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RE: Are campgrounds more crowded or is it just me?

After weeks of trying to get a reservation at a state park in the Keys for next May, I finally got into Curry Hammock. Fortunately, we are flexible with our dates. It’s aggravating to see 8 spots open at a state park and at 8 am when you can reserve, all 8 are taken by 8:01 am. Actually they are taken by 8:00:01 AM. There are folks out there running bots or having 15 of their friends on laptops all hitting the button the split second the window opens. Florida is constantly trying to keep it honest but it's a losing battle. Friends that travel with us in the winter months are on their own from now on. Near impossible to get 1 site much less 2.The only way it will ever be made close to fair is to make the deposit and the cancellation fees painful. A $10 or $20 fee stops no one. A fee equal to one night's stay isn't much more effective. Require payment in full and make the cancel fees 25% if cancelled with more than 60 days notice, 50% with between three days to 60 days notice and no refunds on either weekend or holiday reservations and that might make people think twice about reserving multiple sites in different locations on the same days or reserving multiple sets of dates so they can choose which they will use later. And after the first night no-show, then the site is open first-come at least two days, then reservable. I'd prefer first-come, but others are less flexible so a little chance for everyone in these cases.
monkey44 06/22/20 01:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Without getting political....

New rules considered for NCAA college athletes -- they can sell themselves in commercials or their likeness for $$$ ... Does that make them amateurs or Pros? When will it end??? High school, middle school. KG? Birth?
monkey44 06/19/20 11:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Without getting political....

Pro Sports are no longer games to watch - they have become an entertainment break between commercials. We only watch baseball - when and if it returns , because commercials usually come only between innings, for which we can mute and plan our own "go get snacks or hit the bathroom time".
monkey44 06/18/20 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Without getting political....

Those reality shows - fishing, hunting, troopers, etc. might be worth if so many were not like soaps, and so predictable and staged. We miss MLB baseball, but not the NFL nor NBA. Might get more into college games if it ever gets back on track.
monkey44 06/16/20 12:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Harbor Freight has lifetime warranty on hand tools

Wish they sold iphones. Phones and other com devices usually last just about as long as the warranty, or as long as the contract. Pick your poison. If I believed in conspiracies, I'd think each one is programmed to fail a month or so beyond warranty or contract. I could show you a stack of worthless phones over the years as anecdotal evidence.
monkey44 06/16/20 11:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Picking up Truck Camper

Depending on where you drive, you may get rocks and debri kicking up and denting the tailgate.
monkey44 06/15/20 12:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Rhode Island

Not in Rhode Island, but if you go north out of Providence into Mass for a day trip, Sturbridge Village is an awesome historic attraction. Really worth the trip if you're that close.
monkey44 06/14/20 06:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Which cell phone provider do you use in the US?

T-mobile ? Spotty ? We took a CC trip from Florida to the Rockies last year and never had a problem. We had phone AND hotspot nearly the entire trip unless we went way off civilized areas, like in the back-country. We have T-Mobile.
monkey44 06/14/20 03:01pm Beginning RVing
RE: I need to find 6V batteries

I'd try a Golf Cart dealer - if they don't carry 'em, might know where to get 'em.
monkey44 06/07/20 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Anybody Know what this is?

Spigot is probably the low-point line drain when you want to empty your FW tank. I have two spigots on my Lance, one hot, one cold, low point drains. Don't know about that the hose connection -- could be an outlet for external wash-down hose? Try running your pump and see if water squirts out at ^^^ pressure. IF so, then it's for external wash off mud or whatever :)
monkey44 06/01/20 12:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

We received the VISA debit card. I guess they ran out of cash a long time ago. How much cash can I convert this card into? I never have used a debit card. Use the debit card just like a VISA for groceries, fuel, personal expenses ... then collect what you spend from your own cash, save it until you have the $1200 or $XXXX, then spend it on whatever you want ... or donate it, or whatever. If you cash it in, the bank usually charges a fee to cash it in... often 2.5 percent or more.
monkey44 05/25/20 09:42am Around the Campfire
RE: The latest on Oregon State Parks

Yep another example of common sense. The virus can only get you between the door and the table, once seated you are perfectly safe so remove your mask and have a great time. ;) That's funny ... imagine eating with the mask on ... :) :) New invention: a plastic mini-surgeon's mask on rotator buttons, flip it up, take a bite, flip it down. HAHAHaHa And, yes, common sense is absent in lots of situations. One size never fits all.
monkey44 05/03/20 09:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Cell Phone Choice

Thanks for all the advice - I ended up with a Samsung A10e ... small, does everything I need - Phone, Camera, Internet, Hotspot, good battery life, and $250. We're on the Senior plan with T-Mobile, and get everything for the monthly fee, no add-ons. Now, we just have to get one the road ... Stay Safe ya'all !!! :)
monkey44 04/28/20 09:26pm Technology Corner

Is it just me, or is anyone miffed that our gov't essentially lied and told us to NOT wear masks in the beginning? If they'd been honest with the people, we could have taken proper precautions to protect ourselves and determined whether or not to venture out. By their own admission, they said wearing PPE wouldn't have made much difference (which I disagree), but by that logic, we could have moved forward without obliterating our economy. Because they knew the supply on hand woefully short. They wanted to make sure what was available would get to the hospitals where they were really needed. Coulda told us that, and we'd make our own - which we did anyway, and still use when we need it. Wife sewed up a few and we wash and hot dry between trips out.
monkey44 04/26/20 02:17pm Around the Campfire

Not to mention UNDER REPORTING, UNDERTESTING can easily skew numbers which ever way one wants the numbers to turn out.. So, one must be careful when it comes to statistics, they CAN lie.. Data is only as good as the items you count - says absolutely nothing about those items you miss.
monkey44 04/19/20 09:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Long arm of the law...

If the whole population of people on earth stood rank and file we would fit in a square 50 or 60 miles each side. Imagine almost eight billion people, standing shoulder to shoulder in a 60 mile square. Then imagine if only ten percent of them coughed and passed gas at the same exact moment. Your laugh for the day !!!
monkey44 04/19/20 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: New Cell Phone Choice

Hope you don't mind me butting into your thread, but I logged on to ask the identical Q? I'm in the exact same pickle - new phone - so will watch and this with interest. Been looking at Moto G7 and Samsung A20 ... but am wondering if these are older models that will not keep up with service. This seems low-price to me at $250, and am not sure we'd get good service from it over time. We'd spend more for good quality, but not for fancy stuff and ability we never use. We always have our laptop. So many brands out there, hard to know quality of the phone. We don't game or stream. We need only Internet, Phone, Hotspot, Message -- we don't use all the apps or games in top-line phones, but do not want something that will run out of ability soon. Seems the older models can't stay up with the changes in service.
monkey44 04/13/20 03:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Don't come to Massachusetts

Kids need social interaction as well, and don't forget sports and Phys ED.................... Yup. Not trying to debate any of those points. Just saying COVID is providing a unique case-study opportunity on a wide scale. The results of which could break either way. -Eric Yes - I agree, the idea of core-video learning at home is a good one. My point is, other activities that need social components can still be done, while CORE can be done at home, and increase both efficiency and budget for our schools. I believe schools and the education system can learn from this tragic event, and improve both budgeting strategies, AND at-home video learning strategies.
monkey44 03/16/20 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Don't come to Massachusetts

...Many schools already have some form of online learning..... Setting the virus aside for just a moment... This could turn in to a big experiment for our education system. Kids do class from home. Do kids learn just as well as they did in the classroom? If so, post-virus the question comes up...Why do we need to send kids to a physical school? (Not trying to debate the validity of our current school system, just saying this virus is providing an all-hands-on-deck case study for remote learning.) -Eric Kids need social interaction as well, and don't forget sports and Phys ED. But, I thought the same thing as you regarding home learning. However, it could be core-subjects that need less interaction - math, history, English, etc. Then place certain days aside for the social and physical competition. We'd need less teachers - not so good - or smaller classes per teacher - better, BETTER. I see that kind of learning base in our future ... plus, our kids are safer at home, than in some schools - as some recent history has taught us ... Close some older schools and rotate same grade kids into newer schools on alternate days, with better internal security as well. Less schools, less cops required in schools, better use of newer school facilities. More cops on the streets where they better serve the community.
monkey44 03/16/20 12:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Website issue ?

The link to your website can be put in your signature IIRC. Yes, true most here can post or put website in signature. Mod told me it's a commercial site (It's not, I sell nothing on my site, but see plenty of posts that are commercial??) Website's been removed from my profile. Majority of the site is wildlife photos and information, habitat and species protection. ME when so many commercial sites can get a reference on this forum. BTW: got some tech help and the initial problem is fixed ... Thanks ...
monkey44 03/14/20 11:52am Technology Corner
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