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RE: Best tankless water heaters (LP) 2.5gph or higher

I wanted to have one but then did the research. It will work if you are hooked up to a water source such that when showering you can let the water run the whole time, and are great if you plan to take long showers and waste water… Bad if you want to conserve water if not hooked up. As soon as you stop the flow the water in the tankless gets hotter, then when you resume you get that hotter water, and when you let it run longer the temp goes back down. No steady temp is possible with the military shower method. Unfortunately the hot water heater is the only way for this. I wish I had a two gallon water heater as I take 1 gallon showers… In the summer I have learned to just take cold showers. This helps a lot to save water since I boondock it is important. After two showers you get used to cold water and it is not different than washing your hands in cold water. Agree. We dry camp mostly so water conservation is needed. I plumbed a line with a "Y" and valves from the hot water low point drain back to the fresh water tank drain. When diverter valve is on, hot water constantly runs through the system and dumps back into the fresh water tank. Seems to stabilize the temperature when shutting off and turning on the shower hot water. When done showering, turn off the water pump. Turning the valve in the "Y" diverter puts the system back into original configuration so pump can be turned back on for normal operation. This also save the extra water wasted waiting for the hot water to get to the bathroom. Still needs to purge cold water from the shower head hose so less ware wasted.
paddykernahan 08/23/19 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Best tankless water heaters (LP) 2.5gph or higher

Had a tank water heater in a pop-up and it worked great. Bought a MH and it came with an on demand water heater. Failed the first trip due to a sticky sail switch. Got it working with dry Teflon lube. Water temperature varies from warm to scalding hot. I got the temperature to be slightly more stable by plumbing in a hot water recirculation system. Wish I had a tank water heater. Less to go wrong and constant temperature. I will have to say winterization is easier with the on demand system we have.
paddykernahan 08/23/19 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Mat rant

22 foot class B+/C- so no room for a mat. Made a small rug for the step.
paddykernahan 08/18/19 09:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Rvers beware

$1,000 fine, are you kidding me? Why not make it a $10,000 fine?
paddykernahan 08/18/19 08:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Thinking of a Mercedes Class C

I lusted for a class B for years while in my pop-up. Found an interior that was perfect for us. So much different than anything else. It is a class C but only 22 foot long. No slides and a queen size Murphy bed. A bathroom that rivals many class A's Happened to be on a MB Sprinter. If it was on a Ford I would have bought it. Very happy with the MB Sprinter. 20,000 carefree miles so far. We get an average of 16.5 mpg. Drives very easily. Very comfortable seats and legroom. Very easy to get from driver passenger seat to the back. Been to mountains out east and west and it charges up the mountains. So far with our limited experience (two years/20,000 miles) I would buy another MB Sprinter RV. IMHO select the interior that fits you.
paddykernahan 08/18/19 07:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: A new trend in RV fridges?

great discussion, there are advantages to every system BUT the dealer we visited only had trailers with compressor fridges. all of his medium to large trailers(24 ft and up) had them no propane fridges I don't want to be limited to 120V hookups, generators or solar. I told the sales guy that, and he said that's where the industry is going(he likely doesn't have a clue!) Our camping style is "dry", 98% of the time. I try not to use the term "boondocking" because it means so many different things to so many RVers. No power pole, no water outlet, no sewer outlet. "Dry" camping. Pretty simple. We had a 7.5cuft NovaKool fridge/freezer, with Danfoss compressor for 5 years in our TC that when cycling, used 4.4A. This is not a "residential" unit and is similarily priced to the absorbsion fridges. If you dry camp for any length of time and have a normal battery bank of 2 X12V, you will have to replace the AH's you use by one method or another no matter what type of fridge you have. Before choising a compressor fridge in our TC, I read the stories of the RV campers who really do dry camp most of the time and have a bigger electrical footprint because of the all electric fridge and the way they all seem to have no problems with their "dry" camping style was to go solar, increase battery bank, decrease electrical consumption by LED's, changing over high electrical units like TV's to modern, low electronic consumption ones, very basic changes. We have a genny and have not run it in 5 years while keeping a "dry" camping style. Traditional RV fridges work. They will still be offered by manufacturers. But because of the changes in technology in the last 20 or so years regarding batteries, solar, LED lighting, generators etc, compressor fridges, which are used by almost 100% of the world for their fridge/freezer/cooling systems, are here to stay in the RV industry. Dave I do not have the option to increase battery or solar on my unit. Stuck with on 95 watt solar panel and two 6VDC batteries.
paddykernahan 08/05/19 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

>>> Bought one for my 86 year old mother. Figured it would be simpler for her to use. Have not been able to connect her WIFI scanner/printer. If I would have bought a MS Widows I would have had it set-up in two minutes. Other than not being able to hook up to printer it works great for my mom.
paddykernahan 08/03/19 11:10am Technology Corner
RE: A new trend in RV fridges?

We camp 4 weeks a year with power hook-ups. We camp 2 weeks a year with no power. Next year the no power camping will increase. Our MH selection was biased for dry camping so compressor refrigerator and induction cooktops were excluded. Ability to dry camp for extended time without power or generator use was a priority. If we just went from home to 120VAC camp spot and back, electric compressor would be fine. Always thought they designed RV refrigerators wrong. Three way has poor cooling ability and the design is with a door that lets all the cold air out when you open the door. Should be a chest style refrigerator so the cold air stays in the unit when the door is opened. This would not be as critical for a compressor unit while plugged in.
paddykernahan 08/03/19 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: RV lifestyle...

When I had a pop-up, forum users would ask how long it takes to set up camp. Average if I remember was 30 min to one hour. Me, if the site is level, 7-8 minutes from turning off the key to walking up to the bath house to wash hands. Have always been a minimalist to camping. Nothing out unless it is being used. Once used it gets put away. Ready to roll at a moments notice. Now that we have a class B+/C-, have a two minute set-up time. Never hook up to water or sewer. No toad so want to be mobile at any time. Only hook up to 15/20 amp.
paddykernahan 08/03/19 09:48am RV Lifestyle
RE: Flashlight

As a retired law enforcement officer I want flashlights that I can bet my life on. Gotta ask: Why do you often seen LEOs and the FBI on TV hold flashlights overhand? Is it a TV/movie thing or is there a real reason for it? Doesn't look particularly comfortable or maneuverable. https://cdn.instructables.com/F82/ELZ8/G5LEJZSI/F82ELZ8G5LEJZSI.LARGE.jpg width=200 Ability to access momentary on/off switch with thumb, https://d3apgz7jqdnp73.cloudfront.net/media/1542680/concealed-carry-flashlight-techniques-1.jpg https://d3apgz7jqdnp73.cloudfront.net/media/1542678/concealed-carry-flashlight-techniques-3.jpg
paddykernahan 08/03/19 08:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Flashlight

Can't go wrong with Surefire or Fenix. Buy once, cry once. I have had great service from the Fenix lights I have bought. I get AA powered so everything works on same size battery. Favorite is the Fenix E12. Powered by one AA and so small it disappears in your pocket. I have another Fenix that takes four AA's that is ten times brighter. All of the Fenix lights have variable brightness.
paddykernahan 08/03/19 08:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Pop-up trailer for newbies.

We LOVED our little popup and pulled it behind our Subaru for years. My opinion on this and would give it to anyone who asked: 1. Get a fridge. If it can be accessed without lifting the top, that's much better than not, but those are few and far between. 2. Don't get one with a bathroom/shower. Use a porta-potty for nighttime use ONLY. (The less water, sewer you have to deal with, the better. Available at Walmart for less than $75). 3. Used is more economical and if they don't like it, someone else has taken the depreciation hit. 4. A small popup, about 10 years old, but taken care of shouldn't cost too much - less than $5k. 5. A small popup with go almost anywhere and be pulled by most anything that has a tow package on it. 6. They are just FUN! Craigslist in Pittsburgh In Wooster We had a bare bones Coleman for 25 years. Replace with new Coleman and used for 6 years. Pulled most of the years with a Subaru. Would think a mini-van would pull a pop-up with no trouble. Less frills the better. All you need is a stove, lights, heater, battery. Anything extra just takes up space and complicates things. Our refrigerator (propane/12VDC,120VDC) never worked very well and it was hard to get to because on the floor.
paddykernahan 07/31/19 09:12am Beginning RVing
RE: Keeping cool

We keep all rooftop vents and windows closely tight during hot weather travel in our 24 foot E450 Class C. We then keep the dash air flow and dash air conditioning system set to Max A/C so interior air is merely reciculated over and over - hence the Ford air conditioning system does not have to continuously cool new hot air from the outside - it just has to keep the already cooled interior air cool ... which is a way more efficient way to use the dash air's cooling capacity. What we wind up with is an entire coach interior that can be kept cool using only the Ford A/C system ... because it's so powerful and we're using it in the most efficient way. Our rooftop A/C system never is needed when traveling in even the very hottest outside temperatures. As a bonus, the interior of the coach stays dust-free much longer because there is no constant flow of outside air coming into it from the cab air flow set to constantly get new outside air ... which then flows throughout the coach and out any open vents or windows in the coach ... depositing dust inside while this is going on as we travel down the road. If we ever need to leave the roof vents open for some reason when traveling, they're protected from being ripped off via vent covers we've installed over them which still allow the vents to remain open. With vent covers, we can also leave the vents themselves open for fresh air ventilation when it's raining or snowing while camped. I just did the same as you yesterday. Small MB Sprinter class C. Vents closed, air on max, air on recirculate. Worked very well except MB decided to limit air recirculation to only 30 minutes and it resets to fresh air. When plugging in or on generator, we just start the RV air conditioner.
paddykernahan 07/15/19 12:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smaller Class C

Small on the outside (22'9") but big on the inside. Bigger bathroom with walk in shower than most big class A's. They do it with no slides and the use of a queen size Murphy bed. Wife and I together are close to 450-500 pounds and the bed is rock solid. I'm 6'0" and hang off the foot end slightly. Don't thing you will find anything small with a bed any longer. Pleasure-Way XLMB https://pleasureway.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/2019Floorplan-PlateauXLMB-SeperateDryBath.jpg https://pleasureway.com/models/plateau-xlmb/
paddykernahan 07/15/19 11:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

We deside what direction we want to go, tell the post office to hold the mail and then go. During the week there is always a camp ground close by that is not full. We never make reservations but don't expect to get into a national park when kids are out of school. We have found many places of interest where there wasn't supposed to be anything. Don't make your plans too strict, relax. We do the same. Sometimes we just decide to turn left and see what we find. Sometimes we pick a place to head for and find stuff on the way there and back. We travel in the fall and have never needed reservations. Correction, almost needed reservations at Yosemite NP but it all worked out. Wasn't on the radar to go there that trip until we saw it on the map. Relax and enjoy the ride.
paddykernahan 06/20/19 09:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Wife thinks I'm nuts...

I spent $130,000 for a MH. Keeping the engine bay clean is something I want to do. I autocross a Miata and do the same to the engine compartment. At every event there will always be someone that compliments me on how clean a 25 year old car is. Both the Miata and MH are hobbies, I will take the extra time to keep them clean.
paddykernahan 05/31/19 06:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gas Mileage Winnebago View / Itasca Navion

Have a similar size on a 3.0 Sprinter 2014. Get average of 16.5 mpg. Seems the smaller class B on the 5 cylinder Sprinter get better MPG (20+mpg?). Larger Class C-/B+ on 6 cylinder Sprinter get lower mpg (16-18mpg).
paddykernahan 05/21/19 08:41am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What's the one thing that you have but hardly EVER use?

Third year in MH. Outside TV/Entertainment center (Used once to watch the eclipse) Outside shower (Never used) Awning (used once for light rain) Outside lights (I like it dark) Outside mats (Don't even own one)
paddykernahan 04/16/19 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: CB usage?

One little known frequency allocation is MURS. (Multi use radio service) 151.820 Mhz 151.880 Mhz 151.940 Mhz 154.570 Mhz 154.600 Mhz If you happen to have VHF radios these are good in caravans. Up to 5W Is it still hard to find type accepted legal radios for these frequencies? Some of the frequencies are narrow band. 2 Watt maximum power output. Advantage of being able to use external antenna. Disadvantage very few people operate on those frequencies.
paddykernahan 12/08/18 10:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Pink stuff froze

Bought two types last winter. Glycol and Glycol/alcohol mix. The glycol/alcohol mix was cheaper. Both unused portions slushed up at the same temperature.
paddykernahan 11/25/18 10:22am General RVing Issues
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