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RE: Ford F150 battery drain when towing Travel Trailer

Agree. The trailer simply cannot draw enough amps through that long run of small wire to drain a vehicle battery that is inches from a 140 amp alternator. A camera or some phones will not draw down a running vehicle battery either. In the meantime, you might can just disconnect the charging wire that feeds the trailer battery, or pull the fuse if the trailer has one between the battery and the 7-pin plug. My trailer has solar, so I rarely ever have the vehicle charge the trailer. Whatever the guy in the above post was talking about with the alternator and the C pin might be the best place to start. To run a battery down takes some serious work, so the alternator must be at fault (not charging). When alternators die the ECU (trucks computer) and the blower vent fan will run the battery down in 30-45 mins, so your alternator must be putting out some charge that you can go 3-5 hours without the battery being dead. The camper's battery could possibly contribute voltage back to a dying vehicle battery, but not significant through that long run of small gauge wire. None of this helps any except to help you eliminate some possibilities and push you towards looking at the alternator first.
mr_andyj 10/21/20 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: crank up antenna won't crank up

it is made of aluminum which can get a oxidation on it and make the gears really hard to move. lubing it might help. I do not know about rubber roofs and lube... Worst case, go to a junkyard and find an old RV with a working one. It will be cheap. I had a boomerang on my first on. Like what you would see on an old limosuine. It kinda worked, so I had to get a signal booster to increase the signal. The crank up is the best as you can turn/aim it, and it raises above your AC unit so nothing blocks it. Though I have never tried a dome one. sounds expensive...
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Wires for Break Question

There are some on this forum that would not tow a small flat cargo lawnmower trailer with a semi-truck because it could be too dangerous. You are safe to go by the auto manufacturers recommendations, but it is a lot easier to tow that lawnmower trailer with a semi-truck if you are looking for the maximum amount of ease, as some on here are. Maybe you can do the wiring yourself maybe you cannot. When I started I was asking the same questions, but did it all myself and it was easy, just you need to know what wires to tap into and where the "brake" wire is on your vehicle. It is usually a light blue and only a couple feet long originating from under the dash. It goes towards the back, but goes nowhere, so u have to find it then splice into it. Controllers are $30 and up. If you will not tow much you can get by with a cheap "timed" one. If you will tow a lot and like nice things then get a $200 "sensor" type where the module senses the amount of braking you are doing and brakes the trailer accordingly. It is so much nicer. i have had both types and will never go back to a cheap one. The other 2 of the 3 extra wires from the flat-4 to the 7-pin are reverse lights and a 12 volt charge to keep voltage on the trailer camper battery while you drive. You can get away without reverse or voltage, but legally you need to hook up the brakes, and especially the weights of TV and trailer you are stating... You will also need a working "breakaway" emergency brake control and to keep a charged 12 volt battery connected to it from the trailer.
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do propane fire pits put out any heat?

a LOT of HEAT!
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chip a v10

power and economy are at opposite ends. So, which do you want? More power usually means more heat. Are you on the verge already of overheating on big climbs? What climbs, just hills, or serious mountains? Chips are different than tuners, which just dump in more fuel. The cheapo chips u see on amazon are just little things that cut the voltage lower, spoofing the ECU. I spoofed my foreign truck by cutting voltage from the MAF. This had the effect to lean out the fuel mixture. Both power and economy increased. Exhaust temps increased but did not matter on a small truck. If you lean out your fuel mixture your engine temps will increase. I dont think you have enough margin to handle more temps. My method was to use a pot and manually cut back the signal which made the CPU think there was less air flowing through the intake, so it put in less gasoline (leaned it out). I could feel the power boost as I slightly leaned out the mix. mpg went up 2-3 mpg in my particular instance, You will not see 2-3 mpg increase on a V-10. Tuners could range in the $700 range. not worth the cost, and that is if you can do the install yourself. It is quite involved, not for the novice. I put a tuner on a turbo diesel, but a diesel has a lot, a lot more potential than an old ford gasser.
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: upgraded Rotten Green Switch by ultra RV

curious what that is even... This is the most vague post I have ever seen
mr_andyj 10/17/20 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

There is a little known phenomenon - when people get behind a wheel they become a$$H0!#$ The funny part of driving across the country, is that guy towing a big trailer doing 75-80 and getting about 4 mpg that has to stop every 200 miles for more gas, while I get 650 miles towing my rig at 60-64 mph and keep seeing him pass me all day. I never seem to pass him, but always see him in rear mirror then he flys by me WOT over and over and over. I think 7 times is the record in one day.
mr_andyj 10/17/20 10:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Cover or not to cover

COVER COVER COVER COVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant stress this enough, cover it. RV are build so cheaply. Water damage is for sure. I have seen so many RVs ruined due to just a little water damage. Water damage is expensive. UV rays also destroy. UV rays get inside the window, ruin fabric, or ruin the closed curtains. Ruin carpet...
mr_andyj 10/17/20 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: On the road breakdown stories..

stories: Trailer got a flat on the drivers side on the interstate far from an exit. I pulled over to the left side/missle of the interstate area. It was in the desert. I wanted to not be changing the tire while standing in the road. People do not slow down or move over for breakdowns. I got a ticket for being on the left of the interstate. Apparently this is not legal, even if you have a breakdown. If you have a crash, move to the right or you will get a ticket. Other story: I had a utility trailer lose a wheel, or the axle broke. I drug it 11 miles down interstate before I even knew it. I was in the middle of no where of course. The trailer was so perfect, and custom built, but small and not worth a lot value-wise. I could have rented a flatbed trailer and towed my broken trailer home, one-way rental, but decided that would be costly and the closest u-haul was a long way away. I unloaded the trailer, took off the gas lifts, license plate, tongue mechanism and anything else of any value and abandon the trailer. Sad day. Other story. In middle of nowhere again, got flat and ran spare but it developed a bubble (belt broke). Truck camper setup with trailer. I lowered air pressure and drive a max of 35mph for 2 hours, wobbling all the way, to get to the nearest town where I barely made it before closing time to get the tire replaced. All there was was a used tire shop. I got a tire that was close enough to the same size... Foutunately no police passed me with tickets in hand. Other story: Water temps rose, steam filled the hood. I was 2 miles from an exit, so pulled into a gas station and parked out of the way. It was late at night, so I asked attendant if I could stay and explained... I added water but temps still went up, determined it was water pump, so with cold engine I was able to drive a mile or two downhill to Autoparts store. Got a water pump for about $25 and changed it in the parking lot. Fortunately, on this truck it was super easy and required minimal tools and took about 20 mins. Filled up water and got back on the road. Always carry a lot of tools, and know what tools you need for your vehicle that might be odd tools. Last story: Ram trans went out. I was 20 miles from a trans shop. I had towing coverage for "rv". They said it did not cover a cargo trailer, and that was specifically why I had the RV coverage, and had even been towed before with the cargo trailer. They kept sending 3/4 ton tow trucks that were not able to tow a 7,500 lb truck with a truck camper on it. I spent two nights camping in a small town in a noisy parking lot, spending days calling, then waiting hours for the insurance co to call back with news that towing is on the way. I had to get a relative to drive up 2 hours to actually tow the trailer, and eventually they sent a flatbed tow truck that could tow my truck. They guy drove through low branches and almost ripped everything off the roof. The camper was ten feet off the ground when on the ground and probably 14-15 feet off the ground on that flatbed. I had his phone number and had to ask him to not drive through branches. That was my worst trip, but at least I was close enough to home that I could get rescued and wait at home for the trans fix. I sold the truck immediately after I got it back home.
mr_andyj 10/17/20 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: 4 X12 = 6 X 8?

x2 on DO NOT run marine batteries. They will live a sad and short life. Actually, I cant think of any reason I would want or need a marine battery, other than maybe on a boat to start the big motor, and be able to run a trolling motor a little bit on the same outing off of the same one battery. Bring oars just in case you deplete the battery from too much trolling and cannot start the big motor back.
mr_andyj 10/16/20 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Azdel or not?

That it does not have thin sheets of ply-wood behind it is a huge bonus. All the de-lams I have seen have curvy, wav-ie plys of wood that have absorbed water and expanded. Seems the de-lam is as much the wood having to expand and with no where to go but bust out the panel than the glue dissolving. Wet glue can re-cure, or be heated up a little and might re-glue itself back, but with wet plys of wood there is no hope. I do not know if the azdel glue can do this, but that there is no wood to move water way down the wall through its capillarly action is another big bonus. At worst I would think you might get de-lam on the edges, but not in the center. Time will tell. To all who have owned a camper for 2 years and can report no issues. HAHA. Please.
mr_andyj 10/16/20 08:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar charge to chassis battery

For maintaining batteries 200 watts is a lot. You should have no problem maintaining both house and chassis batts together all winter. Bypass the solenoid that connect/disconnects the house and chassis batteries and keep the two connected all winter while in storage and let the solar charge. Probably would be better to alternate charging the starting batteries and the marine or deep cycle batteries from each other as each will have different needs, but in the end the batts will be just getting a "float" charge anyway. In my class c all I did was put a 15 watt panel on the dash board, parked facing south, and plugged that into a DC outlet that was connected to the battery (not through the ignition). This worked perfect for me, but I live far south in GA so had enough sun. All motorhomes will isolate the house and chassis batts while the engine is off. They do this by using a big diode or by using a solenoid switch. There is no reason for you to put a solenoid in while charging. The Windy Nation system hopefully has a diode to keep the batteries from discharging back into the solar panels at night and this is the only diode that is needed for charging while in storage. I have seen many motor homes have the solenoid right there at the chassis battery. You could literally jump over the solenoid. Make a wire with ring terminals on each end, long enough to jump over the solenoi. One end to the "out" going to the house batts, and one end on the "in" coming from the chassis batt and this will have the effect of the solenoid always being on. Maybe someone else chime in if this would ever create a dangerous situation if the motor was cranked with the solenoid "jumped". I would just not ever crank motor wiht it jumped. You could also, safer, take a 12v+ feed from the output of the solar panel, before the charge controller, and send it to the switch that turns "on" the solenoid, and this would turn it on in the daytime and off at night. Be-warned, though, that the solar panel will put out 18 volts, not 12. I am not sure if the solenoid will tolerate 18 volts or not. It might be fine, might not. That 18v could also back-feed into other vehicle components somehow... Getting more complicated, you would pull the 12volts after the charge controller to the solenoid switch, but send the voltage to the house battery through a diode to prevent the house battery from always powering the solenoid. Many ways to get to the same end. Your timer will work also.
mr_andyj 10/15/20 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: Do RV Batteries Freeze in the Winter?

Solar would be perfect but not if it snows... Take the batteries out and put them on a $12 trickle charger in your garage, or somewhere that is warmer than outside. It is a hassle, but your batts will last longer. Right now your situation means that every season you will start with dead useless batteries that you have to take out and replace. Better to take out, keep charged, then put back in. Same number of steps but you do not spend money on new batts every year.
mr_andyj 10/15/20 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: carpet dyeing

hard to imagine how someone quoted $7,000 to replace a few hundred bucks of carpet. Did they think it would take them a couple of weeks of labor? Seems like a carpet installer could knock that out in an hour or so. There are a lot of people in this country that work full-time for months just to get $7,000 in their pockets after taxes... I may be in the wrong line of work if carpet installers can make $7,000 per hour. Where do I sign up?
mr_andyj 10/15/20 09:12am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: onan 4k gen

Running 100% gas (not that ethanol mess) in it the last few minutes will do wonders as the gas will not gum up as bad as the ethanol mix. If you pull off the vehicle gas tank then this requires installing a valve so you can switch to an external tank (or a jar with a little gas in it). The gas additive Stabil will keep gas from going bad as fast. They say the generator head needs to be exercised monthly. This is good advice. However, I just revived a 4000 onan that sat for over 10 years. All I did was change the oil the fuel filter and replace the carb with a $30 ebay unit and it ran. It smoked a little at first, then surged a little, but ran good after a few mins. Yes, you can still get carbs, and they are not $300, they are $30. I could have cleaned out the original carb as it would run but I think the float in the carb was not acting right and would flood. That was just a matter of cleaning the carb out better... Still, easier for me to just get a new one. I kept the old carb as the new one is probably china garbage.
mr_andyj 10/15/20 08:48am Tech Issues
RE: Jack Knife Sofa Fold flat on wall?

I think you're talking apples and oranges. a sofa with jack knife bed is not the jack knife bed/bench that comes in Toy Haulers. You can't fold up a jack knife sofa. No, I am fully aware that no trailer manufacturer is providing this ability. Jack knife sofas fold out flat to become a bed. The question is how others might have folded this flat bed up against the wall. I have my own ideas, but if I can find a better one I will use that method.
mr_andyj 10/14/20 06:43pm Toy Haulers
RE: Getting ready for winter

I have noted in my experience with many RVs that the pump sometimes can be located between the water tank and the closest faucet or hot water heater. Running the water faucet with the pump on will activate the pump which may give you some audible clues as the the location of the pump. When all else fails, follow the pipes. The pipes never lie.
mr_andyj 10/14/20 06:38pm Toy Haulers
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

We saw a fella camping in a tent and there were RV'ers around with cheap-o construction generators loudly and inconsiderately running all night. Fortunately he woke up vomiting before he died of CO poisoning . CO is heavier than air, so never camp in a tent, or nap on the ground with running gens around. I had a friend who is a "professor" at a popular college (aka, not smart). The CO monitor was going off bc had had the gen running and the window opened. He did not like the alarm, so disconnected it. I saved his life. Be careful sending your kids to college. Kids will think the professors are smart, they are not. They will deceive your kids and bad things happen.
mr_andyj 10/10/20 05:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Reasonably Priced Portable Compressor Fridge

Yes, compressor fridges all work.!!! The cheap-o one you had before is for your cousin to drive to the ball game and keep his club sandwich cool on the drive, it is not a real fridge, and is a real power hog. Your new one is a compressor fridge, it is not measured in how many degrees below ambient it can get. It cools to the temp you set it at, though if it is scorching hot and in the sun and the vents are covered it might not work so well... These Danfoss compressors, no matter what brand ice box they are installed in, are excellent choices for RVers.
mr_andyj 10/10/20 05:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Carb Overhaul, Pointless?

Thanks all. I installed a cheap china cheapo carb, but plan to clean the old one properly and keep it on hand. After a few mins the motor smoothed out and the smoking stopped. 120v at the head, though I have not put a load on it since the wires were cut off. Is it normal that so much heat is coming off the cyl head? The fan moves a huge amount of air over the head, but it is almost too hot to hold my hand there. I put 15W40 oil in just to run it a few mins as I plan to drain the first oil out really soon anyway and put in 30. I have all this 15w from when I owned a diesel that I no longer have use for, so figured sacrifice that instead of 30w. I am just keeping this on hand as an emergency home gen as I use a little 2200 gen for camper. What do people do with these, mount them on something? This is not meant to sit on the ground, but hang. And, wow, is it loud without the cover. The exhaust is quiet but the valves, and even the air flow is loud.
mr_andyj 10/10/20 08:54am Tech Issues
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