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RE: Who is responsible for discounts?

I don't expect the establishment to quiz me about memberships, or discounts that might apply. I appreciate any clerk that makes an effort to help me save money, but I don't expect that. I will sometimes ask if they honor this or that. All they can say is no. My experience is more with hotels than RV parks, since I rarely use an RV park, but I expect the experience to be very similar. If I ask if they have a AAA discount, and they do, I will admit that I resent being asked to see my card. And in fact, I am almost never asked to actually show proof of AAA/AARP/GS, or any other. I can probably count on one hand the number of times that my word on the matter hasn't been satisfactory. It's not that they don't have the right to ask, it's just that 99 other places did not ask, and this one place thinks I am lying about it, which makes them a less enjoyable establishment than those other 99. Not a deal breaker by any stretch, just that it tells me something about the place.Really? If I'm a member and expect a discount I *want* to prove it. I don't want non-members to say they are and get my discount. The establishment doesn't know me or anyone else and therefore one's "word" doesn't mean anything. As for the OP's question: I agree with most others that it's the customer's responsibility to request applicable discounts.
pasusan 02/18/20 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Swing away Honda bracket.

What a great job you did! Thanks for the details...
pasusan 02/18/20 05:37am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Van Camping

We mostly camp in state or national parks. Sometimes we are sightseeing, sometimes we are enjoying the park for hiking. Often we combine the two. This spring we'll be staying at Ohiopyle State Park in PA to hike and to tour some Frank Lloyd Wright houses. After that we'll be taking a circle tour of state parks in NY and PA that have exceptional natural beauty - especially gorges - we love hiking. We're hoping to get up to the Bruce Peninsula later and then go to NYC again in the fall. We use our van pretty much like any RV. It is easier to get it ready to go than our trailer so we use it more. Didn't even dewinterize the trailer last year and it looks like we won't this year either... If you want to see where we've been check out our trip pics linked in my signature.
pasusan 02/14/20 04:22am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Which RV is right for you QUIZ

Mine came back as truck camper. Funny, i just bought a class "B" i like. It will take me down to the coast fishing or anywhere else i want to go for a day or couple weeks if i want.Mine came back as a truck camper too and we have a B. I think they forgot to add Bs in the quiz. Too few questions, but it was fun. :)
pasusan 01/28/20 09:29am RV Lifestyle
RE: Were older travel trailers built better?

I'm curious were travel trailers from 2008 and older built better? I noticed on some the cabinets just seemed "better" from the "older" days. What about pre-2000 were those built better? I certainly think so. Our trailer is a 1990 and it looks and works like new. The cabinets are oak, the kitchen sink is stainless, and believe it or not the frame is galvanized. Too many good things to detail... Also - it was made in Canada. Wouldn't trade it for a new one.
pasusan 01/27/20 05:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for RV parks near Boston MA

We stayed at Wompatuck State Park and took the ferry into Boston from Hingham. That was super easy and dropped us right at the main wharf. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/KVz4jkUNF7j7stivSBhy6_oCFz-3j7f5NUKZj9SjpJ1W9r1-NXGx-CvHqmttL5f6jGi95ndZWeFHhRO7CrDjLImhDAPBlsqsUFyhmrfeGADOxNPWj6r3OpqkGPiijanD04zvNi1vQA=w1439-h1079-no width=600 Boston is easily walkable and they also have the tour buses - no need to drive.
pasusan 01/21/20 06:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Smart Light Bulbs

Before you go with specific timers, outlets, or bulbs that work on their own (without a hub) think about what you might want to do in the future. We have Smartthings - a hub that hooks up to our home network and an app on the phone. We can control lots of smart things with it - even when we're not at home. The bulbs we have the most of are Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 bulbs. They can also be programmed for brightness - for instance we have a hall light that we leave on all the time - doesn't need to be super bright so it is at 60% during the day and 10% at night. We got the Smart stuff for when we're gone on trips so it looks like we're home, but it is so easy (and fun) that we just leave them programmed all the time.
pasusan 01/21/20 05:29am Technology Corner
RE: Why do I still look at my tankl level gauges?

Why do I press the button at all? I press it 'cuz the fresh water sensor works and I judge everything by that. We can fill up the FW tank twice before we need to dump. We do put lots of dishwater down the toilet.
pasusan 01/18/20 04:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

We don't need FHU, but definitely electric. Never - ever want to be anywhere near someone with a generator. It happened a few times and now we are particular. We mostly go to state or federal parks so almost never FHU. When the kids were with us we had the perfect camper - a 1974 Scotty. It had an interior propane light. Didn't even need a battery. But - those were the days when everybody didn't need electric and therefore a generator. Guess you can tell we don't like generators... :)
pasusan 01/14/20 10:25am General RVing Issues
RE: All ready to go

Good for you! Think I'll go out to the garage, sit in ours, and do some pretending.
pasusan 01/13/20 04:32am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

^^^^ OK guys - let's not get nasty... Just talking about how they travel cheaply. Who said I look down on them? :) On edit... Now that I'm feeling bad about this I have to say I didn't mean to sound snarky and if I did I apologize to Pangaea Ron. I enjoyed the story.
pasusan 01/12/20 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

They made more $$ renting their beach house than they spend on travel around the world. Well... Yeah... Look how they "travel"... a rented graffiti-encrusted mini-van in upper BC, Canada. They were from New Zealand, and were trying to cook in their rear mounted tailgate kitchen as it was starting to rain.
pasusan 01/12/20 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Wet Bath Toilet Cover

Here is an interesting article on this subject with a lot of great ideas:Wet BathsThat was a fun article. I do like the more relaxed approach - use a sponge or microfiber towel to dry and squeeze excess water out and down the drain. I think covering the toilet will cause more problems with having to dry the cover.
pasusan 01/04/20 05:46am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

I don't know about all this... We always figure campers are a cool and friendly bunch. We always meet people - never made any lifelong or even lasting friends, but often have hour or more long conversations. Not often actually in the campground though. If we pass by someone sitting outside we will wave and smile, but we would never just walk into their campsite and start talking - that is their space. Well - unless they have the same RV as ours - that has happened a few times. And people have actually come and knocked on our door to talk about our RV... We mostly meet people out on the trails. And then mostly at cool places where people come from all over to see. Very friendly folks still. I do agree with the northeast being colder - but only at those campgrounds where mostly local people come to. Everyone avoids eye contact with anyone not in their group. Oh well. As far as politics - somehow that subject never comes up. We must have been lucky so far and just met the polite folks, I guess.
pasusan 01/02/20 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: 2019

not so best, the next day as heavy winds and high water levels flooded out our campsite We went through a similar thing (but not the campsite) on Lake Erie at Maumee Bay State Park. A nor'easter blew the water up throughout the park. On the way there the water was across the highway in a few spots. Where were you camping on Lake Ontario? Looks beautiful!
pasusan 12/28/19 04:17am General RVing Issues
RE: 2019

I'm terrible at picking favorites - I loved all our trips this past year - our best year ever. So I asked dh and I'll go with that... The best was our spring trip to Michigan which included Tulip Time in Holland: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Eb5Qs0DT6QDhpX4mvkISgQ4Qk3VkorFZKfQ8aLhlmy1nLzSLo_C_dWc1oY2jnMQn4TRLTA_ATrlrS9976WUKhRPenc2YFKoSYq12PCDYAz4bNsLBXApXq8epCr1odqJsN3YvSh97Eg=w1000-h750-no width=600 Sleeping Bear Dunes: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZrgAh4O64wT34LOiJWrNXru63w6ISbzAlYUiHyHuUhUGBSTLtgBCzSdcOZe7c5v48mqFkEhAWRBHCr6p7_SLVzMJDc7mV_NEAeeeNzhvCswiEZQmt8_oIBSCRHPVuyuUpBWbWtYRxw=w1000-h750-no width=600 And Tahquamenon Falls in the UP: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IG5HUT3BH-4_jlKiNaLmcjEWcLGGDG0PyXKu6oBjO9ZDnCzdrzr7MJSlX0NeNN0kZYJI1I86fn-lFmcuvoF9ZUvyCeePxIfDNFHkbFPHJhbNSflTNq-JHX0GanwZruqMUTM8N6jAcQ=w1000-h750-no width=600 It was not possible to pick a worst. It really was an exceptional year. If you want to see where else we went click on the Trip Pics link in my signature. Happy New Year to ALL!
pasusan 12/27/19 04:36am General RVing Issues
RE: “Oh Oh, I’m not going to make it” stories that ended well

We had 2 very scary incidents a few years ago on the same trip, the same road. We were going south on I-81 in Virginia driving our Bronco and trailer with lots of traffic - mostly semi trucks. The first one - we were in the right lane behind a flat bed truck with a load. All of the sudden his huge white tarp blew off and was floating in the air ready to wrap us up including the windshield. I'm thinking we are done - how could we even come to a safe stop without being able to see? Luckily there happened to be an opening in the left lane and dh whipped us over there and we lived. Don't know what happened to that tarp or traffic behind us... The second one was later that day and we were in the left lane. Pickup truck in front of us with no tailgate. Case of beer falls off the back right in front of us. It held together really well - landed upright. I'm thinking OMG - there goes the oil pan, the exhaust system and then the trailer's tanks and who knows what else... Again dh was able to whip over into the other lane and avoid the catastrophe. Don't know who ended up running over that case of beer... I am so glad we have a Hensley hitch. And that my hubby has quick and safe reactions. :) I've also got one of those mountain road and brakes stories with my first car (a '63 Falcon) in the Colorado Rockies - but you all know how that went...
pasusan 12/24/19 05:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Fulltime family of 4: 2019 year in review

Thanks for the info... I am amazed at your cheap overnights - those Thousand Trails CGs must be losing lots of money on you - you have to use more in just electricity than they get from you. We are just travelers/campers and we spent almost as much as you on overnights this past year... But those overnights included NYC and the Keys. :) As an added thought - I think your kids are lucky!
pasusan 12/20/19 06:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Flip Phone

Page Plus Cellular is what we use with our old Verizon flip phone. We use it as an emergency phone and buy minutes ahead of time for less than 40 bucks per year...
pasusan 12/13/19 07:19am Technology Corner
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

I didn't read the whole thread - just scanned, but didn't see it mentioned where the Tesla dragged an F150. Here's the video. OK... Go ahead and watch the next video that comes up... :)
pasusan 11/28/19 06:16am Tow Vehicles
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