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RE: Report on the field: It's hot and dry out there...

https://i.imgur.com/D2aG3Wjl.jpg LOL. You could go fishing from your swimming pool!:B
mr. ed 07/28/21 01:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: An Exraordinary act of Kindness

Very few good deeds make the news,but a fight at a super store is headlines. Still think there are lots of good people out there,actually seeing more on local news lately. News has a few minutes everyday of the good news. yes. I agree that more good deeds are showing up on some news channels, especially those accounts highlighting police who go out of their way to help others in dangerous situations. I'm a strong advocate of those fine folks in law enforcement, regardless of the one or two bad apples that sometimes appear.:)
mr. ed 07/28/21 07:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Handicap accessible apartments dilema

Doorways, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standard, should have a clear width of 32 inches from the door's face to the opposite stop. Depending on size and type, a wheelchair's width could range from 21” (for narrow transport chairs) to 40” wide (for heavy duty wheelchairs). Thanks for that info, Mod. I know my chair is standard width, so I’ll keep your point in mind. As I just mentioned in the previous post, since I live alone the door could also be removed entirely, if necessary.
mr. ed 07/27/21 06:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Handicap accessible apartments dilema

Ed, Most doors are already wide enough, but the have to change the hinges so the door gets out of the way when it is open. We did this for daughter's MIL years before she passed. The property owner just may not know about this or be lazy. Matt Good point, Matt. You’re probably right. i’ll need to keep that in mind. Actually, the door could be removed entirely since I live by myself.
mr. ed 07/27/21 05:46pm Around the Campfire
Handicap accessible apartments dilema

Although I'm fairly independent I use a wheelchair to get around. Lately I've been investigating apartments in my area that offer accessible rooms. What surprises me is there are several apartment complexes that advertise accessible rooms for rent, yet in a number of these so called handicap rooms the bathroom door can't accommodate a wheelchair. Even though the rest of the room is accessible and the showers have grab bars, all well and good, what's the sense if a wheelchair can't enter? I suppose these rooms were converted from regular to handicap, but it was too much bother to widen the bathroom door. Just amazing!
mr. ed 07/27/21 03:36pm Around the Campfire
An Exraordinary act of Kindness

I learned today that a resident, a woman, at the long term hotel where I'm staying just paid $200 towards my bill. She evidently saw me in my wheelchair and was moved to this act of generosity. Now, I've had people pay my bill at restaurants or in grocery stores before, but this was extraordinary. The manager told me the woman is some sort of philanthropist and was moved by my situation. I would've liked to meet and thank her, but I think she's checked out. You watch the news and see so many bad acts being performed by people against their fellow man, but certainly most folks are basically good towards others. I don't wish this on anybody, but if you ever find yourself in a handicapped situation, you'll no doubt have similar experiences that will restore your faith in humanity. :)
mr. ed 07/27/21 02:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to bypass Windows 11 limits and install on old PC

If my older Toshiba cant be upgraded I’d be tempted to try the linux OS in place of Windows.Make it a dual boot system - then you can still have Windows if Linux doesn't work out. One of my PCs is dual boot. I find Linux to be slightly more work. Thanks for the suggestion, Joe. I also have my iPad as a backup computer. It’s set up like a laptop, including keyboard and mouse, although I’m more used to the Windows OS.
mr. ed 07/25/21 10:05am Technology Corner
RE: How to bypass Windows 11 limits and install on old PC

If my older Toshiba cant be upgraded I’d be tempted to try the linux OS in place of Windows. At any rate, Windows 10 will continue to receive updates until fall, 2025, according to Microsoft.
mr. ed 07/22/21 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: Yahoo Email Program

I send out emails to over 300 addresses a few times a month. Yahoo limits the number of recipients I can include in an email, so I went to gmail but I still had to break up the lists into 2. There’s a more efficient way, but being lazy, this works for me. X2. I also use gmail, and so far it has performed flawlessly . I don’t send bulk emails in BCC, but that option shows up. As a matter of course, I always put one address in the TO field, but don’t know if that’s necessary.
mr. ed 07/22/21 08:48am Technology Corner
RE: How to mitigate Print Spooler PrintNightmare in Windows 10

Even though I don’t have a printer, I went ahead and disabled print spooiler anyway. I figured it can’t hurt.
mr. ed 07/22/21 08:39am Technology Corner
RE: BAttery replacement.

I had an unusual indication of a bad battery some years ago in my fiver. It contained two 12 volt batteries connected in parallel (typical wet cell types). For some unknown reason the propane leak detector kept going off for no apparent reason. Upon checking both coach batteries I discovered one was essentially dead. Replacing that battery stopped the propane detector from misbehaving. I’m not sure why the propane detector was going off, but possibly it wasn’t receiving the proper voltage because of the bad battery and maybe the remaining good battery had become marginal. Anyway, there were no further problems after the replacement.
mr. ed 07/16/21 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel pin lubricate

We use a disc along with white grease on the pin itself. X2. Exactly how I’ve done it for years. Since the teflon disc doesn’t lube the pin, greasing the pin is advisable. I always wiped off the grease after unhitching and reapplied it anew just before hitching up again.
mr. ed 07/16/21 05:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I am glad that I do not live in California !

I left California years ago as I could see the whacky way the state was heading. I became a South Dakota resident (on paper, was full time RVing then) and didn't look back. That worked well for quite some time before I became an AZ, and now, a TX resident. I haven't the slightest desire to ever return to CA even though I have family there and, admittedly, did enjoy the weather. :C
mr. ed 07/15/21 06:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Survey

Another vote here for "cowboy" coffee. For years, that's the method I always employed. However, lately I've been using an inexpensive Mr. Coffee machine (fresh ground beans and bottled water, as always). I find this arrangement acceptable, but if my Mr. coffee ever breaks, chances are I'll return to the "cowboy" method once again. ;)
mr. ed 07/15/21 06:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Texas Drivers License Hassle

SSN Replacement card via On-line.....simple I don’t think its that simple in all cases, Old biscuit. I know I’d checked that avenue out and decided to deal directly with the local SSA office here. One reason why it took so long to receive my SS card was because the office was closed for personal service due to Covid and it was necessary to deposit any documents in a drop box located just inside the main doors. Evidently, they misplaced my documents, so I mailed a new set of docs directly to the office. This time, the process went quickly and I got my card without much delay. If I had mailed them initially rather than dropping them off, the process would have been fairly quick, but who knew?
mr. ed 07/14/21 05:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Texas Drivers License Hassle

Finally got my TX DL this morning. My appointment was for 11:30 AM. Hoping to be seen earlier, I arrived before 8. I got to the clerk's window almost immediately. She was sympathetic to the fact I had been to the DMV 6 times in the last month and really smoothed the way to my license. I had concerns because my AZ DL was due to expire Aug 29th. The fact that my licensing ordeal had taken a couple of months wasn't the fault of the DMV. The main problem was all my documents had been stolen, along with my vehicle, in Albuquerque some time ago and needed to be replaced (SS card, birth certificate, military discharge (DD-214), etc.). The single most difficult document was the SS card. It took about 1 1/2 months to receive a replacement. Now that I'm an official Texan, I'll need to learn the language, y'all. :C
mr. ed 07/14/21 01:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Texas Drivers License Hassle

Glad to hear you're beating the government. Now you need to get ready for the picture that dose not look like you for the next 4 or so years.:W I'd like the DMV to accept the picture in my signature (Mr. Ed, the talking horse), but I don't think that will happen! :B
mr. ed 07/08/21 09:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Texas Drivers License Hassle

FINALLY received my SS card today (wed 7/7). Took quite a long time. Now I can finally get my TX drivers license. I have an appointment for this Friday at DMV. Yippee! :C
mr. ed 07/07/21 10:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Survey

For caffeine boost sans café dark chocolate has a surprising amount of caffeine. Eighty percent dark chocolate has enough kick for it to equal a cup or two of roadside joe. The sugar content also helps. For some reason chocolate lasts longer than coffee in my system. I pack a cup or two of baking chocolate. For mornings chocolate is a counterfeit substitute for a mug of good coffee. And I'll skip the blood sugar spike :( Baking chocolate, by itself, is inedible (far too bitter). It does make decent hot chocolate, though, if properly sweetened. I like having the ability to add just the right amount of sugar. Many commercially available chocolate products are too sweet for my liking.
mr. ed 07/05/21 08:38am Around the Campfire
RE: An Embarassing Moment in a Walmart Parking Lot

Down here, shoe sizes larger than 9 and clothing larger than "L" are as rare as mashed potatoes. Having traveled south of the border numerous times on business, I've spied a few supersized people, but you're right, it's not the norm. Those re-fried beans with lard can pack on the lbs. :B
mr. ed 07/05/21 08:19am Around the Campfire
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