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RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

Wow Steve...that is terrific mpg towing a 14K FW! I'm not sure my gas 6.2 will get 16.5 mpg running empty? Maybe on a still day at 55 mph. Jerry Maybe an issue with metric to imperial conversion.
rhagfo 09/28/20 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon coast to I-5 south?

I would think 18, just north of Lincoln City would be the easiest route......east to 22 and on through Salem where it hits I-5. That or go south on 101 to Newport and east on Hwy 20 to Corvallis, both are good roads.
rhagfo 09/28/20 09:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Tow King Tires

Look for a 4-digit date code in an oval on the tires. It will be MMYY if they are made after 2000. Anything close to 5 years is high time for replacement. I thought the DOT date code way WWYY the WW being the week number of the year.
rhagfo 09/28/20 09:12am Towing
RE: Fifth Wheel Shopping Help

I too suspect that 1K added to dry wt of FW would be closer to what I would call lightly loaded. You should have weighed your truck fully loaded, fuel, people, and gear, add 200 lbs for hitch. That would have given a more accurate rear axle wt, which is most important, due to almost all pin wt will go to that axle. The RAWR is the number that matters MOST. In your case 6340 RAWR minus your scaled wt of empty truck (which is not going to be empty when traveling) 2,760, would indicate you could add 3,580 more to the rear axle. I tow my FW with a F250 6.2 3.73 with 6-speed. My FW GVWR is 12,110, and I do not load it that heavy. I lock out 6th, tow in 5th, works great. I would not be happy towing over 12K with my truck. Your truck will work, but near it's limit, which can sometimes be unpleasant towing against the wind, and steep uphills, that will need high RPM. Jerry I think MFL has it covered, with a gas engine you will likely exceed towing capacity before exceeding payload on the TV. You want either 3.73 or 4.10's as a rear gear.
rhagfo 09/28/20 06:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What truck do I need to pull this trailer

There's no way that's going to have a 2,800 lb. pin weight loaded. The advertised pin weights are dry/empty. Count on a fully-loaded pin weight of around 3,900 lbs. and figure your truck payload numbers from there. Calculator Rob X2 You really want DRW, I agree pin will be near 3,900#. Payload on our 2016 Ram 6.7 CTD Aisin with 3.73’s is 5,411# tow rating is 25,000#+. Any Ram DRW after 2013 has a GVWR of 14,000#. The only issue is that 2013 to 2015 had dual radiators and a “Y” that would crack, good after market replacements.
rhagfo 09/27/20 08:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Wow, talk about it is all about me attitude. First of all if you are in the right lane, you need to yield to a vehicle passing you in the left lane, you just can't bull your way into the lane, same on returning to the right lane. Well if you are driving defensively you are looking down the road and not beyond your ability to slow or stop for traffic issues. Lastly if you pull from the right lane into the left lane and strike a vehicle already there, you are at fault, not the vehicle already in that lane. Wrong. 1). A vehicle passing at a 7-mph variance will, with some minor slowing on the part of the travel lane vehicle, get around the right lane vehicle quickly. 2). But those on his tail have ZERO right-of-way. It’s illegal to block the left lane. No exceptions. Tail-gating and lane-blocking aren’t a defense to being knocked off the road. Illegal passing, by definition. The road design IS the rule. Faster traffic NEVER has ROW except in the confines of a legal pass. I’ve had several hit me this year as I LEGALLY moved left. Thought they could speed up to block me: (1) They were illegally in the lane to begin with; (2) “Blocking” can be a go-to-jail offense. Wake up. I spend my days maintaining the MAXIMUM distance I can (traffic volume); slowing from a cruise speed by 10-mph TO GET OTHERS AROUND ME FASTEST. When the idiots jam up ahead of me to pass a slow mover, I back off and wait. Only them do I pass. Alone. Had an extremely slow big truck get onto the Interstate yesterday at a distance that only emergency braking could solve. I signaled and moved left. LEGALLY, as vehicles illegally tailgating DONT EXIST. You NEED TO EXPECT THAT (what your father SHOULD have taught you). Had someone hit your car, but you had no insurance? Same principle, YOU shouldn’t have been on the road. The other guy could be drunk and ran a light. Your fault. Anyone thinks a big truck driver should roll his vehicle (as that will happen) versus move into the left lane is a fool. Left lane confers ZERO right-of-way. All risk assumed except within the confines of a legally-executed pass. YOU CANNOT OTHERWISE BE IN THE LEFT LANE. Your commuter miles = ZERO highway experience. A guy running the legal minimum of 45-mph MAY decide to move left. You’re running 77-mph AND ARE OUTSIDE THE PASS ZONE you’re screwed. What speed you “want” to run has ZERO to do with responsible driving. High traffic volume means you don’t get to run the upper limit. “Overtaking” isn’t passing. Has no defense. IS a traffic offense. A big truck needs more than 350’ clearance between him and anyone else. It’s when he needs to move to the left lane. And does. Do you believe it smart, safe, prudent or legal to cut between him and the vehicle he’s passing (from the right lane)? Did you enter a rural Interstate and fail to have BOTH a 5-7/mph leeway PLUS 350’ ahead of a big truck? Otherwise, it’s an illegal maneuver you’ve made. You CANNOT force the travel lane occupant to have to brake or steer to avoid. Period. Passed a big truck and re-entered the right lane ahead of him without a football-field length difference? (Same thing). None of what I’ve written was any mystery 50-years ago, even 40. ROW is everything. And it’s defined. Your “presence” where you aren’t supposed to be, can — and will — get you killed. Know the rules. A turn signal is A SIGN (which you must observe) where ROW has defined who may do what (when). I’m not required to sacrifice my life for yours. And I won’t. Same as you. . The statement in red peaks my intrest, you have been hit several times moving left. You claim that the vehicles speed up to prevent you moving left. You also talk legally, and reference "Overtaking" later as not being a legal pass. Seems to me that if there are three or four vehicles in the right lane going slower, I am not going to pass one at a time on an interstate, pulling back right as I clear each, I will take them as a group.
rhagfo 09/27/20 07:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How much cc to leave for passengers and gear?

Pretty general question, how large is your family, and do you have large pets. The best way to approach this issue is to load up your TV as you would for a trip including hitch and passengers. Then head to the scales and weigh each axle, add them together, and subtract from GVWR and that is what you have left for pin weight.
rhagfo 09/27/20 06:50am Toy Haulers
RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

The total package is less aerodynamic, the 5er has smoother air flow than a PU and TT.
rhagfo 09/26/20 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

The GOOD NEWS...you are in the Fort Worth area! Jerry Good point, I don’t need to deal with him either!
rhagfo 09/26/20 10:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solution to Trash Left Behind!

Last year at Lexington Horse Park Campground the folks next to us left garbage all over their campsite packed up their RV and left. I took photos of it and their site reservation tag then bagged up all the trash and went down to the camp office. Showed them the photos, the garbage and the site slip. Rangers mailed out a $100 ticket and blocked the folks from reserving a site anywhere in the Kentucky state parks campground system. Harsh but excellent lesson. This is a great solution to the problem. We host and we don't see many the leave a site in bad condition. I like the ticket and ban idea.
rhagfo 09/26/20 07:12am Truck Campers
RE: Opinions on my dilema - newer trucks SRW vs DRW

Likely not a big issue to the OP, but for DRW the GM’s had a max GVWR of 13,025# up until about 2019. Ram has had 14,000# since 2013
rhagfo 09/25/20 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: rodent repellent

We've tried several things to deter rodents. The only thing that has worked consistently and completely is putting a shop light under the hood. I plug it in with an extension cord over to my carport and a dusk to dawn timer. When we are on an RV road trip, we leave one car in the carport. I do the same thing for it, but I just lay the shop light on the ground under the engine. I took this one step further, I installed a strip of cut to length LED lights around the inside of the engine compartment. The plug is on the right side of the bumper, and plug in ever time I get out of the truck.
rhagfo 09/24/20 06:10am Truck Campers
RE: Kitchen Sink

Very nice!
rhagfo 09/23/20 02:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Multiple blowouts in short time

Our trailer weighs roughly 12,000 fully loaded and we drive 65 - 70 tops. They didn't mention replacing rims, only bearings and hubs. If you don't have an alignment issue, consider switching to LT truck tires, Yes the same tires on the TV! We bought our 2005 Copper Canyon in 2012 with the original LT tires on it. I checked them and ran for another four years. When we replaced we bought Yokohama YK-HTX 235/85-16E's these tires have a lower weight rating than ST tires, but a higher speed rating (Much Higher). These tire have a 3,042# rating, I carry a little over 10,000# on the trailer axles with the 5er at about 12,600#. On Edit: Do you cover your tires when not towing??
rhagfo 09/22/20 02:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

Frankly as a retired chemist I'd be more likely to believe this if they explained what miracle additive they are using. Otherwise it sounds like marketing BS. DEF is plain and simple 35% Urea and I don't know what 'deposits they were referring to. Searching google for 'def deposits' gets zero hits. Both have the same water and Urea identifier, and those are the only two ingredients.
rhagfo 09/21/20 06:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheelbase question

Real men do not drive short bed trucks ! Real men don't make comments like that unless their tongue is firmly planted in their cheek. And real trucks don’t have spark plugs! :B
rhagfo 09/20/20 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

My furnace works fine. That's helpful for OP. ?? I am sure the OP wants portable electric heaters as park electric is included in the site price, propane isn’t. Well my furnace also works fine, and when the wall switch is flipped to electric I am using the park provided electricity. I am heated and the basement is heated.
rhagfo 09/19/20 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

Personally I hate portable electric heaters. We installed a Cheap Heat electric add on unit to our gas furnace. Not cheap to buy, but heats the basement also, provides 1,800 watts on 30 amps, and 5,000 watts on 50 amp. We also have an electric fireplace heater that will work well in really cold weather.
rhagfo 09/18/20 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: iOS 14

Just updated, needed to down load and we have spare data this month. The down load is something like 2.3 gb, if on cell internet something to think about.
rhagfo 09/18/20 11:56am Technology Corner
RE: lug nut socket

Both my TT and my F150 require thin wall deep well sockets. Harbour Freight had them in 1/2" drive. I also bought a 30 inch breaker bar. The darned truck requires 150 lb/ft of torque and removing the lugs after they have been on a while takes some serious pull. My TT required 100 lb/ft on the lugs. Both units have aluminum wheels. Interesting that is the same torque as the wheels our Ram 3500 DRW. I have on board air and carry an impact wrench.
rhagfo 09/16/20 10:56pm Beginning RVing
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