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RE: Connecting subwoofer to new stereo

I pulled up the manual on Amazon and you are definitely correct about the no sub option. The problem you are running into is the old Concertone XZ700 is a surround system and can output 5.1 sound (4 speakers +1 center speaker for 5 plus a sub for the point one) Your new Jensen is not a surround receiver but rather just a standard stereo output so yes you will not have a center channel. A crossover is basically a filter box. You run the speaker wires from the Jensen to the crossover. The crossover splits up the sound and sends the mid and high levels to the speakers and the low levels to the subwoofer. I did a real quick look on Amazon and found an inexpensive crossover, but you will need an adapter as well. Crossover on Amazon Adapter cable on Amazon Jensen stereo on Amazon with link to owners manual
opnspaces 05/20/19 08:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Jayco X19H Roof does not support weight of solar cells?

keeping the panel on the roof is not a weight issue but an attachment issue for wind getting underneath. Change it up and open a new ticket and ask Jayco if there are wood trusses or what is under the roof deck allowing you to walk on it. See if they will send you a diagram for where the trusses are, or you can probably figure it out by the amount of flex underfoot while you're up there. If wood trusses I would say it;s standard CYA and you can mount them.
opnspaces 05/20/19 07:53pm Tech Issues
RE: New Battery boiling

were you plugged into shore power? I would verify the battery hookup. On trailers it's usually black is positive and white is negative. I'm not sure if that holds true for motorhomes. Do you have a meter that you can use to do a continuity check between the wires you were using on the negative post and a good ground point? you should have almost no resistance with that measurement. If you are reading high resistance or even OL you are checking a positive wire. make sure you are checking the wire to ground, DO NOT put either probe on a battery terminal or you'll blow a fuse or fry the meter.
opnspaces 05/20/19 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Interstate 5 or Hwy 99 through Calif

In April this year I was on 99 from where it starts on the south end up to Merced and I had no complaints about the road. There might have been a short section (less than 5 miles) where the right lane was a little rough, but I just moved over to the left lane and it ended pretty quickly.
opnspaces 05/19/19 10:20am Roads and Routes
RE: Gauge of extension cord

I would have no problem running a 50' 10g extension cord with no AC. I wouldn't be surprised if you could run the AC with it. Buy the 10g cord and go have fun. if it's so hot that you need the AC, have someone turn it on while you watch the meter to see how low the voltage drops.
opnspaces 05/18/19 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Finding 12v wires for vent fan

It's possible your unit has an option of a powered vent in that location. I would pull down the inner trim if any and see if you can see wiring there. If no wiring you might have to get creative. Can you use a metal coat hanger to reach from the vent location over to one of the ceiling lights? If so they pull the light down and tap a wire into the light fixture and use the coat hanger to pull the wires over to the vent location. Last ditch is to use some decorative raceway from somewhere like Home Depot and run the wire up a wall and across the ceiling. Link
opnspaces 05/14/19 03:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Batteries?

KD4UPL thanks for that tip !! there are 3 caps .. so 6V is the answer !! Great, now you guys know. Here's a picture of how 6v batteries are wired in series to get the 12 volts that the trailer needs. If your husband disconnects the jumper wire between the batteries and checks the voltage on one battery only it should be reading 6 volts. But with the jumper connected, if he he measures the positive and negative that go to the trailer he should get 12 volts. https://www.etrailer.com/static/images/pics/q/u/qu60431_800.jpg height=300
opnspaces 05/12/19 11:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: First-come first-served campsites: how to keep my spot?

Would depend on the site. If it's a paid site just first come first serve the ranger\host should keep people off of evict people from your site if they move in while you're out. If it's just dispersed camping where your gear basically holds the site I would buy a $20 tent at Walmart or thrift store and set it up on the site.
opnspaces 05/12/19 01:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery Disconnect switch/charging - ON OR OFF?

Congratulations on the trailer and welcome to the forum. As Pianotuna said you basically need to have the switch on for all questions. The switch must be on for the battery to charge from shore powerSee answer above.Yes you can charge via the truck alternator if the switch is on. But really the alternator doesn't give a good charge. I would recommend your scenario 2 above. Plug the trailer in at home and let the battery charge for a few days or more.
opnspaces 05/12/19 10:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with digital thermostat.

Link to picture
opnspaces 05/11/19 09:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Batteries?

CA Traveler .. I asked him. He says they are 12V he tested them individually Easiest thing to do is count the water fill caps on each battery. Three caps is a six volt battery. Six caps is a 12 volt battery.
opnspaces 05/11/19 09:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fridge issue

I never trust the Auto switch setting on mine as it sometimes malfunctions. So anytime it switches from electric to gas I just look at the indicator lights to make sure they are on and not blinking. If they are blinking I flip the switch off and back on and it has always worked from that point. Been that way for 15 years so I'm not worrying about it.
opnspaces 05/11/19 10:36am Travel Trailers
RE: air pressure

Inflate to the Max cold setting embossed on the tire sidewall. Inflate it in the morning before you pull the dolly.
opnspaces 05/11/19 10:23am Dinghy Towing
RE: Proper Protocol for “Complimentary Roof Inspection”

Looks like they picked it apart expecting to sell you $1,300 repair. If the shop is close I would take it back and insist they fix the damage they caused. If not, then buy a $10 tube of Dicor and a Caulking gun if needed and just fill the holes and move on. You should be inspecting and repairing cracks in the caulking at least once a year if not more. I would ignore the bubbles unless they pop and expose the roof to water intrusion.
opnspaces 05/10/19 05:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: AA battery life

If you are near a Costco go buy their jumbo pack of Kirkland batteries. Made by Duracell. The go to batteries for high drain devices are Duracell and Energizer, you get what you pay for. I have had multiple failures from the Kirkland AA and AAA batteries. As in easily 10+ devices leaked in by Kirklands. I still buy at Costco but only the Duracells and I've never had a leaker since. One tip to recover from a leaked battery. Take the battery out of the device. Use a cotton swab and some white vinegar and the corrosion will melt away. The key is to use the swab to control and contain the excess vinegar so it does not run down into the device and ruin something.
opnspaces 05/10/19 11:49am Technology Corner
RE: Proper Protocol for “Complimentary Roof Inspection”

What is the proper protocol I declined the $1300 repair, took the TT home, went topside to inspect the sealant holes. It appears there are a few soft raised “bubbles” of sealant, these can be pressed down with slight pressure, but bounce back up. Is it proper procedure for an RV Service Center have a technician, as part of a “Complimentary Roof Inspection” dig into an otherwise intact soft spot of sealant, creating a hole in the sealant Thanks for any advice. Are you saying the soft spot bubbles are what they were referring to? Or did the technician make an actual hole in your sealant? If the technician made a hole and the RV is still on their lot I would insist they repair the damage they did to your RV. If the RV is back home with you I would be asking for a free tube of Dicor from them. (no I don't really think they will comply but it's worth asking) If there are no holes just some bubbles I would probably just leave it alone. If you're really concerned buy a $10 tube of Dicor and slather it on. Ultimately I would suggest you forgo the Dicor and Eternabond it. I had a leak develop in my roof which I discovered during an inspection when the rubber looked like sandpaper from mold spots underneath. If you eternabond it correctly it will probably never leak.
opnspaces 05/10/19 11:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Newby questions

I went through the same thing 15 years ago (wow I can't believe my trailer is 15 years old) and decided on a trailer for a few reasons. Probably the biggest reason was perceived maintenance and breakdown recovery. I figured if I had an engine or transmission problem on the road I could go almost anywhere to have a Chevy Suburban repaired. Fortunately I never broke down on the road, but that was the reason. Fast forward that 15 years with a divorce and kids in their teens and a MH is starting to be more desirable as you can just get in, turn the key and go. But in the end I can't remember ever camping and not getting in the Suburban to go somewhere so I'll probably stay with a trailer.
opnspaces 05/10/19 11:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Atwood hot water heater

Agreed, probably a spiderweb messing with the flame. Remember never poke into the tiny gas orifice with a pin or other sharp object or you could ruin it.
opnspaces 05/10/19 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Still battling water pump issue

Yes, they are right next to each other. Pressure switch is kind of what I'm leaning towards. Wondering if the dealer messed with the settings in a misguided diagnosis. I may just buy a pump this weekend and stop. Learning about accumulators too, even if I do get this fixed, see value in adding one. The pressure switch should be adjustable. I believe Shurflow has an hex (allen) bolt at the top of the pressure regulator. maybe give it a half or full turn one direction and see what happens. Check both a sink and the shower to see how the different pressure affects it.
opnspaces 05/09/19 09:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Still battling water pump issue

In thinking about where you said the led was flickering when the hammering was occurring. Is there a faucet close to the water pump switch? maybe try turning off the faucet and simultaneously flipping off the water pump switch. I'm thinking the flickering LED might be from the pump trying to still push water well beyond the shutoff pressure and causing the LED to blink while it's hammering.
opnspaces 05/09/19 06:02pm Tech Issues
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