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RE: RV recovery!

That is a sad tale, indeed. And to be sure, as marvelous as GPS devices are, there are limits to their helpfulness requiring discretion. For starters, if the road looks suspicious, don't take it, no matter how insistent that little box gets.
naturist 04/19/22 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: one more thing to worry about

I have gone to the grocery store,left the keys in the ignition,windows down,other half in the passenger seat. Came back after shopping and it was all still there. Guess I shop in a safe neighborhood.:h My guess is they didn’t want your other half. ?? But seriously, there are places in this great land where all would be gone if you did that. Y’all clearly live in much more innocent places.
naturist 03/26/22 07:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Utah State Hwy 9

The height of the tunnel as well as the multiple switchbacks on that road argue against you. Even if you can drive it, it won’t be much fun. Lots of adventure, but not much fun.
naturist 03/24/22 07:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Storage RV lot with GFIC breakers

All breakers, including GFCI, get a wee bit weaker every time it pops.
naturist 03/24/22 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: one more thing to worry about

I might point out that there are many valuable things one might choose to leave in the car besides cash and credit cards. For example, my wife and I enjoy riding bicycles, and both her regular bike and my folding electric bike fit inside the back of our SUV. Electric bikes are hot stuff right now, with many models being in the $3,000 range, and although mine isn’t that valuable, it is still both expensive and impossible to hide back there. It is also not something I’d recommend taking with you into the grocery store. So I don’t especially want someone easily entering my car to relieve me of it. I found a nice looking key fob pouch that is a faraday cage and blocks rf signals to/from the key fob for $5 on Amazon and made a perfect add on to get me into free shipping. I just keep the fob in the pouch while wandering the aisles. Do what you want with the information about how the thieves got into my friend’s car.
naturist 03/24/22 06:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: iPad as a GPS device

I think you are asking about using the iPhone as a hotspot so the iPad can go on the internet and use the various mapping apps, such as Apple Maps. On the iPhone, go to Settings and make sure WiFi is on and not connected to any network. Then go to Settings/Personal Hotspot, and turn on "allow others to join." Underneath that you will see the password you will need to enter on the iPad in order to join the network you are about to create on the iPhone. Finally, go to the iPad and hit Settings, and again turn on WiFi, this time connect to the iPhone using the password the iPhone showed you. You can also hook up to the iPhone via Bluetooth, so your phone could connect to another wifi network, but that would be silly.
naturist 03/17/22 11:47am Technology Corner
RE: Gas prices.

A friend has pointed out that since the lion's share of recent gas price hikes are due to the Ukrainian situation, perhaps one should consider those costs our share of the pain those people are bearing in defense of their freedom. And we should be grateful WE are not huddled on the bare concrete floor of a basement dodging bullets with a terrified toddler (or cat!) in our lap. I agree, go see your father. And since my tow motor is a diesel, I'm not looking forward to $5+ fuel.
naturist 03/11/22 02:29pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Fall color trip - East Coast States

I will second staying off the Blue Ridge Parkway with the 5th wheel. But absolutely stay nearby and drive it just in the truck. It goes up and down in altitude, so the time window for fall colors can be fairly wide, as the colors start high and progress down the hillsides.
naturist 03/09/22 02:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Whaddaya gonna do?

Only 1% of US oil imports are from Russia, so the ban is more symbolic than effective. You won't see any supply disruptions due to that. The direct economic effect, however, is another matter. The price rises you are seeing are due to market panic and oil company greed. It is worth noting that oil company profits are at record levels. THEY aren't hurting one bit, WE are. Robert Reich has pointed to the approach the Europeans seem to be taking: impose a windfall profits tax on the oil companies. They want to price gouge? Fine, they can fork over all that extra money to the government and do their share helping pay off the national debt. Done right, it would remove their incentive to jack those prices up sky high on the rest of us. As for our travel pans this year, yeah, $4+ diesel fuel prices are going to hurt. That makes leaving the TT home and staying at motels more attractive. I get 14 mpg towing and 28 mpg without the trailer. On a 400 mile day's drive, that's $64 extra dollars in fuel (give or take a bit). That atop a campground fee makes a guy think about the options. But we are planning on going . . .
naturist 03/09/22 02:15pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Locking fuel tank tops

I just wandered in to the local auto parts store and bought an off the shelf cap That's what I would do. With fuel prices today, fuel theft is going to be on the rise. BTW, I heard of a guy who carries a red gasoline can in the bed of his pickup. Filled with diesel. Then he parks in shopping center lots, wanders off to a nearby store to shop. He's had occasional instances of the can being stolen, and he's waved to broken down cars on his way home. Oh, he always gets his can back, he says, because after they dump the fuel into their car's tank, they discard the can. Dunno if it's true, but it would be an expensive lesson for the thieves.
naturist 03/08/22 12:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Solar MPPT and lithium batteries

It's not that lithium batteries' voltage doesn't drop, it's that it drops much more gradually until the battery is almost dead, when it drops like a rock.
naturist 03/08/22 12:47pm Tech Issues
one more thing to worry about

So yesterday a friend's car was broken into and the cash and credit cards she had left in the console were stolen. Thieves later tried to buy a $2900 TV set from an online retailer. Fortunately for her, the card they chose declined the purchase, but 13 other folks hit the same day by the same means were not so lucky. Apparently, they had a woman come up close to her so she could read the RFID chip from her car key fob. The signal was then relayed to an accomplice standing next to her car, who used the signal to open the locked car door. Evidently there is at least one crime ring roaming the country using this method to steal from those of us with keyless entry key fobs. And what car today lacks such a system? Sometimes they steal valuables from your car (pro tip: do not leave valuable stuff in your car!), and sometimes they steal the car. So, besides avoiding Covid (and other dread diseases), you don't want strangers invading your personal space. And it might be a really good idea to keep your car key fob in one of those faraday cage key cases. Or wrapped in aluminum foil. (BTW, I just tested my BMW key fob wrapped in aluminum foil, and sho' 'nuff, neither the Comfort Access entry system nor the engine start routine worked until I peeled off the aluminum foil.) (Yeah, yeah, I've known about Faraday cages for decades, thanks folks.)
naturist 03/08/22 12:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hope this is OK for this forum - DEF question

Thanks for the suggestion and the link, @Carl_N_Susan. It should be noted that the link provided is malformed, however. This should fix it: Fixed clicky
naturist 02/15/22 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alllergic to camp fire smoke.....? RV coming 3 weeks!!!!

Y'all do what works for you. Pretty simple, actually. Anything you do has advantages and disadvantages relative to anything else you could have done. I'm not allergic to campfire smoke, but I dislike it in general. Burns the eyes, stinkifies everything, etc. But I like campfires, especially ones burning wood. So I bought a so-called smokeless portable fire pit. It's a Bondfire model Solo Stove, and except for initial startup (usually no more than 5 minutes), it is indeed pretty much smokeless. That's my answer to the OP. I have no issue with the propane burning, campfire-in-a-can crowd. I'll hang out with them; I'll invite them over to mine; or we can sit at our respective and wave hello at each other across the campground. Live and let live.
naturist 02/15/22 11:00am Truck Campers
RE: 100 a/h Lithium Battery for $21?

There is no way any legit business can sell multiple 4-unit pallets of items normally costing $600-$1,000 EACH items for only $82.99 for all four. While there is a microscopic chance someone could stumble onto such a deal in the case of someone with them just wanting to get them the heck out of the garage/shed/extra bedroom, I think you have to stretch your chances beyond all possibility in order to find a legit deal of the sort offered in the ad, which, btw, has been showing up on my Facetube feed frequently of late. I have not bitten because I am certain enough it is a scam to not bother risking, er, throwing away $82.99.
naturist 02/14/22 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: New travel trailer delivered with bubble along the edges

Also - not sure on how to post a photo. I saw the icon for posting an image but it requires a full URL. A URL into my computer's fine system? I think not. No need to worry about THAT. This site isn't capable of doing anything with "a URL into my(your) computer's file system." The URL would be into the web server upon which you have placed the file. (before posting a picture within text, it must first be on a host website) https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/15775751.cfm
naturist 02/10/22 05:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater not working on the electric setting...

Sometimes this problem arises because somebody turned the electric heating element on when the water heater was not full of water. When that happens, it burns out the heating element almost instantly. The cure is element replacement. The test to determine if the heating element is functional is a resistance, for which you need an ohmmeter.
naturist 01/31/22 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Heater Noise

Last time I had that very problem, it was due to having the burner tube full of dead stink bugs. Cleaned them out, and all was good.
naturist 01/31/22 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Central Montana hosts needed.

clicky required to stay from Memorial Day to Labor Day, sites have access to water, but no hookups. No Electric, no sewer, basically boon docking.
naturist 01/30/22 02:44pm Workamping Forum
RE: Reservations at federal parks

The Reservation.gov site is operated by Booz, Allen, Hamilton. I suspect that's who takes the hit on credit charge fees. Nope, that's not who takes the hit. Actual Fact: whoever brings the money to the transaction pays the piper. Always. Doesn't matter who appears to take it, the cash ALWAYS actually comes out of the hide of the person forking over money. The fee can easily be hidden in the cost of the item/service, but it is in there. Always.
naturist 01/28/22 11:08am General RVing Issues
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