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RE: Tag axle question

No, not hardly. Whether the wheel dish faces out (like the drive axle) or in (like the front wheel) really depends on the coach design in that area. When a shorter tag axle is chosen the brake drum or disk is positioned in line with the drum (disk) on the drive axle. The tag wheel can then be mounted dish out to match the drive axle. When a coach designer chooses a long tag axle the brake drum or disk is mounted considerably further out and the wheel is then mounted with the dish facing in. Although I haven't been under one of these mounts, I expect the designer is using some of that added width (brake to brake) to mount other items. I agree it looks a bit stupid though. Tiffin tags are are on a narrow axle so the tag wheel mount matches the drive axle outer wheel look and tracks the outer drive wheel. Our Bus had over 110,000 miles since it was built in 2013 and wheel bearings are just fine. 5 round trips to Alaska over some very poor and some very good roads.
pigman1 07/12/20 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stay on your own side....

You can't cure stupid. After the 1000 bucks I expect they'll be escorted to the border. Getting into Canada may be interesting the next time they try it. Canadians have computers too.
pigman1 07/06/20 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish Hardware

If the OP is still following this thread and hasn't made the switch to Dish yet, note that DTV has now negotiated out of market retransmission agreements with CBS, NBC, and Fox for DNS carriage. They're working on ABC...Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends... I went through 3 levels of supervisors at DTV and all swore they did NOT have those contracts despite all the ATT spokespeople saying they did and all the trade journal articles. Also it seems ATT has issued another postcard saying this is possible, with no details of course, after they tried the "we'll reduce your bill" approach (I didn't buy that one either.). Maybe ATT is starting to feel the bite? Bottom line: I'm on Dish now, with a recorder I didn't have before, for about $23 a month cheaper for more channels. Also MUCH easier and simpler install in the house and RV for all the stations I want wherever I go. Looks like I should have done this a LONG while ago. A slow learner I guess, but I eventually get it right.
pigman1 06/27/20 07:56am Technology Corner
RE: Climbing steep grades...

"We are around 25mph when we reach the top." IMHO: If the best you can do on a 6 percent grade on the interstate is 25 mph you have waaaay too much Toad and/or not nearly enough power for the load you are expecting it to haul. Even heavily loaded 18 wheelers do better than that. Class C's over 30' tend to have very little payload available and adding a Toad that is very close to your max towing capability is a recipe for disaster. You may be FunTwoDrv but probably are not much fun to follow. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :EHUH??? Have you driven I-17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff or Flagstaff to Phoenix??? I've been down to 15mph or lower behind heavy trucks when passing was impossible on that route. If you can live with the reduced speed on a hard climb and your engine and transmission is not overheating, and you're running within weight limits, YOU ARE NOT OVERLOADED AND YOUR TOAD IS JUST FINE. You do not have to fly up steep hills at 70mph. Frankly, someone having fun following me up a steep hill does not concern me at all. I will be in the right lane, obeying the local and state laws. and if my speed bothers you, go around. My job is not to keep someone behind me having fun.
pigman1 06/22/20 06:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Grease on rear wheels

No big deal. Pull the axle cap (or wheel cover) so you see the ring of bolts holding the axle flange to the wheel hub assembly. Pull one of the nuts/wheel studs and check it's size so you can go to the internet and get the proper torque you need on these. The wheel and hub will stay on so no need to worry about loose wheel bearings. Replace and re-torque all to the proper value, then use a solvent soaked rag to clean all residual from the hub, cup in the wheel, and inside and out of the axle cap or wheel cover. The rear end lube also goes out the axle shafts and lubes the inner and outer wheel bearings. a very little lube leaking at that point can be spread around and appear to be a lot more than actually has leaked. The axle shaft flange and wheel have a paper thin gasket to help seal the joint. Any truck brake, truck spring or even a truck alignment firm should be able to get you a gasket. replacing it is just a matter of removing the bolts or studs, pulling the axle out an inch or two and sliding the new gasket in to replace the leaking one. When working on it raise that wheel by jacking or parking on a slope so the rear end lube flows toward the other side.
pigman1 06/21/20 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Time to find an OTA DVR. I have been using a Tablo OTA DVR since cutting the cord about 5 years ago. We are pleased. I only wish I had sprung for the 4 tuner model instead of the 2 tuner model.Sorry, won't work where we travel. No Internet, No cell service. If it don't come by satellite, we can't get it (and even then sometimes not due to mountains and latitude).
pigman1 06/19/20 07:58am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

OK, it finally happened. Up until about 10 days ago I was receiving all DNS channels, both east and west, HD and standard Def. At that time they cut me off from CW and ABC. As Bill.Satellite says, no big deal. Today they cut ALL DNS channels. After about 2+ hours on the phone and working through 3 supervisors I found they've gone back to the story about them not having contracts with ANY network, so they pulled the plug on everything. This, of course, flies in the face of what the ATT spokespeople saying that the only contracts they didn't have were ABC and CW and all the communications/cable publications putting out the same story. Don't know why and don't really care anymore. It looks like I'm heading to Dish. Does anyone have a phone number at Dish that deals with RV's and Dish DNS special considerations? I've called them a couple of times and gotten conflicting info each time from their regular subscription signers.
pigman1 06/18/20 08:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

A number of years ago we were southbound from Springfield, MO to Branson and stopped in a diner for lunch. There were 2-3 other class A's with toads in the lot as well . When we came out there were a number of police officers present.I found one rig had it's toad stolen. Seems it didn't have any locked pins and it had the key in the ignition. See it coming? Yep, gone. Your choice how you tow.
pigman1 06/18/20 03:26pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

I had a hitch arm fail and bend over one of these Blue Ox pins. Hitch Pins To disconnect the toad I had to remove the locking end and pound the pin out but the key port was destroyed. It took a VERY large hammer, a very heavy drift and a LOT of pounding before the locking end finally let go. Once that end is properly locked on, It won't let go. Not sure about your pin pictured.
pigman1 06/17/20 03:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Climbing steep grades...

Just another thought. If you have a PAC or Jake break, be sure you use them going down. General guidance is same gear going down as going up, but of course, if you've never driven the road, that's a bit difficult. However, same general procedures going down as going up. Downshift to what you think might be right and slow down to keep from overturning the engine. After you down shift, if the coach is slowing on the hill, feed it a bit of gas as long as RPM's stay in a reasonable range. If not, up shift one and start the procedure over again. If you are accelerating as you start down, use the service brake to slow down below the first speed you selected and see what RPM/speed does. If speed starts up again, downshift a gear, slow down and start the process over again. This sounds complicated but as you gain experience, you'll be able to guess the necessary RPM/speed closer and closer. Just know that this is a continuous process that never ends due to traffic, road grade changes and other conditions vary, but you'll find it easier as you gain practice. After a while you'll find yourself doing these things without conscious thought and then you'll find mountain driving can actually be fun. Besides, the views are great.
pigman1 06/16/20 03:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Climbing steep grades...

Unless you're going up the side of Mt Everest or your fan clutch is inop, your rig will probably handle any slope you choose to climb, and without overheating. The trick is that you DO definitely slow down. On a slope, watch the temp gauge and as it starts up, downshift a gear. If it's still climbing, drop down another gear. Of course, when you keep dropping gears you also have to slow down to keep the RPM's in a reasonable range. We regularly drive to Alaska pulling an 8000lb plus pickup and don't have any problem on those roads with grades up to 9%. I am definitely going slower, however. I have been down to 10-15mph on some really steep back roads, but driving this way does work. If you want to fly up any grade, trade your rig for a 600HP Cummins (LOL)
pigman1 06/16/20 02:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Diamond Shield removal

I peeled a 2008 Allegro Bus and installed a bra from RV Bra. When I ordered my 2013 I specified NO Diamond Shield in the order, but it came through with it installed. After a bit of yelling, Tiffin peeled it, and repainted where necessary and I got my second bra from the the RV and Offroad folks. we now have over 110,000 miles on the coach and have had occasional hits from rocks that did nothing but put a small chip in the paint underneath. These chips are easily fixed. If I got the the hits I got with the bra on with only having Diamond Shield on, the Diamond Shield would have had to be peeled at least 6-8 times because you can't fix paint chips under Diamond Shield without peeling it. We have driven to Alaska 9 times and the front of our coach looks like new. When the bra is exposed to mud, dirt and road debris I remove it and hose it off, front and back. NO PAINT SCRATCHING under it and we probably run about 100 miles a year on gravel/dirt roads.
pigman1 06/06/20 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Narrow Staple Gun

It's probably an air stapler. I had one once and I think the staples were pretty narrow. LinkYep. This is what is needed. They come in a wide variety of leg lengths. They can run at air pressures down to 50 lb or so depending on leg length and hardness of the wood.
pigman1 06/04/20 05:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Just another update. 7:45PM eastern 6/3, and I still have all DNS channels, east.and west coast, HD and standard definition. These guys are unbelievable
pigman1 06/03/20 05:49pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

8:45 eastern 6/2, and I still have all DNS channels, east and west coast, HD and standard definition.
pigman1 06/02/20 06:47am Technology Corner
RE: Overhead Clearence

Well and good. I worked the survey parties that went into the field to verify that the job was completed according to the contract engineering plans and drawings. I also worked in the engineering office where the necessary work orders were drawn up and forwarded to the other sections for actions. What they're doing now, I don't know, but I watched how it worked when I worked there. As Dirty Harry said "Are ya' feelin' lucky, P____?" My suggestion. Know your height by measuring it. If you have any question, go another way or hang on the ladder with a phone and look close while someone creeps under the bridge.
pigman1 05/29/20 07:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Overhead Clearence

I've seen state highway overpass signs in NY being updated while the contractor was still compacting the new blacktop.Yeah, that too. It all depends on how the contract was written.
pigman1 05/28/20 08:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: Overhead Clearence

Just to tell you how that clearance sign came to be. Let's assume the road was repaved. Someone will make a WAG (wild a$$ guess) post a temporary sign, you hope, and call the road department. They will send out a survey crew who will actually measure what the clearances are and report it back to the office. Short as a couple of days to a week or longer. The office calls the sign shop (or sends them a work order) and the necessary signs are made (assuming materials available). Once they are made, the signs go back to the highway office where a work crew is scheduled to put the signs in the correct location re the bridge. Maybe another survey crew is sent out, or not to locate the true sign, and maybe the signs are finally put up for all to see. Time? A couple of weeks for the Superman of the road departments, to 2-3 months which would think is about average. BTW, I worked in the department that generally oversaw these actions in the city of Newark, NJ, a long time ago, but I doubt things like this change.
pigman1 05/28/20 04:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

AT&T has negotiated a DNS carriage deal with Fox. Still working on the other networks... www.multichannel.com/news/at-t-fox-strike-stelar-related-carriage-dealSo reading this link means AT&T has been BS-ing us about it being Congress's fault? It's really AT&T trying to force new contracts with individual networks and using a few small markets as levers. If this is so, any residual loyalty I might have had to AT&T just went the way of an ice cube in a hot pan.
pigman1 05/27/20 07:56am Technology Corner
RE: Crimper With Awg Dies 8 - 1/0 NOT METRIC

I've been using the same hammer crimper for more than 10 years for the RV and a wide variety of farm equipment. Very small and easy to store and use. Never a problem with any lug/wire connection that whole time. The big trick is to make sure you're using the correct size lug for the cable size. We've never had any connection with corrosion, but I slip a 2" of piece shrink wrap on the wire before making the connection then slide it up over the lug shank and heat.
pigman1 05/26/20 01:04pm Tech Issues
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