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RE: Boondocking in the sand -- how soft is too soft??

Can only offer to be prepared to air down should the need arise meaning taking portable air compressor with you. Be in 4wd before you need it. If 2wd, limited slip or a locker is a must. Checkout youtube videos from Matt's Offroad Recovery. Depending where you are in Utah, it might not be a bad idea to have his number on speed dial.
ndrorder 03/25/21 11:52am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Inverter/Converter

Another option is a 120v battery charger direct connected to the batteries and plugged into the coach somewhere for a hundred bucks. Install it yourself and use it for a year while saving for a replacement inverter/charger. Contact xantrex yourself to understand why they refuse warrantee coverage. If their contention is an installation error, why isn't your installer warranteeing their work and replacing the unit they destroyed.
ndrorder 03/21/21 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: gfci outlet

If the "rv gfci outlet" is at the shore power pedestal, it could be conflicting with the gfci that serves the kitchen and outdoor outlets. If you provide the make and model of your rv, someone might be able to direct you to the interior gfci's that are present. Kitchen and outdoor outlets could be on the same circuit breaker. Did you check for tripped breakers.
ndrorder 03/14/21 12:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: water heater issue

If the burner lights, 12V is good and control board is good. If the water is noticeably warmer than the cold water along, then the tank is full and heating. Being that only warm water is felt, it can be caused by the bypass valve being left open or the valves on the outside shower (if equipped) being open. Each of these conditions allows cold water to mix with the hot before getting to the shower.
ndrorder 03/09/21 01:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery short circuit protection?

Fuses are selected based on the wire size and expected loads, whichever is less. Any short circuit will result in higher amperage through the cables and will blow the fuse. For example, you mentioned a 2000W inverter. However, most inverters will tolerate some level of surge. If 2000W is the surge capacity, divide by 12V and get 167A. So a 175A or 200A fuse would be about right. If there are more loads on the cables, add that amperage to the 167A and find the next higher fuse. Now take the fuse size along with the cable run distance to one of the many online cable size calculators to determine the appropriate cable size.
ndrorder 03/08/21 02:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Deming NM to Holbrook, AZ Rt 180

Plan fuel appropriately. The stations are few and far between.
ndrorder 03/01/21 06:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

If the vehicle, whatever vehicle it is, is the same cost, has the same performance, and the same longevity, why care about the propulsion. So far, available range and recharging time are putting people off.
ndrorder 02/25/21 11:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

Sailboat tables come in many folding variants. Searching google for "sail boat dinette table" resulted in several sites including pinterest for ideas, yachttables for custom options (or ideas), . . . etc.
ndrorder 02/22/21 10:46am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Charger and Solar controller not meshing well?

The batteries will be charged by the charger with the higher voltage potential at the connection to the circuit, respectively. Even though the GP was showing 14.7V, that isn't necessarily the voltage at the connection to the circuit. Since the GP stepped back, the WFCO provided the higher voltage to the circuit (14.4 for a standard WFCO) and dominated the charge. The GP saw this reduction in electron flow and switched down to float mode (13.5 V). Now that the WFCO has an even higher differential to the GP and if a circuit is complete, electrons will flow backwards to the GP. It seems that GP has expected this reverse polarity situation and rather than providing just a diode which can burn out if the back flow is too great, they have also provided a resistive circuit to convert those 2 amps of electrons to heat thus providing reverse polarity protection. The random GP manual I looked at state the maximum wire size is 14 AWG. Depending on the amperage the panels were charging at, it wouldn't take very many feet of wire between the controller and the charging circuit to loose 0.4VDC and assuming no losses in the connection itself. 5A - 0.4V lost in 16 feet of wire 10A - 0.4V lost in 8 feet of wire 20A - 0.4V lost in 4 feet of wire etc.
ndrorder 02/18/21 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator breaker keeps shutting off immediately

170VAC is too high. Disconnect the output wires from the generator breaker to get a good measurement of the voltage between the common and neutral connections at the breaker while the generator is running. If this is more than 132 VAC, generator issues need to be resolved before continuing. The next step is to isolate the wire past the generator. So with the generator off, leave the output wires from the breaker disconnected and disconnect the generator input wires at the automatic transfer switch (ATS), or unplug the shore power from the generator receptacle. Now measure resistance between the common and neutral wires and common and ground wires. If anything other than an open circuit is measured, there is a short in the wire between the generator and ATS or receptacle that needs to be corrected. Best guess is, because of age, there is a generator receptacle and something inside that box has giggled loose and is shorting.
ndrorder 02/18/21 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge Solenoid Location on 2021 E-450

DrewE called it. Aux start solenoid and charge solenoid are the same thing. Sounds like a battery isolation manager replaces at least the charge solenoid but also the BIRD if equipped.
ndrorder 02/16/21 01:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

The water heater is easy. Just turn it off when sleeping and the burner will not be heard. If heating water via electricity, in time the element will make noise as it begins to corrode. Again, the solution is to turn it off at bedtime. Boondocking in remote areas essentialy means no electric without a generator. If willing to suffer a remote generator or have electric, there are electric options for a furnace. In the small confines of a TC, a 1500w portable electric oil radiator heaters and fans can be quiet and very effective. Otherwise, anything with a burner or a fan will be heard at startup. I even wake up when I hear the little burner on the fridge start. I feel her pain. Learning to sleep with low level music on all night has helped the burner, fan, and other appliance noises to be less noticeable.
ndrorder 02/08/21 11:48am Truck Campers
RE: Need Help with a route from Yuma AZ to Illinois in mid April

Depending upon you're aversion to mountain passes and inclines, you could also take I-8 and I-10 to Las Cruces, NM. Then Hwy 70 and Hwy 54 to Santa Rosa, NM continuing on I-40 as originally planned without any increase time and minimal distance increase. There will be one steep pass east of Las Cruces, but it is short, with a good road with minimal turns, and rarely ever snow. Everything else will just be crossing ditches.
ndrorder 02/08/21 11:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Zion to Monument Vally to Albuquerque to Kansas to Nashville

Sunfan, Here are a couple more suggestions based on your reported interests. Check out the hikes and camping in the bisti badlands near Farmington. Its a great stop on the way through. There are several hiking trails in the Cibola National forest and Sandia mountains just outside Albuquerque that may be buried in snow in April, but may be not. If caving is an interest, check out Sandia cave. Its a nice hike, with the option for spelunking at the destination. Also the la Luz trail down from the top of the crest after riding the tram to the top. There are short hikes through the petroglyph monument on the west side of Abq.
ndrorder 02/02/21 06:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Wishlist of RV features

A furnace that mixes a little heated fresh air from outside with the recirculated air inside to cut down on interior humidity and for fresh air in the coach. Does a small class c absolutely need a tiny sink in the lavatory or could one brush their teeth in the kitchen sink and the lavatory space be used for additional pantry or clothes storage.
ndrorder 02/01/21 09:47pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Zion to Monument Vally to Albuquerque to Kansas to Nashville

Google maps does well in the UT, CO, NM area. On the other hand, there aren't very many route options. We enjoyed the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park in CO. The governor of NM has kept us very locked down. If things have opened when you actually travel, the tram in Albuquerque is worth a ride and lunch/dinner at the mountain crest. Some enjoy the history and culture in Sante Fe - the oldest capital in the country. There is also the Atomic History museum in Albuquerque which is unique to the area.
ndrorder 02/01/21 09:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: replacing table

The rv table hinge bracket on this page and the adjustable table leg will put half the weight of the table on the wall. It just depends if the table can be screwed into. https://www.rvpartscountry.com/RV-Table-Supports_c_273-2.html
ndrorder 02/01/21 09:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Prostate Cancer

Personal observations from my prostate cancer journey. Concern depends on how agressive and how much cancer there is. Some prostate cancers grow very, very, very slowly. Elevated psa can occur from reasons other than cancer like infection. Nodule could be benign but still affect psa. Depending on age, 4.8 is near threshold for even detecting cancer. Urologist may order second psa test that reports free vs total psa. A formula based on the ratio will give a probability of cancer. My urologist prescribed antibiotics followed with the second psa test before recommending biopsy. The first urologist I went to was recommending biopsy from the first psa 6.9. My psa went to 4.3 after antibiotics, but probability was 50% so biopsy. Of 12 samples, one had cancer and 2 were precancerous. In second biopsy, of 12 samples only 1 showed precancerous. The way a biopsy is done doesn't lend itself to exact targeting. Three years later, psa is 4.6. Biopsy is only way to know if there is a malignancy. We are all tough guys, but consider bringing someone along to drive you home. If you are that tough, you can leave the driver home the next time. On the bright side, once cancer is detected via biopsy and under urologists care, finger detection exams are no longer necessary.
ndrorder 01/27/21 07:47am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Let me ask this question this way

Just disconnecting the ignition might not be enough. Driving down the road, if the generator is started, the alternator will still connect to the Li batteries and potentially stay connected after the generator is turned off. If the BIM-225 has a ground connection, disconnect or put a switch on it. Less chance of a short later. And, with this mod, the house no longer charges the chassis battery.
ndrorder 01/23/21 08:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is this doable or am I overlooking something??

30 amps should be enough to run two large appliances simultaneously. Might be worth a second to measure the voltage inside. Could be an indication of a failing cord,, plug,, adapter, or dirty contacts in the transfer switch.
ndrorder 01/18/21 09:54am Tech Issues
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