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RE: SWR 5th wheel towing

Wow, debate and disagreement in a towing forum about SRW vs DRW (the only debate that is slightly hotter is "which brand is best?") My personal take is that I don't want to drive a DRW truck (and yes that is MY DECISION NOT YOURS) so I will make my 5th wheel fit a SRW truck's capabilities. From my research 15,000# loaded is doable with that truck assuming you aren't carrying 5 Summo wrestlers in the backseat. If someone wants a bigger 5th wheel that will rise above the capabilities of the SRW truck you have an option to get a DRW or get a smaller 5th wheel. It's really a pretty simple situation.... yet it always turns into 8 pages of people trying to cram their views into your world.
mtofell1 07/16/19 06:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 100 amp service

The way the RV industry has historically listed electric service size is very misleading to the average person. Any new person (and probably most experienced RVers) is going to automatically assume a 30A service is 3/5 as much as a 50A service. The problem is the voltage is not listed right after it. Reading it like 30A @ 120V vs. 50A @ 240V is much more clear but I guess that takes to long to read and write.
mtofell1 07/14/19 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water hose storage??

50 foot hoses are just unruly IMO. I carry a 25' and a 15'. Rarely do I ever need to tie them together but can if needed.
mtofell1 07/14/19 10:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Video of why 1/2 tons shouldn’t tow 5th wheels

Great information.... something I've been screaming about for years. There are TWO numbers. Can the truck pull the weight? Can the truck carry the weight? Manufacturers of trucks just focus on one of those numbers and it really does a disservice to those folks who just take everything that comes on the TV at face value (this could digress into an whole political rant but I don't want to get banned :)) Anyway, yes, good info and please encourage people to look at ALL of the numbers on their truck and trailer.
mtofell1 07/04/19 07:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sequoia Can't Really Tow Anything (Family of 6). Am I Right?

Yeah, all these ads telling you your truck can pull 10,000# (lol... or even the space shuttle) are certainly misleading. Basically, you can tow a trailer and hang out alone or you can bring your family without a trailer. I echo the post that congratulated you on doing your research ahead of time. These forums are FULL of people in your position who just bought an 8000# trailer and can't understand what is wrong. I agree with the tent trailer idea. I really miss mine in a lot of ways. I could pull that thing anywhere (the current 35' 5th wheel is a bit of a hassle sometimes). I actually found the biggest leap in my camping enjoyment with the tent trailer. Just having all my camping gear in a trailer that I could hookup and leave with was a HUGE improvement over having to load up all the bins.
mtofell1 07/03/19 10:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Replace landig gear disney world rv park

Are you sure it's not just the cross bar that feeds power from the motor to the other side? A super common failure is the bolt in the cross bar. It's actually a planned failure point. I carry spare bolts just in case. I was looking on etrailer recently and seem to remember you could buy an entire setup - jacks, motor and hardware for a few hundred dollars so hopefully this won't cost a fortune if you do need some/all of the parts replaced. Sorry, I don't know of anyone in that area.
mtofell1 07/01/19 12:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newmar Dutch Aire 4304

I'd personally be leery of that time frame due to the emission stuff being relatively new technology. I'm sure I'll get flamed with a dozen anecdotal pieces of evidence that have absolutely no statistical relevance. At least go in with your eyes open and talk to some diesel mechanics. From what I've learned, service bays are full of coaches of that vintage due to getting the bugs worked out of emission systems. To be fair, I have no personal experience but even if I did, I'm just one person.
mtofell1 06/29/19 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaky waterhose

Probably need to cut off the end and replace it with a new one (or just get a new hose). For whatever reason these RV hoses sure do seem to leak often and after a short amount of time. It seems like every time I go out I've having to change one end or the other.
mtofell1 06/28/19 05:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I asked for trouble and I got it.

I ultimately got rid of my 06 Chevy 2500 because of all the nickel and dime repairs. The Duramax diesel engine and allison tranny were great but it seems like every other oil change there was $1000+ in repairs to suspension parts, hubs and junk like that. At 15+ years old I'd have a hard time putting that much money into a vehicle. Once you fix one set of problems something else is going to start having problems. I bought a new truck in 2014 and haven't spent a dime on anything other than routine maintenance.
mtofell1 06/28/19 05:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ready to Upgrade! Need input! - 2018 FR3 32DS MA 1900 Miles

The chassis should be pretty night and day from your 2003. People with the F53 Ford with the 6spd report some pretty major improvements over the older ones. More gears = better hill climbing at lower RPMs. Also, better soundproofing in the cab on recent coaches for an overall better experience. Lots of discussion on people wanting/needing suspension and steering improvements on a stock F53. So, don't get too discouraged if this one doesn't handle perfectly right now. It may or may not be different from your 03. Also, you may have just gotten use to the behaviors of your 03 so you'll have a new learning curve. I've always figured if I get a new/newer F53 I'd budget a few thousand dollars to some suspension and steering upgrades - steering stabilizers, anti-sway bars, beefier springs, etc. As for the inside of the coach, 15 years is a lifetime of wear and tear so you should be in for a pretty nice upgrade. I REALLY like the drop down over cab bunks on these newer class A coaches. Congratulations and have fun!!
mtofell1 06/28/19 04:53pm Class A Motorhomes
White Streaks from Fridge

A buddy just emailed me pictures of white streaks on the side of his trailer (from when he was driving) that are coming from the refrigerator area. They look like chalky mineral deposits like you'd see from a failed window seal or leaching out of concrete. His trailer is a typical Keystone Cougar with a Dometic gas/electric fridge. He says it seems to be working okay and no ammonia smell. Only about 2 years old. Any ideas?
mtofell1 06/26/19 06:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Length and Height

At 6'4" I'm definitely sensitive to ceiling height in RVs and this is one of the reasons I love a 5th wheel. I've never noticed (or even considered) a relationship between the outside appearance and the interior ceiling. The main/living area of most 5th wheels is HUGE. The front bedroom areas can be limited, of course. I'd take hubby to an RV show and have him walk through a bunch of different units. I think the whole premise here is a bit off.
mtofell1 06/23/19 10:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ram 2500 and 3500

When I went to assist with my buddy dropping off his new ram with a broken door handle a while back, he wanted to check out the new body style ram 1500 trucks. While walking a good portion of the lot, I didn't see a single 3500 SRW truck. There was about a dozen 3500 DRW trucks and the rest was 2500 trucks excluding 1500 trucks. Funny coincidence, when I was helping my neighbor drop off his new Ford truck with a dash rattle, a broken driver's seat control, a broken power window motor and an intermittent buzz in the radio, I noticed the same thing at the Ford dealership.
mtofell1 06/23/19 02:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Motorcoach Graveyard

Very cool.... thanks for posting. I was bummed to hear it wasn't open to the public. I'd love to go wander through sometime.
mtofell1 06/23/19 11:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wow! Dealer Comments!

Everyone knows who it is anyway. ?? Pretty big country with lots of dealers. I have no idea who is being talked about.
mtofell1 06/23/19 11:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: front landing gear motor

I have plans of getting a new one soon, 2008 trailer, presumably the first setup lasted 11 years. I'd personally have no problem just running with it if it's working.
mtofell1 06/20/19 08:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air in water lines

If the trailer has been winterized and the lines are empty you will get a lot of spitting of air before water is produced. So, be sure you have let it run for a while before giving up. You really can't hurt anything by just letting air spit out. I know some newer trailers have valves to switch and allow filling the fresh tank from city water connection so I'm not sure if that could have some impact. You might also try to hookup to city water and give things a try to see if it works. If the pump is running an you're spitting out air is sounds like things are working. Be sure you have plenty of water in the tank and you're not on a steep angle. I know when I'm parking in front of my house on an angle the water pump will often dry-fire due to all the water in the tank running to on end.
mtofell1 06/17/19 09:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Small 5th wheel bunkhouse suggestions

keystone hideout 308bhds At 35' it is on the smaller end of today's monster 5th wheels. It weighs in around 9000# dry which is also pretty light, comparatively. Mine runs 10.5-11K# loaded up depending on how much water is in the tanks. I love the outdoor kitchen, the rear bunk room and the half bath up front. I was skeptical of buying an entry level Keystone but it's turned out pretty well. I'm 3+ years in and have really had nothing major go wrong. I tow with a Ram 6.4 Hemi and it does okay. The gearing in my Ram pretty much sucks and I have to think your Ford is setup better.
mtofell1 06/17/19 08:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why 4.1 axle?

IMO, the slight difference in ratios of these modern trucks is one of the more over-stated things that gets talked about often. Slowing down 1mph would likely save far more fuel than the ratio change. And, with these modern transmissions even the most experienced driver would be hard pressed to notice any difference. Sure, if you're ordering a truck, get the ratio that fits your needs most closely. The Ram message board I hang out on had some guys go from a 3.73 to a 4.56 and they all love it. Some even reported BETTER mileage around town. I can understand a change that significant but the slight 3.73 to 4.10 is pretty minor.
mtofell1 06/13/19 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Feet on landing gear

The braces that provide some triangulation get by far the best reviews for reduced movement. Big blocks under the landing gear sounds like it helps a bit too. I've been pretty pleased with the $$/effort and results from a cheap bottle jack under the frame near the wheels on each side of the trailer. Basically, stop the suspension from being suspension. I think I got jacks at Harbor Freight for $15/each, they are super easy to transport and just take a couple minutes to install.
mtofell1 06/13/19 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
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