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RE: On street parking problems Portland

........... Sorry, but you cannot care more for people than they care for themselves, and you cannot help people who don't want to be helped. This pretty much sums it up, there is a percentage of homeless that are not that way by choice, it isn't a large percentage. It is those that are not drug addicted leaches on society. They have lost a job, due to covid, or other and can't afford to pay rent. Most will avoid the large group camps of the drug addicted due to the bad situation and filth. As to the drug addicted, for years now government has continued to enable their issues, needle exchanges, safe places to shoot up, and now Oregon and Washington have passed laws decriminalizing the possession and use of small amounts of illegal drugs! Maybe keep the drugs illegal in all quantities, and offer drug treatment as part of prison sentence.
rhagfo 08/04/21 06:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Hard surfaces and puppies question

I have not heard that either, I would be more concerned about hot surfaces. We park host and are in area where it can get to 100 degrees and bright sun. We also have an issue with pine tree pitch. We got our beagle a set of boots, these are more for the pitch. It was so hard to get out of the paw pads. She accepted the boots very well.
rhagfo 08/04/21 06:05am RV Pet Stop
RE: On street parking problems Portland

Isn't Oregon where that bunch of criminals took over a few city blocks awhile back and the police, government, has done nothing? That was in Seattle CHOP, they tried it in Portland, but right outside the mayor’s condo, so it was squashed quickly. Those that are street park their RVs would be better acceptable if they were clean and didn’t have a ton of trash around their RV. Lawmakers have for years passed laws and rules that have enabled drug abuse. Then last election a law was passed that decriminalized the use and possession of small quantities of illegal drugs! I will never understand the logic of that!
rhagfo 08/02/21 11:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking up 5th wheel?

I use a floor jack and then put 6000# jack stands under the axles I'm working on. You carry a floor jack & jack stands with you on the road?? Well the OP didn’t specify if it was changing a tire or doing bearing/brake service. Changing a tire bottle jack under the axle at spring location. Get old tire off slap new on. Bearing/Brake or suspension work, jack on frame, place wood cribbing under frame just behind back spring hanger, jack stands just aft of landing legs.
rhagfo 07/31/21 08:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why do I keep blowing out tires on my truck?

From what I can find online, the standard tire size for your truck is 265/75R16. The standard Defender weight rating is is 2756 lbs/tire. There is an LT265R16 (load range E - 10 ply rating) version that is 3415 lbs/tire. They also make a LT285/75R16 version that is 3750 lbs/tire. After multiple blowouts I would want these ! Inflate to the pressure recommended by the TIRE MANUFACTURER ! Well the LT265/75-16E should be the tire called out on the vehicle payload sticker. That should be the MINIMUM sized tire you install on your truck,
rhagfo 07/31/21 11:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: belly liner repair

Wow, so many that have an Eternabond as the save all fix all. I have had great results with gorilla tape. I always cut a three sided flap, once work is done, apply tape to the three sides of the flap. Then push the flap up and seal to the cleaned surface around the opening, hinge side always forward.
rhagfo 07/30/21 11:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: belly liner repair

That 4 inch wide gorilla super strong tape works well. Well I used 2” on a flap I needed to open to get to the fresh water drain, it has worked before when I sealed the belly for several years now!
rhagfo 07/29/21 08:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ultimate payload monster?

No one is going to respond directly to my question of how my SAE rear axle rating plus unloaded front axle weight is 1.000# over my 14k GVWR??? Ron, You make me laugh! So our axles add up to 6,000 + 9,750 = 15,750# axle capacity to a 14,000# GVWR is 12.5% more axle capacity than GVWR. Now go back to your Gen 2 Ram 5,200 + 6,084 = 11,284# axle capacity to a 8,800# GVWR or 28.2% more axle capacity than GVWR. So less cushion on the new truck than the old.:B
rhagfo 07/29/21 05:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ultimate payload monster?

GVWR is a JOKE!!! Someone please tell me how I can stay at or under 14k when my RAWR is 9,750# and my unloaded front axle weight is 5,250# when they add up to 15k. My solution is to have tonnage enough to cover my 6 tires load. Even worse with my 2000 F250 diesel, to get to its 6100 lb or so RGAWR without exceeding its 8800 GVWR, I would have to pile all the weight behind the rear axle to unload the front axle from its 4500 lb or so empty weight to under 2800 pounds. Far safer to load the truck at 5500 on the rear, 4500 on the front even though at those weights I'm exceeding the GVWR by 1200 lbs. Nothing "ILLEGAL" about either of these options. Reality per federal bridge laws, Cummins can go to 32k gvw, 20k on rear 12k or so on FA before being over the FBL standards. RJ can hit 10-12k on his two axles ALSO before being over wieght per FBLs. There are other issues that will get them off the road... Wieght will not be an issue, assuming they have the correct paid for tonnage. Just like I've been pulled over multiple times, been thru DOT scale house upwards of 26000 gvw, I have yet to get an overweight ticket. Even tho door jam tag says gvwr is 18200. By the way, door tag sticker is in OM in my office. A lot of what others have implied are correct if your going after manufacture warranty performance ratings. Add more options, get a heavier engine, tranny, dual alternators, AC, power windows etc, ALL take away payload, assuming FA and RA have the same numbers. Ext cab also heavier than regular, crew is heaviest yet. Choose poison, hope it works for you, how you want to use it...... Marty I find it interesting that a moderator would say that federal bridge laws make it legal to exceed the listed axle and tire ratings on truck. Once you exceed GVWR you hit a grey area. While axle and tire may be considered legal to some, a lawyer will go after the statement in owners manuals that is is unsafe to exceed any of the weight numbers on the VIN tag.
rhagfo 07/29/21 07:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: New 4" heavy duty bumper cannot fit Rhino drain hose inside

The fence post idea is interesting. I was just out looking at the RV thinking about where best to mount a PVC tube and I wondered if underneath would make more sense than on the bumper. A tub may work also, i need to figure out with my current tubs in the storage compartment what could fit. I have used my Tetris skills from my youth to figure out an optimum storage bin setup for both storage compartments... :) 5" PVC posts with end caps work very well, and bolted to the frame. PM sent. Well I went with the 5" fence post and caps, everything goes in the post, two hose lengths, 45 degree elbow, and 90 degree drain connection. I can't think of putting that stinky stuff in a tote in the basement or storage compartment. https://i.imgur.com/Q9xkNwG.jpg width=640 https://i.imgur.com/kLmWcT8.jpg width=640
rhagfo 07/28/21 11:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

Not sure I understand the ban on propane firepits. What the difference between a propane firepit and a propane stove/grille? Well because many don't think when using Fire pits. A stove or grill the flame is mostly enclosed, and maybe a couple inches in diameter. With a fire pit the pit is 18" to 24" across and I have seen flames about 18" tall! All it takes is a dry leaf to blow through that flame to start a fire. I watched a guy in 84 degree weather at 11pm with a flame more than needed in 10 to 15 mph winds, really!
rhagfo 07/28/21 11:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tires and their pressures

Questions; How old are the tires? How much weight on the rear axle loaded? Have the tires been abused?
rhagfo 07/26/21 08:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

Once again the two schools of thought, all weights matter, and only axle weights matter. Well your state DOT, but if in an accident, a hungry lawyer may come after you with a lawsuit for being overweight and that being the cause of the accident. We had a 2001 Ram 2500 CTD 5 speed manual and 3.55’s, towing our current 5er we were 1,700# over GVWR but under both axle ratings. Being 1,700# over the 8,800# GVWR, so I figured time to upgrade to TV in signature.
rhagfo 07/25/21 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

I would advise anyone camping in the woods to do a serious evaluation of just how fast they can roll up and bug out at a moments notice. and make sure you have more than ONE way out!! The other thing to watch is the weather, especially the wind, both strength and direction. We had a couple camp host loose their rigs during last years fires here in Oregon because the winds made the fires move so fast. We have hosted with a couple different host that had to just disconnect power and drains and get out with TV and trailer only.
rhagfo 07/22/21 06:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Speed limits

Wow, how we digress! Following distance, I like allowing enough space that I don’t need to be constantly watching the vehicle in front of me. I prefer to be looking a 1/4 mile or more ahead of me, I hate surprises! By looking well down the road I will see slowing, and or braking well ahead of me so I don’t need to be slamming on the brakes. I see way too many lines of vehicles traveling at 60 to 70 mph less than a car length apart! This is how you get 30 car pileups!
rhagfo 07/21/21 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

We just got an update from our pear Ranger! Be advised Starting Thursday July 22nd 2021. There is now a full fire ban in all Oregon State Parks and State managed forest land EAST of Interstate 5. This includes Charcoal fires, cooking fires, warming fires, charcoal briquettes, Candles, Tiki torches and other devices that flames or embers. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottle fuels are allowed, though propane fire pits are NOT allowed! link for oregon state parks fire restrictions: https://stateparks.oregon.gov/index.cfm?do=v.feature-article&articleId=285 restrictions are getting stronger every day and it's definitely tinder dry with winds coming in. the above link list restrictions as of today, not tomorrow or thursday. We are currently on the east side Deshutes River SP, winds today topped 22 mph, most days see at least 14 mph. Actually cool today only 88 degrees, has been 92 to 102 since the 1st of July when we got here.
rhagfo 07/20/21 11:22pm General RVing Issues
Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

We just got an update from our pear Ranger! Be advised Starting Thursday July 22nd 2021. There is now a full fire ban in all Oregon State Parks and State managed forest land EAST of Interstate 5. This includes Charcoal fires, cooking fires, warming fires, charcoal briquettes, Candles, Tiki torches and other devices that flames or embers. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottle fuels are allowed, though propane fire pits are NOT allowed!
rhagfo 07/20/21 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Speed limits

Many times cops respond to calls ASAP without lights or sirens. Most likely at night, or not to arouse the suspect.
rhagfo 07/19/21 08:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Possible Canada boarder opening mid August

Well I thought things had changed just the other day. Had a camper come in with Canadian plates. Got a chance to speak to them later, they are US citizens living in Canada. They said they needed to have their ducks in a row with paper work, but could leave and return without too much hassle.
rhagfo 07/19/21 12:28pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Speed limits

If you don't believe speed kills just look at the pileups with 40-50 cars. Those who are driving the limit are not the problem the speeder is the problem. Typically, that is poor visibility. They are rarely doing the speed limit. It's more often someone nervous who is traveling substantially below the average of nearby traffic (high differential speed). Of course, until we have wide spread adaptive speed limits, the limits posted for normal conditions will be too much for icy white out conditions. Well what I see as the cause for most of those crashes is one or two drivers driving too fast for conditions causing a crash, then the rest is those following too close to allow time to react! I have seen drivers doing 60 to 70 in pea soup fog, that they can't see much more than three car lengths in front of them.
rhagfo 07/19/21 07:04am Tow Vehicles
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