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RE: It's time for a replacement truck

Your description of what happened made me chuckle a little. :) Sorry to hear about your truck and trailer, and hope you and yours were ok. The years you are looking at make it kind of a tough choice. The diesels will perform much better but in those years the emission systems could be problematic. Many have been trouble free, though. The gas engines should be very reliable but will rev high and burn lots of gas while towing.
rjstractor 03/28/20 01:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Found my replacement engine!

"If I were considering a radical swap like that I'd go for a built 12V B series Cummins, but that's just me." Lots of people do that conversion, "FUMMINS" I've yet to see one in the wild. As a matter of fact it's been many...many...years since I've seen a 12v. Actually, a good friend of mine did just that and finished it about a year ago. A 1978 F250 SuperCab with a 12V Cummins from a mid-90s Dodge. Wish I could find some pictures of it, it's a beautiful truck.
rjstractor 03/22/20 11:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Found my replacement engine!

Putting a big block GM engine into an old Ford pickup, you'll save LOTS of money doing that... :) If I were considering a radical swap like that I'd go for a built 12V B series Cummins, but that's just me.
rjstractor 03/22/20 08:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford, GM, FCA Agree to Shut Down US Plants

GM, Tesla and Ford have now offered to manufacture ventilators. I wonder how quickly they can tool up to do this. Hopefully this will just be an exercise to see how effectively industry can respond to a pandemic under the Defense Production Act, but I feel like it will be more than that.
rjstractor 03/20/20 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gasoline vs Battery Energy Density Explained

Posted: 03/10/20 07:52pm Link | Quote | Print | Notify Moderator FishOnOne wrote: I thought Engineering Explained did a good job of explaining energy density of both gasoline and battery capacity. This video also gives a good insight of the technical and the economics challenges Electric vehicles face and why it makes good sense to continue to improve the Internal Combustion engine. Link Video 2 explains the efficiency of the two different sources of energy. Link 2 Problem with ice engine is, NOT a single auto maker cares about improving its eficiency. There are plenty of inventions out there but no one cares about using it Heres one https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-100........er-happened-to-smokeys-hot-vapor-engine/ Heres another http://www.coatesengine.com/ Why doesnt anyone put those on their engines? I tell you why,,they want drivers to burn as much gasoline as posible bc thats how they make money! Lets face it electric motor is 99% eficient and gasoline cant ever compete. Once EVs become affordable for everyone fosil fuel is dead. If you look at modern DI turbocharged gas engines in use today, you see that they are close to the same efficiency as Smokey Yunick's adiabatic engine he developed in the 1980s. 1.8 hp per cubic inch (about 100 hp per liter) is common place today, and while Smokey's motor got 50 mpg highway in a 2500 lb Fiero, a current DI gas motor of the same output would get close to that in a small, light car such as that. Part of what saps efficiency compared to what it could be is that cars are simply much bigger and more powerful than the 80s. Compare a 1985 Honda Accord to a new one. The 2020 car is much bigger, much more powerful, and gets significantly better EPA rated mpg.
rjstractor 03/11/20 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid

The older-gen Escape hybrids are towable but the new one is likely a different animal. Like was said, get the word directly from Ford. FWIW, we had an older one in the family for quite a while. Other than a couple of hybrid component cooling issues that were covered by recall it was dead reliable and my kids could not kill it. It was still running well at 175K miles with no degradation in battery performance, despite naysayers at the time who said the battery would need to be replaced at 80K miles at 7 grand a pop.
rjstractor 03/10/20 07:58pm Dinghy Towing
RE: GM 400-mile battery

Sorry, I meant 400, 600, 800 kWh instead of just stating amps. Source? If true that's incredible. That means the base battery will do four times the work of a Tesla Model S.
rjstractor 03/09/20 08:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 400-mile battery

No one is against research. When they are mandating that fossil fuels be seriously reduced without providing the replacement, how is that going to work. Pie in the sky solar and wind only work with a standard generator running full on in the background to account for spikes in the grid, wind slowing or clouds. If you have to run a back up generator, how is that helping anything. If the wind stops, and it gets dark, I guess we just shut everything down until morning. Get ready for lots more nuclear plants is all I can say. Mandating a switch to EVs is not going to be what drives that switch. When EVs become truly superior in every way to owning an ICE vehicle, cheaper, more reliable, and most importantly, more practical, than they will dominate the market and slowly ICE vehicles will become obsolete. And this will happen as sure as the ICE replaced the steam engine, although it's still years away.
rjstractor 03/08/20 08:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 400-mile battery

Can be made in 400 amp, 600 amp, 800 amp, etc capacity. That still means nothing. The battery that starts my truck can put out 800 amps, but it probably can't propel my truck around the block. How long can this battery put out 800 amps, and at what voltage? That tells how much work the battery can actually do.
rjstractor 03/08/20 02:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 400-mile battery

Referring to EV batteries by range in miles is kind of pointless. A battery of a given capacity might give 400 miles of range in a small car and less than 100 in a much bigger delivery van. The spec that is really useful (and that EV manufacturers hold very close to the vest) is capacity in KwH. For example, the Tesla semi was rolled out 2 1/2 years ago and yet its battery capacity is not public knowledge.
rjstractor 03/07/20 08:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM said : Hummer EV 1000HP & 11,500 lb. ft. tq. !

For how long? Likely for just a few seconds. The ridiculously high hp ratings are nothing but gimmicky bragging specs. I read a test on the Tesla Model S. In "Ludicrous" mode it would put down a blistering quarter-mile time, in the 11 second range IIRC. It took a 45 minute warmup for the battery, and after several 1/4 mile runs the car derated to about a high 15 second 1/4 time. Not bad, but with a $600 computer reflash my lowly turbo gas VW will run high 14s all day long. I suspect the 1000 hp rating of the GM Hummer EV will be similar. First of all, with that kind of horsepower you will be doing triple digit speeds in a few seconds at full power. And assuming the Hummer has the 200KwH battery promised, that 1000 hp would completely deplete the battery in just 20 minutes, not factoring in losses for heat, etc. Having said that, the 200 KwH could theroretically produce 100 hp for close to 3 hours, making it an EV that could tow a decent size trailer with an acceptable range.
rjstractor 03/06/20 08:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Not your dad's Airstream

What did the Airstream cost new in 1975? I think the more appropriate question is what does a new one cost today. The Airstream website lists a brand new 30' Flying cloud with an MSRP between $101,400 and $102,400. I think the price in this ad is probably ball park for an equivalent new one. (Full disclosure: My TT is an Airstream.) Agreed, the asking price is very close to that of a new one. No reason to buy an Airstream of this vintage at that price because it doesn't look much different than a new one. And despite all of the new parts and appliances, the new one will still be more modern and reliable, with the same classic Airstream look.
rjstractor 03/06/20 08:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM said : Hummer EV 1000HP & 11,500 lb. ft. tq. !

Didn’t think whole electric thing start because of global warming and resource depletion? How is this type of thing saving the planet? Not that I'm a global warming nut but wth. How would anyone associated with an RV be concerned about all this electric stuff anyway? Surely it’s not out of a concern of resource depletion or GW. If anyone is worried about that skip the RV stuff and stay home. That would be much greener, right? It does seem that the EV industry tends to lean toward development of expensive playthings rather than affordable, practical transportation.
rjstractor 03/05/20 12:13pm Tow Vehicles
100 years of Cummins

Interesting article about the history of the Cummins engine company. I liked the part about Clessie Cummins inventing the "jake" brake after his own company sacked him, and the patent was bought by a company that made drill chucks. Enjoy....
rjstractor 02/23/20 07:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Cummins soon to take on the Ike

^^^ Agreed, I've driven several heavy vehicles- fire trucks, some with springs, some with air, same with semis. The air ride equipped trucks ride much smoother, loaded or empty. I don't know if the difference is dramatic, but the loads these pickups are pulling could almost be considered heavy. 30K behind the Kenworth dump truck I used to drive made a big difference in ride and performance, even though it was not a heavy trailer for that truck.
rjstractor 02/19/20 07:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toad options

I would wonder if the rental car company would allow you to dolly tow. FWIW, virtually every small car these days is front wheel drive, so you would load it on the dolly forwards instead of backwards.
rjstractor 02/17/20 03:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The Cummins soon to take on the Ike

If you read his post again, it's flat *power* curve, not torque curve. A falling torque curve is desirable in a heavy duty motor, because as you lug down the revs in a gear, you get torque rise, thus fairly constant power. The Cummins loses less power at lower rpm than the Duramax, and thus won't need 10 speeds nearly as much. Exactly, the motor with the flat power curve maintains horsepower when shifting to the next higher gear, whereas the motor with a flat torque curve loses horsepower with every shift. The extra gear ratios help minimize this.
rjstractor 02/17/20 09:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank?

If you have a gas engine in that truck, you'll just have to deal with a practical range of less than 200 miles when towing. Diesel of course would be better, but that's still a tiny tank for a big truck. With diesel you at least have the option of an in-bed tank. But if I had that truck I'd get aTitan tank installed. Depending on the year, you can get up to a 60 gallon tank that fits in place of the factory one.
rjstractor 02/17/20 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: can someone please explain this for me?

So 2005 saw significant improvements, but it is generally accepted that the 99.5MY to 2004MY trucks were underrated and can safely handle near to, if not equal, payload. But you really have to watch those tire ratings on the early F250. Yes, my 2000 F250 has the camper package with the auxilary springs, and the LT265/75R16 tires are rated at 3415 lbs each. So I would feel comfortable at 6800 lbs gross rear axle weight, even though my GVWR is only 8800. Loaded to 8800 lbs., the truck is barely even touching the overloads.
rjstractor 02/16/20 07:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Powered Trailer - Airstream

It appears that this will not have its own battery(since they talk about making it lighter) and will rely on power from the tow vehicles in order to operate the electric engines. If this is the case, then it will not extend the range of a BEV since both the trailer and BEV are using the same power source to move the combined weight. It would, however, assist an ICE vehicle since it does not rely on battery power to travel down the the road and can also make enough energy to power these electric engines at the same time. I was wondering about this as well, since there was no mention of battery capacity. I would think that if the trailer did not have its own battery of at least 50 KwH, it would have the effect of drastically shortening the combo's range. Come to think of it, it would almost have to have its own battery. Suppose the trailer's electric "engine" (lol) was similar to the 80KW motor used in the Nissan Leaf. I would think that would be about the minimum size motor required to propel the weight and aerodynamic drag of the Airstream at speed. You would have to engineer a plug/coupling that could handle 400 volts at around 200 amps. Since physics is what it is, that's a hefty plug. Now I'm wondering how they make a trailer lighter while adding a motor and battery.... :?
rjstractor 02/11/20 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
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