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RE: Rv security camera

Not inexpensive, but you might try Rearviewsafety.com for all your other needs. They sell back up camera systems for commercial and non commercial vehicles and RV's that have multiple cameras. They also have compact DC powered DVR's available that use both hardwired and wifi cameras. You can connect or link from 4 to 8 cameras. They use 1TB and 2TB Western Digital hard drives and also use SD cards. I believe they can be connected via cable to a lap top or computer. I haven't fully looked into them, but will be checking them out closer as I get closer to becoming a single full time nomad. Besides considering using them for a trailer backup and security system, I will also have them installed in my tow vehicle for security incase of any bad encounters on the road.
mobeewan 02/10/21 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Ladder rung end plastic insert

mobeewan 02/10/21 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Oil in Propane

This article gives some insight into the oily residue in Liquid Propane Gas. Emphasis on Liquid. LPG is a byproduct of oil refining. It is compressed and becomes a liquid therefore trapping impurities (the oily residue) in it. Part of it could very well be additional lubricants added to protect the equipment from wear when the gas is compressed. It is also difficult to analyze and remove the impurities as mentioned in the article. After compressing into a liquid state LPG is then shipped with a minute amount of the impurities in it to distributors. It is then transfered again as a liquid into the distributors storage tanks, then transfered again either to dot cylinders, if the they do retail sales or again as a liquid into tanks on trucks to again be transfered as a liquid into tanks at homes, businesses and even retail sellers such as Tractor Supply, U-Haul, Southern States, etc. So the whole time after the manufacturing process it is handled in a liquid state. The oil is suspended within that liquid state. When your cylinder for your trailer or the tank on your motor home is filled that oil can coat the internal surfaces in the shutoff valve itself. As propane gas flows out of the tank or cylinder, oil captured on the internal valve surfaces can eventually over time build up in the regulators and hoses of your RV through multiple cycles of refilling the tanks and cylinders. This is not blackened oil coming from the hoses breaking down, but as I myself have noticed as having a yellowish consistency, so it is leaching out from the Liquid Propane itself even before the liquid reverts back to a gas.
mobeewan 02/09/21 12:46am Tech Issues
RE: o rings for valve extenders

You might try an auto parts store. They should have a pretty good selection of o-rings. A fleet supply store may also be helpful.
mobeewan 02/08/21 09:33pm Tech Issues
RE: CDL Required to Drive Class A?

Some states require a CDL, some states require a Specialty License the rest only a regular DL. All states outside your home state honor your home state License regardless of the type, i.e. if your home state only requires a regular DL and you are driving in or through a state that requires a CDL you are good to drive in that state. Matt from YouTube channel Matt's RV Reviews: Do you need a specialty License to drive an RV? I saw something in the past week that indicated in Texas if you have a dually truck and and a 5th wheel trailer with gross vehicle weights of both truck and trailer added together totaled over 26000 pounds that you would need a class A license. It was stated that most people in Texas were not aware of the requirement and are towing illegally with that combination. Texas Class A License requirement. Texas info corrected. I found the video regarding Texas. It was for Class A and not A CDL.
mobeewan 02/08/21 08:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV toilet paper

mobeewan 01/29/21 05:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: mobile LTE modem question

LTE is 4G, which is worse for your body tissue than 3G but not anywhere near as bad as 5G. Put that 4G modem right on your tummy as close to vital organs as possible, you won't have anything to worry about in a couple of years... This is an interesting thing to bring to this thread. I am no scientist but it's breast and brain tissue that's really affected by this. Never heard of hip cancer from carrying a phone in your pocket. Anyway, I do agree with the fundamental idea that this stuff has an effect on us that we don't understand. Aaaand back on topic... I just started browsing Verizon for unlimited plans and they're up to $70 a month for unlimited. Anyone know a really good unlimited plan with great coverage in the Southeast? You might look at nomadinternet.com. Some of the RV Nomads that have YouTube channels and upload videos are using it. They also do live streams using it. It is also being used by people in rural areas that only have dial up or expensive cell phone plans. Nomad internet is truly unlimited and not throttled after reaching a certain cap. They have 4 different plans available using Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Plan prices range from $99 per month to $129 per month depending on which plan you use. The most expensive plan uses Verizon. I believe Nomad Intertet is limited to 4G.
mobeewan 01/28/21 01:37am Travel Trailers

I'm so bummed that my favorite drinking water safe hose is no longer available. It rolls up flat on an included reel like a fire hose. I bought the last two an online RV shop in Utah had and when the second one dies I guess I'll have to try a Zero G. Will any of these fit your reel? Forestry service fire fighting / garden hose 5/8" with polyurethane lining 300# Service Test Pressure 600# Proof Test Pressure 900# Burst Pressure Aqua Joe hose, lead free, PBA free
mobeewan 01/20/21 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Adding Heat Strips

Some A/C units have plastic parts in the area where the heat strip mounts that may melt.Dometic makes a kit for the OP's model. I would hope it doesn't melt things. Dometic heat strip for B57915 ducted system There's a different kit for non-ducted systems. Two points from my experience: 1) Don't expect a huge amount of heat. Doug posted the wattage earlier. A space heater can give just as much or more heat. 2) These things stink like heck on the first use of the season. Before you really need it, run it a few minutes with the windows open. As I said "Some A/C units". That is the warning that I saw someone post on another forum. As I stated the OP should check to make sure that his unit is okay to add it. If Dometic makes a kit then it should be able to be added without issues as long as the installation directions are followed.
mobeewan 01/19/21 04:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding Heat Strips

Check the manual or check with domestic. Some A/C units have plastic parts in the area where the heat strip mounts that may melt.
mobeewan 01/19/21 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: What do you do?

Drink Crown Royal Apple, Reserve or XO on the rocks. Stoke the fire for coals to bake Dutch oven supreme pizza, bake pineapple upside-down or German chocolate cake in the Dutch oven. Drink more Crown Royal Apple, Reserve or XO on the rocks.
mobeewan 01/16/21 02:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Plumbing pressure relief

Accumulator tanks are now required at the hot water outlet pipe of water heaters on residential construction and when replacing WHs in existing homes. This is to counter the expansion of heated water in the WH and hot water lines and prevent unnecessary cycling of the WH relief valves. So as mentioned introducing air into an RV WH or adding an accumulator tank in the hot water line should solve the problem unless there is a problem with the WH itself over heating the water and or the relief valve has failed to operate. Although someone mentioned adding air by using a drained water hose on the city water connection, if you blow out your water lines to winterize, a shot of compressed air into the city water connection with a hot water faucet open will add air to the WH to reestablish the air pocket.
mobeewan 01/12/21 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Best mouse trap?

Please do not use poison. Eating a poisoned rodent is one of the main causes of death for raptor-type birds. It might also be found by a dog or cat who is someone's loved pet. I prefer the snap traps. Possibly the mice are long gone. Just keep an eye out. Yep, 6 to 17 days for an owl to die after eating poisoned mouse.
mobeewan 01/11/21 01:53am Tech Issues
RE: Long Trips And Medicine Damage

The inside of my amlodipine bottle gets a little dusty inside, but haven't had it disintegrate into powder or break down like the lorazepam. I'll start carrying a smaller quantity and stuff a couple cotton balls in the bottle. If it is a any help to you mine is 10 mg and made by Lupin Pharmaceutical. It is a small round white tablet with an L on one side and 32 on the other side. Purchased from CVS Caremark.
mobeewan 01/11/21 01:31am Tech Issues
RE: Long Trips And Medicine Damage

I carry my daily meds in a day sack because I forget to take them sometimes, so I have them with me in case I forget them. I never had any problem carrying them or them bouncing around. However I carry my lorazepam in my vest pocket which I take only if needed. They are somewhat soft and crumble when bounced around. I stopped it by putting cotton balls in the bottle so they didn't bounce around. They start to dissolve as soon as I put one in my mouth. Mex may have an issue with some meds that are fragile.
mobeewan 01/10/21 09:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Securing black water tank

As JBarca says not enough info. Lots of guesses on how to fix what is not clearly known.
mobeewan 01/02/21 01:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cold weather, water, what to do..

I lived in my 3 season trailer here in southeast Va for 5 years. All you have to do is disconnect the fresh water hose when temps will be below freezing and use the onboard fresh water tank and pump. Leave the campground faucet dripping since they told you to, but be careful not to bust your butox on the ice when reconnecting the water hose. If you do stay connected, open your grey water valve and leave the stinky slinky connected. The small trickle isn't going to freeze solid in the hose before warmer temps in the morning.
mobeewan 12/26/20 02:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Green Valve Stem Covers

Helium and hydrogen are way better. They will even make the trailer a few pounds lighter. Hydrogen will give the best BANG for your money.
mobeewan 12/22/20 01:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Grill gas connect

I have a propane grill that normally would hook up to an outlet on the trailer. I would like to convert it to use the small propane bottles you buy at Walmart, but the connections are different. I have look at other sites on the internet and do not find ready made hoses. Also, is pressure a problem? Suggestions He wants to connect his grill that currently connects with a hose to a low pressure propane port on his trailer so that he can use 1 pound (high pressure) Coleman propane cylinders to power his grill. He didn't mention what brand or model BBQ grill it was. If there is no existing conversion kit for his specific grill, he will need an 11 inch water column BBQ regulator, a low pressure female quick connect and a steak saver type male acme x female coleman adapter. I listed 2 parts above that will work with his current grill and existing hose.
mobeewan 12/15/20 11:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grill gas connect

If your grill has a gas burner control without a regulator and has a hose with a male quick connector you will need the items below. Propane Regulator with low pressure quick connect Steak Saver Adapter
mobeewan 12/15/20 06:14pm Travel Trailers
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