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The data is pretty simple - How many people died of covid
nickthehunter 01/13/22 01:05pm Around the Campfire

Unvaccinated 65+ year-olds are: -6 times more likely to get COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds. -11 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ yearolds. -15 times more likely to die of COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds ....the above, from the Washington State report linked by BC Snob. Absolutely no contest for being fully vaccinated (this includes being boosted). ....I think where the vast population gets, um, confused about being vaccinated against sars-cov-2 is under the present situation, where Omicron has entirely escaped the vaccine's 1st defensive line (antibodies); however, the vaccine's 2nd line of defense (T and B cells) seem to be holding strong. If your T and B cells "act" fast (this of course, if you are really fully vaccinated), you may not feel many (if any) symptoms from Omicron at all. The whole fully vaccinated game is about staying out of the hospital, or worse, becoming a mortality statistic. This, of course, applies to flu vaccines, too. Correct BC ?No such correlation can be determined from that data. Nowhere in the data does it (for example) differentiate in "deaths with Covid" vs. "deaths due to Covid". You can have covid and die of a cancer and its all recorded the same "Covid Case". Here is data from Minnesota: Clicky
nickthehunter 01/13/22 11:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Fuel consumption too high?

There is no basis in fact in his statement. What is the J2807 max rating for each vehicle and then we can have a intelligent discussion instead of this cow pie in the sky discussion with no frame of reference. P.S. that’s what the J2807 standard is for, to compare what trucks are capable of.
nickthehunter 01/07/22 04:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Freaking RV manufacturers

That's nonsense. If it was true that not paying MSRP for something made them bad then ever car on the road would be bad as well. Manufacturers and dealers set a high MSRP as the consumer has come to expect a huge discount. The manufacturer and the dealer still make the expected profit when the unit is sold. The consumer simply "feels better" about his amazing negotiating powers! Right. Competition in the marketplace is what fuels better quality and prices. When we start to see foreign RV's being imported that are better made and cost less US manufacturers will change it's process to compete. Until then it's going to be the status quo of paying for shiny gadgets.Yes, that must be why we have such a over stock of chips in this country (tongue firmly planted in cheek), cause the imports "are better made and cost less US manufacturers will change it's process to compete."
nickthehunter 01/07/22 12:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Fuel consumption too high?

An 8,000lb 3500 SRW truck towing 16,000 lbs is safer than a 4,000lb truck towing 6400 lbs?What makes you think so? That statement has no basis in fact. In one scenario you have a trailer weighing 60% more than the truck pushing around the truck; In the other scenario you have a trailer that weighs 100% more than the truck pushing around the truck. I'm highly skeptical your claim, and how would you measure "safer" to begin with. Its a pure nonsense statement.
nickthehunter 01/07/22 10:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Kayak transport

I have an Adarac on mine. Clicky
nickthehunter 01/03/22 04:24pm Tow Vehicles

The PCR tests aren't quick result. The way the tests are run require "amplification" of the genetic material that is on the swab. This takes time. The antigen tests are the quick result tests and just test for a section of the virus in question. The FDA reported that the antigen tests have reduced sensitivity to the omicron variant - more false negatives. FDA Thank you for that clarification - that's what I thought originally - so my ears had pricked up when the news people called it a "Fast PCR". Certainly explains these cruise ships coming back to port with a bunch of covid-sufferers.My PCR took about an hour, not sure how much faster someone would want.
nickthehunter 12/29/21 04:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: RVs over 10 years old are valueless

I had to stop at this thread when I read its title. I still own a 2010 Ford E-Series Van, which is 11 years old and I still use it for RV camping trips.I doubt anchorage is the kind of place that would have a 10 year old rule; it takes a special kind of moxie.
nickthehunter 12/27/21 10:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Tandem axle vs single

If my dual axle trailer has a blowout I will proceeding cautiously, at minimal speed, up the next exit and to the nearest safe spot. I won’t be changing it on the side of the road while cars and trucks fly past at 70 mph. Which is the same thing that would happen if I had a single axle trailer, my truck, or any other vehicle.
nickthehunter 12/27/21 10:25am Travel Trailers
RE: The RV Demand Continues

Since all the orders are dealer orders, who knows. The dealers could be anticipating brisk sales and wish to keep their lots full of units to sell, or they could all be orders for already sold units, or any one of a few other possibilities. Manufacturer lying, in my mind possible, but not likely, that could cause SEC troubles.
nickthehunter 12/15/21 02:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best place online for RV loan

I had one at one time from LightStream.com
nickthehunter 12/15/21 02:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: For those with no bathroom access during travel mode.

Mine has full unimpeded bathroom access during travel (it has its own door) - I've never used the bathroom during travel. I always use rest stops, gas stations, etc. One a list of the 100 most important things for me to consider in a RV, bathroom access during travel wouldn't even make the list. So you're traveling down the freeway at 70 mph. What are you going to do, pull off on the shoulder to use the bathroom while traffic flys by at 70-80 mph - I don't think so (at least I would never do that). Rest areas or next exit always seems to have the accommodations needed.
nickthehunter 12/10/21 11:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

Science is not cast in stone, it evolves as knowledge evolves. That evolution can take hundreds and even thousands of years. Now remind me again, is Pluto a planet or not? No, the science isn't settled and never will be; it will always be evolving - some steps forward, some steps backwards.
nickthehunter 12/09/21 02:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Thinking about investing in Crypto currency?

If you would have bought one bitcoin in 2019 when this thread first started you would be over $40,000 ahead. So I guess all those people that said at that time you shouldn't buy were wrong. In the grand scheme of things its like investing in a penny stock way back when (think microsoft, yahoo, twitter, etc.). I wouldn't invest my retirement saving in it, but if I had a $100 I wanted to gamble long term with; its as good as any other speculative flyer. Just pick your penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, or whatever and take your chances.
nickthehunter 12/09/21 06:57am Around the Campfire
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

I'll follow up with a discussion I recently had with my 36 year old daughter which somewhat opened my eyes. Her opinion is us boomers should leave politics relating to the direction of our nations future to the people who will be living in it. We should stop trying to dictate what the world should be after we are all dead. We had our years of control and moments that matter. Technology changes with the seasons and it's not our place to say where it should be applied in regards to their future. We should now enjoy our golden years we planned for all those years and not worry about THEIR future and the world THEY will live in. That's their job now. If they want to go green, let them. It's their mistake to make. Only the future will tell and we won't be alive to see the outcome. I couldn't argue with her. I realized as long as my DW and I can live out our last 20 years or so in comfort why should we try to define what takes place after that. Just don't burn down the house in the meantime. A few days after that discussion I talked to my 33 yr old daughter about this. She point blank said we have messed things up enough already. Leave the world to them to clean up. Anyone over 65 should lose their right to drive and vote. We're in their way. I always admired her sharp directness but I felt I took that one between the eyes. Maybe we should all just chill out, not be so divided as a nation and let the next generation plan their future. Now, what you say? Think this post will last an hour?I have seen some of the ideas “THEY” have had, I’m not impressed.
nickthehunter 12/08/21 05:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Half ton towing

… I would love to see anyone show a sticker from their "1/2 ton" with a available cargo that meets or exceeds 3,800 lbs….I think you went way off in left field somewhere. The OP doesn’t need anywhere near 3800 lbs of payload to tow the 7800 lbs GVWR trailer he is contemplating. There are plenty of 1/2 tons that will work just fine.
nickthehunter 12/02/21 05:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Half ton towing

Average TW for Flagstaff Micro Lights is 670 lbs per their brochure weights. For most 1/2 tons thats a good starting point. Most 1/2 ton receivers can handle north of 1,000 lbs. Average brochure UVW is 5438 lbs. Again perfect start for 1/2 ton buyers. That’s what I thought as well. In fact, I chose to stay with these smaller ones to not worry about towing. The problem is on the forums people take that brochure weight and add 400 pounds to the tongue; instantly over killing a half ton and making it struggle and white knuckle to tow it. I had an old pilgrim 30’ 9,000 gvwr TT o towed a couple times. Truck towed it well with some sway on a windy day . I wasn’t fully happy with it and hoped to downgrade to make towing an issue I didn’t have to worryWhen looking at matching a TT to a tow vehicle I use 12% of the GVWR of the TT for the tongue weight. In real life, 12% is a good place to be. It's not rocket science, a couple of hundred pounds one way or the other is not armageddon. YOMV.
nickthehunter 12/02/21 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Kayak roof rack on truck

I have an Adarac on mine. Clicky
nickthehunter 12/01/21 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Half ton towing

Some half tons have payload ratings higher then some 2500 series trucks. The point is - the badge on the side means nothing, you need to match the truck to the trailer using the stickers on the door.
nickthehunter 11/30/21 03:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

I do like that Champion and people have said very good things about it. My only concern would be the noise level at 61db. That's a bit on the louder side of "quiet" generators. I believe the Westinghouse and Cummins portable and similar variants are rated at 52DB. Because DB are a logarithmic scale the difference in 9DB should be fairly significant. Of course the way they are measured could be different (distance from generator and % load) That is one other minor detail that makes me question if the Westinghouse and "Cummins" could truly be low quality. Generally the low quality and "cheap" generators are loud. 52DB is pretty impressively quiet. I think I would pretty quickly jump on the Champion if it were quieter, but I might sacrifice volume for reliability. Matt Check db scales, 60 db is normal conversations.
nickthehunter 11/30/21 12:59pm General RVing Issues
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