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RE: Legal or safety issues carrying diesel fuel containers in RV

As long as the basement hatch is separate enough from the cabin to keep the smells out I don't see a problem. If it's connected somehow I'd worry about the stank. There are a ton of options for hanging it on the outside of your motorhome if the smell issue is a problem, off the bumper, spare tire, etc. The "stank" could be a problem. X-2 for outside. ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/14/19 01:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Bed struts

I always recommend that people look into replacing bed struts with linear actuators. The project is basically the same but you will never have to lift the bed again. I push a button on my remote and the bed goes up and down by itself. Each of my actuators has a 300 lb. rating so I can raise the bed even when there is stuff piled on it.How much does that convenience cost? I'm thinking it would have to be a lot more than a couple of simple gas struts. I always recommend adding basic details to your simple solution! Such as: Sourced from?..:@ OK! - Sounds good - (as "ryder" asks)... but what's the cost?..:h ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/08/19 07:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 77 years ago, The Doolittle Raid

I watch for new release WWII (non fiction) books. Here ya go: (Never been told before!) "Hell Above Earth", author - Stephen Frater. B-17 pilot - Werner Goering (Hermann's nephew!) Got his wings - base commander notified FBI. FBI in a quandary, what to do?? - LOTS of "What ifs". Solution - another B-17 pilot (way more hours - but was being utilized for pilot training in the states)......was recruited by the FBI, assigned as co-pilot for Werner - with secret orders: *If* aircraft was in danger of going down in enemy territory -Germany- (regardless of circumstances) - the co-pilot was to kill the pilot! Co-pilot never told Werner of "his assignment" during WWII. Werner Goering eventually flew 49 B-17 missions in the 8th Air Force. Excellent book. ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/04/19 02:12am Around the Campfire
RE: delete

.. Xln't topic.
ol Bombero-JC 05/04/19 01:48am Tech Issues
RE: F450 vs 350/3500

How about a Kenworth? There seems to be no end to the battle to pull the most weight. RVs are getting lighter not heavier. Singled HDT - pull anything you want to tow. All the whistles & bells, and (used) less than a new pickup. Register it as a MH in most states. (not with an MDT, however) BTW - my pref would be Volvo. SKPs HDT Forum .
ol Bombero-JC 05/04/19 01:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: windy

I use an Indian weather rock. From Bangladesh or New Delhi...:@ .
ol Bombero-JC 05/04/19 01:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Night stops with RV

Nevada has some wide, wide open spaces and it is relatively easy to find places to pull off the road and spend the night. Sadly for most of the country including most of the West, that is becoming more and more difficult. Even many long standing dispersed camping areas are being closed. There are just too many people and many seem inconsiderate with illegal dumping and with leaving trash and garbage in the area. I don't know where you are getting this idea that camping on public land is getting more difficult. If you think there are too many people you have not been to rural Nevada or most of the other western states. Western state - CA. OK - I'm traveling from San Diego through Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Where are those "public lands"....:h .
ol Bombero-JC 05/04/19 01:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Line capping?

I think i found it. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/sioux-chief-3-8-inch-lead-free-brass-flare-plug/1001002801?eid=PS_GOOGLE_In-Store %7C DSA %7C All Pages_All Pages_b_DYNAMIC SEARCH ADS_aud-834332768552:dsa-19959388920&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=CjwKCAjw7_rlBRBaEiwAc23rhmOx2jAx-wkitOI2noZQD1dL7GTHDTUHW7V64amVwh7_X0RN026ZJRoC4KEQAvD_BwE "Mini Pig" - now that you found the item you needed - you might work on "How to" add a link to a message!..:R It's the icon at the top that looks like goggles. :C
ol Bombero-JC 04/30/19 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: A Tip For Folks Who Are Trying To Help Others With Batteries

dbl post
ol Bombero-JC 04/30/19 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: A Tip For Folks Who Are Trying To Help Others With Batteries

"I slip on my galoshes......." MEX - maybe you better define "galoshes" for the younger generators - ....er- generation! :B
ol Bombero-JC 04/30/19 12:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Can I repack my own wheel bearings?

Nothing has changed much in 50 years. The grease is better and now we wear rubber gloves to keep the hands clean. Rest is the same. I agree every year is a bit much unless you run miles like a commercial carrier. I never wear gloves, I like grease under my fingernails.:p Just run your hands thru your hair to get the grease off.... it's just like using - "LB Butch Wax" from years ago! :C
ol Bombero-JC 04/30/19 12:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

They make battery operated devices for moving conventional trailer around like you want. Someone may one for 5th wheels. Do a search on internet. Well aware of all of 'em!..:W "Closest" to being adequate for a 10K 5th wheel (with 2K pin wt) is a Parkit 360 at $4K. (Based in Canada - no USA dealers) At $4K - Easy to see why a used forklift is a bargain. (Which is what dealers & repair facilities use). BTW - in my TT days I owned a mover. OK for paved flat ground. Not even in the ballpark for a 5th. Just hoped someone with a forklift might chime in with likes/dislikes, etc...:W ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/30/19 12:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

Keep those "HHGP&G" coming! Impossible to keep up with all the "good stuff" and ideas - so if you think it's nothing new - post it anyway. Anybody use a forklift to move (maneuver) their 5th wheel into tight parking space at their home? Or other alternatives?..:@
ol Bombero-JC 04/27/19 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: One thing you use ALL the time?

Just to go the other way... One thing I use ALL the time is my RVQ. I know folks hate them, etc.. But mine works well, does not heat the side of my RV, I never leave it unattended and like most things if used correctly is fine. Granted, it's only good for maybe 4 burgers, or 2 large steaks, so you have to know it's limitations. OH! and our walkie talkies, we DO NOT yell back and forth while backing into a campsite. But thoroughly enjoy the show when others do! :B 354 pages of "one thing you (posters) use all the time": Pretty sure "IT" falls into one of the categories in this thread title - "Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos :C
ol Bombero-JC 04/22/19 03:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is it legal to get use?

Note that OP is in Alberta,Canada...different country, different rules. Asking a legal question on an internet forum is only worth what you pay for it...dick all!! ".....dick all!!" .....:h...:( ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/22/19 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: ClimateRight 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

I think 5000 btu's is a little small. The big box stores sell 10,000-12,000 portable units for about the same money, maybe less. I picked up a used one from Craigslist (12,000 btu) about a year old for $175. Used it in a pop up and it did great. I keep one around the house and you would be supprised how many times it gets used an an emergency during the summer when a friend or relative has their central unit quit. My brother in law used it for two weeks while his CH&A was being replaced. I think they are pretty handy if you live in a really hot climate. Agree. Less $$ (for whatever the desired btu). Two hoses (to set up and take down) are a PITA. Portable units - (many brands available) - drawbacks: It's inside. You must run an exhaust (hot air) hose to the outside from a window (or?). Bonus: Use it in your "sticks and bricks" if you desire (as above). Bottom line - Tough to beat a roof top A/C. For "portables" this one is *not* a good solution. (Neither is a mini-split). ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/06/19 12:52am Tech Issues
RE: Power cord

Bury a 3" plastic pipe from rig to power post, and run power wire through it. Or - don't "bury it". ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/06/19 12:38am Tech Issues
RE: Best Sales Platform?

I decided to sell a 3 yr old 2013 Keystone in 2015/16, instead of taking a dealers trade-in hit. I listed it on Craiglist and all it attracted was lowballers, tire kickers, scammers, and a lot of low balling dealers wanting it for on their used lots. I listed in on both RV Trader and RVT........cost a nice chunk of change. IIRC $75.00 each. Never got a hit. Not one email or call in a month. I listed it on Ebay as "buy it now". and it sold in 3 days to a Gent in AR, and we're in PA. He paid me extra to haul it half way there and meet him in KY. How to eliminate the low-ballers, tire kickers, scammers, dealers, etc., etc. - on CraigsList (or any other FREE sales medium) - WITHOUT ever answering an "unwanted" phone call - or responding to emails: Place your add. Use a voice mail (only) phone number for replies. (*NOT* your home land-line, cell phone number or email). On your outgoing message, add any further description of your RV (or other item). Indicate you will only return serious calls in the order they were received. I did same for a TT (at a good price, but not necessarily a "bargain") at about midnight. On the following day, about 5PM, thought I should check to see how many calls I had. Yikes! - 95 !! - although some were repeats from folks who didn't quite understand the "program". Started making a list (of caller's numbers) - but thought I would do as I said, so called the first caller who responded about 2AM (I had posted at midnight). He arrived at my home with CASH at 9PM, from about 60 miles away. Placed new outgoing message on voice mail, that the TT had been sold. Bottom Line: Sold in less than 24 hours. I never had to take early morning, late night,or during lunch or dinner calls.. Sold an aluminum fishing boat the same way - again to the first caller. (He picked up the boat one day later - from about 10 miles away). BTW - the cost for the "message line" = $8. (per month). ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/06/19 12:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Got a deal on oil change

I let my local dealer do all my oil changes. Occasionally they send coupons. Got an e-mail offering regular oil change for $19.95, normally $39.95. Took DW’s Expedition in this morning planning to run thru the auto car wash ($11) afterward. Dealer changed the oil/filter AND washed it. So I spent $20 instead of $50. :B Also got a coupon for diesel oil change for $89.95 good for two more months. Just about right for my F350. :C After 4 oil changes I get the next one free. Need to check when that free one is coming up as I always save that for the truck. A little annoying that they always try to sell extra services. But really really easy to say no. WOW !! - DYNO-MITE...:C..:C Start of a Soap Opera / Reality Series - right here on the forums!! Be sure to start a NEW THREAD after you get the next (free) one! Pliz don't forget to describe the extra services they try to sell..:( - whether you buy or pass - in detail, of course. For the next "round" of coupons, include the ones you plan to use at the local grocery store for soda pop and cereal...:W BTW - follow the lead of the poster who tips $20 for good service (those coupons will "offset" the cost of the gratuity). Congrats on deals for your "wheels" !! Readers should be green with envy. :C..:C
ol Bombero-JC 04/05/19 11:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for Tire EXPERTS

Where is he when you need him ?? Who, you ask ?? The ultimate **TIRE EXPERT** the OP asked for....... .....so where are you - FastEagle..:@ (Golden opportunity to reappear!!) :W
ol Bombero-JC 04/05/19 10:31pm General RVing Issues
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