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RE: Why won't the borders allow rvs across?

If I am elected to serve in D.C., I promise to give special consideration to RVers. ;) Not that I am running for office, mind you... :D
rexlion 07/31/21 10:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Campground Rates

OP, it's too bad you can't head west to the middle of the country. I've been mapping my route for an upcoming trip and when looking for an overnight CG in mid-Kansas I found a number of $10 campsites along the route. Some include showers and water/electric. A couple of the municipal CGs in towns I'll be driving through are free (no amenities, though). Iowa and Nebraska have plenty of affordable campsites in the $10-$30 range, too. And the NF CGs at my Wyoming destination are $10 as well. East coast real estate is expensive, so maybe that influences the CG fees.
rexlion 07/31/21 04:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dinosaur National Park

If you don't mind some decent gravel road to reach a dry camping spot, Whiterocks CG in Ashley NF northwest of Vernal is pleasant.
rexlion 07/31/21 12:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Go ahead...give it a try....

Anti-vaxers....The driving force of another worldwide shutdown.The moniker "anti-vaxers" is a misleading term designed to evoke an emotional response, since it implies that the people being so labeled are opposed to all vaccinations. In reality those people only oppose anyone being forced, coerced, cajoled, intimidated, or otherwise influenced (such as by false claims of efficacy) into taking these particular experimental injections (none of which bear resemblance to traditional vaccines made from weakened or dead viruses). Besides, the latest study shows that these jabs aren't good at preventing reinfection. This analysis in MA shows 74% of people being reinfected had taken the shots.
rexlion 07/31/21 12:08pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Go ahead...give it a try....

Heh. I see all the Canada geese around here and I think, they didn't get tested or vaccinated and they didn't even go through customs. Too bad we can't collect some fines to help pay our bills! :D But yeah, if you lie about that stuff and produce fake documents, you deserve to get caught. And fined.
rexlion 07/30/21 04:39pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travelling is not getting easier

Someone once said, "The only thing we have to fear is: fear itself." The saying seems to apply to the current situation. Everyone is being frightened into taking an experimental drug. I listened to a RN yesterday talking about all the vaccinated people they are now seeing in the hospital where she works, coming in with unexplainable difficulties for which the doctors have no answers.
rexlion 07/30/21 09:40am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Trekkers Alert: If you're a Star Trek fan...

I wish I had a transporter pad; I'd be someplace cool right now....
rexlion 07/28/21 09:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electric only TT

All good until you dry camp in cold weather and need a furnace. But some people never do that, so for them it's fine.
rexlion 07/24/21 07:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vanlifers are parting ways with their vans after Covid

It would be nice to see RV prices drop and CG availability improve. Perhaps things are turning the corner.
rexlion 07/19/21 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Highway speeds - Keep your distance!

Recently on the freeway I've had several drivers pull in front of me so soon after passing, I don't know how they missed clipping my front bumper. People are driving like idiots.
rexlion 07/18/21 01:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: peculiar brake situation with Prodigy P3

10 years and probably 150,000 miles old. I'll do my best to shine a light into the square tube that some of the wire passes through; could be a wear spot like you say. One of the things I've been wondering is, what if the axle came with the wire that runs through it, and what if that wire had spot that isn't insulated? It would explain the commencement of the problem with the new axle.
rexlion 07/16/21 10:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: peculiar brake situation with Prodigy P3

Inertia! I hadn't thought of that. Thanks, that explains the difference in behavior. Looking underneath, I see that the shop used quick splice connectors, the ones where you press the blade down to cut the insulation. Just waiting to corrode! :(
rexlion 07/16/21 07:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: peculiar brake situation with Prodigy P3

Ok, thanks, I guess the P3's reading of 5.6A tells me it is in range overall, right? Both magnets are actuating (it's a single axle). I checked with a compass, for what that's worth. If 2.3 ohms is excessive, that seems to indicate that the shop messed something up. But since the brakes work, does it matter? Maybe I should just ignore the warning message. However, if 2.3 ohms is an acceptable readout, then I'd be inclined to think maybe the controller is bad.
rexlion 07/16/21 04:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: peculiar brake situation with Prodigy P3

You have a short somewhere in your brake wiring or a magnet in the drums. You need to ohm the electric brake connector to ground at the 7 pin trailer connector. Should have around 1-2 ohms. If higher you need to go thru the wiring and then to each wheel and check each individual magnet for 3.2-3.5 ohms. If all this is good then look at the Controller.Thanks, I just checked the plug and got 2.3 ohms. Is that in the proper neighborhood, or too high?
rexlion 07/16/21 03:27pm Travel Trailers
peculiar brake situation with Prodigy P3

The short version: My Prodigy P3 is displaying "OVERLOAD - NO BRAKES", but the trailer brakes are still activating. What's the most likely cause, and should I worry? The long version: I hooked up to the trailer on Monday and checked/adjusted the brake controller. It was working normally. Tuesday and Wednesday I was towing (not long distances) but had no occasion to look at the controller, so I can't swear that it was still working as expected. On Wednesday I dropped off the trailer at a shop to have a new axle and springs installed. When I hooked up the trailer at the shop on Thursday and started down the street, at the light I noticed that the P3 was displaying the warning message "OVERLOAD - NO BRAKES". So I turned around and took the trailer back to the shop. They put a tester on the 7-pin receptacle (back of the vehicle while standing still) and got a proper reading, so it looked to be the trailer. I left it with them again. They went through the brakes "thoroughly" (their word) and everything checked out; they said they could not find any bad grounds and the brakes functioned fine. I hooked up and pulled forward a bit, hit the brakes and the P3 showed the fault. When I asked if we could try the tester on the back of the vehicle one more time, the guy acted put out and said I'd have to take my vehicle to a shop and have it checked out because they don't work on vehicles. On the way home, I observed that the trailer brakes are activating as expected even while the warning message is displayed. If the vehicle is not in motion and I depress the brake pedal or use the controller lever, the P3 does not show a fault; only when I'm moving the rig forward will it fault. With power set at 12.0, some numbers from the troubleshooting menu: Battery 13.6V Stoplight 12.8V Output voltage 11.9V Output current 5.6A The above numbers were read while activating the lever. I cleaned the 7-pin connection with Deoxit Red, and no change in behavior. What is the likely cause? Should I throw some money at a new brake controller and see what results? Should I assume that the shop has screwed something up and can't find their mistake? Or something else? Since the trailer brakes are functioning, should I just let it go?
rexlion 07/16/21 12:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chasing the green monster away

The trailer battery is not under a vehicle hood, so it won't get the higher heat. I'd use the petroleum jelly.
rexlion 07/15/21 10:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Jump start

Sagebrush like you I try to be proactive when it comes to roadside repairs but this time it was on my Hybrid Prius which had me a little nervous about trying to jump start it. On newer vehicles I have heard sensors can be damaged with jump starts. On the Prius you have to remove the entire trunk area and everything in it to reach the battery and I am handicapped. Making matters worse the hatchback remains locked without 12 volts preventing easy access to the trunk area.Wow, I had no idea a Prius is like that. How did you manage to accomplish the feat?
rexlion 07/13/21 08:54pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Towing w/out weight dist -- am I being too conservative?

If I were you, I'd tow it to the other place (or to home) on the ball, although I'd keep the speed down to 50 or so until I knew it felt stable. The brake controller is right at the fingertips if it were to misbehave, but it probably won't because you have enough hitch weight. The WD hitch will serve as long-term peace of mind, though. And it will reduce bouncing (improve your ride comfort). So I'd still install it, or get it installed.
rexlion 07/09/21 10:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: This may not be good news for full timers

FWIW, my daughter has needed to look for airline flights recently. On one occasion about 2-3 weeks ago she simply could not find an open seat on any flight, they were all full, so she had to drive instead. Last week she needed to fly and was able to get a seat, but there weren't many choices. Maybe they are flying less planes right now, but the ones they are flying seem to be pretty full.
rexlion 07/09/21 10:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: Roof leak and damage. Fix or forget?

If you trade it, the dealer may very well do some cosmetic work and resell it, damage and all, to some unsuspecting chump. Not your problem, but how would you feel about it? Something to think about. You have the tools and talent. If you have the time, and provided you can stop the source of water intrusion, the repair will leave you with a sound trailer you can keep using and enjoying or else sell with a clear conscience. Surely a repaired trailer will bring more on resale than one that's obviously damaged.
rexlion 07/08/21 10:31pm General RVing Issues
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