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RE: Is a travel trailer with a slide out a good idea for me?

If you are shopping used, you will likely end up with a slide, there are not many models now that don’t have them. A couple years ago when I was shopping for a TT, I got a lot of blank stares when I walked into the dealer and told them I did not want a slide. It was unthinkable to the sales people. But my wallet, my choice. I had specific reasons for not wanting a slide that have to do with the way I use my TT.
moresmoke 07/21/19 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are Idaho Ram dealers worth the drive?

When I bought my 12 Ram from Ron Tonkin in Portland Or they were nearly the same price as DD. So close that by the time I spent money for gas and diesel then a hotel room it really wasn't worth saving a few $100 dollars. That is exactly what most find around here. Dealers HAVE to be competitive or they will lose everytime to these mega dealers. If you have a dealer that wont budge off MSRP and wont honor a price when a vehicle is ordered then let the free market teach them a lesson. It surprises me a dealer would not honor a price agreed on, that said the vehicle is subject to rebates at the time of arrival. So if you banking on taking advantage of a hypothetical 10K off rebate deal, your ordered vehicle will be subject to what the rebate is when your hits the ground. That can be lower than what current pricing is or more depending on if your banking on using a current rebate that is in effect at time order is placed. That is standard practice and I get that. You should be given a price without the rebate and if you get it great, but if the rebate is increased during your build, you would get that additional rebate as well. Last two Chrysler vehicles I have bought, it was in the order paperwork that any incentives available when I placed the order would apply at delivery, and any better incentives available at time of delivery were available also. This was in Chrysler’s contract.
moresmoke 04/13/19 09:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would gas engine opinions change if.....

When I switched from a Ford 6.0 to a 6.8 v-10, I would constantly check the tach when I came to a stop/light. Couldn’t tell from sound if it was still running.
moresmoke 04/13/19 08:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Insurance?

Collision doesn't cover your vehicle if someone hits you (their fault), unless you mean a subjective situation where you "may" be at fault or if you want the ins co to deal with a no fault on your behalf. Depends on your level of risk tolerance and desire or ability to deal with a storied ion yourself vs "paying" someone to do it for you. My point exactly. Having dealt with other people’s insurance companies before, I am willing to pay $24 a year to let someone else do that for me. I have better things to do with my life than fight with an insurance company. My own carrier has always treated me well, and settled claims quickly.
moresmoke 03/24/19 04:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance?

Food for thought... I have a trailer that is worth about $3500. It has long been paid for. I would be willing to take my chances that I will not wreck my trailer. But I carry collision and comp insurance on it. Comp is for theft. Collision is in case some one else runs into my trailer. If that happens, I file a claim with my insurance co, and let them deal with the other party. To me its worth $24 a year. In my jurisdiction, liability is covered by the power unit.
moresmoke 03/23/19 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: firearm question

A gun is to stop another PERSON from doing something. I am less worried about 2 legged critters than 4 legged ones. For me carrying a firearm is a tool to deal with elements of nature that have a foul attitude. As far as the unsavory 2 legged critters, there are many weapons available that are not leathal, but very effective. Mace, pepper spray, fire extinguisher, hornet spray. I spent several years driving truck. Got to visit some less than stellar neighborhoods. Carried a weapon that was legal everywhere. Even went back and forth to Canada on a regular basis. Kept a good old can of starting fluid next to the seat.
moresmoke 03/18/19 07:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Online sales... a good idea?

I am at a point I don’t expect a dealer to actually service anything I buy. By the time I jump through all the hoops, and spend the time to deal with their BS it is quicker and cheaper for me to just fix it. That said, when we bought our TT, the local dealer had the best price “all-in” so they got the sale.
moresmoke 03/12/19 08:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Hail Dings on front

Hi, I'll give you some info to think on as you sort through this. I'll echo to be honest in your sale. If someone asks about the dings, explain it to them, straight up. Trying to hide something sets yourself up for what else is he not telling us. That said, if you go down the get it fixed path, this can cost an amount of money. I am somewhat of a retired camper restoration hobbistet/extremist... I am on my 10th camper water damage restoration now and I deal with taking off and putting on aluminum siding without issue. I can even show you have to do it. The siding will come off starting at the bottom. Then you work your way up. The corner molding needs to come off in order to do this. As far as the factory seal, you can restore that even better than factory if wanted. In the end, this will come down to the "labor" cost rate plus the materials along with material mark up. Using your picture, https://scontent-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/53881541_2550029551705830_1820569673939288064_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.xx&oh=ed74b141653815556cca9900edbece44&oe=5CDF667D width=640 If the very top panel with the yellow clearance lights is not damaged, this repair will be less. If that panel can stay in place, then they do not have to deal with the roof seam along the front. The comments about having to replace the whole roof due to dealing with that seam are not accurate. You can lift that seam, not damage the roof or restore any small damage if there is any, BUT that roof seam will take time to deal with it. It can be more than taking the entire front siding below it off. I would estimate it could take 2 techs 8 to 12 hours (16 to 24 hours) to take the old siding off, the old corner moldings off, not the top panel, clean up the corners & roof area, staple on the new siding, install new corners with new sealing tape, new Dicor on roof areas and apply new decals. I say 2 techs as most shops do this in 2's. I myself would do it with only me, but I have done it enough to know how. Add another 6 hours if they have to deal with the top panel off and back on. You are now up to 16 to 24 hours + 6 hours or 22 hours to 30 hours of charged labor. At $75/hour (low end) this is $75 x 22 = $1,650 to $75 x 30 = $2,250. At $110/hour (more likely for a good shop) This is $2,420 to $3,300. And neither of them includes the materials, including new decals with material mark up. While that estimate may sound high for the labor, that is reality of what a good shop may charge you. It may even be more if they find water intrusion in a corner which is likely. You having it stored in a barn is a major savings to a camper. But corner water intrusion, especially the front is real. Just because you can't see it, does not mean it is not there. If you do the labor yourself, this is a lot cheaper as long as you want to take on the project. Offering the new buyer $500 off if they ask about it, your ahead of the game. Granted it does not look great, but for a couple starting out with as their first camper, they may get a great deal for the money and they can live with the dings. Hope this helps John To follow along on this, I have a 2015 TT that got to sit out in a hail storm in 2016 (at least the tornado stayed a couple miles away). The front looks much like your trailer. I filed a claim with my insurance company. They cut me a check for 50% of what I paid for the TT. Since I had no loan, I pocketed the money and left the trailer as is. When the time comes the sell/trade the TT I will gladly knock a bit off the price to satisfy the new owner. Having a loan complicates it a bit as far as filing an insurance claim and not repairing the damage.
moresmoke 03/12/19 08:06am Travel Trailers
RE: TV battery life? And Interstate longeivity? Diesel trucks.

I've got an Interstate commercial that is pushing 20 years in a piece of equipment. The Interstate I just took out of the F350 lasted 26 months. I replaced it with the 49.95 value battery from Walmart. For that price i can put in a new battery every year. Prior pickup had good service from the OEM batteries, and replaced them once with the same Motorcraft. Those left with it.
moresmoke 02/02/19 06:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold weather and diesel advice

One thing I've always wondered about DEF equipped trucks - is it an OK thing to let them sit for months in storage? I thought DEF had a shelf life. I've also heard it will crystallize when left in the open... point being, will problems such as this occur with the DEF already circulated in the DEF lines and injectors while the truck sits for winter storage? Yes, the DEF has a shelf life. Biggest threat is evaporation. The sun can also cause issues, but vehicle tanks are typically protected/black to block that out. The lines and injector are purged of DEF when the system shuts down. Mostly this is done to protect them from freezing. Some manufacturers have had issues with tank sensor units being damaged by the freeze thaw cycles. (Also talking construction/Ag equipment, not necessarily pickups.) I work with Ag equipment. The type of equipment that gets used 2 weeks a year. We are finding the best practice is to drain the DEF tank and flush it with distilled water when done for the year.
moresmoke 02/01/19 08:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold weather and diesel advice

as for -35 and it won't come out of the pump, well, likely not true unless it is an above ground tank with untreated fuel. If the tank is below ground it will likely be around 50F year round, and worst case likely never below freezing. I have spent my fair share of time on the side of the road thawing gelled fuel. I hope I am past that point in life. If the diesel pump has a filter on it as it should, you may get a gallon or so of untreated fuel out of it in extreme cold temperatures, then the filter will plug solid and you will be done. I went and got a Semi down south last winter. Stopped in Iowa to get fuel, there were 15 pumps with #2 fuel, and 1 with winter blend. Lady at the counter couldn’t believe that I actually wanted to buy winter blend fuel... “Lady, I am headed to Fargo”. Understanding Cloud Point and CFPP (cold filter plugging point) Cloud point All fuels must be blended 5-10 degrees above cloud (fuel temp not air temp) Significant variation between fuels Typical #2 cloud pt – 6 – 14 degrees F Use pipeline spec as baseline CFPP Usually within a degree or two of cloud point in an unadditized fuel Winter Fuel Blend Chart #2 Diesel Fuel, Ruby Fieldmaster™ & Cenex Roadmaster XL™ Product CFPP* w/o Cold Flow Additive CFPP* With Cold Flow Additive 100% X or D grade +10°F -3°F 90% X or D + 10% #1 +7°F -6°F 80% X or D + 20% #1 +4°F -9°F 70% X or D + 30% #1 +1°F -12°F 60% X or D + 40% #1 -2°F -15°F 50% X or D + 50% #1 -5°F -18°F 40% X or D + 60% #1 -8°F -21°F 30% X or D + 70% #1 -11°F -24°F 20% X or D + 80% #1 -14°F -27°F Note: This chart is for guideline purposes only. Diesel fuel low temperature characteristics may vary substantially from one source to another and this chart assumes the product meets typical specifications. *CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) is the temperature at which wax crystals will plug a fuel filter. WINTER BLENDING WITH BIODIESEL • Blending of neat biodiesel (B100) with petroleum diesel should occur when both product are 40 degrees F or above. • Low blends (B2 or B5) typically have very similar (within 0 to 5 degrees) Cloud Point and CFPP characteristics to conventional diesel products and can be treated in a similar fashion #1 blends, Winter Aid III additives, or both. • Animal fat or higher level soy blends may increase the CFPP of the fuel as much as 5 degrees for every 10% of B100 used. Impact of #1 Fuel #1 fuel typically has a very low cloud point (-40 to -70F) #1 blended with #2 reduces the cloud point and CFPP of the blend “Rule of Thumb” Adding 10%-#1 will decrease the cloud point by approximately 2 degrees #1 when blended with 5% or greater with biodiesel will have a negative effect on the cloud point
moresmoke 01/30/19 04:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold weather and diesel advice

As far as I know ALL diesel sold in NA over the winter is Winter Blend. . This is most definitely false. In the upper Midwest US, many fuel stations offer both #1 and #2 diesel in the winter. The #2 is not treated for cold temperatures. Some stations are high class and have blender pumps where you can choose what % of each you want. Most you need to blend your own. If the station only has 1 pump labeled diesel, it is likely winter fuel to some extent. You don’t have to worry about getting untreated fuel on a day like today. At -35F it simply will not come out of the pump!
moresmoke 01/30/19 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: ? 3 Purchasing Questions

In some states, the “fees” are not charged sales tax. I have no problem with the dealer fees if it is saving me from sending more to the state. It all comes down to out the door price, they can account it however they want. Check your pricing vs. other dealers online. When I bought, there was no one with a price lower than what it cost locally once shipping was included. Local dealer was one that doesn’t negotiate, but the price was good to start with.
moresmoke 01/27/19 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel heaters ?? Any good ??

Just about every sleeper cab semi on the road today has a diesel fired heater to keep the “house” warm in the winter.
moresmoke 01/27/19 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: CARiD and which tires for my 19.5” wheels

I have the Roadmaster 253s. I would buy something else the next time. Traction is great, they ride fine for a 19.5. But the wander, OMG! The first 2000 miles was horrible, after 10000 they are better, but nowhere near comfortable to drive.
moresmoke 12/10/18 04:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: operator commanded regeeneration ford diesel.

Been reading on Forscan a free download that is supposed to access a bunch on things Ford has turned off: Operator regen, DPF % of full, running light, turn off bed light when opening door ect. Anyone know anything about this?? Russian hackers are good for something! Forscan is basically reverse engineered pirate software that lets you access Ford control systems. What you can do varies by model and year. It does take a bit of studying to learn the system. I successfully turned off the TPMS light in my F250 with it.
moresmoke 12/08/18 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Haul Gauge??

I don't drive over the scales when I'm hauling with my pick up. I stopped once about 30 years ago and went in the office to see if they cared whether I stopped or not. I was told they are interested in our little trucks. Things are different in every state/region so you can't really apply what happens in your region to everywhere else. In Texas, if you have a commercial DOT number on your door, you have to stop. Here are the laws in other regions and states. WEIGH STATIONS LAWS I am not sure how accurate this is. Or is this for personal vehicles? Here is what they say about Mighigan: "MICHIGAN The following vehicles must stop: (1) vehicles with dual rear wheels transporting agricultural products; (2) trucks over 10,000 lbs. with dual rear wheels and/or towing construction equipment; (3) all tractor/semitrailer combination vehicles." Because the company I am working at stop in srw one tons with DOT numbers not towing. Some US States have found that the little trucks with trailers are far more profitable than the big ones. This is something that all depends where you are. Western Canada is lax about it. So are many of the western flatland states. MN will chase down commercial looking pickups that don’t stop at scales. I know for certain! Now in the scope of this bulletin board, RV pulling pickups are not bothered anywhere, unless there is a transporter plate on the trailer.
moresmoke 12/02/18 09:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ram California DMV issues

I find it even more amusing how the dealer was unable to tell the purchaser what the drive cycle is to ready the OBD for emissions. Now that is one bad service department! Not that unusual with many dealers today. They won't tell you how to do it, but you can bring it in and they will do it for you. On your dime.
moresmoke 11/22/18 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DEF clean up

Hot dihydrogen monoxide will do. Yup as we all know: Dilution is the solution to pollution. Water will do the job. I find it unlikely that urea penetrated an undamaged plastic jug, either it had a pinhole or the top wasn't on tight. Back in my truck driving days, I would carry a couple milk jugs of water with me. Fill them up at home on the weekend. The average life of a jug was about 2 months. They would crack on the botton and start leaking.
moresmoke 11/14/18 11:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Heard a new one today

Quite possible. The 100k is irrelevant. Only depends on the condition of the wheel. Bead sealer should take care of it.
moresmoke 11/08/18 11:50am Tow Vehicles
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