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RE: Fleetwood E2 "Toy Hauler Deck Replacement"

Can you see what if any supports are under the decking? a 1x6 doesn't sound very sturdy unless there are a bunch of cross supports underneath. Also remember that no matter what wood you use you'll have to put a sealant on every cut edge. Pressure treating is typically only a surface treatment.
opnspaces 07/22/19 10:45am Folding Trailers
RE: Floor damage - water rot - What can I do!

What year is the trailer? Is it the Jayco 1206 in your profile? Are you able to crawl under it and see the damage and possibly any kind of structural members near it? If the bottom is covered with a fabric I would try to determine if there is any wet insulation between the fabric and the floor. If there is you're going to have to cut the fabric and get the wet stuff out to stop the rot. I'll bet it's not that hard to repair. But do you have a place to store it and work on it? A garage would be ideal, but at the very least you want to be able to cover it when you're not working on it. Probably the hardest part of the whole project is going to be documenting disassembly and storing all the nuts bolts and screws in well labeled zip-loc baggies so you are able to put it back together when you are done repairing.
opnspaces 07/22/19 10:22am Folding Trailers
RE: Loss of Transmission fluid

Hopefully it is still under some kind of drivetrain warranty. If it is then definitely get it looked at before it hits 60,000. Can you verify it's coming out of the bell housing? Of could it be coming out of the dipstick tube and running down to the transmission?
opnspaces 07/21/19 03:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake Issues & Tire Issues

The story of the cupping causing a failure in the rear is BS. Unfortunately as you know now, the vibration was the tire separating. Had you stopped and inspected you might have caught it before it popped. But truthfully being an inner tire it's also very probable you would not have seen it even if you did stop to look. As to the brakes, yeah the shop is not at fault on this one. But take heart, it might just be glazing on the rotors. 20 years ago I would never recommend the following and instead want straight to turning (machining) the front rotors, but experience has taught me otherwise. Ask the shop if they will pull each rotor and use some sandpaper or a 3m buffer wheel to knock the glazing off the front and back of the rotors then reassemble. If you are mechanically inclined you can do it yourself. Wait for the brakes to coolRemove one front wheel at a time with the coach on a suitable safety standTake some 150 or 220 grit sand paper and hand sand diagonally across the rotor in two different directionsSand until you have knocked all the shiny offNext sand the inside of the rotor (you might have to remove the caliper to access this side)Reassemble everything, torque to specs and test drive.
opnspaces 07/21/19 03:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stuff in your storage compartment?

I would make sure you have hammer hatchet Channellok (slip joint) type pliers #2 square drive (Roberson) bit. Many RV's use these screws that look like a Philips until you look close and they are actually a square drive. Lighter or torch or matches Wine and bottle openers Electrical tape Floor mat or carpet for under the awning
opnspaces 07/20/19 04:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Please Help 03, Bigfoot 25B25RQ

At the very least see if the floor feels spongy as that could indicate a leak.
opnspaces 07/20/19 04:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: A/C died in NY at 95 degrees......what brand to buy?

If you are able to climb on the roof then go up and remove the top of the air conditioner. Then take a garden hose and clean off everything (the coils, the fan blades, drain pan, drain holes) Then close it back up. Next go into the RV with a step stool and open the interior of the AC unit. It might just swing open, or you might have to pull off the knobs and remove the screws from the corners to open it. Clean any filters you find. If the filter is foam you can use a bucket of soapy water to clean it out. Use a flashlight and look up into the AC unit and clean off any fan blades using a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. Let the filter dry out and then reinstall it and put the AC back together. Last thing. If you are having freezing problems do not run the unit on low speed. Instead only run the fan on high to help keep the coils from freezing over.
opnspaces 07/20/19 11:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Renting out your RV nightmares.

roadtrek_in_DC, If you can describe or post pictures of the "damaged" tank we might be able to give a better suggestion. If you tank is made out of black ABS plastic take a look at the Plastimend web site. The stuff isn't cheap, but I can tell you from experience that it works and it works well. I did something stupid to my black tank and put a three inch slit into it. Plastimend and some fiberglass (only use fiberglass not aluminum screen) window screening sealed the tank. The patch basically melts itself into the tank and then dries and makes the tank whole again. If the repair shop isn't sure if the tank is ABS have them scrape some shavings off the outside of the tank and drop the shavings into acetone. If the shavings melt the plastimend should work. Plastimend
opnspaces 07/20/19 11:21am General RVing Issues

I've had excellent with AAA (Southern California)all the times I used it except once. Even when my teenager locked his keys in the car on a trip to Arizona. He didn't have his card and is on his mom's policy, but after a phone call or two it was all handled. The one not so good experience I really am on the fence about if AAA should have done better. Same teenager again locked keys in the car, but this time he also did not have his wallet with him. So he would not be able to provide ID or the AAA card. AAA said they would not help. Being a teenager he and his friends pulled the window frame open enough to use a coat hanger to unlock the door.
opnspaces 07/19/19 10:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Renting out your RV nightmares.

wonder if your repair guy is just not all that motivated to finding a repair tank. I would ask what the damage is. If it's not affecting the drain hole then remove the tank and have it plastic welded. Or they can measure the existing tank, and find a replacement the same size or fairly close to put in. they might have to modify or build a new tank support. But I would think a competent shop should be able to handle that. Here's the first two hits I got off a search. Plasti-Mart.com PlasticWaterTanks.com
opnspaces 07/19/19 09:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Problems with TL forum

It's a glitch and has been happening for a while now. I switched from rv.net to trailerlife.com and it worked for a while. Now the Trailerlife portal seems to be having the same problems. One tip if you are using a windows laptop or PC. When the error pops up press the F5 key on your keyboard to reload the page.
opnspaces 07/19/19 08:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trojan T-105 Storage

Be careful ordering this model from Amazon. I did a search for the model number 12117TC and I found what looked like the same minder for the same price. But in reality it was 12117 not 12117TC and therefore no temperature compensation. I could only find the 12117TC for sale on the Northern Tool website. In fact when I went to the manufacturers website Batteryminders.com the model is not on the website for purchase. But when I typed 12117TC into the search box it shows up as exclusive for Northern Tools. Battery Minder on sale at Northern Tools https://www.northerntool.com/images/product/2000x2000/167/167981_1_2000x2000.jpg height=300
opnspaces 07/19/19 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: sway bar question

Hi KNDB welcome to the forum. You'll get various responses to your question here with some saying no sway control and some saying yes to sway control. By and large though the majority will say yes to sway control even with the Anti sway feature of the Ford. The theory is that the add on sway control dampens and stops sway before it happens. While the Ford system only comes into play after the sway has started. My personal opinion it add the sway control. If for some unfortunate reason you wind up with sway; then the Ford system will hopefully come into play and stop it.
opnspaces 07/19/19 07:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: High mile gas engine trucks

About 1900,000 on my Suburban before the transmission started whining and shifting funny. It's currently parked, though I'll probably just put a reman in it and keep going.
opnspaces 07/19/19 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel bearings

You've received some good advice but I'll give a bit more. After you pull it apart get a rag or paper towels and wipe the grease out of the hub and off the bearings. Now inspect the bearings for wear, my guess is they will be fine unless the axles were submerged in water for a while. All bearings will have a number stamped on them that you can use to buy new ones if needed. replace bearings as a pair. (both outer and inner at the same time) Replace the races with the bearings, They wear together, do not replace only half of a set. Most grease seals do not have an identification number on them. A decent trailer supply store can measure the seals with a caliper and sell replacements. When finished document all the part numbers used for the future.
opnspaces 07/18/19 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Back up lights

I have had back-up lights on every trailer I've owned since the late 60's. You don't point them straight back but angled off to the side. For the last 20+ yrs I've also added extra bu lights to my trucks. The aftermarket lights are much better at illuminating a wide area For lights that are truly on the back, try aiming them in an X. You still get the center of the space lit up, but you also get a wider pattern to the sides.
opnspaces 07/18/19 03:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure

“”You, DON'T account for heat. The engineers have already done that. You always set them cold. If they are at correct pressure, the heat buildup is normal. Now, if one gets low that will create excess heat that can raise the pressure to the point of a blowout. Mark”” I do not agree. The manufacturer list the MAX pressure on their side wall. Granted they usually say cold, but anyone who thinks they engineered all road temperature conditions, I have a bridge across the Grand Canyon I’ll sell you. Set to 80 PSI then drive through Yuma on a 120 degree day, bad idea. I’ve aired to 80 PSI then hit the road and observed 86 PSI, which I’m good with, but where I live the temperature (and more importantly) the asphalt gets so hot it starts to melt. You can’t just air to max (cold) and take off, because you need to compensate for the time of year and where you are heading. It's not usually cold, it's always cold. I've never seen a tire that did not specify PSI cold. That being said my Suburban specifies 55 psi for comfort and for 80 PSI when towing. I just air them to 70 PSI as I'm not hitting max cargo weight anyway and I don't worry about hot roads as I know there is plenty or room to grow pressure wise.
opnspaces 07/18/19 02:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator / Invertor

Is the 3500 significantly quieter than the 2000 model?
opnspaces 07/18/19 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

If you have ever been up by a fence for a military installation the signs state "deadly force authorized" to repel any trespassers. And with all the terrorist activity going on more basses are considering trespassing as a terrorist activity. A recent example happened several months ago in Corpus Christi at the Navel Air Station. A man in a stolen vehicle ran the main gate and was shot and killed before he made it to the other open gate. Seriously? You're trying to lump trespassing by a bunch of people probably walking across a mile or more of desert with a guy who rammed his car through a security gate? Okay you win, the military is going to open fire the second someone steps across the line, just because they can.
opnspaces 07/17/19 06:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

This dang invade area51 facebook thing. We are heading out around Labor Day and Rachel,NV. is on our list. I will be a touch peeved if this thing really happens. If it does happen, there will be a lot of dead morons on the property..... Please tell me you don't really believe that there will be a mass shooting by the military even if it does happen. I know people who were interested in area 51 and drove out to see what they could see. The MP's know you are coming long before you get there and the facilities are miles from the borders of the base. If anybody actually does show up they will get arrested and that will be the end of it.
opnspaces 07/17/19 12:02pm Around the Campfire
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