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RE: RV Parks in Montreal and Quebec City

OP again. Our trip takes us from Algonquin Park to Ottawa, then to Montreal, then Quebec City, then south to Maine. We have flexibility on dates, and don't mind driving out of the way to see or stay in scenic places. Any suggestions along this general route? Especially welcome scenic secondary roads over freeways when there's something to see.
rfloyd99 07/22/19 05:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Parks in Montreal and Quebec City

OP here. I didn't mean we didn't WANT AC, but that we don't HAVE AC! The **** thing broke on day 2 of a four month trip, and we were already booked out a couple of weeks and couldn't hang around in the US to have a new unit shipped to us. Have decided to wait til returning to US to get it fixed, seems it will be much less expensive. So we have been suffering, but looks like we will have to do so for another couple of weeks. Of course, we don't mind staying at places that have amenities, just wanted those responding to know they just weren't something we needed. Thanks for the suggestions, hopefully there will be a few more.
rfloyd99 07/22/19 04:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RV Parks in Montreal and Quebec City

We will be visiting both cities (with a 27'TT) between 7/28 and 8/5, 4 nights near each one. Can anyone suggest an RV park/CG within a reasonable commute into the cities. We will pay what it takes, but prefer parks without pools, playgrounds, etc. We need 15 amp (no AC) and water. Sewer conn is preferable but not required. We usually drive to a subway/bus stop and take public trans into the city for museums, parks, restaurants, etc. Also suggestions of things to do/see/eat are welcome, both in the cities and the countryside. Thanks!
rfloyd99 07/22/19 03:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Texas?!? I'm shocked.

I live in Florida, a popular state of domicile for RVers. There is no inspection of vehicles required here. I lived in Texas until mid 80's, and felt that the inexpensive inspection was a good idea. One thing they looked for was headlights not being properly aimed, or being too bright! I know because I once bought some fancy upgraded headlights for some reason, and they wouldn't pass inspection.
rfloyd99 06/25/19 02:39pm General RVing Issues
Roadside Assistance Question

We're about to leave on a four month, 7,000 mile trip in the US and Canada with a Ram 1500 and 27' TT. I've read some previous threads on this subject, but would like to hear from anyone with recent experience and opinions. I've narrowed it down to three options: 1. Good Sam has a special on their basic plan for $75 for online signup (plus a $20 gift card at Camping world/Gander). Their premium plan ($35 more) benefits don't appeal to me except for the availability of "tech support from a certified RV tech". That could come in handy. Has anyone ever used this feature? 2. Escapees is $139, $40 to join plus $99 for Roadside Assist plan through SafeRide Motor Club. Tech support feature is included. This is the most expensive of the three, but Escapees website hints at discounts at 800 campsites, but isn't very specific. Anyone have experience with their RA plan or CG discounts? 3. FMCA is $124, $50 to join ($10 off special just started) plus $74 for RA, also through SafeRide, looks like exact same benefits as Escapees. There don't seem to be any other financial benefits. Looking for input on savings with Escapees or FMCA, or good/bad on the RA plans. Thanks!
rfloyd99 06/25/19 12:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Murphy Bed Mattress question

OP here. I don't know what my current mattress is - it has a pillow top and most foam mattresses do not. It doesn't sag, though. I never used the straps on mine, didn't seem to need them. They would probably help keep a foam mattress in place. Foam mattresses are really heavy, though. About 75 lbs. for a 10" and 55 for an 8" for the ones I have found. And that's in the short queen size. Also, my front wall slopes, and has lots of space between the surface of the mattress and the wall. My mattress is 7" thick, and there are 6-7" of space at the top and about 15" at the bottom, so there is no sandwich effect, but plenty of room for a thicker mattress. Last thing, I emailed a foam mattress maker that sells an 8" short queen about this issue; they do not recommend any of their products to be used on a murphy bed, RV or otherwise! So, I don't know what I'm going to do, but this might be of interest to others with murphy bed RVs. We're about to spend four months in the RV, and that bed sucks! Anybody else have any ideas?
rfloyd99 06/19/19 01:37pm Travel Trailers
Murphy Bed Mattress question

Our TT has a Murphy Bed, and it's time to replace the cheap mattress Jayco provided. Since it's a short queen the options are limited. The reason this isn't a simple job is that the best alternatives are foam. I worry that when the mattress is vertical and bouncing down the road it will not be rigid enough to resist collapsing down to the bottom of the space between the bed base and the wall of the trailer. Yes, there is plenty of space between the bed and the wall for that to happen. Anyone with a murphy bed will understand. Anyone have experience or ideas? Thanks!
rfloyd99 06/18/19 11:25am Travel Trailers
Canadian side Niagara Falls Questions

We will be staying in The Buffalo NY area for a couple of days before travelling to Hamilton and Toronto and points east. We have a 27' TT with half ton tow vehicle. We would like to view the Canadian side of the Falls (highly recommended) before going on to an RV park near Hamilton. We will be there mid to late July. I know this is peak time; do you think we'll have trouble finding places to camp (parks or commercial RV parks)? Does anyone know if there is a place to park our rig to see the Canadian Falls views? Also, any recommendations for things to see in Hamilton/NFalls area as well as a place to park/camp in the Buffalo and Hamilton areas. Also ideas for same while visiting Montreal and Quebec City areas as well. We will be in Canada for 3-5 weeks. Can use our credit/debit cards for most things, but will need cash too. should we exchange for Canadian currency or is US currency okay in Ontario and Quebec? Thanks!
rfloyd99 06/15/19 03:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Replace just one Backing Plate on TT?

OP again. DFord, I didn't double post! The post you recently answered was from Big Steve, and he asked a different question (about replacing shoes and turning drums) The question I asked was about whether it was okay to replace one brake set only. Thanks for your answer about doing both ends of the axle.
rfloyd99 06/15/19 03:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace just one Backing Plate on TT?

OP here. I'm pretty sure he meant the entire assembly, not just the plate. Most advice I've seen (youtube, etc) says that when trailer brakes need to be replaced that it is cost/labor effective to replace the assembly, not just the shoes. The tech works for the dealer I bought from, and was doing warranty work on the axles. He suggested I do the work myself on the brakes, which I intend to do. The issue seemed to be that one had more wear than the other three. He didn't elaborate, and I was unable to spend more time exploring the subject with him.
rfloyd99 06/15/19 03:21pm Tech Issues
Wheel Bearing Temp Question

The axles were recently replaced on my 27' TT, and the tech said the bearings looked fine. I have put almost 20K miles on this since I bought it new 3.5 years ago. I have had the bearings checked twice in that time, and they "looked fine" both times. They have grease fittings, BTW, but I have never added grease. About a year ago I asked about bearing mntnce on this forum, and the answers ranged from repack every year, every two years, never (just shoot some grease into them from time to time). Since we are leaving on a 7K mile trip soon, I want to do the right thing. The last time I used the trailer, I drove 150 mostly highway miles, and 15 minutes after stopping I checked the temperature of each wheel with an infrared sensor. The last 10 miles had been city driving, so the brakes could have contributed to the heat. It was about 82 degrees at the time. I have no idea if the temps I read are appropriate. I aimed the sensor at the alloy wheel, right at the hub. The readings were: Right Rear 95 degrees " Front 114 Left Rear 132 " Front 89 Does this seem normal? should there have been such a range, fr/back, L/R? If so, I will shoot some grease in them and call it good, unless you recommend something further is needed. Thanks for your help!
rfloyd99 06/15/19 02:06pm Tech Issues
Replace just one Backing Plate on TT?

I have a 27' TT that I bought new 29 months ago. it is not overloaded, BTW. I have put almost 20,000 miles on it, about 25-30% hilly/mountainous roads. The axles were replaced under warranty a few months ago, and I asked the tech to look at the brakes. He said brakes looked good, except he suggested I replace the backing plate on the right rear. He seemed to know his stuff, and did not indicate it was urgent. The trailer brakes seemed to work as they should on a recent 350 mile trip. I don't know much about trailer brakes, I had to look up what "backing plate" meant! My question is, if I only replace one (of four) will I have adjustment issues? I assume they are adjustable, and is that difficult? I really can't afford replacing all four right now, but don't want to do something stupid. Also, we are leaving soon on a 7,000 mile trip, so good brakes would be nice to have. Any thoughts?
rfloyd99 06/15/19 01:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Eastern US/Canada/Texas Trip Advice

OP here. Many great ideas, thanks to all who have taken the time to write. We will definitely study the rules re entering/returning from Canada (done it once, a couple of years ago, will check for the latest regs). Also, will now avoid I-80! We enjoy cities (museums, architecture, casual local restaurants, etc.). We've had good experiences finding an RV park on the outskirts and commuting in for 2-3 days. Tips that fit this plan are welcome for the Canadian cities and Chicago. We are skipping NY, Boston, Philly, DC this trip. We recently lived in Denver, so are familiar there. The suggestions for Parks, historical sites, great scenery, interesting small towns, etc. are welcome. As I said, no way we can see it all on such a long trip, but love the thoughts of those who have been there. Plan so far is to be in Canada 3-4 weeks late July and August, New England and Upstate NY for a month, then west to Chicago, then arriving in Denver early October for a wedding, leaving there October 14th. So our trip through Texas and the south will be in hopefully cooler weather. Thanks again, and please keep posting!
rfloyd99 05/24/19 09:17am Roads and Routes
RE: Eastern US/Canada/Texas Trip Advice

Thanks for the responses, I'm definitely making notes. Keep them coming! By traffic around the Canadian cities, I assume you mean it is/can be heavy. We're used to that, and do what we can to avoid it. Any more specific details or recommendations?
rfloyd99 05/23/19 09:24am Roads and Routes
RE: Camping or Glamping?

I hate it when the media make up words to suit themselves, i.e. "glamping", or putting two peoples' names together to create something to hype. I personally don't care how other people do it, as long as they don't care how I do it. I was just about to reply with the same sentiment! Is "glamping" supposed to be "glamour camping"? I have never stayed in an RV park that cost over $65 a night, although I hear there are some. There has not been anything glamourous about the close quarters, full time residents of the park who live in poorly maintained rigs with clutter stuffed underneath, and dumping your sewage before you leave! We can do better than "glamping" as a description of "not sleeping in a tent", IMO
rfloyd99 05/22/19 03:13pm General RVing Issues
Eastern US/Canada/Texas Trip Advice

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29896467
rfloyd99 05/22/19 12:32pm General RVing Issues
Eastern US/Canada/Texas Trip Advice

We (wife and I, no pets) will be leaving Florida July 8th for a four month trip in our 27 ft. Travel Trailer. We have taken two month and a six month trips within the last few years, so aren't rookies, but haven't RV'd in the eastern part of the US and Canada before. Our itinerary: Florida to Buffalo, NY through Pittsburgh. Niagara Falls,Toronto,Ottawa,Montreal,Quebec City Quebec to coastal Maine, then ramble around as much of New England as possible. Then to Upstate NY, then through Cleveland to Chicago (any suggestions for side trips into Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana?) Then to Denver to visit family. Then to Carlsbad Caverns NP, Big Bend NP, West Texas, Texas Hill Country, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, home to Tampa Bay. Obviously we realize we can't see everything along that route! We are in our late 60's, reasonably fit and active, and enjoy both cities and the countryside. We like to stay in state and national parks when possible, and reasonably priced commercial parks (swimming pools, cable TV aren't important). We usually stay in one location for 2-5 days. When we went on our long West Coast trip a couple of years ago we posted a question like this and got lots of really great tips, so thought I would try it again, especially since we haven't visited many of these areas, especially not in an RV. So, if you are from or are familiar with the places along our route, please chime in with suggestions, warnings, etc.! Thanks in advance, Riley and Val
rfloyd99 05/22/19 12:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: Stocking/Furnishing a New Camper

When we bought our first TT in 2016 we bought a bunch of stuff we thought we'd need or enjoy using. We have used the trailer many times in all sorts of situations. The two things that almost never got used were the outdoor rug (RV mat?) and the strings of lights we thought would be so nice. Important things to us were a good outdoor charcoal grill (the small square Weber. There are only two of us), which can be used to have a small wood fire to give the semblance of a campfire where there is no fire ring. Also, the right chairs, and a small collapsible table. We like the upright chairs with the collapsible side table (Costco has a good version, probably Walmart too). We also have one of the "anti-gravity" type for serious lounging. We've been on long and short trips, mostly long ones. We wanted to have "nice dishes", etc, like at home, but we ended up using paper plates almost all the time. Found a size and type we liked and stuck with them. We are an older couple; if you're a family doing short camping trips our choices may not make sense for you.
rfloyd99 04/05/19 09:54am Travel Trailers
Question re axle replacement

I have a 2016 Jay Feather RBM23 which I bought new. The tires were wearing unevenly (edges of tread wearing more, not uniform from one tire to the next). Of course, they are the cheap original equipment ones, and I had about 18,000 miles on them. I was very careful to keep them at the recommended 50 PSI, BTW, so I don't think the wear issues are related to low pressure. When I took it in at the end of the warranty period (two yrs) for them to take care of a handful of minor issues, I asked the dealer if they thought I had an alignment problem, bad or improperly installed axles, etc. that could be causing this. Lippert made the axles, IIRC. They took a lot of measurements, and said they'd get back to me. Months later they did, and wanted to come to my home an hour away to measure again. They did, and a couple of months later called and said the new axles had come in. I have three questions: 1. Should I even have them change the axles? I know doing warranty work generates lots of money for the dealer, whether it's needed or not. They somehow got Jayco to replace the largest window and a small one under warranty when the only problem was that they were a little stiff to open/close. If there's nothing wrong with the axles replacing them could be worse, if they don't do it right. 2. Do new axles come with the bearings and brakes already attached, therefore giving me new ones along with the axles? (again, 18K miles, so new would be a plus) 3. If I do it, should I replace the yellow Equa-Flex (Lippert, I think) suspension part while they are at it? Again, consider the mileage. It seems the Equa-Flex is already an upgrade, but is wear a problem? As always, thanks in advance! Riley
rfloyd99 04/04/19 02:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: I'm looking for some TT advice from experienced RVers

Snomas, which model did you choose? There are several with M Bed.
rfloyd99 04/04/19 02:00pm Travel Trailers
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