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RE: Towing analysis paralysis resolved. I think!

I noticed in your signature that you have MorRyde IS so no one can suggest that it should help the ride. I don't have IS and feel the ride is fine with my 15400 pounder with 8k axles, 17.5 wheels with MorRyde center point equalizer. So since you DO have IS, the hitch and pin box upgrade is about all you can do.
pcm1959 07/16/19 06:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rubber roof repair

If you are getting the roof replaced and keeping the RV is what you want go with the Permanent roof from RV Flex Armor. I had it installed at shy of $7k or my 2014 just for piece of mind. Extremely durable and absolutely NO caulk and NO maintenance. https://rvroof.com/
pcm1959 07/16/19 02:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: DRV water intrusion

I'm so glad I did not buy a DRV. Sure seems to be a lot of problems with them on the various forums. I think some won't admit since they paid so much:o. Sure have pretty paint though:W. I wonder why there are so many used ones listed for sale?
pcm1959 07/16/19 10:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing analysis paralysis resolved. I think!

You are doing the right thing. The MorRyde will help with fore/aft movement. I have a BD3 hitch and it really, really cushions the forces between an otherwise rigid truck/trailer connection. The money your are spending is probably less than the possible repairs needed in the future to repair the pin box area due to the harsh impact if you continue to use your current set-up. I'm amazed how many people don't even consider an air hitch for their truck when people on the forums ask for hitch recommendations. The difference is amazing in the noise and banging of the impact when on these harsh roads. Its great to look in the review mirror and see the pin box floating on the air hitch and not to have all the impact you are speaking of. I have the BD3 with a GM/Ford puck adapter. When I bought the BD3 the 5 was not on the market yet and there was no puck adapter. Then they came out with one. I'd love to sell the combo and get the BD5 that requires no adapter. I'm right at the max on the BD3 so the 5 would be a nice upgrade. Let us know the difference you experience when you get the upgrades installed and tested. You will love it! Safe travels.
pcm1959 07/16/19 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: need new tires

I have heard good things about the Endurance tires, too. Sizes are limited. What size are you looking for. That will help others with suggestions and experiences with different brands. I have 17.5 Goodyear G114. Great tires but very expensive. When I replace I'm going with Sailuns.
pcm1959 07/14/19 01:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: There's a reason to get rid of six-year-old tires.

Great looking Hitchhiker Roy. I'm guessing Goodyear g614 tires? Hope you get everything back in order soon. My rig is built a bit different than all the others in that the slide arms, wiring, etc., are pretty well protected once the slides are closed. I have nothing underneath the rig at all but an lp line and the disc brakes lines. My biggest fear is losing the brakes if I loose a tire. The only drawback I can see to e/h disc brakes is that if you loose one you loose them all. Good luck and safe travels.
pcm1959 07/12/19 08:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Our good friends got a new Cedar Creek...

No one has mentioned "finger pointing". Seems like since its left the dealers lot after a pre delivery inspection that FR and the dealer would blame who ever delivered it to it's current location. Any pix you could post of the damage?
pcm1959 07/11/19 08:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: SuperLube Axles

If these are the same thing as E Z lube, the system can work if done properly. There is a video on the Dexter site simulating the principle behind the system. Yes, the biggest risk is blowing out the rear seal which in turn would contaminate the brakes. If you elect to try it, its best to do when its warm out and even better when the hubs are warm as in just having been on the road. Lay the grease gun in the sun, too so help soften the grease. Lift the rig or each wheel off the ground and have someone turn it the entire time you are slowly pumping grease into the hub. Continue to this until you see clean grease coming out of the front. As others have said, its best to pack bearings the old fashioned way.
pcm1959 07/03/19 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Crossroads Carriage?

Like the B O Plenty said, there is absolutely NO relation or similarity to the Crossroads Carriage/Cameo and the original that went our of business after 40 years. Lifestyle was started up in 2013 as a direct carry-over of the original Carriage but with improvements. They folded in 2016. I agree that there are better choices in the used market than the new generation Carriage/Cameo or even the Redwood. Good luck in your search.
pcm1959 07/02/19 06:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged RV on roads on way home from Florida, anyone else?.

Just an update on our fiver. The 5er has been sitting on the lot of a repair shop waiting for the insurance company to get their hands off their butts to send someone out to show us where the manufacturers defect is. After many phone calls they agreed to have the wall removed inside at OUR expense unless they agree to the repairs. Well the wall is open and there is NO damage to the structure of the rv. As a matter of fact,the wall studs are metal and are the biggest ones we have seen in an RV. The studs are about 6 inches wide and there is no damage or broken welds in the area of the large crack. So now its yet another waiting game to see what excuses they come up with to get out of paying our claim, which is over $10,000. Wow. Please keep us updated. I have never had a claim and hope never to. I think my insurance is nearly $1300 a year on our 2014 fiver with a purchase price $73k. We do replacement cost in the policy so if it were totaled we'd get $73k towards a new one. I know that ups the premium but worth it to me. It would be great if you could post pix for the benefit of us all. Its always interesting to see these RVs with the front caps removed, et., etc.
pcm1959 06/21/19 02:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun tires

I am reading of more and more switching to Sailun 17.5 tires. They are even available my ordering on-line at Wal-mart for only $135 a tire. Amazing! My Goodyear g114 21575r17.5 tires with 20k miles on them still look new but have a manufacture date of 2013. So they are about to age out I guess despite how the look with even NO sidewall cracks. I keep them covered when parked, keep inflated to 115psi, and they are not weight maxed-out at all. I guess I should replace them soon. Thoughts?
pcm1959 06/19/19 03:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disc brake temps

My rig has Dexter Disc which I'm told can only use Dexter pads. At around 20k miles, they seem to be holding up well but they do produce dust. Anyone know what material their pads are? Thanks.
pcm1959 06/17/19 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: brakes

Do you mean while parked or not moving? I don't know about Ford but on GM trucks movement has to be detected for the trailer brakes to be activated by the brake pedal.
pcm1959 06/16/19 03:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disc brake temps

I recently checked mine. Those temps sound about right. Mine are Dexter and I have 17.5 wheels. In the 5 years I have had my rig, I will say that I think the brake dust may have deteriorated the clear coat on my wheels. I can't say for sure but I don't know what else would have done it as I don't use wheel cleaners on them. Enjoy your new disc and IS system. Safe travels.
pcm1959 06/15/19 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged RV on roads on way home from Florida, anyone else?.

Unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear this. Sounds to me like another weak/poorly made Lippert frame. JMO and by NO means am I defending the manufacturers, however, the basic RV suspension does little to reduce the shock transferred to the frame. MorRyde or similar center equalizers may help as well as shocks. Of course, IS would be best. Having quality, stiff 14 ply tires doesn't help either. While they are great to help prevent tire failures they have little flex to help absorb road shock therefore transferring all the impact to the frame through the axles and springs. I really, really realized this when I got my air hitch in the bed of the truck. I would imagine that the slide out crack resulted from the weakened frame allowing the weight of the slide-out to be shifted on its rollers resulting in a stress crack?? Sorry to hear about this and I hope you are able to find a good shop to help you with the repair since the insurance does want to help you out. The crack in the fiberglass can be repaired once the frame is repaired. Good luck and again sorry for this misfortune.
pcm1959 06/13/19 12:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is older really better than newer....

I'm convinced there are many new RVs coming right off the line with roof issues from the get go and the owner won't know it for years. I have seen multiple RVs going down the roof with a big air bubble under the roof membrane and how long will it be before the owner knows it and/or it does damage to the roof. Also, the air conditioning hold down bolts are a huge source of leaks. So depending on the interior ceiling panel type and insulation, it could never show-up inside. Meanwhile the roof decking is rotting. Any RV is a **** shoot regardless of price. Due diligence is required in maintaining them. So just because its new certainly is no guarantee. Only good thing is the warranty but then good luck getting it in for warranty service. I'm like JTrac…..committed to keeping ours. Its well built, I just installed the RV Flex Armor RV and I know the rig inside/out.
pcm1959 06/09/19 09:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is older really better than newer....

I definitely think the older ones (at least prior to 2014) are better built. As time goes on, everything is production and not quality. I have attended the TAMP RV Super Show for about 12 years now. I have seen a steady decrease in quality fit and finish even on what are considered quality rigs. All the better companies like Teton Carriage, Lifestyle, Excel, NuWa are gone. The manufactures know how to distract from shoddy workmanship by all the glitz and glam. I'd take my 2014 over anything new on the market. you can take any older rig that has been properly maintained and upgrade the suspension or install a RV Flex Armor Roof and redo the interior and probably have a better rig than what you buy new. If something was to happen to ours, I'd probably take my time to shop for a used one of the brands I mentioned. Good luck.
pcm1959 06/08/19 07:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun tires

FYI: http://www.sailuntyre.eu/about/history.html
pcm1959 05/11/19 07:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: peak traffic times in cities

I think it really varies from city to city based on a number of factors. Besides the obvious rush hour times, sometimes the roadways make a huge difference based on the state of construction they may or may not be in. For example, the best kept secret for years through Jacksonville, FL, was the I-295 E Beltway - formally known as 9A. Now with the addition of the 9B connector and all the construction on the East beltway its not a good deal to got that way. I-95 right through Jacksonville is now pretty much complete so its just about better to just stay on I-95. I pull our fiver right through downtown Atlanta, too. I have found going around to be no faster and the road was bet to heck. I think its just a roll of the dice. Anyone else??
pcm1959 05/05/19 06:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just found water damage

Wallpaper......or get creative and do some bead board with chair rail trim.
pcm1959 04/30/19 07:24pm Fifth-Wheels
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