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RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I've been following your project for a long time. I have to say I get a kick out of the ingenuity and sheer determination you have in order to address weird problems or construct one off tools. I am curious though how far along you are on your rebuild. Any chance you can post a few pictures of the full coach inside and out?
opnspaces 02/03/23 08:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Full roof replacement

This is a recreational vehicle forum (motorhomes and camping trailers and such). I think you want a forum for home improvements. Roofing prices for a regular stick and brick home can range all over the place depending on where you are located. You location says United Kingdom so I have no ideas about roofing prices where you live. Here in the United States I am in Southern California and had my roof replaced last year. I have asphalt singles and to fully strip and replace the shingles on my 1400 sq ft (130 sqm) cost me around $16,000 USD) so to me the prices you are being quoted are way out of line. Good luck on you roof.
opnspaces 02/03/23 08:12am General RVing Issues
RE: BAL Accu-Slide maxed out on adjustment

The only thing I can say is before removing chain links I would try putting a 2" thick stack of washers under each adjustment nut. If it all works then you can remove the washers and cut the chain. If no change you can remove the washers no harm no foul.
opnspaces 02/01/23 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: Norcold N611 acting odd, affected by interior coach lights

Actually three different posts said to check for the voltage at the refrigerator. And the reply below by Settler shows they get it that they need to test, but are not sure how to test. Okay, this is going to make me sound like I've got no business trying to self-diagnose this, but I'm not 100% clear where to put the leads on my multi-meter to test the voltage coming into the refrigerator terminal block, but I'm going to do some googling and see if I can figure it out. (I did check the 5amp fuse for the reefer in the main fuse box.) I believe that where I need to test is outside the coach in the reefer panel where the power comes into the control board. And to your point that the clicking might in fact be the gas igniter, I am just not clear what that sounds like. Agreed on the year make and model of the coach. I went through the manuals from Chris Bryant. But it looks like there are three different boards in the N600 series of refrigerators so I held off on saying where to put the leads.
opnspaces 01/30/23 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold N611 acting odd, affected by interior coach lights

does the ticking occur in series of three? Then pause for about 5 to 10 seconds then tick three times again? If so that is probably your igniter trying to light the flame. Try this. Get a helper. Then on the front of the front panel of the refrigerator turn it off. Go outside and with the access cover open look and listen inside the back of the refrigerator cabinet. Have your helper turn the refrigerator back on. Is the ticking coming from the back of the refrigerator?
opnspaces 01/29/23 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Norcold N611 acting odd, affected by interior coach lights

Definitely get a meter and check that the the coach and refrigerator are getting a full 12.7+ voltage
opnspaces 01/28/23 06:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Need some help troublshooting this issue

Send a picture of the front of the multimeter too.
opnspaces 01/26/23 09:01pm Truck Campers
RE: New (to us) 2500 Suburban

Nice looking Suburban. I didn't even know they made a 2500 that recently. I thought they stopped around 2006
opnspaces 01/26/23 04:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: yet another door look bites the dust

Can you sneak in a right angle screw driver? Harbor Freight
opnspaces 01/26/23 04:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Need some help troublshooting this issue

I'm guessing a fuse somewhere. Do you have a meter? If you pull the panel out is there 12v on one side of the water pump switch? If so does the 12v jump to the other side when you turn the switch on? Are you able to get a picture of the back of the panel?
opnspaces 01/26/23 04:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Have low beams on when high beams engaged? Relay?

Consider a Double Pole Single Throw (DPST) relay for the high beams. Then you hook the headlight high switch to activate the relay and both high and low beams are controlled. Picture #2 on the amazon link shows the wiring. But basically I would wire it like below. steering wheel headlight switch high beam 0 is 12v + 1 is ground 6 is 12v+ to low beam bulb 7 is left open 8 is 12v+ from battery 2 is 12v+ to high beam headlight 4 is 12v + from battery 3 is open Amazon The picture below is the relay for high beam only. The top light bulb is the low beam bulb and the bottom light bulb is high beam bulb. The dual relay just turns them both on at the same time. I did not show the low beam only relay as it sounds like you already have that one figured out. But to be sure, the low beams would just be a separate relay (not pictured) off the headlight switch. https://i.imgur.com/HSgD9LTl.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image.
opnspaces 01/26/23 02:42pm Tech Issues
RE: RV insurance claim - flood

Back to replying to myself….lol. OP you don’t see it but I see it clearly with my in-laws. While they are still doin their thing just fine. Keeping up the house, traveling, both drive still, a couple of once very intelligent management level folks are now befuddled by things like cell phone contracts. It happens. But they also absolutely refuse to let any of their 3 kids know any of their financial and “business”(like insurance and stuff) information. Nor are they willing to even discuss. And they’re on the cusp of being very vulnerable financially from all fronts. And it’s not that there are any issues with trust specifically with any of their kids. They’re hanging on to their “independence” and little things are beginning to bite them because they don’t possess the ability to be as well informed as they used to. It’s a tough position to be in as those who care for them, as one big mistake and they are sitting with nothing left because they were either taken advantage of (both legally or illegally) or they are gonna make an I’ll informed decision. Saw it happen with my mom too and she was only in her late 60s. I am the responsible child and my sister has a plethora of mental and addiction problems. Mom wouldn’t confide in me because she “knew what she was doing” and I mopped up the mess with what was left after my sister stole all her retirement… If any of this hits home with the OP or anyone, no need to thank me. You can call me a pos for hypothetically calling you out if you want. I don’t care. But if it makes you think and helps prompt you to get some help understanding…whatever, I’m glad and that’s why I wrote all this. Grit I have to say I do agree with you on all said. I too am seeing some of what you are are talking about with my mother. It's easy to see and recognize a reduction of physical abilities. But it's a lot harder to realize or accept that they are not as young mentally as they used to be.
opnspaces 01/24/23 02:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fifth Wheel toppers

^^ Why?
opnspaces 01/24/23 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Flickering Lights and Battery Charging fuse

I would check your frame ground or maybe run a temporary ground from the battery to the charge/controller. As far as your question on why the voltage drops under load. I would guess one of two answers. 1) Resistance. If there is high resistance you can get normal voltages unloaded. When using a digital meter it takes next to nothing to read 12 volts on an unloaded circuit.Think a single strand of wire the diameter of a human hair will read 12 volts with a digital meter. 2) Your load center might be failing and not passing the current necessary while under load. Maybe try tapping into the socket holding a bulb that dims. Then when the bulb gets dim check and see if you have the same voltage at the bulb as you have at the charge controller. Last thing. Pay attention to battery voltage or charger voltage. Remember 12.6 volts and 12.3 volts are vastly different. So when plugged in you should get the same voltage or voltage within a tenth of a volt at the battery, at the controller and at the light bulb.
opnspaces 01/17/23 06:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold Smoked Cheese

Just curious does the smoke flavor permeate all the way through the cheese? Or is it just on the surface and a few millimeters into the cheese itself leaving the center untouched?
opnspaces 01/17/23 04:35pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Need Dometic Door Awning Help

I've never had such a system. But from experience whenever something suddenly goes awry and the adjustment screws do exactly what you're describing. It's time to take a step back, take a breath and figure out what is actually going wrong to cause the adjustments to wander so much. Something is loose or a mounting point is rotting and not secured or ??? Take a careful look at it while in operation and you'll hopefully spot what is wrong that's causing this.
opnspaces 01/16/23 03:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Wholesalers - reviews/opinions wanted

I remember a few years ago RV Wholesalers were coming up on many posts and people on here were very positive about buying from them. Then as happens in Forums the posts about them just dried up and went away. I will say I can't remember any posts that were negative about the buying experience.
opnspaces 01/16/23 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

Make sure they are specifying an Equal-i-zer and not any other hitch that they are calling Equalizer. the fact that you spelled it out seems you've already checked that but you want to be sure. Make sure it's a 4 point sway control Equal-i-zer and not the less expensive 2 point sway control. Yes they can be a bit noisy. Make sure the bottom and top of the sway bar sockets are greased. This is not the inside of the socket where the bar actually goes but the exterior top and bottom of the square tubes the bars slide into. $300 for install doesn't found too far off.
opnspaces 01/13/23 10:57am Towing
RE: cleaning roof and floor vents

My personal opinion and nothing else. There are may people making a good living by selling you unnecessary services. Air duct cleaning falls into this category to me. If your floor ducts look anything like mine I can see some dirt that has fallen in. And yes it should probably be cleaned out. But I doubt they will be able to do a better job than I can with my lowly shop vac.
opnspaces 01/09/23 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: My fault

To me a season is October to April then the trailer gets put away for the summer. So I have to claim seasons as 2021-2022 or currently 2022-2023. So far this season I have about 7 weekends under my belt having just returned yesterday. How many more trips I take this year may largely be influenced by work stresses and in generally dealing with my close fiends of the opposite gender. When things act up I tend to go camping for the weekends. When things are smooth I tend to stay in town.
opnspaces 01/09/23 04:16pm General RVing Issues
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