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RE: Sidewinder vs Goosebox vs BD3+1621

while I absolutely agree that the older "leg" versions of the gooseneck adapters create a lot of stress on a fifth wheel frame. The newer style hitches that have come out are leaps and bounds ahead of those. Personally I was going to go with the goosebox for our 37ft Montana, however unfortunately due to my welding rig deck the side tool boxes wouldn't have given adequate turning radius without possible risk of clipping a box with the goosebox. I was very impressed with the goosebox design, and i certainly will consider it in the future. SO i decided to go with the ever forbidden Andersen ultimate model made for flat beds. With roughly 1500KM now on that hitch pulling our montana i can honestly say its performing SLIGHLTLY better than my B&W companion, the companion is a stellar hitch no arguments there. And the fact that i can have it unbolted in 2 minutes, and don't need a skid steer to lift it out is money in the bank as far as i am concerned. Do you guys have any idea how many welding rigs are running down the road with a 36+ foot fiver with a gooseneck ball placed 2 feet behind the back axle, running a goosebox, Andersen, or fifth wheel hitch? Not to mention these welding rigs already have 3000LBS + of gear on their decks, without issue? ive seen/spoken too HUNDREDS that have put a sickening amount of miles on in some of the worst roads. I know some of you will say "well that's not right" but do you really know? At the end of the day this is how i feel. These companies are putting out a product to which engineers have signed off on after numerous testing phases. Some are approved by lippert, some aren't. But i feel most negative comments on these "new technology" items are from people who have never used them once. They see them on the internet and they make their arm chair engineering decision that they just CANT work, and are a ticking time bomb. Ive logged a lot of miles with both, and couldn't be happier with BOTH. I think its funny that the fifth wheel hitch fan club is so set in their ways. I am not an advocate for any hitch, in my opinion if the thing works and the company backs their product WHO CARES.
pressure_welder 07/14/19 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: andersen ultimate for trucks with flat bed

Do you have the lower profile version of the hitch or standard height? Are you using a gooseneck or rails to mount it? If gooseneck, what make or model is it? Ya I have the low profile version which I believe is standard for the truck flat bed model. It could actually stand to be a touch lower but still good for level. Iam using the existing recessed gooseneck ball that is installed on my flat bed so no rails or anything. And when you buy a hauler bed they come with a pre-installed gooseneck ball generally rated for 30,000lbs. I guess I also forgot to mention that the Andersen also destroys the B&w in quick height adjustment. Just have to pull a pin and raise or lower ball. Where as the B&W you have to remove hitch head, loosen 8 bolts, adjust had brackets, re-install bolts/torque. Again not the end of the world I did it many times but is a much more time consuming process.
pressure_welder 06/22/19 12:15pm Towing
RE: andersen ultimate for trucks with flat bed

I guess my biggest reason for the review was that I was also a skeptic, mind you I didn’t voice my dislike for the hitch on forums since I didn’t have experience to back that opinion. I wanted to give you guys an honest review after a lot of miles with a companion and “some” miles on an Andersen. As iam writing this I just finished dropping our Montana off at dealership for work (another 100km) and I wouldn’t be afraid to also say that I feel the connection of the Andersen is “tighter” seems like less chucking, especially noise. IF this hitch performs well in long term I don’t honestly see why i would ever go back to conventional. Trust me, the fifth wheel hitch is also engrained in my blood but I am slowly converting
pressure_welder 06/21/19 10:22am Towing
andersen ultimate for trucks with flat bed

Hello everyone, thought I would give a bit of an update. Ended up selling our 2015 RAM limited dually and are now pulling our camper/boat combo with our welding rig which is a 2007 ram 3500 dually with 5.9 cummins and 6SPD G56 transmission, air bags, banks exhaust brake. Biggest issue I had going to the welding rig was making the decision as to use the Andersen ultimate or the reese goosebox. Unfortunately the reese goosebox wouldn't have given adequate clearance from my toolboxes when turning. So decided to go with andersens ultimate hitch made for trucks with flat beds. previous to this I have used a B&W companion since 2015. First of all one of my major reasons going to the Andersen unit was weight.... after almost 4 years with the companion I DESPISED taking it in an our of my truck, used the skid steer however was still always a royal pain to take in and out. Having said that, I feel the B&W is likely the best made fifth wheel hitch money can buy. comparing ease of hookup I would say the Andersen may edge out the B&W slightly. I only say this because the funnel makes backing up accuracy almost entirely on par with a fifth wheel jaw. The best part being once your close you lower the camper, slides onto the ball and its just a tee-handle which is all controlled form the ground, no climbing onto tire of truck to close jaws etc. being a high pressure welder I am surprisingly impressed by the welds on the Andersen hitch. I DO NOT agree with the pinched tubes, in my world this is considered lazy fabrication. Properly cut/angled tubes would allow for a lot more surface weld. But at the end of the day its an insured product.... if it fails and dosent work its on them. Believe you me I was absolutely a skeptic when I first saw them come out, but being in the situation I am in the Andersen was essentially my only viable option. It tows well, installation takes 5 minutes max and the best part is I can take it out at the lake and lift the thing out without dismantling it. With the Andersen on the lowest setting the montana is still a bit nose high but not bad, and still quite comparable to my 2015 ram and B&W. Could let some air out of the bags but I don't think its that bad. At this point, I would personally highly recommend this hitch setup, being that ive had alot of experience with goosenecks/fifth wheels, unless something crazy happens I don't forsee myself going back to a conventional fifth wheel hitch. Weight savings/ease of instsall/ease of hookup with the Andersen sells its self to me anyway, I suppose that could change the more miles I put on but I doubt it.
pressure_welder 06/20/19 02:38pm Towing
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

I have heard they are amazing transmissions. I have also heard the mileage is quite good. Thanks for your help fellas! Always great support here
pressure_welder 03/19/19 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

Well just figured I’d post an update. Kinda made a few decisions, and we are currently dealing on a 2014 Ram 1500 Sport and trading in our 2015 ram 3500 dually. Actually did quite well and got 11,000$ equity in the dually. So essentially after the equity and putting down some cash we’re walking out of the door without a loan on the 2014 1500. Quite a nice truck has the 5.7 HEMI and 8spd. Although I haven’t driven a gas truck in probably 14 years I have to keep telling myself this is ALL I need. Will be an adjustment for sure. Now! As for pulling the camper and boat. We have a 2007 ram 5.9 Cummins 3500 dually welding rig with a deck, air bags, exhaust brake and G56 trans. While not exactly a hot rod or a “limited” interior we felt as though having two duallies in the yard made zero sense. So for the 1 time a year we need to haul to the lake we’ll use the 07 to take care of that job. I have a gooseneck ball on the deck so I will have to upgrade my Montana pin box to the Reese goosebox. We thought this was the best course of action rather than trying to find another Cummins that we wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with... 2009 blah blah. As a daily driver. So I think we’ll so this route for a couple years and then re-evaluate and look for a good used dually
pressure_welder 03/19/19 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

thanks Mike, yes life and it's curve balls can sure mess with a person, a person who dosent like change to boot haha. May not mean a ton, but this particular truck is an original owner, older couple, so it makes me slightly less apprehensive regarding the tuner. Still not saying this is the truck! but I suppose an option indeed.
pressure_welder 03/12/19 12:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

I am not sure if I have buyers remorse, love the 2015, and have enjoyed it since 2015... life changes for sure. I am a high pressure welder by trade at an electric utility company, unfortunately our coal fired boilers have been recently shut down and am currently fighting with the company to reverse their decision on my job redundancy... Basically its move 1200KM away to another plant or take the buyout! so needless to say we are also dealing with moving onto my own mobile welding/custom weld shop company which I am sure many people can appreciate has its level of uncertainties. So compile this with the lack of towing KM I put on a year with it, makes it more and more difficult to justify. while I know the 3rd generation "diamond in the ruffs" are very rare there still out there. Just had a fellow contact me last night with a possible opportunity. Certainly not saying this is one of those diamond in the ruff's! higher KM for sure, but is it enough to be afraid of. 2008 mega cab dually Laramie pkg, brand new paint job from MPI, zero rust B&W gooseneck hitch exhaust brake, heated seats, DVD deleted w/ 5" exhaust new brakes, front end just rebuilt, transmission just rebuilt, new front drive shaft, 350,000km.... yep a lot I know 18,000$ cdn
pressure_welder 03/12/19 10:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

Joys of buying a truck in Canada, 94,000 msrp, and paid 84,000 out the door. Once upon a time in 2012 when I bought my Denali dually brand new I was able to put down 25,000$ and I have been riding that down payment for the last 2 trucks now. Already spoke with family member who owns a dealership. Said it’s canadian blue book value is 64,000, and said he could get 58,000 for it all day. I owe 42,000 so that puts me in around 15,000 equity in the truck. Have 4 years left to pay on it. Unbelievably enough 2010 to 2013s are going for an absolutely insane price of between 40-50,000. Don’t worry guys iam quite aware about going back in technology and comfort, I don’t LOVE the idea but like I say getting hard to justify this 2015 for 500 km a year of actual heavy towing
pressure_welder 03/11/19 07:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Downsizing, sort of?

No worries there on the equity, i have about 15,000$ Positive equity. While this won’t pay for the entire used truck will certainly pay for half. Then will just pay cash for remainder.
pressure_welder 03/10/19 09:10pm Tow Vehicles
Downsizing, sort of?

good afternoon everyone! hope you are doing well. First I guess a little bit of information on my current situation? if you want to call it that. Anyway right now my and wife and I own a 2015 RAM 3500 limited dually long box. Love the truck, it has severed us very well. Last year at the lake I was sitting in the lawn chair looking at it and just began to start to really contemplate the justification for it. While we do need a dually to haul our fifth wheel/boat combo to the lake I have been finding it increasingly more difficult to justify the 850$ a month. In reality it only gets used to its actual potential for 4 or 5 trips a year, equaling MAYBE 1000KM a year of pulling our rig to the lake. The rest of the year, while a gorgeous, comfortable truck hauls my to work, and is generally the goto vehicle for the 1200KM trip to the in-laws. But after owning it for almost 4 years its only got 68,000KM on it. Ontop of that we are building a new home at the local lake this summer so in doing that we will cut down our camping almost in half yet again with just having our annual 4 week holiday at our favorite lake. SO I don't know if any of you have done this before... maybe I am crazy. But we have 4 years left on the loan of the 2015. I am debating on taking the equity we have in the 2015.... and looking at getting into a really clean 2007 to 2009 ram 3500 mega cab dually Laramie pkg with heated seats/steering wheel and driving a truck without a payment for a while. Any opinions on this? I have a 2007 ram 3500 SLT dually welding truck with the 5.9 which I do like, the interior of course dosent touch my 2015 but one cant expect it too. what I am struggling with is finding weight towing capacities..... the specs of our fifth wheel is 14,270LBS loaded weight, with a pin weight of 2270LBS. Behind that we tow our 20 foot walleye boat weighing in at 3500LBS. All I have found thus far is charts saying a 2008-2009 mega cab dually is good for around 16,500LBS, but get difference answers from other sites. Ontop of that the previous owner of my 07 welding rig used to haul a 40 foot gooseneck with a 21,000GVWR that he regularily had maxed out. I guess the question is can a mega cab dually with the 6.7 handle our rig which is 14,270 fifth wheel with 3500lb boat? my gut tells me yes it will. Plan is to go with the reese goosebox pinbox for the camper so as to have nothing but gooseneck couplers in my fleet. from what I can tell our montana high country has a nose cap that is made for short box trucks. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
pressure_welder 03/10/19 05:16pm Tow Vehicles
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