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RE: I-77 WV

I 77 is a well maintained road in West Virginia, I will gladly pay the toll and drive on a smooth road, rather than save a few dollars and drive on roads with no maintenance that beat you and your equipment to death It was worth the toll. HWY 19 is in bad shape in a lot of areas.
pbeverly 09/25/23 04:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Exhaust Fan

My bathroom fan stopped a couple years ago. Checking it out and if I bypassed the circuit board with the switches the fan worked fine. So I got a new circuit board and it worked for about a year. Now it is flakey. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. SOmetimes it works for a while then stops. I think the fan itself is fine. Thinking of skipping the circuit board and getting a 3 speed 12v mechanical switch and using that in it's place. Thoughts?
pbeverly 09/16/23 05:35am Travel Trailers
RE: I-77 WV

OP here. Finished this trip yesterday. Paid cash going thru toll booths and got thru very quickly. Two tolls going in and two coming back home for a total of $14. Would not have been worth dealing with EZ-Pass for this trip.
pbeverly 09/16/23 05:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: electric RV appliances

I love my propane. Nothing better than agas stove, not that we use it much in the camper. Nothing like the gas heater to take the chill off in the morning in the camper. Electric for water heater until we take showers or wash dishes, then the gas is turned on. Water heater recovers fast with gas, in fact, don't run out of hot water. Gas fridge stays cold when rolling down the road. Bought a gas fire ring. Sometimes don't want to deal with wood. Sometimes the fire rings are located in a bad location.
pbeverly 09/10/23 04:31am General RVing Issues
TPMS - Tire Pressure Increase

Tire pressure increases while traveling. In researching I have seen where a 25% increase in pressure is fine. So at 65PSI I could expect to see pressure up to around around 81 and all should be good. Any thoughts on this?
pbeverly 09/03/23 05:31am Travel Trailers
RE: In case you wonder

I live in SC where a few years ago they shut down the contruction of two new nuclear reactors due to conctruction mis-management and huge cost over runs. Two utilities companies were sharing the cost of the project. Before the whole project collapsed one of the companies wanted out because they didn't see the need for all that extra production. Fast forward to now. Last winter due to extreme cold there were some rolling blackouts in SC because the demand could not be handled. My power company sends out emails during expected high demand events (extreme cold and heat) which ask you to put off some high electrical use during certain hours during the extreme event. One of the things they ask and that you do not charge your EV. There is a lot of BIG industry moving to SC further creating demand issues. Yesterday during the daily walk with the wife I stated within 5 years they will wish they finished the new reactors. This morning a SC State Agency is now trying to figure out a paln for the future. New nuclear, convert old coal plants to gas...... It will take over a decade for any new power production to come online.
pbeverly 08/26/23 04:39am General RVing Issues
RE: AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Idk what your uses are for AA and AAA batteries that would make sense to keep up with the logistics of rechargeable ones. Only things I can think of in recent years that used batteries at the rate of maybe making sense and cents is the kids video game controllers when they were younger and headlamps on the job. Logistically maybe the first thing made sense. The second one not so much. I have a bunch of motion sensor lights in dark cloests in the house that use AAA. I also use the lights in the camper in the pantry and wardrobes. Wife has a mirror with a light that she uses at home and when we travel. Uses batteries on the road. Also have white buckets which I drop LED lights into for lighting when camping with grandkids. I typically buy 2 packs each of AAs and of AAAs Amazon Basic batteries a year. I had recharables back in the 90s I got from Radio Shack that were ****. I have been scared of them since.
pbeverly 08/24/23 04:45am Tech Issues
RE: Handheld air compressor

I have been happy with this. Handles the higher PSI tires well. I have a small handheld that is good for bikes. Worksite
pbeverly 07/22/23 04:34am Tech Issues
RE: directions

I use a paid subscription for TomTom on my phone. On the TomTom website I can tell it I put it in RV mode where I have entered my setup deails, length, width and heighth. It will then plan routes using that information. I can then study and tweak the route as needed. Once I am happy it saves the route and the app can synch to my phone. Couple years ago I did not do this and went on a trip in the Smokey Mountains, the GPS put me on roads I had no business being on towing a TT. Afterwards I discovered the TomTom feature I described above and experimented. For the Smokey Mountains trip I would switch between car and rv and it would change the route. When using the RV settings it avoided the road I should not have taken.
pbeverly 07/18/23 05:17am Beginning RVing
RE: I-77 WV

Really? I have used the EZ pass since it was offered and contrary to what you suggest they count the axles at MOST toll counters. I have used my PU with a 3 axle trailer, 2 axle trailer, DP with each of those trailers, and also carried the Smart car on our dolly.....all with the same transponder which I move from vehicle to vehicle. That pass has, I think, 7 vehicles registered to it. I always go through the EZ pass lanes and has never been a problem. Same with the overhead readers, don't know how they do it nor do I care but it has always worked. Last time I came out of MD into VA on 301 it was $18.00 for 4 axles and $36.00 for 5 axles. Posted right there for all to see. Good info. From the website I am not seeing that capability. My impression was it went with what I selected.
pbeverly 07/07/23 04:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for suggestions on our 14 day trip to the southeast

I suggest the Roaring Fork motor trail . It’s a great drive up and down the mountain with scenic pull offs along the way. It’s on my list to do every time we go to the mountains. If you do this go EARLY or LATE in the day. We went mid-day and it was horrible due to traffic. Once you are on it there is no turning back. It was so bad we didn't stop anywhere along the way. Lesson learned, when we did Cades Cover, we got there early and it was awesome. Stopped a lot along the way. It is the same as Roaring Fork, once you are on it there is no turning back.
pbeverly 07/06/23 04:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I-77 WV

They charge by the axle and why not an EZ pass? EZ pass does not allow to configure for the situation, truck with 2 axles pulling TT with 2 axles. Concern would be that I drive through EZ pass lane towing a TT and the authorities know that EZ pass can't be configured that way. I also looked at the Uproad app. It also cannot be configured for this situation. In addition if you do the Pay as You Go method they tack on 15%. 15% of $4 not a big deal, 15% of $41 isn't worth it.
pbeverly 07/06/23 04:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I-77 WV

First hit on Google shows this WV I-77 Toll Schedule $41.25 if you pay cash Here lies some of my confusion. That truck rate of 41.25 makes me think of commercial truck. Is a pickup truck towing a TT the same rate as a commercial truck? If it is that is fine. I will look into using Uproad as that would be better than stopping and paying.
pbeverly 07/05/23 04:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
I-77 WV

I will be coming up from NC on I-77 into WV heading to New River Gorge. I am seeing there are tolls on I-77 in WV. I looked at the website and found it confusing. They do not accept cards for toll payment. I will be pulling a TT so will have a total of 4 axels. Trying to get a handle on what the tolls will be so I can be ready.
pbeverly 07/04/23 04:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

pbeverly Which CC offers virtual cards? Thank you CitiBank. The expiration dates re 2 years out and at that point you can now extend the date out another 2 years.
pbeverly 06/28/23 04:23am Technology Corner
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

Every single repeating bill I have is done via autopay with either my CC or in a few cases bank checking account. probably two dozen or more /month. Been doing that for almost 20 years. never have had any issues, Collect the points on my CC, points pay for my airplane tickets, pay balance very month as autopay from checking, Unlike others I also DO have a debit card. Use it at the ATM to get cash when I want it. Pretty much the same here. My card allows me to create virtual credit cards. For anything online/phone no one gets my real credit card number. For instance, I have a virtual card just for streaming services. If that number was to get hacked only those services are affected. I close the virtual, create a new one. Since it isn't the real credit card number the whole world is not affected if it gets hacked.
pbeverly 06/27/23 04:53am Technology Corner
RE: Charleston SC

Bears Den said he isn't camping. We stay at a Hampton Inn in Mt. Pleasant right across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. At this point you would be very close to Patriot's Point if interested in visiting the Yorktown. I believe there is a ferry that goes from that area to Fort Sumter as well. Driving into Charleston from there is not that big of a deal. If money is no issue, try staying at Two Meeting Street Inn.
pbeverly 06/21/23 04:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Black Tank Treatments - Yay or Nay?

Calcium Nitrate is the chemical often used in black tank treatments. It is also used in wastewater treatment plants for among other things - guess what - odor control. It does not kill the bacteria beneficial to breaking down waste. The perfume smelly additives are generally organic citrus products and similarly harmless. Use the stuff if you want, or not, whatever floats your boat. RVs have holding tanks not septic systems. The holding tanks aren't designed for decomposition as nothing stays there that long.
pbeverly 06/12/23 04:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Black Tank Treatments - Yay or Nay?

Our tanks are left open when home and not in use. We close the tanks after getting to a camp ground or sometimes when leaving home then add water... the oil and blue stuff to the tanks. We use lots of water when flushing for the black tank or the grey tank/tanks. In fact we run the stool till the black tank sounds close to full. When traveling each day we flush when leaving and add lots of water then oil/blue stuff. You don't worry about critters crawling up your open tanks?
pbeverly 06/11/23 04:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Advice

You are seeing comments about the cost of a blowout being far higher than the cost of god tires. My blowout cost over $4000 and took 9 mmonths to get it 95%v fixed.
pbeverly 06/04/23 04:39am Travel Trailers
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