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RE: Camper Overhaul?

Trailer tires are supposed to be good for 6 years. Replacing at 3 is way overkill. Go past 6 years and you might start to see radials pop and make bulges in your tread or might just have a complete blowout. As a youth I would run truck tires way way past the expiration date bc of money. Tires will generate heat when driven from all the sidewall flexing. A short trip will not make the tire hot, but an all day drive will. Heat increases the psi and increases the likelyhood of a blowout if the tire has a weakness. On a hot day the psi could double. PSI is to be checked on the tire as cold / ambient temps(not right after a long drive), and the tire is meant to handle the extra psi that driving causes. Flush out water and your should be good to go. Not a lot to go wrong with a trailer sitting if it does not have leaks or odors. Hook up to city water for a few hours to make sure nothing will leak, or at least turn your water pump on for a few hours so the pipes are pressurized. Run the absorption fridge to check for leaks. Check it for leaks, yellowish powder or stains will appear on the coils on the outside side if it has a leak, or it will just not cool properly, but if you suspect a leak then I would do a quick research on more details of how to check for leaks. The freezer should freeze.
mr_andyj 05/08/21 11:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Small (non-teardrop) Off-road travel trailer

I had a 14 footer with tandem axles.... go figure. The guy that bought it had an old-school Nissan Hardbody with 4 banger and he towed it off uphill just fine.
mr_andyj 05/07/21 07:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12v to 6v review?

If automotive batteries were sufficient, golf cars, electric forklifts and submarines would have been powered by car batteries. I'll repeat it. A group 27 battery was fitted with GC220 plates. It had 220 CCA and died from acid starvation. Designer: Me. Vendor ABC BATTERY Los Angeles. and remember when it's too hot to park in the sun, roof top solar panels are useless. Ummm, umm, I'll repeat, ummm.. You lost me there. Too hot? I don't think so, solar works in the sun. And, the battery "you" designed failed? That tells me more than I need to know...
mr_andyj 05/07/21 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: 24 V Solar Panel(s)

It is partly a big-boy toy, so whatever you enjoy. I would personally upgrade by adding panels to the existing, running two or three panels in series (if MPPT can handle the volts) and make it work. Nothing wrong with scrapping your panels and starting over with the 24 volt ones either. Someone will be happy to buy your used panel Im sure. Going new would make it easier to have your 3x200 as you mentioned and gives you more watts in the end. Yes, having ample solar is good for those cloudy or short winter days, esp when you park and camp for more than 3 days at a time without any other power source.
mr_andyj 05/06/21 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

I havn't used either of those, but for 2nd question; I have a 2200 Ryobi and am happy with it. It will run my 9200 BTU air cond just fine. It is quiet and always starts on first pull. Light, small and quiet. I paid about $500 but price prob $600 now. You really should investigate solar more for what you are doing rather than use a generator... Def get an inverter gen as they idle down to run just fast enough for the loads you have on it which saves gas and sound. My brother has a $99 (maybe $150 now) 2-stroke harbor freight (or similar brand) green, little gen. it wont run an AC but will do a refrigerator in a home. He uses it for power outages for days on end and loves it.
mr_andyj 05/06/21 08:30am Truck Campers
RE: Should I get a new Tow Vehicle or a Bigger Gas Tank?

How is it after a little use? The Frontier was the world's most reliable truck, but you were def maxing it out and 7mpg is horrible. What mpg do you get now towing the same?
mr_andyj 05/05/21 09:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: 12v to 6v review?

My real-world experience over 20 years, always using multiple batts, is two 6's are better than two 12's. For reasons I stated, mostly because that you do not need to magically pair the 6's as you do parallel 12's. Resistance and inner workings? What? Really? No. Im not running a carpentry shop here, just lights, fans, fridges and normal RV stuff that runs fine off of any 12 volt supply I have ever had. Science and theory aside, two 6's have been far superior for me and my use than paired 12's. IF you want science I think Trojan battery has a lot of info on their site, and any high-end battery site will have similar details, but you come to a forum to get real-world non-commercialized feedback. Sort through all the post I guess.
mr_andyj 05/04/21 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Can I run my Onan while plugged into shore power?

yep, Onan, not cummins onan, but same thing. Onan generator. Yes, do as they suggest, or dont do anything, I have not had issues... Cummins does not make generators, they just bought Onan, and Cummins does not make the generator engines either unless something changed.
mr_andyj 05/04/21 03:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Small (non-teardrop) Off-road travel trailer

You say, no serious off-road or trails, just dirt roads... Then, what is wrong with the No Bo trailer, seems it would be overkill for regular dirt roads? Unless you plan some serious real off-roading, then most any small trailer will work I would think. Small trailers will not have a lot of blank walls to flex, all the walls are built with cabinets or something on the inside that will support it. Any of the Teardrop style trailers should work for you and if n any way are intended for any off-road use then should hold up, but I have no experience with any. No shower so you would have to do an external shower and research the van life people who have learned that small spaces and bathrooms do not go well together. There is no perfect camper, always compromises and longings for unicorns.
mr_andyj 05/04/21 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Small (non-teardrop) Off-road travel trailer

Andy, I am going to display my ignorance, so here goes -- why would a dual axle have better clearance?..y. Dual axle will effectively shorten the trailer in that there is less trailer in front of and behind the tire, so less trailer hanging out in space to catch on steep angles or rocks or transitions to hills/flats. With two axles, one wheel can fall into a hole and dangle while the other wheel carries the load and keeps the trailer from dipping down. All those potholes in the dirt will not rock the trailer since the distance the two wheels in tandem span is greater than the length of the dip or hole. The trailer will be more stabile . The trailer will be harder to turn on pavement, but on dirt it will not matter. There are probably other reasons too, but this is the short of it. There are pros/cons, but in general most serious off-road trailers of any size will use tandem axles.
mr_andyj 05/04/21 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I run my Onan while plugged into shore power?

The main reason to run the gen is to move the awful ethanol gas through. For this you do not need a load to be placed on the generator head or the engine. The other reason is to exercise the generator head, which you DO NOT need to do weekly or even monthly. It is good to do once a month or every two months, but depending on the gen it is not really that necessary. On my old Onan I would let it sit all winter, and even a few years for one sitting, and all was fine. I could not tell any difference in either the gen or the engine. If you will not use it for a while it is best to run the carb dry or at least use Stabil gas additive to keep the gas from turning to varnish in the carb. There are other methods of course... As for transfer switches or circuit breakers or however your particular RV switches I, nor anyone, can say, that is particular to your setup. My fav setup is to put a Y in the fuel supply so I can draw from the motorhome tank or draw from an aux tank which I have 100% gas so the gen is stored wtih 100% gas (not toxic ethanol). The gas will last longer than the alcohol and will last even longer with Stabil. Better yet to physically drain the carb for long storage.
mr_andyj 05/04/21 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: Small (non-teardrop) Off-road travel trailer

There are lots of unmaintained "roads" that you cannot take a trailer down, but a modified high clearance trailer would make it. Lots of roads might have a two foot dip and the truck leans left while the trailer leans right into another dip. In this case you might look at an off-road hitch as the ball might not articulate enough. There are lots of cool camp spots to get to where the OP will need what he is asking for to get there. Keep the trailer tires the same width/stance as the truck and that will help a lot. Dual axles will be able to clear more than single, even if the trailer is small.
mr_andyj 05/03/21 03:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12v to 6v review?

batts dont typically just die. They start to die slowly. With two 6's one might be going bad, the other still is good. The two add together to still give you enough volts to do everything. 11.5 is low, but 5.75 plus 6 is 11.75 which is still pretty good. With one 12 volt batt only able to get to 11.5 and the other 12 then the total voltage available is still 11.5. The bad batt brings down the good one. when parallel, but not when in series. This is the big reason to go with two 6's. You can mis-match two 6's in series, but you really should only exactly match when in parallel (two 12s). Nonsense? No. Good advice, but go do an easy forum search as there are many post on this same topic and easy easy to find with a few keystrokes....
mr_andyj 05/03/21 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery & cut off switch

SO, disconnecting the neg cable does the trick? If not then maybe the battery is so near the end of its life that a week is all it takes for its last remaining amount of power to naturally drain out. Batts lose power always when sitting. A god battery will not matter if it loses a little, but a near-dead one will. If it is still draining this fast and is not an old battery then there is more than a CO monitor pulling down power. A short might do it. It could be anything, even a solar panel that lacks a proper diode. Is there a fantastic fan that comes on when it gets hot that you are not aware of, or something like this that might be off when you are in it closing up, but then comes on when you are away?
mr_andyj 05/03/21 03:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ugh wet wood in Bigfoot

I had to cut out and remove a lot of soggy wood from a fiberglass TC. The floor was made like a boat on this one and just held water. Yes, first find all the leaks and repair them, not to factory standards, but to a non-leaking standard. Go over-board and be paranoid like your life depends on it as you are about to do some major repair work that you will not want to ever do again. Expect a major renno! Do it right, put proper drains in the floor so when water does get it it can get out fast, but no so that water can get in through the drains. Does the repair have to be wood or can you use another material that is waterproof? Do remove all damaged wood as black mold is something that can happen. Get it all out. There is MOLD BLOCK spray and other mold removers you can find at HD or hardware stores to deal with any mold. Remove all mold so it does not come back, it will get damp or humid behind the walls. Good luck, I do not envy you.
mr_andyj 05/02/21 08:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Small (non-teardrop) Off-road travel trailer

I don't think that Intech will do it for off-road, but you could convert one of those 14 or 16 foot burrito fiberglass trailers as they are typically 6 ft wide. By convert, I mean swap axles and tires. These unicorns do exist in abundance in the do-it-yourself world. Look up "cargo camper". People build out of the much much more robust cargo trailers, and build to their simplicity specs, just what they need in a camper. Can you build? Minimal build price including trailer would be over $6,000 based on experience, but I will have to double check as I built with a wealth of accessories I had already that cost nothing. Add in Timbren and the price goes up. I have seen a few home build teardrop-style campers like u describe, but who can guess the build quality on these? Some probably great, some might be scary. There are custom builders who will build it if you have the deep pockets.
mr_andyj 05/02/21 08:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: How 12v lights work?

dip some water out of a bucket and the water comes from the bucket. Run a hose into the bucket and dip some water out of the bucket and now where does the water come from, the bucket or the hose? Hard to answer, same with the battery/charger combo. It comes from where it is connected to. It is all connected together. In your case, no the AC is never part of the DC circuit other than the charger runs off AC power. Sounds like you blow a fuse on just battery as well as with the charger/converter on. I think the question got unnecessarily confusing. LEDs must be bad (not sure how), or a short in the wiring. More likely the short is at a connection more than where a wire might have gotten damaged. Check connections first. Check that the LED lights work. Connect them directly to a 12 volt power source and see if they work. Connect a fuse inline and see if it still works. If all is good then you probably do have a short. Finding electrical issues like shorts is not fun and not easy. There is no good answer at this point.
mr_andyj 05/02/21 08:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Long term camping questions

I would rather you put covers over the rubber tires to protect from UV rays than put something under them. 3-4 months is not a long time for tires parked. For long periods you could just put up on blocks or jackstands if worried. Modern tires do not get flat spots as easily as the old-days-tires. I have let a trailer sit for a few years, then pull it across country with no tire issues.
mr_andyj 05/02/21 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

No reason to even consider NOT using two 6's. Use two 6's! As stated, you obviously lack research ability as this has been discussed and a search will turn up lots of answers, most all in favor of the 6's..... Thank you for your feedback... Interesting how you completely missed answering my question regarding "any real world reviews" and my comments about "I already understand the concept" to respond with spouted data from the 1000's of posts . LOL. That was my real-world feedback. The real-world review is : "No reason to even consider NOT using two 6's". Thats the review smart acc What more do you need to know? Need a more blunt answer? I assume you researched and already know that two 12's will eventually not like each other. One will go bad first, then drain the other one making it just as bad. 6's will never consume each other. Short answer is , use two 6's. Your'e welcome.
mr_andyj 05/02/21 08:21pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

No reason to even consider NOT using two 6's. Use two 6's! As stated, you obviously lack research ability as this has been discussed and a search will turn up lots of answers, most all in favor of the 6's. GC batts (any true deep cycle batt), never, never, never Marine batteries unless you are on a boat using one battery for engine and trolling. You could get three 4 volt too.
mr_andyj 04/30/21 09:23am Tech Issues
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