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Yuma private rv spaces

Where can I find ads for those foothills RV spaces? Or even in other areas. Not in an RV park. Thanks
moisheh 01/27/22 05:00pm Snowbirds
RE: Heading back to Michigan from Quartzsite mid-March?

Why do you avoid Albuquerque?
moisheh 01/25/22 06:43am Snowbirds
Kino Travelog

Saw this for the first time today. I just might move to this place. https://www.travelreport.mx/mexico/playas-bahia-de-kino-hermosillo-sonora/
moisheh 01/08/22 05:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

Heck, The aduaneros are even afraid of our cat!! Belgique: I do remember that your wife( may she rest in peace) prepared us a Zagat rated meal!!!
moisheh 12/31/21 11:41am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

" the times they are a changing" The park Rocmoc referred to was La Caverna. Closed many years ago and now is the site of one of the many condos and hotels being built. 2 other parks on the beach in New Kino are becoming rental or sales condos.. Since we left in March of 2020 there is a huge construction boom, Apartments for rent are all over New Kino. Some are actually quite nice. The focus is on the new middle class Mexican. They seem to have $$$ to spend. The entire area is returning to it's Mexican roots. The park behind Kino Bay where we stayed in Kino is Kunkaak. Family owned. One of the brothers died and family feuds led to complete closure. It is sitting there empty and rotting. What a shame. Belgique: You should come back for a stay!! I still remember when we first met in person. You had 2 HUGE dogs. Or maybe it was one extra huge dog! Happy New Year to everyone. Watch out for stray bullets.
moisheh 12/31/21 07:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
Pandemic in Mexico V USA

This is not a post to discuss the pandemic or any politics. Just an observation We left a week ago for Tucson and Quartzsite. We usually go for a month. Had a non refundable reservation. We got to Tucson just when the talk was all about Omicron. Began to get a worried. 75% of the Arizona population do not wear masks. No Social distancing. Dirty shopping carts and crowds. For 2 very senior travelers this would likely become a disaster. Quartzsite is a great spot. Lots of fun. Interesting people and lots to see within 100 miles. But with no crowd control very dangerous. Rocmoc warned me but I took no heed. ( Sorry Rocmoc). Yesterday we returned to Kino. All the toll booth people were masked. Even the 18 wheeler divers were masked. In Sonora you cannot enter an Oxxo with out a mask. Some of the small grocery stores do not allow anyone into the store. They have a take out window. We lost our full payment at the CG but are glad to be back in Mexico! Nuestra Tierra.
moisheh 12/29/21 08:31am RVing in Mexico and South America
Telcel deals

For those of you looking for cheap cell and internet service telcel Amigo has become even better. NEVER buy your air time at OXXO or a supermarket. Bigger Telcel stores participate in monthly offers at amazing rates. You can also buy that airtime online from Telcel. Currently 30 days of service with 4.5G of data is a whopping 200 pesos! Where else in North America can you get this for $10 USD?? Last month it was even cheaper. Any Telcel phone can be used as a Hotspot. You can bring an unlocked phone and they will install a new SIM for about 30 pesos. Enjoy.
moisheh 12/29/21 08:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

Wow. There is actually one new to Mexico traveler. I am only too glad to help. Depending on when you are crossing there may be delays. Currently many Mexicans that live in the USA are returning to their home country for Xmas and New years. Should taper off by the end of this week. You do not need a car permit but will need to get an FMM. If you are staying less than 7 days it is free. Otherwise around $10.00. Make sure you tell the agent how long you are staying. I can recommend 2 parks. Depends on what you are seeking. For a true Mexico experience Islandia is OK. It is located in Old Kino is very rustico( this can translate to very crude or basic!). It is on the beach but spaces are not wanterfront. Full hookups but likely 15 amp. Lots of old timers with old units.Short walk to the old Town. New Kino is mostly Mexicans but also Americans and few Canadians. Kino Bay RV park is a modern facility. Mostly 30 amp and full hookups. They have some sort of WiFi. Well kept park with nice bathrooms, newer clubhouse. many regulars but friendly people. You are not on the water. It is across the street. For a newbie that would be my choice. Turn on private messages in this forum and I will send you my phone number and email. Would be glad to meet you in person and answer any quaestions. BTW: If you are a water person it is too cold for swimming.
moisheh 12/29/21 08:08am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Feliz Navidad

You are fine. Forget political correctness. But being Jewish I will wish you a merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!
moisheh 12/24/21 06:58pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where are the RV's?

RVing has changed. The mfrs. are sold out until late 2022. BUT most of these sales are the cheaper slapped together travel trailers. I am guessing they are sold to younger people. Just try getting into a CG in the summer. Some parks are not taking reservations until the fall of 2022. Takes the joy out of summer travelling. Unfortunately those younger people will not be coming to Mexico. Not their "thing". Many of the Mexico travelers that used to post here are either dead or in ill health. BUT fly in tourism is at all time highs. The expat population has increased. Dylan was correct.
moisheh 12/20/21 05:30pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where are the RV's?

Many of the Canadians are from BC. But they had such horrible weather problems, Rain, mudslides, closed highways, that they were unable to get away. Now throw in Omicron and many will be staying home. Some will be worried that the US border will close again leaving everyone stranded. Of course Trudeau did not help. He is advising Canadians to not not travel and warning that returning could be difficult. i,e testing and quarantining. We are in Kino but taking the Bluebird to Quartzsite for a month. But if Omnicron or regular Covid gets out of hand we will retreat to Mexico. Everyone here follows the rules. You cannot get into an Oxxo without a mask. Some of the small Supers have a take out window. You give the clerk your order and he brings it to the window. No entering the store. Maybe it is just my imagination but we feel safer in our Pueblo. I have seen a few RV's here but I think they are regulars. The highway from Nogales is full of Paisanos. Most of them are caravaning for safety reasons. Thus a bunch get to the toll booth at the same time. 1.5 hour waits. 3 hours to get your Car permit or FMM. If you come with an online permit still have to get in the long line.Until Xmas those heading North are also waiting a few hours at Nogales. Cross border shoppers.
moisheh 12/19/21 06:21pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Immigration crack down

Big C. Although Sonia has a lot of knowledge about Mexico I lost all faith in her when she was processing vehicle imports not according to the rules. She certainly is proud of herself. It is on her best interest to scare people into getting a permanent or temporary visa.
moisheh 12/15/21 03:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Inflation in Mexico

timetoroll. There is no comparison of poverty levels between Mexico and either Canada or the USA. Plus the social safety nets in Mexico do not provide much help.Big cities in Mexico do provide some help buy all along the coast with fishing villages it is another world.Poverty is when a Mother and her 2 small children live in a casa de carton. No front door just a barrel to keep the dogs out. There is no running water inside. Just a faucet outside. Dirt floor. A kitchen table with a broken leg and a plastic fisherman's plastic box for support. No food in the house. It is December and cold. The one bed has no blankets. Just a bunch of stuffed animals with the children underneath. No income. The mother has little education and no work skills. Her husband went away and never returned. She survives with some help from DIF ( social services) But it is not enough. Some neighbors help but they too are poor. I saw this my first year in Kino. We were delivering Xmas hampers. Brought on tears. This is poverty.
moisheh 12/05/21 06:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What food can I bring ...

Smoked turkeys are available. mexican smoked pork chops are delicious and cheap/ Why would you want to bring milk. There are some excellent brands of UHT milk that need no refrigeration. whole, 2% and fat free. Even lactose free. The yoghurts are great. Especially Danone. bachoco chicken breast are very inexpensive and better than in the states. You can get hamburger so lean you cannot make patties. Eggs are everywhere. One thing lacking is decent cold cuts. The wieners are gross. Bologna also not good. There are some good sliced hams. Sliced roast beef is hard to find. Soft drinks are full of sugar. About double compared to the US. Jumex juice is also very good. Be adventurous.
moisheh 12/04/21 04:02pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What food can I bring ...

Everything you mentioned can be bought in Mexico. You are not helping the Mexican economy by bringing in American food. I can understand someone bringing in their favorite snack os some exotic item. But milk,eggs, chicken ,hamburger. That should be illegal. Why bother coming to Mexico!!
moisheh 12/04/21 11:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Crossing Back Into The U.S.

It is always great to be home again!
moisheh 12/03/21 12:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Inflation in Mexico

Unfortunately law and reality are often different. Even some Government agencies cheat the employees out of the Aguinaldo In rural areas of Sonora contractors often cheat the system! Some also do not offer Seguro Social. Or they pay the employees minimum wage on the books and the rest in cash. Thus the benefits of Seguro are almost worthless. Small Mexican employers often treat their employees like slaves. This is wrong but the above happens. Yet we know people that had decent jobs at the Ford plant. However Ford does not put up with nonsense. If your Aunt in Sinaloa is ill you cannot take time off to vist her. So the employee quits or is fired and ends up as a clerk in Oxxo. There is more than one Mexico. Rural areas are much different than big cities. Of course there is also more than one USA or Canada.
moisheh 12/03/21 06:27am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Inflation in Mexico

Not to worry-minimum wage is rising to 172.87 pesos. Of course almost no on ever works for that wage. However it is not unusual to be paid 1500 pesos for 5.5 days of work. A worker also gets social security that includes, health care(which sometimes has no value), pension and workers comp. Workers also get Aguinaldo(sp). This is a hefty xmas bonus based on your wages. Some Mexican employers lay off all their workers in December to avoid the bonus. Welcome to the real Mexico. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/minimum-wage/
moisheh 12/02/21 07:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
Inflation in Mexico

Lately El Imparcial has had many articles about the excessive inflation. Sonora is the hot dog capital of Mexico. A steamed bun with one or 2 weibies is stuffed full of onions, tomatoes, chilis, mayo and much more. It takes parctice to eat one standing up. Downtown in HMO there are dozens of vendors. they are usually 20 pesos . But thge cost of the ingredients has gone up. A case of tomatoes used to be around 150 pesos. Now they are 500. Onions up about 15%. Even the wienies are up. Now the price is 25 pesos but will have to go up even more. Other food products are also going up. In Canada or the USA this might be an inconvenience but in a country with a huge % of people living below the poverty line it means going hungry. Wages have really not risen much. However I have not noticed a lot of shortages. Last week red onions were hard to find. Most meets are available. Peso dropped the other day but has recovered some. Today I received 21.8 pesos per dollar including the ATM fee.
moisheh 11/30/21 06:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Changes abound

Mexicans love acronyms. CDMX is Ciudad de Mexico. AMLO is an acronym d for the present Presidente of of Mexico. IMSS is short for the Social Security system. There are hundreds of them. Expats also have some: SMA is San Miguel de Allende. NOB is North of the Border. SOB is south of the border. Feel free to join in with more.
moisheh 11/30/21 05:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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