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RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

http://www.kravencache.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/IMG_0007-3-2-1024x768.jpg width=800 One of the best places to record AUDIO STORIES is when we dry camp - the only background noises are the birds. LISTEN to our 3-min camping story. Haven't all of these things happened to us at some point? Love it!
rerod 06/02/19 12:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Balboa gooseneck

Never seen one before. looks more like a horse trailer converted to a toy hauler, if that's the case might be wary as who knows capacity, etc. and very few windows. But if that works for you then so be it. Did you look at NADA guide? Pretty spartan. Thanks nayther. My featherlite TH was basically a enclosed trailer, so that's why I'm interested because I'm not buying a wood luan/paper thin fiberglass run of the mill TH. Something about stapled mdf that turns my stomach. So there is the Mirage Balboa and there is an older Baloba RV. I'm not sure which one this hails from. A quick price check of the Balboa RV, the base NADA comes in around $11k. With NADA you add options but you need to know what was really an option and what was included. Usually generators and A/C are included in the base price. So my first look is they are asking way to much but you'll need to dig deeper to determine more info. The Mirage Balboa has some mixed reviews in the Snowmobile groups, so do hit up google if you determine that it's a Mirage. It's very possible that it is a Mirage or that Mirage bought the Balboa company, I just don't know the history of those two RV companies enough to help out more. Thanks for looking up the value Y-Guy and it doesn't surprise me its over priced as a dealer has it. And I found quite a few negative reviews, so combined with the price, I guess I'm out.. The search goes on and I regret selling the featherlite
rerod 06/01/19 12:49pm Toy Haulers
Balboa gooseneck

Hey everyone. I'm thinking about giving up the search for a narrow track enclosed trailer to convert and found a Balboa toyhauler. It looks like a enclosed trailer already converted into toyhauler.. Whats it worth? https://martinsburg.craigslist.org/rvs/d/ranson-2011-balboa-32ft-toyhauler/6883936858.html
rerod 05/30/19 07:10pm Toy Haulers
Considering a 2011 duchmen for a boondocking base camp

Hey everyone. I found a 19' Dutchmen sport for sale, but the owner doesn't know the model number. It's a 7' wide outside model is why I'm interested, because I feel it would be easier to maneuver it up narrow dirt forest service roads because its not wider than my truck. But I'm not reading allot of good reviews about Dutchmen in general but mainly cosmetic issues that can be fixed. Not much about delaminating or falling apart. And considering the TT has been on the road for many years, I figure any issues would have been addressed by now. So my question is, how sturdily are dutchmen TT's built? Can it withstand washboard roads even if everything flies out of the cupboards? Or should I continue to look for a 7x16 narrow track enclosed trailer to convert into the mini toyhauler Id rather have? It's difficult finding any enclosed trailer, let alone a TT that has a wheel track width the same as my single rear wheel truck.. Thanks! https://i59.servimg.com/u/f59/14/97/22/52/00r0r_10.jpg
rerod 05/22/19 10:32am Travel Trailers
RE: TT depreciation per year according to kbb? Cargo trailers

Sorry, didn’t pick up on you being the same guy procrastinating about unicorn cargo trailers. Btw, isn’t what you’re looking for commonly called an inline? 7’ wide and wheels tucked under. Although this has literally zero to do with the depreciation of a TT. Other than, if you want to ensure quicker depreciation on a cargo trailer, one sure way is to market it as a homemade TT. No one wants someone else’s happy homeowner handyman project. Yeah, me again.. Not procrastinating. Just timing this as I'm busy at the moment breaking ground on "the farm", and already spent 4 years RVing. Been there done that. Pretty soon I'll be retired tho. Even then, I wont be in any hurry as I just like to keep busy. And I'm talking about buying, not selling. Who cares and that's the last thing on my mind. And when I'm finished, then I will head out. For me half the fun is planning maintaining modifying and upgrading your rig to meet your needs. Not buying a stapled mdf nightmare on wheels.
rerod 05/05/19 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: TT depreciation per year according to kbb? Cargo trailers

Thanks everyone. RVs depreciate like mad. Cargo (and other) trailers don’t. For new trailers in your neck of the woods, King Company in Wausau WI was the best price/value IMO. To compare how much value they retain, I used it for 1 trip back to WA and sold it for considerably more than I paid new. Hi Grit dog.. You mentioned King Company a while ago and I contacted them, but they wont build me the "narrow track" I want.. 7' wide and no outside fenders.. Jensen trailers north of des moines Ia will build me one for almost 10k I found a new 6x12 cargo trailer in Georgia . I looked on Craigslist and Ebay for the best price. I cant figure out why cargo trailers are cheapest in Georgia. But Ive shut some people up by showing them what a new trailer the same size as their old used one costs there.. Why would he need an engineering firm to do anything? If he has a modicum of skill he can do it himself. These things are not space shuttles for God's sake! No he wouldn't have that cute little RVIA sticker that adds 3 or 4 hundred to the price of a camper,but I am sure that he will build better quality than any manufacturer would. Oh the bit that some campgrounds have about it being RVIA approved? So what. Most campground prohibit weapons and alcohol also.If I followed the "RULE" I would never leave home. Never once has the kid in the office inspected or even asked about the camper and what I have on board. Now if he has a fire or something that is on him. Probably would be no insurance company. What I would like to know is why some are so focused on the letter of the rule. Rules are not laws! Amen, and I don't camp in camp grounds.
rerod 05/04/19 08:16am General RVing Issues
TT depreciation per year according to kbb? Cargo trailers

I'm trying to establish some guide lines for myself when making offers on enclosed trailers. I want to convert one into a Toyhauler. Does anyone know what percent TT's depreciate per year according to Kbb? It's crazy how much money people are asking for 10 year old cargo trailers in my area and I'd like to justify my lower offer somehow. Thanks
rerod 05/02/19 06:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good dual tandem axle load equalization?

I can't vouch for the MR 3000 being better than the LCI Equa Flex. Those are the two main rubberized equalizers I know about. Certainly both would be better than a non rubberized equalizer. As to the Timbren setup. Interesting question. Might be something to ask the MFG. Timbren said.. Good afternoon , There are 6 bushings in a 7K tandem suspension, 4 of them are in control arms and 2 more in equalizers. Each bushing has a fair amount of rubber in it, therefore the system as a whole is not rigid, and it takes a fair level of articulation for ordinary use / ordinary roads. We haven’t really had problems with it in US and Canada. Even in Australia it has become a suspension of choice considering that the roads in Australia are a lot worse than here.. Lou. That's to much twisting on the bushings IMO.. And I cant find anyone online running it..
rerod 04/27/19 09:37am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Rim center pilot hole size for 7K axle?

The '03 Dodge truck is the first year of the 3rd gen Dodge with 17" wheels.....16" wheel would no longer fit over larger brakes on 3rd gen and up Dodge/Ram trucks. Mines a 97 so it should fit 16" rims, but its really not necessary, as long as outside tire diameters are acceptable and 1/10th inch difference between the 16" and 17" tires is close enough to use as a spare, even for longer distances and high speeds. And of course a trailer wheel is lug centered vs a automotive wheel on our Dodge trucks are hub centered. Id have to respectfully disagree and say dodge mounting is both hub centric and lug centric, but you could use it with only the lugs since they are cone shape and center the wheel. But the pilot hole on both the dodge and trailer rim is 4.75". I think hub centric rims use flanged lug nuts? Trailer wheels are notorious for the tire seat flange not concentric to the lugs. This can create a balance nitemare on a truck with hub centered system. You would have to make sure the tire tech checks each trailer wheel for lateral and radial runout. Most tire techs don't. I can continue to run my dodge 17" rims on the truck, but I'm happy to have figured out I can use a trailer rim as a spare since the outside diameter is close. But I will keep in mind that trailer rims arent held to the same standards as truck rims.. I'm considering narrow LT235/85R16 Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires on 16x7 8x6.5 trailer rims
rerod 04/10/19 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: Rim center pilot hole size for 7K axle?

I'm running 265/70/17, 31.6" diameter on the truck now, but using a tire calculator, the 235/85/16's 31.7" diameter I'm considering are only .1" larger! Dodge rims have 45mm offset.. So a centered trailer rim would bring my existing 265/70/17 tire outward 45mm or 1 3/4" and a 235/85/16 which is 1" narrower, 1 1/4" outward? So it looks like running centered 16" trailer rims on the truck and trailer with eight 235/85/16 tires looks do able..
rerod 04/10/19 06:13am Tech Issues
RE: Rim center pilot hole size for 7K axle?

Truck bearings are made to take running 24/7 and hundreds of thousands of miles with off set automotive wheels and trailer axles bearings are not. Its just that simple. I've tried 8 lug automotive wheels on my equipment trailers. These trailers were on the road 24/7...for hours at a time. It didn't take long (8k-10k)for the trailers bearing to whip out. I also had a driver decide he wanted 16" 6 lug OEM fancy chevy wheels on the trailer he leased from me which had the same lug circle diameter/hole size as the trailers axles. I warned him what could happen and sure enough he call me from his motel in Walsenburg CO saying he was down replacing ruined trailer bearings and did I save the OEM trailer wheels from that trailer. Once you get your axle (brand) the actual clearance diameter comes from it. I wouldn't trust the dimensions from my Rockwell American axles if your going with Dexter axles or another brand. I also would give the trailer axle mfg a buzz and see what they think of automotive truck wheels on their axles. I would buy a set of bearing and keep them handy especially if this trailer will see lots of road miles. Thanks JIMNLIN.. I found that my dodge rim has a 4.77 pilot hole, so there's a good chance trailer rims off a 7K axle are the same size. But instead of running truck rims/tires on the trailer, I think a better idea would be to use the trailer spare as a spare for both the truck and trailer since running less offset trailer rims on the truck temporarily until I fix the flat, is more wise than running offset truck rims on the trailer.. Especially after hearing about your first hand experience.. Problem is, no one makes 17" trailer rims meaning I would have to replace the rims on the truck to run the same tires all around.
rerod 04/09/19 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Rim center pilot hole size for 7K axle?

Which leads me to wonder if you could use a trailer wheel on a truck, and vice versa. I'm sure someone has tried it, and it may be no big deal. Well, I'd be more concerned with the extra leverage on the trailer axle by not using zero offset wheels. But for a temporary usage it may not be a big deal. I'm sure someone know positively. Good point fj12ryder, and I'm sure I could use the trailer rim/tire on the truck, but not visa versa. The truck rim center hole is to small and offset might rub the tire.. I cant find accurate info about the offset of 2nd gen dodge truck rims. But if the truck wheel bearings can handle the offset, I don't see how the trailer hub bearings would complain to much especially since I will have 14K of capacity, but only running less than 8k.
rerod 04/08/19 11:29am Tech Issues
Rim center pilot hole size for 7K axle?

Hey everyone. I'm having a trailer built for me and want to run the same rims/tires my truck uses on the trailer so I only need one or two spare's. The truck rim has a little more offset than a centered trailer rim, but that can be easily remedied with a wider axle. The other issue is the truck rim center pilot hole is smaller than the axle hub or trailer rim center pilot hole, I think.. Does anyone know where to find the pilot hole size needed for a dexter straight 7K axle? Thanks! Dexter 7k axle
rerod 04/07/19 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Good dual tandem axle load equalization?

Easy install if axles spacing is right http://www.morryde.com/products/90-cre3000-suspension-system?return=%2Fproduct-category%2F4-suspension Starting fresh this looks like a good alternative. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Leaf-Spring-Suspension/Timbren/TSR7000T06.html Thanks goducks10.. The first link to morryde looks promising.. Does morryde provide more travel or equalization than its competitors? The second link to the Timbren Silent Ride has me wondering though.. If the front left wheel and back right wheel drop into a deep rut, wont it twist the swing arms? Granted leaf springs would twist also but they are designed to twist..
rerod 04/06/19 10:05am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Good dual tandem axle load equalization?

Hello. I'm having a custom 7x16 toyhauler built and I need a colorado boon docking capable suspension. I want to upgrade to 7k axles, but use appropriate leaf springs or mix and match. Who makes the best load equalization system for dual axles on leafs? Thanks
rerod 04/05/19 07:17pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Forest Rivers new 19.1 No-Bo toyhauler.

You might be better off with a real enclosed trailer sized to your preference with some living quarters outfitted. That's my problem.. I'm stuck on a rare 7' wide narrow track no fender style, which the 19.1 supposedly is. The 19.1's kitchen sink's to close to the bed.. Washing dishes next to the bed.. Idk
rerod 02/21/19 06:55pm Toy Haulers
Forest Rivers new 19.1 No-Bo toyhauler.

Hey people. Ive been looking for a trailer to convert into a Mini Toyhauler for a while and came across this https://www.facebook.com/exploreNOBO/videos/580887599018171/?comment_id=2202535189999172¬if_id=1550602367765361¬if_t=feedback_reaction_genericNo-Bo toyhauler on facebook.. It's not really as small as I wanted, but I like the 7' width for boondocking narrow roads. I'm not much for the mass produced laminated walls on the No Boundaries and prefer cargo trailer construction, but hey.. Finally a full feature toyhauler that's not huge.
rerod 02/21/19 01:21pm Toy Haulers
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

Roan Mtn. State Park, TN I believe this was site 20. My opinion, one of the best spots in the campground. We got lucky too because this was our first time to this state park. https://i.imgur.com/soWrOUvl.jpg I love sites that have a stream next to them! https://i59.servimg.com/u/f59/14/97/22/52/13342910.jpg
rerod 10/23/18 08:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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