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RE: Hoy No Circula

There is a lot to do in the city, one of the most interesting places is the antropology museum on Reforma in the Parque de Chapultepec, you need at least two days to see it all, and you can actually visit the remains of the original city, Tenoxtitlan, the ruins are located on the side of the cathedral on the main squake El Zocalo, the National Palace has interesting murals, if you have the oportunity to see the balet folclorico in the palace of Bellas Artes, before the show the front curtain is actually a stained glass window and they depict a sunset and night fall with lights in the valley with the volcanos as a back drop, then this enormous window lifts and the show starts, it is worth seeing it. There is also the castle of Chapultepec and many more places, also some very good restaurants, you can also take a tour and lunch aboard a "Chinampa" on the canals of Xochimilco, just remember that the city is at high altitude 7360 feet above sea level, in the outskirts you will also find the piramids in Teotihuacan, for all of this bring good walking shoes and remember that it will be chilly in the morning and hot during the day and then it chills back down in the afternoon, Mexico is a desert what saves the city is the altitude, also remember to use a hat and do use sun screen, you can get a nasty sun burn in a few minutes a lot faster than at sea level. navegator
navegator 02/19/19 02:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hoy No Circula

Motorcycles of less than 250 CC are not permited to go on the periferico in the center lanes they have to go on the lateral, all motorcycles are excempt from the hoy no circula and above 250 CC are allowed to circulate on all highways and expressways, no restrictions on them. For motorvehicles with license plates ending in numbers Monday _____ 5 & 6 Tuesday ____ 7 & 8 Wednesday _ 3 & 4 Thursday ___ 1 & 2 Friday _____ 9 & 0 and all license plates ending with letters Saturday ___ letters Sunday ___ no restrictions Forget color decals, holograms and O and OO, they do not apply to vehicles that are not registered in Mexico's Federal District or the State of Mexico. navegator
navegator 02/19/19 08:41am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hoy No Circula

It is a bigger disaster than what it is reported, at the beginning a lot of persons bought old cars not just one but some times two with a plate ending in a different number from either the DF on the Estado de Mexico or neighboring states, this only added to the smog and congestion and did not relieve the problem, latter they started the smog check and this became ramant corruption on the part of the smog checking stations. There was an instance where one of the TV stations purchased a brand new vehicle, and immediately took it to be smoged or "verificado", the vehicle of course did not pass, they wanted a mordida for it to pass known as a "brinquito", this led to an investigation and some of the stations to be closed, today not much has changed the verificacion still asks for a brinquito if they see that you are naive enough to tolerate this. In reality it is very simple to understand for Canadian and USA plated vehicles, depending on the last number of the license plate is the day of the week that the vehicle does not circulate plus Saturdays, all license plates ending with a letter they do not circulate on Friday and Saturday and the hours that foreign plated bvehicles are forbiden to circulate, in the days that you can are from 05:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Forget about the color decals and the "O" and "OO" decals, those only apply to vehicles that are registered in the Federal District and the Estado de Mexico, no foreign registered vehicle can apply for this. I have in previous post given the numbers and days that correspond to the hoy no circula for foreign plated vehicles. navegator
navegator 02/18/19 11:03am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hoy No Circula

That is the beauty of obtaining official documents in Spanish and machine translating, or for that matter a lot of the miss information that is available on the internet and posting it here as "facts". My neese's husband and his brother ride a motorcycle every day, the only motorcycles that are not permited on the expressways are the very small cylinder capacity, same as in the USA or Europe, a moped or a small Vespa can not keep up with high speed trafic, although the way traffic is in Mexico City, even walking is faster during rush hour. As of today large cylinder motorcycles are excempt from the hoy no circula and are alawed on the exprassways, to clarrify the miss understanding only MOTORVEHICLES registered in the Federal District and the State of Mexico can have the decals with the color decal and days when they are not supposed to circulate, and only those that are new and meet the smog criteria and are registered in the Federal District and the State of Mexico may have the "O" and "OO" decals that permit them to circulate at any time. The government wanted to include the motorcycles in the hoy no circula but there was a big push from the public for not doing this since many who need to travell from the out skirts where there is little or no public transport and can NOT afford a motorvehicle made it clear that the Distrito Federal government extended the Metro outside the Federal District or improved the mass transport. Pitza Hut franchises use motorcycles for the delivery, otherwise the pitza would arrive several hours late, specially at rush hour, many other home deliveries are made by motorcycle, farmacies, supermarkets even Walmart delivers this way. The "paisano" and tourist pass is only given out during two weeks in December and January for Cristmass and New Year. navegator
navegator 02/18/19 08:45am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hoy No Circula

Motorcycles are exempt from the hoy no circula rule, only automobiles have that requirement, The pase turistico is only issued for the Cristmas hollydays. navegator
navegator 02/17/19 09:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Possible???

Sr: playaboy in answer to your last post No you can not move the trailer, although it has the 10 year permit, the owner needs to be with the unit when transiting on streets or roads, unless you have a FMM and you obtain a writen permit from the owner stating that you are allowed to use it and carry the original papers or a copy, and that is very iffy and depends on the individual cop and how much mordida is requiered. Posibility of the unit being confiscated is 99.95% if you do not have a tourist visa, the unit could be considered stolen and that is the end of that, unless you have suficiente dinero, mogoya, pancholares, etc. If not then ask the police officer......de a cuanto es el refresco? He will mention how much the soda costs Thaat is not a bribe, you are buying the sodas. navegator
navegator 02/08/19 02:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: internet options

When the foreighn telephone companies were allowed in México, Telmex had to compete with them for clients so they have changed a lot of the dumb rules that they had, when I lived in Cholula in the late 60's I could get a phone if I was willing to wait about 3 or more years and buy stock in Telefonos de México, persons having phones were called "abonados" because they had "bonos" and it was expensive. I guess that they are using the RV parks phisical address for the installation, it is in their interest to have a client after all, we have had AT&T service since 1982 and had the special program for Mexico, the internet service has only been somewhat important for us in the last 10 years, with laptop's and phones that are more computer than phone we are covered since they have access to the cell towers, we have a USB internet stick a signal booster and a hot spot for travelling more so for Mexico than the USA. Thanks for the information. navegator
navegator 02/08/19 11:50am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hydrogen vehicles

How much fossil fuel do you need to produce the electricity that is needed to separate water to obtain hydrogen to power the fuel cells? Unless you have a lot of hydroelectric power, the areas with no rivers or dams use big steam generators powered by coal, it kind of defeats the purpose of zero emitions. Every one forgets where the original power starts and only see the end result. navegator
navegator 02/08/19 07:48am Around the Campfire
RE: internet options

In order to obtain a land line you need to have a permenent recidence, proof of that will be a receipt of the CFE with the name and address, an RV campground is not going to cut it with the phone company for a permanent land line, this is missleading information get a hot spot for the wi-fi or the usb sticks. The viva Mexico program is more than 20 years ago that it was started, we have had A&TT programs to accses Mexico for a lot longer than that with good rates and good service. navegator
navegator 01/29/19 02:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexican Gas Shortage

Only certain states and some cities are having problems with the fuel deliverty, not all of Mexico as the article states, the states are Michoacan, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Estado de México, Aguascalientes, Queretaro, Tamaulipas and Oaxaca. For those of you traveling in these areas, be aware that you may have to wait in line to fill up and depending on the availability of the fuel, some stations are limiting the amount to $200.oo pesos per vehicle, so plan with caution this goes for gasoline and Diesel fuel in some areas, then being foreigners you might get a full tank, knowing that you are travelling and not a paisano, it is called cortesia al extranjero. navegator
navegator 01/10/19 09:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Friday Night before Christmas

We just finished celebrating an early Cristmas with our friends from Toluca, since they are going to theire families on the 24th, me being of Skandinavian desent I am celebrating the longest night as a good Viking, good mead and roasted pig, "AKA Costco ham in a red bag and Cerveza Nochebuena", and yes I have a big sword and no the helmet does not have horns that is an English invention, tomorrow I will make peace with Huitzilopochtli and ofer some tortillas and chiles to the four winds I will do a sacrifice from the observation dek, I will cut de-pit and eat an aguacate in his name. Lots of posadas and fiestas de Navidad, the aginaldo was given on the 15th but heck a good fandango is always engoyed, you guys need to learn a good zapateado. Señoras y señores y todos los presentes pasen un buen fin de semana. navegator
navegator 12/21/18 10:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mano de Agucate

There are bagel slicers but no aguacate slicer and piter, there is one aguacate that is small with very smooth skin and you do not need to cut or remove the pit, you eat the skin and the inside, it is recomended not to eat the pit, it can be a big bang at the end. The junk that is sold in the USA in a bottle or other containers is nothing more than chemical junk and they have the audacity of calling it "guacamole" agucates spoil very fast and turn grey/black, not the junk in the bottle it last a long time out on a counter, eat and enjoy the real thing without the mano de aguacate. navegator
navegator 12/21/18 10:38pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Mano de Agucate

Mano de Agucate. Advocado hand For those of you Canucks and Gringos there is a way to remove the pit from the aguacate with out stabing your hand! Take the agucate on your hand, the pointy end normaly has the little thingy where the fuit hung on the tree, hold the advocado so that the thingy is in the same direction as the little thumb (or big thumb) now take a knife, the sharper the better and hold the knife as if you were going to cut bread or saw the aguacate and start next to the thingy and cut down turning the aguacare so that the cut is North to South and then South to North, you will feel the knife agains the pit, a perfect cut starts and ends at the same point. Now place the knife down and hold the two halfs one on each hand and gently twist in opposite directions, you should end with one half with no pit and the other half with the pit. Take the half with the pit on one hand and the knife on the other hand, hold the knife the same way as you did while cutting the agucate, pointy end towards the thingy and holding the knife give the pit a choping blow, it does take a little force and good aim, once the knife has landed and the pit and knife move together twist both to relrase the pit. DO NOT try to STAB the pit with the pointy end of the knife, that is how you end with mano de agucate "advocado hand" known to the Emergency personel and doctors that have to patch the stab on your had when the pointy sharp knife glanced of the side of the pit and agucates being soft your had is a good target, if this method is too intimidating use a cutting board to slice the aguacate, again North to South and hold the aguacate and chop the pit do not stab. Enjoy the agucates, the guacamole, the pico de gallo etc. The original name of the agucate in Nahuatl is ajuacatl and tomato is tomatl and peanuts are called cacahuatl, chocolate is xocolatl. navegator
navegator 12/20/18 08:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: scam phone calls

I wonder if one can program the phones so that all the unwanted caller's on the buddy list are foewarded to the local politicians and the FCC guys, if every one does this maybe they will do something about this. navegator
navegator 12/20/18 03:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mountain Driving

Driving on the inerstates on mountains, do not expect to do 85 going up or down, as the grade steepens, get of the over-drive and do not try to floor the gas pedal you might need to down shift to the actual gear depending on how many gears you have to a lower gear, by actually down shifting you prevent the gear box from down shifting, up shifting, down shifting to maintain a high speed, since this creates heat not only in the transmission but the engine too, slow down and go up in a lower gear when you reach the summit go down in the same gear or one higer if the grade is not to steep, this will prevent you from burning the brakes by letting the engine do the braking, use the actual brakes sparingle and if you need to go to a lower gear in order to maintain the speed down shift. On the mountain roads the same principle applies, you can not go fast and expect to be able to control the RV or the vehicle pulling a trailer, again down shifting going up and going down is what needs to be done, and always pay attention to the next curve if you need to apply the brakes to slow down to take the curve, always do it before the curve, once in the curve applying the brakes can lead to an accident, paying attention to the road is more important than turning your head to talk to the person siting next to you, those few seconds of inattention can lead to trouble. Driving at a steady pase going up and going down prevents an over heated engine, burnt tranmission or burnt brakes. navegator
navegator 12/19/18 12:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Border Zone Tax Reduced By 8% 2019

That is OK, I have been arround for a while, tent camped with mom and dad, latter with my trusty 68 converted VW bus, that I did myself, I have been to places in Mexico where Spanish and only a few wotds were spoken by the school teacher and the little kids would come up to me and very slowlly put out a hand with one finger and touch my arm to see if I was real and then run away all of then giggling, I have seen Mexico change some for the better some for the worst. navegator
navegator 12/19/18 09:12am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border Zone Tax Reduced By 8% 2019

MEX is not the only one that remembers the CONASUPO, it started in 1961 and ended in 1999, today the DICONSA does the same only that DICONSA operates in the very remote and poor towns, I also remember the Piggly Wiggly store a block from my dads house and Woolworth on Paseo de La Reforma next to the American Embassy by the Glorieta de Colon not the present building, the old Embassy. navegator
navegator 12/18/18 08:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Visiting Tucson? Meet one of the locals...

When visiting Tucson take a drive to the desert museum or zoo on the south of town and see the different animals and plants, they have one of the pretiest cats called a gaguarundy, beatiful animal grey colored and interesting, just do not pet the tarantulas they get anoyed. There is a very good restaurant at top of Mount Lemon, good food and a nice view of the area and specially at night going down the mountain. navegator
navegator 12/17/18 11:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heat ducting

My C came with a rear galley and head, the heating duct for the galley was a 3" and the one for the head a 2" so I rerouted the 2" to the galley and the 3" to the head I had to add more 3" duct, in order to have more air flow I installed a spark proof blower for the 3" duct to the head, these are used in boats to vent the engine compartments and installed a switch in the head for the blower motor, at the same time I installed a switch in line with the water pump switch. navegator
navegator 12/16/18 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Honey Scams

Pure unadultered honey properly stored will last for years, and for those of you that have pollen alergies try to get local unadulterd honey and sweeten your coffe or tea, this will dampen some of the discomfort of the alergy or suppress it completlly, also it is very good for severe burns, I had a severe burn 1rst 2nd and 3rd degree on my right arm and I used raw honey to sooth and help the burn, it closed in 9 months instead of a year and months as the doctors stated, the scar is minimum but sensitive to heat, that is what they used during the war for those burnt, old house wifes remedy. navegator
navegator 12/15/18 10:54pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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