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RE: Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L

I liken this to the first Toyota Tundra which was very small compared to other half tons and under-powered. Toyota essentially tried to dictate to truck buyers what they needed in their marketing telling people that they don't need anything bigger or with more power. As many people know, Americans do not like being told what they need or what they should buy. Sales were dismal until Toyota finally came out with a larger and more powerful Tundra filled with things that the people wanted instead of what Toyota thought people needed. Yes, Toyota nailed it when they came out with the new 5.7L, 381 HP Tundra in IIRC 2008. But they still fail to understand the US truck market, since they haven't really changed that truck much since then. The US manufacturers strive to continually improve their trucks, so today they leave the Tundra in the dust. Same with the Titan, it was a pretty nice truck when it was introduced, but did not evolve with the competition.
rjstractor 07/10/20 07:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's up with the DEF Delete?

Thanks, this truck is out of warranty so it's a non issue. I am just concerned about mechanical issues and annual inspections. This could be a good thing, I simply have no idea. How much to get it back to stock? Unless you have to move to an area with emission inspections, you would probably be better off not returning it to stock. Returning it to stock might cost thousands. If the delete was done correctly it should not affect reliability, in fact there will be less things to fail. A Ford dealer probably won't work on it so you'll want to find an independent shop that will.
rjstractor 07/10/20 07:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

Where snow and mud isn't an issue, you can have a 4X2 truck as your tow vehicle, but here in the Northeast, 4X4 trucks are the norm. Now GM is offering AWD instead of 4WD in many of their HD trucks. At least up here, I'm seeing most HD trucks with the AWD option. I'm not so sure that's a good idea in my neck of the woods. What are your thoughts? I would think that in many cases AWD would be superior to conventional 4WD. If the rear tires start to spin, the fronts kick in seamlessly. They only exception would be extreme conditions, such as true off-road conditions, launching on a very steep grade with a heavy trailer or abuse such as trying to pull stumps. (file that under "getting the right tool for the job") Most truck users, even HD truck users don't need low range, especially with the abundant torque that modern diesels provide.
rjstractor 07/07/20 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1976 Ford Midas

So I just won a 76 ford midas at auction no key dunno if it runs or drives and I need to know the specs on it so I can order an auto transport to get it home. Does anyone know where I can find the length, height, width, and weight? Also if you have one or have had one can you tell me a little about what I'm getting into if I want to get it running and liveable? What engine? Common problems? Suggestions if I just want to fix it up to flip it? Any knowledge you all have would be much appreciated. Thank you. Round figures- 25 feet long, 10 feet high, 8 feet wide, 10,000 pounds. In any case too big to fit on a conventional auto transport. If I were to bet I'd say it will cost much more than a typical car to ship. Engine- likely either a 5.8L (351) or 7.5L (460) V8, carbureted of course. Common problems? In a 45 year old RV, too many to list. It could have just basic maintenance needs, or it could be a complete basket case. You won't know until you get it and tear into it. Good luck, I'm looking forward to hearing about what it's like when you get it.
rjstractor 07/05/20 07:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Any Trailers for Tall Adults and Tall Kids?

I have nothing to offer as far as trailer advice goes- I'm "vertically challenged" the opposite way lol. But once you do find your trailer I'm looking forward to hearing how your F150 diesel pulls it.
rjstractor 07/03/20 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Volkswagen completes first non Tesla cross US charge network

Non Tesla EV’s like Nissan Leafs, Chevy Bolts, Jaguar, Porsche etc will probably never have access to the Supercharger network as they haven’t paid a dime into it. And therein lies the problem I mentioned earlier that needs to be sorted out before EVs will dominate the market. A private, proprietary network that can only serve one brand of car might work great when less than 3% of new vehicles sold are electric and that brand dominates that small market. But for EVs to garner 50% or more of the market, proprietary charging networks need to go away. I imagine at some point the Supercharger network will be bought out, and all EVs will be able to charge fast at any charging station, just like gas stations today.
rjstractor 06/27/20 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 100 watt Solar decision

I'm not sure what you mean about a 12 volt to usb adapter. Are you talking about the thing that sticks into a cigarette lighter and has a female usb on it? If not could you send a picture of what you mean? And wouldn't I need a power inverter to use the adapter? I'm assuming that they can't just be easily hooked on a battery, or can they? And I bought the 10 amp kit but can easily cancel it on amazon as it probably won't ship until Monday He's basically talking about a universal car charger. Plugging something into a cigarette lighter is electrically the same as connecting to a battery, the exception being is that more current (amperage) is available when connecting directly to a battery. Not a factor in powering a USB port. Using a power inverter to power a USB port would be incredibly inefficient, if that what's you're referring to when you mention the power inverter to use the adapter. You would be converting 12V to 120V and back to about 5V.
rjstractor 06/27/20 07:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Volkswagen completes first non Tesla cross US charge network

It's pretty fascinating to watch this infrastructure develop. The obvious end game is universal fast charging- for EVs to truly replace ICE cars you need to be able to take any brand EV to any charging station and charge it fast. Imagine how ridiculous it would be if you could only gas up your Ford truck quickly at gas stations that were in Ford's fueling network. I realize EV owners will do most charging at home but there needs to be good options for long road trips. I would bet they will have this sorted out in the next five years or so.
rjstractor 06/27/20 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1986 Ford towing guide

The good ole mid 80s.... The pinnacle of emissions death and no power! In fact 85-86 were the worst years I think. and 86-87 it started picking up with fuel injection. So true. I had an '84 C20 with a 305 4-barrel and a '94 Ford Explorer V6 at the same time, and towing the same load the Exploder would smoke the truck on any hill. And a brand new Honda Ridgeline would demolish either one.
rjstractor 06/25/20 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Climbing steep grades...

Okay, I40 at Black MT is a 5 mile 6% grade. I run in the right lane and pretty much stay with the trucks and some other RV's. Of course we hit it at 60 or so and then down to 45mph for most of the way. I do let it trail off the last half mile or so just because I don't like to push it as long as I'm not impeding traffic. So, I don't attempt to run up it, or any other long grade, at full throttle. We'm about 18.6k lbs so, below our GCWR of 20K. No heating problems thus far and we've been from NC to WA and everywhere in between. Cheers, Gary Ok that makes more sense, you are choosing to back off the throttle. 45 mph on a 6% grade at that weight sounds about right.
rjstractor 06/23/20 07:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Climbing steep grades...

For reference, we pull a 4500# Wrangler with a 6.0, 6sp, 32' C. running up Black Mountain on I40, our temp creeps up as you mentioned. I run with the "Tow/Haul" mode turned on and the trans does it's thing with downshifting. We are around 25mph when we reach the top. The Scangage shows water temp a touch lower than the instrument cluster by 5 or so degrees. I added another external trans cooler to aid in controlling those temperatures as we travel the Rockies as well with this setup. Gary I would wonder if you were running full throttle (or were able to) with those slow speeds on a 5-6% grade. I used to have an older, less powerful (just 265 hp) Ford E450 running about 1500 less GCW than your rig, and I could maintain a solid 45 mph on a 6% grade regardless of outside temperatures. I could run said 6% grade in high-90 degree temperatures at full throttle without overheating. If you are forced to back off the throttle to avoid overheating I would submit that you have issues with your cooling system. Then again, it could be just the drivetrain, my 2005 Chevy 2500HD would heat up when pulling hard in hot weather.
rjstractor 06/22/20 08:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford delays Electric F150 to mid 2022

ha... I'll get an electric F150 right after I get a diesel one.... Which is never... But, I said I wouldn't get a V6 turbo either.... ha, ha... Guess will just wait and see and not worry about it in between.. Mitch That's a good point. When this forum was new, (2000ish I think) if someone had suggested that in 20 years the preferred towing motor in an F150 would be a turbocharged V6, they would have been shouted down with arguments based on current thinking. We'll see what the next 20 bring.
rjstractor 06/13/20 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: I almost cheated on my truck yesterday.

You're better off just keeping the old girl IMO. The other truck might have been a pretty blue, clean and one owner but it's even older than your truck. Other than 4WD, no increase in performance or capability. No doubt it's got issues that you would discover as time went on. I'm sure your older truck has some issues too, but at least you know what they are!
rjstractor 06/06/20 06:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F250 3.73 to 4.30 axle ratio

Most diff gear ratios are about 10% from the one higher and lower So the torque multiplication is around 10% more or less A 3.73 is about 10% lower (numerically) than a 4.1...therefore about 10% less torque multiplication Truck labels only tell what it left the factory with. Some folks like me, have changed the gear set to a different gear ratio The string method doesn't care what the label says... 3 year old truck that the guy probably bought new so the door label is probably accurate. The OP didn't ask how to determine his axle ratio anyway. The string method would be invaluable if there were no other way to find out, but observing engine rpm at 60 mph (on GPS, not speedo) and doing a little math is probably more accurate. And if one doesn't want to do math there are many online calculators that do the math for them.
rjstractor 05/30/20 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicle question

The newer truck has another 40 hp but with the taller axle ratio it will probably pull about the same. IIRC the 2013 and 2018 use the same 6 speed transmission.
rjstractor 05/30/20 06:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Heavy Chevy!

I have to disagree on the Dodge's. There is a pretty obvious difference between a 1993 and a 1972. I owned two 1985's and the place I worked in the mid '70's had early 70's Dodges. They were horrible trucks. Then they upgraded one to a 1980 Dodge. What a difference! They were so much nicer than the 70's and that's what made me buy the '85's. From 1980-1993 almost no difference. Sure, the late '80s-early '90s trucks were much nicer than the early '70s, but the basic body style was the same, and that was my point.
rjstractor 05/22/20 08:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Heavy Chevy!

Over here in the US, old trucks, tend to climb in value. Actually low mod, farm fresh trucks especially C/K Chevys do really well. Older Certain Fords also gain in value. He’s got some nice mods on the truck though, I like it, it’s not really dated, just right..... Yes, the Chevys of that era do well- that body style ran for well over 15 years if you include the 3500 DRW trucks that kept the old body style through 1991. Ford made a major update to its trucks for the 1980 model year so the mid '80s Fords don't seem nearly as "classic" as the same vintage Chevy. And Dodge, well a 1993 model could be confused with a 1972 by the casual observer who doesn't know trucks well.
rjstractor 05/21/20 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice For Newbie

Stay away from a few bad apples (Ford 6.0 for example). What makes the ford 6.0 a bad apple? I found this one. Its 6k over my budget though. https://www.carmax.com/car/18638151 The truck in the link is a 6.2 gas. Looks like a really nice, clean low mileage plain-Janeish truck. The older 6.0 diesel is inexpensive (to buy), readily available engine with a great snarly sound and is a strong puller. I wish my stock 7.3 pulled like one. However, they are also a ticking time bomb of a money pit and probably the least reliable truck diesel engine out there. Do a little Google research and steer clear of them unless you like to spend time under the hood (or with the cab removed). ;)
rjstractor 05/08/20 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice For Newbie

I like the 5.4 V8 tundra but the price is a lot higher and their payload is significantly less than the F150. On the plus side it has a 4.41 rear end. Just a comment on the rear axle ratio, the Tundra has a low (numerically high) rear axle ratio because the transmission has relatively high (numerically low) ratios. It's been a while since I've done the research and math, but IIRC the overall gearing of the Toyota with a 4.41 axle ratio is very close to that of the Ford with 3.73.
rjstractor 05/07/20 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

A simple Google search reveals dozens of articles from various time periods about Musk tweeting and making Tesla's stock price react. He's been investigated by the SEC several times for this. Recently he tweeted that Tesla's stock price is too high and the price then dropped 10%. I could not find anything specifically on another SEC investigation, but I can't imagine they would let this go.
rjstractor 05/02/20 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
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