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RE: T-Mobile Coverage

I've had Tmobile for the last 10+ years and within the last few years things have gotten far better than they used to be. I was regularly the butt of jokes from ATT/Verizon friends in the past but it's pretty much even now. Every carrier seems to have dead spots but I have no more than anyone else. For the money I'm very pleased with Tmobile.
mtofell1 01/14/21 10:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

I don't understand how third party "security" software is still releveant. For the last 10+ years myself and everyone I know has been using the free/included offerings from MS/Windows (Defender or whatever they are calling it currently). It updates regularly with Windows updates and I haven't had a virus or other problems in longer than I can remember.
mtofell1 01/14/21 10:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Problem with B&W Companion unhooking from hitch

OP, my B/W has done this off and on since new. At first it was a bit annoying but I have got used to it. I just bungee the handle all the way open, rock forward/back VERY gently and pull out.
mtofell1 12/26/20 02:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Flojet macerator: is it reliable? Maintenance issues?

I absolutely love my Flojet macerator and it's been trouble free in the 3 years I've used it. The one thing I do make sure to do is each time I use it I reach down inside of it with a needle-nose pliers and remove hair and debris from around the blade. Like anything mechancial there always could be a problem so I do carry a backup "stinky slinky" but feel it's unlikely I'll ever need it. If a failure is a huge concern I think you can get a replacement motor to carry as a spare for roughly 1/2 what the full unit costs.
mtofell1 12/25/20 11:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Insurance on a 2021 Fifth Wheel

I go through Progressive and am very happy with price and coverage options. They have optional coverage for all types of things if you want - rodents, water intrusion, etc. and all of the usual things also.
mtofell1 12/21/20 02:55pm Fifth-Wheels

I have Firestone 5000 bags with a B/W Companion on a 6.5' bed 2500 2014 Ram with no problem. The hitch went in first and then I had the bags installed. They guy that installed them didn't say anything about any problems. I can't recall ever really looking at how close they are but I could snap some pictures if you need them.
mtofell1 11/10/20 01:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I take back all the good stuff I've said about Les Schwabs!

I just went through this EXACT thing with Schwab and am in the EXACT same boat as you.... I'm done. I've always paid a bit more for tires there and was find because of the service and all the locations. Especially for my wife's car it gave me some peace of mind. But this BS with their brakes just soured me. I took a Kia delivery vehicle in for my company and they wanted $700 for rear brakes. Took it to the DEALER and they did all 4 for $525. Sorry Schwab..... I'm out.
mtofell1 11/10/20 09:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: New and confused

Agree with the Ram Megacab - 2500 is plenty of truck for that trailer though. 3500 wouldn't hurt but not necessary. Even without the Megacab the trucks have a lot of room in the backseat. I started RVing with 3 kids under 5 and a full size truck backseat is a lot of room. Plus it keeps them all, "within reach" :) :)
mtofell1 10/01/20 06:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

Replace them.... lot's of failures start around the 5/6 year mark. A friend I camp with each year tried to push it and had 2 blowouts within a couple weeks on 6 year old tires. Got me to go replace my 4.5 year old ones. It's just not worth the potential problems. Rolling around on new rubber feels great.
mtofell1 09/24/20 11:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Problems With Newer Powered Awning

Thanks again everyone..... I was at a friend's today with a similar age/type awning and gave his a run out/in and it looks about like mine does now with the new motor. It makes sense that it comes in slower than it goes out due to the struts. I probably never noticed before but once it failed I'm now over-analyzing it. Anyway, at least it's one more thing I now know how to fix.
mtofell1 09/11/20 10:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Problems With Newer Powered Awning

Thanks everyone.... Awning brand is "Solera" - Original motor brand was "Venture MFG" - Replacement is "JL-Brand" - I get that these motors are cheap and can deal with them wearing out. I just expected the new one to at least start out working like it did when it was new. I don't believe there are any springs. Once the motor is removed it just rolls in and out freely. I haven't removed the struts to check but they seem to feel as they always have and extend/retract easily as the awning it pitched up/down. Everything has been lubed
mtofell1 09/11/20 07:52am Tech Issues
Problems With Newer Powered Awning

2016 Keystone Hideout with what I'm certain is/was the cheapest awning available at the time. It worked okay for a few years and then seemed to be slowing down when retracting. Finally, with plenty of power and from difference sources (battery/generator/shore) it ground to a halt while retracting. I jumped up on the picnic table and "helped" it while DW held the button and it eventually came back in. So, back at home.... do some research and it seems the most likely culprit is a failing motor. So, I throw down the $83 (30 of which I'm sure goes directly to Bezos) on Amazon for a replacement POS Chinese motor. It works better..... but still is A LOT slower retracting than extending and I feel as though I'm going to be in the same boat again with a stuck awning. Small aside here... I was initially (and still am, I suppose) annoyed at the power awning. The manual awnings on all of my previous RVs have worked perfectly and I never felt exhausted or injured after rolling them in/out but I digress. So, with this new (better?) power awning I have one more thing that can break and it apparently has. These powered ones are a bit more simple, I suppose, in that they have no torsion springs and are mechanically very simple. They can just be rolled in/out by hand very easily (do be careful though as once you take out the motor it quickly extends). Anyway, I can feel no resistance when rolling in/out by hand but the motor (old and new) both seem to struggle to retract. Is anyone else a bit further down this road of awning hell and willing to share some vision?
mtofell1 09/10/20 10:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Should I consider an onboard air pump??

Overkill for your situation - I have the same truck, Firestone bags and a slightly heavier 5th and do just fine with a portable compressor/battery jumper. I honestly don't need the bags as the coils on the Ram do great but a bit of extra support is nice. It just stiffens up the hinge between the truck and trailer. I usually run between 30-40 psi in the bags. I've never even slightly considered wanting to adjust while on the fly.
mtofell1 09/06/20 10:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

We are thinking of ordering a new motorhome with a gas engine and there does not seem to be a choice. From what I see the V10 is no longer available. The V8 is superior to the V10. There was a recent side by side test and the V8 pulled away from the V10 easily. MPGs? I don't think either is great but what can you expect moving a box down the road? I'm pretty sure I read the V8 is an improvement over the V10. To me the biggest benefit to the new F53 chassis isn't even the engine. They are FINALLY putting read sway bars and suspension and it has MUCH less body roll. The same video that showed the acceleration comparison took an old and new F53 chassis through the cones and the difference was pretty amazing. And, as anyone who has spent time of these message boards can tell you, complaints about handling in the old F53 chassis are very easy to come by. Here's the video I was talking about. It's 20 minutes but is very educational: https://www.tfltruck.com/2020/02/exclusive-ford-7-3l-v8-van-vs-rv-vs-chassis-this-is-not-the-worlds-greatest-truck-drag-race-but-its-cool-video/
mtofell1 09/04/20 02:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MH Manufacturer of Choice - Poll

How about I give you my not-favorite since that's all I've owned so far? :) :) Keystone Hideout, Forest River Salem. Honestly, they've both been fine for what I expected and paid, and I'd gladly repeat my purchases to fill the needs I have/had at the time. Of course, this need and time are a weekend warrior stuck working too much to justify spending real money for a quality trailer or coach. Now..... looking into the future, and after a ridiculous amount of research, my leader in the clubhouse for a DP someday is Country Coach followed closely by Newmar or Monaco/Beaver. Of course the Newells, Foretravels and Prevosts are nice but in my price range I'd end up with something too old. Honestly, I still play the older DP vs. newer gasser game. The new F53 gasser chassis looks pretty nice - and really not just the engine (although it looks amazing). The upgrades to the handling look to be substantial and long overdue. Whenever I buy something my wife gets pissed because I just start researching the next one :)
mtofell1 09/02/20 10:25pm General RVing Issues

Yep, factory backed or nothing. And I definitely agree with shopping around. With Ram (and other brands?) you can buy from any dealer anywhere in the country. I paid about half what the dirtbag finance guy originally tried to get from me. 6 years ago, lifetime Maxcare for $2200. And it's paid off nicely. The trick is to actually keep the truck long enough. The majority of the profit is in screwing people when they purchase and/or people selling the vehicles and not using the warranty.
mtofell1 09/02/20 08:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MOTORHOME sales questions.

Good pictures - get the dirty dishes out of the sink, consider a professional photographer - they have nice wide angled lenses that work really well in the tight RV spaces. It could be well worth the couple hundred dollars (look up real estate photographer in your area) Price aggressively Write a long descriptive ad with lots of info about the coach - explain what the coach is, what you like, why you bought it, what you've done to maintain it, etc. People looking for RVs really like the details. As a shopper I like to see someone take the time. I'm totally turned off by 6 word ads with blurry pictures.
mtofell1 08/13/20 09:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to me MH

That's well above my current price range so I can't really comment on that part. Being owned and maintained by a racing company is about the most ideal past-life I can think of for a coach. That interior is beautiful. I better not show my wife those pictures or this will become my (our) price range :)
mtofell1 08/11/20 08:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Totaled vehicles...sometimes surprising.

The problem is once it's totaled you have no idea what got it to point. A clean title is kind of like a credit rating for a car. Once that's gone you are really rolling the dice. I do agree there can be some value, though. A buddy of mine has been in the autobody industry for years and buys cars with salvage titles all the time. One he can see everything that is wrong and has been fixed. Secondly, if it's still wrecked he can fix it.
mtofell1 08/09/20 02:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Towing a Fifth Wheel

A tune won't help improper trans gearing. Yeah, the lovely 66rfe has two issues... poor gearing and poor programming. I agree there's nothing that can be done about the gearing (other than buying a new truck with the 8spd :)) but the programming could probably be made a lot better.
mtofell1 08/09/20 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
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