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RE: Air Conditioning Malfunction?

Contacted Newmar, rep informed me there's a 2-year warranty on the a/c units, so will have my tech check it out... I CAN hear the compressor come on...
obiwancanoli 07/09/19 12:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Conditioning Malfunction?

Yes, it was a 50-amp site...
obiwancanoli 07/09/19 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
Air Conditioning Malfunction?

I have a 2017 Newmar Ventana LE which, due to warranty and repair issues, has not seen weather requiring the use of my a/c system, and until this past weekend, had no need to use it. However, a camping trip to a climate where the outside temps were 100 degrees + also saw inside temps of 95, despite all efforts to cool the inside of the RV, starting at 9 am, and running all day long, and into the night. The thermostat is a 2-zone system (dual a/c units on top) which, among other modes, includes "Cool" and "Auto". Neither of these modes resulted in anything akin to a/c cooling, although the fans pushed cool-ER air through the system, just not AIR CONDITIONING cool... by comparison, I also ran the a/c system in the cockpit dash, and that works just fine... it's just not designed to cool the entire RV. I know it worked at one time, since I spent a couple nights in the rig at the time I purchased it, and the a/c system was freezing me out (I was new to the lifestyle, with my first RV, and hadn't properly set the unit). I've gone over everything I know to figure out and resolve this, and though unsuccessful, hope to do so before my next trip to a warm/hot clime. Does anyone have a thought on what I'm missing here? Or is it possible I have TWO defective a/c units?
obiwancanoli 07/08/19 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone glacier NP with no reservations

Just an FYI for those heading to Glacier NP from the East side... If you're in anything other than a van or car, or you're towing anything, be sure to check height and length restrictions. I happened to sneak in early morning when there was no one at the entry station. Had there been, I would not have been able to enter with my SUV and towing an 8X5, 6" high trailer.
obiwancanoli 06/30/19 09:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

This has all been very helpful, thanks to all for your input, especially the Informed Delivery! I wonder, is there option to open mail, review, and deal with individual pieces? Or is that better handled with an outside service such as GS, FMCA, or PA?
obiwancanoli 06/20/19 09:42am Beginning RVing
How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Hi! Well, the retirement trigger gets pulled end of the year, and so, I'm beginning to think about my RV travel plans for 2020. I'm not looking (here, anyway) for destinations, but rather, for your thoughts and ideas regarding getting started on the process. For example, what do you do first? Do you use the Good Sam Trip Planner? If so, how? Do you map out beginning, end, and mileage goals? How many miles a day to plan for, driving a Class A? Do you research your overnight stays using the GS RV book? Other software you like? On researching RV parks, what questions do you need answers to that the GS book doesn't provide? Do you have a list, i.e., too much or too little shade (satellite reception), site width (for slide-outs and SOME space between guests) where that info. isn't shown (like the GS website Trip Planner). I understand reservations are best, but would I be subject to disappointment if I simply winged it here and there? How much of a problem is this in less popular locations? This will be my first attempt at an extended road trip, and organizing an overnight stop every 300 miles or so seems to be about right, give or take. If I choose to stay a few extra days here and there, however, it renders the reservation issue somewhat moot. What's the difficult level in finding an overnight site on the fly?
obiwancanoli 06/19/19 02:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Alternative satellite option?

Thanks everyone, great info.... it also occurred to me that most parks have free cable, too, so that's another option... I mean, really... it's not about watching TV ALL the time (if at all)... it was just a question I didn't have an answer to before, that I have now... thank you again!
obiwancanoli 05/20/19 09:02am Class A Motorhomes
Alternative satellite option?

I’m curious if, in addition to a mounted satellite on top of your rig, you also have a portable unit for use when your mounted antenna can’t get a signal when obstructed by trees, etc. ? As somewhat of a newbie, not sure going to the expense is a common solution, and wanted to inquire...
obiwancanoli 05/20/19 07:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

Thanks, everyone. Right now, I'm thinking I'll keep the Edge, look for a stone guard to hang from the rear of the coach, and try to find some kind of shield to protect the car. Already have an invisible bra shielding every part of the front, and half the hood... but more is better, and less cost than most of the alternatives....
obiwancanoli 04/22/19 06:11pm Dinghy Towing
RE: What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

Over the weekend, a friend recommended I get something a little older that I wouldn't mind getting beat up... he further noted that the debris thrown up behind the rig would do considerable damage to the finish, and I admit, it seemed reasonable... is there some type of guard that could be added to the front of the tow dolly, or the Edge, that would prevent or mitigate this? Further, while I hadn't considered some sort of stone guard hanging from beneath the RV's rear, does it make sense to consider this?
obiwancanoli 04/15/19 09:09am Dinghy Towing
RE: What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

Scott, thank you for that contribution... It was a typo that had me hit the 4, and not the 5... I'd most probably be looking for a much newer model, since I'd be giving up my Edge for something else with a bit of comfort and features. Within this post, I've read that jeeps in general aren't as comfortable a ride, but your post seems to suggest a significant improvement in recent years. Remember that this would also be my only get around town vehicle, too... I've confirmed also that my owners manual states that I CAN flat-tow my Edge, and further instructs that I simply need to shift to Neutral, disconnect the Neg battery cable, and keep speed under 65. Oh, and to start the vehicle every 6 hours for 5 minutes...
obiwancanoli 04/07/19 08:24am Dinghy Towing
RE: What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

Actually, my Edge is the 3.5L FWD Auto, and I like it enough that it's the 2nd one I've purchased... I'd like to keep it, frankly, but assumed the FWD prevented me from flat-towing it... Obviously, I have some research to do, the first of which is to read my manual more thoroughly...
obiwancanoli 04/06/19 07:32am Dinghy Towing
What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29869941
obiwancanoli 04/05/19 12:53pm Towing
What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

Currently, I'm using a Tow Dolly to tow my 2017 FWD Ford Edge, but I'm inclined to want to flat tow a 4WD for ease and convenience. A Bump Shop friend suggests Jeep CJ4, and though I've never owned a Jeep of any type before, I'm now confronted with a multitude of options of which I know little about, never having had a 4WD vehicle before. I don't need a 2nd vehicle, and so, would be exchanging my Edge for something I can use as my daily transportation, while also permitting me a easier means of towing a vehicle behind my Class A. I'm open to suggestions, experiences, and any details you feel would help me in my choices for a new 4WD vehicle - thanks!
obiwancanoli 04/05/19 12:53pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Discount Camping Memberships

Not complaining, just trying to work out the economics for myself. CG's can do as they see fit, I have no issues with their policies. It's purely cost vs, benefit for me... but thanks for the tangent... bukhrn, Your PA experience is the same as ours has always been. There are so many PA CG's and are from coast to coast and our northern border to our southern border that there's no excuse for not finding one. Day limits are for protecting a participating CG from being overrun with only PA members at 50% fee but never found a PA CG yet that wouldn't extend that rule unless they were full or booked full with reservations for the following days or into a blackout period. They have to be able to have space for the reserved incoming RV'ers. Same is true for blackout dates as their CG is almost always full at these dates and with full fee paying RV'ers. Commonsense for CG owners and should be for PA RV'ers also! Simply put, renting any site at even the 50% rate is much better for their bottom line than getting nothing at all! Some RV owners seem to think they have the right to tell CG owners how to run their CG because they just want CHEAP stays. Doesn't work that way and never will! The CG owners always call the shots and have all the rights and authority to do so. Don't like it? Just stay away and you won't be missed either! Both are winners then!
obiwancanoli 11/10/18 12:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Discount Camping Memberships

Thanks, everyone, for the input and responses... it would seem it makes good sense to continue the PA membership, for in a year's time (18 months, considering their current offer), I'm sure I could find a way to use it once or twice to pay for it... Your comments are much appreciated, thank you again! MJ
obiwancanoli 11/09/18 12:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Discount Camping Memberships

Been with Passport America one year... now, renewal notice comes in offering additional 6 months free, as long as I now pay a $5 handling charge - which didn't exist when I signed up, of course... Trouble is, only used it once in the last year because most RV parks severely limit dates, number of days, and season s during which it can be used, all of which pretty much defeat the purpose of having it. Many limit stays to Mon-Thursdays, many limit the stays to off-season visits, excluding summer, and others limit stays to only 1 night, perhaps 2, and combine this restriction with others noted above. I don't find this a fair exchange, and am looking at other options, besides the Good Sam membership I have, (10% discount) and intend to keep. I'm interested in feedback as to what organizations have more accommodating memberships which are a bit more generous with their terms and benefits. Can you offer any ideas that might work better that PA? Thank you! MJ
obiwancanoli 11/08/18 10:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2017 Newmar Ventana LE Water Heater Switches

I am constantly amazed about how little people know about their $200k motor homes. When you enter into the lifestyle having had no experience with it, it is incumbent on the dealer/seller to advise and instruct, knowing full well they cannot cover every issue for lack of time (or interest). I asked a great many questions, and did much research on my own, but as with any discipline, it's difficult if not impossible to ask questions about a subject of which you already know little to nothing to begin with. In short, you don't know enough to ask the RIGHT questions... YOU were inexperienced once, yes? And if you upgraded, you no doubt had a learning curve as well, knowing as little as you accuse me of, most likely, learning as you went, and asking fewer and fewer questions. But, maybe I'm not as smart as you... Lighten up... I'll get there.
obiwancanoli 09/26/18 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2017 Newmar Ventana LE Water Heater Switches

Newmar has the best Collection of Owners Manuals that come in the Motorhome. Do you not have those owners manuals? Doug Yes, Doug, I do, but these manuals aren't as user friendly as they could be. They don't go into the nuance of actually discussing or providing directions for each operation, each button or switch, for example. Much of it is intuitive, and given this is my first RV of any kind, there is much I still have yet to learn, apparently by trial and error...
obiwancanoli 09/26/18 07:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2017 Newmar Ventana LE Water Heater Switches

Nope" that's not it
obiwancanoli 09/25/18 06:58pm Class A Motorhomes
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