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RE: Why the delay in shipping?

Because of Covid-19, and particularly the disruption to airline schedules because nobody is flying, the entire supply chain around the country is a mess. I just got my Father's Day present from my daughter in LA a couple days ago. I've seen notes on various web sites from which I've ordered things about shipping often taking longer than normal, and experienced it with numerous packages. You aren't alone, OP. And all those among us used to near instantaneous receipt of ordered goods are going to have to get used to going back to the old days when you placed an order or mailed somebody something, and it could be expected to take a while to get there.
naturist 07/11/20 09:59am Camping World Accessories
RE: My last Home Depot purchase...

We are living in those "interesting times" the Chinese warned us about. I had a similar brush with silliness just minutes ago. Went to cancel my former cell phone carrier, and discovered that the rep on the phone could easily cancel an account with a single cell phone, a hotspot, and millions of tablets, but because we had TWO cell phones (nothing else, but that didn't matter), she had to seek upper management approval. Which, of course, required being on hold for about 10 minutes. Earlier this week, my Father's Day present from my daughter in LA finally arrived. She had paid extra for 3 day shipping, and as near as we can tell, it sat in the LA post office for a month before even being passed on to the regional distribution center. I agree, it makes no sense at all that you can't cancel an order a month before it is due to ship. And I can suggest that besides Tractor Supply, Northern Tool also stocks water tanks of various sizes. Also Southern States and other farm supply stores. Home Depot ain't the only game in town.
naturist 07/11/20 09:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Super Basic Solar Upgrade

naturist 07/06/20 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Melting wires

Agree, loose wires and low voltage, either one can cause that sort of damage. That is why the caution above that warranty might be denied unless you can prove installation error, which is going to be tough. Either way, it is imperative that you get any melted/burned wires replaced, as they are now their very own fire hazard. Given the horror stories about bad electricity at campgrounds, folks should at the very least have a volt meter to check and preferably monitor the power pedestal. A surge protector or even better, an auto former, is a good idea. While you are at it, don't forget a water pressure regulator. One campground we stayed at warned everyone at checkin that the city water supplier insisted on delivering water at 150 psi, and not to hook up unless you had a regulator, as that pressure will burst every line in your RV. At another campground we were assigned a site at the bottom of the mountain, with their water supply at the top. The pressure from our hydrant was so high the nozzle-less white hose shot a stream of water a good 50 feet. I dunno what the pressure was, but it was well over the 80 psi RV plumbing is rated for.
naturist 07/04/20 07:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Is camping Fun Anymore

The previous 5 years, I've spent a month or so hosting at an NFS campground, and the last 60 years or so camping from time to time. As long as I can remember, there have been occasional encounters with narcissistic campers who disturbed others. I have not particularly noticed much increase in their numbers. But I also haven't been camping yet this season, partly because it has been raining a lot here, and the field through which I have to drag the TT to turn around before I can leave home with it has been too soft to attempt. But I would not be surprised given the current state of affairs to find the loud party crowd more frequently camping out. People are being encouraged to take their mass assemblages outdoors. Those I have encountered over the years ranged from the family that may have all been particularly hard of hearing, in the sense of not realizing how loud they were. I remember being awakened early one Saturday morning by the two kids INSIDE their own TT, carefully whispering back and forth so as to not wake anybody, parents in particular. Thing is, they didn't realize that their breathy whispers were around 80 dB. There was also the group of college kids around a campfire just before midnight, who, though respectful of my hostly request to keep it down, clearly did not understand that voices carry a long way in the otherwise silent woods. In their defense, they did remind one another to tone it down from time to time after I made my request. They were trying. Only once have I encountered folks who were aggressively entitled and in-your-face. They were both drunk and delusional, having decided both that we were an Amish extended family (because one of us had a beard) and that we had 35 children (3, by my count) on site. That was a long weekend, btw, as the private campground management lacked the balls to toss them out. The pile of beer cans they accumulated was impressive.
naturist 06/26/20 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

Zoning/HOA rules are one reason we bought where we did: no HOA, no deed restrictions, zoned agriculture, so no problem with "large" vehicles, and with 25 acres and no adjacent neighbors, we've got plenty of room to store the RV, and indeed use it as occasional guest quarters. County only cares if we put it out by the road or have someone living in it on a continuing basis. And then only if there are complaints, and since to even see it, you have to trespass on my property, there's pretty much no risk of even that.
naturist 06/24/20 04:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Rear window exploded!

Dunno about your Gulfstream, but shattering rear windows in automobiles are a known phenomenon. If it burst into a bunch of tiny shards, it was tempered glass, which is very strong, but subject to temperature related stress shattering.
naturist 06/24/20 12:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tomatoes

Back in the Reagan days, ketchup was classified as a serving of fruit to satisfy federal school lunch program requirements. America's favorite red vegetable, according to Dan Quayle.
naturist 06/24/20 12:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to Block Text & Calls on the Iphone.

most of the calls come from spoofed numbers. Blocking them does absolutely nothing True enough, and I don't. This is the main reason I don't answer unless a name comes up on the phone, ie, they are in my contacts list.
naturist 06/24/20 09:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Saratoga NY Campers 2020 season

Good to hear somebody is going to be workamping this season. I have no plans to be in NY this year, but I'll hoist a cold one in your honor when we do eventually manage to go camping this year. Cheers!
naturist 06/23/20 03:49pm Workamping Forum
RE: UPDATED - Ran over Gator

"Road 'Gators" are hazards. Glad to hear nobody was injured. Exhaust systems can be replaced . . . you know the rest. I've never hit a 'Gator (knock on wood), but I've seen plenty over the last half-century. Be safe out there, folks.
naturist 06/23/20 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to Block Text & Calls on the Iphone.

Maybe we should remember that we managed before mobile phones and answering machines. You do what you want, and I'll do what I want, and we'll both be happy. Some people have just tried to point out what they consider to be flaws in your plan. Yup. Do what you want, take the advice you find useful, ignore the rest. I agree. I, however, thank the OP for showing me how to block the spam texts. I knew how to block the phone calls, but never noticed that second little arrow. So thank you, OP. My situation is different than yours, whoever you are. Yours is different than the next guy/gal. I have gone to the trouble of putting the phone numbers of everybody I could think of that I actually wanted to talk to in my contacts list. I'm sure I missed SOMEBODY. But I have no reason to answer the phone for the spammers, scammers, and flip-flammers. So I don't answer the phone unless a name pops up. But most of the no-good-niks never leave a message. So when I do get a message, I listen to it. If it's somebody I want to talk to, I call right back. Since my cell number was a landline 20 years ago, many databases still report it as such, and I get probably 10-15 times as many garbage calls as legit ones. Life is too short to waste on those.
naturist 06/23/20 03:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Help with Yellowstone and Tetons

Yellowstone itself is enormous. There will be a lot of car time for a family of 7. On the other hand, it is worth it, both for the landscape/features, but also for the wildlife. We were unable to use our TT, long story involving a blown head gasket, so rented a car and stayed in hotels/camping cabins in West Yellowstone, at Grant's in the park, and at the ranch between Yellowstone and Tetons. You cannot see everything in one trip to Yellowstone, unless perhaps you spend an entire season there. At the same time, what ever you choose to do, you will have lots to see.
naturist 06/23/20 10:23am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Dropping Camper at KOA campground?

What's wrong with the free NP buses? They leave from both Apgar and St Mary's and meet at Logan Pass. There are numerous stops along the way. Unfortunately the fare free shuttles are not running on the Going to the Sun road in 2020. What? Oh, no! That makes the traffic even worse.
naturist 06/21/20 06:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Dropping Camper at KOA campground?

Going to the Sun Road will be bumper to bumper traffic. The wise grasshopper just completely skips driving a private vehicle, regardless of length, and takes the FREE hop-on/hop-off shuttle. Let somebody else endure the nerve-wracking drive while you bask in the beauty of the ride. The road is narrow, really narrow, and has very tight corners. The drop-offs are spectacular, and if you rig happens to be a few inches too long, and you drop a wheel off the edge, you are not going to enjoy the ride down to the bottom. And did I mention the bumper to bumper traffic, both up and down?
naturist 06/21/20 06:38pm Truck Campers
RE: RVing with no mechanical capability

If you have enough money, any problem can be solved. If you have a limited amount of money, you better know how to do things yourself. It really is that simple.
naturist 06/18/20 03:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water pressure gauge

Pex itself can handle more pressure, but taking into account the fittings and clamps, I'd set for around 50 psi. Many pumps give 40-50 psi, not many much higher, so may be considered a safe psi indicator. Jerry This. My TT, which does not necessarily have the same limitations as yours, clearly says in the owner's manual, that 80 PSI is the absolute max it will tolerate. 45-50 psi, is a good safety margin, and is a range that household systems commonly operate. That's where my regulator is set, and you likely can't go wrong at that.
naturist 06/18/20 12:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Red wire, black wire and white wires

Given that it is easy for a 45 year old trailer to have non-standard wire colors, you will find a VOM to be essential to figuring anything out, and that will call for someone who understands electricity too. If you lack either the tool or the understanding, it's a crapshoot with very high odds of bad, bad juju and a very high probability of letting the magic smoke out. My advice is don't attempt it yourself. Get somebody there, on the ground, VOM in hand to help you.
naturist 06/18/20 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Just completed our first trip with our new travel trailer

Any day you learn something is a good day. And especially early on in your camping life there will be lots of lessons to be learned. So good on you for beginning the journey. May your camping trips form the best memories ever. The usual battery dealers install on trailers is an 80 AH "Marine deep cycle" battery that usually costs somewhere south of $100. Such a battery can be recharged from its 50% discharge state by a 100 watt panel in full sunlight (unshaded) but a 50 watt panel won't do so. Certainly a single 50 watt panel won't do more than top off a pair of hardly discharged batteries, and not even that in the shade. Which is not to say that solar isn't a good idea, just that that panel is undersized for the batteries you have. Conservation of water and electricity are both good lessons to learn and practice. We get so used to having as much of both as we can possibly use, we get lazy and end up wasting a lot of both. I had a friend who spent a year living in a small TT while her house was being built. Because she had to haul water in a jerry can about 1/4 mile, she got really stingy with its use, and got her daily needs down to 3 gallons per day. That was cooking, dishes, bathing, everything. So in theory, when you manage to get the entire family down to 12 gallons a day, you will have squeezed every drop until it screams.
naturist 06/16/20 07:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ghost Story

Bought an early 1900s house back in the late 80s to put my photo business in. Pine floors needed sanding and revarnishing, so of course, you do THAT awful, dusty job before you move in, right. Doing it myself in the evenings after work, and every time I'd tackle a room, running the floor sander, stirring up a ton of dust, I'd get the prickles on the back of my neck. Spooky. So a couple years after we opened up, I was giving a photography seminar to a bunch of amateurs, and my then 16 year old daughter had gone upstairs to study for a big exam. About halfway through the class I was teaching, she came downstairs an settled in the next room. After I finished and she and I were fixing to head on home, she told me that there was this ghostly woman that had frightened her into coming downstairs. A couple years later, I ran into the couple that had sold me the house, and the first words out of their mouths were "have you met the ghost yet?" I said, kinda, and for sure she doesn't like messes. They said, yes, that had been their experience, too.
naturist 06/16/20 03:23pm Around the Campfire
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