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RE: expedition or tahoe for 33' TT

When I owned a Tahoe I chose it over the Expedition to get the rear leaf springs. The Expedition had rear coil springs which makes mods to improve load capacity or leveling much more difficult. What is important is the final gear ratio and usually it is much too tall so as to improve EPA fuel economy numbers during testing. If one had 3.73 gears and the other had 3.21 gears I would go with the former. Weight is only one factor when towing and Ford spells this out quite nicely in their towing guide. The frontal area of a travel has a huge impact on the total load on the engine and drive train for the tow vehicle. I would go with a 1500 or 2500 class pickup with a crew cab over an SUV any day if planning to do serious towing. Tahoe has had rear coil springs since 2000, when they switched to the gmt800 platform. So either one you choose now will have rear coils. If you are buy brand new they will both have independent rear suspension. My FIL recently upgraded from an 06 Tahoe with 3.73's to a 2016 Expedition with 3.31's, both with full tow packages. His trailer is a bit smaller at 6500 gross, but he told me it was an improvement in every way. Power, trailer handling, all of that. Granted, it's 10 years newer. I'm sure a '16 Tahoe would do ok, but none that he found to test had a tow package. But the eco boost is a great engine for moderate trailer sizes.
parker.rowe 06/24/21 07:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: What a deal!---no thanks

Dude I work with was offered $11,000 for his truck-outright purchase, not a trade. It's a 2006 Chevy 2500 Duramax with 190,000 miles. 05-06 duramaxes go for good money still if they are in good shape and still have rocker panels. Even before the current market craze. Ones around 100k miles where in the low-mid 20's last year. This is crew cab 4wd models.
parker.rowe 06/23/21 11:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck - family of 5 and 65lb dog

Do you have to have a pickup for a 5th wheel? Do you want/need 4wd? How heavy of a trailer? I know tons of people on this site say they pack all the seats in a crew cab and it works great. I wouldn't want to do long trips like that personally. Sounds like you are not ready to do that either. 2500 Suburban or Ford Excursion. If you are willing to spend some money and travel for a super clean older truck, you can find some low mileage models. 1 ton van. If you need 4wd, there are companies that do conversions. https://duramaxsuv.com Considering the current diesel market, they have decent prices on duramax converted gmt800 and gmt900 suburbans. Basically a frame off rebuild that you can customize as you want and your wallet can handle. Really nice factory style installs where everything works like it would in a duramax pickup. If you want new, and you need a 3/4-1 ton crew cab, a Dodge mega cab is going to be the most room you can get.
parker.rowe 06/22/21 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

I have to say, I saw the picture of it on it's side and it came through it much better than I expected. I'm amazed all the glass, including that huge glass door, is still intact! If you are willing to put the work in and use it less then perfect, and go in with your eyes open knowing there could be hidden issues, go for it. Take off the awning, fix the trim, and seal up that crack in the fiberglass (maybe some sealer covered with eternabond, maybe throw the vent cover over top for good measure), and camp away. I've seen people camping in worse that hadn't been flipped over.
parker.rowe 06/08/21 07:18pm Travel Trailers

I use this, https://www.homedepot.com/p/TERRO-Indoor-Liquid-Ant-Killer-Baits-1-Pack-T300/202532940 it's some awesome stuff, once they find it, they take it back to their nest and kills off all their relatives. Terro has worked great for us for everything EXCEPT carpenter ants. I read they only go after sweet things during a certain times so baits don't always work well with them. It's also why they don't always seem to go after food like other ants. Other ants Terro will wipe them out in 24hrs, it's like magic. Carpenter ants I've always had to kill the old fashion way, with windex or bug spray.
parker.rowe 06/07/21 02:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: New camper towing

Just some more really world experience. We had an 2009 AWD Traverse. No tow package. Added a hitch and towed a similar sized pop-up. No trailer brakes either. Didn't add a trans cooler or anything else. Did not have any issues. Pulled great, stopped great, transmission didn't hunt, ran at normal temps. This even included pulling a few grades (at least as much as we get on the east coast) We really liked the Traverse while we had it.
parker.rowe 06/02/21 06:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: More Stuck Camper Jacks

ATF soaking it overnight has freed things up for me in the past. Marvell Mystery Oil and PB Blaster have also worked after soaking in. Are they over run and jammed or just corroded in place? If corroded, a couple of whacks with wood block from the top and bottom may free the threads. I second ATF. I have had more luck freeing stuck engines with ATF and PB than motor oil. Should work similarly with a jack, if it can be unstuck.
parker.rowe 05/29/21 12:18pm Truck Campers

Considering that all equipment to be equal if the rear brake line is blocked and only the 2 front tires are active: Adding the back brakes to the active front brakes will increase stopping friction 100% Adding dual rear wheels will increase stopping friction another 50% All stopping with the brake pedal depends upon the friction of the tires on the road surface. If you are not locking the rear wheels stopping a SRW setup (I assume that is rarely the case with 2500-3K on the pin?), then the "extra friction" from the two more tires are not going to make it stop any faster. So if the physical brakes are the same, as they often are in SRW vs DRW 3500's...and you don't need more rubber to stop the tires from locking up, then where are you gaining braking power? If anything the extra rotating weight of 2 more rims, class E tires, hub adapters, etc are making it harder to stop. I think that is what Grit was getting at.
parker.rowe 05/14/21 08:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

I don't like to be a "showoff" so I held back on posting my pride and joy. But when asked I can't hardly deny my friends. Note the non restrictive pour spout. https://i.imgur.com/XD0Lmehl.jpg It's perfect. Emissions delete all the things! :D
parker.rowe 05/06/21 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

I just like to have the option to choose fuel stations without worrying too much about having to stop "right now!". Not so much for price, but to be able to pass on ones that are hard to get into, or say I'll just fuel up after we are settled in at the campsite. We still stop way more often then the range on my tank, but that doesn't mean I want to try to combine every rest/stretch/bathroom stop into a fuel stop as well. I just like the extra options a large tank provides. It's like the argument about the new 8-10 speed transmissions. Will the trucks do the job without them...sure. Is having more options a bad thing? I don't think so! I've considered installing a 25G side saddle tank from a Tahoe into my Suburban in addition to the stock 42G rear tank, with a switch to pump fuel over to the main tank.
parker.rowe 05/06/21 03:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I get a new Tow Vehicle or a Bigger Gas Tank?

How is it after a little use? The Frontier was the world's most reliable truck, but you were def maxing it out and 7mpg is horrible. What mpg do you get now towing the same? 7-9 MPG towing with gas is pretty standard. You get the low end with lots of hills and or headwind involved. The high end in more ideal circumstances, obviously. I had a 5.7L K1500 Suburban 3.73 gears, pulling my camper. 7-9mpg Upgraded to a 7.4L K2500 Suburban 4.10 gears, same body style, same camper. 7-9mpg The new truck gets worse gas mileage unloaded (at least 2mpg less highway). But pulling the trailer it is pretty much the same and does a much better job.
parker.rowe 05/05/21 10:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for SUV recommendation

Just helped my father in law with shopping for a replacement for their 04 tahoe. Found a bunch of nice ecoboost expeditions(2016+) between $20-25K, 50-80K miles for most of them. All with the tow package, integrated trailer brakes, etc. Very nice trucks, and I like my GM trucks. I thought they felt smaller from the drivers seat than a tahoe as well, although physically they are the close in size. That would tow the trailer you a describing with no problem. And they were priced around $10K less then tahoes/suburbans with the same year/mileage around here. Most of the tahoes didn't have the tow package and had really terrible tow ratings. If you are looking for older or cheaper than that, we can still give suggestions. But it is hard to say without at least a general price range.
parker.rowe 04/02/21 08:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody still tow with an old GM?

1997 Suburban K2500, 185K miles or so! https://i.imgur.com/dbl9OQv.jpg height=800 width=600
parker.rowe 01/26/21 01:56pm Tow Vehicles

Of the three vehicles you listed, the Durango is far and away the best tow vehicle. And I would argue it makes a very good DD as well. Skip the V6, and find a Hemi. This is my feeling as well. A Durango would be a perfect fit as a tow vehicle for the camper you have listed. Either engine will do the job, the 3.6 V6 will need some rpms on the hills though. I would choose the Hemi if I was buying it, but we have the same V6 in our van and it's a good engine. I know the price jumps for the V8. Just make sure it has whatever cooling/tow package they offer. A long time friend of mine is a mechanic at a Nissan dealer. He has replaced a lot of CVT's. I would not buy one for towing. Which is a shame because we have had a lot of good luck with earlier Nissans (Sentra and Xterra).
parker.rowe 12/05/20 03:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Maximum towing

The general feedback for people towing over 8000 pounds loaded with half tons is not positive. How much is your as equipped payload and receiver rating? 8000 pounds loaded means 1000-1200 pounds of tongue weight. How much stuff/people do you put in the vehicle when towing? That Tire and Loading sticker will likely be your limit well under 11,000 pounds for a TT. Just the two of us in the truck and we have always packed with weight in mind. This truck came from the factory with a class 4 hitch which I believe is rated up to #10,000. The larger trailers under consideration have the following specs: 1). UVW of #7050 and hitch weight of #710, 2), UVW of #6500 and hitch weight of #735. It would do fine with either of those trailers. If you have too much squat that is easily remedied without feeling like you are overtaxing the rest of the truck, as Grit Dog mentioned. EDIT: just realized this says UVW, I read GVW. Bigger than I thought, so it will really depend on how loaded up the trailers are when you are "ready to camp".
parker.rowe 10/24/20 12:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

Very true. I still have a 2005 Ford V10 dually, DRW 2WD with 4.30 gears. This truck is bullet proof so I kept it. I also have a 2019 Ram HO dually, DRW 4WD with 3.73 gears (but is it a Fiat or a Peugeot?). I ordered from the factory in Mexico. *snip* You should've got a Dodge instead. Looks like he did?
parker.rowe 10/02/20 12:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Settle this for Sequoia and 4Runner owners...

Most automatics do lock the torque convertor in first gear, so I suspect anyone using that gear for sustained periods of time is building up a lot of heat. If second cannot hold you, you are traveling to fast for the amount weight you are towing. I would suspect that too. Was not able to follow up whether the trailer is pushing his TV beyond the upper most speed range of the 1st gear, then I would imagine he would get a worst tranny problem than just overheating -- although the group has full trust and confidence with the Toyota/Japanese engineering excellence, loll. I don't think the transmission is even going in 1st. The engine would be way overspeed in most situations unless you were going super slow. Most modern transmissions will only downshift as far as the computer deems safe. It wouldn't surprise me if people just slam the lever in 1st thinking that is where the trans is shifting, when really they are in 3rd or second.
parker.rowe 09/25/20 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

That f150 should work well
parker.rowe 09/04/20 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

We pulled our similar weight hybrid for about 4 years with a 255hp 1996 Suburban half ton. We have since moved to our "new" 97 3/4 ton Suburban, 290hp big block. Huge improvement, but the old 1500 mostly only struggled on hills. My FIL towed a version of the Roo 235 with his 04 Tahoe 5.3 for years, now they have a similar size/weight hard side with the same truck. Honestly, I think any of the modern half tons properly equipped would do the job. The are vastly superior to our old 1500 Suburban.
parker.rowe 09/03/20 01:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: V10 4R100 lost power on a mountain

It could be a lot of things, unfortunately. Any check engine lights? I would hook up a scan tool and see if you have any stored codes. It could be that the transmission got too hot as well. Most of the time that will force a more aggressive converter lockup, and depending on the truck could reduce power. That might explain why waiting a bit on the side of the road made it go back to normal. Without a scan tool you will really just be guessing (like we are) and throwing parts at it. Engine and Trans may be fine.
parker.rowe 08/21/20 07:21am Tow Vehicles
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