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RE: Diesel Brothers

What would the air in our cities be like if everyone who wanted to deleted the emission controls from their vehicles? What you and the other sheeple are failing to see is that everyone who want's to do that already is....maybe there's a few afraid of Johnny law who aren't due to that, but from a personal and recreational light vehicles standpoint, it's already happening or happened 99%. The biggest issue here is people who are butt hurt that someone dare "break the law". Any law. Even chit that some of the nut jobs on this forum perceive as laws even though they aren't. Absolute juvenile behavior by the whole lot of you. Both sides of the argument. You’ve ruined a decent web forum with your petty bickering back and forth trying to justify your position. You have to be right and anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot. None of you can can accept not getting in the last word. Feel better??? Got his mojo back...
p220sigman 04/08/20 02:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bye-bye Tom Brady

I'm not a big NFL fan, but I do watch the Bucs on occasion. It will be interesting since their offensive line seems pretty porous and the only reason Winston wasn't sacked more was his ability to avoid some of them. I don't remember Brady being super mobile, so it might be a painful year or two.
p220sigman 03/27/20 12:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bye-bye Tom Brady

And he may not laugh as hard when he realizes Winston was sacked 47 times last year and has averaged 34 sacks per season. That's a lot of hits potentially for an "old" man...
p220sigman 03/27/20 10:52am Around the Campfire
RE: S&B electrical question

It will depend on how the wires were run. If they just ran a wire from the switch up to a junction box and split out to the lights and the fan from the junction box, you won't be able to do what you want without running a new wire for the fan from the switch box and depending on code, you may have to run it from the fan to the new switch. You could turn off the power and pull the switch out and just see the wiring. If there is only one wire in and one wire out, you will have to run a new wire to control the fan independently of the lights. If you aren't comfortable with doing the work, call an electrician. If they just have to run the wire and install a couple of switches, it shouldn't be crazy expensive.
p220sigman 03/25/20 12:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Am I being greedy?

I guess the question for the OP is if this provision to "help defray" the cost of refurbishment of the upholstery is in the purchase contract and if so, is an amount specified. I'm guessing that even if it is in the purchase contract, an amount isn't specified or the OP would not have been surprised when the dealer asked for $2500. Hopefully he read the contract before signing it. Not in the contract, no obligation at all. In the contract with no amount specified, OP can pay whatever he feels like. In the contract with amount specified, OP is likely "attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis"
p220sigman 03/09/20 12:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Am I being greedy?

Exactly the opposite, I think it is the dealer that is being greedy and trying to take advantage of you. I wouldn't feel an obligation to pay anything. They had the opportunity and presumably did inspect your trade prior to agreeing to the deal. It isn't like you hid the condition of the upholstery from them. However, if you feel like you agreed to help out, I would cite the new tires/battery and tell them you will give them $500. Unless you agreed to a specific amount in the contract, you have no obligation for a minimum amount. For me, it would be a take it or leave it kind of offer.
p220sigman 03/09/20 05:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Nascar Follies

Now being reported that he has been released from the hospital. While I'm not a race fan in the least, I happened to surf by as they were starting the overtime period so I caught the crash in real time. Truly scary. Glad he appears to be ok though.
p220sigman 02/19/20 12:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Electricity from thin air -- apparently not a hoax??

While I'm a believer that it is possible, I noticed the lack of description of how much energy is produced per given amount of nanowire and how much current is actually there? It is going to have to be pretty significant to scale up for energy replacement, not to mention just how fragile is a nanowire that is less than 10 microns thick. I would think just looking at it too hard would break them. Still, it will be a game changer if they can scale it up even for just small electronics.
p220sigman 02/18/20 11:56am Technology Corner
RE: Windsheld Wipers

I used to run the Costco wipers when they were the beam type, but when they switched to the "hybrid" which just appears to me to be a regular wiper with a solid cover over it to make it look like a beam type. I bought one set and used them about a month before getting rid of them. The last ones I got were the Rain-X Latitude 2 n 1 (they were on sale) and have been very happy with them. No streaking, chatter, or lifting at higher speeds. Supposedly, they transfer Rain-X coating from the blades to the windshield. These are on my wife's van that is new to us and I haven't coated the windshield before. I do notice the water beading up as if it has been coated so I guess it works to a degree. Have had them about 4 months so still a little early for a final thumbs up, but so far so good.
p220sigman 02/18/20 06:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Just a thought tonight

I'm glad they don't allow them all over the forums, but I do wish they had a less moderated forum where some discussion could be had. Then, if you don't care for it, you don't have to go there. Of course I say this knowing that most political discussions are pointless as rarely are opinions changed based on them.
p220sigman 02/06/20 05:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Super Bowl Turf....

I watched some of the game and about 30 seconds of halftime. The game was good. I didn't really care who won, so I just enjoyed the action. After suffering through 30 seconds or so of halftime, I moved on to other things. I came back to it at the start of the 4th to watch the comeback.
p220sigman 02/03/20 09:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Underwater camera

We have an older version of this camera. A little more than your range, but ours takes great pictures for the price. We have taken it snorkeling many times as well as just shots in the pool. You might find a previous generation on sale in your price range.
p220sigman 02/03/20 05:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

You are correct that I'm looking strictly for S&B house. I would love to have one for natural gas, unfortunately, we don't have gas lines where I'm at, so it isn't an option. I don't worry as much about gasoline. I use non-ethanol in all my small engines with stabilizer when they aren't going to be used regularly. I don't have an issue with running a genny monthly to keep it running well. I do that with my chainsaw and other less-used small engines now.
p220sigman 01/31/20 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

Thanks Robert. Your set up is kind of what I envisioned as I started my research.
p220sigman 01/29/20 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: Hey Mods

You can also click on the Mod's name at the top of the page and send them a private message.
p220sigman 01/27/20 07:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

Thanks again for all of the input. I'll look into the interlock. I hadn't considered something like that.
p220sigman 01/26/20 09:46am Tech Issues
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

Being able to help out the neighbors is one of the reasons I want it to be somewhat portable. I'm thinking one of the manual transfer switches that just has a plug for the generator to plug into. I know some will say you can backfeed through the dryer plug as long as you have the main breaker off, but I'd rather wire it right and not run the risk of energizing the line by accident should someone turn the breaker on. I've looked a little at the Champion and the Firman just because I happened to see them in stores.
p220sigman 01/24/20 01:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

Thanks for the input so far. My intent would be to run on gas with propane only as a backup in the event I run out of gas and can't get more. I haven't ruled out a gas only. As I said, I'm in the research phase. I plan to purchase in late spring. Typically in Florida, we have a tax-free week for emergency preparedness supplies and generators are usually allowed. The only issue might be the cost limit. I think it was $750 last year. But a lot of places put them on sale to try to drive business so you can still find deals even if it isn't tax free.
p220sigman 01/24/20 11:44am Tech Issues
Dual Fuel Generators

Starting the research phase of getting a "portable" dual fuel (LP/gas) generator for emergency back-up power for the S/B house. Any thoughts or experiences I should be considering? I say "portable" because I want the option of moving it around the yard or transporting (roll onto a trailer), but wouldn't be lifting it into a vehicle or taking camping. I want dual fuel because I have 5 portable propane tanks that can supplement the amount of run time I would have on just straight gas. Unfortunately, when there is an emergency here (usually hurricane), power can be out for a week or more and gas can be difficult to reliably get. My plan right now is to get as powerful one as I can afford and put in a transfer switch to run most/all of the house with maybe the exception of the heat pump. We are on a well, so it is critical that I be able to run that. Looking to spend 800 to 1.2K on the generator. I would love to just do a whole house automatic standby, but that just isn't in the budget. Plus, the "portable" can move with us.
p220sigman 01/24/20 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: Need Help with Utility Trailer Decision

I have a small trailer with the expanded metal floor. It is probably 15 years old. The floor is bowed and dented in a few places, but no places where the metal has torn or rusted through. If all you haul are wheeled items, I don't know that it matters very much. If you are going to haul other things such as furniture, rocks, soil, etc, the wood floor will allow you slide things around and off of the trailer than the metal floor doesn't. I've hauled rocks and soil before, but I have to either put wood down or put a tarp down before loading.
p220sigman 01/21/20 01:40pm General RVing Issues
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