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RE: 4 year old Forest River vent covers already failed

The MaxAir covers are your answer. 185,000mi on 2 Tiffin coaches with those covers and NEVER had a problem. They still look and feel new on the present coach (110k miles)
pigman1 11/28/19 06:43am Tech Issues
RE: Space Heater

We have 2 of these (1500W ea.) that I got on sale about 3 years ago. Heaters Less than $20 each. We run these in Alaska unless temps are well below freezing and DO NOT have dedicated circuits, although each heater is on a separate circuit breaker protected circuit. In addition DW has a very small under desk type electric heater for the small half bath. In addition, we run a glove and boot drier when necessary. Boot drier. Have never popped a CB and when temps get very cold the standard rear LP heat takes care of the underdeck and tanks along with a 100W incandescent bulb in the wet bay.
pigman1 11/15/19 10:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Pusher upgrading to heavier toad-advice needed

Interesting. Do we have any thermodynamics trained individuals out there who might comment on this. When I went through my engineering thermo courses it seems to me that the overall power (efficiency) of ANY heat engine (gas, diesel, turbine, etc.) was always higher as the temperature spread between engine operating temp and outside air temp increased. In plane language higher efficiency as it got colder out there. As far as the airplane example was concerned, the reduction in payload was caused by a reduction in density altitude at takeoff. That could have effected the airplane two ways. Either the runway was too short and the reduced engine efficiency did not allow a the heavy plane to accelerate to takeoff speed before you ran out of pavement, or the takeoff speed needed to be higher due to less dense air caused by the heat and airport altitude, and you were still in danger of running out of pavement. Each aircraft has performance diagrams that tell the pilots (or commercial airlines dispatcher) how the aircraft is going to perform with a given load, temperature, and density altitude.
pigman1 11/10/19 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Pusher upgrading to heavier toad-advice needed

If you see it at all, it'll probably be very slight. We always pull the Silverado and most of the time it's empty or close to empty, but when we head to Alaska (9 times so far) the truck goes about 8100 lb. Most times I'll see a tenth or 2 on my bus mileage, but sometimes nothing.
pigman1 11/05/19 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transynd ??

Most truck and bus sales/repair places will have it too. My local Cummins dealer also carries it and I believe I saw it at my local Tractor Supply, but it doesn't show up at their WEB site.
pigman1 10/21/19 07:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lock for generator

Though I have a different brand of generator, I lock mine in place when in use. I'm using a Masterlock Python model. I drilled a hole through the frame plate since it was all too easy to remove on bolt to slip the lock off the handle. Affiliate link here: https://amzn.to/2BrbHsP I use 2 of these Masterlock Pythons, wrapping around the generator on both sides, and going through a hole drilled in the rack it sits on. I found that Home Depot has these in 8' for a couple bucks more than Amazons 6' length, which was not long enough to go around my generator and rack. Home Depot Yes, a determined thief can go through these, but there are 2, and will take some time. We did a 10 week trip to Alaska, and the gennie is still sitting on its rack.Sounds like a plan. Based on 11 trips I've made to Alaska (9 full summers up there) that's about the last place I'd expect you to have that sort of a problem. Alaskans I've met (and there has been a bunch of them) would be more apt to go out of their way to help you than steal anything. The guy I knew who lost his generator was on the desert in -----------------wait for it--- Yep, California.
pigman1 10/21/19 06:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Really scary incident tonight - almost lost my tow!

I have found that on my setup (blue ox base plate and ready Brute Elite bars) that if I put the pins in from the outside to the inside they work toward the outside and when I get where I am going they are really tight against the cotter pin. I can see where it would eventually cause a failure. So, now I put the pins in from the inside out and it works it's way to the curve in the pin which is far less risky and no stress at all on the cotter pin. I hope that made sense. OUTSTANDING INFORMATION!! Everyone should follow way2roll's system, regardless of their brand of hitch. Normal hitch motion will always move the pins outboard. Locking pins too, but they will slow the idiots out there who think pulling pins is funny.
pigman1 10/21/19 01:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lock for generator

Yeah, a determined thief will have it if he wants it. We camped next to a guy who had his tied to his rig with a VERY LARGE grade 70 DOT transport chain and security lock and they cut it in just a few minutes and stole the genny. You may slow them down, but that's it.
pigman1 10/21/19 01:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grand Canyon (South Rim) to Sedona in 2020

Rt 89A has restrictions prohibiting travel for trucks over 50'. These are posted on signs in Prescott Valley, Clarkdale, Sedona and near Fort Tuthill. These restrictions DO NOT apply to RV's, but unless you are VERY EXPERIENCED in mountain driving, would bear serious consideration. The restrictions are because on some portions of the road the combination of the crown and roadside rock cliffs are a real danger to tall RV's. In addition, the road is very narrow and oncoming traffic prevents you from using the other lane. This same problem is also very evident on some right hand hairpins where the rig rear will tend to move in toward the cliff. Left hairpins also present a problem due to the rear of long vehicles impinging on the opposite direction traffic lane. Then there's the grades. Although unmarked, I'd believe a number are well in excess of 10%. Finally, although not mentioned by the OP, 89A through Jerome is quite tricky as it is a very busy tourist town with pedestrians and a lot of traffic, very narrow town streets and buildings right at the edge of travel lanes. 89A can be negotiated with an RV, but for the vast majority of RVers, other routes are recommended,
pigman1 10/21/19 01:08pm Roads and Routes

My wife had the same issues so when we started running routes with drop-offs, she'd go back and sit at the dinette. Now she drives these routes with the 43' coach and full size pickup toad and doesn't turn a hair. Just a question of getting used to it, SLOWLY. OP has a 5th wheel. Sitting at the dinette table probably NOT going to resolve issue :BOOPS!! Sorry about that, I completely missed that point. BTW, tried to apologize as soon as Old-Biscuit posted my mistake and found the post closed, and no way to find out why or if it had been moved and where it had been moved to.
pigman1 10/20/19 02:33pm Roads and Routes

My wife had the same issues so when we started running routes with drop-offs, she'd go back and sit at the dinette. Now she drives these routes with the 43' coach and full size pickup toad and doesn't turn a hair. Just a question of getting used to it, SLOWLY.
pigman1 10/18/19 05:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Replacing toilet... flange question

There are about as many flange/mounting systems for RV toilets as there are toilets. Some are compatible with numerous models and some are not. Check the installation instructions on your new toilet and see exactly what is required.
pigman1 10/01/19 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: travel to Haines Alaska

The roads up north are generally pretty good. Some construction here and there but just take it slow and things there are fine. If they're driving down from Haines Junction, YT, they can expect few, if any, services on that road. In addition, the customs/border crossing is NOT open 24 hours, so they need to time their run to hit it when it's open. As others have said, make sure they check the weather closely and often. Things up there change very quickly and you can't expect an open motel or restaurant just down the road, so plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. BTW, the Alaska Highway was closed near Haines Junction for snow around August 20th this year, and when we went through a week later there was NO SNOW to be see except on the peaks.
pigman1 09/22/19 11:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Grote 46003 clearance light gaskets!!

I understand your issues. Seems like a total waste to have to replace the light just for a gasket, but that seems to be the throw away society. Any auto supply store should have a fair supply of various gasket material that can be cut as you need. If you need rubber, have you thought of an inner tube? Available at farm suppliers, auto supply shops or even bicycle shops. You'll have to do a bit of cutting, but....? As to the rivets, how about just drilling out the rivets and replacing them with stainless screws? You might have to put in some plastic/nylon sheetrock anchors or other expanding type anchors (Molly fasteners) if the holes in the caps are bigger than the largest screw that will fit the lamp.
pigman1 09/20/19 08:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane tank recertification

You can't inspect the cylinder interior without bleeding the propane. For $5 I smell a rat. Propane Tanks are not subject to DOT certifications, therefore no inspection even on 50 yo. And yes, there are lot of 50 yo tanks around.No rat, whatsoever. I had 3 tanks recertified at my local farm supply store last year while I waited. They are also a propane supplier and can change valves and do ANY service required on propane cylinders. The standard recertification is simply an external corrosion and damage inspection. I watched while he did it. He did replace the warning labels and ID labels which had been severely scraped and defaced through use. NO INTERNAL INSPECTION REQUIRED.
pigman1 09/18/19 02:58pm Truck Campers
RE: hydraulic leveling jack replace / rebuild

I had a rear HWH jack that would not fully retract and was replaced at Red Bay. My cost for part and labor so I asked for and got the malfunctioning cylinder. Took it to my local ESECO hydraulic repair facility and they rebuilt it for a bit over $125. It did take a while as they had to special order the necessary seals, but I now have a spare if/when I need it. Cheap insurance. Very easy R&R.
pigman1 09/16/19 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Again, Admin Opening Tongass National Forest...

https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/trump-pushes-to-allow-new-logging-in-alaskas-tongass-national-forest/2019/08/27/b4ca78d6-c832-11e9-be05-f76ac4ec618c_story.htmlOh yeah, that's an even handed, non-political, truth seeking publication that has no political axes to grind and ALWAYS publishes stories with both points of view of the subject by well known learn-ed individuals. Yep, always.
pigman1 08/31/19 08:32pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Again, Admin Opening Tongass National Forest...

Another green joke? This is a National Forrest we're talking about. Remember...The Land Of Many Uses. Not a National Park, Not a Wildlife Preserve, Not a National Monument. Anyone out there ever actually camped (RV'd) in a logged over national forest? I have in a logged over area (the Tongas)in Alaska and it was wonderful. The logging companies maintained the roads, put in campsites (they were free), and furnished free firewood. We watched a bald eagle nest hatch 3 eggs while we were there. The slope was so great we looked DOWN into the nest. But there was NO erosion. Until the tree huggers started trying to protect every tree, the logging industry in Alaska thrived. Yes, there were abuses, but those have ceased and the current management practices work well. It's a balance, trees grow and die, streams erode with or without logging, wildlife locate to the best area for them, be it virgin forest or cut over land renewing itself with planted trees. Lets start to get real folks. Go camp there, THEN start to see what's really happening. Watch a grizzly use the Alaska Pipeline as a super highway for travel because it's easier than traveling the tundra, watch Musk Oxen using a 1 acre field surrounded by oil pipes at Prudhoe Bay as a refuge while their calves nursed and cavorted, and watch the horses and cattle grazing within 50' of producing oil wells in the Texas Permian Basin. The vast majority of the **** you read is some die hard tree hugger who was never there, feeding stories to gullible news writers who are looking for a headline about anything. Wake Up and SEE IT then start a reasonable conversation.
pigman1 08/30/19 07:37am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Problem Removing the AC Shroud

I'd suspect some sort of thread locker. Blue is supposed to be such that it can be loosened with hand tools and red is supposed to only release with the addition of heat. I'd check the threads closely on the removed screws. BTW, I would definitely recommend Loctite blue for those screws. I've seen too many air conditioner shrouds along the highway, and had found some screws on my units beginning to back off before I started using the stuff.
pigman1 08/11/19 11:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tool chest in MHbasement

Rather than try the one size fits all box, I went to Walmart and got a series of interlocking plastic drawers (with holders) that I piut in one of the smaller compartments. 3 wide 5 high. Put a number of sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, fuses, meters, hammers, etc, in each with labels on the outside. Also, in a compartment with a large slide tray I put a piece of plywood between floor supports where I store plastic fishing lure boxes with screws, washers, nuts, cotter pins, o-rings, and all the kit boxes such as heat gun, manometer, small socket set, Dremel and pieces, electrical butt connectors, splices, and terminals, etc. Since this storage area is above the bottom of the frame rails, it was wasted space. I'm an old farmer and mechanic and feel naked without ALL my stuff. Has worked very well when I have a problem on the road in a remote area of Yukon, BC, Alberta, Alaska, and even the southwest. Only down side is the extra weight, but I'll gladly pay that freight. Sorry about no pic's, but I can't seem to get things to post right. If anyone's interested, PM me with your email address and I'll send .JPG.s back.
pigman1 08/02/19 01:10pm Class A Motorhomes
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