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RE: Stiffer bars for Blue Ox hitch?

My blue ox hitch does not tilt. The battery tray is welded to the A frame and sits lower than the a frame. It's a Forest River Vibe.
plasticmaster 08/28/22 02:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stiffer bars for Blue Ox hitch?

You need to have the head adjusted for the new truck, either up or down, and the tilt. The hitch is set up for the truck, not so much the trailer.The receiver of the new truck sits 1 inch lower than the old truck. Therefore, I raised the ball portion of the blue ox hitch 1 inch (the part that's made for raising and lowering held with the 2 large bolts). I did this before ever hitching camper to the new truck.
plasticmaster 08/28/22 05:55am Travel Trailers
Stiffer bars for Blue Ox hitch?

Just got a new truck and noticed that when I hitched my travel trailer to it, the rear end squats a little as compared to the front of the truck. I have the Blue Ox hitch and typically I would adjust the chain length to give it more tension. However, doing so would cause the bar to hit the battery tray on the tongue of the camper in turns. Could I use stiffer load bars to provide the correct leveling which would allow the chains to be longer?
plasticmaster 08/27/22 06:32pm Travel Trailers
Tow Packages on 2015 to 2020 F150 5.0 L

For model years 2015 to 2020 F150s with the 5.0 engine, how do I tell if it has a tow package? I'm shopping for one. Do I just verify if it has the round 7 pin connector and receiver hitch or do I look for other clues? Thanks.
plasticmaster 08/15/22 03:11pm Tow Vehicles
F150 3.31 gears vs 3.55 gears

I accidentally posted this in the wrong section earlier, but please indulge me in 1 more question. I sort of asked this in another thread, but wanted to devote a thread to this particular question. My current truck is a 2014 Silverado 5.3L with payload capacity of 1638# and 9700# tow capacity as I have the 3.42 gear ratio. I tow a TT that's close to 9500# loaded and it tows it very comfortably. I'm looking at getting a 2015 to 2020 Ford F150. The payload capacity of the F150 will be greater than my Silverado, so I'm good there, but the tow capacity will either be 9100 or 10100 depending on whether I get the 3.31 gears or the 3.55 gears. Do I really need to be that worried about which gear ratio? Would it really make that much of a difference towing my camper? Please refrain from telling me I need a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck as I'm looking for the answer about the gear ratio. Thanks.
plasticmaster 08/15/22 03:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to find tow rating of an F150?

So, in all honesty, if I'm good on the payload number, will I notice much difference between the 9100# and 10,100# difference in tow capacity for the different axle ratios? My total loaded camper weight is between 9000 to 9500#. I'm looking for answers to this question and not recommendations to get a F250 or F350. Thanks. Through your last few posts, it's become evident that, while you appear to be capable/comfortable towing big loads behind a half ton, you have no idea why it "feels" ok to you. Virtually any new F150 with a tow package that isn't the base 3.3L V6 will pull as well or better than your current truck. And you appear to not have looked at the towing guide, or you'd already be honing in on the "right" models for "you." 2.7 Eco boost with 3.73s will tow better than your Silverado. 3.5 Eco boost and 5.0 with 3.73s will embarrass the old 5.3 6 speed. And yes, you should notice the difference between 3.31s and 3.73s. However, with a 10 speed, you can just about drive around the higher final drive ratio with the plethora of trans gears to choose from. Is your next thread going to be about Rams or Nissans? I'm shopping for a used truck. I have looked at the towing guide and would prefer to get the 3.55 gears for the 5.0, but if I can't find one and get the 3.31 gears, would I really feel a big enough difference to really matter? That's what I'm trying to figure out. Either way, I would have either 9100# or 10100# tow capacity according to the chart. I'm good on payload as it is higher than my current truck.
plasticmaster 08/15/22 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to find tow rating of an F150?

So, in all honesty, if I'm good on the payload number, will I notice much difference between the 9100# and 10,100# difference in tow capacity for the different axle ratios? My total loaded camper weight is between 9000 to 9500#. I'm looking for answers to this question and not recommendations to get a F250 or F350. Thanks.
plasticmaster 08/15/22 10:41am Tow Vehicles
How to find tow rating of an F150?

I'm shopping for a used F150. Can someone please explain the easiest method of finding the actual tow rating for an individual truck? I know I can find the axle ratio and payload capacity on the door jamb sticker. That's as far as I've gotten. Thanks.
plasticmaster 08/13/22 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
Tundra vs. Silverado question

I have a 2014 Silverado 5.3L V8 with tow capacity of 9700# and payload capacity of 1638# according to the sticker on the door jamb. I tow my camper with it, which fully loaded weighs close to 9500#. I know I’m at the upper end of my tow rating, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable while towing. I’m thinking of getting a Toyota Tundra. As long as the tow capacity and payload capacity is the same or exceeds that of my Silverado, shouldn’t I expect roughly the same experience towing? I want to make sure the Tundra would be up to the task. Thanks.
plasticmaster 08/12/22 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Silverado lifter issues

This is your lucky day. I just went through this with my 2015 Silverado 1500 5.3L. Had a lifter seize at 141,000, my mechanic did the recommended repair, replacing all 16, and 500 miles later just rolling up an on-ramp, it did it again. This is when my mechanic found out about the VLOM. Did the shop change the "VLOM?" Valve Lifter Oil Manifold. This is the module that controls oil flow to the AFM lifters. It can malfunction and send/withhold oil to the AFM lifters at the wrong time, causing the seizing. I suspect it was not replaced. If it was not, it will keep sticking lifters again and again and again. Unfortunately VLOMs are IMPOSSIBLE to get right now. Because of the lawsuit over these engines, my understanding is GM terminated its contract with the manufacturer of these modules, AND they can't convince anyone else to make them, because of the lawsuit. They are out of stock everywhere. This truck has never towed anything heavy. It is not how you're using the truck. Wouldn't the Range AFM disabler module I have plugged in prevent the problem with the VLOM?
plasticmaster 08/10/22 10:50am Tow Vehicles
2014 Silverado lifter issues

I have a 2014 Silverado with the 5.3L V8 that I bought brand new 8 years ago. The tow capacity is 9700#. My travel trailer dry weight is 7500# and fully loaded for a trip, I’m guessing I’m between 9000-9500#. I have 120K miles on the truck of which 24K was pulling the travel trailer over mostly flat terrain. Although I’ll never win any drag races towing this camper, I’ve never felt like my truck has been overloaded while towing. I’m very comfortable towing this camper with it. Anyhow, 2 months ago, I had a lifter collapse as these GM engines are known to do. The shop replaced all 16 lifters. I got my truck back and it was running fine and my family went on our annual trip to the Florida Keys (towed the camper 1600 miles round trip). Last week, the exact same lifter in the exact same cylinder (cylinder 6) collapsed again. The shop is repairing it again under warranty, so no cost to me. However, he can’t find any reason as to why it collapsed again, same position, only 2000 miles later. Therefore, he’s putting it back together with new lifter and assuming it was just a bad part that happened to be at the exact same position for the second failure. Also, when my truck came out of the shop the first time, I installed the Range AFM disabler and have had it installed ever since. My question is, can either of these failures be attributed to me towing my camper as described? In general, I take very good care of my truck with regular oil changes and I drive carefully…in other words I don’t drive like a crazy 16 year old. With everything I’ve described, I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be going forward with this truck and I’m hoping to get some good guidance here. Thanks.
plasticmaster 08/10/22 10:05am Tow Vehicles
Can trailer tires be patched?

I have a set of goodyear endurance tires on my TT and one of them has a nail in the tread about an inch in from the sidewall. The tire is only 2 years old. Can I take it to a shop and have it patched from the inside like I've done with car tires? Is this safe? Thanks.
plasticmaster 06/28/22 04:24am Travel Trailers
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