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RE: Happijac rear bumper mounts

TL wanted $300 for my rear tie downs, while being a welder, I had some material laying around. Only thing I had to buy were 3" sill washers from Home Depot. About 1 hr of work. https://i.imgur.com/u7AbW3pl.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. I did exactly the same thing on my 2500HD, but the inserts were round not square? Different tow hitch anchor, maybe. Mine's stock, and just slide right in, with a drilled anchor pin. Works great.
monkey44 12/01/20 01:16pm Truck Campers

Monkey44, I was hoping that the CDC might disclose those possible side effects which would be recorded from the three trials. By the way, there are always some risks to these things, even flu vaccines, but if we don't take the vaccine, I think the risks are higher (just my opinion). Agree, still between the rock and the hard place ?? We never know until hindsight tells us. I'd always like to think in the positive, and any antidote or vaccine will work well on all ages. HOPE. We should all carry that around in our word basket. :)
monkey44 12/01/20 06:50am Around the Campfire

Read the article from Stat News I linked earlier in this thread Here is a quote HHS Secretary Alex Azar and White House coronavirus task force coordinator Deborah Birx are pushing to have seniors precede health workers in the vaccine rollout schedule, because of the high death rate among older and elderly adults, according to the senior government official A different take on that could be, seniors might be more susceptible to side effects, and maybe should not be first in line ... Rock and a hard place steps up again. :)
monkey44 11/30/20 08:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Toad Service ??

Not as snarky remark: but service for a a BMW is expensive. Just like the car. A local mechanic should be able to do the simple things like oil and batteries. Aren't you glad you got the prices first? Yes, of course, price first, as always no matter what you buy. But when I tried to understand why an oil change was triple normal, I got no satisfactory answers. We know BMW - more to buy, more to service - we got a very good deal on an off-lease vehicle a few years ago. Just like to know what we get for that expensive oil change ... and no one is willing to detail what it includes. At first, we just tried to get an appointment, then a buncha rude runaround comments. When we asked the fee, just so we know, common question, right? The response instead was: Do you want us to book a time. Which set off an alarm in my brain. My truck, a 2500HD 6.0L costs $52 last time ... so why is a 2.0L engine triple that - and when I ask what else is included, got deflected. She even said, we check the fluids, but if it needs fluid, we charge extra for that. What we didn't want was, oil change $150, filter add $35, air filters $50 more ... just want to know what it includes and what might be extra, and could not get an answer. What? A cup of windshield washer $50 extra, check the air in tires, another $50, or what? Would just like real answers, not deflections. The discussion got pretty weird, so got off the line. Thought someone here might explain what the dealer would not. Thanks for your comments ... M44 :) Happy camping ya'all, when we can safely.
monkey44 11/30/20 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toad Service ??

Was just trying to find out why this service was more than a regular oil change. If so, what is extra? We're not cheap, and we don't mind paying the cost, as long as it's not a fifty buck oil change for a hundred fifty bucks. Plus, a two-hour drive ... Not much DYI info in the manual, just tells us 'go to your dealer' Also a little more time on the phone tells me the battery itself is $240 AGM, which is reasonable, but BMW wants $200 more just to install it, and it's right in the boot, very accessible. U-tube guy replaced battery and reset it - took twenty minutes and he did it outside in the snow, with frosty breath -- thought that was funny ... maybe he was filming it in Alaska - he had the BMW reset device, but am not sure it's any different. Don't have the OBD-11, but might make sense to buy one. Does that tool do the battery reset as well??? If you know ... thanks ... We're thinking we're getting a bit to old and crickety for all the maintenance at this age, so, yep, very surprised at the cost when we called. Our last oil change at BMW was fifty-five bucks. So, where'd that hundred extra come in? Thought this would be a simple Q & A ... like something special and expensive, but it looks like those dealers just want premium dollars for simple services.
monkey44 11/30/20 01:50pm General RVing Issues
Toad Service ??

Just called about an oil change and battery for the BMW ... Service folks said: A hundred-fifty bucks for an oil change. AND, then three-hundred for a battery, PLUS one-hundred eighty for a battery reset. That's six hundred thirty bucks for oil change and new battery. :( :( When I do these on my Chevy PU, I can reset it sitting right in the cab. Anyone explain those costs?? I know, BMW expensive, but oil is oil and a battery is a battery. Maybe someone can explain this for me. After we moved, no BMW near us, so a couple hours drive. Would rather do this local if possible, even if higher than a 'regular' auto service, but BMW says ONLY BMW can do this. Year is 2014 X3 ... 30K miles.
monkey44 11/30/20 11:48am General RVing Issues

So those interested, DNA vaccines vs RNA vaccines. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1986720/
monkey44 11/27/20 05:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Geocache of a mysterious nature in Utah

Art is in the eye of the beholder. This seems like low impact to me. Although there seems to be water there so if the place is frequented by visitors it could disrupt a wildlife watering hole. The trouble with low-impact, and accepting it, then it eventually grows into a large impact .. like a bulldozer. Once someone gets away with C like this, it snowballs. NO ONE should ever get away with damaging our national ecosystems. Take one spoonful of sand out of a kids sandbox one day at a time, and in a month it will be empty.
monkey44 11/24/20 07:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Geocache of a mysterious nature in Utah

Some people do things and call it art, and are truly artists. Some people do things and call it art, and are damaging our parks. It's not very difficult to tell the difference. I imagine at some point, the person - people that placed this will strive for national recognition and suddenly mistakenly become unrecognized artists. Anyone that agrees with this statement as art will be mistaken. Unless, of course, this monolith actually originated on another planet. :)
monkey44 11/24/20 12:16pm General RVing Issues

Keep in mine the results reported from one individual has NO bearing on how others may, or may not, be affected and should not influence the action, or inaction, of any other person. Agree, but ... Be nice to hear some first hand experience though ... even if not applicable to everyone of us.
monkey44 11/23/20 05:43pm Around the Campfire

FINAL ADVICE IGNORE PRESS RELEASES! Let the FDA and Peer Reviewed analysis show final results of serology effectiveness and function. This information will be clearly noted as being PEER REVIEWED. Think of the process as being compared to New Car Manufacturer's hype versus Road and Track and Car and Driver reviews. This one ^^^^^^^
monkey44 11/23/20 11:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Shopping for a camper...

Well I think I'm going to get one of the Wolf Creek 850s I looked at today. My GVWR is 11,500. My tare was 7,940. GAWR rear is 7,050 front is 5,600. They have one with an oven, kind of a must when the DW is along, and it comes in at 2,300 lbs dry. Interior height is 6'6'. They want 33,000 so I know they will take less. You guys think I should start at 28,000 and see their reaction? This will be a straight purchase. I'd start lower - you can always go UP, you can never go DOWN :) Maybe $25K ... that's 25% off. Even if they meet you halfway at $28K offer, you'll be over $30K, but w/offer at $25K, halfway is $28.5K, and if start at $28K, then halfway is $30.5 ... just a thought :)
monkey44 11/19/20 05:42pm Truck Campers
RE: No 3/4 ton trucks.

Sit in the seat, drive it, look over the hood - what do you see, the road. Can't tell if the truck is ugly or beautiful, or just a truck. It's the ride that matters, and the haul-ability. Otherwise, you can always buy a Honda Accord for a lot less money. :) :) :)
monkey44 11/17/20 06:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Any deals?

Vanished quote: The most annoying part so far is so many 'contact us for pricing' on all the ads! That so the dealer and all its affiliates can get your email and bombard you with more ads. IF I want to contact them, I will, but you're right, it's annoying to withhold a price just to get your contact info. I generally just delete that page, and find a dealer that posts the price ... I'd bet if everyone that sees a 'no price' page calls and ask 'Just want the price while I shop' get it and hang up, that particular dealer would change from no price to at least MSRP. No one believes MSRP on it anyway, but at least it's a place to get an idea about RV floor plan vs price when a buyer begins shopping. Car and truck dealers are beginning to do the same thing. Every dealer now touts 'online buying', 'safe and easy', but it turns into harassment at some point when you don't follow up. I've actually had to call the GM of a Chevy dealer to get a salesman to stop calling me and emailing me. He stopped, but no buyer should have to resort to calling a supervisor.
monkey44 11/16/20 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: The strange ramifications of COVID shutdowns

Hone delivery driver.
monkey44 11/14/20 07:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

Bought our truck six years ago ... good price. At 56K miles, most of those camping or traveling, we expect this to last another ten years or more. We drive our 4cyl runaround in town, so truck either camps or sits, but for an occasional material pickup and drive it once in a while to keep everything operating properly if it sits a while. We would never pay the kind of price new truck cost now, and much of the cost sits in things we don't need or want. Safety features may be worth it - but much of the cost is unnecessary for what we do - camp!! It gets us there, gets us home. Feet still work in between.
monkey44 11/13/20 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This is why you never buy a house on land you don't own

Could be the original land grant has requirements in it that it can ONLY be used for campgrounds or it converts to conservations land. Example in Brewster, MA ... Nickerson State Park, a land gift to the town from the Nickerson family cannot be developed beyond a campground, and the rest remains conservation land. It's run by the state forestry service. Great campground too, anyone heading for Cape Cod, don't miss it.
monkey44 11/13/20 01:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Prince's Purple Rain motorcoach for sale

probably WAY TOO much due to it being owned by "The Artist formally known as Prince" Also known as Prince Rogers Nelson ... his birth name. Comes from the name of his father's band ... Yeah, I looked it up :)
monkey44 11/12/20 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Streaming Amazon videos?

We have WIFI at home thru Cable, but on the road we have Verizon and T-Mobile - and unlimited data, so should be fine - Like you said, just let it load and watch it later. One thing tho', I looked at Firestick, and it says "Just tell Alexa" and it starts. We have NO Alexa, and have no interest in it. All we want is ability to watch some movies on the road. We don't want satellite either. We're just looking for convenience of a movie or series occasionally in the evening. So, just because it says on the newest Firesticks: 'Tell Alexa to start', does that mean it only works if you have Alexa ... makes little sense, but technology sometimes inhibits the very thing it enhances.
monkey44 11/12/20 05:55am Technology Corner
RE: Proof I have too much time on my hands

How can that be? You don't even have my address :( :( In fact, we are on the same page - but only one more gift to buy. My wife - maybe I'll buy her a new truck. :)
monkey44 11/11/20 01:23pm Around the Campfire
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