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RE: Graveside Boondocking?

I am from a small MN town there are a couple of cemeteries that fit your description, quiet, rural, off the beaten path. I know that each of them are checked on frequently by the Church maintenance person. There have been .... well I won't say problems but kids seem to like the idea of hanging out and they are discouraged from being out there after dark. If you were observed parked there even in a camper I would not be surprised if you were asked to move along. Now the church parking lot... if you asked to park over night, Ive never seen anyone turned away. I think in our church they will string out an extension cord and a hose for you. With that being said we do have a small camping area at the city park, I think there are 3 spots with electric and water, they do get filled up on occasion. The city Cemetery gate is locked, the outside parking area is right next to the busiest street we have, so it would not make a good place to stay.
northshore 02/26/20 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: How much would YOU offer?

Where are you located I think camper prices can be location based, ie campers in San Francisco area are going to be generally more than in rural areas. When I was looking for a used camper a couple of years ago, the prices were all over the place, and NO one seem to know about the NADA price guide lines. I came to the realization that generally campers are worth what you are willing to give. If the camper is in good condition, its the floor plan and has the options you want, then its worth more to you. When I was looking I came across ALL kinds of people trying to sell truck campers, some were trying to take advantage, others knew nothing about what they were doing or so it seemed. Your two scenarios look to be newer units, so condition should not be an issue, again I don't think you can go by the brand model year and it should = a certain price, its what they want out of the unit and what your willing to give, what its worth to you, if you cant come to terms move on.
northshore 02/26/20 02:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Over weight? Does it bother you?

Im not sure I understand all the aspects of being over weight... I need some help. Ive got a 2006 f 350 DRW with "Tow Boss" basically that means among other things that I have a 4:30 ratio rear end and the GVWR is 13000lbs the code for the rear end is 4L. The rear GAWR is 9000 lbs (is this the Axle rating?) The rear tires are Michelins (I believe they are rated at 3000 + or - lbs) so am I wrong to multiply the rating of the tire by 4 (4 tires on the rear of truck) so approx 12000 lbs + or - depending on the actual tire rating.(btw the front GAWR is 4850 lbs) All numbers regarding the GVR are from the sticker in the door jam. The vehicle by its self (no camper) but other wise ready to go, people fuel tools is 7800lbs weighed at a certified scale. Have not weighed with the camper on yet. It does handle fine, no problem with sway or sagging braking etc. The camper is a 2002 Lance 1130 with generator, AC, NO slide. Kaytag, I know Minnesota used to use a similar system for flatbed trailers. When you register your trailer you declare what weight you want to be able to haul and of course pay for. You got a sticker for your plate that designated what weight you were registered to haul. My trailer had a D sticker. I was never stopped by any LEO for weight. Im sure there were people who did get stopped for weight issues. At the time I was in Minnesota my truck did not have a weight sticker, maybe because I didn't register my truck as a farm vehicle.
northshore 02/22/20 10:02am Truck Campers
RE: Backup Camera Setup with AND without a Slide-in Camper

I have a 2006. f 350 with a backup camera near the bumper, the monitor I use is an Android head unit, works great put the truck in reverse up pops the back up camera. I wanted something I could monitor behind the camper, my camper also completely covers the license plate area. I bought a cheap camera on amazon, and installed it over the door of the camper, I connected this to a wireless transmitter (wifi) and use an old spare smart phone to receive the image. I can monitor the area behind the camper when the camper is on, when its off I use the camera on the rear bumper, its two separate systems. The wireless system is so easy ,hooking it up is a non issue. I hard wired the camera to the transmitter and placed the transmitter as close to the Cab of the truck as possible, no lag, no problems, receiving the image on the phone. Put a switch in the system, when I get ready to leave on a trip I turn on the switch its powered up and the image is sent until I shut the power off. I use one similar to this one, but there are tons of them available, this one works for me https://www.amazon.com/Youmei-Backup-Realtime-Transmitter-Andriod/dp/B072Z478JV/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3V2IEBZ2VYXV4&keywords=wifi+transmitter+for+backup+camera&qid=1582243601&sprefix=wifi+transmitter%2Caps%2C341&sr=8-5#customerReviews
northshore 02/20/20 05:10pm Truck Campers
RE: 1999 Lance Squire Lite 186 in a short bed

ccs, I had a Lance lite 165s, I know its not exactly the same as the lance lite 186 but they are similar and close by a few hundred lbs and a couple of inches. I had it on a 1999 f 250 short bed, I had absolutely NO problems with COG or the weight being an issue. My f250 short bed, did not have air bags, sway bars or any other kind of suspension add ons. The truck handled the camper fine, and experienced no sway to speak of, and didn't hinder performance at all. Again we are talking different campers, you can google the brochures of both and get measurements, the weights in brochures won't be correct but it will give you some idea, maybe a better idea than what you have now.
northshore 02/15/20 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Interior Design – Painting

When I was looking for a truck camper a couple of years ago, I looked at many many campers, of those campers there was a fair share that were advertised as remodeled. Basically they painted the interior. The reasons for the remodel im sure was varied, but none of them (as in absolutely NONE) were as nice or clean looking as the original finishings. I came to the conclusion that repainting was a whole heck of lot of work to do it right. I would rethink the idea of painting etc. and try to make your jail cell more livable in ways that don't require a complete paint job. I am sure it can be done, and as mentioned above they were talking professional interior painters, if you insist on painting Id go in with idea that painting even a truck camper is more than slapping some paint on the walls. You asked for ideas, concerns in painting the interior of your truck camper, I say don't do it.
northshore 02/15/20 01:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Your favorite features.

Larger dry bath is big plus for us. I like the relative roomy feel, and the built in generator is nice to have. All of that in my opinion comes with the price of weight and size, but I like it and enjoy every trip
northshore 02/09/20 12:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Can’t afford new air bags right now

Of all the suspension mods Ive done to my f 350 drw air bags are at the very bottom of the list, like mentioned above, I won't say I hate them, but they surely are not my favorite. My truck would handle just fine with out the air bags, and if some time if I get the time and energy Ill see how things go with out them. Of all the things Ive done with the suspension, I would say the Big Wig sway bar help the most, I believe I saw a bigger bang for my $ from the sway bar. My dually came with sway bars but the upgraded Helwig bars were more heavy duty. I would suggest if you are going to get any thing for your truck Id go with sway bars first. just my opinion Kayteg, I would be interested in what you think of your Sulastic hangers? Are they worth the money in your opinion? Do they noticeably improve the ride, softer ride when empty? when loaded? Does the truck handle different when loaded with camper?
northshore 02/08/20 07:35am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper with Built in Genset?

My 2002 Lance 1130 has a generator built in, mine is a Generac, some were outfitted with the Onan generator. Mine is very handy its got a push button to start and stop the generator from inside the camper. Neither brand generator is as quiet as a Honda, and my guess is they are not as light weight, nor efficient, meaning you would probably get longer run time from a Honda on gasoline vs the Generac on propane.With the built in generator (mine at least) runs on propane, and there is no need to bring gasoline. All that said, when this generator displays any problems, I will be seriously considering removing it and going to a Honda or Honda like generator, and changing to the latest A/C unit to be able to run on the 2000.
northshore 02/08/20 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: step solutions

Our first camper (Lance 165) had the accordion steps and for us (older) it was an accident waiting to happen. I changed those steps out for a receiver hitch carrier and made a step out of that, it worked, but just ok. I don't know why but it seems like we go in and out about a zillion times a day. Our new to us camper Lance 1130 came with the bumper/step and that is soooooo much better than any of the make shift attempts for a safe step. My suggestion is to get one of the new torqlift bumpers with step or what ever the OEM step would be appropriate
northshore 02/05/20 06:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper Renovation and Capabilities of a 2007 Tundra Double

We had a 1997 Lance 165 gave less than $2000, I put it on a 1999 f 250, I since gave it to my Grandson and his family. He uses it on a later model 1500 Dodge Pickup. He has air bags and the pick up handles it pretty good. The Tundra hauling that camper which is pretty close to the smallest I've seen around would be a stretch. When retro fitting a pop up by pulling cabinets out and replacing with aluminum, and basically removing most everything does not sound like a good plan to me, I've rarely seen this work out to be satisfactory It sounds to me like the easy solution would be to get a GM Dodge or Ford, bigger the better if you want a slide in camper, or if you want to keep your Toyota, then maybe looking at trailers, any thing from TAB, tear drop, well there are tons of smaller lighter weight easy to pull with a tundra trailers. Can you find a camper for your Tundra, im sure there is some thing out there, but if you stay in budget that gets to be harder to find, staying with a truck camper you have many boxes to tic to make it work. When I looked for a short bed camper it was hard to find, maybe out of ten campers to look at, one was for a short bed, then you gotta find one that in decent shape, out 20 camper for sale on craigslist maybe one would be what you could call "good" shape, and it goes on and on. Im sure you are much luckier than Ive been looking for campers but its a long road.
northshore 02/04/20 03:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Rear Porch

We used to have a short bed camper, and we used the hitch receiver cargo carrier, worked great as a step/cargo carrier. We stored our generator, and a variety of other items along with using it as a step. https://www.amazon.com/MaxxHaul-70108-Aluminum-Carrier-Receiver/dp/B008CE0LIC/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=receiver+hitch+cargo+carrier&qid=1580854075&sr=8-6 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41rJxpyx5gL._AC_.jpg cheap, easy to use, (get the Aluminum one ) unlimited options on what you can do with this, adding boxes, steps what ever.
northshore 02/04/20 03:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Third Brake Light?

A couple of things here; first, why I don't know for sure I would venture to guess financial. It cost money to include a 3rd brake light. Just a guess on my part. second, if being visible is in the equation, then the led conversion taillights makes sense to me. There are quite a few You tube vids on making the change over. Im thinking about this route. myself.
northshore 01/31/20 04:32pm Truck Campers
RE: 11 1/2’ TC owners wish they had a 9 1/2’

I don't want to take this thread off topic but it seems to me the darn parking spaces seem to be getting smaller and smaller. In some of them I have a hard time parking my f 150. Just seems smaller and smaller.
northshore 01/29/20 01:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Make a "Smart" RV ?

suprz, I think I get what you are wanting.... look on you tube for a guy who does many RV projects: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcxUAeQlPzZR8KLHAJL8Mrw This gentleman, in my opinion does a great (you tube) video, no loud music, gets right to the point, no dumb long intros... just good info. I have learned some good stuff from him, regarding remote controls, dimmers, electronics, and generally what I think of as high tech. He does videos on a large variety of topics so you have to pick and choose what interests you.
northshore 01/26/20 03:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Las Vegas Truck Camper Storage

Might check the Pahrump area out on Blue Diamond road. Pahrump is about an hour from Vegas. We left there about 20 years ago and it was growing like crazy so I would guess they have storage lots there. When we were there we had what they call Ranchettes they are 1 1/4 acre lots and at that time there were few to none HOA's so if you can stand an hours commute I would look there for a place to live. I think its highway 160 and was a pretty hectic drive. Depends what side of town you want to be on. when you do get settled think about getting your camper in in a under some kind of shade, the sun and heat will rough it up. We left a trailer uncovered for a summer the we were living there, it aged it pretty good. Every piece of plastic inside, sinks toilet switch covesr all turned yellow after one summer Just a couple of things to check out.
northshore 01/25/20 04:32pm Truck Campers
RE: 11 1/2’ TC owners wish they had a 9 1/2’

We had a 1997 Lance 165, it was on a short bed, it was ok if I went fishing by myself and that was the intended use. It was so light and small, my f 250 just zipped around with it on, never a sway or lumbering along, it fit every where. We bought a 2002 Lance 1130, of course no slide. Its heavy and big, but we have had no problems going where we want. Its big very big in my estimation, but the truck after mods handles it pretty good and so that is a plus at this point. I would not want one with slides or anything heavier. Like above posts we love the bathroom, If we can have a good bathroom good bed and a little room we are happy.
northshore 01/25/20 04:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing a vintage car?

Have you gotten any further in your quest for vintage car dinghy? I put the question on towing a 60's Ranchero 3 Spd to the ford forum I frequent and didn't really get very far. Its about 50-50 yes you can, no you can't. One of the things I never thought about is that with a column shift the shifter could drop into gear by the weight of the shifter??? I never heard of this but seemingly its a fairly common occurrence?? Again I never heard of this ever happening before reading it on the forum. To enter into the above discussion, all of the Rancheros Ive seen on Craigslist that would fit the bill for me have been well under $10k, Ive also checked a couple of VW bugs well below $10k. There are "vintage"= 60's cars below the $10k
northshore 01/25/20 10:17am Dinghy Towing
RE: Recommendations for quiet portable generator

Generators; what a topic. Quiet is a relative term, and it seems like other things the first question back to the OP is how much money you got? The quietest generators will cost more than most noisy generators. I will say there are many generators out there that are "Honda like" and cost much much less. For me, and my suggestion is do as much research as you can about what the reliability, warranty etc. and pick something that works for you. You want quiet then you will have to spend the money. You want something cheaper but as quiet as you can get, then the next tier would include the predator from HF champion and a ton of others, all pretty much are all in the same class. You will get as many opinions as there are people and if you read the entire thread you will see the conversations will vary. Good luck
northshore 01/20/20 07:45am Truck Campers
RE: Plastic toilet and sink cleaning?

I use the dri wash n guard classic (the greenish stuff) works good and makes things smooth and slick
northshore 01/17/20 03:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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