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RE: 2 12v batteries---Mallard TT help

I have run a charge wire from the front of my 1996 Suburban to the rear. The wire was already there from the factory, I just had to hook it up. And I have checked many times and it does recharge the batteries from 50% charge to full in the two hours it takes me to drive home from the desert. Hopefully you have a multimeter and know how to check voltage with it. If not I would probably go to Harbor Freight or Walmart and buy a cheap meter. If you have a meter but don't know how to use it try to give us a name and model number and we can look it up and tell you how. First step is to use the meter to measure the voltage at the battery and write it down. This is important because you can't check the charge voltage at the rear plug if you don't know what your checking against. Next check voltage between the 12 volt power blade and ground blade of the 7 pin trailer connector on the Suburban and see if there is power there. If you find power there, is that power within .2 volts of the battery voltage? If yes, great. If no, not so great. https://i.imgur.com/uYxuzWLl.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. If no voltage it's possible that everything is hooked up and you just have a blown fuse. Try look under the hood on the drivers side by the brake booster of the Suburban. You are looking for a fuse and relay box. Inside that box you are looking for the AUX A or AUX B posts and fuses. See if you can find a wire hooked to one of these posts that goes down and back toward the rear of the Suburban. If so make sure that there is a corresponding fuse plugged in and that the fuse is not blown (ie post AUX A needs an AUX A fuse). If no fuse or a blown fuse put a new fuse in it's place. Now check for battery again at the rear of the Suburban. https://i.imgur.com/DI4FT9el.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. If you can't find a the wire in the relay box, you'll have to hook up a charge wire to one of these posts to charge the trailer while in tow. GM should have left a small wire harness with two disconnected wires behind this box that are for trailer charge and trailer brakes. The challenge is finding those two wires. If you are lucky you can just look for and spot the wires, they will be folded over and taped to keep the ends clean. On my 1996 the wires are a blue wire and an orange wire. If you can't find them try looking under the dashboard at the trailer brake controller. There should be a wire (probably blue but not always) that goes froward from the brake controller. Try to follow that wire to where it comes out under the hood. Hopefully it goes into the small harness with the second wire. If you find the second wire you can put a crimp on ring terminal on it and connect it to either Aux A or Aux B, it doesn't matter which you choose. Next make sure that there is a fuse plugged in to the slot that matches the post Aux A or Aux B that you hooked the wire to. Once the wire is connected you have to find the other end near the trailer plug in the rear of the Suburban. Try tracing all the wires coming off the back of to connector, the wire will be there. Once you find the other end of the wire you can connect it to the trailer plug connector. Now check again or battery voltage at the rear of the Suburban. If you now have voltage and it's within .2 volts of the battery voltage it's time to move forward. plug the trailer in to the Suburban and then measure battery voltage at the trailer and write it down. Now start the Suburban and let it idle. Check the battery voltage on the Suburban and the battery voltage on the trailer. If the two battery voltages are within .2 volts of each other and are at least 13.5 volts then you are good to go. If the Suburban battery voltage jumps to 13.5 or more but the trailer battery still displays 12.x volts, then check for a blown fuse on the wore from the battery positive post to the 7 way plug.
opnspaces 11/29/19 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: dumping tanks

Dump at home. I Extended the sewer cleanout many years ago to be close to the curb so it's easy.
opnspaces 11/28/19 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Union Pacific Big Boy

Am I correct that it just finished the route? There doesn't seem to be a website that lists the completed dates and times of the various stops so I'm kind of inferring that it's finished.
opnspaces 11/28/19 06:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Routing Solar Wiring from Roof to Pass Through Storage

Unfortunately I'm going to bet your front wall is the same Styrofoam as the rear making it impossible to just push a wire through. What gauge wiring are you running down the wall? Can you hide it on the surface behind some white or tan channeling? Link It looks like you have cabinets on either side of the trailer that comes down most of the front wall. And I'm assuming there's a night stand table feature under the cabinets leaving a gap between the two of about maybe 18 inches. I would take the voltage drop hit and extend the wire over to the drivers side front corner and come down inside the cabinet. Then it's only a short run of visually exposed channel under the cabinet to the night stand and then across to the batteries. I'll bet after a week you wont even notice the channeling unless you actively remind yourself it's there and look at it. You could even put something in front of the exposed channel like a framed picture of the family or a vase of silk flowers velcroed down so it doesn't move during travel.
opnspaces 11/28/19 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Home Theater Receiver Replacement w/ surround Speakers

I can't answer the question since my rig is a 2005. But I'm curious what is happening when you say yours is giving up? On mine the DVD player stops ejecting, it's a common problem as the drawer is moved by a rubber belt and not a gear. I found an o-ring replacement that works and have to replace it from time to time. If the electronics are failing there is a small niche market of people who repair old stereo gear. I was looking for a subwoofer cone fix and yelp was popping up a few guys that repair electronics. You might try looking in your area.
opnspaces 11/27/19 01:22am Technology Corner
RE: November camping Dos Picos county park

Thanks Aftermath. I was thinking about contacting Bear creek about it. I was going to go the whole replacement route, but in reality the middle section and windows are really the only problems. Did you replacements have compatible zippers? My trailer has some really old school heavy duty metal zippers.
opnspaces 11/26/19 11:50am Folding Trailers
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

Wow that's ingenious. I would have had the kids eat just cheese sandwiches and dealt with the complaints. I never would have thought to try mayo. But I guarantee you I will try it now.
opnspaces 11/26/19 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Extender Gas Cans

If the Honda 2000 is sitting in the truck bed and the external fuel tank is on the ground, is the Honda fuel pump capable of raising the fuel that far? Bill Don’t know the answer specifically, but considering the OEsetup is essentially gravity feed with a presumably very small vacuum diaphragm fuel pump, pulling 3-4’ vertical head does not seem too likely. Icbw. But I bet you could plumb in a tee to a boat tank that sits at the same level that would work. Might have to valve off both intake lines for switching use ? On that same thought, do you guys have to make sure to fill the remote hose with fuel when hooking up? Or is it good enough to just hook up the extended tank and the pump will start the flow? Assume the extended tank is sitting on the ground at the same level and about 2 feet away from the generator.
opnspaces 11/26/19 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Extender Gas Cans

The extender kits usually use a standard outboard motor fuel tank. If you are concerned that the fuel line is too close to the running generator, simply disconnect and move away to fill it. If you do it quickly there will not be enough vacuum to shut it down. An alternative is to have two tanks and swap them out, they have quick disconnects. I've never had a remote tank, but it seems to me you don't even need to move quickly to refill one. Unhook the hose from the remote tank and carry it away from the running generator. You have at a minimum a few hours to refill the remote tank before the internal tank runs out. Once you fill the remote tank carry it back over and connect the hose again. The onboard pump will pull a vacuum and refill the onboard tank. Obviously the faster you refill and connect the tank the better,. But I'll bet it takes a good 10 minutes to even burn up the small bit of fuel that is sitting in the generator filler neck.
opnspaces 11/26/19 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Extender Gas Cans

The Honda EU2000i has a small fuel pump and can suck the fuel out of an external tank. In order to do so you will need to modify your existing fuel cap or buy one already modified. The basic premise is you remove the vent from the center of the cap and replace it with a barbed fitting. Then put a fuel safe hose on the barbed fitting and run it over to your extended run tank. As far as refueling while the generator is on, well that's up to you with how you hook to the extended tank and possibly how far away the tank is from the generator. there are replacement caps available on Amazon. But the reviews aren't all that good. I like this youtube video as it shows how to use your existing cap and also includes all the parts in the description. Link
opnspaces 11/25/19 04:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question about moving fifth wheel

4X4ord is suggesting leaving the slides out because of the thick carpet. If it was my trailer and the ground was really level I would try it. As long as you ease the trailer gently into motion I would think it will work without damage. Maybe a 4x4 in low range and let it idle back then put it in neutral and let it coast to a stop.
opnspaces 11/25/19 10:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

This has always affected me. I love camping, I would go full time if I could. But I always have trouble packing. It's almost 9:30 am and I'm waiting for the kids to get out of school around 3. So far the extent of my prep is on Tuesday I put the sleeping bags in the popup and closed it all up before it rained. I haven't even considered food or shopping and no clothes are packed. Yes I'll get it done, but for some reason I always hate getting ready for the trip. Does this happen to any of you? Is this the only activity or task that your procrastination has an effect on, or do you have trouble motivating yourself to do other tasks or chores too? Yes, some people are less motivated and less proactive than others. I'm sure you're not alone in this. But since you appear to be indirectly asking for either confirmation that your behavior is justifiable or help to figure out your lack of motivation, you at least recognize there is an issue. Good luck resolving it, for sure. Thanks Grit, I appreciate the kind words. No it's not all things in life, just something that comes up for camping. So I was curious if others were in the same boat. We had a great trip and I posted a picture up in the Folding Trailers section. Here's a link, though the forum has such little traffic it really won't be hard to find. :) Link
opnspaces 11/24/19 06:43pm General RVing Issues
November camping Dos Picos county park

Just got home from a great weekend camping at a local park. The days were warm and the nights were chilly in the low 50's high 40's. As the trailer canvas is 33 years old I was instructing the kids on how to connect it to the door without ripping it. Well as you might guess the old canvas finally gave up and ripped vertically almost the entire length. Fortunately I had a roll of duct tape to at least close the gap while the kids were chiding me with comments like "Oh, is that how you do it dad?" :) There was a memorable event last night when the raccoons came into camp looking for free handouts. I watched in amusement as one was drawn to the peach cobbler cooking in the dutch oven. You could almost see the gears turning in it's head as it tried to figure out how to get to that yummy smell without getting burned. Eventually I shooed it away before it got bold enough to actually touch it and get injured. https://i.imgur.com/1udDI9Z.jpg height=480
opnspaces 11/24/19 06:30pm Folding Trailers
RE: what kind of batteries do i have?

No real implications, at least probably nothing you'll notice. They should give you a longer service life. But like all things in life that is entirely dependent on how well you maintain them. If you abuse them by letting them sit discharged, only partially charged, or let them run out of water, they won't be any better than 12 volt batteries. If not abused they will last longer in an off shore power scenario. They will also survive more discharge/recharge cycles before needing replacement than a 12 volt battery. As far as your trailer dolly, there is probably no real noticeable difference between 6 volt or 12 colt batteries.
opnspaces 11/24/19 04:23pm Beginning RVing
Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

This has always affected me. I love camping, I would go full time if I could. But I always have trouble packing. It's almost 9:30 am and I'm waiting for the kids to get out of school around 3. So far the extent of my prep is on Tuesday I put the sleeping bags in the popup and closed it all up before it rained. I haven't even considered food or shopping and no clothes are packed. Yes I'll get it done, but for some reason I always hate getting ready for the trip. Does this happen to any of you?
opnspaces 11/22/19 10:24am General RVing Issues
RE: traveling during US Thanksgiving

Travel Thanksgiving day around 3-5 pm and there will be almost nobody on the road as everybody will be in the midst of gorging themselves on food.
opnspaces 11/22/19 10:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Dexter Axle Electric Brakes

To answer your question, the brakes only adjust when the wheels are turning and you step on the brake pedal. But if the linings are severely out of adjustment it can take many stops to adjust them out. In your case I would also suggest having the drums pulled and the brakes and wiring inspected and then the brakes manually adjusted.
opnspaces 11/22/19 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

Seriously you'll be fine even running the air conditioner. Just be aware that you can't run two high wattage devices at the same time. High wattage devices: MicrowaveAir conditionerWater heater on electric You probably won't be using the AC so that just leaves two devices to be aware of. If your water heater is on electric then turn the switch off before you use the microwave. Other than that just don't worry about the electric uses and have a good time. @0 amps is plenty of power for your coach.
opnspaces 11/21/19 10:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone gone on a Cruise?

I've been on a few cruises but only on Carnival. Yes it is a younger crowd and I usually call it a booze cruise. But it's not by any means out of control drunk. There are a lot of families, but I like it because it's got a good mix of all ages just like any city. I did a 7 day western Caribbean (Jamaica, Cozumel and Grand Cayman) and I had a lot of fun. then again I was only 29 at the time and had an $800 bar bill by the time the cruise was back in port, be careful it can add up fast. If the line offers an unlimited drink option on something you normally drink it's probably a good idea to buy it. On my last cruise they had an unlimited soda pop card for $25 that I bought and gave to my kids to share. If they had an alcohol card I would have bought that one as well. I've dine both the assigned table and times for meals option and the no assigned table or times option. The assigned table is nice in that you always have the same people at the table so you get to make some new friends. The no time or table is nice because it's just like walking into a restaurant and sitting at a private table. I now prefer the open seating arrangement. I know more than you asked, but I love cruising.
opnspaces 11/21/19 10:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can I limit my search to a particular thread

Thanks, I knew there had to be a way. Both methods provide results, just in different ways. But at least now I can figure out what I already posted.
opnspaces 11/21/19 04:07pm Forum Posting Help and Support
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