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RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I mainly use negative reviews whether they be for a park or a product to see if people are complaining about the same things. If there are a number of negative reviews that all complain about the same thing, I give more weight to them. If the reviews are just the "This park sucks" type, I generally dismiss those unless that is the prevailing review.
p220sigman 07/09/20 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Without getting political....

But IMHO, NFL can not claim to be a non-gov organisation when the taxpayers pay for the theater for their show. The National Football League is the world’s most profitable league. Each of the NFL’s 32 teams is among the top 50 most valuable sports franchises. 31 of these teams are privately owned. I would guess they have done cost/benefit analysis on their stance and feel like they will pick up enough new fans who are happy with their change to offset the ones that they will lose. I guess time will tell.
p220sigman 07/09/20 10:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Help - TV - Lance 2445 & Escalade

Can you find one on a lot within a reasonable distance and take your tongue scale and see what the tongue weight is? Then you won't be in as much of an estimating arena. Personally, I'd change to LT tires if it doesn't have them already and give it a go. You may have to be aware of what and how you are packing to not add to the load on the TV and still keep adequate tongue weight to keep the tail from wagging the dog.
p220sigman 07/08/20 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I see similar types of reviews for all kinds of services and products. I was researching a bicycle-related component recently and one of the one star reviewers said they gave the item one star because the item didn't fit because it was made to work with a different setup (clearly identified in the item's title and description) and did work with what the reviewer had. Obviously, he/she ordered the wrong item. I'm not even sure why you would take the time to leave that type of review in the first place. In a lot of these cases, it comes down to the "It's never my fault" people that are becoming more prevalent.
p220sigman 07/08/20 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

Most likely a case of not wanting to get involved. Unfortunately, we see that more and more as society in general (in my opinion) has gotten less likely to get involved. Cause? Litigation, apathy, fear, and I'm sure about a thousand other reasons. Personally, I try to help where I can.
p220sigman 07/06/20 10:16am Around the Campfire
RE: winching a trencher

Looking at the Brave trenchers on-line, it looks like there is a hole in the frame between the wheels that you could hook to. It also looks like you might could create a loop by using large carabiners around the axle on each side with a short piece of rope creating a harness to attach your main winch line to. Because of the vulnerable position you will be in, I would probably use climbing rated carabiners as opposed to the hardware store ones unless you can find the heavy duty ones. I would want to minimize the possibility of breakage.
p220sigman 07/06/20 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Without getting political....

All I know is that I would be fired for protesting on "company time". I'm free to protest as much as I want on my own time, but when I get to work, I agree to certain restrictions to remain employed. Of course, I'm free to quit if I don't agree with those restrictions. When an athlete, especially a pro athlete steps on that field, he or she is working for or representing an organization or someone. Now if that organization/someone agrees to allow them to protest while working, that is up to the organization/someone. In that case, I can exercise my right to not support that franchise/sport.
p220sigman 06/29/20 12:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Electric Bikes???

I don't know much about the e-bikes, but if you prefer the geometry of the Specialized bikes, you will probably like their e-bikes. My suggestion is to ride as many as you can and see which is most comfortable and easy to ride for you. Regardless of the name on the bike, it has to be comfortable. We are a Specialized family except for my wife. She preferred the geometry of Trek so she has two Trek bikes. As was said early, go to your local bike shops. You are going to need service after the sale and with an established relationship, you are more likely to get quicker service and for minor issues, may get free service.
p220sigman 06/25/20 11:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

i also am puzzled why this remaining is in the tech section. I for one, am glad that it hasn't moved to Around the Campfire. That is where threads go to die. Anyone who stores information electronically and thinks it can't ever be recovered is kidding themselves. Outside of physical destruction of the media (depending on the method of destruction, some may still be recoverable), if it is in an electronic format, someone, given enough time and money, can recover it. The obvious question is whether the data is worth the time and money.
p220sigman 06/24/20 01:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

I've never seen a phone that can't have the battery replaced. Now most do not have interchangeable batteries where you can just take the battery off and put a new one on, but the batteries can be replaced. You just have to open up the phone to do it. I'm sure some people just trade to a newer phone rather than jumping through the hoops, but many simply replace the battery. I've done several replacements for myself as well as for friends/family. Even in our small town, there are several stores that will replace the batteries. We had one of our kid's Iphone batteries replaced for $60 because I was traveling a good bit at that time and wasn't able to get to it. I believe it is simply a supply/demand situation with flip phones. There is very low demand and thus low supply. Even my 82 YO mother wanted a smart phone over a flip phone the last time we replaced her phone.
p220sigman 06/24/20 06:51am Technology Corner
RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

Florida in July or August? Really not an option down here. We are fortunate that we can camp year around. We've used the heater and the AC in the same day before in winter.
p220sigman 06/23/20 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Have you broken a post fore a crown?

I didn't know they put posts in for a crown. I have had a few and none have posts. The tooth is cleaned up, shaped, and then the crown is glued/cemented to the tooth. OTOH I have broken a crown. Not common though. It's not truly a post like with an implant or similar. When they grind the tooth down for the crown to mount to, they leave a small part of the center of the tooth to provide support and a surface for the crown to glue to. To the OP, yes, I broke one. Unfortunately, the only real options at that point are some type of bridge or having an implant done. In my case, it was one of my lower, back molars so there wasn't a tooth on either side to do a bridge with. I elected to just have the remaining portion of the tooth pulled and have a space there now as I just couldn't see the cost of an implant for that tooth location. I haven't had any negative effects from it, but the dentist said it was possible that the top tooth could loosen and have to be removed as well. That hasn't been the case for me and I had the lower tooth pulled about 3 years ago.
p220sigman 06/05/20 10:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Calling all 12V Battery Experts

Since you have AC power there, couldn't you just use an AC to DC converter? You can pick up a cheap one for 20 bucks or so.
p220sigman 05/28/20 06:13am Around the Campfire
RE: Strange Electric question...

If you want to verify which wire has +12 volts, ground your meter black probe to either the battery negative post or the chassis of the RV and then read the wires for the unit. Only one should show 12 volts. That will be the one that is positive regardless of color. If you really want to confirm once you have established which wire reads +12 volts, switch your meter to the continuity setting with your black lead still grounded and check the other wire that didn't have +12 volts. It should show continuity since it should be the ground. It certainly looks like the wiring doesn't match the colors. Once you confirm the wires are backwards coming from the source, you have a couple of options. One, you can reverse the wires before they go into the Winegard so it is seeing the correct voltage (easier, but not preferred as someone else at some point is going to be trying to figure out why it is wired the way it is). Or, two, you can backtrace the wires from where you are testing to find where they got reversed (preferred, but can be an extremely frustrating endeavor) If you have some type of switch inside to turn the unit on/off, I would look there first.
p220sigman 05/27/20 12:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Thinking about investing in Crypto currency?

I can't speak for other methods, but I do some "play" investing with the Robinhood app. I had a small amount in Bitcoin for a period of time. Bought just like any other investment in the sense I told Robinhood how much money I wanted to invest and they executed the trade. I held it for a while and decided to sell. I told Robinhood I wanted to sell and they executed the trade. I made a little, but I only had a little invested. It is very volatile. If you don't have the stomach for that, stay away.
p220sigman 05/27/20 12:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: I'm so bored

I watched the National Stone Skipping Championship on ESPN the other day. Looks like we are not the only ones desperate for sports.
p220sigman 05/22/20 06:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Rear Hitch Receiver

You could look at something like this for the size you are looking at. It indicates only 40 lbs so won't eat up all of your weight rating. You would have to be pretty aware of how much stuff and the weight of that stuff you put in it though.
p220sigman 05/21/20 03:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Making Purchases on Amazon

I've never had to do either and have placed probably 5 orders in the past 2 weeks. Now, what I have seen an uptick in is a phishing email I get from time to time wanting me to go to a site to verify my Amazon information. Besides recognizing it now, I always know it is a scam because it also goes to my burner email account that I only use when I have to submit an email for particular sites and is no way tied to my Amazon account.
p220sigman 04/30/20 12:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: "Service temporarily out "

What no one is acknowledging is you spend the time to type a long thought out reply and the system crashes when you hit the submit button. Sure, if you are just reading, refresh is just a small annoyance. I have always copied a long reply before hitting submit just in case. That way, if it doesn't go through for some reason, I just paste it back in a new window and submit again. Short replies like this one, I would just retype if necessary.
p220sigman 04/22/20 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Service temporarily out "

If i click on a link and it doesn't immediately load (I usually have a very fast connection), I just click again. It rarely takes more than 2 clicks and I avoid the error message.
p220sigman 04/22/20 09:07am General RVing Issues
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