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Do useless gifts bug you like they bug me?

I feel like, "Aaaarghh!" A couple weeks ago my daughter told me over the phone that she'd sat in one of those new camp chairs that rock via pistons on the back legs. They're made by GCI. She was saying how comfortable it felt, and how I should try them out. I am skeptical about any camp chair being truly comfortable (although I have a pair that are pretty decent, plus a zero gravity lounger that feels tolerably good too) but I said I'd keep an eye out the next time I'm in a sporting goods store and give 'em a try. Well, today she showed up on Father's Day and gave me one. I expressed my gratitude, sat in it... and immediately knew I couldn't tolerate it. The darn front would cut off my leg circulation in no time. (I'm only 5'8" and most chairs are made too tall for me.) So I told her again how much I appreciated her thoughtfulness, but really it wasn't right for me and could it be taken back to the store? She said she didn't keep the receipt... and the store (60 miles away, none close to me) won't take anything back without a receipt. It really, really bugs me. I feel like it's $65 wasted, by a girl who needs the money more than I do (although we both need it... she's going through a divorce, while I am laid off and don't even know if I will have a job this fall thanks to Covid). Getting gifts that I can't use always irk me worse than getting no gift because of the wasted money, but this one is bugging me more than usual. It grates on me to even have the durn thing in the house; I had to take it out to the garage and get it out of my sight. Does this kind of thing bother anyone else? Or have I become an eccentric old wacko?
rexlion 06/21/20 06:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Well, it's over

Now you will have time to sort and catalog all the photographs I'm sure you've taken... ;) Best wishes on the health side of things.
rexlion 06/21/20 01:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Okay How many RV'ers here use CB-Radio's?

please note that an FCC-issued license is required to use frequencies assigned to the GMRS. you may inadvertently be usung a GMRS repeater. given the size of the radios and the max power output of 2-watts it is unlikely (but possible) to achieve the advertised 28-mi range. use of a GMRS repeater makes that useful range much more likely. but of course you would need a valid GMRS license in order to use a GMRS repeater. if you have such a license you're good to go. It's also worth noting that in 2017 most of what had been GMRS-only frequencies were redefined as being FRS frequencies, and nearly all of what were previously handheld FRS/GMRS combo radios "magically" became FRS only radios and do not require a license to operate (i.e. they're licensed by rule).I've never heard this. I had been looking at the Baofeng UV-5R. You mean, even though it can access GMRS frequencies, I wouldn't get into trouble doing so because it's classed as "FRS only"? Or have I misunderstood?
rexlion 06/20/20 05:34pm RV Lifestyle
RE: How do you folks plan travel for long distances?

It's hard to make any specific suggestions for where to camp along the route, since there are many highways you could take. And we don't know how many travel days you want to take, what you'd enjoy seeing or doing along the way, etc. But there are hundreds if not thousands of places to camp between your place and Yellowstone. I use freecampsites.net and Ultimate Campgrounds, mainly. I go for all the free and cheap spots. And I hardly ever make reservations along the way (IMO you've done the hard part when you got sites in Yellowstone). If I want to go 400 miles the first day, I'll look on the maps of those sites for CGs along the route; maybe I'll have to change it to 350 miles or 500 miles, but I'll wind up with 2 or 3 possibilities. Then scope out what's available another 400 miles down the road. On travel day, I will stop by the first of my alternates and if there's space I will probably stay. Then I look at the maps that night and decide if I want to make any adjustments for the next day (because things change, I might be tired or feel like taking a different route or whatever).
rexlion 06/19/20 01:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Michigan UP help

No reason why you have to stay at one state park the whole time, unless that's what you prefer. If you are at Lake Gogebic, from there you can take some day trips to the Porcupine Mountains (east and west units are both nice, and not alike) and the Keweenaw Peninsula. If you're over at Muskallonge or Tahquamenon, you can drive to Munising and take a boat tour of Pictured Rocks, or go east to visit the Soo locks, or check out the shipwreck museum at Whitefish Point. From Indian Lake it's easy to go see the Big Spring (Palms Book SP, no camping), the historic old buildings at Fayette SP, the wildlife refuge north of Engadine, and the 5 mile long Mackinaw Bridge. Cross the bridge to Mackinaw City and you're right by 2 old forts, 2 lighthouses, and a tourist island with no motor vehicles. If you're at J.W. Wells, you might head west to Stephenson and sample the wines at ThreeFold Vine winery; the same folks have a place across the street with craft beers, too, and the smoky one they had last year was quite good IMO.
rexlion 06/18/20 09:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can my Dodge Durango GT haul a 4400 lbs travel trailer?

Your drive train can probably handle it (if you're not driving up long grades at high elevation, and if the trailer's frontal area isn't too massive). But as others have pointed out, your suspension is another matter. Check that payload, especially how much weight you can put on the rear axle.
rexlion 06/15/20 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban Versus Excursion or something else???

What about adding a Banks power kit? Or has anyone ever come out with an aftermarket turbo? Cheaper to mod for more power than to trade.
rexlion 06/11/20 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Newbie Towing Questions

Without a WD hitch you would feel pronounced motion of the TT levering the back of the truck up and down as you go over bumps and expansion joints. A properly set up WD hitch will greatly attenuate, but not completely eliminate, this sensation. I'm guessing that is what you are feeling. But if you're feeling the tail wagging the dog or notice the trailer moving back and forth behind you, the hitch may not be set up properly (instructions can be downloaded from Progress Mfg's website and you can check with a measuring tape). I usually set the controller so the TT brakes, when activated alone at slow speed on pavement, will slowly bring the rig to a halt. If I am on gravel in a campground and the TT brakes lock up, I will temporarily reduce the setting. The times you're on gravel, you're not going fast so stopping help from the TT isn't as critical. That's why I generally set it for pavement, which is what I'm driving on 99% of the time. Air up rear tires to max sidewall rated PSI. Same thing with TT tires. Backing up, you could conceivably crimp and damage the A frame of the TT with your rear bumper. Backing up sharply is fine, up to that point where you might hit. With a pickup's big turn radius steering, sometimes the truck cannot pivot as fast as the TT to straighten out, and the angle will increase as you continue backing up; watch out for this. If you bend your A frame you won't be a happy camper.
rexlion 06/10/20 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: replace RV entrance door hinges?

I looked up a youtube video and found out that I don't need access to the blind side. I've ordered 3 hinges and a rivet gauge, and for the rivet gun HF is just up the street. Thanks to all!
rexlion 06/07/20 02:02pm Tech Issues
RE: replace RV entrance door hinges?

All you have to do is drill out the rivets. The rest is easy, if you have a helper. But, you might try adding rivets where needed instead of tearing anything apart.To install new rivets, would I need to dismount the door frame from the trailer? I've never done anything with rivets before, so I don't know if I need access to the other side or not.
rexlion 06/07/20 12:53pm Tech Issues
replace RV entrance door hinges?

My trailer's entrance door is sagging. The hinges are worn out. I use this trailer to haul cargo daily for work, and I estimate that the door has been opened and closed upwards of 40,000 times. How hard is it to replace these hinges? Or am I better off buying a new door/frame assembly? https://i.imgur.com/QsoIV2Al.jpg height=800 It looks like the hinges might be riveted to the frame, but I'm not sure if those are rivets or something else. They screw to the door, so that part is easy enough to detach. https://i.imgur.com/LtPABLgl.jpg width=800
rexlion 06/07/20 10:21am Tech Issues
RE: missing shore line

Upload your photos to this site and copy the photo's new link, then on this site click "advanced post form" and insert the link in your post using the yellow 'image' button.
rexlion 06/06/20 10:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

Camping out of my cargo trailer, I've discovered that dish washing and rinsing can be accomplished with a very small amount of water. A plastic collapsible water container with small spout dispenses water slowly, pretty much in dribbles. Even the blue Reliance Aqua-Tainer spouts can be opened just partially for low water use. There's hardly any comparison between that and an RV water pump which throws way more water than necessary out the faucet. "Navy" style showers (low water use) are another strategy. My porta-potti doesn't need much water for flushing, and the reservoir holds enough flush water for about 5 days. Of course, the other main uses I have for water are drinking and cooking, and for those I don't skimp. Between the water containers in my cooler and a pair of Aqua-Tainers, if I'm careful I can boondock for just about a week.
rexlion 06/06/20 10:32pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I almost cheated on my truck yesterday.

You should beg your Ram for forgiveness, and make it up to her by buying her a new, electric blue dress... I mean paint job! ;)
rexlion 06/06/20 04:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bizarre fueling situation. Issue #1 on trip.

My dad had a Chevette for a year or so. It tried twice to kill him, so he sold it. (That's how he always told the story.) First attempt: he was rounding a gentle highway curve at 50 mph, on the inside of the curve, when a weld on the rear axle gave way. It propelled the car to the oncoming lane, and an 18-wheeler was coming right then. Fortunately his reflexes were quick, and he ran it into the open field on the far side in time. Second attempt: During a long drive he kept getting sleepy and nauseous. After stopping and feeling better, on a hunch he drove the rest of the way home with the windows open. Took it to the dealer the next day and they found that the exhaust had gotten loose in the engine compartment.
rexlion 06/06/20 03:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Extended service (Good Sam) lesson learned

Insurance is a gamble. The consumer bets that he'll save money, and the company bets that they'll make money. The insurance company usually wins the bet. My wife and I been paying for life insurance on both of us for more than 30 years. I haven't won my bet yet. Neither has she. ;)
rexlion 06/06/20 03:41pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: how much is too little to spend on a used Class B?

No, because maybe the owner died and the widow just wants to get rid of the rig asap and doesn't know or doesn't care about the actual value. Or maybe some other reason. Genuine bargains sometimes do show up. (Very rarely, but sometimes...... )
rexlion 06/05/20 02:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Camping

How about that, a GS Roadside post that isn't critical of the service.... lol
rexlion 06/05/20 02:35pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Grand Tetons first come first serve

Gros Ventre would be most apt to fill up late in a day on the weekend. If they show up on a Sunday through Thursday by mid-afternoon, getting in should be a slam dunk, I think.
rexlion 06/05/20 02:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New cargo trailer tires, good news and bad ...

Any tire that causes you to drive faster and use more fuel will be an expensive tire (in the long run, that is). But I couldn't stomach any tires that only let me go 55! Glad you got rid of the old ones.
rexlion 06/02/20 09:02pm Class C Motorhomes
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