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RE: Mud Flaps

those "grass skirts" work great. but the cost of them keeps me from buying a set. one can screw them on permanently style. or rig up a removable holder. as to the coach, just a simple sheet of alu (some use tread plate stuff) will do the job. but needs to be formed and reinforced so it holds up to wind and vibrations. or just bolted to the front of the coach body.
packnrat 07/17/19 11:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Securing batteries in forward compartment (Security)

best bet is to securely bolt them down. using 3/8 threaded rod, and steel angles. keeps them from bouncing around.and just makes it hard to remove. i have 4, 6 volt batt, and use this bolt approach between each batt, and secured to the frame work at one end. O and "lean" the bolts inward to help hold things from shifting. if your really crazy a new specially build access door and door frame. made of steel. and secured with "better" hardware than factory. but then that screams look here. maybe a alm or steel grating inside of the access hatch bolted to the coach body. but if you are leaving the coach someplace for a month of two, the creeps can test and see how to get past anything, to strip down your coach. best thing is invest in a online live time video cam setup. this way you can at least see who did the damage to you.
packnrat 07/17/19 09:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: There's a reason to get rid of six-year-old tires.

old tires are a problem just waiting to give you grief.
packnrat 07/17/19 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mud Flaps

bring on transparent aluminum.
packnrat 07/17/19 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slides on a slight incline

i have a good slope on my driveway. i built a couple wooden blocks (about 18-20 inches tall) to cut back how far my landing legs go out, the little lego blocks for under the wheels on one side, (three high front axle, two high rear axle). this just about does a plumb level for parking at home. min wiggle. my 5er is only 25 feet long and one can just bonk there head on the pin. i am just under 6 ft tall). so no problems working my slide or running the reefer, stove, heater, ac. and one does not feel off camber inside.
packnrat 07/08/19 02:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Locks on Propane tanks?

place a good chain and lock through the handles of the tanks and a very secure mount. place the lock behind so not so easy to get to. think pick and cut resistant in the mounting of the chain/lock. one more layer to overcome. most crooks will just pass it by for a easy theft.
packnrat 07/01/19 05:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: crazy accidnet

before you condemn the driver/owner of the rv for bad brakes. just remember metal does fail, and many a hard brake line has failed, crazy but more than the rubber lines fail. rust, vibrations, damage (seen or un-seen). who here has checked every inch of there brake lines in the past 30 days? 3 months? six months... in the past year? .
packnrat 06/26/19 02:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Likely another ruined Vacation

bumper pull rv trailer? classic case of the tail wagging the dog, speeding, most likely, but not needed. most likely loaded wrong, or not hooked up right. no information to say one way or the other.
packnrat 06/19/19 11:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire plugs

i will only run a plug to get home, on my motorcycle. but for any car, pu truck, big rig. rv. no problem running a plug. but best is to plug, and place a patch over it (inside the tire that is). i have never had a plug, or patch fail. (40 years driving varied big rigs). been driving for a living for almost 50 years, small trucks up to the classic "big rig". even on my personal cars, trucks. but have had tires fail do to other damage, or age.
packnrat 06/19/19 11:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: rv extension cord

how long is your rv? how long is your "factory" cord. subtract the cord length from the rv length. add in a couple feet round up and thats how long it needs to be at max length. just think, if the power is farthest away from your power input spot. or hard wire in a cable front to back in your coach. with a plug up front, one at the rear, and one mid ship. then just one 25 footer just might be all you will ever need. but always use a quality surge protector in line with this or any power supply cord.
packnrat 06/19/19 11:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rear Camera Intercom

With mirrors and rear/side cameras I park ok. Trained drivers park 18 wheelers in the most difficult places without "Spotters." as one of those trained 18 wheeler drivers. i do not trust anybody when backing up. ---they do not get penalized if a oops happens.--- and so many of then just wiggle the fingers in front of there faces, so they are not visible to me at all. even while using the 4 way flashers, fools keep trying to drive behind me, and then a woman walking/pushing a stroller behind me, (this is while i am rolling backward, light flashing and beeper on). best way is always look at where you are trying to back into, use reference marks. and as the board of dictators found out for a "nifty" saying G.O.A.L. aka get out and look. take the extra couple minute's and be safe. if you do use a spotter, use only one you can trust. and make sure they know the correct hand/arm signals you know. do not forget to look for low branches.
packnrat 06/12/19 08:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Feet on landing gear

yes to adding a wood "block" under the landing legs. the less they stick out of there housings the less wiggle. i built a set of them for my driveway. (slopped down) mostly to help level out the 5 er. one can walk under the pin without stooping. just use 2X8 inch hard wood, soak all in a water proofing and wood preservative. use only outdoor wood screws a good 4 inches long (use plenty of them). over build this as you would not want it to fail at anytime. yes heavy, but very stable they are a good 18 inches sq foot print, and a good 16 inches tall. (width of the board,+ two layers top and two layers bottom,(screwed as layer going one way and second going 90% to the first layer) just for the higth. then cross braced inside the "box"). with one 3/8 screw/bolt sticking up to act as a notice of slippage (goes through a hole in the landing leg foot). one heavy winter, and working inside the coach, have not seen any signs of such. and just this alone had removed almost if not all wiggling. i did not use any glue just 2 screws at every connection point. if i wanted to take them with me would not be a issue. as i can easily lift them into the back of the truck, yes there is a large hand/carry grip on them.
packnrat 06/09/19 11:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping World about to go under??

if a company can $upport na$car. it just shows you how much they are over charging there customers. and how strong they are as a company. cw is here to stay.
packnrat 06/01/19 09:51am Around the Campfire
RE: They don't make em like they used to.

I am keeping my 2001 sunny brook (25 ft 5er) for another decade. bought new, never been back to the dealer for any repair. couple miner in the past couple years. (failed plastic stuff). i have installed a "super auto vent fan". this year all new outside led lights, plus a couple extra. the normal ones are all still working great... from the factory. (18 years and no failed bulbs). inside one ceiling light burned out, one the holder fused and burnt a bit, and one over the vanity, the glue failed (holding the bulb to the fitting) but it still was working when i took it out. one of the "locking handles" on the reefer broke. heck i can count all the problems on just my factory installed digits. so yes some of the older units are made far better than some - most of the new ones.
packnrat 05/29/19 11:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dark Sky Camping

if you want true black sky in the USA. the best if the only place left is black rock desert in the north west corner of nevada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Rock_Desert bring twice the fuel, twice the food, and four times the water you think you might need. and more than one motor vehicle. no cell here. might get ham. or a sat phone, but nothing else. get all before leaving fallon nevada. as the ONLY place to get anything north of hwy 80 is the burg of gerlatch. and they have almost nothing. get out on the playa, and drive north a couple hrs you are over the curve of the earth from everything. if you did not bring it... it just does not exist. and watch out on the rd north to and south home, as you cross tribal land, and yes they do have speed traps, (only source of income).
packnrat 05/28/19 10:10pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: peak traffic times in cities

forget about the sf bay area during the am and pm commutes. as it is almost grid lock everywhere now. if you need to get into the bay area. get there before 3:am. stay till after 8:pm. if not then enjoy being with millions of others just sitting in stopped, or crawling traffic. and you need to buy a bridge card before you get there. unknown if they accept toll cards/transponders from back east. after all this is california.
packnrat 05/21/19 02:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Triple towing / Dubble Towing

well i guess my 38 years of commercial driving, over 45 years of driving for pay. says i know nothing. sure i do not know everything. as i have tried to limit myself to just the western states. guess florida just wants to hurt company's. but with all the major less than truck load trucking company's pulling doubles (triples in some states), i do not see how or why a single state would ban them. but yes there are places long trucks, and doubles just should not be. like downtown new york city, etc. in my decades the only places where i see a "ban" is for long trucks, on narrow twisty roads, but that includes buses and large rv's. seasonal over mt passes,(ice/snow) or high wind areas (all trucks, buses, rv's) but these last two are temp deals do to conditions. in talking with a number of dot officials (yes the ones who write the tickets) and reg street leos, i only know what i know.
packnrat 04/25/19 08:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Triple towing / Dubble Towing

by forcing company's to abandon there trailers on the hwy in a government supplied parking spot. a set of doubles can get in where a 48 foot single can not. as i know the dot laws, doubles are allowed everywhere on the fed and state hwy systems. (length laws can be different here). except where the state has not fixed defective bridges,(weight thing), or just no clearance, (aka: the infamous 11 foot bridge deal), but that would include all trucks and buses. or do to ice and snow hazards. (mt passes, windy areas, etc). but only to a point can a city just ban all trucks. and not sure about all the states but are pu trucks not reg as commercial? they are in the western states, sure you jump through some hoops can get it changed to a rv, or show. but never tow or haul anything. also as to the 65 foot length, fed system allows double tow up to 75 feet,(in all states) due to a weight bridge thing. some states say 65 feet on non fed hwys. but even then you are allowed to go up to 10 miles on state hwys, then one mile on city streets to get service, food, rest, delivery/pickup, etc. (as 75 feet long). but under no reason should a rv try this length. pu trucks are not rated for this kind of work.
packnrat 04/24/19 09:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Triple towing / Dubble Towing

In FL ONLY commercial vehicles may double tow, and only on the turnpike and interstate roads. Their are several assembly locations along the turnpike and interstate roads for the commercial drivers to pick up a second trailer or drop off their second trailerTheir are several assembly locations along the turnpike and interstate roads for the commercial drivers to pick up a second trailer or drop off their second trailerTheir are several assembly locations along the turnpike and interstate roads for the commercial drivers to pick up a second trailer or drop off their second trailer. They may not double tow on local or state roads. Just because you see someone double towing doesn't mean it's legal. Your rig may not exceed 65 feet in total length. FL statue 316.515(3) "Unless otherwise specifically provided for in this section, a combination of vehicles not qualifying as commercial motor vehicles may consist of no more than two units coupled together; such nonqualifying combination of vehicles may not exceed a total length of 65 feet, inclusive of the load carried thereon, but exclusive of safety and energy conservation devices approved by the department for use on vehicles using public roads." in doing this the state is setting them selves up for a huge law sute, or many more, for theft of goods.
packnrat 04/23/19 04:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing regulations

i can not say for every state but yes 65 feet is max for one trailer/tow combo. but commercial double tow in ca is 75 feet. rv? just never be even 1/4, one quarter inch over that. some states restrict wheel base length or king pin to trunion. max fed dot legal length is 58 flat or box van.--not same as wheel base length--. longer requires a moving permit. but unless your are crazy and want to push it, one should never get that long with a rv and a trailer behind.
packnrat 04/23/19 04:07pm Towing
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