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RE: Las Vegas Truck Camper Storage

Might check the Pahrump area out on Blue Diamond road. Pahrump is about an hour from Vegas. We left there about 20 years ago and it was growing like crazy so I would guess they have storage lots there. When we were there we had what they call Ranchettes they are 1 1/4 acre lots and at that time there were few to none HOA's so if you can stand an hours commute I would look there for a place to live. I think its highway 160 and was a pretty hectic drive. Depends what side of town you want to be on. when you do get settled think about getting your camper in in a under some kind of shade, the sun and heat will rough it up. We left a trailer uncovered for a summer the we were living there, it aged it pretty good. Every piece of plastic inside, sinks toilet switch covesr all turned yellow after one summer Just a couple of things to check out.
northshore 01/25/20 04:32pm Truck Campers
RE: 11 1/2’ TC owners wish they had a 9 1/2’

We had a 1997 Lance 165, it was on a short bed, it was ok if I went fishing by myself and that was the intended use. It was so light and small, my f 250 just zipped around with it on, never a sway or lumbering along, it fit every where. We bought a 2002 Lance 1130, of course no slide. Its heavy and big, but we have had no problems going where we want. Its big very big in my estimation, but the truck after mods handles it pretty good and so that is a plus at this point. I would not want one with slides or anything heavier. Like above posts we love the bathroom, If we can have a good bathroom good bed and a little room we are happy.
northshore 01/25/20 04:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing a vintage car?

Have you gotten any further in your quest for vintage car dinghy? I put the question on towing a 60's Ranchero 3 Spd to the ford forum I frequent and didn't really get very far. Its about 50-50 yes you can, no you can't. One of the things I never thought about is that with a column shift the shifter could drop into gear by the weight of the shifter??? I never heard of this but seemingly its a fairly common occurrence?? Again I never heard of this ever happening before reading it on the forum. To enter into the above discussion, all of the Rancheros Ive seen on Craigslist that would fit the bill for me have been well under $10k, Ive also checked a couple of VW bugs well below $10k. There are "vintage"= 60's cars below the $10k
northshore 01/25/20 10:17am Dinghy Towing
RE: Recommendations for quiet portable generator

Generators; what a topic. Quiet is a relative term, and it seems like other things the first question back to the OP is how much money you got? The quietest generators will cost more than most noisy generators. I will say there are many generators out there that are "Honda like" and cost much much less. For me, and my suggestion is do as much research as you can about what the reliability, warranty etc. and pick something that works for you. You want quiet then you will have to spend the money. You want something cheaper but as quiet as you can get, then the next tier would include the predator from HF champion and a ton of others, all pretty much are all in the same class. You will get as many opinions as there are people and if you read the entire thread you will see the conversations will vary. Good luck
northshore 01/20/20 07:45am Truck Campers
RE: Plastic toilet and sink cleaning?

I use the dri wash n guard classic (the greenish stuff) works good and makes things smooth and slick
northshore 01/17/20 03:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mount trailer tires yourself at home?

I don't know about savings, my guess, would be about $50 to $100 a year depending on how much you do. The answer for me is that, even as an old man, busting down a tire and remounting it is not a big deal physically. Now I will say if I go in for a new set of tires I get them mounted and balanced. For the tractor, mower, golf cart or any of the trailers I mount them depending on the situation. The bottom line is mounting your own tires is something I've done for many years so its no big deal
northshore 01/16/20 09:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing a vintage car?

I have thought about an older car and was leaning toward early 60's Ranchero, based on the falcon. The ones Ive looked at have been 3spds. I haven't gotten very far with it yet, but I do know they do not make a base plate for one.
northshore 01/12/20 04:06pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Too big for a T/C ?

That an important question, and one I always check. Im 6'6" 236 I do ok in our 2002 Lance 1130, one of the most important things for us was a large bathroom with dry bath. Our dinette is fairly comfy and has enough room. Before the Lance 1130 we had a Lance 165, now that was TIGHT, but it worked and was a good camper.
northshore 01/10/20 03:48pm Truck Campers
RE: DRW back to SRW

All of this can be answered by it "depends"! Ive got a f 150, f 250, and a DRW f350, They are all older vehicles, all were at the time great deals and were purchased used. The 150 is my daily driver, it just works well for my use. The f250 is going to go, since I will be using the f350 for all my heavy towing, RV and Lance. For me the F350 just does a better job and is a better truck, I get it , its wider and in some instances a bit clumsy but when pulling my trailer or loaded with the camper it really SHINES. So for me, it depends on having a daily driver and being able to use the f350 for the heavy stuff.
northshore 12/30/19 09:06am Truck Campers
RE: TC off truck

Before our 2002 Lance 1130 we had a 1997 Lance 165, both campers were (in my opinion) too unstable to use off the truck without some support under the camper. I was not afraid of the camper toppling over front to back but side to side movement on the front jacks put stress on the jacks. EVERY time I took it off the truck I put some support under at least the front of the camper. I know just getting in and out you could see movement and stress being put on the front jacks. For me it wasn't worth it not to put some kind of support under the front to relieve the pressure on the front jacks
northshore 12/28/19 08:27am Truck Campers
RE: Any one flat towing a Ford Fiesta?

Campinghoss and Elk Traveler Thanks for the info, your posts were exactly what I was looking for, great information.
northshore 12/24/19 03:33pm Dinghy Towing
Any one flat towing a Ford Fiesta?

We have been toying with the idea of having a towed vehicle behind the camper. We have been looking at Craigs list for some thing that may be suitable, The fiesta any year seems like it would work, any experience with the fiesta?
northshore 12/21/19 07:29am Dinghy Towing
Leave it on or take it off

I have a 2006 f 350 DRW crew cab, and haul my 2002 Lance 1130 camper, the truck handles the camper good, no problems. At times we get the chance to use the camper and truck frequently and the camper stays on the truck, however we have gone months and months without using the truck and camper. We have enough room to off load the camper and keep it and the truck (separated) inside. Loading and off loading is not problem so that is not an issue. For us loaded is as good as unloaded makes no difference to us. The question; is it better for the truck and/or camper to be stored with the camper loaded in the bed of the truck or is it better for the truck to be empty while not in use, and the camper stored off the truck on a storage platform? In the past Ive just thought the truck would be better off unloaded, but its just something I made up I really do not know if it makes any difference.
northshore 12/19/19 08:40am Truck Campers
RE: Torklift fronts and Happijac rear?

I had happijacks on my old camper front and rear, when I installed the bumper buttons and put the turn buckle on them the first time, I thought that dang bumper isn't much to write home about, but I used them and never had a problem, the old camper never moved, stayed right where it was suppose to, never shifting at all. When I gave the camper to my grandson we put the buttons on his truck, never a problem. I say go for it, you can always go to the expensive torque lift ones any time you want to, or feel the need.
northshore 10/02/19 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Talk me out of my new project.

Maybe as an idea get a popup slide in camper, lighter weight, less drag = better economy, all the comforts of home. Using the appliances and other items from the lance in a sprinter van gets to be a big job maybe bigger than you might think. Fabricating and installing a 6' slide seems like a can worms waiting to be opened, not saying it can't be done but its a lot of work. I could refer you to "covet the camper" on you tube, he is only repairing his slide, not starting from scratch, it looks like a big project. taking in to account the work, expense, time, and money... and when your done you got a Sprinter
northshore 10/02/19 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Asking for advice setting up truck for tc

Ive had 2 truck campers, on 2 different trucks. First one was a Lance 165 on f 250 Did NOT need; air bags, sway bars, torque lift anything, I got happijack front mounts and on the rear had bumper buttons, with Happijack turn buckles all away around. NO problems what ever in handling, sway, squat, slid it in the bed and hooked up the turnbuckles and off i went. NO problems. Second one is a Lance 1130 on a f350 drw Needed; upgraded Helwig sway bars, got the frame mounted torque lift camper tie downs, Torque lift turnbuckles, homemade lower spring spacers upper helper spring spacers, the truck had air bags already and new shocks. The handling and sway is very manageable, I got a safe secure ride now. I won't win any road races but it handles ok. The answer to your questions is a big "it depends" check your payload available and then buy camper accordingly. You may or may not need any variety of items to help with handling for sway, load or even bounce. Depending on the camper, how it handles will dictate your first mod. if it sways, then probably sway bars, if it sags then maybe air bags, may have to supplement the handling with lower and upper helper leaf spring spacers, torquelift makes them but if you research a little you can make your own spacers and even tie downs.
northshore 09/30/19 05:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Off-Roading Tractor Trailer

You might have been following a little close, but none of us were there, you were. Videos can be a little deceiving and nothing can replace being on scene in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the video, Every one can learn some thing from this thread.
northshore 09/18/19 05:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Tow Dolly VS flat tow

Carringb Thanks for that heads up, its something I didn't think about. I'm pretty sure I'm leaning toward flat towing.
northshore 09/17/19 04:57pm Dinghy Towing
incandescent bulb works correctly LED does not

Since we had a thread on incandescent bulbs and LED. My problem is that the incandescent bulb works correctly, switches on and off just like it is suppose to. The LED is on no matter what position the switch is in, on or off the LED stays lit.
northshore 09/12/19 06:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow Dolly VS flat tow

Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate the insight on both sides of the question. Ill take to heart all the comments about all the pros and cons and will have to decide pretty soon. I do like the idea of renting a tow dolly from u haul for a trial run. Never gave that a thought until it was mentioned. Thanks
northshore 09/12/19 04:17pm Dinghy Towing
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