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RE: Towing a Honda CRV one time - NC to Maine

It kind of comes down to fudging a bit one way or the other. Either you're towing without brakes (with the dolly), or exceeding your hitch capacity (with the trailer), although not by a huge amount. Pick your poison. Or, you could consider having the car shipped, although that would certainly cost more than either a trailer or dolly rental.
rjstractor 01/23/23 09:49am Dinghy Towing
RE: Rivian R1S

Sitting next to an SUV with that model designation. Nice looking rig, appears to be in the same chassis as pickup. No plates out. Marty I think I've seen one or two around here. I don't know if Rivian will get it together and approach the production capacity of Tesla. Their R1S certainly looks much better than a Tesla Model Y, both in terms of looks and practicality. However, the sticker price is not very practical for either one.
rjstractor 01/11/23 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck.

It's even the same color as the surrounding landscape!
rjstractor 01/02/23 09:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 3500 Frame Failure/Eagle Cap Camper

Wow, that does not look good. Not sure if there is a rating for overhung loads aft of the truck's frame. An evenly loaded bed weight up to the max-rated payload of the truck may act on the truck frame differently than some semi-large percentage of the payload beyond the end of the truck frame. I wonder how Ford or GM handles this. That truck camper does not look like a new design, I have seen others with that rear overhang on it. All the OEMs have very detailed information on truck camper ratings, including where the center of gravity needs to be in order to achieve the highest rating. Here's a Ram guide that details every single Ram model from that year (2016). It even drills down to whether the truck has bench or bucket seats. I imagine it was a similar (2020) guide that Ram referred to and determined that the owner was overloaded, denying him warranty coverage.
rjstractor 01/01/23 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Broken Frame on a RAM 3500

If this guy had taken the time to visit a scale, odds are he would have quickly discovered he was grossly overloaded. But, more to my point, he would have discovered his front axle was being off-loaded many, many hundreds of pounds indicating a COG that was way behind the rear axle. Pretty much this. The truck owner read somewhere that the max payload for a Ram 3500 DRW truck was 7800 lbs., and it didn't occur to him that this doesn't apply for all models, just the 2WD regular cab gas version.
rjstractor 12/31/22 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Not bad for 11 years and 240,000 miles.

Is that truck rated to carry that camper weight?? Looks like a short bed truck without dully wheels and I doubt it can handle that!! If you're talking about the OP's truck, it's a long bed 2500HD with a 6.0 gas engine. I had a similar truck, an older generation with a lower GVWR compared with the OP's. Despite this, it's payload rating was nearly 4000 lbs. With 240K on the clock I would say the truck has "handled it" just fine!
rjstractor 12/22/22 05:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Ford RV and Trailer Towing Guide

With GM you just have to look in the door jamb to see the exact ratings for that truck. That's helpful if you already own the truck, and all the manufacturers should do that. But it's of little use if you're comparing online.
rjstractor 12/04/22 12:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Ford RV and Trailer Towing Guide

I've always liked how Ford publishes a document every year that tells you everything you need to know about towing with their vehicles or towing them, whether it's trailer, four-down, dolly, whatever. The other OEMs offer some kind of guide but nothing as comprehensive in one document.
rjstractor 12/04/22 09:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla delivers there first semi

the EV semi tractor trailer truck rig weighs 81,000lbs. What will this do to our nation's highways and roads??? If anyone cares. Also according to financial news RIVIAN is doing very poorly financially and may be on last legs????? You're aware that diesel semis are heavy too, right?
rjstractor 12/04/22 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla delivers there first semi

"its cargo carrying capacity compared to a diesel semi remains unknown to the public." That's grrrrrreat! It remains to be seen what the Tesla tractor's actual tare weight is, but much of what I've read indicates that it should be pretty competitive. The battery pack is said to weigh as much as 11,000 pounds, but a diesel truck's powertrain with 300 gallons of fuel weighs probably 5-6000 pounds. The electric semis get an extra 2000 pounds of allowable weight (can go up to 82K without additional axles) to help offset the heavy batteries. With use of lighter materials in the cab they might be able to get the weight within a couple thousand pounds. We'll see.
rjstractor 12/03/22 02:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

The 70s and 80s Japanese trucks like the Ford Courier (actually a Mazda B series) were IMO tougher and more reliable than the first Ranger and S10. IIRC those Couriers had pretty stout spring packs. The photo shows a decent size street bike and lots of camping gear in the bed and the truck is sitting level. They just didn't have any power.
rjstractor 11/25/22 08:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Our means have not kept pace with the price of goods and services, even if you don't consider recent events. Work harder, get a better job, right? You need to be pulling in a 6-figure income to have the buying power of the average family in the 1950's. There are only so many middle management jobs out there. You're not wrong about the cost of goods and services, but a young person doesn't need to be middle management or even have a college degree to make six figures, at least in my area. In my job I talk with lots of folks in the construction trades, mostly sprinkler fitters and fire alarm technicians, who are screaming for qualified apprentices. Once they make journeyman that six figures is a reality. Where they run into problems is finding people who are actually willing to show up every day, work hard, be eager to learn and get cold, dirty and uncomfortable once in a while.
rjstractor 11/15/22 08:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

150,000 autonomous deliveries in Toronto since 2000, without a fender bender. These are vans, not semi trucks, they run on gas, so what do they have to do with electric semis? As far as I know, none of the electric semis are fully autonomous, including Tesla.
rjstractor 11/06/22 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Solar power

Planning on using AC off solar/battery power for more than a few minutes is unrealistic, unless you have a huge array and battery bank. Factory solar/battery setups should handle most other needs if you have good sun exposure, but AC units demand lots of wattage.
rjstractor 10/29/22 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Ram 1500 owners…Hemi & 3.92s?

I'm now surmising the results were from 2wd launches/traction control doing its thing, inconsistent data or inconsistent runs. I think that's it, those trucks have to be traction-limited off the line. But with twice the power and twice as many gear ratios as the trucks our dads drove, the taller gears aren't going to matter much.
rjstractor 10/28/22 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cummins vs Hummer Towing 6,000 lbs

That's almost not believable from the Cummins. I had an '04 towing a 5k trailer and never got less that 18mpg. Something wrong with that engine. I think you're figuring Canadian gallons or something. I get about 14 mpg towing, whether its a 3K enclosed trailer or a 10K dump trailer with my 7.3 diesel F250. I expect your truck would do about the same. I'd also expect that a pre-emissions motor should do better mileage wise than a new one, although our older trucks don't have nearly the power.
rjstractor 10/16/22 07:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Motorcycle and Bicycle Transport

My, they certainly are proud of their product. I'd have to be desperate to pay that kind of dough. I priced one out for hauling a Harley. About $600. To easily and safely secure a $20,000 motorcycle inside a $100,000 trailer pulled by an $80,000 pickup I'd say that's dirt cheap.
rjstractor 10/15/22 09:32am Toy Haulers
RE: 2006 Ford E450 Transmission issue

It's an "O/D Off" button. I have one on my 2002 F-250 with a 4R100 transmission, too. The Tow/Haul mode wasn't a thing until the 5R110W transmission was introduced. The OPs rig is a 2006 model. IIRC the 5R110W was being used in the E-series by then. Yup, but pianotuna was talking about his rig, which is a 2004. That's why he said it turns off the O/D, which is true for his rig, but is not the case with the OP's rig. Ugghh, pretty sure the OP was asking about his own rig, not pianotuna's! :S
rjstractor 10/13/22 07:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Refill small propane cylinder

Ichabod, I was only commenting with respect to the folks who seemed to live in an area where they couldn’t get propane bottles refilled. That, and I’d never seen a mini me version of a refillable LP bottle. But it looks like the equivalent of a truck with a nine gallon fuel tank. Wholly unpractical for uses like furnaces and generators. Imo. I used to have one when I had a motorhome. I used it only for my portable grill. It would last 2-3 seasons camping several weeks every year, and it was more portable and practical than tapping into the motorhome's propane tank. But you're right, they would be useless for running something like a furnace or generator. And they cost more to buy than a 20 lb cylinder, go figure....
rjstractor 10/09/22 07:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 2006 Ford E450 Transmission issue

It's an "O/D Off" button. I have one on my 2002 F-250 with a 4R100 transmission, too. The Tow/Haul mode wasn't a thing until the 5R110W transmission was introduced. The OPs rig is a 2006 model. IIRC the 5R110W was being used in the E-series by then.
rjstractor 10/09/22 07:24pm Class C Motorhomes
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