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RE: Where to store extra Propane tank....unbelievable.

Thought I would share even though I'm lost for words. My wife of 35 years who is highly educated and highly intelligent keeps leaving me speechless. Today I grabbed an extra tank of propane for our extended vacation and sat it outside the trailer while I was tending other obligations. Wife says she stored the tank in safe place as she's trying to help. Um she put the tank "30 gal" in the trailers shower with glass doors....it's just sitting in there and we have 4 hr trip. Never would I disrespect my wife but it amazes me how intelligents doesn't necessarily equate to common sense. Ummmm ... so she could carry along and lift up steps a full 30 lb. propane tank? Maybe she has strength of mind and body?
pnichols 08/15/20 12:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Li recycling 2% old fashioned lead acid 98%

What in the world is the AH capacity of fully charged Tesla car batteries, anyway? In the RV world, the electrical power consumed by air conditioners and electric heaters is so astronomical as to be nearly impossible to consider them being powered for any length of time by RV battery banks regardless of the physical size of the battery banks. How does Tesla cram that much lithium battery power under the floors(?), in the fender voids(?), in the underhood void(?), and/or under the trunk floor(?) so as be able to power both the car and A/C or heater on long trips? I find it hard to believe. :h
pnichols 08/15/20 12:17am Tech Issues
RE: Li recycling 2% old fashioned lead acid 98%

Most lithium based batteries are not 12V.......or from EVs. how many AAAs does it take to equal one EV battery? bumpy My 2007 Prius has its original battery since I bought it new in 07. Most hybrid owners sell there cars to kids before the battery dies. Those kids drive those cars for ANOTHER 100,000 miles....without the hybrid feature. My daughter just did that with her 2009 Prius. As for the "How many..." question? A lot. But, not as many as rechargeable tools, cameras, computers, Rumba's, ect. Good grief.. Get over it that EV is better and much more "earth friendly", it is not. A single Tesla auto used 7,104 of 18650 "cells" so EACH EV is the equivalent of 7,104 cellphones or Tablets. The newest Tesla batteries has raise that to an incredible 8,256 cells or 8,256 cellphones or Tablets! See HERE for more details. As far as "recycling" Lithium batteries goes, it is not efficient nor cost saving to do so. Takes considerable amount of energy to properly break down these cells back into the individual components used to make them. See HERE for more recycling information. Lithium batteries DO contain trace amounts of materials considered toxic or hazardous. At this time only 50% of the materials in a Lithium cell can be recovered in an efficient way.. Compare that to Lead acid where 98% is recovered and reused. What happens to that other 50%? Yeah that is going to create a large amount of toxic materials which our children and grandchildren and their offspring will have to deal with.. According to HERE in 2019 there were "In the fourth quarter of 2019, there were some 279.6 million vehicles operating on roads throughout the United States. The number of vehicles in operation on U.S. roads increased by around 1.6 percent between the fourth quarter of 2018 and the fourth quarter of 2019." So imagine replacing every single gas/diesel vehicle with EV will do for our environment? Lets go back to how many cells in a Tesla battery shall we? That would be equivalent to 2308377 MILLION cell phones or Tablets ADDITIONAL waste to deal with and only HALF of that could be recycled! Yeah folks that is what I call "Earth friendly" :E Hate to splash more clouds on your sunshine but the entire process of digging up and processing Lithium and other materials like Cobalt causes considerable damage to the Earth in mining, extraction, processing. Uses considerable energy (has to come from somewhere and typically Gas and Diesel is primary sources). Then once you have said vehicle in operation you have to look at all of the conversion losses from how electric power is generated (Natural gas, Diesel, coal, Nuclear, Solar panels, wind) and all of those systems loss and pollution work into the mix.. Sure EV makes some folks "feel good", but they often do so without the knowledge of just what it really takes to make that battery powered vehicle go and what down the road damage will be. Some like to think they are saving money because they do not pay road taxes, some get free rides for pluggin into someone else's power.. Nothing is "free", there is always a cost to everything we do. Finally ......... someone (Gdetrailer above) has exposed the BEST KEPT SECRET on EV vehicles!!!! A great post indeed, and exactly what I suspected the situation was and would be. Regarding general purpose vehicle batteries, I wonder how this relatively new battery technology stacks up from a "green viewpoint": Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) batteries?
pnichols 08/14/20 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery powered portable fuel transfer pump

https://shop.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/6/3/63847_W3.jpg width=720 Portable Pump I PURCHASED this last Saturday And due to the excessive heat And have been using it multiple times a day to fuel my pair of champion generators from gas cans To keep the A/C going I really like this thing and recommend it Hard to beat for the $10 price I have no idea about long term reliability But in 5 days of use, I may have used it more than some people will, in a whole camping season No more pouring gas, no more spilling gas, Much easier and neater then holding and pouring heavy gas cans, I am going to get some polyvinyl clear hose and extend the output hose 2 or 3 feet Thanks a lot for bringing that pump to my attention! I just ordered the newest upgraded version from Amazon. I'm tired of getting gasoline on stuff every time I deal with transferring it from cans into machines.
pnichols 08/13/20 08:43pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Batteries - Lithium as Option

Nice find Phil. Looks like more research! I have to give credit for me learning of these great (I think, so far) RV batteries to this poster -> "pianotuna" Here's the link where I first learned of them from him: https://forums.goodsamclub.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/30125372/gotomsg/30125409.cfm#30125409
pnichols 08/13/20 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Batteries - Lithium as Option

I've read enough to develop questions I can't seem to find the answers to, so I'm here once more to soak it in. I've had some concerns that the current and original batteries on my Class A might need replacement, even though they're about 3 years old, in part due to my lack of experience in depleting voltage to a point that running off the batteries inevitably runs out of power in the wee hours, with the meters showing me LOW VOLTAGE somewhere in the 11's, so, I'm considering Lithium. I also have 480 watts of Zamp solar, maxxed out at 26.1 Amps, along with a separate portable 120 watt panel, and a Zamp Solar 30A Controller. Am considering adding another panel or two -if I can find a place to mount them, and realize I'd need a new Controller, maybe 45-60 Amps, MPPT, and should be more than sufficient. Having recently retired, I now have time for some extended travel, and boondocking will almost certainly be a part of that. I'm looking forward to getting off grid periodically, so power resources are key. I'm aware of the cost, and believe that this is the most economical long-term approach to my power systems. So I'm willing to consider Lithium, and need some answers to fill in a few holes... My rig came with 4-6V batteries, each 115 min at 75 Amps, 220 AH@ 20Hr. If I connect Lithium in parallel, do I double available amps? Are Lithium's all 12V, and if so, would I need only two to replace what I currently have? What changes, if any, must I make to existing systems in order to accommodate Lithium batteries? You might want to look into these 12V Group 27 silicon dioxide RV batteries instead. They're about 1/2 the cost of lithium and in my opinion are superior to lithium for RV use: https://azimuthsolarproducts.com/product/12v-100ah-sio2-battery/
pnichols 08/13/20 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: What ONE feature do you really like/want in your next RV ?

Way more efficient solar panels (current panels are in the low 20's on percent efficiency), so that most modern RVs when drycamping could have air conditioning powered by the sun. The best that money can buy are only 30%-35%. If you want A/C, you will need more panels, a bigger battery bank and a bigger inverter. Your above sentence is why my want list is for RV solar panels that are, say, 80% or more efficient ... so that a small motorhome, or TT, or 5th wheel could fit enough solar panels on their small roofs in order to be able to direcly run an air conditioner in the middle of the day without any contribution from batteries. For what it's worth - as I understand it plants are well over 90% efficient at converting sunlight into whatever kind of energy it is that they produce. P.S. Can you provide a link to a supplier of solar panels that are specified to be 30%-35% efficient in the common sizes suitable for installation on RV roofs?
pnichols 08/12/20 05:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Unplanned Maintenance

Thanks a lot for the description on where the fuel filter is located! Our small Class C has the same model Onan in it (2005 vintage). P.S. Do you still have 3 Miniature Schnauzers? Our little people-dog RV'ing companion is an 8 lb. Havenese. (It took a few trips before we found out a way to play fetch with her inside a 24 foot RV!)
pnichols 08/11/20 07:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What ONE feature do you really like/want in your next RV ?

Way more efficient solar panels (current panels are in the low 20's on percent efficiency), so that most modern RVs when drycamping could have air conditioning powered by the sun.
pnichols 08/11/20 07:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covid has not stopped the Off Road Motorhomes

If they were sold in the USA probably most people would buy them and drive on the Interstate Highways. Maybe occasionally take walk on the wild side and drive on a dirt road. We like to baby our toys. :) Yeah ... you're right on the money with that! I don't know about babying our toys, but one big difference between spending the big bucks for a rig to go offroad with in N.A. vs. in Austrailia might be related to the amount of land to do it on -> with very little other folks around you while you're doing it. Divide Austrailia's square kilometres of land by it's population and you get a real low density number to interfer with when and where one can go to get away from it all.
pnichols 08/11/20 05:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Unplanned Maintenance

We’ve got an older Class C, which has seen minimal use.....considering age! With our summer travels being minimized this year, we decided to use the motor home for our tri-monthly shopping trip! Figuring that it needs some fresh fuel, and a little exercise for the driveline and the ac. While in the store, we left the generator running for ac power....leaving the dogs camping out! We returned in about an hour, with the generator “not” running, and the interior getting warm A longer period of time or in an extremely hot region.... this could have been ugly! We have a fairly large project planned for our little class c this summer ( 4 panel solar system) but, generator repairs were “not” on the list! Once home, and trying to diagnose the problem.....the generator would start, run for a short while, then die! So, I started with the least expensive, easiest to replace and most likely culprit....the fuel filter. Problem Solved!! This long diatribe is primarily a bit of advice. A very simple thing (fuel filter) could cause you much discomfort and perhaps much worse will on the road. Changing your filter prior to starting your trip could save you some headaches. I recommend having a spare ( cheap, light, small) filter. As much fuel that we go through when on a trip, and never being certain about the quality of every fuel purchase.....a spare filter may save you some heartache! As many spare parts and tools that we carry ......we didn’t have this little item! memtb If your generator is an Onan unit, where is it's fuel filter located? We sometimes for a few hours in warm weather leave our Class C motorhome with our people-dog inside and the generator and A/C running. However as backups, we keep the roof vents open and the roof vent fan (set on high) in one of them pulling outside air through the length of the the motorhome. In addition, we leave a powerful 12V fan sitting on the floor aimed at the dog in her playpen so as to have air blowing right at her. This means that if the generator or A/C should fail, at least the interior air gets about no hotter than the outside air temperature and the dog has a blast of air directly on her at all times. FWIW regarding the heat-gain of our Class C in warm weather - the coach and cab are white color. P.S.: Once when parked way out there along the Colorado river in Arizona we came back to the RV and the A/C had quit with our people-dog inside. Luckily she was just fine (i.e. no tongue hanging out) - due to the backup fans.
pnichols 08/11/20 05:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

Comparing the specs of the 3-valve V10 that Ford provided in trucks and Class A motorhomes (the less powerful 2-valve V10 was used in vans) and the new V8, I don't see a significant difference in maximum horsepower and maximum torque between the two. What I do think I see is that: The new V8 develops it's horsepower and torque within a lower RPM range, and that - more importantly for Class C motorhome use - the new V8 probably fits into the cutaway E350 and E450 chassis in the one and only stock horsepower and torque configuration as will be used in all other Ford vehicles with it. If the above is the case, then the folks who would not use the V10 to it's fullest by rev'ing it ... will be happier with the new V8 in whatever vehicle it's in.
pnichols 08/10/20 10:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Front Window Yes or No?

Yeah ... some folks might like that forward facing window up there in the cabover bed area ... until a flying rock from an approaching truck in the opposite lane breaks it and scatters tiny glass shards all over the driver and the passenger while going down the road! :E This happened to us 2500 miles from home and it was "fixed the first time", improperly, 2500 miles from home and leaked water from rain storms during the trip back home. Back home it took two more attempts by an RV repair facility to finally replace it right. Years later I finally got the rain water stains bleached out of the cabover floor. Our cabover forward facing window is now plastic coated on the outside to either deflect rocks, or at least contain the glass pieces - should it ever crack/break again.
pnichols 08/08/20 09:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Top models in Class C’s

There may not be a luxury Class C as such. But of all the manufacturers out there who makes multiple different models. What has been at the top of the quality models? Maybe not exactly what you asked, but do extensive research on Class C construction techniques and the chassis they're built on ... and I think you'll find that Coach House makes the best Class C (or is it a Class B+?): https://www.coachhouserv.com/models/platinum/ To eliminate "B+ or C" questioning, here's about the best luxury (true) Class C: http://www.lazydaze.com/
pnichols 08/05/20 12:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Suggested locations in Arizona's White Mountains?

Propane fire pits and BBQ’s were permitted but no wood fires of any kind, charcoal or even smoking was allowed. Sorry I was not more specific. The campgrounds were not selling firewood. We have a Campfire in a can and enjoy it often especially during fire bans. The White Mountains are as dry as I have ever seen them which makes for extreme fire danger. Usually by July first the bans have been lifted but this year the Monsoon is MIA.” Yeah ... it's getting pretty dry here, too. For weeks I've been removing 40 years accumulation of leaves to clear a big circular area around our home - just in case a fire should come up the canyon. :E
pnichols 08/03/20 09:55am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Suggested locations in Arizona's White Mountains?

You will find everything you are seeking at one of the campgrounds near Big Lake. Reservations are a must, especially this year. Sounds like you are fine without hookups and if so try the Rainbow CG which has very large sites, flush toilets and water spigots throughout the very large campground {and no you can not fill your RV from the spigots}. Showers are available but it is a bit of a hike and cell service is next to nonexistent. There is a dump station just outside of the CG. There is another CG just down the road with hookups, I think the name is "Trout" check the Arizona Campground Map {Google it} for details and the reservation number. Both campgrounds are located at 9,000+'. We were at Rainbow a couple of weeks ago and there was a complete fire ban in effect. They have had some rain since then so it may have been lifted. Expect serious thunderstorms most afternoons but then that is part of the charm of the high mountains. :C I'm curious as to what a complete fire ban means? Does that include propane fueled firepits? We now carry along a large size propane firepit and a propane bottle for it. It warms folks sitting around it just like a live fire does, and you can roast marshmallows and wieners over it. We haven't built a good old messy, smelly, smoky, hard-to-put out and cleanup - wood camping fire in quite some time. It's the only way to go, IMHO. ;)
pnichols 08/02/20 08:49pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Best house battery?

My next set will be SiO2. They can withstand 620 cycles to stone bone dead. Self discharge rate is 1.6% per month. Don ... I just spent some time studying SiO2 12V batteries for drop-in RV use. They look ideal ... and less $$$$ and less "tricky" than using Li batteries in an RV. I may seriously consider them whenever I replace my two AGM RV batteries. Thanks for bringing this type battery to my attention! :)
pnichols 08/02/20 02:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford's 7.3L gas engine

New Ford V8This is one thread over on iRV2. There are some others. That appears to be a thread link to F53 chassis based motorhomes. Now .... for some thread links to motorhomes built on the E350/E450 cutaway chassis with the new V8. :)
pnichols 08/02/20 12:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best house battery?

Hi Phil, My oem fuse was in a box inside the engine compartment, more or less straight in front of the driver, and 1/3rd of the way back from the grill. It is right on top allowing easy access. My unit is also an E-450 so yours may be quite similar. I do see over 70 amps--but because of the circuit breakers which I deliberately got at 50 amps the current is interrupted. When I first heated water, I kept the power on until the chassis battery was at 12.3. Then I cut it off until it had recovered. Hmmm ... my high initial charging currents from the alternator to a ~50% discharged coach battery bank don't suddenly stop as if cut off by a fuse. These initial currents merely taper down as the coach batteries charge up. There doesn't appear to be anything drastic happening like a fuse or circuit breaker opening up. :h P.S. Recall that I know actually what current is going into or out of my coach battery bank at all times via a shunt I installed in the battery bank's negative lead. The shunt voltage feeds an ammeter on the cab dash (actually a voltmeter interpreting voltage values from the shunt) - so I can see coach battery bank current flow at all times. I've never seen the coach battery bank's charging current make a sudden step-function change, as it probably would if a fuse inline from the alternator opened.
pnichols 08/02/20 12:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best house battery?

I think that my coach battery interconnect solenoid connects the chassis battery in direct parallel with the coach batteries, so there's nothing to protect the alternator (?) from getting really hit with high initial inrush charging current if I were to drop in Battle Born Li batteries, from what I read about them I think your inrush argument doesn't hold water for several reasons. 1. my class c had an oem 60 fuse--so if inrush exceeded that, it would blow. 2. my class C had #8 wire for the oem charging path. That limits it to about 50 amps. I did replace the OEM fuse with a 50 amp automatic circuit breaker. I also added a 2nd charging path with #8 wire, switchable solenoid, and automatic circuit breaker. Anecdotally, my alternator is still OEM and I do push it hard--even so far as running the 1400 watt water heater via the inverter. I use a 1/3 duty cycle--20 minutes of heating and 40 minutes off. That lets me arrive at the boondocking site with hot water and lots of battery power. There is an excellent article on inrush at the smartgauge site. When I said "direct parallel" that wasn't including any OEM fuses that might be in place. For what it's worth, my 2005 Itasca (also on a model year 2005 E450 chassis) has at times shown over 70 amps going into my coach batteries, for a bit, when I first start idling the V10 to charge up ~50% discharged coach batteries. So if my chassis has OEM fuses somewhere after the 130 amp Ford alternator, then they're larger than 50 amp. Winnebago may have gotten involved in all this someway when they built the coach, but so far I can't find out how - with cursory poking around the chassis and from looking at the Winnie electrical schematics for the coach. :h
pnichols 08/02/20 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
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