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RE: Used RV Financing

Find a local Credit Union and go talk to a Loan Officer. It will probably cost you $25 to become a member. There is probably more than one in your area that you are eligible to join, so check several of them out. We have financed several used vehicles through our Credit Union. Several were more than 10 years old! Keep in mind they will probably require full-coverage insurance, with them shown as "loss payee"; if the vehicle is totalled, they get paid first. A Credit Union is, IMO, the only place to finance a used vehicle.
mowermech 08/02/20 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CJ5 Flat Tow?

you could consider full hubs on all 4 corners- where you could unlock all the wheels and only the wheel bearings spin. Not cheap but the best solution. I installed the Warn rear hub kit on a Tuxedo Park CJ many years ago. It worked great. Since then, I have read that Warn no longer makes the kit due to lack of sales. Is this true? If so, who else makes such a kit these days? I have also read that the non-towable transfer case can be made towable by welding vanes on a certain gear for splash lubrication. Has anybody done this? Did it work?
mowermech 07/30/20 09:44am Dinghy Towing
RE: Dinghy Tow Tacoma w/Manual Transmission

If you really want to tow it, it IS towable! It is, after all, YOUR vehicle. However, there is a good chance the output shaft bearing (and possibly other parts) at the rear of the transmission will not be lubricated while towing, and will eventually dry out and seize, destroying the case and shaft. My personal opinion is that the Owners Manual is the Be-all and End-all when it comes to instructions about how to use the vehicle. Ignore the instructions at your peril. Good luck.
mowermech 07/28/20 07:02am Dinghy Towing
RE: where 2 get water for RV before you reach your destination?

For those advocating the use of a "water thief", keep in mind that many USFS and State Park campgrounds have water hand pump or faucets that such a gadget can not be used on. They are specifically designed to prevent that. I tried the "1/4 tank of fresh water for the trip, fill at destination" scenario once years ago. I found no benefit from doing so; the handling over the mountain pass wasn't any better, the fuel economy didn't show a significant improvement, and the hassle of filling the water tank at the destination wasn't worth the trouble, IMO Of course, YMMV. We each have to do what makes us happy. Good luck.
mowermech 07/25/20 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Do useless gifts bug you like they bug me?

I tell my kids "Everything I want is Illegal, Immoral, or Fattening!" Oh, and also too expensive. At my age (75+) I have way too many tools, too much fishing equipment, too much hunting equipment, just in general too much "STUFF"! Gift cards are nice, If I don't lose them.
mowermech 06/23/20 03:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hostess Cup Cake

I am more apt to purchase Ding Dongs than cupcakes, so I have no idea how they are decorated!
mowermech 06/22/20 07:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Length of time diesel fuel stays good in tank

Just make sure your tank is completely full to avoid condensation. Diesel fuel does not "rot" like gasoline (new or old), so Sta-Bil or Sea Foam is not required. If there is no water in the tank, a biocide is not needed. The algae will only grow at the water/fuel interface; no water, no algae. However, if you want to put "stuff" in your tank, go ahead. It probably won't accomplish much, but it won't hurt anything, either. It would be a good idea, IMO, to read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the "stuff" to see exactly what is in it. Many such products consist of mostly acetone, with a little light machine oil and isopropyl alcohol. In fact, there is a website that tells you how to make your own home-brew diesel fuel treatment for about $3 a gallon!
mowermech 06/22/20 07:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Long For Tow Cables?

The breakaway cable issue has been cussed and discussed ever since it was invented (which wasn't all that long ago!) There are those who (like me) don't want that braking system activated unless/until the towed vehicle is completely disconnected from the towing vehicle, because we do not believe the "safety" cables or chains are strong enough to hold the shock of a braking vehicle, and we don't want that vehicle suddenly stopping in the midst of rush hour traffic! Then there are those who believe that the cables or chains are quite obviously strong enough to handle whatever abuse is handed to them. Also, of course, the attaching points are strong enough to handle anything, as well. The idea of their vehicle suddenly coming to a stop in heavy traffic when the cables/chains/attaching points fail is not a worry. We all have choices.
mowermech 06/18/20 10:38am Dinghy Towing
RE: How Long For Tow Cables?

Personally, I like the breakaway cable adjusted so that it will energize the brakes ONLY in the event of a total separation of the vehicle from the coach. I do not want the abrupt stress of the fully braked vehicle on the safety cables/chains. IMO, the chance of the cables/chains being yanked far in excess of the rated strength is too great to allow it to happen. The electrical cable, IMO, should be long enough to avoid being torn loose when turning, but short enough that it will never drag on the ground. Mine is not coiled, so it is taped to the towbar. It works for me.
mowermech 06/18/20 07:11am Dinghy Towing
RE: Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

I had a locking pin in the truck receiver. After putting up with it for months, I put it in the motorhome receiver. Why, you may ask? Because the truck frequently has to be changed from 1 7/8 ball to 2 inch ball to 2 5/16 ball, then back to 1 7/8, then just for gits and shiggles toss in the bed extender! What a nuisance that locked pin was! The motorhome, however, rarely gets changed from 2 inch to 1 7/8 inch ball and back again (depending on whether the Jeep or ATV trailer is to be towed).
mowermech 06/18/20 07:03am Dinghy Towing
RE: First Aid Kit Contents

I have been packing around a 12X16X3 inch metal box industrial first aid kit for over 10 years. I don't recall ever opening it. The same goes for the roadside reflector/red flag gadgets. Never needed them. Barbecue tool set in an aluminum box? used once or twice. Yeah, I need to think about the stuff that is laying in the motorhome basement; Have I or will I ever use it?
mowermech 06/16/20 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Out of state license and storage.

It is perfectly legal to own a vehicle in Montana and register it in Montana, IF you have a Montana address. In fact, the address can be a PMB at the UPS store! I know a young gentleman who purchased a Class C in Montana, registered it using a Montana address, and left it here for over a year. It never left the state. Then he took it to CA, proved to the DMV that he had owned it for a year and it had never been in CA, and transferred the title and registration to Ca, paying no CA sales tax on the vehicle. Had he wanted to, he could have left the coach in MT for the rest of his life with no problems, BUT he could never, EVER take it to CA unless he immediately registered it there or moved out of state So, yes, it has been done and can be done without jumping through the LLC hoops. But, keep in mind, you probably can NEVER take it "home", regardless if "home" is in CA or any other state.
mowermech 06/13/20 06:06am Beginning RVing
RE: School me on waste totes

Years ago, I bought a tote. Then I realized that most Forest Service campgrounds we went to had no dump station, and the nearest such station was 10 miles or more away. If we weren't in a USFS or state park campground, we had a full hookup site. So, after a couple years of the thing laying under the work bench gathering dust, I sold it in a rummage sale for $15. IIRC, I used it once, at home. The bottom line is, before you fill the tank, make sure there is a place to empty it! Edit: In many USFS/State Park campgrounds, emptying a tote into the vault toilets is against the rules, and the Camp Host can evict you for doing so.
mowermech 06/05/20 07:16am General RVing Issues
RE: PSI of LT tire after upgrading from P rated tire

Years back, I had a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited that came from the factory with LT Load Range E tires. Recommended inflation pressure, according to the door jamb sticker? 33 PSI! No way would I ever be crazy enough to inflate to the 80 PSI pressure stated on the sidewall for Max Load! I made several trips of 1500 miles or more, at 70 MPH in that Jeep. Never had a tire problem. I spent some time off-roading that Jeep at 5 MPH (or less), with the tires deflated to 12 PSI. No tire problems. When I bought new tires for the rear of the motorhome, Load Range F tires were not available, I had to buy Load Range G. I told the tire guy to inflate to the LR F specs on the data plate. He argued, but eventually did it my way. No tire problems. They are about to age-out, so I will have to replace them soon. I'm sure we will have the same argument, and he will do it my way again. I find it interesting that after all the mental gymnastics and number crunching, the OP came up with the same tire pressure as that stated on the data plate, or perhaps a little more, depending on the source. I certainly got a chuckle out of the 80% of rated pressure for LT tires, when Jeep recommended 33 PSI for LT LR E on the Wrangler Rubicon! Oh, well, it was on the internet, so it MUST be correct, right?
mowermech 05/27/20 05:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Where do you store your Shoes, Boots, Sandals and Slippers

Our canvas fishing shoes are kept in the basement with the tackle boxes. My Red Wing boots are put on my feet in the morning and stay there until bed time, unless I go fishing. DW usually takes two pairs of shoes, other than her fishing shoes. Her "every day" shoes are likely to be found nearly anywhere on the floor. Shoe placement just isn't something we stress about.
mowermech 05/19/20 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: How to camp with electric only

A few things I have learned while using Forest Service campgrounds and State Parks here in Montana: 1. Fill the fresh water tank while at home. 2. Be sure the waste tanks are empty. 4. Fill the propane, if needed. It might get cold in the mountains, even in June and July! 5. There is no electricity available, and generator use is limited. Some State Parks have recently been electrified. Most Forest service campgrounds are not. 6. There is probably no shower house. There are vault or pit toilets, though. 7. There will be water available, one spigot for each 5 or so campsites. There probably will not be a threaded outlet to hook up a hose, and some are designed so a "water thief" will not fit. 8. Many campgrounds (most) are "Pack it in, Pack it out!". There is no garbage pickup, and no dump station. Be cautious about using a dumpster in the first town you come to. It might be considered "Theft of Service" and you could get a ticket. Be sure it is for public use. 9. "grey water" may not be dumped on the ground anywhere in the state! 10. It is against the rules to dump waste water into the vault or pit toilets. 11. "Water conservation" is a learned skill. The methods vary. If you want to spend a week in a "Primitive Campground", you need to learn how. 12. DO NOT, EVER, flush "Flushable Wipes" down the toilet! No matter what the advertising says, they are NOT "flushable"! Not in the RV, not in the vault toilets, not at home. They go in the garbage, not the sewer system. 13. Leave your campsite cleaner than it was when you got there! Make sure there are no hot ashes (or trash) in the fire pit.
mowermech 05/17/20 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Tracker value

Avoid braking system? EASY! Get a restored early '70s Volkswagen Super Beetle. No automatic tranny available, but the clutch is light enough that bad knees can handle it. Fun to drive, easy to tow, towbar that installs without expensive base plates, light enough to be under the weight limit for TRAILER brakes.
mowermech 05/15/20 06:17am Dinghy Towing
RE: How much solar power for a shed

The first thing that needs to be done is to read the data tag on the frig to determine the starting current and running current. Then read the tag on the inverter; what is the peak current and continuous duty current? Also, what is the output; square wave, modified sine wave, or pure sine wave? If the frig requires pure sine wave, and you try to run it with a square wave inverter, the motor/control boards may burn out. Of course, the same goes for LED lighting; What current and wave form is required? By the time one buys the solar panels (200W? 300W? 400W?), charge controller, battery(s) (one? Two? four?), possibly a 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter, and the frig, it might be cheaper (and better for night time use) to get the direct bury 110V cable and wire it to the house. Whichever, be sure to get the proper permits and do it per Code.
mowermech 05/07/20 07:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

As always, first thing this morning checked bank accounts. Normal "first of the month" activity, no "Stimulus Funds". Oh, well, when (if) if happens, it happens. Until then I won't spend it.
mowermech 05/01/20 07:28am Around the Campfire
RE: Any one flat tow a BMW?

As far as I know, the primary issue will be whether the transmission is lubricated adequately from just the OUTPUT shaft or whether it needs the INPUT shaft turning to properly lubricate the transmission. A good BMW tech who overhauls the manual transmissions should be able to give you guidance. Exactly! Many manual shift transmissions are splash lubricated by the rotating cluster gear. That cluster gear only rotates when the INPUT shaft is turning. When being towed, only the OUTPUT shaft is turning. No splash lubrication is taking place. Eventually, the output shaft bearings will dry out and begin to self destruct. It may take a while, but when it happens the repair cost will not be covered by ANY warranty! IF that is true of the transmission in your vehicle, there are ways to get around it: 1. Stop every 100 to 200 miles, run the vehicle in Neutral for 5 minutes to distribute the lubricant. 2. Tow the vehicle with the engine running, transmission in Neutral. This will keep the lube stirred up and the bearings coated. 3. Replace the filler plug with a "street ell" pipe fitting, with the elbow pointed up. Fill the tranny with lube until it runs out of the elbow, then install the plug in it. This will flood the upper half of the gear train with lube. It will also cause some of the excess lube to puke out of the vent plug, so you will have to check the level often, and your vehicle will be "marking its territory" with oil spots. Of course, you COULD just believe the Owners Manual when it says "Recreational Towing: ONLY on a dolly or trailer! Do NOT tow four down!" Good luck.
mowermech 05/01/20 07:20am Dinghy Towing
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