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RE: New trailer (almost)

I was going to suggest you take the trailer home and camp in it until they get the new window in and it's convenient for you. But then I saw the part in the original post where you basically said you won't take it until it's fixed. The fact that you never took it off the lot might be able to work in your favor. But hopefully it doesn't get to that point. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I would call the dealer for an update on what is happening. Then call the customer service number for the manufacturer and talk to them about it. Ask them if the dealer has even ordered the part yet. Tell them you are getting frustrated and need some assistance from them to get things moving. See what they say. But truly nothing you described sounds like a show stopper and I would take the trailer and go camping.
opnspaces 09/17/19 08:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Old Trailer? suggested I post this here?

I hate to say it but you probably won't have any luck securing a manual. From your post I gather that you are already aware of this, but your best bet is to go through the entire trailer and make a list of every device by name and model number. If you can't find a name and number then take a picture and post it here and someone can probably help. Once you have your list you can start searching online or ask here and we can try to point you to resources to download the manuals.
opnspaces 09/17/19 05:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Smell and heat from rear wheel wells

Really the best idea is to take it in and have the the shop identify the source of the smell. Then you can decide if you need or want to pack the bearings.
opnspaces 09/17/19 03:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

Yes, I close the drain valve with the flush running to add a bit of water back into the tank. I've also become distracted and then the tank split all the way across the bottom. I'm not sure if it's related to pressure from the flusher, or just overall water weight that caused the split. I still close it to add water for next use. But I always stay focused now.
opnspaces 09/17/19 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: eternabond

Protection wise it's better over the trim. Aesthetics wise it's better under the trim which means you have to screw poking through the Eternabond.
opnspaces 09/17/19 09:24am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Refrigerator Outside Vents

Interesting, you can see where somebody in manufacturing started to cut the bottom out and then stopped. you have to wonder if a coworker saw it and stopped them before the cut was finished. As far as the top piece if you look close you can see it is outside of the fins and there is a gap allowing hot air to flow up behind it and cause the bubble in the space on top of the refrigerator. OP I would definitely create a new top seal that better blocked off the dead space. As far as the fin opening you should find the install manual online and see what the specs say. The manual will be very specific as to opening size and clearances from each side and back. Which brings up another question. Can someone use some self stick foil ductwork tape (no not cheap $2 duct or duck tape) to seal all the edges of the baffles to the refrigerator? Or does the refrigerator put of too much heat?
opnspaces 09/17/19 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Outside Vents

Hey jkwilson, which piece, top (finished piece of dark wood exposing gap at top of refrigerator) or bottom (splintered piece exposing fins)? OP cut out two different pieces. Are you saying he should have left both pieces alone?
opnspaces 09/16/19 11:45pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt water pump runs in bursts on hot side only

open all the hot taps including the outside shower and turn on the water pump. If it flows better look for blockage near the one that flows poorly. Did you verify that your bypass valves if any are set correctly? Is there an accumulator on the cold side of the water system?
opnspaces 09/16/19 11:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Front AC and Microwave won't work on Generator power.

Breakers can look good and still be tripped. Flip the breaker off. If there is any springy feeling in the off direction then press harder until the breaker goes fully off. Then flip it back on and start up the generator.
opnspaces 09/16/19 10:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tongue Jack Issues

Unfortunately it is common to blow the fuse like that. The other caveat is to make sure you let the jack stop moving before switching directions. I would hitch the trailer up and then figure out how to disassemble inspect and grease the jack. And most importantly, always make sure your body especially your feet are clear of the trailer when using the jack in case it fails and falls. If it falls it will come down faster than you can react, as in it will be on the ground before you even realize it failed and fell. You don't want your body parts anywhere near that impact point. No on the 40 amp fuse, but you can replace the 30 amp with a 30 amp automatically resetting circuit breaker from the auto parts store. https://www.autozone.com/electrical-and-lighting/circuit-breaker/bussmann-circuit-breaker/32372_0_0 height=400 Link
opnspaces 09/16/19 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: atwood water heater

Atwood should use a plastic plug for a drain plug. If there is an metal plug then the previous owner removed the plastic plug and converted to an electric heater element. The Atwood winterizing instructions are below. But in summary, remove the plug, flush out sediment from the bottom of tank, replace the plug. Turn off your main water supply, that is, your pump or your water hook up source.Drain your water heater inner tank. Upon doing so, you will note that, due to the location of the drain plug, approximately two quarts of water will remain in the bottom of the tank. This water contains most of the harmful corrosive particles. If while draining the unit, you note that it is flowing sporadically or trickling, instead of flowing steadily, we recommend one of two things. You should first open your relief valve to allow air into the tank and secondly, take a small gauge wire or coat hanger device and prod through the drain opening to eliminate any obstructions.After thoroughly draining the tank, you should then flush it with air pressure or fresh water. If you elect to use air pressure, it may be applied either through the inlet or outlet on the rear of the tank. It may also be applied through the relief valve part. In this case, it will be necessary to first remove the relief valve support flange. In either case, with the drain valve open, the air pressure will force the remaining water, along with the corrosive particles, out of the unit. However, if air pressure is unavailable, your unit can be flushed with fresh water. Fresh water should be pumped into the tank either with the assistance of the on-board pump or with the assistance of external water either through the inlet or outlet found on the rear or the relief valve coupling located on the front of the unit. Continue this flushing process for approximately five minutes allowing ample time for the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and thus forcing the deposits through the drain opening.Upon completion of the steps above, replace the drain plug and the pressure-temperature relief valve.After this procedure, there will be approximately two quarts of water left at the bottom of the inner tank. Should this water freeze it will not cause any splitting of the tank.
opnspaces 09/16/19 09:40am Beginning RVing
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

I was saying that my current hitch ball size is 2 5/16, so maybe a coupler adjustment? I know on 2 inch and smaller you can adjust the coupler by tightening and loosening the nut, but after thinking about it again I'm not so sure the 2-5/16 can be adjusted. I'll have to take a look during the day. I'm with Mobeewan, there is no adjustment on a 2 5/16 inch coupler. Where people are mentioning a nut pressing on a spring they are referring to a 2 inch or 1 7/8 inch coupler. Op I hate to say it, but either your coupler is damaged or the latch was not fully open when you lowered the coupler over the ball. If the latch is not fully open it's possible that the ball pushed the locking lug up and prevented the coupler from fulling sliding down and latching under the ball. If this happens then the trailer will look coupled, but if you look harder you will notice it's riding higher than normal. About the only way you can check for sure is to use a mirror or get down and look under the coupler when hitched and make sure the latch is under the ball in the back. Weight distribution bars would have most likely prevented a disconnect, but that's really neither hear nor there at this point. I would hitch it up and use the tongue jack to lift the tongue and back of the truck (use a block of wood if you need a more height) to make sure it stays latched and then just chalk it up to experience.
opnspaces 09/16/19 09:12am Beginning RVing
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

If you do find that you have the wrong ball, make sure that the one you buy has a heavy enough rating. My trailer weights around 6,000 on a heavy day and my ball is rated for 10,000. As far as the weight distribution bars, they might have prevented the detach.In the end this might have been a blessing in disguise as there was no real damage and nobody was hurt. edit: I see you already have a 2 5/16 ball. I wonder if you somehow accidentally closed the latch before the ball was up inside it. It would look closed, but obviously it would just pop off on a bump.
opnspaces 09/15/19 08:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: I got the shakes

Probably too late now, but I would have insisted on first a complete rebalance of the tires and then 6 new or different tires as a test long before I started spending money on other replacement parts. If as you say your shake started as soon as the new tires went on then then it stands to reason that the tires are the cause. Hopefully you and the shop have some kind of good working relationship. Ask them to hold on to a set of appropriately sized tires removed from another coach and give you a call. Take the coach down and swap tires and go for a drive. Or have them replace one tire and swap it to all different tire positions on the coach with a test drive between swaps. This test isn't as accurate since you could have more than one tire problem, but it is a start.
opnspaces 09/15/19 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black tank line

Flushable wipes should never even go in your stick and brick toilet, let alone in your RV toilet. In over 15 years owning my trailer I have only once ever had something spill out when I open the cap. I'm pretty sure somebody on the storage lot pulled the handle as a joke on all the stored RV's. Other than that the drain pipe is always dry when I remove the cap. I would say if you have more than a few teaspoons full of liquid drain out then you have a valve leak. Next time you dump flush the tank a few times while rapidly cycling the handles to try to dislodge the paper stuck in the groove. If that fails you can either replace the gate valves or add an additional valve at the cap. Replacement gate valve Twist on valve
opnspaces 09/15/19 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Danger from charging golf cart inside toy hauler??

Not on a charger, but I did have a battery explode in my Toyota Camry when I turned the key to start. I unfortunately don't remember what happened to the battery as far as if only the caps blew off. But I do remember the whole car shuddering when it went off. Fortunately this happened in my driveway so I was able to quickly douse the engine compartment with copious amounts of fresh water from the garden hose and prevent any acid damage. As far as charging in your TH; An RV is far from airtight and I can't imagine any appreciable buildup of hydrogen. With an automatic maintainer I would probably let my batteries charge. But I would also shy away from the $4.99 Harbor Freight tenders as I've had a couple of those fail on me. One stopped charging and the other was overcharging at something like 16 volts.
opnspaces 09/15/19 11:55am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Generators

I should come up with a snappy response to all of that negativity and self back patting. ....or come up with an explanation as to why the OP constantly has to clean his carb when nobody else is having the same problem. Well not no one. I have to clean my EU2000i carburetor at least a few times every year. Yes I know why it happens and yes I know how to prevent it. It's purely because it sits in the garage for long periods of time before it goes out again. It just seems like I always think I'll go camping soon, and then life gets in the way and next thing I know the idle is loping again at idle. I really don't mind cleaning it all that much, it only takes maybe 15 minutes from start to finish and makes me think about camping.
opnspaces 09/14/19 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: TT storage out of state of residence

Are you asking about storage facilities or insurance policies?
opnspaces 09/14/19 04:30pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: Looking for clear air? Here is a useful smoke map

That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing it.
opnspaces 09/14/19 04:29pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Graphics Vinyl Stickers Decals

Many people recommend 303 protectant for vinyl. You could also see if the factory offers the option of painted graphics instead of the vinyl. Link
opnspaces 09/13/19 06:22pm General RVing Issues
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