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RE: 2020 F350 with 6.7 diesel

Here is the info for my truck: 2020 F-350 SRW - 6.7 - 4x4 - Long Bed - 3.55 - Platinum - 48 gallon tank LOADED with - me - 240 - wife - 140 - B&W Hitch - 175 - all my camping/fishing/crabbing gear including a Clam tent - FULL Fuel - Full DEF Scale at 8680... GVW at 12,400..3720# left for trailer... trailer loaded for 2 week trip -3660 # pin . .13860 on axles - close, BUT within my weights What does your door jam sticker say for payload? Thanks 4561# Doesn’t matter he scaled the TV ready to go and subtracted from GVWR, and that is payload that is left for the Pin. He lost 841# of payload to people and stuff. This the way we should do it. I know our 2016 Ram 3500 DRW weighs 10,000# ready to tow.
rhagfo 09/01/20 07:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 F350 with 6.7 diesel

Have any of you actually weighed your truck to see if the payload and GVWR meet at 12400? Yea, also chuckle at that, that 4,500# goes quickly! We lost 1,411# from our 5,411# payload with us, in bed tool box and hitch, leaving 4,000# with a 2,800# pin. So if 4,500# then about 3,100# for that 2,800# pin not much wiggle room. Our 5er is only 32’ about 13,000#, with a small basement.
rhagfo 08/31/20 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Watch That Diamondplate!

ALWAYS disconnect the negative side of a battery first for exactly this reason!!!! X2!”
rhagfo 08/31/20 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 Order

4.10 has always been a highly regarded towing ratio, higher ratings, optimal RPMS. 3.73 is a nice balance and virtually goes unnoticed with today's 8-10 spd autos. For a daily driver you'll likely see less fuel economy with 4.10. Heck, I'm seeing newer trucks with bigger wheels and tires coming stock with 4.30 gears. While the 4.10 will be better off the line, not really needed with the newer diesels. Our old 2001 Ram CTD with 5 speed manual and 3.55’s took a bit to get our near 13,000# 5er moving off the line but was fine once moving. The new 2016 Ram 3500 DRW , HO, Aisin, and 3.73’s hardly notice the 5er when taking off. Would be nice to have The Air Bags, but we bought used and this one had most everything we were looking for and a little more in some sense.
rhagfo 08/31/20 09:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Question about exiting in an emergency

When you check the lock just before retiring, move the bug shield over. X2 No need for the bug cover when the door is closed.
rhagfo 08/31/20 06:44am General RVing Issues
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 Order

Looking to order 3500 Ram drw. I have a half ton daily driver so this will be for towing only. 35 ft fifth wheel, 40 ft gn race car trailer, 30 ft cc boat. Long time f350 drw owner may give Ram a try. Looking at 4x4 Tradesman or Big Horn cc with tow package 50 gal. fuel tank with 4.10 rear. Should one go with ho motor and trans? Also thinking about the air bags. Is there any other must for tow rig? Thanks Nice toys, what are their weights, while it sounds like a dedicated TV, why the 4,10's? My 2016 Ram HO, Asisn has 3.73's and is rated to pull 25,000#, does great pulling our 13,000#+ 5er out west.
rhagfo 08/31/20 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chinook Winds Casino parking?

There is as noted a RV park across Logan road called Logan Rd. RV park. We stayed there once not a bad place. Logan Rd. RV Park
rhagfo 08/30/20 06:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Oil Change - synthetic oil

You can always test the oil. I do, and towing has ZERO impact on results. What does impact the oil and really showed up on the truck, frequent short trips is horrible on engines. I run to 10k+ plus on all my vehicles. The oil analysis is not only piece of mind, but provides good information too. X2! Have mine tested every change.
rhagfo 08/29/20 10:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Selecting portable compressor

Well this is Installed on my TV run our air horns and inflated tires and can also run my impact wrench. ViAir
rhagfo 08/29/20 05:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Hwy 101 in Oregon and Washington

Yes, very doable. Great road in majority of the route. Don't plan on making a speed record! Kalaloch Beach overflow campground is a favorite! Tatoosh Head is the farthest west point of continental US. Great view from trail to overlook. LOL! Been on the central Oregon Coast for 7 months this year, now that campgrounds are open speeds can be as low as 45 for extended distances, people just enjoying the views.
rhagfo 08/29/20 04:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

In a congested urban freeway, doing 15-20mph under the prevailing speeds is dangerous both for you and for others, so don't be a jerk and keep up with traffic. First, we do our best to avoid these places but Second: I have yet to find a big city interstate with the speed limit over 65 and 55 is most common, And I often have to change lanes to catch a coming exit. Maybe your city is different.... It isn’t the congested urban freeway in the PNW, it is the congested rural freeway. I5 carries a lot of traffic in rural Oregon, and much of it is only two lanes in each direction. The speed limit is 65 auto 60 truck, most of the time the left lane is running 70 to 75 with the occasional 80 driver. Watching the packs in that lane run very close to bumper to bumper makes it difficult for traffic to move out of the right to the left to pass. The right lane runs mostly at 65, so while only a 5 mph difference to same lane traffic, it is 15 to 20 to the left lane.
rhagfo 08/29/20 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: calling all weight police

I know I'm over on the hitch weight, but not sure by how much. My truck is a 2018 Ram 2500, diesel, 4X4 Crew Cab. At the scale with the 5th wheel trailer attached, the steering axle was 4820 lbs. The drive axle weighed 5660. Trailer weighs 8260 for a total of 18740. The truck weighs around 6800 lbs. If I add the hitch and drive axle weights and subtract the weight of the truck alone, I come up 3680 or about 880 lbs over on the hitch weight. Is my math right? I doubt your truck weighs 6,800# ready to tow, our old 2001 Ram scaled 7,800# ready to tow with hitch and in bed tool box. You need to drop the 5er and scale the TV front and rear axles, my guess is that you have about a 2,400# pin.
rhagfo 08/29/20 07:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

I have 81 mph rated trailer tires. On the interstate I set the cruse at 65. I loose too much fuel mileage above 65. Yes I realize that I am going 20 mph slower than traffic at times, I always run with my trailer lights on, and stay in the right lane unless I am passing someone. Gary What speed is traffic traveling in the right lane? If you are traveling much less than the flow in the right lane, then you are creating a traffic issue.
rhagfo 08/28/20 11:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

We all know that a 75 mph posted speed limit means traffic will be moving at 77 to 80. Personally, before I'd cruise along at anything less than 65, I'd get off the Interstate and use US highways. Traveling too far below the speed of traffic, IMO, is more dangerous than trying to keep up with it. I never worry what happens behind me. If you can't plan/look ahead and go safely around me you DO NOT belong on an interstate. You DO need to worry about what happens behind you, especially if you're the cause of it. Selfishly saying it's everyone else's responsibility to conform to your style of driving is just that, selfish -- and potentially dangerous. If I want to/need to drive 60 when the vast majority of traffic is moving at nearly 80, then I'm the one who doesn't belong on the interstate, and believe me, I've spend thousands of miles off the interstate for that exact reason. I completely agree with this statement. Travelling slightly under the speed limit is not an issue but 15 - 20 MPH under the speed limit or flow of traffic is dangerous and inconsiderate. You should find an alternate route than the interstate or highway if you can't or won't keep up with traffic. RV or no RV. I totally agree you need to move with traffic both interstates and secondary roads. We tow at about 60 on secondary roads with a 55 speed limit as this is what traffic seems to roll at. On the interstates I will at least keep up with the right lane, if this means towing our 5er at 70 then so be it, tires are rated for plenty of speed. Traveling 15 to 20 mph slower than the flow creates traffic issues behind you.
rhagfo 08/28/20 08:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

64 for me seems a good compromise for getting to my destination and having an uneventful tow. Don't forget as you go faster especially over 70 the trailer becomes more prone to sway. When I chat with folks describing their white knuckle experiences without exception they have been towing over 70 mph. Unless you have really screwed up the loading of a 5er, sway is not an issue.
rhagfo 08/28/20 04:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

I try to pull my 5th wheel at or close to 60. That equates to one mile per minute and if that is not fast enough then I should stay home. Too many people on the road with OEM China bomb tires!!! I'm running Goodyear Endurance and encourage everyone to think about their tires. The LT’s on our 5er are rated at 103 mph! So I should be good up to about 100! :B Interstate somewhere between 60 to 70 mph.
rhagfo 08/28/20 03:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: No Bumper -- Where do you store the sewage hose?

Go to a home center like Lowe's or Home Depot, buy a section of the plastic fence post that is about 5 inches square. Mount it under your 5th wheel and use the plastic end caps to cover each end. I put a hinge on the appropriate end used a plastic gutter cut to length that slides perfectly inside the fence post. This is better than a square bumper!! X4 This is your best option! https://i.imgur.com/OLYgoTH.jpg width=640 https://i.imgur.com/ikLAe9v.jpg width=640 https://i.imgur.com/kLmWcT8.jpg width=640
rhagfo 08/27/20 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 6.7L Cummins Engine Brake

Give this thread enough time and you will see mixed thoughts here too. I suspect what you read here will largely mirror what you've read elsewhere. I don't use it driving around city, but use it towing or not on the freeway. Mike Well the Cummins exhaust brake uses a sliding ring, not the variable blades in the turbo. My thought is use it or loose it.
rhagfo 08/25/20 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L Cummins Engine Brake

Does everyone use the engine brake when not towing? I've read mixed opinions on using it 100% while driving. Thanks in advance S Woolery 2012 Aerolite 2014 Ram 2500 4x4 6.7L Cummins I use the Engine brake on automatic all of the time towing or not. The only time I don't use it is when it is snowy or icy on the roads. Mine is on 100% of the mostly on Full, but Auto works better with cruise control. I keep it active. On the old 2001 Ram with manual and PacBrake I could come to almost a complete stop just by down shifting.
rhagfo 08/25/20 07:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer and truck bounce

I agree probably harmonics of your set up just by luck conform to the frequency of the roadway at 60 mph. If the truck shocks are original consider replacement. Possibly add shocks to the trailer if you will be using this roadway frequently. May not be a cure unless the existing is fully shot... but should help. X2 Bilstein’s on the TV good shocks on trailer.
rhagfo 08/24/20 09:22am Towing
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