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RE: Backup Camera Replacement - AWESOME Help

This backup camera (~$110) has some great reviews on Amazon (78% 5-star, 2% 1-star). It's wireless and uses a license plate mounted camera. If your backup lights (a good power source for the camera) are close to the license plate that could make it a very easy install.
otrfun 07/30/20 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Timbrens vs Stableloads

We used Timbrens on our '16 Ram 3500 SRW (SRW has no upper overloads) for a short while. They work well to reduce sag, as long as you take the time to optimize the spacing between the Timbren and axle housing. Too much space reduces their effectiveness, too little space harshens the unloaded ride. Unfortunately, our camper is heavier on one side, so we replaced the Timbrens with airbags. We found airbags good for sag (plus each side is independently adjustable); however, once they're inflated above 25-30 psi they tend to get "mushy" with reduced side-to-side stability with a 3-4k in-bed camper on-board. Decided to try a set of lower Torklift stable-loads (stainless steel versions). They helped with sag, plus they increased stability because they mount more outboard then the airbags. We've found airbags (at 15-20 psi) and lower stable-loads are a great combination--providing reduced sag and improved overall stability.
otrfun 07/26/20 10:09am Truck Campers
RE: Walt Disney/Universal since Covid re-opening

Tough call by Disney to open-up in the midst of Florida's outbreak. Disney's focus is primarily kids. Got to wonder how many kids have the discipline to not touch their face during an entire day of boarding rides and entering/departing various venues? No doubt Disney disinfects as much as possible during the course of a day, but it's still a calculated risk for the kids, and their family.
otrfun 07/24/20 07:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Replacing PD 9145A

Turns out my 9145 didn't go bad as I thought - but I was reading about the charge wizard. I don't think mine has one assuming it would be wired or plugged in somewhere? If so, I see nothing external to the device itself. Is this something worth buying separate if I do end up keeping the 9145 converter? Seems it was an option with this device, yes?Older PD4145's don't have a Charge Wizard connector. Newer PD4145's (last 2-3 years??) have a brown, Charge Wizard connector located near the large toroidal coil.
otrfun 07/24/20 06:55am Tech Issues
RE: Easystart functionality built into RV AC units?

. . . I guess my question is, why are RV AC manufactures not including easystart/software capabilities directly into the unit? Or, are there actually units out there that does this and I can’t find them? It would seem like this would be a no brainier especially with the RV power limitation?If you're referring to a Micro-Air Easy Start (MAES), RV a/c manufacturers probably don't make them standard equipment because they cost $250-$300 each. As much as they would like to manufacture (and install) a MAES themselves (in-house), they cannot because the MAES is a patented device. However, some RV TT/camper manufacturers do offer it as an option. A MAES's primary purpose in life is to make an RV a/c unit easier to start with a smaller generator (by reducing the a/c's LRA). A MAES serves no useful purpose if you're powering your RV a/c with a properly functioning, dedicated, commercially powered =>15a circuit (i.e., shore power) or a larger generator. FYI: the MAES only functions when the compressor starts, for less than second. After that it ceases to function until the compressor starts again. The MAES has *no* effect on (and will not reduce) the continuous current draw of an RV a/c.
otrfun 07/20/20 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: dodge 3500 frame

OP's truck is a 2009 Ram 3500. Ram made major changes to the 3500 frame in 2013 (2500 got similar changes in 2014). Have to wonder if the frame rail area around the rear seat (location of OP's problem) were strengthened/modified in 2013.
otrfun 07/20/20 09:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: For those of you towing with a one ton crew cab 6.5' box

What are the maxlengths you are towing? We are making the jump from a 37' bumper to bumper TT to a 5th wheel. We towed the TT with a Ford Excursion and traveled all throughout the midwest and CO, AZ, and other western states with no problems . . . thanks in advance for your replies.5th wheels are inherently more stable towing than a TT because all the pin/tongue weight is placed directly over the rear axle. As long as you're within your truck's payload/tow capacity ratings, I believe you're going to find towing most any 5th wheel with any late model HD diesel truck is going to be a step-up in stability vs. towing the 37' bumper-pull TT with the Excursion.
otrfun 07/18/20 10:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Price - Northern Lite

Hi - I am in the process of purchasing a new truck camper. I am trying to understand how much "discount" from MSRP you normally see on new Northern Lite camper's. I have found it a bit harder to tell on these TC's than other RV's I have purchased. I also recognize this is an usual time so I may not see the same discount as normal. So bottom line my question is - what is a fair price off MSRP to pay for a Northern Lite truck camper? Pre-COVID and now? I appreciate any input. Thanks!Based on posts we've seen on several NL user forums lately, current availability is low and discounts limited. A year or so ago (we shopped nationwide), getting anything close to 10% off MSRP (NL MSRP, not dealer version and not including freight) was difficult, but doable. It might be worth a drive (from WY) to give Apache Campers in Portland a call. No sales tax, much lower freight charges (closer to factory), very competitive pricing, plus great customer support.
otrfun 07/18/20 06:51am Truck Campers
RE: Powermax 75 amp converter/charger

Have you cleared up the 13 amp mystery? BTW, if not fitted now, the wires from the 75 amper should be #4 or you can choke off some amps. I saw that with a 55 amper that did 55 amps with #8 but did 60 amps with #4. Most converters can do a little better than their ratings given a chance.No but I am using about 6’ of #8 which is the smallest recommended in the instructions so that could be part of it.Agree, could be part of your problem. 6 ft. of 8 ga wiring to support 75a is certainly not ideal. Northern Lite used 18 ft of 10 gauge wire between the converter and batteries in our camper and it dropped the max charge current of our 45a PD converter down to 18a (bulk mode with 2 GC2 6v batteries discharged to 12.15v). Installed 4/0 and 2/0 cable as part of our 2000w inverter installation. We now get the max rated charge current of 45a with the batteries discharged to 12.2v.
otrfun 07/16/20 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: 2020 Ram 3500 OEM Rear Air Suspension

Ram 2500 Air Ram 3500 AirIDK, I would almost bet that the air systems are the same. Five link with air bags and a mono leaf set up with airbags.... I also thought the air ride on the 3500 was to help with comfort as well? Honestly I wouldn't want the air system to carry a tall truck camper, the sway would be horrible.If Ram had put the air bags on their 3500 factory air suspension directly above the leaf springs (more outboard), I probably would have gone with that option. Unfortunately, they're located in the same location as an aftermarket air bag---just inboard of the leaf springs. You're going to have the same propensity for sway as you would with aftermarket airbags---especially when they're highly pressurized. Not particularly a problem while towing a TT or 5r, but certainly an issue (like you mentioned) with a tall, top heavy in-bed camper.
otrfun 07/13/20 05:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ram 3500 OEM Rear Air Suspension

Ram 2500 Air Ram 3500 Air
otrfun 07/13/20 09:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3M 5200 Marine Sealant et al

I used 3-M UV 4000 marine sealant on compartment doors and horizontal seam on our Bigfoot. I believe Bigfoot and Northern Lite use this product at the factory.Northern Lite used 3M 4000 UV exclusively on the exterior clam-shell seam and around all the compartment door frames of our 2019 8-11. After 18 months the 3M 4000 UV has remained completely pliable, and white, with no dis-coloration whatsoever. Some Dicor on the roof has already lost some pliability and started discoloring.
otrfun 07/13/20 06:46am Truck Campers
RE: Rain water in my basement. 2003 Bigfoot 2500

Water can take some strange, very frustrating paths. Doesn't take much for a leak originating in the side or roof area to run down *behind* an interior wall and collect in the basement area. Might require removing a panel or two to get to the bottom of things.
otrfun 07/13/20 06:32am Truck Campers
RE: Dometic RM2607 Refrigerator problem

We've discovered (like the OP) ambient conditions can significantly change the amount of time it takes these fridges to do their initial cool-downs. We've seen our Dometic DM 2663 cool down to 40F within 4-5 hours with ambient temps below 75, and as long as 12-16 hours with ambient temps above 100. FWIW, our 18-month old DM2663 3-way fridge cools equally well on propane, 120vac, and 12vdc. It reaches 190C deg (375F) flue temps using all 3 power sources.
otrfun 07/13/20 06:20am Truck Campers

Hands-down a DRW is mechanically more capable than a SRW. No contest. However, some folks (and you may or may not be one of them) put a lot of emphasis on the all around capability of a given heavy duty truck. If a DRW was truly a win-win in terms of mechanical capability and all around practicality, no one would ever purchase an SRW. However, that's not the case, and why SRW's, in spite of being mechanically less capable, outsell DRW's by a significant margin.
otrfun 07/11/20 08:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L

Pretty remarkable that Nissan is still doing well with the Frontier. No sheet metal or drivetrain changes since 2005 and it still sells reasonably well. We put 130k on a 6-speed manual 2007 Frontier with the 4.0l V6. Good truck (except for the cam tensioners). Outside of a few changes to the grill and interior, the 2020 Tundra is the same truck that came off the assembly line in 2007. Sales may be a bit low, but Toyota more than makes up for that in reduced R&D costs.
otrfun 07/11/20 06:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ram is awsome!

'16 Ram 3500 Cummins SRW with 54k (purchased new). Dream-meter has always read optimistically about 5-10%. Last fillup we hand calculated at 19.0 mpg (70 mph freeway driving empty). Dream-meter said 20.3 mpg. Got 11 mpg pulling a 12k 5r. Get 12-13 mpg hauling an almost 4k in-bed camper at 65 mph. Amazingly, if we slow down to 55 mph (w/camper), mpg's jump up to 14-15! All hand calculated.
otrfun 07/11/20 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: DEF how old is too old?

DEF's shelf life varies by temperature: <50 deg, ~36 mo. 50-77 deg, ~18 mo. 78-86 deg, ~12 mo. 87-95 ~6 mo. 96-104 ~2 mo. If you live in southern AZ probably should refill with limited amounts of DEF unless you drive a lot.
otrfun 07/08/20 08:29am Tow Vehicles
2020 Ram 3500 OEM Rear Air Suspension

Quote from ramtrucks.com ref the 2020 Ram 3500 rear air suspension: " . . . automatically adapting to shifting loads and changes in road camber, in addition to providing a parallel hitch between truck and trailer." Ram has had an optional rear air suspension for a number of years. Is this camber feature new for 2019-2020? Wonder if it has the ability to automatically compensate for an in-bed truck camper that is heavier on one side?
otrfun 07/08/20 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Insurance Coverage facts wanted:

There is no black & white, absolute answer to your question. Every country/state/province applies their laws differently. A good or bad lawyer can dramatically change the outcome of any legal proceeding. Emotionally charged juries have been known to make verdicts that go against the rule of law. With that being said, I'd suggest reading the "exclusions" in your auto policy. Unless there's an exclusion for the general scenario you're concerned about, then odds are very high they'll provide coverage. Some food for thought. If insurance companies refused to pay claims simply because someone was "negligent" (drunk, speeding, overloaded, etc.) what would be the purpose of having insurance in the first place? Common sense says the purpose of insurance is to financially protect us when we're negligent. Odds are very high that they'll do just that. However, there are no absolutes.
otrfun 07/07/20 10:21am Truck Campers
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