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RE: Low overpasses, etc.

I have a telescoping painters handle and meassured the exact height of the RV empty and air bags to max and tires to max, les than a 1/4 fuel tank no water and nearly empty propane tank, this is the max height granted it will not be so when loaded but that height is the minimum that I look for in gasoline station canopies, under passes, bridges and tree lined streets and if in doubt I will stop some distance from the canopy, underpass, bridge and use the painters handle to measure the actual height, I have the handle marked so that I only need to extend it and I can also measure the exact height by extending the handle to the lowest point and then using the tape to get a reading, only had to turn around once in Tucson under a railroad track, vandals had stolen the signs the LEO was gladd I did not go under and helped me turn arroundq. Most people seem to never look up and only focus on the road and completely forget the height of the vehicle, this includes camp grounds where tree branches hang down, seen a lot of roofs and sides punctured from inatentive drivers backing into them, I always get out and walk the spot looking for obstructions above and also for depressions that might tilt the unit into a tree, specially in tree abundant first time visit for us, this is specially when arriving at night. navegator
navegator 04/22/19 09:16am Beginning RVing
RE: da Vinci Robot

Aha! That makes sense, now the 65,000.00 dollar questions. What happened to the sandwich? Who ate it? navegator
navegator 04/21/19 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: da Vinci Robot

Now this gets confusing, did the robot make a cheese sandwich while the sister was operated or did the sister make the sandwich while the robot operated on her for 8 hours? navegator
navegator 04/20/19 08:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Guilty pleasures

The only time that I pay attention to someone backing or pulling in is if the sites are close enough for the other rig to back into mine, otherwise I could not care what they do. navegator
navegator 04/13/19 03:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Underwater Jeep

Diesel engines do not need electricity to run, some engines are started with compressed air and some old marine Diesel engines are started with a rope wound arround the big flywheel, then you open both intake and exhaust valves with the decompression lever, unscrew the craker port plug open the fuel valve a tad just a drip from the gravity fed tank, ignite what looks like a fire cracker but does not go bang, this only spits out sparks does the job of a glow plug insert in the hole and screw back the cap then pull on the rope on the flywheel, at the end of the rope close the decompression lever and kapok, kapok that one cylinder engine is now runing, now slowlly open the fuel valve compleetly, nothing in the world will stop that engine, the speed and direction of the boat is controled by the angle of the propeller, move the lever forward you go forward and back reverse, to stop the engine close the feed valve. The Germans invented what is known as a "snorkel" to draw air in to the submarine with out having to go on the surface and run the chance of being detected by the allies, many of you use a snorkel when you put on a mask and clamp your teeth to a bent tube with a ping pong ball at the other end and go "snorkelling". Modern Diesels use electronics to control the timing and duration of the injection for a cleaner more efficient burn, older engines used mechanical timing of the injectors, modern ones do it electrically with the computer, older Diesel engines were smokey and stinky the video was interesting, brought back memories my dad had a surpuls Jeep 1948 that had the air intake and filter on the right hand side above the windshield and a tube on the back end for the exhaust, we used to coat all the electical wires and plugs and the cap of the rotor with liquid rubber and remove the belt and generator and then cross the river, once started we would put the battery, generator and belt on the box that was on the roof of the cabin , we normally had water half way up the doors. navegator
navegator 04/13/19 10:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Smaller Drivers seat

I need to correct the number of lines on the bolt head, they should be 6 six lines radiating from the center to the flat sides of the bolts, the tablet does not like my big fingers. navegator
navegator 04/11/19 11:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smaller Drivers seat

Ford E-350 and 450 seats are composed of two parts, one is the box frame that is anchored to the floor and the other is the unit were the sliding rails are attached to the box, get some steel flat bar 3" wide by the amount needed for the two sides and a minimum of 1/4" thick- 3/8" will be better, measure where to attach the bar to the floor box and then calculate how far back you want the seat at the back end of the slide to be and mark the hole centers, you might have to get a machine shop to drill the holes and sand the saw cuts for you, then attack the bars to the seat and to the floor box. Make sure that you have the correct grade bolts, washers and nuts, the bolts should have 5 small raised lines from the center to the perimiter, do not use any Chinese junk! I have the E-350 and raised the seats 3" up and 4" back using square 1/4" tube, it can be done. navegator
navegator 04/10/19 08:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: going to the gym !

My favorite exercises are mug lifting and distance to the bar! navegator
navegator 04/10/19 11:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Stinky cat problem

You are attracting them with the amonia, use vinager instead we have 4 cats and the neighborhood toms now and then come over, solucion VINAGER, it also kills the smell. navegator
navegator 04/04/19 08:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Need help from google or microsoft.

If she is having this problem, she should contact the FBI rather than trying to do it alone, the FBI gets very interested in these types of criminals! navegator
navegator 04/04/19 12:21am Around the Campfire
RE: poly-ester mites

Yep it is as bad as the "Terredoglaseusnavalis" eats the huls of the new boats, rudders etc. You have to be vigilant of any hull scrape and haul the vessel out every two years to check for it, I have a friend that gets me a vaseline that is used in hospitals, a little thicker than the one sold in pharmacies I apply it with a mop, stays on about 3 months, then wash the RV with Coleman's white stove gas, no mites and no holes. navegator
navegator 04/01/19 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: wiring issue

Some GFI outlets trip with the small transformers that are used to charge phones and other accesories, I can not charge my phone or plug the computer to any of the GFI outlets, they immediately trip. navegator
navegator 03/18/19 09:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: hot water

Install a check valve on the cold line of the shower, that will prevent the hot water that is at a slightly higher pressure from pushing the cold water back, I did this to stop having to wait for the temperature to reset when taking a Navy shower, the pump might not have enough pressure to overcome the water heater. navegator
navegator 03/18/19 09:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Step

Of course it will work on a truck like the one above! you place it on the ground and drive the truck on top, that way you have a low step. navegator
navegator 02/26/19 04:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Step

I have one and it allows me to reach the whole windshield, I have a special place for storing it, just be careful folding it they are finger pinchers and make sure that you get the correct size, there are at least 3 different models for different tire sizes, I only wash the wind shield at the end of the cleaning, that way I make sure that the unit goes back to its home, it is easy to forget and I always do the passenger side first and then the drivers side, that way it will be noticed if I want to open the door to move the RV. They are worth it. navegator
navegator 02/26/19 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV A/C in Arizona summer heat?

One thing that you need to do is maintain the fan at full speed and regulate the thermostat, we learnt that one night when wife asked if we could reduce the fan noise, I turned the fan speed down and went to bed. Arround 03:30 the A/C shut down, outside temp was 92, I took the filter cover off on the Dometic and discovered that the evaporator was frozen, fast thinking used wifes hair dryer since it was a very thin accumulation of ice on the fins to melt the ice, checked brakers and all was O.K. turned A/C back on and from then on regulated temperature only and maintained the fan on full speed, talking to other guests they confirmed the fact that A/C units do freeze up when the monsoon hits in Arizona. Depending on the temperature you might have to run the A/C at night also, another thing that we have done is use the cloth that the greenhouse growers use, sold at Home Despot at the gardening shop to cover the rear window, the ladder sits there and helps as a tie down, also try to shield the refrigerator from direct sun, and if posible install a small computer type fan, we have one that runs on 110 Vac, one runs on 12 V dc and one that is solar powered, place the fan at the top it is better that down near the heater, I turn the fans on depending on what we need and where we are, this keeps the refigerator at a beter temperature than the house unit. navegator
navegator 02/25/19 12:49pm Snowbirds
RE: Eating roadkill?

Grilled skunk marinated in it's juce, delicious Tire smoked chiken, you can not beat it Flattend cat a la pavement, excelent Fender shreded dog, good choise Bumper scatered turkey, good anytime Windshield smaked dove, try to hit the fock! Then there is at least one per person Deer in a headlamp bucket, got to be carefull of the small glass shards otherwise good dinner Anything bigger than that you might be the road kill navegator
navegator 02/23/19 04:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hoy No Circula

There is a lot to do in the city, one of the most interesting places is the antropology museum on Reforma in the Parque de Chapultepec, you need at least two days to see it all, and you can actually visit the remains of the original city, Tenoxtitlan, the ruins are located on the side of the cathedral on the main squake El Zocalo, the National Palace has interesting murals, if you have the oportunity to see the balet folclorico in the palace of Bellas Artes, before the show the front curtain is actually a stained glass window and they depict a sunset and night fall with lights in the valley with the volcanos as a back drop, then this enormous window lifts and the show starts, it is worth seeing it. There is also the castle of Chapultepec and many more places, also some very good restaurants, you can also take a tour and lunch aboard a "Chinampa" on the canals of Xochimilco, just remember that the city is at high altitude 7360 feet above sea level, in the outskirts you will also find the piramids in Teotihuacan, for all of this bring good walking shoes and remember that it will be chilly in the morning and hot during the day and then it chills back down in the afternoon, Mexico is a desert what saves the city is the altitude, also remember to use a hat and do use sun screen, you can get a nasty sun burn in a few minutes a lot faster than at sea level. navegator
navegator 02/19/19 02:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hoy No Circula

Motorcycles of less than 250 CC are not permited to go on the periferico in the center lanes they have to go on the lateral, all motorcycles are excempt from the hoy no circula and above 250 CC are allowed to circulate on all highways and expressways, no restrictions on them. For motorvehicles with license plates ending in numbers Monday _____ 5 & 6 Tuesday ____ 7 & 8 Wednesday _ 3 & 4 Thursday ___ 1 & 2 Friday _____ 9 & 0 and all license plates ending with letters Saturday ___ letters Sunday ___ no restrictions Forget color decals, holograms and O and OO, they do not apply to vehicles that are not registered in Mexico's Federal District or the State of Mexico. navegator
navegator 02/19/19 08:41am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hoy No Circula

It is a bigger disaster than what it is reported, at the beginning a lot of persons bought old cars not just one but some times two with a plate ending in a different number from either the DF on the Estado de Mexico or neighboring states, this only added to the smog and congestion and did not relieve the problem, latter they started the smog check and this became ramant corruption on the part of the smog checking stations. There was an instance where one of the TV stations purchased a brand new vehicle, and immediately took it to be smoged or "verificado", the vehicle of course did not pass, they wanted a mordida for it to pass known as a "brinquito", this led to an investigation and some of the stations to be closed, today not much has changed the verificacion still asks for a brinquito if they see that you are naive enough to tolerate this. In reality it is very simple to understand for Canadian and USA plated vehicles, depending on the last number of the license plate is the day of the week that the vehicle does not circulate plus Saturdays, all license plates ending with a letter they do not circulate on Friday and Saturday and the hours that foreign plated bvehicles are forbiden to circulate, in the days that you can are from 05:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Forget about the color decals and the "O" and "OO" decals, those only apply to vehicles that are registered in the Federal District and the Estado de Mexico, no foreign registered vehicle can apply for this. I have in previous post given the numbers and days that correspond to the hoy no circula for foreign plated vehicles. navegator
navegator 02/18/19 11:03am RVing in Mexico and South America
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