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RE: Fuel injector hose leak on Monaco with Cummins engine

I don't usually post here but this is a dangerous situation. If this really is an injector line, DO NOT DRIVE IT or even start it with a rubber hose patch. That line has thousands of pounds of pressure - depending on the year, 20,000 PSI or more. Cummins usually has injector lines in stock. You need to replace it properly and torque to spec. Don't get your skin or face anywhere near that bad line while it's running! If it's just a rubber hose that has failed, it isn't an injector line. The only rubber lines would be those before the high pressure pump. All the lines between the pump and injectors are metal - no rubber. X2 If it is rubber then it before the injection pump. Every thing after the injection pump needs to be steel to handle the pressure. Fuel hose doesn’t usually split, likely chaffed on something and wore a hole in it. If it was cracked, I would get the entire hose replaced.
rhagfo 10/23/21 02:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 cycle oil Dodge 5.9 diesel

In our old 5.9 we use Opti-Lube XPD additive, 1/2 oz per gallon of fuel.
rhagfo 10/15/21 09:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: microwave replacement

Another option is to modify the compartment where you old RV microwave was mounted so that it can accept ordinary microwaves. Example: https://i.imgur.com/kqyM2Fwl.jpg I actually modified my cabinet opening to install a convection/ microwave by Dometic. DW loves it, and so do I.
rhagfo 10/15/21 12:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Mount for Cell Phone, GPS, and more

I am lost, 202- F250 Lariat doesn’t have Bluetooth for phone, and no built in navigation system? I have a very small dash cam, I don’t want to advertise that I have one. Mine mounts to the windshield and is located out of my view forward of the rearview mirror.
rhagfo 10/15/21 12:12am Tech Issues
RE: Reseal roof on class A

Would it make sense to just Eternabond the entire thing instead? I trust Dicor self leveling caulking far more than Eternabond tape for making a Secure seal. That and I think that Eternabond tape looks tacky!
rhagfo 10/15/21 12:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Handling “hard dried stuff” in the black tank ?

I would shut the tank valve boil as much water as possible and pour that hot water with the rid x. Try to get at least 20 gallons of hot water and let sit for a few days. Hopefully that will break up the poop and get it into suspension to then drain out and flush. Doug Why not dump 20 gallons of boiling water and a $10 bill down the turlet? The hot water will kill off the bacteria in the rid X, which is @ $10 a box, and even when active without boiling it to death will do nothing in something with a small volume such as an RV HOLDING tank. May as well use the $10 bill and save the cost and time of running out to buy the rid-X. Well I used warm water from the tap, about 20 gallons and a half box of Rid-X. I let it set for about three weeks. Drove to a campground for a weekend and dumped the Black tank, the water was a bit chunky and very dark, it was much better. There was a layer of dried poo in our black tank when we bought it.
rhagfo 10/14/21 06:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: black tank digester

The only time I tried anything like that was when we first got our current 5er. The first time we went to dump the tanks, there was a build up in the pipe. We were not going back out for several weeks so I got a box of RidX, and put plenty of warm water down the toilet then added the RidX and parked at the storage yard for about three weeks, when we dumped when we went out the next time I saw a lot of crud go down the drain. We don't use any treatment now just lots of water.
rhagfo 10/07/21 06:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

So where does someone buy an extension cord made with SOOW cable? I have yet to find one. I can find the cable itself sold by the foot but I have to buy the male & female plugs. Is that what your folks did or are the available complete somewhere? Exactly! I got 40' of cable from another member, I had the that purchased as spares, and built the cable. It has been in constant use for over four years, and still is in great shape.
rhagfo 10/05/21 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Renting your RV

Renting out is a great way to allow one to buy a full ownership condo, that is located in a unit that is managed as a hotel, BUT I would NEVER let a strange rent my RV!!!
rhagfo 10/05/21 07:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Eternabond tape on fiberglass sides

While you could do that, I suspect it isn't going to look pretty. The better route is to remove the aluminum trim, then remove and clean up the caulking that is under the trim. Then add new caulking and reinstall the aluminum trim. To remove the aluminum trim, you will need to remove the plastic cover on the trim, that will uncover the screws that hold the trim in place. You might be able to reuse the plastic cover if it hasn't gotten brittle but better yet, you can buy new plastic cover material.. Looks like this.. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/61e48HS+C0L._AC_SL1500_.jpg height=300 width=400 1" wide can be found HERE You will need to measure the width as there are different trim widths. The caulking used under the aluminum trim is a flat butyl rubber tape, very sticky when new.. Looks like this.. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/61zHVB71waL._AC_SL1132_.jpg height=300 width=400 Found HERE for $18 for 30ft Do it right the first time with the correct products, otherwise you will regret the results of attempting to remove a product that is called "Eternabond".. I would remove clean and re-calk with the correct calk and butyle tape.
rhagfo 10/02/21 08:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford Super Duty 6.2 Super Ike Gauntlet Pull

Well yes the upfront cost is more, but worth more at trade in or selling. LOL. This is no different than the woman who claims "it was on sale and we saved a lot of money" after spending thousands on more shoes and clothes, to be put in a full closet of nothing to wear. Not even close!
rhagfo 10/01/21 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Super Duty 6.2 Super Ike Gauntlet Pull

If this were true then your statement of going with the diesel would be obvious. The problem is, this isn’t the case. The diesel cost more up front by $8-10k, it takes 2-3x more oil every oil change, fuel filters are $100 and up every 2-3 oil changes, fuel is $.30-50 more per gallon, not to mention if you ever have a def/dpf failure or a turbo failure or injector failure or complete fuel system replacement (any of these sound familiar? I bet they do) then the cost of ownership is way out of balance. The diesel pulls a ton better. Trust me I know. I’m a auto dealer and sell lots of 3/4 and 1 ton trucks so I’ve driven and used all of them in gas and diesel. If you pull over 10k lbs more than once a week I would go diesel. If you don’t, save yourself a bunch of money and time and buy the gas truck. Also, the gas truck, in my opinion is a better daily driver than a diesel. Well yes the upfront cost is more, but worth more at trade in or selling. Oil changes 10 to 15K miles, so oil changes are a wash. Yes fuel filters are a bit pricey, but only every 15K. Fuel cost where I live diesel is currently cheaper than gas by about 34 cents a gallon.
rhagfo 09/30/21 11:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Replacement Toilet Recommendations

Suggest looking at the Dometic 310 or 311 (shorter) Even better is A Dometic 320 oval bowl, if you have the room, more room for men’s equipment. A gentleman sits to pee, as when you stand you splash all over. Also the 310 and 320 are taller and in my opinion the correct height for an adult.
rhagfo 09/29/21 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Pet peeve, neighbors leave porch light on

Boy would dislike being next us! We have found that having a string of LED lights around the bottom of the 5er have solved our rodent problems. While we typically are in maintenance positions and away others, we have been loop host for last three months. The first month we were is a bit of an isolated site from campers, the last two we are in with other RVs, only request was when we had a couple in a tent next to us for five days. We managed to block most of the light to their site. The only time we have had a mouse issue was during a nine day power outage. I will say normally I lay the strip down lights up, this time they are lights down.
rhagfo 09/26/21 10:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon to charge 25% more for out of state RV campers

I am from Oregon and have always had to pay an out of state fee when I camp in adjacent Washington. Our campgrounds are maxed out - it's hard to get a spot these days. I would have preferred them giving Oregon residence a discount but that would ask Politicians to cut revenue - something that will never happen. In short - I don't mind they charge a reasonable fee to out of state campers. Well we have been hosting for Oregon State parks for going on eight years. We have hosted coastal parks for about four years of that. It has constantly been getting busier winter on the coast the parks were sometimes near empty, usually due to weather (storms) to 3/4 full . The two parks nearest Newport, South Beach, and Beverly Beach would be fully open all loops except tent loops, and full for the February Newport Seafood and wine festival. The last couple summers the coastal campgrounds the FULL sign goes up mid May and stays up until the end of September. A newer park west of Portland was seldom full except of weekends until the last couple years it very full all summer long. The park system took a funding hit during the pandemic with three months of closure, loss of lottery income, and moratorium of vehicle registration renewals.
rhagfo 09/23/21 10:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon to charge 25% more for out of state RV campers

Considering residents pay income and property taxes to Oregon that fund things like parks and out of state campers do not, it seems only fair that residents should get a break. Well Oregon state parks are not tax payer supported, the funding is from three major sources, user fees, a share of lottery dollars, and a percentage of RV registration fees.
rhagfo 09/23/21 09:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exterior Caulking

I will never understand the dislike of silicone calk. The frames of our exterior storage doors were sealed with silicone calk and is still in great shape on our 2005 5er. Also Never had an issue with new silicone sticking to clean old silicone.
rhagfo 09/23/21 09:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: weight question

In looking at the door stickers on my truck I am a little confused. The sticker that has the tire info states never exceed 3,720lbs payload. Trailering info sticker states same thing for max payload. But then the J2807 ratings part states max tongue weight of a goose neck is 3,100lbs. Would this be the same for a 5th wheel? I assume it would but the sticker only states conventional trailer and gooseneck. Is it unsafe to tow a gooseneck or 5th wheel with a tongue weight over 3,100lbs even if your total payload is under 3,720? Just want to understand my limits here before I buy something too big. Thanks This is a GM only sticker and as far as I know not mandatory. That said, Now one more thing the lawyers can point to if you are over it. I don’t know how GM can specify a max pin weight less than the maximum payload. The max payload should account for a 150# driver and full fluids. So if a driver is 150# or less, they should be able to use the total listed payload. That is a 620# difference, if 7,000# rear axle less 3,100# leaves 3,900# for empty rear axle. It would be great to have an explanation of this 3rd sticker on GM’s!
rhagfo 09/20/21 05:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: roof replace or coat?

Either way it has to be/should be done indoors where it is warm. Either way better to have it done by a pro if you can afford it. The roof must be dry before starting and no rain the whole time(several days) Choose the right stuff!! You can get some that just peels off like a skin later on. I got the Liquid Rubber stuff from Amazon.ca based on a friend tried it on his RV and it worked well (after a struggle he had --see below--so I knew what I was getting into) If you are "on a budget" you can do the coating job yourself but a real replacement job with new rubber, probably not. Long story here to make you think twice about doing it yourself: I did mine this summer with a lucky long stretch of sunny days and little wind. Pine needles get stuck in the wet coatings. It takes a day to dry before the next coat. It is still sticky after it is dry enough for the next coat, but you can't wait for it not to be sticky-- that takes a couple weeks and you need to do the next coat next day before it "cures". I found you need to wear just your socks or bare feet so your shoes don't lift what is down so far. (You can do the prep coat half at a time and cover that half with the real stuff to dry so you can then be on the first coat to to the prep stuff and first coat on the other half--after that, you do the next coats however for being on yesterday's coat) It took me five coats to use up the five "gallon" bucket enough to meet the instructions for amount per square foot to be thick enough. Learned to slop it on with the roller and not roll it thin or it just means more coats and so more nice days needed at one coat a day. The weatherman is not your friend. That is why they do it under cover (also fewer pine needles indoors!) You need first to be sure what the roof material is, since they have different coatings and prep coatings depending on which type of "rubber" roof you have. There are youtubes on that- where to find a bit of loose roofing to see if the backing is black or white (inside the rv in a vent where they tucked some roof down inside, eg) I was lucky when I learned my horrible 1991 roof turned out to be the wrong kind of rubber just before I used the prep stuff. They don't have any prep stuff for the other kind of "rubber") so I just used the actual coating stuff, and it did stick even though their tech support guy thought it would not for sure, and even to Eternabond--which apparently has different types of white stuff on top too which not all types will let the coating stick-it stuck to mine ok where I have lots of bandage patches. Anyway, it all took a week, and was something of a nightmare, but it got done. :) Couple months later now and it is nice and hard with no lifting anywhere and is still a tiny bit sticky but gradually getting less so. It washes up nicely and no more roof troubles like before where it was turning into a giant mess of Eternabond patches. (Kneeling to work on a vent, eg, my toes would make a gouge in the old roofing to bare wood) Just awful. Now all fixed. I could not have done it without that long stretch of nice weather--you don't get over a week with no rain at all often around here. Watch out for cool nights and condensation--wait till that dries off in the sun by lunch and do the new coat then so it is nearly dry before dark and cool again. In Saskabush you will not have pine needles, but probably get grass-hoppers instead. :) I'm sure others who have done this job will say it is not nearly that difficult, but that's how it went and also pretty much what my friend went through with his. We are both happy with our new roofs, but it was quite a chore. https://liquidrubber.ca/products/rv-roof-coating?variant=4274310340&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsIjJ7IiH8wIV-gutBh2YjwRPEAAYASAAEgLmJPD_BwE I just completely recoat outside, week of about 80 degree weather, day one scrub roof with solution of powdered Tide detergent and semi stiff scrub brush and lots of elbow grease. Day 2 edge and apply first coat of coating, work in using roller. Day 3 apply second coat. Day 4 full 24 hour cure time. Worst part no AC during the four days. ON EDIT: I used Heng’s rubber roof coating. I could have applied the second coat the same day, but I did want to take a chance on dew.
rhagfo 09/18/21 11:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing Piezo Igniter

The lighter works, but it's a pain, literally, to get down and light the oven pilot light every time. And trying to hold the stove knob in, while on your knees bent over seeing where the pilot light is, can be a trick. Especially when you're old. :) We finally learned after seeing aa suggestion here, to leave the pilot light burning. It doesn't seem to use a detectable amount of propane. Give it a try. We full time and DW loves to bake, and makes oven cooked dishes all the time. We light the pilot once and leave it on basically 24/7/365. Only off during travel.
rhagfo 09/18/21 02:41pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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