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RE: Camping World Fail (Again)

Another Sears in the making. A company that had a great marketing nitch, reasonable products that had a particular group of customers, and stood behind their product line. Craftsman, appliances, work clothes. And then they lost their way and went to designer this and that, no catalog sales, etc. Appliance repair parts about impossible to find. We studied Sears in my MBA courses as an example of what not to do and Camping World is another prime example. We've gone from a frequent customer to an occasional customer to "I'll never deal with them again". Too bad but that nitch is open again and someone will eventually step up to fill it.
pigman1 04/05/20 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

I have 8 brackets on each panel that hold to the panel with 1/4" stainless screws/knobs. Since each panel can be raised in any of the 4 primary directions, I've adjusted the brace lengths for summer and winter in the southern part of the US and the same for the northern part of the US. Not exactly optimum for each panel, but by using approximations I'm probably pulling at least 90% out of each panel. Of course this means I have to be aware of the orientation of the bus and need to park it as close to the cardinal headings as possible. Since we boondock a lot and don't put the panels up unless we'll be in one place for 3-4 days or more this method works well for us.
pigman1 03/25/20 08:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trinity Site Tour Canceled 4/4/30

Too bad. A very interesting place. The start of the atomic age. Three places you don't want to miss in central New Mexico, Trinity Site, the Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, and Los Alamos. A nice side trip on the way south from Los Alamos is Jamez Springs. One absolutely gorgeous drive through the mountains and an ancient volcanic caldera. We spent 5 years at Kirtland AFB.
pigman1 03/24/20 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas prices

Big discussion on gloves??? You're in an RV. If you are concerned...GO BACK AND WASH YOUR HANDS. If you are NOT concerned... GO BACK AND WASH YOUR HANDS. This is not rocket science.
pigman1 03/23/20 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices

Some tax is assessed as a cost per gallon, but some tax is assessed as percentage of the sales price. That's the one the states and local authorities will be screaming about. Also, when only half(?) the people are going to work, school, vacation, whatever, total gallons sold are going way down, along with per gallon revenue. A perfect storm.
pigman1 03/21/20 07:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices

Yes on the small business and yes on the markup. If you're in the business of dealing in a commodity that is as volatile as the oil business and are not offsetting your risk and ensuring your profits in the futures markets you should not be in that business. A simple look back into the futures/retail spreads will give you a good idea of historical profit margins and markups. Today's numbers are telling the gouging tale. The guy who doesn't offset costs and volatility in these ways is either stupid or too lazy to learn and figures he'll make a killing when times are good and then quit when things go bad. Transportation costs are the same issue. If you're getting gouged by your local transporter, find a way around it. Cooperative ventures with local owner operators, leasing equipment and space on trucks are also ways to control costs and risk, but you need to get off your butt and learn the system and the ways to get around in the road blocks. There are folks out there who are smart enough and resourceful enough to do this and still deliver a good product at a fair price but too many are willing to succumb to the lure of the fast buck for a quick hit and out.
pigman1 03/20/20 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices

Folks, gasoline futures this Friday morning are $ 0.67 a gallon. Yes that's futures but retail costs follow these closely on the way up and are very sticky going down. Add Federal state and local taxes and price you pay at the pump should be somewhere around $1.50-1.60 or lower. The retail establishments are literally committing highway robbery. And guess who's got the gun and who's the victim. And then, of course there's California and the rest of the west coast. Just can't wait till I hear them start to cry about lost tax revenue. Boo-Hoo, or should I say BS.
pigman1 03/20/20 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

Not too bad. Of course it only cuts in one direction so you'll need double the strokes. Size and cost are also a big plus, but I've been carrying a saw like the first listed here for a number of years. 2 man crosscut. Easy to use by one or two people, very easy to sharpen and cuts very fast.
pigman1 03/15/20 04:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Save a bit on fuel

Gasoline futures is $1.174 a gallon. Of course you need to add tax to that, but based on historical prices, that should give you prices at the pump somewhere around $1.60- 1.75. Of course prices are sticky going down and extremely slippery going up, but right now retail at the pump dealers are making a KILLING.
pigman1 03/10/20 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

Looks fine to me. If you don't like the looks of the wall, turn around and look north. If you want to see the other side of the wall, look through the slats or go to a crossing point and then put your back to the wall and look south.
pigman1 03/05/20 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Filtering Gasoline from Tranfer Tank

I've been using manual fuel pumps with replaceable fuel filters for many years on the farm. They are available with suction lines that fit in drums, pickup tanks and in up to 500 gal tanks. Just go to any farm supply store and ask. Can you be a bit more specific? I am not familiar with these and I really not sure how to ask some kid at a store like that. We have tractor supply here will that do? Yes, tractor supply should have what you need.Might not be cheap.Agree, also Granger, Southern States, Agri Supply, etc. Just do a search for Agricultural Supplies. You can buy the fuel filter housing and filters separately. I've been using the same Fill-Rites with filters for over 42 years. (Yes, we did change filter cartridges) Don't know how long they were on the farm before I bought it.
pigman1 02/25/20 02:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Filtering Gasoline from Tranfer Tank

I've been using manual fuel pumps with replaceable fuel filters for many years on the farm. They are available with suction lines that fit in drums, pickup tanks and in up to 500 gal tanks. Just go to any farm supply store and ask.
pigman1 02/25/20 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

Ya - try saving up that 20K mortgage down payment on you 15 dollar an hour job after all your bills, and oh yea - when they pull SNAP benefits out from under you.$5000 a month would be around $4000 a month take home pay. Rent of $1000.00. Food an overly generous $1000.00. Insurance, gas, utilities, inexpensive car payment etc. $1000.00 That leaves you $1000 a month. You would have your down payment in less than 2 years. And I bet if someone was actually motivated they could cut those expenses by a third. And that is only each person working 40 hour a week when there are 168 hours in that week. How about working some overtime, a part time job, a side hussle or any number of things to make some extra cash? But I do agree saving $20,000 for a down payment is difficult to impossible for people who spend willy nilly, take vacations, never miss a night out and complain that life isn't fair. Got $20 bucks in your pocket, forget eating hamburgers at home, lets go out and put steak dinners on the credit card, we can still make the minimum payment. And when did SNAP benefits become a budgeting tool? Somehow, myself, my brothers and sisters and as far as I know all my friends have somehow managed to navigate life's ups and downs without taking a penny of government assistance. And no, we were not born into wealth, none of us had anything but middle class upbringing and public school education. Our parents worked middle class jobs and worked extra nights and weekends if necessary. If you can't feed your family on $1000 a month you probably should have kept your rascal wrapped or your legs crossed, if you know what I mean. If someone has a mental or physical issue that doesn't allow them full access to jobs and careers I am highly in favor of public assistance and it should be much more than is given today. But if someone's financial problems can be traced to life choices I take a pretty hard line, that being "you made your bed, so lie in it and if you don't like it get off your arse and change it".Boy, did you hit the nail dead on the head. Funny how everyone cries about being poor, but all have the $1000 I-Phone, unlimited data and calling, eat out 4-6 times a week or have 30 take-out menu's sitting on the desk and are sitting with their buddies in the bar till closing. And asking what other free stuff is available for me to get? Jobs? Oh, they don't pay a living wage... So get 2, many of us did. Beneath your dignity...Is eating beneath your dignity? Cruel?...Uncaring?...I'll help anyone willing to get out there and WORK, SACRIFICE and use something called SELF CONTROL, but I'm sick of the "FREE STUFF GAME. And yes, I speak from personal experience. Before I graduated from college I was married, had 2 kids, worked 2 full time jobs and never took a cent from family or government.
pigman1 02/24/20 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

If these people are complying with all the campground rules and regs, they have every right to have a space and occupy it UNDER THE RULES. Age of their rig, beauty or ugly, makes absolutely no difference other than it offends your finer sensibilities. On the other hand, if they are not paying their rent, violating campground rules or local zoning or health department ordinances, you have every right to be upset. The rules are for everyone and should be applied equally, regardless of their appearance or the age of their rig. If the rules are not being applied equally, you have the option to move or to make your displeasure known to the owners/managers.
pigman1 02/22/20 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best *mid priced* Kinetic Recovery Rope?

I've been recovering trucks, airplanes and pieces, farm equipment and anything else you can imagine since I was 18. Obviously, this is an "OFFROAD THING" and if you're not in that group, no one is interested in alternate/better ideas. As I said, you get what you pay for. If your mind's made up why ask?
pigman1 02/07/20 06:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Best *mid priced* Kinetic Recovery Rope?

You get what you pay for. If you don't know how to pull out a stuck vehicle these "Kinetic Recovery Ropes" are a way to cover up any number of stupid mistakes...Maybe. Take a look at "Highway to Hell" on the Weather Channel and tell us how many kinetic rope recoveries you see. ZERO!! These guys are the professionals and know what they're doing.
pigman1 02/07/20 08:16am Truck Campers
RE: Quick overnight

We do it all the time. Since we stop fairly early, 5-6PM, we usually don't have a problem getting a spot and we usually leave at 3-5AM. Never had a problem sleeping, even with trucks running or moving in and out.
pigman1 02/04/20 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Alaska Highway Campgrounds

FWIW, - As noted, lots of pullouts to use along the way. - - - - Purely anecdotally, an increasing number of the pullout spots on the road system in Alaska are getting some sort of signage that purportedly bars "overnight" or "camping"....don't know if it's being enforced or not.We've seen a number of these signs in BC and southern Yukon but when we pass such signed locations in the early morning hours (we start at 3:30 - 5 AM) they are invariably full of overnighters with no sign of law enforcement or citations. There are also a number of unsigned locations. We regularly use these signed locations for overnight stops and have never been approached by LEO's in 9 round trips north.
pigman1 01/22/20 04:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Highway Campgrounds

Your choice as to what you need as far as an RV park. We've driven from Delaware to Alaska and back 9 times and have NEVER had a reservation and have NEVER stayed at an RV park. Lots of pullout areas to overnight in.
pigman1 01/22/20 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: State route 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona

These 3 members know how to drive in the mountains. Others have trouble on a straight Interstate with 16' lanes. Know your capabilities and your limitations and learn from those more highly skilled.
pigman1 01/17/20 02:29pm Roads and Routes
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