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RE: 2021 Jeep Wagoneer

A somewhat interesting article, made much less interesting by the fact it was written 2 1/2 years ago.
rjstractor 09/15/19 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy, Ford... going into electric trucks.

GM could have made these very easy,why dont they 100 mpg Via motors trucks https://youtu.be/4XHbQLfgI6g That's a good question, considering that the Via motors trucks are brand new GM trucks that are completely dismantled and rebuilt. If the technology was really as advertised, GM would have bought it and put the truck into mass production. Maybe a Big Oil conspiracy? Anyway, Via's current website only shows the van in production. Looks to be a perfect delivery vehicle, and would be even better built on a modern van platform rather than the ancient GM van. However, with a GCWR of just 9,350 lbs it's totally useless as a tow vehicle.
rjstractor 09/15/19 09:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy, Ford... going into electric trucks.

its going to happen remember the first cell phone wasn,t that long ago. That's true, and my phone has many, many times more computing power than a desktop computer of just 20 years ago. A key difference in comparing efficiencies of devices that process data versus devices that physically move people and cargo is that data is virtual and people and cargo are subject to the laws of physics. 10000 lbs of high profile vehicle is always going to require the same amount of energy to move, while the energy required to process 'x' number of calculations per second can continue to drop exponentially. A key block right now to making an electric vehicle viable for towing an RV is practical battery range. The Tesla Model X as profiled in TFL's towing test had excellent performance pulling a 4500 lb horse trailer, but while towing said trailer the Tesla consumed nearly four times the battery power as when running solo, cutting effective range to just 75 miles. Compare this to a typical ICE pickup which burns about twice as much gas towing. But the ICE pickup can refuel in 10 minutes or less, while the Tesla requires over an hour on a Supercharger, and right now you have to disconnect your trailer to charge. Stopping every 150 miles for a 10 minute gas stop is an inconvenience, stopping every 75 miles to charge for an hour is untenable.
rjstractor 09/13/19 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you really judge TV adequacy anymore?

The "80% rule" is made up and has no basis in fact. As the gross combined weight of any tow vehicle increases, performance and durability decline. At the GCWR, a parameter of performance, whether it's braking, acceleration, handling or starting gradeability has declined to the point where one or more of these factors is not acceptable to the manufacturer. An individual's idea of acceptable performance and/or durability may differ from that of the OEM. For some folks it's at 80%, others will pull 1 1/2 times a truck's GCWR and not think twice about it. A somewhat separate issue discussed ad nauseum on this forum is the fact that in some cases a truck will be overloaded in terms of GVWR or GAWR long before its rated GCWR is reached, and other trucks will hit their GCWR with plenty of gross and axle weight to spare. The moral of the story is that all the various capacities of each truck must be evaluated against a specific trailer to determine whether it's a good fit.
rjstractor 09/10/19 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Build Your Own Travel Trailer

Maybe the OP meant equipment trailer rather than landscape trailer. For a builder that wanted to build it literally from the frame up, a flatbed equipment hauler has the frame strength you need, especially the 10K+ GVWR ones.
rjstractor 09/09/19 01:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 Freightliner vs 3500 GMC Dually at the Ike

The GM was not putting out anywhere near its advertised HP. A truck equipped with an engine making 445 hp / 910 lb ft would have been able to make that run in very close to 7 minutes 20 seconds. I think the high altitude must drastically affect the power these engines are able to make. If the Cummins was producing the power it is advertised to make it should have made the run in just over 9 minutes. That's the thing I like about the Ike Gauntlet tests. The tests show time after time that the manufacturers rating numbers are just one factor that determines how fast a truck goes up the hill. If the question had been asked "which truck gets up the hill faster", the 350 hp Freightliner or the 445 hp GM towing the same weight, the overwhelming response from the "numbers" guys would have been the GM would have smoked the Freightliner, which it did not. The Ike test proves that sometimes those numbers are just numbers.
rjstractor 09/09/19 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 3500 Van

The GM Express/Savana and the Nissan NV3500 both have GCWRs of around 16,000 lbs. The Ram Promaster is front wheel drive and not really worth considering as a serious tow vehicle.
rjstractor 09/05/19 07:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

Cost associated with re-engineering a whole new motor/supporting systems and completely re-tooling the factories? IMHO, they did that. Had a engine that was pretty cheap to run, and real dependable back when using points and carb. Instead of putting Fuel Injection on that when needed to clean the exhaust everything had to go V. Ford put throttle body on the 302 V8, and made big improvement in power and economy. Why not the 300 inch 6? If they had, then would not take much to add the turbo They added fuel injection to the 300 as well in 1987 and it was the standard F150 engine until 1996 when the truck was completely redesigned. Even with EFI the 300 had only 145 hp.
rjstractor 09/03/19 08:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 maneuverability question

I would think that the extra 20" of wheelbase would negate any advantage gained by a tighter cramp angle on the front wheels. If your truck's performance and fuel economy are not up to your liking, an F350 SRW SB with the 6.7 diesel should cure that.
rjstractor 09/03/19 08:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy 6.0

Depends on the year, with the 6 speed you should have good performance, with the older 4 speed you will struggle with launching on steep hills. I used to have a driveway that was a 20% grade. My 2500HD with the 6.0 really had to grunt to start up my driveway loaded to 15K combined while my V10 E450 motorhome at 17K combined could go up barely touching the gas pedal. On a 6% freeway grade the Chevy had no problems maintaining 65 fully loaded (albeit over 5000 rpm in second gear) while the Ford struggled.
rjstractor 09/01/19 08:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replace GENERAC generator in a Gulfstream

I must be looking in the wrong places or something. The cheapest rebuild kit I could find was $137 dollars and a new carb was $390 and had to have some retro fitting done to it. The Briggs & Stratton model # is 303775-0119-01. Sounds a lot better than spending thousands for a new RV generator. How many hours on your current one?
rjstractor 08/31/19 05:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

Are you suggesting that the EB, though a gasser, reduces/eliminates this concern? Exactly! It's a common misconception that it's the fuel type that matters, in reality the fuel type has nothing to do with performance at high elevation. It's forced induction that matters. Since virtually all modern diesels are turbocharged and relatively few gas truck engines are, people think it's a gas/diesel thing. If you've ever been stuck behind a pre-1994 Ford diesel in the mountains, the slow pace and stream of black smoke illustrate this very well.
rjstractor 08/28/19 04:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is unusual/ wrong with these Pickup Trucks?

The F150 in the top photo is a 1987-1991. 1998 was the second year of the all-new F150 with the Triton modular engine and independent front suspension Thanks, I knew it was pretty well end of the F150 model run here When did Ford stop exporting them to Australia?
rjstractor 08/27/19 07:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is unusual/ wrong with these Pickup Trucks?

This is when US Pickups were sold from Ford Dealerships in Australia. A 1998 by the looks of it F150, with a 351 cu in engine, I took this photo in Dec 2017 https://i.postimg.cc/HLMXhpGR/image.jpg A Silverado with a Caravan https://i.postimg.cc/fyV8yGSN/image.jpg A Dually notice the Bull bars in the front https://i.postimg.cc/hv81XK4N/image.jpg The F150 in the top photo is a 1987-1991. 1998 was the second year of the all-new F150 with the Triton modular engine and independent front suspension.
rjstractor 08/26/19 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: backup camera on trailer

If you only plan on using it when you back up, just use the backup light feed from your truck's 7 way connector. Your trailer might even have a backup light wire at the back. Along with the camera, backup lights are a really nice mod that is easy to do.
rjstractor 08/26/19 07:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Small Class C - Mercedes Diesel vs. Chevy Gasoline?

Perhaps with the new E450 chassis with the new Ford V-8 will provide a more spacious cabin.I would be very surprised if Ford re-designs their limited production E-series for more leg room. But one could only hope. With the new 7.3 gas being physically more compact (despite the slightly larger displacement) than the V10, a narrower doghouse and therefore better leg room might be a side effect of the new engine.
rjstractor 08/26/19 07:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone looked at the Jeep Gladiator?

They are starting to show up in Tucson. Dealer couldn't keep them on the lot long enough for me to check them out. Bad timing for the Ranger to come out at the same time as the Jeep. They have them here in Sierra Vista, the problem for me is that 3.6 Penstar. If only they had put the 4.0 in. I am a huge jeep fan, but my love goes way back. I had a 69 Willies Jeepster Commando, and a 77 CJ5 (that we put a 350 in). I just don't like those Penstar's. The old 4.0 was great in the Wranglers and Cherokees of its day, but in a truck as heavy as the Gladiator it would be a gutless turd on the highway. The Pentastar doesn't have much low end but it's got the horsepower needed for good highway performance, which is where nearly all Gladiators will spend most of their time. The Ecodiesel should be a great motor for this truck.
rjstractor 08/24/19 09:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Deep cycle battery for AC?

I highly doubt that your trailer is going to be able to carry the weight of the batteries! When we are running cross country and end up staying the night where it is hot, we simply start up our $500 inverter generator and run the A/C. It burns less than $5 of gas to run it all night. ^^^ This is probably the only viable way to run AC all night while boondocking. The 12V 100ah batteries are lighter, but if my math is even close you still need 10 of them to run a 13.5K BTU AC all night. A decent inverter generator should be quiet enough so that you would not hear it over the AC.
rjstractor 08/19/19 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Tesla X Towing Videos

For the electrical engineers that really want to get into the weeds on this, real question for you. IF you had a Tesla truck and TT and ran out of power in the desert southwest. And you had a trailer with 400 watts of solar, and a 430 Amp/hr battery pack. Along with a 1500 watt inverter. How long would it take to generate enough power to get the truck, without the trailer, 20 miles, to a real power source for recharging if you dont run anything else in the trailer? It may be a lot better than I am guessing, but I really do wonder if there is an optimistic answer. That there is a self sufficient method is a positive, just curious if the method would be real world useful. You don't really have to get into the weeds or be an engineer to figure this out. Regardless of your available 110V power, Tesla Level 1 charging only provides a max roughly 3 miles of range per hour. TFL testing shows that towing uses roughly 3 times the battery energy as non-towing, so figure 1 hour charging time per hour of range. With a 400W solar panel trying to charge a battery pack powering a 1.5 KW inverter, you're going to be there a LONG time. Even with a gas generator (would probably take a 2kw generator at a bare minimum) figure 20 hours charging time and about 7 gallons of gas. (Honda EU2000i uses about 1/3 gallon per hour at full load) Not very good mpg at all! And if you were using this little generator you would have nothing left over to run anything in your RV. I'd say Tesla has a bit of work to do before they produce a viable vehicle for RV use. But in time it will happen, as sure as the internal combustion engine replaced the horse.
rjstractor 08/16/19 08:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hope you travel alone?!!!!

Lol my VW Golf wagon and my wife's Kia have it beat, although neither one would be much of a tow vehicle....
rjstractor 08/16/19 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
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