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RE: Hand crank help

As above, use a hammer and small punch to push the pin through one way or the other. Grab it with some pliers (I like to use diagonal cutters for good grip) and pry it out. Take the pin to your local home improvement store and get a new split pin (aka roll pin) from the drawers in the nuts and bolts aisle. Take the pin home and check the length against the crank handle. Carefully file or grind the pin to length, leaving it a bit long if possible. Use a hammer to tap the pin into the shaft.
opnspaces 08/03/21 11:03am Folding Trailers
RE: 6 or 12 That is the question

If they dry camp a lot and need the batteries then the 6 volts are the way to go. They are a true deep cycle battery that can withstand deeper draws on their reserves and not get damaged. But the downside as ktmrfs states is the 6 volts have a high resistance. So for normal loads like lights and television and water pump and charging laptops etc they are fine. But if you try to run the microwave through an inverter they will not be able to keep up with the current draw. If they mostly have electrical hookups when camping then they should go with 12 volts as they are cheaper and don't really get drawn down between campsites.
opnspaces 08/03/21 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about lowering unhitched 2 wheel travel trailer

is it safe to lower the travel trailer once unhitched? My main concern is: is there a bunch of weight being supported by the hitch bar being propped up on the cinder block for the truck clearance? Will lowering it cause damage? Yes it is completely safe to raise and lower your trailer tongue by using the tongue jack. No lowering the jack will not cause damage. Raising and lowering the tongue is what the jack is there for. There is a difference between a cinder block and something solid like a concrete paver stone. A Cinder block is hollow and extremely fragile. A concrete paver stone is solid and stronger. I would still use a block of wood over a solid concrete block.
opnspaces 08/01/21 09:33am Travel Trailers
RE: parking on a slight driveway

If you have a refrigerator with a compressor it won't care or be damaged. If you have a standard Propane/Electric absorption refrigerator it needs to be fairly level when it's running. If the refrigerator is off then it does not need to be level. The post above about being level for the slides and draining the water for winterizing makes sense to me. I would make sure it was level before doing either if those things. Aside from the absorption refrigerator or the other two mentions above your trailer can be stored off level with no damage.
opnspaces 07/26/21 09:32am Travel Trailers
RE: fender skirts ABS?

Shave a few shavings off and drop it in Acetone. If it melts it's ABS or will at least react to ABS glues.
opnspaces 07/26/21 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: Breaks and 12V system

On a long downhill it's not going to be fun. A braking system holds only one maybe two pumps on the brakes in reserve when the engine quits. After those two pumps you're down to non assisted braking. As stated above you might need both feet on the pedal at that point, but the brakes will still work. I have no idea if it would work. But if the engine quits you might try shifting the automatic transmission down to a lower gear. Worst case nothing happens as the transmission is freewheeling. Best case is you get some engine compression braking to help with keeping everything under control.
opnspaces 07/25/21 10:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sit rep on “new” camper after first trip.

What were you using for the 12 volt chargers? I use these which are hard wired into the battery bank. Link Yes they are more expensive than other USB ports out there. But they were the only non illuminated ones I could find. I tapped into an overhead light to provide power so the circuit was already fused. A link to my post about the plugs. Link
opnspaces 07/25/21 09:50am Toy Haulers
RE: RV Hot Skin (Exterior electrification)

Just to be clear this is the outlet tester that is being suggested above. And at nine dollars for a two pack at Home Depot you can put one in the RV and keep one at home. https://i.imgur.com/cxDxlXT.jpg?2 height=300
opnspaces 07/21/21 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: power issue

As above check the power source. A GFCI will not reset if there is no power to it. It also will not reset if there is a true short or if it's faulty. But if there is no AC in the entire rig then your problem is further upstream from the GFCI. Check at the main breaker in the RV. Check for damage to the shore power cord. Check for power where the cord is plugged into the house.
opnspaces 07/17/21 10:52am Tech Issues
RE: peculiar brake situation with Prodigy P3

The problem is definitely in the trailer. You're controller didn't just decide to fail between the time you dropped off and picked up the trailer. Hopefully though the problem didn't now damage your Prodigy. What I would do, but then I always do things a bit differently than most. Disconnect one wheel at a time and carefully do a test pull to see if the problem goes away. If the problem does go away then take it back and tell them which wheel seems to be causing a problem.
opnspaces 07/17/21 09:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Carpet on ceilings.....

Unfortunately you can't just glue new fabric up to the old fabric. If you try it will last for a short while and then start falling down. The old must be removed. Then the surface needs to be sanded down to create a good bonding surface. Then you can have someone spray some nasty smelling glue up onto the surface and press new headliner material into the glue. If done right you'll get about another 20 years out of the new headliner. Or you can strip it all off and sand it smooth. Then paint it with a few coats of exterior rated acrylic paint.
opnspaces 07/06/21 12:20pm Truck Campers
RE: A leak at the drain valve

Is it leaking out from the coroplast? Or is it leaking from the dup outlet. Either way you're going to have to pull the coroplast down to see where it's leaking or to effect a repair. If you're far enough along to have the coroplast down, then pay the extra $10 to replace the entire valve.
opnspaces 07/06/21 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any Apple gurus?

Since you have the password will it let you do an end run and change the security questions to new ones?
opnspaces 07/06/21 11:45am Technology Corner
RE: is replacing hub seals a big job?

Super easy, Figure about 30 seconds total time per seal. Take a small screw driver and pop the old seal out. Push the new seal in with your thumb and it's done.
opnspaces 07/06/21 11:41am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Armoured extension cord

The best method is to dig a trench across the driveway and use wire rated for conduit. The cheapest, easiest and faster method is as Mr_andyj states but I would go a bit cheaper. You need an extension cordEnough pieces of 1x2x10 foot pine (about $2.50 a piece) at HD) to span the drivewaySome long gutter nails from HD to spike the pine to the driveway to keep it from slidingSome kind of tapeSome kind of caulking Lay the pieces of 1x2 flat across the driveway. Drill at least three holes for the spikes in each piece but do not spike it yet. Now roll the 1x2 up on edge so the narrow edge is up. Use the caulking to glue the cord to the narrow edge of the board every foot or so. Use the tape to hold the cord in place overnight while the caulking dries. Peel the tape and roll the boards back down flat and spike to the driveway.
opnspaces 07/02/21 09:49am Tech Issues
RE: 12 v water pump possessed?

it's right at the hose connection. If you have water available try hooking up and turning on the hose to open and hopefully seat the valve
opnspaces 06/13/21 09:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stuck Caliper Piston

94-D2 beat me too it. I always use an old brake pad to both center the pistons as well as protect them from damage.
opnspaces 06/12/21 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tee Moulding

It's best to just replace with new molding. Amazon
opnspaces 06/07/21 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Firepit Restrictions - West Coast

Initially I did not agree with Rhagfo but after thinking about it further I now agree. Back in 2003 the Cedar fire raged through San Diego and destroyed houses in my neighborhood. With the winds driving that fire the sparks were jumping fire lines and landing a mile away to start new fires. So a firepit in a parking lot can have a leaf, a plastic grocery bag or a newspaper blow through the flame on it's way to start a fire.
opnspaces 06/05/21 11:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: how long to lower temps When living quarters at 100

Measure the air temp at the return side of the unit versus the output side. If the return temp is say 95, and the output side is 75ish then the units are doing all they can do.At 75 it will take forever. Mine's 55, constantly. I measured it. What he's saying is that at the best of times the temperature difference between the incoming air and the treated air is 20 degrees F. So if the incoming air is 95 the air back out is 75. As the RV starts to cool down the air cools. So incoming air at 90 conditioned air is 70.
opnspaces 06/05/21 10:30am Tech Issues
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