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RE: Help Me Understand

The GM trucks have a process to cut the field current in the alternator so they don't charge when the battery is full up and there is no other loads. This improves fleet fuel economy ratings. Nothing wrong. There was a tech bulletin on this.
owenssailor 03/08/20 10:40pm Tech Issues
RE: internet

We use Tracfone sims in our Samsung phones. Pay as you go. We also use a Straighttalk hotspot Also pay as you go. This has worked well NOTE Hotspot name has been corrected
owenssailor 02/20/20 10:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Best Fuel Preservative for Pure Gas ???

I use regular gas with ethanol in all my gas engines. Every can gets some type of fuel stabilizer. All the engines run fine after sitting for 6 months. My John Deere lawn tractor manual specifies to put a stabili zer in the fuel always.
owenssailor 12/14/19 10:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery

Wet cell batteries full charged with no load are fine in the cold all winter. Been doing that for 40+ years with the batteries in my boat. In Ont Canada it does get cold. Never had a problem. They discharge very little in cold weather.
owenssailor 11/17/19 06:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery storage

I'm in Ontario where it gets cold. For the last 40 years I fully charge the 2 batteries in our boat and ensure no loads on them. For my Miata and John Deere tractor the same thing - fully charge and take off battery cables. I leave them in Nov and come back in April. Batteries are all still mostly fully charged. Batteries with no load on them are fine in cold weather over the whole winter
owenssailor 11/07/19 08:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Difficulty Reducing Tongue Weight

I have experience towing a trailer with heavy tongue weight with a 1/2 ton. I can't fell transports coming up from behind let alone get any push. Heavy gusty winds I can fell some. I have towed this trailer about 70 000 miles over the lastst 7 years fro cost to coast to coast. The trailer is 28 ft cabin 31 ft overall with scaled weight of 6800 lb. Tongue is 1300lb. Tires are endurance inflated to 60 PSI Hitch is Equal-i-er 1400/14000. The trailer sits 1 inch down at the front. The current truck is a 2017 Silverado 1500 5.3 3:42 8 spd with 1960 lb payload. The tires are P-metric with rears inflated to max of 44 PSI and fronts at 40. Hooked up the front fenders are back to empty height. I had earlier towed that trailer with a 2012 Silverado with same setting. I didn't have the same payload but the towing experience on the road was the same. Based on my experience I suggest: inflate rear truck tires to max with fronts a few PSI less inflate trailer tires to at least 60PSI Get a 1400/14000 hitch. You can get some money back by selling your current on Ebay Double check that the trailer is not nose high I would not try to reduce tongue weight by putting a bunch of weight at the rear of the trailer. That can give you bad polar moments if any sway event were to occur. Actually tongue weight is your friend. A lightly loaded tongue is very bad news. I have towed a couple of flat deck trailers with very light tongues. extremely unstable I hope this helps Good luck
owenssailor 11/02/19 11:17pm Towing
RE: 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

My 2017 Silverado 1500 has a payload rating of 1980 lb. Our 31 ft trailer loaded for winter travel weighs 6700 lb. The truck handles that with no problems at all. with the equal-i-zer hitch we do not get bothered by transports passing on freeways. With the 8 spd tranny the 5.3 V8 has enough power everywhere we have travelled which includes the atlantic coast along the Gulf and over to the Pacific at San Diego. The truck was oedered to tow the trailer an does what it is supposed to do.
owenssailor 10/22/19 09:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ideas for a truck to pull 6500lb trailer?

My trailer weighs 6700 lb loaded for travel. I first towed it with a 2012 Silverado 5.3 6spd 3:42. That worked fine. Now I have a 2017 Silverado 5.3 8spd 3:42. This engine has 40 more HP than the 2012. It handles the trailer with ease. We go about 10 000 miles a year all across the continent.
owenssailor 09/28/19 08:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: When to Shut the Fridge Off

The specs are for haw far the fridge can be off level. The fridge is about 2 feet deep. My trailer is 8 feet wide. So to have the fridge off level by 3 inches the trailer would have to be off level side to side by 12 inches. That is a Lot! Front to back it is even more extreme. If the fridge is 2 feet across the front our 30 foot trailer would have to be off level by 80 inches. If you are comfortable in the RV the fridge should be fine. We have ours on for the 4 months we travel with the exception of going onto a ferry.
owenssailor 09/08/19 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

We are with Rogers in Canada. They have a roam like home plan but I find it is too expensive for long term travel to the US. We have our phones suspended in Canada with a small fee to hold the numbers. We then insert a US sim card into our phones in the US. We use Tracfone which is available at Walmart. You phone must be unlocked to be able to do this. By law in Canada all cell providers must unlock your phone at no charge. I suggest that you contact Rogers to verify that your phones are unlocked. With Tracfone you add time for either talk or data as needed. You buy the cards at Walmart or you can add time online. We have found that coverage is excellent. We have used Tracfone from the Northeast of the US to the bottom of Florida and across the Gulf to San Diego and LA. It has been fine in just about every spot including areas out in the desert boondocking. If you have questions please PM me.
owenssailor 09/08/19 10:08pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: front hitch

I have had front hitches on 3 Chevs for carrying bikes. I think my current one is a Curt. They simply bolt on - no cutting required. Our first bike rack had the bikes hanging from the frames. A pain. The bikes swung and bounced even with lots of bungies. Now we have a Swagman where the bike tires sit in rings and a clamp slides down onto the bike frame. It works great. Our setup is low enough that headlights are not a problem. Overheating has also not been an issue
owenssailor 07/30/19 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Maximum length for 1500

Your 2017 should tow that trailer fine. Ours does. As for braking - remember that the trailer has brakes. Look at a transport. The tractor does not have the braking power to stop the whole load. Going up long steep grades your engine will rev. That is no problem. It won't hurt anything. Those small blocks are used in lots of power boats where working rpm is 4000 plus. If you have P-metric tires on the truck air them to max PSI from the sidewall. Be sure to get a good hitch with built in sway control and set it up correctly/ Have fun
owenssailor 07/28/19 08:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maximum length for 1500

Your 2017 should tow that trailer fine. Ours does. As for braking - remember that the trailer has brakes. Look at a transport. The tractor does not have the braking power to stop the whole load. Going up long steep grades your engine will rev. That is no problem. It won't hurt anything. Those small blocks are used in lots of power boats where working rpm is 4000 plus. If you have P-metric tires on the truck air them to max PSI from the sidewall. Be sure to get a good hitch with built in sway control and set it up correctly/ Have fun
owenssailor 07/28/19 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maximum length for 1500

We have towed our trailer across the lower US across the mountains to San Diego several times both with the 2012 6 spd and the 2017 8 spd. Both trucks had no problem going up the long climbs but the 8 spd is definitely nicer. Our trailer is around 6800 lb loaded for winter travels. The cabin is 28 ft. We don't have any issues with sway or push from transports or wind gusts. I like the Equal-i-zer hitch for this combination. We travel around 8 000 miles per winter
owenssailor 07/28/19 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Maximum length for 1500

What year Silverado do you have. That can make a big difference.Older ones had 295 HO or 315 HP with either 4spd or 6 spd trannys. My 2017 has 355 HP and the 8 spd. It tows our 31 ft with no problems It also has payload of 1940 lb so it can handle the tongue weight fine. Our 2012 with the 6 spd was OK but the engine ended up at higher revs on long 6% grades.
owenssailor 07/26/19 08:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: circle tour around lake huron

When are you travelling? That affects what attractions are open. As you come up Hwy 21 from Sarnia you will see many large windmills. Ont. does not have any coal plants. Some electricity is from the windmills. Near Bayfield there is a replic Durch windmill. North of Kincardine is Bruce Power, the largest operating Nuclear Generating plant in the world. There are tours July and Aug. There aree a number of Lighthouse open fr tours during the summer. Point Clark , South of Kincardine is a stone Imperial tower. In the town of Kincardine the lighouse is right beside the marina. It has a marine museum and is open for tours to the top Jul and Aug. (I am biased since I'm involved with running this one.) Chantry Island light is reached by a short tour boat ride. If you continue up the Bruce Peninsula you reach Tobermory. There are a variety of tour boat operations there including glassbottom tour boats that travel over ols shipwrecks and also tours to Flowerpot Island to see the ancient flowerpot formations. From Tobermory you take the ferry to Manitoulin Island which is the largest fresh water island in the world. There are several small towns to explore. To get off the island you go across an old swing bridge to get back to the mainland. It opens once an hour to let marine traffic through. And then on to the Soo. Any questions you can PM me.
owenssailor 07/14/19 09:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: Adjusting Weight Distribution Hitch

With the Equal-i-Zer brand hitch I have found it important to have the bars riding flat on the L brackets on the trailer. It cuts the noise down a lot. After using it for a little bit you can double check that by the shiny areas on the L brackets.
owenssailor 07/09/19 08:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

Yes, a "free country" as long as you abide by the rules and regulations, and restrictions. However, having traveled much of this world, there is NO other country where I'd rather live. :) I totally agree about the USA being the best place om earth to live. I wish I could live in the US, and become a citizen, but I can't, I'm Canadian, and the immigration rules are much harder for me at my age and without a skill set that would qualify me to emigrate to your country on a "merit basis". Except that I'm financially independent and would be zero burden on any of the US social safety nets. I just happen to live in a country where the regulations and ideology gets way out of whack most of the time. Very few of my countrymen think there's anything wrong with it, but they don't understand the meaning of personal freedom, like you do. As an example, they think single payer healthcare is great, until it's "wait your turn time" and you really needed something of a critical nature, yesterday. The taxes up here are punitive to say the least and now we've got carbon taxes all over the place, that do nothing to benefit anyone or anything but the government. It really puzzles me that the US has an immigration system that lets people from some of the poorest places on the planet enter and stay as long as they want, but I'm prevented from doing the same because I live next door. Crazy, eh?:R I am one of the majority of Canadians that think our single payer health care system is terrific. We spend about 1/2 per capita on healthcare than the US does. We don't have people going bankrupt because they got sick. everyone I know that had a serious medical condition was treated in a timely fashion by excellent medial staff. Ans - we live in a small town 90 miles from a major hospital. Air ambulance can be a lifesaver.
owenssailor 06/18/19 08:49pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

I like clean air and water and the regulations that used to prohibit those who would plunder and pollute for their own greedy purposes from doing as they please. When the last tree is cut down and the last bit of drinkable water is poisoned and there's nowhere for your children and grandchildren to visit that hasn't been destroyed with industrialization you'll have nothing left to do but eat your petroleum and fossil fuel. Capitalism works best for everyone only when it's well regulated. Unregulated capitalism made the USA the greatest country the planet has ever seen. Don't mess with it, if you want your decendents to have the same opportunities to prosper. Don't worry about the environment too much, until you're ready to enforce it everywhere, because as you blow your brains out trying to save your little portion of the planet, the rest of the world is polluting and destroying their parts of it just as quickly. We share the oceans and the atmosphere with the rest of the world, and if they keep on ruining it, what chance do we have to fix it? Canadians and Americans put out more pollution per capita than other countries
owenssailor 06/18/19 08:26pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Attaching screws to aluminum floor joists

electrolitic corrosion happens between dissimmilar metals. Maybe use aluminum pop rivets instead? If it is a dry location corrosion should not be a problem. On our boat there are Stainless screws into the aluminum masts. They get wet and then dry. They have been there for 56 years and are still all fine.
owenssailor 06/05/19 08:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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