its (2) 50 gallon drums welded together with holes drilled in it. Worked great for over 10 years. I think we finally clogged it up. ... . You indicated you had two barrels welded together I'm assuming they were steel and not plastic. I've had single 50 gallon drums sitting in the yard with the lids still clamped on that were sealed with left over grease residue inside them that didn't last half that long before the bottoms and tops rusted out. What you basically have is a now failed improvised septic system. I doubt there's much left of the original barrels still in the ground it hasn't rusted away. The holes would only let the liquid drain out so any undissolve toilet paper and solids would have collected in the barrels for 10 years. I doubt that you're going to just blow them out the holes in the barrels. Most likely the barrels have been rusting away, filling up with solids and or caved in by now. I think you're going to need an entirely new improvised septic system for the trailer to dump into.
mobeewan 09/18/19 09:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Water hook up

I have the same problem. And water leaking inside an rv storage compartment is not a good thing. I looked at the Camco elbow. On the front of the package it says TastePURE. But on the back, it says warning: this item contains chemicals including lead known to cause cancer and birth defects. Wash hands after handling. Has anyone found a drinking water safe hose elbow and quick connect? Thanks. I'm willing to bet the packaging for the water fill inlet connections with brass check valves have the same warning on them. It's a cya warning for the manufacturer. I've seen many brass fittings with the same warning. Just remember everything causes cancer in California and everything is legal in Massachusetts..
mobeewan 09/18/19 07:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing

Before I got a pancake compressor I had used a 7 gallon air tank used to top off tires.
mobeewan 09/16/19 03:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

I was saying that my current hitch ball size is 2 5/16, so maybe a coupler adjustment? I know on 2 inch and smaller you can adjust the coupler by tightening and loosening the nut, but after thinking about it again I'm not so sure the 2-5/16 can be adjusted. I'll have to take a look during the day. What you might do is couple the trailer to the TV and raise the trailer tongue using the tongue jack. It it lifts the rear of the truck without the ball pulling out, then it's probably okay. This what you normally do when connecting the spring bars. If it pops loose you might need to see if it can be adjusted or if you can replace the latch assembly. Another thing is to check and see if the latch assembly is completely engaging. I've had to giggle mine a few times to get it to fully engage. I keep a rubber mallet behind the driver's seat. I use it to bust up bags of ice that are frozen solid and to rap on the side of the couple when the latch is stuck, not fully engaging or the ball won't release from the coupler. Don't forget to grease the latch lever a little to help it move easier. I am however in the "I never grease my balls" group of trailer owners.
mobeewan 09/15/19 10:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camp Kitchen with Sink that connects to outside shower?

My low point drain valves are under the kitchen sink. With open end tubing under the trailer. I added fittings and valves to the tubing ends to allow me to connect outside for hot and cold running water. All I have to do is connect to the tubing and open low point drain valves for hot and cold water. I can connect to a laundry sink with faucet set up outside. Then connect an old hose I use for gray water dumping to the drain and run it to my 26 gallon tote or run it off into the woods. I have a camp kitchen table with sink I use for tent camping with an on demand water heater. I can also connect the drain to my tote or run it off into the woods.
mobeewan 09/15/19 09:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

Yes, there are 3 sizes. 1-7/8 inches, 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches. Travel trailers are usually 2-5/16. Look at the coupler. It should be stamped on the top of the coupler. It will tell the manufacturer, model number, the size of the correct ball and weight rating of the coupler.
mobeewan 09/15/19 08:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

It could also be that the coupler latch is not tight enough. You can adjust how tight the coupler jaw engages against the ball. There is a nut that tightens against a spring which pushes the jaw against the ball. If not tight enough when hitting a bump or pot hole, with enough upward force the coupler can be snatched right off the ball even with the coupler pin in place. It might not have been set tight enough at the factory. The dealer should have checked it when setting up the WDH when you bought it. Then you should have checked it before driving off the lot. If you installed it, you should have checked it. This happened to a friend of mine. He borrowed my utility trailer to take his Harley to Florida when he took his wife to visit her mother and stepfather. He wanted to ride his Harley on the beach down there. He came over a hill in NC with no warning that there was a construction site starting. He hit a big bump and the rear of the trailer went about 30 degrees into the air. When it bounced on the tires it came off the ball. The tongue went under the back of the TV and rested on the safety chains and wiring harness while dragging on the pavement. He ground through the wires and almost through the chains before he finally got it stopped on the shoulder. No damage to the TV or Harley. After he got it rehitched he took it slow and easy to the nearest Walmart for a new chain and some butt connectors for the wiring. The coupler was tight enough for normal towing, but not for 1500 lbs of trailer and Harley going airborne. When I bought my 28 ft TT new, it was the first time I ever used a WDH, since it was the largest trailer I ever owned. I got it home and unhitched in the street so I could turn around and use the front hitch to push it in the yard, I found out the guy that set up the WDH forgot to tighten the nut on the ball for the hitch head. The only reason I made it home after 8 miles on the interstate and 4 miles on city streets was that the WDH spring bars kept enough downward force that the ball stayed in place. The nut must have been finger tight when I left the dealer. It was almost to the end of the threaded shank when I uncoupled at home It was the guys fault for not tightening and torquing the nut, but I'm partly to blame. I should have checked the ball and everything else as he showed me how to hook everything up instead of just watching. I would have found the loose nut.
mobeewan 09/15/19 07:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water hook up

Camco-90-Degree-Hose-Elbow Walmart carries them in the RV section.
mobeewan 09/15/19 09:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Top Pop Rails Bike Rack

The web domain is for sale. They may have either gone out of business, rebranded or got bought up by another company and rebranded. www.toppoprails.com
mobeewan 09/14/19 05:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Would appreciate the groups thoughts on tandem axle issue

Trailer axles are supposed to have a slight upward bow at the center. No bow in the axle means it has been straightened either on purpose or by accident.
mobeewan 09/13/19 06:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Seen in the campground: mega generator rear-rack

Nice! :C It could be the extra set of wheels keep the platform from scraping when going in and out of driveways.
mobeewan 09/12/19 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Damaged water pump intake strainer cup.

I had a Shurflo pump strainer the turned white and cracked like that. It could be some of the bleach concentration was too strong when it passed through the strainer. I know when mixing insecticide for spraying my gardens in the past, malathion that I used for Aphid control on the sweet corn and sometimes on tomatoes would turn clear Plastics white when I mixed it. It even melted a plastic 1 oz measuring cup used for measuring liquid medicine. It softened and turned the clear vinyl dip tube on the Ryobi 18-volt electric sprayer I bought a couple years ago white. I used malathion in the sprayer on a huge nest of yellow jackets in the ground along with some yellow and brown wasps that had built paper nests around the yard.
mobeewan 09/12/19 04:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need a door handle

Is this one the type you are looking for. I had a late 80s model Shasta Revere that had this type of entry door knob lock assembly. If this is what you have a regular entry door knob lock assembly will work, but the flatter profile of the lever will clear the screen door without modifications to the plastic slider in the screen door.
mobeewan 09/12/19 04:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black Water Tank Missing Capacity

If the tank vent pipe is installed too deep into the tank, it can stop by the tank from filling completely.
mobeewan 09/10/19 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: smaller pull behind - single axle VS tandem axle ??

2 axles provide more cargo capacity, less bouncy going down the highway, straighter tracking (single axle can sway slightly more a double axle), four points of contact with the road surface in lieu of two points of contact when braking.
mobeewan 09/08/19 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: "Standard" faucet filter use in an RV?

The only problem that I can see you having is if the faucet is a cheap plastic one, it might not be able to handle the weight of the filter over time.
mobeewan 09/06/19 11:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Vent seal

I can't see your picture but they are available. Search for trailer vent seal and the brand. If you're not close to an RV dealer and need something quick. You can go to an auto parts store and get some small clear tubing or small black windshield wiper tubing. Make 1 split the down the side of the tubing and slip it over the edge the hatch opening. This will get you by until you can get a replacement seal.
mobeewan 09/05/19 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Outdoor wireless speakers?

Here's some bluetooth transmitters. Transmitters Speakers Ah ok, you were meaning the headphone jack style. I was hoping to avoid that so that I could keep both the Inside speakers active AND the wireless outside ones at the same time. Plugging in a headphone jack mutes the speakers. Alas this may be the only option. If you have RCA speaker jacks on the back of the stereo unit you can get a cable that has RCA plugs on one end and a female headphone jack on the other end. I used one of the cables to plug into the second set of outputs on the back of a satellite receiver so that I could plug in a Bluetooth transmitter with male headphone jack. This allowed me to use a set of bluetooth headphones to listen to the television so I wouldn't disturb my dad while he was sleeping. There was no headphone jack on the television.
mobeewan 09/04/19 10:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Build Your Own Travel Trailer

I asked a local steel fabricator who specializes in trailer frame work and repair what brands of enclosed utility trailers they recommended. They told me Pace or Hallmark were good brands to purchase. They do not sell trailers at all so they have nothing to gain by recommending them. I've been looking into building a 14 or 16 footer with 7000 lb cargo capacity. I will be purchasing one as soon as I get my shed/workshop built. I hope to retire in the about two to three years and then I'm hoping to go full-time nomad and travel the country. There are lots of YouTube videos that show people building out their own trailers as well as some full-time nomads giving tours of their trailers and interviewing other people about their trailers and how they built them. Another source for ideas are those that have built their own RV's using step vans, box trucks or Mercedes and Dodge Ram ProMaster vans. There are a lot of similar ideas with these and the trailers as well. Bob Wells YouTube channel CheapRVLiving is a good place to look for ideas.
mobeewan 09/04/19 08:17pm Travel Trailers
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