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RE: Stricter stay at home rules

The government is trying to limit the amoount of persons in smaller areas this applies to the tianguis and mercados, not the big supermarkets or the oxxo and the 7-11 stores, the government is trying to stay ahead of the corona and not behind. navegator
navegator 03/30/20 08:19am Around the Campfire
Stricter stay at home rules

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30062599
navegator 03/29/20 08:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Stricter stay at home rules

The Mexican Government announced that stricter stay at home rules will start next Wednesday, the butcher will be closed for a week as well as the produce vendor and other establishments in Mexico City and adjacent towns within the valley, I do not know if this will apply to any other cities or communities through out the rest of Mexico, some panic buying has start but there are supplies still available. The butcher gave us the heads up about him closing so we purchased the two weeks worth of the regular meat that we use and the produce vendor also let us know that he will also close so we loaded on vegies and fruits, NO my sister in law and I did not go out we have the meat and produce delivered to the house, it is good to be friends with the butcher and the produce vendors. Be safe and drink lots of Coronas.....BEER that is, not the nasty stuff. Moderator feel free to close this tread or delete if necessary. navegator
navegator 03/29/20 08:48pm Around the Campfire
Special request for all X-pats and visitors

This is for all the X-pats Americans and Canadians and all other visitors to Mexico and the rest of Latin America wherever you happen to be, during this hard economic times please remember that there are a number of persons that do not have a steady income, they live day to day some times on meager hand outs from customers at supermarkets, the person packing your groceries, the parking lot attendant, the taxi driver in general those that do not have a salary or steady income. What I am asking is that you take them into consideration when and if you leave a tip, to consider that 10 Mexican pesos at today exchange rate are a meager 0.45 American cents, if you can give them more or less the equivalent of a one dollar that will help them a lot since not that many persons are out and about shopping, I instructed my neisse to give them a 50 peso bill ( + - 2.50 USD ), since they know us at the supermarket and they do appreciate the help. So please help those that do not have as much as us, remember that they live day to day and some may have someone that they look after. In the end we all belong to the same human race thanks. navegator
navegator 03/27/20 04:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: New Concha virus

Cocha virus goes well with Corona virus, Modelo Negra virus, Pacfico virus, XX-lager virus, Tequila virus, Mescal virus, pulque curado y sin curar virus, Whisky virus, wine virus, Vodka virus, Snaps virus, ETC virus. Poco veneno no mata, nomas engorda A litle poison does not kill it just fatens you navegator
navegator 03/27/20 03:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: New Concha virus

I will try to get picture of the concha virus, they are delicious now I need to get more ate them all. navegator
navegator 03/26/20 07:34pm RVing in Mexico and South America
New Concha virus

There is a new concha virus in Mexico City in the area of Iztapalapa, they are the conchitas but with green and pink toppings so those of you that encounter them buen provecho! navegator
navegator 03/26/20 05:30pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexican face mask

No you do not need to go to Mexico, this can and should be used everywhere and by everyone, this is Mexican ingenuity and humor wile fasing hardship, the alcohol needs to also be used inside, trying to drink hand sanitzer it just tastes terrible Tequila, Mescal, Snaps, beer, wine, white lightning, what ever you prefer, you can also make a drink that is comon in Mexico, purchse one litter of alcohol in the morning from the farmacia in a wide mouth jar and eight to ten squezed half oranges from the guy that sells orange juice on the street they will be free. Place oranges in jar with alcohol and let stand in the sun until about noon, this you drink with chiles, tortillas and friloles refritos this will keep you alive no matter what virus you get, I got this recepy from the guys that colect the trash every day, they sometimes have la merienda "lunch" on the median in front of the house. So enjoy la vida loca, nomas tenemos una y hay que gozarla. navegator
navegator 03/26/20 12:09am RVing in Mexico and South America
Mexican face mask

How to make a Mexican face mask and be compliant with the regulations. Start with a plastic glass or cup, make two holes one on each side and place a string that is the same length on both sides so that one strings goes over the ear and the other under the chin, repeat for the other side, fill the glass with Tequila, Mescal or your favorite alcoholic beverage, place glass on face attach with string securely. Now you are using a protective face mask and are using the alcohol correctly. Espero que esten sanos y guardaditos. ( hope you are healthy and sequestered) navegator
navegator 03/25/20 02:58pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 60+ asked to limit movement (Mexico)

Yea typing on the tablet is nearly impossible, I got the computer working with out it shutting down because of a small little fan, there is a store called Stern and they sell fans that are powered by the computer via a USB port, now I can keep it going all day, I am a big guy with big hands and these new phones are yoke to type on, well time to go. just staying home and the internet is going slow, every body is on it, including me! take care y buenas noches navegator Mod's edit: Per the site Admin's request, I am closing all COVID-19 threads and directing future comments to one thread in Around the Campfire. 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS
navegator 03/22/20 10:58pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: 60+ asked to limit movement (Mexico)

Senor: MEXICOWANDERER saludos I will be bold and correct the Conatcto It needs to say VOY A CONTACTAR A LA SECRETARIA DE TURISMO Y SALUD And it is easy to say in Spanish even with a very thick accent in gringo-lingo That will be better understood by the cops, being from the Tercera edad I have to stay home, how are you doing? I have fun with some of the answers that I give, play of words and so forth and lots of Tequila zipped, Traffic in Mexico City is light, the terrorist that go to school are all home so no idiot mothers on the phone trying to run you down even when you are on the side walk, the familia and I have decided that we will drink a cup of red wine with lunch on Sundays until this is over. Espero que estes bien te voy a mandar un mensaje. saludos de navegator
navegator 03/22/20 08:37pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Quaresma ( holy week )

In Spanish the words sound fairly similar, and it is a play on what is going on, Quaresma a religious fiesta, time to go to church that might not happen if services are curtailed and cuarentena is "quarantine" to stay put, so taking this literally will not work, Mexicans can make a joke out of hard situations and that makes stressful life a lot more bearable. So having a cuarentena instead of a Quaresma might be the case. And these are hard times for every one, some times a good joke can relieve the stress. navegator
navegator 03/20/20 09:21pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Quaresma ( holy week )

For those of you that understand and speak Español. This year there is not going to be a Quaresma, there is going to be a cuarentena. If you do not get it ask a native speaker to explain navegator
navegator 03/20/20 02:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 60+ asked to limit movement (Mexico)

As of this morning 3/20/2020 there are only 164 confirmed cases and 448 suspect, I guess the Tequila and Coronitas are working, and all of those that tested positive were in Italy or Spain and came home so we shall see what happens in the next weeks, I pray that all stay safe and healthy. navegator
navegator 03/20/20 08:53am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: 60+ asked to limit movement (Mexico)

No! I am pretty young I'm only 37 and of course being dyslexic I have to stay home the family does not let go out and play on the streets, I have fun with the cats and the laser thermometer, I have plenty of wood for the construction that I am doing, still need to fabricate the main bathroom furniture and tons of projects, so I will stay home. All of you out there be careful and do not worry to much about the hand sanitizer's, alcohol and some cream will work, of course the alcohol is internal, un Tequilita por favor con una Coronita and soap and water is the best! Do take care and we will be in touch. Salud y bien estar para todos navegator
navegator 03/19/20 08:42pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
60+ asked to limit movement

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30057364
navegator 03/19/20 07:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
60+ asked to limit movement (Mexico)

The Mexican government is asking persons 60 years and over to limit the time out among crowds, it is voluntary for the time being and they are suggesting that if need be a younger family member help them with purchases, my neisse has offered to get the shopping done for my sister in law and I, now I have to volunteer looking after my neisse's diaper terrorist and for those of you who do not have family available you might get a neighbor, the lady that helps with the cleaning or pay someone if the situation worsens. Let us do our part to help this situation, drink lots of tequila with beer, you will forget who you are, where you are and best of all what you have!----- just kidding lets cooperate. navegator
navegator 03/19/20 07:18pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Expired TIP

If the vehicle is phisicaly in the USA that is the important isue, the vehicle is out side the Mexican territory so the TIP expiring will not be a problem, on the other hand if the vehicle is in Mexico, that will be a problem. When you re-enter Mexico, have receits of purchases from the date that the TIP expires and later to prove that the vehicle and you were out of Mexico, fuel receits are great, sprcially for an RV when the paperwork states that you bought 45 gallons or more and the toad only takes 12 to fill up it becomes ovious that your unit was with you, specially when using a debit card or credit card. navegator
navegator 03/18/20 09:46am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: new TIP without leaving Mexico

Sr. Moisheh, you are correct on the vehicle being allowed in Mexico twice in the same year, the problem is the persons visa, that one can only be issued once for 180 days in a 365 day period as a tourist so this limits the vehicle being in Mexico to 180 days also, this does not apply to foreighn persons studying in Mexico. navegator
navegator 03/17/20 06:36pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fishing

I cant not understand why the folks over at the aquarium got so mad when I walked in with my rod and reel, they have all those fish and they do not let you fish. What's the problem? Dang now I have to fishing at Walmart, Costco the supermarket, those bitee real well! navegator
navegator 03/12/20 08:16pm General RVing Issues
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