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RE: I have a question too ask

I ran a building crew for years. Every once in a while, the bank draw did not coincide with payday. I usually told the guys what happened, gave each one a hundred dollar bill, for urgent stuff, feed kids, gas, few beers. Then brought the checks in a few days, soon as the draw hit. It happens, cash flow and accounts paying late, it just happens. I'd not worry about it, at this point because he caught up with payroll. If it happens again, or becomes hit and miss, I'd, job search...
monkey44 08/22/19 08:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Revenge is mine, says the buffalo herd...

We were stopped on a road in Yellowstone watching a herd walk right past us in the opposite lane ... Just walking along, about fifty of them. Didn't bother us or the other cars in our lane. We all sat there and enjoyed it. Fifteen minutes or so - then the herd moved on, and we moved on. It was pretty awesome ... Another time, a herd of about sixty or seventy walked right thru the campground at Teddy Roosevelt park ... just wandering around the tents and RV's, right thru the campsites. Was very cool to see ... Looks to me like something spooked this Yellowstone herd, because in all my times at that park, I've never seen that kind of aggressive stampede. Most times, they just saunter around unless in Rut and Female near - then the bulls get a bit rowdy.
monkey44 08/22/19 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: My 350/3500 is just too big to fit between the lines!

We park as far away from entrance as possible - leave a spot on both sides, no one near us ... then walk to store. Invariably, when we come out, we have someone on both sides, and no other cars near us. GO FIGURE !!
monkey44 08/18/19 08:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Music cuts out

Groove works well as does Media Player and / or VLC. Do I understand correctly that you don't go online in order to protect your photos and other info? I wonder if you'll ever get hit by an internal Windows error that would have been fixed in an update that you didn't download? Hopefully you do external backups of your precious data. Yes, all my data is double backed-up on separate external SSDs ... but it's so much it would take hours to reinstall what I use regularly on the PC, so I just don't let it go online - that's just one safety feature for me personally because I'm not very tech oriented. I use only MSWord and Photoshop on desktop. That's it. I can remember how much hassle storing film and slides was, always thought Digital was gonna be a snap, comparatively, until years ago, I lost an internal HD (Virus, who knows why), and months of digital work. So, now I back it up on two separate SSD and only open it to transfer what I need for the day to work-station on PC, then disconnect. Maybe I'm mistaken about Win 10 updates?? Maybe it would fix this Media Player error. But, yes, I do worry about something nasty getting in my internal drives, then coming out to eat my data at its leisure??? HA, not really paranoid, just try to be careful. :)
monkey44 08/18/19 03:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Music cuts out

Thanks ... Any recommendation on a good Media Player??? We only listen to music on this PC via Flash Drive or SSD, no movies, no DVD, nothing but photos and words on it, but it has external speakers for FD or SSD music play.
monkey44 08/18/19 12:56pm Technology Corner
Music cuts out

Playing on Windows media player off Samsung flash drive ... Windows 10 Pro on both Laptop and PC ... on PC, music (songs) plays for about ten minutes, then suddenly quits. Window opens says, 'Problem with Media Player'', will not play music after that unless I shutdown and restart PC ... then does same thing each time. Same Flash drive works fine on laptop and in vehicle media. PC does not go online, ever - it contains all my photos and other info, and after first download of Photoshop and Word - a year ago - it's not been online for anything, including updates. Only laptop goes on internet. If I go online to download new media player, will it auto-download all Windows updates? I would prefer not ... it would take forever, I think. AND, I do not want this PC online. Period. Two Q's please ... If I do go online, how can I just load a new Media Player. If I do it, can I stop the updates ... does it matter. If I get new Media Player, which one should I install? Or can I download new Media Player onto Ext SSD and then install in PC. Monkey44 is very tech dumb, so treat answers in Tech Dumb words please.
monkey44 08/18/19 11:21am Technology Corner
RE: Know RV or campers association...

With all these new medications coming out "Buy ME, tell your doctor", I believe these big pharma companies should research a "Common Sense" one-time injection for national park visitors that have NONE. That would solve the majority of issues in our parks, and a relatively inexpensive solution...
monkey44 08/15/19 08:20am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 70 year old John Force Wins 150th NHRA race !

A NOTICE to all seniors --- NEVER give up, U can do it !!! :)
monkey44 08/09/19 08:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

In case anyone want a good investigative resource for NPS fees and services www.nps.gov/aboutus/fees-at-work.htm AHHH, can't make the link work :( If the funds are NOT enough, we have no problem paying higher fees as long as it stays in the park. As seniors, we get some discounts ... and at one point and even in some parks, the discounts are not allowed or lessened. That's picking on ONE segment of population. If we remove discounts completely, it will probably lose seniors and disabled who often fill sites when the "busy seasons" end. A benefit to the park in general. However, if we raise park fees a small amount for everyone, that spreads the funding over all users, instead of one population category. Would probably raise more money too. Think of it as a ten million camping seniors paying no discount (about $8 a night) total Eighty million bucks over a season?? And only seniors pay it. OK, think about 300 million NPS (2017 NPS count) visitors over a season, all paying $2 more per admission. Right, a lot of people use passes ... so not a direct equation, but illustrates how one group should not individually fund any more than all groups collectively, but this is more about perspective than actual fees. And an small overall fee increase increases the cost to all who use the parks, not just one population segment.
monkey44 08/09/19 01:18pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: You know its going to be a good day when....

What do you think of a person who doesn't like bacon? My best friend.
monkey44 08/05/19 02:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: You know its going to be a good day when....

Hey, BkHrn - don't waste any time, just arrive when the mower's running, and you'll be fine.
monkey44 08/04/19 09:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: You know its going to be a good day when....

Then she cooks it and eats it while you're mowing the lawn. :)
monkey44 08/04/19 09:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

.... Last fall, we found a young woman (22-23 age maybe) opening a new box containing a Drone w/camera and preparing to fly it over the Grand Canyon - Illegal in national parks. We tried to explain why no drones, and she could be arrested if she flew it. .... I don't want to go off topic too much, but... Drones are illegal in national parks? There are a lot of national parks in the USA, you can't fly a drone anywhere in them? I have heard of restrictions on where and when you can use drones, but not outright "illegal" to use. Correct, No Drones -- In August 2014, the National Park Service (NPS) made it illegal to operate drones in National Parks under 36 CFR 1.5. People that had limited flying skills were dropping drones into isolated areas - Yellowstone Hot Springs for one - and have no access to retrieve.
monkey44 08/03/19 06:06am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

JRscooby - NO, not saying Americans are too stupid to educate - but some just don't care. They may not realize one or two pieces of trash from each visitor adds up to a large pile eventually, or maybe just don't think about that impact. We leave nothing in our site, ever, ours or any trash others leave. And, I doubt anyone climbed down GC canyon walls and hauled that Drone out. But we do see visitors climbing and walking around areas that are marked 'off-limits', protected areas 'keep out', which are ignored. We also welcome visitors from other nations - but from first hand experience, we see many visitors either don't care or don't know enough to clean up after themselves whether American or other nationality. If you've been to an major parks lately, you'll hear a very high proportion of languages you don't recognize, certainly more than one in a hundred. And, no, of course I don't accept that some can pick and choose which rules to obey or not. Seems to me common sense is often absent when some folks visit our parks ... I have no idea why some folks toss trash all over, or simply leave it. OR, why some folks think a one-ton bison bull during rut season is pet-worthy.
monkey44 08/02/19 01:18pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

JRscooby - I understand we need to police our own as well, but mostly because they know and blatantly disregard the rules and guidelines. Regards the other nations education. What we've seen on our travels most often is an inability for visitors from foreign nations to read warnings and signs, or to understand guidelines. A bison or elk in rut is an extremely dangerous animal, as we've seen lately on nightly news clips. Last fall, we found a young woman (22-23 age maybe) opening a new box containing a Drone w/camera and preparing to fly it over the Grand Canyon - Illegal in national parks. We tried to explain why no drones, and she could be arrested if she flew it. Language barrier interfered, allowing no communication. I spent about twenty minutes, and found another person that spoke her language and English, we explained to him, he translated (I think so anyway) -- she packed up her box and left. We hiked the canyon trail for awhile and back. When we returned, same woman was in a different space and trying to get the drone to fly over the canyon again, but having little luck because it was new, and she had NO training. That's just one example of the problems we face in our parks. I imagine she lost it ... so now we probably have an expensive drone and camera rotting and rusting in Grand Canyon somewhere. The tragedy of this kind of ignorance means at some point, NPS will likely fence off the roads, meaning fence in the wildlife, and turn the national parks into a zoo-like experience. OR, perhaps tour only with a bus or trolley.
monkey44 08/02/19 07:43am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Is it too much to ask...

I agree with Crowe - unscented for all. Do you want to smell like something you are, or something you are not. Bathing often works wonders !!! :)
monkey44 08/01/19 01:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

I'd like to see this remain open to discuss the conditions of the parks. If we begin taking political pot-shots at individuals, we're aiming at 'closed' topic. I've been camping and visiting national parks for too many years to count - well, don't want to count - and many are degrading due to crowds and due to visitors treating wildlife like a petting zoo. Education of our visitors is paramount to our parks remaining a viable resource for watershed and wildlife habitats. Please educate yourself, and others, particularly visitors from other nations. It's on US to save the parks and the wilderness areas they protect. WE own the parks, not the Feds, not the States, not the Vendors.
monkey44 08/01/19 01:04pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 2019 Little League World Series

Can't get there, but will certainly watch on the Tube - that is always a fun time to see these young athletes compete. Some of these youngsters are pretty amazing.
monkey44 07/31/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Change the date of Halloween...?

I always liked 'trick-or-treat', but after a good portion of the century under my belt, have a hard time masquerading as a kid anymore. I do believe changing and combining holidays is just a marketing ploy for businesses that want to use dates or days to an advantage. Leave dates and days like they've always been... Next thing, Christmas AND New Years will take place on last two Saturdays in December. Black Friday has already become Black Saturday, Black Sunday, and Black Monday. I'm all for celebrating, but celebrate for the right reasons, and on the right calendar days. Kids of "trick or treat" age should not be out late any nights, whether a school day or not.
monkey44 07/30/19 11:07am Around the Campfire
RE: New Hiking Boots?

HAHAHA - I did accidentally see one from CAT that's pretty cool tho, like little tractors for your feet - heavy treads front to back. Not sure if I should post a link, but it you search Cat Intruder Shoes, you can see 'em. It's actually got the Caterpillar Logo on it, (Brand license) and a retro from the 90's ... made us laugh because years ago my wife was a Title Officer for Caterpillar Tractor Inc altho we're now retired and have no affiliation with it ... and the shoes are just a brand license Logo use. :)
monkey44 07/26/19 09:44am Around the Campfire
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